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  1. Proper men play football, manchester is red,fergie is king. Good luck tonight zantac
  2. Hahaahah mongs arent they!! Mondays bank holiday too! Good time to rv but defo no queing today or monday, see you there
  3. paj1985


    Hahaha i just listened! Lol hes such a drama queen. Pfttt
  4. paj1985


    He probs jus ran outta chaga tea.
  5. Shabibi wouldnt tell anyone that hes about to rv his currency, maybe its only me with common sense?
  6. I dont get this!!! Randaliin please do us all a favour and say yes for rv or no for lop so we all know what your getting at. PLZZZZZZ
  7. He wasnt validating the rumour easy! Its not fair to say that, he said there COULD be substance to it because thats how it would go down, and thr rumour came from stevelie and ray so say no more
  8. Leave david beckham outta this,he trys his best for the galaxy
  9. Were clearly the cream of this site, GO RV GO BRITAIN
  10. Hes lying! And how dare him dirty adams name.
  11. Steve-lie has had his rats cum over and neg everyone, sausage jockey
  12. I bet ya hes lying! Stevei blessings,blessings,
  13. Iran will build one and ooops we lost it!! Whos got it? Israel couldnt take one nuclear explosion, iran could survive with many more! Its getting nasty and the winner is unclear at this time
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