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  1. Hello all just wanted to know if there was a break down to opening a warka accounts(savings, cd, and intrest ). I was looking for a start to finish answer and or a great link to the answer thanks so much in advance. This is very appreciated.!.!.!
  2. Just a few Q: isthat fact they will be paying on the 27 aug, and if so what will be used fisrt IQD or the USD? Where are the funds coming from {intresting}? OFF TOPIC is kuwait's debt the same as there tab with the U.S.?
  3. Is this an old post?, or is some bs== that i should disregard? thx for the post thou!
  4. Its a good thing they figured the sum in dinar
  5. Brookie I hear and agree with ....Its as if we forgot our values and what the nation has become since colonial times, isn't this the same **** and a different toilet..?
  6. I hope he's right.. with the whole buzz of kuwait releasing the iraq prisoners, the sanctions on iran ( iraq doesn't have to wait to pay them back once sanctioned by un), all the gulf banks pushing for a some what descent rate to match there currencies, the new news of them finalizing the coalition to form a gov, we are approaching payment day's , iraq has paid kuwait almost 50% of reperation's on the 41 million, they publicly state there resources are dwindling to pay for the fical year, the best thing our taxes are due you wouln't believe the correlation if I told you and it's easier to manipulate the third quater to show growth plus or gov can use the money tax free for a year, PLEASE just my thoughts don't hate..... IF any body has intelligent comments to add I would love too here what you have to say......Q? Also if I got a warka account and it was on a three month cd, is it possible to to defer my intrest to another account but also keep the investment money safe in their volitale market? please p.m. if you have some info THANKS.. Too all the funny post thanks for your antic's is does bring a smile to the doldrums were in while we wait.... give god thanks for the blessing and harvest we will receive.. it's not long and have faith this to should pass...... BYE
  7. Mr Ref sorry, I read it with a link, i guess it was a meant he's on his way out.
  8. I know that there market can sustain a value of .86 it would collapse. My question is do you really think that it will be as high as 2.65?
  9. Also don't know if anyone heard maliki stepped out of the race for pm as have a few others.
  10. Triple X could you please send me a message with some more info on forex or on trading wisely,while proteceting my investment and moving my money to a safe place that is easy to reach. Thanks in advance.
  11. IF what your stating is correct please when you receive info, could you relay that to me via message
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