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  1. Did your 5yr old translate it for you. lol
  2. YES, This is a post by Pacster, it was his hard work and doings not mine.
  3. Now lets compare Iraq to Saudi Arabia following the re-denom Iraq Saudi Arabia Money supply(M2) = $130 billion $134 billion Dinar in total circ. = 40 billion Riyals in circ. 35.7 billion Reserves = $53 billion $38 billion Exchange rate = $3.24 $3.75 Makes a lot of sense doesn
  4. With the latest articles coming out from the CBI, I decided to run some more numbers to see if there was any legitimacy to them
  5. tzsbwn, I call that a BASH! You are banned for 3 days.
  6. * SFMedic Chat: 2/15/10 @ 1pm February 16, 2010
  7. TIDBIT: Interesting commentary. I speak with DrJ and I trust his information. I was told back in December before Christmas by a friend who speaks with
  8. tzsbwn the 9.65 = 9.65% out of 10 that the RV will happen.
  9. Yes bigjawm1 it was Tricket Bear's secret message to me. lol
  10. Here is my speculation on a smooth transition of a revalued currency: The lower denominations one's, five's, ten's, and twenty-five's will be released and introduced into the general population. Once the general population is armed with the smaller denominations, then POW!, RV. Between the release of the smaller denominations and RV will be within a very very very short time to divert speculators. Now once this happens the lower denominations will be worth their face value and the higher denominations will be worth their face value, thus resulting in a smooth transition of a revalued curren
  11. Right on the heels of an update that got a record 151 comments in less than 48 hours, we have ANOTHER huge article to look at... And this one is even bigger. Holy cow.... Credible news sources are stating that Iraq has a plan in place to introduce new denominations of the Iraqi Dinar and phase out OUR large Iraqi dinar notes by the end of 2010. Article here: http://dinarspeculation.com/ Like I said... ho-leeeee cow. This is big! I left links to the discussion threads on the article, and you can also leave comments on the article itself. Please do not respond to this email, leave comme
  12. Cash in - Updated by Ali DinarTrade Today, 05:43 PM Rating: (3 votes - 5.00 average) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following are the location we will open to cash in the dinars once the RV occurs. Dinar Trade procedures for cashing in dinars once the RV occurs When you are ready to cash in your dinars with Dinar Trade: Call 1-877-770-7660 or 661-472-8510 to make an appointment. Let us know which office you would like to go to in order to make the trade. At the time of the appointment inform us of the number of people in your group a
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