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  1. Yeah pee wee Herman or Gilbert Godfrey. Which ever one was the cheapest!
  2. I need to sell 1 million Dinars. I am in a tight spot and I am in need of $1000. If anyone wants a million dinar please let me know. I have PayPal and will ship out asap!
  3. Sonny is a mod on meds sight. He doesn't post on there either because he travels all the time. If he gets some solid Intel he will post something here I am sure of it. Keep your spirits up for the RV is coming! God bless!
  4. Very nice! My mom went to high school with Bruce Vincent and knows him well! This story is such an inspiration in the little town of Libby, MT! George W. Bush is a very honorable man! I don't agree with everything that he did but he is a man of integrity! That is what we need as a president! Lets go RV not just for us but for our country as well!
  5. If you guys ever want to hear from groovegal this is from her brothers site. Nice post!
  6. Phoenix, love the intel you put out. You have been spot on in the last few months! Nicely done! Thanks for your intel and you coming and sharing it with us! Very much appreciated!
  7. It looks like Mahdi gets the nod so yeah we can see it tomorrow! Check out IKHNEWS.COM!
  8. I live in great falls and I have met the guy. He seems healthier than me!
  9. gg has been traveling. She will be back on when she gets back!
  10. Med doesn't like to give out predictions and times so I would say this is pretty solid! Let's do it!
  11. bellas keep the info coming! People just need to chill out and listen to what other people say! I don't believe everything I hear about Iraq and this investment. What I do is take every article and every piece of intel and try and put a puzzle together. I like hearing info about what you have given us. I even like Terryk's just so I can reasearch it and come to my own conclusions. That is what each and everyone of us needs to do! So for this info I say thank you to you, your husband, the old guy and his son! Lets go RVing! hehe!
  12. No we are not close. Sorry guys but Iraq is weak and won't do it. The UN is weak and won't do anything and our government is weak and won't do anything. This should have been done last year. If it is not done now who knows when it will be done! Keep your heads up because it will be done. I will still be on here day after day reading and waiting. It will be done sometime but when who knows!
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