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  1. Same here Doc31. I look forward to the day when you write in "I told you so!"
  2. he didn't say what year...just Tuesday. Ya'll need to lighten up. This is the Rumors section not the King James version of the Bible. Read or choose not to read, but don't bash. It's all in good fun. Keep them comming Possum. Most of us enjoy your post.
  3. I don't have the answer to you question, but this is why you hear, "don't buy any more than you can afford to loose" so maybe this will help the next guy out before he/she buys too much based on a pumpers post. I hope you find a way to meet your bills and hopefully, Gods plan is to RV this soon and your problems will solve themselves. Hang in there.
  4. I think MOST of us feel the same way and appreciate your post Doc31!
  5. Thanks Doc. Another good post as ususal from you.
  6. From what I've read, there is a minimal number of individual investors in the dinar. Most of the dinar outside of Iraq is held by governments.
  7. I received my email confirmation about an hour ago and I wired the money yesterday.
  8. Good post. I was kind a thinking the same thing. Hope you get a good explination as to why or why not.
  9. Avoidance...good word. I totally agree. Thanks for all you do.
  10. There is only one reason to celebrate this holiday season and it does not have an "X" in it. To CHRIST be the glory.
  11. Average the "other" eight and you get $1.0636417. That will be just fine.
  12. I have a new and much better impression of him now.
  13. Lori, that just put a big smile on my face. I truly believe what was written. We ARE blessed.
  14. Well written and appreciated.
  15. Excellent post. Lets pray that this is Gods will and if it is, lets make Him proud with our profits.
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