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  1. I heard President Bush say that the war would pay for itself, but I've haven't heard a word our of Obamas mouth that has made any sense!
  2. is there a way that the mods can ban "okie" post????
  3. 7-22-2011 Guru Steve1 the dinar value within Iraq, yes our local contact...verified {it was raised.} I do not know the date, but I am sure of the rate. No it is not .86. There is no holdup. It will be announced in due time. Yep he knows the's 1168 and he dosen't know when it's going to change.
  4. Heck with waiting on the dinar...where do I sign up NOW!!!!!!
  5. Consider it done for all of you! Everything happens for a reason and someday you will find out why. Put everything in Gods hands and trust in Him.
  6. Hey, at least we will be upbeat for 10 more days....and if it happens...WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO will we be HAPPY!
  7. Very good response...find something positive to say about everybody and your day will be better. HOTTY TODDY! OLE MISS '85
  8. I don't care what he does now as long as all the Dinar I bought from him are real!
  9. That was from last Thursday. We will see what happens next.
  10. Isn't the 39th a Iraqi holliday?
  11. Ive been told a flat 15% if you have held it over 1 year. if under 1 year, it will be taxed at your income rate.
  12. No it not that we are negative, it's that we have heard these "comments" for years.
  13. ROACH


    QUESTION: can anyone tell me where the other 5% went to...... I remember the OKIE fund...... NOPE. It was for wasting everybodys time.
  14. I agree but on the other hand it was at $3+ and then they flipped it the other way. We will see and I hope we are surprised.
  15. I must say that I totally agree with the initial post. I for one appreciate the post from Scooter and his documentation/opinions that he gave with them in the past. Most "experts" on here are full of you know what and is a waste of everybodys time. And for the sensorship, it's like opinions. If you don't like it, you don't have to bash the man. Look in the mirror and think how you would feel if you took some of your valuable time to research and post for other peoples benefits, only to be jumped on. "If you can't say something nice about someone, keep your mouth/fingers shut"
  16. Time will tell. I hope for all our sake, that it won't be too much longer. Thank you for making this post.
  17. We need to remember that He is in control at all times and that we can only ask what we can do for Him from this day forward. I too have made mistakes and know the feeling of guilt now, but I also know the felling of helping your fellow man to follow our God. Praise be to God.
  18. Woody, Thanks for keepin it da man!
  19. ...because there is no RV in the near future. Too much has to be accomplished with the GOI and show that it can function!
  20. Woody, thank you for all that you do. I hope you never feel like the work you put in goes unnoticed.
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