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  1. 7 minutes ago, GreedyDinar07 said:

    This is America and we all have Freedom of Speech..! There! I neg'ed you!! Don't ever tell me what I can and can not say in my comments! This is not Russia, Iraq, Iran, China, or North Korea....and by the way, I was referring to the content of the article and not you posting it...get your facts straight first!! And again, I don't give a damn about the Pope visiting Iraq, I am here to make money!! 

    I agree with Freedom of Speech but if you don't have anything positive to say, or have anything to add to the thread, you don't have to comment.

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  2. Well. yet another in the continuing serious of "pep" talks without really saying anything. Ambiguity, obfuscation, and vagueness seems to be the name of the game. However, I do agree with the analysis that it should now happen "soon" ( I HATE that word now!)

    WOW, Benny Hill. That brings back some old memories!

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