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  1. Amazing ...People "still" follow Mnt Goat just like they do TNT Tony. For YEARS TNT Tony has stated he has "Government Contacts" that cant be disclosed and "IMF" contacts that cant be disclosed and Iraqi contacts that cant be disclosed and "THEY ALL" guarentee closure next month! Read Mnt Goat's post he is just the same. "So I snooped around to my CBI and USA contacts" Mnt Goat States? Mnt Goat has these invisable contacts for years that no one but MNT Goat can talk to or even be secretly introduced to....just Mtn That is a special person with a LOT of security
  2. I can understand your emotions, for sure...I know this wont make things any better but this is just a speculative thing. Not an investment It is prolly 85% something that will never happen but the 15% chance it ever does give's us some hope. Move on to enjoying life, not waiting for this and if it does ever happen be glad your in the position you are. What the Heck, John H
  3. Dont get to emotionally involved in all this, I notice your angry face at the end. This "adventure" is all speculative, is not any type of typical investment other than speculative, keep your fingers crossed, and hope you get lucky. I notice TNT Tony mentioned in another post. Tony & the rest just blow smoke about "knowing" or having "private Intel" draw attention to themself's. May want to ask Tony how his court proceedings are going? Or here is one opinion stating TNT Tony got 4 Yrs ...
  4. Hey gymrat76541 Hope your OK, After all these years I got hit hard money wise and had to sell 5M of my 6M and it hurts me to this day because I believe Adam is correct and there will be a day it happens. But I had no choice, I became out of work and scrambling for cash. Keep some if you can. Wish you the best., Respectfully, John H
  5. Dont be angry, at least we now know we have an RV between June to August...thats fine with me....
  6. That is way to soon in the reality of things!!!!! Just some humor....... What the Heck
  7. I also say none.. they all are bullshitters with egos and if you ask them about anything they lie and become defensive and any facts they claim to have always turn out to be false. Hope that helps, What the Heck
  8. I can assure you nothing will happen during Ramadan. Dead Issue JH RAMADAN does not seem to have slowed this flurry of progress at all Read more:
  9. I agree he "is" a great person and will be missed. Shame he will miss what he fought for... truth in all this mess. JH
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