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  1. strolld2

    Warka Bank Interest

    Got Interest Too in Warka Account!
  2. Warka site is back and also have Interest on account for end of the year!
  3. strolld2

    Confirmation please

    I also can Confirm that I saw this with My Own Two Eyes also when I went on my Warka Account!
  4. strolld2

    December 30, 2015 Interest paid

    Got Interest from Warka Too! GO RV!
  5. Trinity, Great Article and Great Analysis! Really enjoyed reading this and it is right on point leading to the RV!
  6. Great Article Thug! Please Raise the Dinar As High as They Like Against the Dollar We Will Take It! GO RV!
  7. Nadita, thank you for your kind Bank Story and for being my Friend, and providing great information to this site! Love the Nadita Files all the time excellent writing and informative! Good luck to you and your friend some very promising!
  8. Yota, Great Article as Usual! GO RV! Happy New Year!
  9. strolld2

    Adam Montana New Years Eve weekly - December 31, 2014

    Thanks,Adam! Happy New Year 2015 look like it maybe the Best of New Year's!
  10. strolld2

    Account interest

    I also checked this morning and interest was posted! Happy New Year Everyone!
  11. strolld2

    Merry Christmas! Adam Montana weekly December 24 2014

    Hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas and we look forward to a Hopefully Prosperous and Happy New Year! GO RV! Thanks Adam and Staff!
  12. strolld2

    Looking to buy 1M dinar

    Hi, SlippinSlida, how much are you willing to pay for 1 Million Dinar?

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