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  1. LOL my me, you would not want to see my happy dance...especially in spandex or a pink tutu...but in a darkened room maybe with copious amounts of SC...I will be tipping some Crown Royal though
  2. Right on EE...and thanks Yota for the post...all things pointing to positives in Iraq right now...hope it keeps rolling...
  3. Rate rising a bit and CBI auctions of dollar hitting all time lows...could be harbingers of things to come...budget passing would be good, then maybe getting HCL done and some other laws, this is all pointing in the right direction...imo...
  4. CBI Auctions show lower sales of this an indication of something going on at the CBI, Iraqi Economy or perhaps they (CBI) are just waiting on the Budget? Thanks
  5. Philip...agree with the above. I am treating the Dinar as though it is an undervalued currency and being artificially held low the same as I might trade in an undervalued is for me simply a high-risk potentially high reward move that I hope will work out in my favor...counting on Iraqi greed and the fact they are resource rich to support a real rate of 1IQD=1USD someday, but would be perfectly happy at .01+...its a risk, but you never also never gain by not having risk in any endeavor...imho...thanks for the post...
  6. Very good news indeed...hope they pull it off...and what you said drj!!!
  7. No matter what it comes out at, the Dinar's rise or fall rate will be determined on whether it is a managed float (most likely) or a free float on the FOREX...if they just throw it out there in a free float it will be real interesting...but I feel it will be a managed float...but again, no one knows...should be interesting though once it revalues...imho ...
  8. 1 square mile of land in Northern Minnesota...homestead in the middle...large dogs,...guns...island in Belize...large dogs...more guns...large quantity of ammo...more guns...and an African Safari with my brother....oh, more guns and ammo...
  9. problem...I'll to be in Orlando in February, may need you to get me a
  10. it possible or likely the Dinar could come out on the FOREX as at tradeable currency at 1166 (or close to that) and simply be managed, or is it really necessary for it to RV/RI before going international. Can the CBI RV/RI and it not be internationally tradeable on the FOREX? Just curious after reading some interesting and in some cases highly entertaining about your Packers bro ...did not see that coming...jeez...
  11. Interesting...quite link, but the book name would be good to know (curious who the author is too)...thanks for the post
  12. Nice word Adam on CBI control of the RV... ...Sandfly!!!!
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