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  1. Been at Defcon V for 10 years, how about just going to Defcon 4.5, or 4, or 3.5 or 3.95...I'll take 3.99 or 4.99...maybe someday Defcon I will arrive...and I hop right quickly...sigh
  2. My hope is the HCL is passed, RV implemented and the Iraqi government withholds the HCL monies from ISIS controlled areas (which of course they will do)...then the common folk will say to ISIS: "I am not getting my money, I keel you now..." ... but I think ISIS in reality is a non-factor to the RV...other than as a smoke-screen to keep the vast majority of people from looking at the Dinar/Country...or something like that...
  3. When the RV happens the currency will lower denoms...what ISIS has will be difficult to get traded in without being caught...should be interesting...with Abadi and the Shell reference above...seems like something is in the works for hopefully sooner than later...jmo...
  4. DL...thanks for the comment, good to know...I like that you like this development ... :bump: :twothumbs:
  5. ... thanks for the post skrappy...interesting thoughts and unfortunately probably right on the mark...
  6. Talk like this will go on up to, and probably after, the is best served ignored
  7. Nice post Dontlop...thanks for the hard work...good read...check list: sleeping bag, mr. buddy heater, booze...oh, Dinar clutched tightly in hand...conceal, thanks... :bump: :bump:
  8. DL, good post and I think you are correct in your assessment ...really, until there is an announced rate change by the CBI...we are still in the dark ...but I do think there are some positive indicators...but no actual indicators of a change in value, and the only actual indicator will be a sudden announcement coming out of the'll just be there whenever they decide to pull the trigger (they being the CBI). imo
  9. DNAR: I get your drift, my take is that this needs examination for authenticity, when and who authored it...if someone does not beat me to it I'm gonna post a question for Adams chat...I am only hoping this is a harbinger and another nail in the framework for the RV soon...very impressive cogent thoughts on your part, this is something to question for for me the jury (AM) is still out on what it really means...but it looks very very positive to me.
  10. This will have not bearing on RV of the currency (i.e. 2015 date)...I do not think the USA can say something like "wait to RV there CBI until we can screw our citizens" ...besides, the Government can screw us anyways ...think I need to join OSI now...
  11. specifically call out dealers , what is at issue is the efficacy of the document, i.e. is it real or not, that is what I am waiting to have date it was originated, etc...if it is legit, then it definitely is an interesting development in this investment. imo...
  12. Nice BSL...this is an awesome site...for sure :bump: :bump:
  13. Geez, it would be nice to get Adam's take on cool if a Mod would let him know, has anyone told him about this...this is pretty cool if it is true!!
  14. LB I am really starting to like your thinking ... :bump: :bump:
  15. Now that is very very interesting thanks for the post
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