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  1. You will be greatly missed Scooter! I personally have learned a great deal over the years from your comments and reviews. I sincerely hope your not gone forever and would really appreciate if you could just stop in once in a while just to say hello and that you and your family are doing great. It's unfortunate that we go into the final stretch without you, but I think you'll still be lurking with us in the background. So best of luck and hope to someday meet up with you - first drink is on me!!!!
  2. Count me in. That butter-fried walleye can't be beat.
  3. Green mountains - Derby, Vermont 6 miles south of Canadian border.
  4. I also use TD Bank. Price was reasonable and I received them 4 to 7 days after order.
  5. US Navy Retired 1971 to 1993 - Desert Storm
  6. To add support to this statement, I also truly appreciate what DD others are providing. I don't have time to do the extra research, but I do try and find time to read these articles. Thanks Med for all your efforts! PS - hope you hit right on the number - the high one of course .84.
  7. Or does he mean to stop buying or selling dinars thru the banking system. Perhaps it will cost us a great deal more to purchase dinar on May 1st!!!
  8. Fat lady is too heavy for the donkey to go ahead. Tell her to get off the donkey and walk like the rest of us. Then tell her to wait for you to cash in. She'll have reason to sue you then. Giddy-up donkey!!!
  9. Bought 200,000 from TD Bank yesterday. Price paid was .00105620 at a cost of $211.24; fee was $17.50 for a total of $228.74. If I purchased 250,000 I could have avoided the fee.
  10. That's funny. I'm sure we could come up with someone with more experience and integrity.
  11. Everytime I see her I feel like I'm watching a late night comedy show. My answer is NO!
  12. Brings back great memories. Retired in 93. P3 squadron - Last deployment Jeddha Saudi Arabia/Sigonella, Italy.
  13. Okay your probably right!! She'll probably be cheaper than a lawyer anyways (as long as she doesn't take off).
  14. Any guidance from members would be a great help. Not sure who I will tell first (tax advisor, broker, attorney, banker, travel agent, or wife ). Never had this problem before.
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