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  1. Research the Greater Israel Project and you will realize our wait might be longer than you could ever expect...... Once you truly understand whats going on in the ME and who controls ALL of it you will finally realize why nothing has happened..
  2. research the Greater Israel project and you will probably sell all your IQD tomorrow
  3. Just more fictional writing..., After 8 LONG years I have come to the conclusion that IF this every does actually happen ( an increase in value) it wont be til Iraq has been rebuilt so to speak and is actually functioning as a legit country... not a war torn nation with rampant corruption. With that said I wouldnt be surprised if this timeline is 5 to 10 more years from now
  4. My goodness .10 would be a dream come true after 8 freaking years..... would take it in a heart beat and NEVER look back
  5. I cant believe Iraq is getting a F'n penny from anyone at this point.... After 8 years being involved in this nonsense I am starting to think there was never any plan to add value to their currency.... or at least not at any time in the near future..... MAYBE once Iraq has been rebuilt and is thriving as well as a somewhat stable country,which could be honestly another 10 years at the rate they move then and only then will they address their currency.... dont forget they are bringing in BILLIONS of USD every month from Oil sales
  6. year after year and people still continue to post complete BS
  7. Problem is the US is backing the Kurds and the referendum which scares me because after almost 8 years of being involved in this crazy rollercoaster the thought of actually not making money is extremely depressing... Most people dont know this and I didnt learn this until a few years ago but the plan all along has been the balkinization of the ME and as you can see with your own eyes it seems to be playing out right in front of us....
  8. So what was all the talk 2 years ago that Iraq was out of ch 7?
  9. LMAO - thats awesome - i feel ya brotha GO IRAQ GO RV/RI 2011
  10. Iv been reading Frank26 for about a year now and it think iv had enough.... either way GO IRAQ GO RV/RI
  11. Ill take .10 and RUN.... @ this point ANY return would be nice. GO IRAQ GO RV/RI
  12. Great post. The only thing i dont completey agree on is #2. I believe that it is DONE and reason being thats the $$$ and who gets how much. I personally believe these greedy SOB's worked that out 1st. GO IRAQ GO RV/RI
  13. Ah great idea.. I live in Colorado and we have medical marijuana dispensarys EVERYWHERE, more locations than starbucks. LOL
  14. great point, except the rate was more like 4000 to $1 back in 2004 - i dont care what anyone says SOMETHINGS up GO IRAQ GO RV/RI
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