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  1. Hey there Adam, With the apparent movement Bagdad has been doing, and assuming the CBI elects to "Float" the Dinar from it's current value and removing zero's maybe one at a time... do you see this process taking up to a year (could be more or even less) to have a value close to 1 to 1 with the us dollar? If you state this is a possible scenario, then my question truly is how long from the time they start the "Float" until (you believe) they start removing the large denomination bills (those bills larger than 100 IQD). Thank you in advance...
  2. Adam, good day to you. Do you think currency reform in Iraq and possibly the HCL will be postponed until all provinces are under GOI control?
  3. Sorry... You remember incorrectly. If they were actually there, they were not illegal aliens going about getting American citizenship the right way. This is not what Trump is refering to. By the way, after 23 yrs in the military, I do know this.
  4. Bless you Adam for putting yourself out there and doing what you do. Assuming the 50K and 100K bills are actually printed, I understand that purpose would be for internal banking transactions and not for public use, as well as reducing the total note count significantly. What's your take on this? I've been in this for over 10 years, and have learned over time, as you stated before, the details of this ride seem to trip up a lot of folks and we need to keep our eye on the big picture. Getting harder as time proceeds however, you are correct.
  5. the gentleman on C-cpan was providing commentary to Iraqi situational issues. He was NOT stating US recommendation to replace the IQD.
  6. looks like still the same ... 0,00083. Looks like 208.3 was divided by 250... that = 0.83. Sorry
  7. yup... 100% rumor. Confirmed.
  8. I guess phase 1 and 2 are over and into phase 3... Hmmmm... Just curious, how many phases are there? 60... 1,000... or as many as needed?
  9. Sounds like end of the fy 2013. Will this make them ready for fy 2014?
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