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  1. Tiffany, you have not studied the cultures of the Jews.....Slaves unless doing something really terrible were actually treated very kindly, like family, and if given the opportunity to leave, would opt to stay with their owners.It was their society's way of taking care of those that had nothing, so they didn't starve, or have no roof over their heads. The initial polygamy of the Bible including concubines, and the like was because of the order from God to populate the earth.There were many causes of early death in those days.People could have easily become extinct if each woman did not bare children. No where in the Bible does God ever deem a female of less worth than a male....just weaker, which we are. And when He said that your desire would be to rule over the man. That actually meant would be to"BE THE MAN" which was prophetic in nature. It is obvious in today's world that that is true. I have a very hard time letting my husband be the man, I fight against it with every fiber in my body, until God reminds me that He loves me, and that is not His best design for my life. I am much healthier when I do the job I was designed to do, and he does the job he was designed to do.You can't take the bible away from itself and expect it to make any sense. As a matter of a fact you can't read the Bible like a book, and expect to be an expert on what it says. God says those who SEEK find, that word seek is a word that is much more complex than our English language could ever portray. I feel anger in you, and I can relate to that, and I understand. You have a lot to forgive man for. We are all sinners, just trying to make it in this world. Unless you understand that, you will never accept God's love and forgive others because He forgave you. In Christ, Teresa
  2. Also MOE MOE for your own studies, homosexuality is also listed in the new testament read Romans chapter 1 start in verse 24.
  3. Your question is an honest one,and legitimate. Although it is true that God never changes...some of the rules He set forth are now obsolete.We now have means of preservation of foods, and such(not that those foods are any better for you than they were back then) BUT! You must understand, that God gave us the Law for our sake not for HIS.He is GOD and He is not under any law, but He also will not be a liar. Who would or could for that matter respect and worship a liar? That being said...all of the laws were to protect us from the entities/game plan that He set in place when He spoke the world into existence......Does God hate the homosexual? the one who has the abortion? the one who murders? NO He loves them more than they could EVER imagine. SO WHY? Why does He not want us to commit those "sins"? When we do those things, He knows(because he made the rules from the beginning) that it will break us on the inside.That our guilt and fear would cause us to run away from Him. Take for one example the girls who is talked into getting an abortion when she is very young, and doesn't understand how she may feel years down the road about that life, can tell you the torment and terrible sadness she goes through every day of her life because of an immature decision. God hurts when we hurt, and when He tells us not to run in the street...... it's because He doesn't want us to get hit by a car!!! He doesn't want us to divorce because of the destruction to our lives, and to the lives of those around us.It's because of that LOVE that He requires us to behave.........OK SO WE HAVEN'T BEEN BEHAVING!!!! SO NOW WHAT? ARE WE CONDEMNED???? HELL? NO! So if you all get nothing else I would love for you to hear this part because this is the coolest part of the God that created the universe! " THAT GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD(you and me) THAT HE GAVE HIS ONE AND ONLY SON TO DIE ON THE CROSS".For the sins He knew you were going to commit. HE MADE A WAY! HE LOVED YOU so much he made a way for you to be sealed with a full ride scholarship to eternity with HIM."That WHOSOEVER simply BELIEVE IN HIM. WILL NEVER PERISH BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE!" John 3:16. If you know nothing else about your God, at least know this!HE MADE A WAY for the worst of sinners to be free once and for all! We can all be stupid sometimes and even go a little overboard in defense of the God we love, but the fact and truth of the matter is that if you love Jesus and make Him ruler of your life, you will be His! All you have to do is ask! I can tell you all these things with Joy because I am one of the greatest of sinners, and yet...He made a way for me, and I am so grateful. I am now free to love and see others like He sees you all! If you only knew How much He loves you and wants you to draw near to Him! In Christ Teresa
  4. MARK, and WILLY, I am so proud of you guys. My joy is renewed that there are still people out there, who GET IT. We all sin, we are all sinners. Homosexuality is no different than me lie-ing(which God says He hates).He Hates SIN not the SINNER.The ones who think they are being judged by the Christians don't get it. They are speaking out of a defensive heart. I have many homosexual friends, whom I love so very much. I want them to know God (Jesus). I know that if they do.....GOD will help them to understand why He calls it an abomination.Just as He did with the sin in my life. and why those like Mark have given up that sin for the love of a savior, and now truly live free, and with much joy!!! We just want every person's joy to be full!All of us are sucked dry of joy because of SIN WE ALLOW IN OUR LIVES.Life just doesn't seem to be satisfying....that is because,Right is right and wrong is wrong....Jesus is truth and everything else a lie. He created you for a purpose, for His Glory.He came so that you might have LIFE, and have it more abundantly. That is why He died......How much more could He do to show you He loves you? How can you argue you that? You cannot with any legitimacy.Do you want your life to count? Do you want this Christmas to really have meaning? Ask God, give your WILL over to Him! I challenge you to give it your best effort from now until Christmas to learn as much as you can about the TRUE Jesus. Ask Him to speak to you through His word.......Once you experience HIM really experience Him with a true humble heart. You will never be the same! Peace to all of you this CHRISTmas season, and my your joy be full! Teresa
  5. We may as well just be a communist society
  6. WOW, We're still posting this guys crap? ...............................ok
  7. BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!!! that's all I hear
  8. well....yes this is true ....NOW, but when the Dinar goes on the market as a world currency, it will be trade-able, which means it will be recognized, and "good" world wide.
  9. this should be moved to a more appropriate topic title
  11. WOW! ........this thread. funny(ironic) your quote is from a Christian man.
  12. He gives me the worst headache!
  13. If you are going to try to look cool to insult should probably try spelling the insult correctly. stupid head
  14. KEEPS a strong guy, and has been around here longer than most of you all. I appreciate his honesty on how he see's things. One thing I can't stand is a liar....even if it is to try and make me feel better. KEEP, you are true blue, always have been always will be!I feel the same about Scooter.He is genuine. Not trying to GET anything from anyone NOR is he trying to gain favor.It's just a shame.And I would challenge this Chuck guy to prove anything he has spoken against I always say PROVE IT! love you guys!
  15. First of all, make sure you are not giving your pets ANY people food at all!NONE!!! Then, make sure you you feed as little corn and wheat as possible.Corn should be nonexistent, or very low on the list.I have never had an animal with cancer, and I have had many many animals, and am a dog obedience instructor. This is what I go by!
  16. Yes wonderful man.My friend has been treated for cancer by him, and the tumor is completely gone.He has a therapy where he injects the sodium bicarb directly in the tumor, but now he is looking into drinking baking soda to eliminate it too.Those studies are not conclusive yet, but others swear they have been healed that way! I believe it! Also my family never goes to the Dr for sinus infection. We just take a tbspn of ACV 3 times a day, it will clear it up most of the time in just one day!
  17. Well I have been invested in this for several years now, and this is the first time this has ever happened to me, but when we bought our Dinar, we purchased some for family and friends, not really knowing that it might ever go even above a few cents per dinar. BUT one of those friends that works on the oil lines in Wyoming just went to open an account in Cheyenne(Wells Fargo) I guess. He talked to the foreign exchange lady, who told him that she was invested also, and that,"The authorities are telling us to downplay it's value to customers, to discourage purchasing it, etc, BUT, come and see me when it does rv." I'm not saying that I believe this, but I do know this person myself.My question is....If the lady is invested, either she doesn't have very much, or she is very loyal to staying with Wells Fargo after she is a millionaire????? Does that make any sense? just my logic........I would say, "well if you don't see me here any more, you will know it RV'd." Is that wrong? But like I said I do know that guy personally, and This is what he told us and his hope hope
  18. WOW, this is over the top! Very exciting potential! Thank you for all your hard work/graphs/and charts. It really helps me to piece things together! COME ON RV!!!!!!Or should I say RVs :lol:
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