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  1. Agree. Thread started this morning with DV membership then simply asking for a word of verification. ?? Odd.
  2. Thanks for your post wbuse. No bashing here, in fact this post is refreshing for a number of reasons. Also, I have to say it's nice seeing multiple posts in a thread by members who joined more than a couple months ago. Stay in touch with your teller and tell her there's 25,000 dinar in it for her if she can get you any more insight. Thanks again.
  3. Oh brother. Amusing post but not from the same Phoenix.
  4. Maliki is not going anywhere. Look how he cleverly manipulated the March election results and is continuing to drag this GOI formation out. Like it or not, he's the bomb in this deal. Their new Constitution is not going to impede him now from what he wants to happen just as it has not to date. This guy is the Iraq PM and whomever he wants in the different positions will ultimately occupy them no matter how long it takes. Bottom line. Western thoughts and ideals unfortunately do not apply here and they never will. The dinar is greatly undervalued and we are all at a loss as to why nothing comes to pass. Said before in previous posts, do not apply western thought processes to Islamic people. Although the CBI supposedly has the power to Iraq's RV, RI, and/or redenomination they will continue to wait until M is satisfied that his power is secure. Thanks PVS for moving this post.
  5. Jake you sound legit to me. From time to time it is tough, here in the states, to be able to distinguish BS from the truth. Many folks on DV have been sucked in by the "next Monday" fortune tellers and spent money they did not have and emotional anticipation to only be let down. I'd appreciate you being a boots on the ground source for this group with any spare time you may have to devote to it. For instance, if you are looking at some BS thread, don't respond but post your own topic referencing and dissing the ongoing thread so others don't waste their time and emotionalism on it. Dinar dealers who recognized the opportunity to capitalize on the dinar phenomenom and a few others are the only ones who have made money on this investment to date. I believe in the dinar appreciation and having a legit boots on the ground guy like you to help keep everyone grounded would be great. Regardless. we all appreciate and give you thanks for your service for our Country.
  6. * Scooter Chat: DDC 1/3/11 January 3rd, 2011 09:25 pm SCOOTER: you have two charts SCOOTER: one is the 1988 prices SCOOTER: and the other is the projected Gdp SCOOTER: now SCOOTER: to get the deflator you must calculate SCOOTER: and let’s use 2011 numbers first SCOOTER: ok — also you’re calculator isn’t going to handle the size of these SCOOTER: so get excell up SCOOTER: now SCOOTER: first calc for 2011 SCOOTER: take 592,926,053.6 SCOOTER: divide by 1988 prices SCOOTER: 65,388.2 SCOOTER: remember — these are in billions SCOOTER: what does that get you SCOOTER: should get you 9067.783692 SCOOTER: Does it not tenmillion: ok SCOOTER: We’ll go with it SCOOTER: now SCOOTER: multiply the 9067.783692 SCOOTER: by SCOOTER: .00085 SCOOTER: recognize that number SCOOTER: haha tenmillion: yep SCOOTER: that gives us $7.707616138 SCOOTER: now SCOOTER: take that number and divide by the the program rate of 3.22 SCOOTER: and you should get 2.393669608 SCOOTER: that is the rate in Real terms based solely on Gdp SCOOTER: now SCOOTER: there’s other items to throw into this mix which SCOOTER: can add or delete from rate SCOOTER: but SCOOTER: that’s a good spot to start SCOOTER: there’s stochastic and momentum readings to throw int there SCOOTER: and capitolization numbers SCOOTER: but the point is SCOOTER: they are definately approaching a higher rate SCOOTER: so SCOOTER: I did not give a rate or date SCOOTER: just the facts mam SCOOTER: walktide keifersuey: cool tenmillion: ty scooter SCOOTER: did you get that my friend laurelei: aren’t they also permitted to add in an additional 20% at a minimum? SCOOTER: ahhhhhhhh SCOOTER: wow SCOOTER: the rumor was 20% SCOOTER: plus or minus SCOOTER: the program rate SCOOTER: just a rumor kaperoni: scooter u saying were at 2.39 rate? SCOOTER: but that’s where you see the 3.86 rate walktide: I did scooter……ty SCOOTER: kap SCOOTER: not me SCOOTER: they Mop SCOOTER: is saying this in this document SCOOTER: but remember SCOOTER: there are other items tenmillion: Thank you Scooter!
  7. It's Iraq. The only thing for sure is that nobody can be sure.
  8. Agree. Could be any day. Gave you a + JP. Fort Worthians stick together. Because CBI RVs not Parliament.
  9. Could have already been posted here and, I know, I's kind of a arbitrary deal, but the C News Hound RV-O-Meter has moved up to 98.2%. Better up than down I always say! Mods please delete this post if already threaded and commented on. Gracias.
  10. Been riding quite a while. Stopped buying dinars a long time ago being satisfied and comfortable with my position. Like most, this has gone on much longer than I believed it would. Educational? Without a doubt. Never seen or heard of any investment like this. The potential upside is fun. Very unique and dynamic process to date to say the least. The new Guiness record holding non government is a complete joke. Every angle and every player must be researched and analyzed. Perhaps fun was too strong of a word for you and it likely does mischaracterize. Keep a sense of humor in the bizaare ongoing debacle called Iraq and don't let the ups and downs drag you down. We're all on this roller coaster ride together. And you are right, the people and personalities, on this forum especially, are fun.
  11. Lighten up! This is a Roller Coaster ride!
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