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  1. I put that up to counter what you say

    I've said it many times I don't believe anything from Iraq or their journalists

    Most people don't that's why we are here

    I believed shabibbi when he said it takes propagan.......

    And when he said if they were going to rv he couldn't tell any one

    But you believe they will lop even though they say it every year and then don't

    Kinda like tony TNT calling a rv every day

    Of course dear....backtrack away....don't want to get called out at all for your nonsense. If I were you I would be trying to do that already have a mess of your credibility to deal with. Especially with your made up revaluations and all....

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  2. Hey no name calling

    I don't believe anything out of there

    But you do

    Hahaha you don't believe anything out of there except when you started posting about deletion of the zeros was just a rumor and when the cbi says they are buying gold to pull in the 35 trillion right? Lol...your a were pushing the hell out of both of those articles yet you are gonna sit here and say you don't believe anything from them....

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  3. That IS the basis my friend of investing...................unless you have inside you?

    Please tell.......................... or are you just assuming you KNOW what the Iraqi's are really going to do????

    Spill the beans oh lop/guru !

    The basis of investing is assuming? Lol wth? Your not serious are you?

    Besides that, did you even under stand what was being talked about? It was about him assuming someone is the same person lol

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  4. i get Iraqi TV transcripts but I also have two contacts one who is a member here who has a translater in Saudi and also a guy I know who is an Iraqi Kurd living in Leeds who runs a takeaway business and a shop in Leeds who watches both al iraqiya TV and Kurd sat

    Beleive me gunshow I don't have a good enough imigination to make it up

    you really are ignorant - I know 10 different people accross the uk who were asked and I can prove it if you had the guts to join my group on Facebook

    Keepem continue to fall for the stuff that Dinarck, slingshot, Brian Simpson, networth ect continue to spew to you. Deny device and create mistrust - it's all bull shite.

    Well looks like 10 others besides you are just as gullible lol

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  5. Al-Iraqiya TV 28th March 2014 evening financial news

    The same politicians in more than one block that vowed to keep up the pressure until the central bank of Iraq implements it pledge to reevaluate the dinar and implement the zeros project said that the dinar will inevitably increase in value as Iraqs phenomenal economic growth continues on its current pace; one of the members gave the german mark and the Japanese yen that made remarkable comebacks after the war!

    Right on dinar_millions GOOOOOOOOOO RVVVVVVVV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was how they redonominated the mark and yen keep - stop looking on the internet- I will give you some references from a good friend of mine - good old economic books which show how it resulted in profit!

    I will see my friend in the next week or two but I will get those references for you

    Don't even waste your time....they completely changed currency....freezing the exchange rate of the old and had a fixed ratio for exchange. Weak excuses for your arguments.....

    If your excuse is that Germany is a prime example of what will happen in Iraq, you don't stand to make a dime lol

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  6. Read and study "The Marshall Plan" About post WW2 Germany Economic Recovery...You will clearly notice the similarities right down to the World players in this...

    And this is exactly what I mean. Do your self a favor and actually take the time to learn what they did with their currency. They redenominated and the new currency had a higher value....The old stayed the same. It was a non profit situation. Stop listening to the gurus and taking their word for things. If Iraq does the same thing with their currency, you will not make a dime. In fact you will lose a little due to exchange fees if your even able to exchange in the first place. Not talking down to you so don't take it the wrong way, you should just educate yourself a little better.

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  7. DB,Don't worry about the LOPster Troll.Little minds can't grip what's happening before there eyes...

    You don't even know the proper history of Iraq but you think you have the room to talk about people with little minds? Everything I have seen you say has been a guru fabrication. But you supposedly know what's really going on around us? Interesting......

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  8. So your saying the entire investment of the dinar is a bad investment

    Then you should be banned from this site

    That's as dumb as the rest of your comments

    Not dumb....just above your pay grade to comprehend. ...let's see...The Lira went to about 1.8 or so to the dollar....If you had only one 20 million lira note, that's about 11 million dollars if it was truly a revaluation. ....yea....didn't happen...

    thanks for playing!!

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  9. Turkey changed the face value and the exchange rate there is no guarentee that doesn't guarentee to make someone a billionare

    It depends on the numbers involved

    But the lira was definatly revalued

    If Turkey revalued, the citizens would have been made billionares....Their highest denomination bill was 20 million some math...

    No revaluation....think a little bit...might help you out....

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  10. I.

    You don't know what a revaluation is

    If you change the face value of a currency and don't change the foriegn exchange rate it's a redenomination

    If you change the face value of a currency and change the foriegn exchange rate it's a revaluation

    I don't care what someone tells you that runs their currency into the ground because they are stupid

    You go listen to those stupid people all you want

    I do understand your lost and need to start over with your bs

    Lol I'm listening to the central bank of Turkey....they redenominated....end of story...same thing Iraq is mentioning.

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  11. I wasn't talking to you

    I didn't write these things

    I do know that you keep are dodging every question

    You need to learn the differance between a rd and a rv keep

    You still don't know

    You bought dinar

    Became a guru giving dates and rates and telling everyone to trust you that the rv is done and if Iraq didn't rv it the United Nations were going to rv it

    Lie after lie from you keep

    And still today broke no dinar lying for entertainment

    Went broke had to sell your dinar

    No where to go nothing to do just sit around denying the facts presented to you

    Who said you have to become billionares keep if a currency rvs ?

    Answer that keep !!!!!

    You got no brains at all

    You don't know what a rv is do ya keep ????

    Why are t the citizens of turkey billionares

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Dead head

    Air pockets in your head keep

    Broke? Lol who? You? Not this guy haha

    You have been posting that same garbage on many different threads as if it's the real deal answer and standing behind it. So don't back down now from keep posting misleading info so either stop, or stand behind it!

    Now that your getting put in your place about it, your trying to dodge the bullet...

    Was the Turkish lira a revaluation or redenomination? Why do you think you know better then the central bank? You dont....your posts are about as ignorant as it gets and just showing that you just want to argue to can't change history....

    If the lira was a revaluation like you claim, the citizens would all be the wealthiest people on the planet lol....Turkey would be the wealthiest country on the planet but guess what? They arent....they redenominated and no one made any money off it. They got the same amount of money in return....

    Stop misleading people....If your gonna share info, come's tiring having to correct more then half the bs you post and claim...

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  12. Who knows

    I do know that if you change the face value of a currency and do not change the foriegn exchange rate it's a redenomination

    But if you change the face value and you change the foriegn exchange rate it's a revaluation

    There's no trick that changes that

    It's not me that's in charge of anything

    Its not me making anything up

    It's just the way things are

    And you to should be using your google instead of trying to twist things around to "try" to make someone look stupid for bringing " you " information

    Take it or leave it

    I really don't care

    Your misleading with the information you are simply copying and pasting so you should expect to get called out on it. If you were correct, you wouldn't have this issue....

    Still waiting for your explanation on why the citizens of Turkey aren't billionaires after their supposed revaluation, and why the central bank of Turkey says they redenominated, but you say they performed a revaluation.

    Are you smarter then a central bank?

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  13. Keep if your interested

    Just google it there's 50 links waiting for ya

    You do know how to google

    Google Turkish lira revaluation

    They are not my links

    I guess everyone else has googled it but you keepm

    It looks like you will never know the differance between a rv and a rd

    Here keep


    Currency Details

    The new Turkish lira is the currency of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The currency was introduced in January of 2005, and is equivalent to 100,000 of the old Turkish lira. The old lira will be accepted through the end of 2005, until its division into 100 kurus. Because of heavy inflation in Turkey, from the 1970-90′s, the lira has depreciated in value in the last few decades. Although suffering from inflation for many years, the Turkish government has never undergone hyperinflation. In the late 1960′s, the approximate exchange rate was 9 liras to 1 dollar. In 2001, 1.6 million liras were worth 1 dollar. In the end of 2004, the Turkish government passed a law that removed the last six zeros from the currency, and in the process created the new Turkish lira. Along with the new currency, the government introduced two different banknotes, called TRY 100 and TRY 50. After the revaluation of the lira, the Romanian leu became the least valued currency in the world. All Turkish notes and coins show the portrait of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic and its first President

    Moody’s Rating

    Ba2, 08 Jan 2010

    S&P Rating


    Sovereign credit ratings play an important part in determining a country’s access to international capital markets, and the terms of that access. Sovereign ratings help to foster dramatic growth, stability, and efficiency of international and domestic markets.

    Why do they say that keepm

    This keepm

    After the revaluation of the lira, the Romanian leu became the least valued currency in the world. All Turkish notes and coins show the portrait of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic and its first President.

    Why ? Keepm

    Why are their hundreds of links calling it a revaluation keepm

    I guess some people know the differance between a rd and a rv

    Unlike you keepmwlknfny

    Here keepm

    I'll be your teacher since your so interested

    The prices of goods and services changed with the foriegn exchange rate for the Turkish lira

    So it revalued

    Get a clue

    Google it

    Turkish revaluation

    How did people make millions

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha

    Start over keepm you gave made a fool of yourself for years

    Try getting the correct information before you pretend your the news


    Tell me how people made money off the Turkish lira when it changed since it was a revaluation.....The citizens over there must be billionaires according to your logic. Tell me....Stop copy and pasting junk with no credibility, especially when I gave you think link from the central bank of turkey. So are you gonna tell me you know better then a central bank of a country? Lol....

    This isent even debatable....Stop trying to change history. ...

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  14. If you look it up

    Here's reality

    If you change the face value of a pegged currency and "do not " change the foriegn exchange rate , then its a redenomination

    If you change the foriegn exchange rate , then its a revaluation

    All prices will change on goods and services for a revaluation

    Keep cryin see where it gets ya

    Try twisting it by asking other questions about what did they do or who did what when where or how

    Just do some research and quit assuming your the news

    Hey keepm

    The Iraqi dinar is going to rv and the cbi says they will raise the value

    You do know what raising the value means right , if not just look at the Kuwait dinar when it's purchasing power increased by decree of the govt of Kuwait after Kuwait was liberated by the allied forces after desert storm

    Just like that from 5 cents to $3.45 per Kuwait dinar over night

    15,000 % increase

    Do some homework

    So the Turkish lira revalued? Stop dodging the questions. Let's hear it Mr expert!

    If your gonna call the Turkish lira a revaluation, then how did people make millions? I mean it went from 1.8 million or so lira per USD to 1.8 lira per dollar. So your saying it was a revaluation, then the people of Turkey are billionaires.....

    Please explain how you could have made money off the Turkish lira, and why everyone else in the financial world including the govt of Turkey themselves, call it a redenomination.

    The class is eager to hear your teachings......

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  15. Ya just got to google Turkish lira revaluation

    And pick where you want to start reading

    They did change their currency and the currency code

    While they were in the middle of changing the exchange rate and the costs of goods and services

    It's all part of revaluation

    Iraq may just keep its currency code IQD

    Turkey had its currency y code listed what a year before the revaluation of the lira ?

    Swift something the listed it a year in advance

    I don't think Iraq has anything listed to be deleting zeros next month

    Just some whacky news out of Iraq , same story's for the last 5 years about deleting zeros that year

    Geez that will keep speculators away

    At least the rich guys who don't risk their money

    Heck us small guys won't hurt them

    A redenomination is where you change the face value of currency but keep the same foriegn exchange rate That's the way it is

    Ya can't change itIf the exchange rate is changed even with adding smaller notes

    Then its a revaluation

    Revaluation is were prices of goods change

    So the Turkish lira revalued? Hahaha tell me then how anyone could have made money off thay since it was such a HUGE revaluation.

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  16. When 70 trillion are frozen already and the entire m2 is at 78 trillion

    No need to worry about 80 trillion

    If the govt has 70 billion dollars worth of dinar frozen they aren't liable to buy 70 trillion dinars out of 78 trillion dinar back

    Leaving them with 80 billion in reserves to cover 8 trillion dinar

    Or one penny each

    But adding the 180 billion dollars abroad to buy back those 8 trillion would triple that

    The dinar is a local currency

    They don't need to worry about very much of it leaving Iraq

    They can put out 350 billion dollars worth of dinar to use within Iraqi borders

    And don't need to worry about backing any more than 25% to be compliant

    You guys need to relax about your speculations and let this play out

    No one knows what they are going to do

    You guys want to talk people into taking a loss now

    What are you going to do if it rvs to 3500 dollars per million next month when you just told everyone to sell off now for a loss

    You guys don't have a shred of information more than the rest of us do

    You would post it if you did

    And so now the frozen funds are gonna be put away in the CBI reserves so you can be rich when Iraq needs money to build up their infrastructure? Lol...priceless

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  17. Lol hey I eat turkey bones and all on thanks giving

    I Win the turkey eating contest every time

    I can eat three whole turkeys in 15 minutes

    Revaluation of the Turkish Lira

    Because of the chronic inflation experienced in Turkey from the 1970s through to the 1990s, the old lira experienced severe depreciation. Turkey has had high inflation rates compared to other developed countries and suffered hyperinflation. From an average of 9 lira per U.S. dollar in the late 1960s, the currency came to trade at approximately 1.65 new lira per U.S. dollar in late 2001. This represented an average inflation of about 38% per year. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had called this problem a "national shame". With the revaluation of the Turkish old lira, the Romanian leu (also revalued in July 2005) briefly became the world's least valued currency unit.

    Any one who says Iraq will rd doesn't know what they are talking about

    If you think they will delete three zeros without changing the exchange rate your lost

    Start over and make your case then post links this time

    Prove your point

    Don't pretend you know while everyone laughs at you


    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ya ha

    They gonna lop three zeros and rd

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha

    And they gonna lock up the banks from you

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Revaluation means a change of a price of goods or products. This term is specially used as revaluation of a currency, where it means a rise of currency to the relation with a foreign currency in a fixed exchange rate. In floating exchange rate correct term would be appreciation. Altering the face value of a currency without changing its foreign exchange rate is a redenomination, not a revaluation.

    In general terms, revaluation of a currency is a calculated adjustment to a country's official exchange rate relative to a chosen baseline. The baseline can be anything from wage rates to the price of gold to a foreign currency. In a fixed exchange rate regime, only a decision by a country's government (i.e. central bank) can alter the official value of the currency. Contrast to "devaluation".

    For example, suppose a government has set 10 units of its currency equal to one US dollar. To revalue, the government might change the rate to five units per dollar. This would result in that currency being twice as expensive to people buying that currency with U.S. dollars than previously and the US dollar costing half as much to those buying it with foreign currency.

    Before the Chinese government revalued the yuan, it was pegged to the US dollar. It is now pegged to a basket of world currencies.

    Read more:

    Your gonna have to do better then posting links from a site that anyone can change as they please was a simply just like to argue about things that cannot be changed. You can't change history....I've told you this many times....

    Try a better link...

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  18. Oh quit cryin

    And address me as sir

    Right over the cliff


    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Hey how many dinar have you bought in the last two months

    30 ...... 40 million?

    You been talkin down the dinar and running adds to buy dinar , right ?

    How much have you scarfed up at a discount ?

    100 million ?

    Was turkey a redenomination or revaluation? This is one of the EASIEST questions you have ever had to answer and your dodging it like a fat kid dodges a diet....

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