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  1. To the contrary, I am more than willing to state my beliefs. I just won't do so when I am attempting intelligent debate, discourse, and dialogue. Introduction of belief into such a dialogue creates a breakdown of logic. As to crushed dreams, I have none that the dinar RV could grant or crush. If it RVs, I will have some extra money. If it doesn't, I will be in the same position I am in today and continuing my upward climb. This is the biggest difference I see between you and I. I am not emotionally invested in this.

    Ewing, would you please copy/paste these into the thread I opened a few minutes ago. I really want to stop the thread hijack going on here. I will address them over there. BTW, thank you for engaging in dialogue and not just ducking and running. I respect that.

    Keep, instead of doing what you accuse dontlop of doing, please come into the thread I opened a few minutes ago and let's deal with some of this there.

    You opened a thread to discuss "intelligently" about topics but you say that you are not gonna be sharing what you believe or think. So what the hell was the point of that? Lol....

    Just to see what everyone says and sit back and critique on how illogical something is that is stated, but you won't discuss why or how based upon your thought/beliefs....

    Did you think about any of that before you opened the thread? Good grief...

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  2. nothing but snotty remarks

    As usual

    There is nothing else to say to you or about you....

    You can't argue ignorance. It runs way too strong in you....and whenever your asked a question that either will shut you down, or prove a point against your favor, you duck, dodge, and start rambling like a drunken hobo at Mardi Gras....

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  3. Keep, as I told Ewing, no one here knows what I think. I haven't told you. In fact, I have taken pains not to say. I want to debate with you on your grounds. Your theory cannot withstand logic and rational thinking. My thoughts and beliefs would color the debate. I want to discuss your thoughts and beliefs. I will, however, state categorically that this is NOT a solid investment. Anyone describing it as such is misinformed and uneducated. An investment, as several of you state must have some solid answers, payout method, expected return, etc. the dinar provides none of that. It is speculation. Beyond that, I will withhold my personal opinion in favor of intellectual discourse on your thoughts, beliefs, and theory.

    Haha so you hold answers that puts my theories to shame because yours are rational and logical thinking, yet you are afraid to speak on it. Lol....ok...of course!

    Sounds like your afraid of getting your dreams crushed....or of being embarrassed....

    If the govt holds 43 trillion dinar in deposits at the cbi

    And they rv to a dollar all they need to back their own currency is around 39 billion dollars and they lose not one penny or gain one penny

    Heck they could just destroy all those dinar and add the value to those outstanding dinar

    I know its just bs but who knows what they are going to do?

    I say no one but them

    well we all know you won't be involved in any way this goes

    Your just here because you have no where else to go

    I'm here to keep the rumor that is known as dontlop, to just that....a big, nonsensical rumor....

    But you seem to be doing all the work for me!! Yay!!!

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  4. What about the 43 trillion dinar portion of the m2 which is deposits in the cbi?

    How much of that is govt deposits ?

    Which they are not concerned with backing if they rv

    Now they are selling gold to reduce the liquidity of the 35 trillion that circulates outside of banks

    Why would they want to reduce liquidity ?

    Why reduce their liquidity if they are going to lop 3 zeros ?

    Oh I know why they told us

    To increase the value of the currency

    Like I said

    I don't know

    It's just speculation

    Just questions that need answered

    Watch out now...your bout to be rich! Better buy buy buy!!

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  5. Actually, it is Ewing. It is based on assumptions that ignore facts. It is held to the exclusion of all reason and facts in evidence. The very definition of koolaide. I can give you fact after fact to demonstrate why your base assumption is wrong but it won't be new to you and you will deride it as guru spew as you have done over and over. It doesn't matter how credible a source it is pulled from, you will denounce it. If I actually show you in context, I will be derided for cut/paste as others are. The epitome of koolaide being demonstrated here.

    Ewing, I truly think you started on this campaign with good intentions. I remember some of your posts before you got your lopster tag. I don't deride your intentions. I do call you out on your abandonment of logic and reason. I agree that the dinar is speculation. As such, no one should put more into it than they can afford to lose. I and my family spent the money and consider it gone. Of course we hope to make more. Of course I think we will. I don't think the gurus are right. I hate them with a passion as I explained in earlier posts. I think you lopsters are no better though. You are anti-gurus and just as big a problem. Do you stop to think how badly you are injuring your friends and family by the derision and hatred and contempt you hold for them and their intelligence for this speculation? I venture to say, you are burning bridges that 5 or 10 years down the road you will regret, if you don't already.

    Lol...Wow! After reading a few of your posts, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but you really do believe in this, and that it's a solid investment. Hang around for awhile...

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  6. Dontlop I really do feel bad for you and others that are so blind to see this is a scam. I use to believe that this would truly be a good moneymaker. If you really did do your research you would see the scam that this really is. I just hope you all have not blown to much money into this. Your best bet is to get out now so you can at least get some of your money back.

    You can see some of my old posts from my first account (Hunz) where I once believed this was a sure thing. I was lucky to realize it before I lost to much

    What a lot of people fail to even see is that most of the so called "lopsters" were once just as gung ho about the RV as everyone else. That should be the most obvious red flag. The longer people stay in this, and the more and more they research and read about all aspects of this speculation, they realize this is not going to happen.

    In fact most of the so called lopsters are the farthest ones from being close minded etc....they have seen and comprehend both sides and most all scenarios. And have gotten to the point of seeing no possible Avenue of this happening.

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  7. Real is the fact that they are using "The Marshall Plan"from WW2 As the blueprint for this..Why it worked then,Will work again..

    Lol here you go again with that nonsense.....

    If it is true, and they are using that as a blueprint for Iraq, how is it that you plan on making money off the dinar? If Iraq follows suit, they will change the currency and you could be stuck holding poo paper....yet you pump that plan as a solid reason for a revaluation lol...

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  8. Billions where made by Us Goverment and super rich who had info our parents didn't,There was no internet back then

    OK so basically you have no idea. You do understand that they changed the currency right? Which if Iraq does, you won't make a dime. I think what you have been hearing sounds nice, but when you get down to the details it's nothing what you think....

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  9. This is different

    Everyone who bought dinar knew there was no where to cash out presently

    No its not different....and you can't say everyone knew there is no place to cash out lol...everyone is told through forum facts that once the dinar is internationally accepted you can cash out anywhere.

    Not having an Avenue to cash your dinar out is a bigger issue then anything else. It's no different then anything else you can invest in.

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  10. I wonder why they would have a place to cash out before they tell you to cash out !

    That's like walking around with your rain coat on in the sun

    Do ya walk around telling people to have their rain coats on because some day it's going to rain

    No one has confirmed that there will be no place to cash out

    But yet he claims there's no place to cash out

    Yackity yack yack !

    You've been told multiple times we are not interested in cashing out yet and if we were we would cash out right now

    Its easy ya just do it

    I can sell every dinar I own today if I choose

    Do you have an insider providing you with intel ?

    Like the rest of the gurus ?

    Or do you just make bs up

    So your here insulting dinar vet members because your relatives own dinar and you want to help them right ?

    Still trying to get banned I guess right ewigm

    You think it's completely legitimate not knowing a place to cash out simply because there isn't a need for it and your relying on being told where once it happens?

    When you buy stocks or gold or invest in anything else isn't there already an Avenue set up to sell it all when need be? why is this any different?

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  11. No you have no idea keep

    I got plenty

    Ah ha ha ha

    Ya don't see me running away and selling out like you

    It's you keep who has no idea

    You have plenty? Lol...I'm talking legitimate and feasible ideas...

    Unlike your ideas of monetizing all the oil in the ground and taking frozen assets of the govt and just packing it away into the reserves to make you rich lol

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  12. It plain and simple Iraq has lots of ways to rv their currency

    One way is to ....

    And the rest are ....

    And all they gotta do is ....

    And buy up as much dinar that they can and pretend they are going to delete three zeros till all the lopsters sell out

    Then add all those dollars from abroad and all the dollars they got from selling gold to the reserves

    Do a little math

    Restructure their debt to match a budget and bang


    I can't tell you the details since you can't understand with that brainwashed lopster mind so don't start with the questions you have no wisdom so you cannot understand anyway

    Bee beep

    Get out of the way basically have no idea...

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  13. And this is relevant to the discussion it is a reply to, HOW? It doesn't. It is a classic redirect form someone with no response. Thank you for proving a previous point by another poster.

    OK maybe you don't even realize what you said your expecting the dinar to be traded on forex. If the dinar is pegged there is no demand for it to be traded on forex. It's mainly for floating currencies. So again, I ask, how many countries that rely heavily on oil production float their currency?

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  14. At the risk of boring those actually following this investment and your blathering, I will try one more time to educate the purposely obtuse. At this moment, the IQD is basically worthless and not traded on the open market. If an RV were to occur, this situation would HAVE to change. Don't give me the line about Saadam and his RV. There were other reasons at the time that prevented the rate change being acknowledged by the rest of the world. Those reasons no longer exist. Today, the world awaits the emergence of Iraq on the international market as a player. If Iraq simply revalued, it might be laughed at by the world. This isn't what is happening. Iraq is making major strides toward being an international economy. I will not be surprised if the IQD is traded on FOREX and welcomed by banks before the RV but I completely expect it will be soon after. I have alternative ideas toward payout but until I see the situation at that time, they are even more speculative than this investment. You are falling into a worse trap than the one you theoretically are attempting to "save" people from. That trap being tunnel vision and a blind adherence to a pre-conceived idea.

    How many countries that rely heavily on oil production float their currency?

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  15. That was proven true

    Ah ha ha ha

    Your cbi story's are all proven false

    Did they delete three zeros

    Ah ha ha ha ya

    Proven false? dear....If there has never been a plan sub.itted then there would not have ever been any talk about it period. The parliament wouldn't have kept saying it's not the right time to do it and keep pushing it back.

    But hey you never believe anything they say so how can you say it's been proven false? One or all genius....

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  16. Lol

    Who was right

    I'd say this person was

    BAGHDAD,— A rumor circulating regarding the removal of zeros from the Iraqi Dinar (ID) is false. Najiba Najib, a member of parliament (MP) from Iraq’s finance committee, recently clarified that there is no such plan in the Iraqi Parliament.

    Your right there were plenty of suckers

    They took hook line and sinker

    You won't find them hanging around the lopster bin

    There are a few nuts that can't grasp the enormity of the vastness of it all

    They think they can create demand for the dinar single handidly

    The think if they create demand for the dinar like the dollar it's value will go up like the dollar , so they stay on line telling everyone it's going to rv any second

    Like they should spontaniously hurry up and buy some dinar and get rich

    But they don't understand a country's wealth is way more than they can fathom

    They didn't do squat to create demand as far as the big picture is concerned

    They may of been responsible for the move from 1170 to 1166

    After ten years that was there rv

    Ah ha ha ha ha

    All you can do is wait n see

    Like the rest of us

    Unless you got absolute proof and its verifiable

    Your fighting a losing battle

    I'm keeping my dinar

    End of story

    There you go again.....thought you don't believe anything they say? But here you are promoting it as the truth....let's say it together class...HYPOCRITE

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