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  1. Lets hope that its because of them reducing liquidity! If we start seeing a bunch of branches that previously were selling all of a sudden stop and say they are out then I think we are heading in the right direction!! No currency being sold = no more money in CBI's pocket......more pressure to RV I would think....lets give shabbibibbooboii (lol) a reason to pull the trigger!!! I think we all have enough Dinar so lets just not buy anymore ya dig?!??!
  2. This isent evidence of a 26th prediction....just shows that GE is doing a lot of work and does have energy contracts with Iraq....doesnt say they have stopped working or that they are waiting to get paid...doesnt even say that it all has or hasent been paid....I would love it to happen just as much as anyone else...but when you are saying you have evidence, specific to a 26th of July RV date, you actually need to come with evidence of what your claiming.....this does not prove anything close to an RV on the 26th.....just that GE is doing work with Iraq to help with the power situation.....nothing more....dont get so excited....yes this is good....but does not prove or guarentee anything....use your words more carefully when making posts...and please tell me how you can prove a PREDICTION if it hasent happened yet? just give this thing time will happen....but lets not be so stuck on one date....we have to give them time to get their govt together first....thats whats most important to them and for the country right now...nothing else
  3. This is nothing bad....this is just the normal process of THEM, getting their govt together......they are still new to this, it will take them time!! This isent smoke and mirrors....why is everything attributed to smoke and mirrors when it means a delay in things or if its something we dont wanna hear? Its simple due process to forming their govt....nothing else......I bet it takes those guys 3 hours just to figure out what they are going to wear for the day hahaha give them time...whats important to us, isent important to them......
  4. Duh! Been trying to bring some reality to the picture.....everyone was sitting here thinking that the first meeting was going to happen and they would have the leaders of the blocs announced, pick the candidates for PM, vote, and then announce the PM and RV all in one meeting.....this stuff takes time people....we might not even see them pick a PM for another 30 days at know they arent going to RV their currency without a full govt in place, they couldnt even handle a simple election, what makes you think all of a sudden they would pick up the pace and then juggle trying to decide on a PM and going ahead and revaluing the dinar all at the same time?? The ONLY thing they are worried about is getting a PM in place to try and settle some of the violence going on....plain and simple....we have to be patient....this isent going to happen over night...i like the opinions of sonny1 saying he thinks it will happen by end of July....if they get their s*&t together then maybe....but dont be surprised if getting everyone seated drags on till end of summer.....took 3 months just to figure out who won the election, what makes you think this is any different? I think we will be lucky at best to see this RV by end of just sit back and be let yourself get all hyped up over one particular date because thats all that a couple of gurus are talking about....the 14th was the first meeting of parliment....nothing else....not even our own govt works that fast.....give it time will happen when it reason to be all sad and gloomy like sonny1 said just because everything didnt happen in one day....thats not how it works.....we made a smart investment but we got to let the govt of iraq figure themselves out first before anything....revaluing the currency is NOT the first thing on their mind right now and you just have to understand that....they only thing on their mind is figuring out who will be running the country the next 4 lets sit back, crack open a beer and watch the little children over there play house....patience is a virtue and good things will come to those who can wait this out.......
  5. Basically a meet and greet! they still cant even agree on candidates for the PM....we still have at least probly a month before anything goes down....we all just need to kick back and chill....took them 3 months just to figure out who won the elections....what makes you think they will have the PM selected and figured out in one meeting??
  6. I would say probly a 6 or 7.....mark these words.....we are still AT LEAST another month away before they even get a PM selected....they take forever to do anything so what makes you believe that just cause they are having their first parliment meeting that everything will be figured out and that they will get together with IMF, CBI and RV? I still think we have a little ways to go....I honestly at this point feel that we will be lucky as hell to see the infamous RV of their currency by the end of the year....they just drag their feet with EVERYTHING possible.....getting a govt together is the most important part of all so that they can maybe show they have some kind of stability and look how long it has taken so far.....and that was just to figure out who actually won the elections by count of votes hahaha.....i pray im wrong....i really do...but i would be willing to bet for sure that we will see June and July go by without any RV....and then the next person will come out giving us a next date to look for just because they are having some kind of will happen but we have to give them time to get their ducks in a row.....and someone needs to show them how to build some confidence in themselves hahaha....we know they can do it and the whole world knows they can do it....only people with doubt is themselves.....someone needs to go over there and hold them hostage so that they will speed this process up hahaha sheesh.....ive got alot of patience but come on.....there is no reason for this parlay!!! i was thinkin maybe if we get them all hooked on crack or get them addicted to speed......well you get the idea hahaha
  7. i think your reaching a little far with this one....hahaha.....
  8. When this thing hits banks will be fighting over you to put your money in their that time you will be able negotiate a pretty decent interest rates on CDs....just go to a bunch of different banks and see who gives you the best option...I would think CD's would be a pretty safe bet compared to anything else, but that's just me! I'll be completely satisfied off makin 50 to 60 grand a year just off interest alone.....that plus my good job = straight cash money!!!
  9. All I can say is told ya so......been saying the counterfeit bills are another reason for them to be pulling in the larger bills with the three zero's.....just because it was ONCE the most secure currency in the world doesnt mean it will always be....thats why the US comes out with new bills every so often....when you have enough people sitting down with the only purpose to counterfeit something for profit, it WILL happen....another reason why i dont touch ebay for buying dinar....hope none of you got screwed!! GO RV!!!
  10. Sorry you got ripped into....some people should be a bit nicer and more mature....your simply asking and want clearification and reasoning so you wont have any doubts....i see what your talking about as in regards to what happened in germany, but Iraq is not changing their money.....they still have the Dinar and have been using the Dinar for decades so thats not what is going on...the only thing that has been changing is the value...and well of course just the "face" and design on the dinar....for what Iraq is trying to accomplish in the world market place, and for what they have done as far as reducing inflation and pulling in excess liquidity it wouldnt make any sense for them to do anything close to a LOP....they are on track to raise the value of their currency and move forward, not take steps should look up past posts in LOP talk and do a little research on the situation at hand....i think you will find some of that stuff very informative....
  11. Someone had already posted the new budget for Iraq this year a couple of days ago and just as i expected, no mention of a rate or any information that you could put together to come up with a new rate....There new budget is probly already being implemented....its just simply the plan for spending in different sectors for the rest of the year.....not sure why there was such a big deal placed on the budget....but please someone if im wrong and you have some facts to shine the light on please feel free to step forward and inform us all!
  12. I dont think you have too much to worry about my friend.....with the CBI removing 70% or more of their liquidity from the markets and with inflation down to 3% now, there is no purpose for them to bunny ear at would prove a worthless move for them and would show weakness in their with a country dying for outside investors for the private sector, that wouldnt seem to be such a smart choice after just keep your head up and everything will turn out ok....heck if you want to look on the downside you will make a little profit anyway you look at it....i think thats pretty good for a downside dont you??
  13. Nothing new my friend....those have been around for a long time!!! we are looking for anything smaller then a 50 and that is of legal tender!! then we can all jump for joy!!
  14. Its not pumping, its keeping people coming back to act like they are actually following them and listening, and hanging off every word they say like its straight from god
  15. I highly doubt it....All your looking at is what they have planned out for this the oh so reclusive budget that some gurus have been talking about that holds the key to the rate for the new budget?? Please do share how you get a rate out and plenty others would LOVE to hear it!!! Sorry if im being negative but it would seem once again that some dont know what they are talking about....unless i missed something in this grand budget that says the rate of their currency for this year lol........
  16. Actually it was stated that the first parliment meeting will be the 14th where they will announce the leaders of the blocs and then it will still be 48 hours until they select the at the earliest we will hear of who the PM is until the 16th......
  17. Now of course this is all depending on what our currency exchange will fall under as far as taxes go but if it does fall under capital gains (which i dont believe it does, but i could be wrong) it looks like we might be saved from paying taxes if this RV happens before the end of this year......Now lets talk about the other side of this....if our investment here falls under capital gains and our current govt knows this would you not put it past them to screw us over and somehow, someway have an influence on WHEN this RV goes down?? hahaha here is the side for the conspiracy theorists....that possibly could our govt be telling them, hey just wait till after the end of the year so we can get our cut....who knows?!?! but thats a crap load of money that our govt would miss out on if this was the case!! By the way I have to give credit where it is due....I did not find this...this article was passed on by just posting it because I think it would be a good read for us all.....feel free to post your opinions on this matter!!! Imagine selling a $20,000 investment, purchased five years earlier for only $10,000, and paying no capital gains tax at all. This dream will become reality for middle-income investors beginning in 2008 and will last for three years when a seldom-discussed provision of the recent tax cuts takes effect, providing middle-income investors with a can't-miss tax-planning opportunity. Under the Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005 (TIPRA) passed by Congress in May 2006, U.S. taxpayers in the two lowest tax brackets will pay no capital gains taxes on long-term investments sold in 2008, 2009 and 2010. This tax-free bonanza applies to investors within the 10% and 15% tax brackets, which account for the vast majority of American taxpayers. The zero capital gains tax for these taxpayers had already been slated to take effect in 2008, but TIPRA added two more years, significantly expanding the tax-planning opportunity. The years 2008 to 2010 might be the time to sell mutual fund shares in a taxable account if they are worth significantly more than when they were first purchased, but have struggled in recent years. It might also be a time to establish a higher basis in a still-favored investment, or it could be the right time to sell shares in anticipation of a child heading off to college. (To find out more about TIPRA, see TIPRA Helps Convert Your Plans And Save More.) Capital Gains Tax Basics Currently, the maximum capital gains tax rate for assets held for more than one year is 15%. Those held for less than one year are subject to the higher tax rates that apply to ordinary income. The 15% capital gains rate applies to taxpayers in the 25%-and-higher income brackets. In the 10% and 15% brackets, the current tax rate for long-term capital gains is 5%. That is pretty attractive, but it still can't match the 0% rate that will be in effect from 2008 to 2010. This year, taxable income up to $61,300 qualifies a married couple filing jointly for the 15% bracket. The rates in place for capital gains also apply to qualifying dividends. This means that an investor in the 15% tax bracket currently pays $5 for every $100 in dividend income. From 2008 to 2010, dividend income to middle income taxpayers (again those in the 10% and 15% brackets) would be tax-free. The first steps toward a zero capital gains tax for middle-income investors were taken in 2003. That is when Congress lowered the maximum capital gains tax rate from 20% to 15% to give Americans an incentive to save and invest. The legislation was called the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 (JGTRRA). For taxpayers in the two lowest tax brackets, under JGTRRA, the capital gains tax rate went from 10% to 5%, and then in 2008 it was scheduled to fall to 0% for just that one year. Then in 2009, the maximum rate was to return to 20%, and the rate for the two lowest tax brackets was to return to 10%. Dividends would be taxed again at ordinary income rates. The Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005 This is where TIPRA took over. It extended the favorable rates on capital gains and dividends by two more years. Other TIPRA provisions include relief from the alternative minimum tax, a one-year waiver of income limits on Roth IRA conversions in 2010, the extension of small business expensing thresholds and the expansion of the so-called kiddie tax. (To find out more about these subjects, see Kids Or Cash: The Modern Marriage Dilemma, Don't Forget The Kids: Save For Their Education And Retirement, 401(k) Plans For The Small-Business Owner and Plans The Small-Business Owner Can Establish.) The Middle-Income Investor For middle-income investors, however, the best thing about TIPRA may be the opportunity to sell significantly appreciated investments without paying capital gains taxes over a three-year period. Make no mistake; the pool of investors who stand to benefit from the zero capital gains rate is quite large. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), taxpayers in the 10% and 15% tax brackets accounted for 63 % of all individual income tax returns filed for 2003. More tax was generated at the 15% rate than at any other rate for that tax year, IRS figures show. Recent U.S. Census Bureau stats indicate that the median household income in the United States was about $46,000 in 2005, suggesting that the majority of Americans fall within the 10% and 15% tax brackets. Among married couples, the median household income is higher, nearly $66,000 in 2005, according to the Census Bureau. Again, the top-end limit for a married couple filing jointly is $61,300, but that is taxable income - after deductions and exemptions. That means a married couple with two children taking the standard deduction could earn up to $84,800 in 2006 and still fit within the 15% bracket. ($84,800 minus the standard deduction of $10,300 and minus four exemptions for each family member at $3,300 each comes to $61,300.) According to the data, therefore, the vast majority of Americans will qualify for the zero capital gains and dividend taxes available from 2008 to 2010. But do these middle-income Americans invest? Yes. The median income of U.S. households that own mutual funds is $68,700, according to the Investment Company Institute, a trade association for the mutual fund industry. The median mutual fund holding among these households is $48,000, the group says. In 2005, according to ICI, about half of all U.S. households owning mutual funds in 2005 had incomes between $25,000 and $75,000. Tax-Saving Scenarios Now let's consider some scenarios under which a middle-income investor might take advantage of the zero capital gains period. Let's return to our first example. Suppose that there is an investor who bought shares of a single stock 10 years ago at an initial price of $10,000. The investor held the stock, reinvested the dividends, and now the holding is worth $20,000. At some point, the investor wanted to sell. Maybe, it was to diversify. Maybe the company's future prospects weren't as bright as they once were. Regardless, the investor wanted out of the stock, but had been reluctant to sell because of the capital gains tax. Currently, the 15% tax bracket investor would pay $500 on that gain, but beginning in 2008 that same investor would pay nothing at all for the same transaction. A second scenario might involve a recent retiree who owns highly appreciated shares of a growth mutual fund purchased over the course of his working life. Now retired, he wants to reduce his portfolio's risk, but has been worried about the tax bill. Selling all, or some, of those shares between 2008 and 2010 eliminates the tax worry. Consider a third scenario. An investor holds a long-term position in a well-managed, low-cost mutual fund that he is happy to stick with. The investor could lower future capital gains taxes on that investment by selling it in the 2008-to-2010 period, pay no capital gains and then repurchase shares of the same fund, establishing a higher basis for future sales and thereby reducing the capital gain that eventually will be taxed. There’s one key factor to keep in mind: If the capital gain is large enough, it could push taxpayers out of the 15% tax bracket and thereby limit eligibility for the 0% capital gains rate. The savings a taxpayer can realize from this 0% rate is not unlimited. Waiting to Save Each scenario above assumes the investments are held in a taxable account as opposed to a tax-favored account like a 401(k) or IRA. Also, given the current capital gains tax for the 10% and 15% brackets is just 5% now, under certain circumstances it may not be worth waiting more than a year for the zero capital gains period to begin. But as 2008 gets closer, middle income investors may want to wait to enjoy the coming tax-free bonanza. It's time to start planning for next year now. by David McPherson (Contact Author | Biography) David McPherson is a financial writer and editor based in Massachusetts. He holds a certificate in financial planning from Boston University and has passed the Certified Financial Planner® examination. His website is
  18. well they havent been named yet...not the leaders....only thing announced was two of the parties merging together and they are working on coming up with a leader for the bloc....the prime minister wont be named till 48 hours after the meeting next monday on the 14th........sooooo first meeting on 14th, UN meeting on 15th, and THEN possibly announcement of PM on the 16th......then the rest of the month to chill for a little before they actually do anything...i mean all this hard work those poor guys are probly pooped right now! hahaha what can i say folks? this IS iraq!!!
  19. Iraq doesnt pay for the dinar that we have during an RV or RI or whatever the case maybe........its a simple currency exchange...they dont pay us for exchanging dinar to us dollars....our govt takes the dinar, gives us the equivelant in US funds and then in this case since its the bigger bills we mostly have they will probly be destroyed....but they could be held in the US reserves to back up the dollar...its hard to know what iraq wants done with the bills after the exchange but anyway you slice it Iraq doesnt pay for the dinar we purchased or pay for an RV.....the rate will be somewhat based on production in the country and goods and services offered and what rate they can justify it being at with out drowning themselves with inflation.....
  20. Just to throw out there, the CBI has stated directly about how much they have pulled back original numbers of currency in circulation were like 28 trillion dinar or somewhere in that even if you take 70% which is what they stated they have gotten back you still have a crap load of dinar out there!! there are still TRILLIONS out there to be used, sold and do whatever you please with, they have def pulled in enough of the dinar back to actually have positive value to the remaining currency in circulation when they feel like pulling the trigger...inflation has almost hit the floor, next to nothing, which will help in the matter of how much they can RV, with only 3% inflation rate they could easily hit close to a 1 to 1 exchange rate to the US dollar without the inflation jumping to uncontrollable rates.....if you do a little research on articles and statements that have come out of the offices of the CBI since 2003 you would agree more with the majority of people of here that its not so much of a longshot now....just a matter of WHEN it happens....not really IF.....not bashing....just shining some light.....GO RV!
  21. Still talk of Allawi saying the IDQ is first on his agenda.....but not one lick of evidence proving that....please someone show me an article where allawi says he is going to RV first off......ill be waiting......and for a VERY long such thing exists....good job of putting words in someones mouth.....thanks!
  22. no....when they drop the zeros (remove larger bills from circulation) they will have to revalue so you will take your mil and exchange for us dollars........not exchange dinar for previous posts on might understand it better
  23. yes not on the IDQ itself, but would have vast knowledge about basic currency and how redenominations, devalues, revalues and how they work or how its done....i mean XE is a currency trading site so its their job, its all they do is deal with do they know exactly what Iraq is going to do? one does....but with the info that was given to them by Iraq they are simply stating how the "redenomination" would work out in terms that we all could understand it. so not necessarily an opinion...thats how a redenomination works....they were told by iraq that they were going to redenominate by the end of 2010....and IF thats what they do, then what is stated in the article is how it would work
  24. What im tryin to say is that there is no LOP....just removal of the three biggest bills because when it revalues there wont be a need for those huge we dont have the need anymore for the 1000 dollar bills and the ones that were bigger then that....a LOP would be a devaluation of sorts because they would have to change ALL the bills.....but all they are doing is removing the three zero bills....not the 500, 250, or 50.....those will still be in use....they are just going to be adding 25,10,5, and 1 dinar notes along with coins to the 500,250, and 50 notes.....they need to attract investors and show stability which wont happen if they devalue or what people say LOP.....the term LOP shouldnt really be used cause thats not what they are doing by removing the bigger bills from circulation.....the talk of exchanging the bigger bills for the newer dinar notes is for IN country....we investors will not be doing that....when they revalue and put the newer bills out we will be exchanging our bigger bills for US dollars at the current exchange rate which from what is being stated would be around 84 cents.....of course none of this is set in stone so we dont know 100 percent what the rates or what the RV will be.....but using the term LOP doesnt fit this senerio...thats not what they are that a better explanation?? im tryin bigfoot....i dont know how else to state it....can anyone else jump in too and maybe help me explain this? Deleting 3 zeros is there way of saying removing the bigger bills from circulation....25k, 10k, 5k and so have to remember they speak differently and use different terms then what we would to describe actions......removal of three zeros, deleting three zeros both equal removing the larger bills from circulation...thats all that means....doesnt mean LOP or anything else....just means removing the larger bills because the value of their currency is going to raise dramatically so there wont be a need to have those out in the would be like you or me going to the gas station and buying a 99cent drink with a 1000 dollar many registers that you know of will have that kind of change to give you?
  25. There would not be a removal of the bigger bills without a change in its value.....we all wanna use the term LOP but thats not really what it is....its a redenomination.....a LOP would be removing every single bill period and having an entirely new currency out there but thats not the case....only a removal of the biggest bills, the ones with 3 zeros....and so for them to put out the smaller denomination bills would also require them to raise the value of the currency....there actions are to ease cash transactions in the marketplace by reducing amount of cash needed to be carried around....if they put out smaller bills and didnt change the value of the currency they would be making things worse!! what they are referring to when saying that a 25k dinar will worth 25 new dinar is the PURCHASING power.....that the new 25 dinar note will be equal in its PURCHASING power as to that of a previous 25k cant just all of a sudden declare that all 25k notes are only actually 25 have to stand behind the printed value on a bill, you have to honor your currency that you printed for what it is no matter what! Now when they do implement the smaller denoms out in circulation and they are trying to "remove the three zeros" at that point they will of had to RV so we arent going to be sitting there exchanging the bigger bills for the newer dinar, we will be exchanging our bigger bills for US dollars....hell at least I am...dont know bout all of you but im tryin to get off this ride ASAP!!!
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