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    boats,Oceans,lakes,rivers or In general Water. woodworking, building,love to create art w/pencil,oil,acrylic,or any type of paint of anything that looks interesting.

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  1. Glad to see everybody in the Dinarvets world chime in. that's the way I like it to be . lately it has been to quite around here. Nobody talking. I miss all the jokes and the friendships that we all created. Yes I know it is frustrating at times but we are all waiting for the same thing. And you better not all fade away after it (some day RV'S). I have to meet all you guys and gals.
  2. Just wondering if there was a chat, and I didn't get it... No rush, just asking
  3. Thanks Adam for that pep talk, it is something that some of us need every once in a while that could not jump on any train that comes by.. once again thanks for stopping by🙂
  4. Yes, some people should of invested in bitcoin. And should have gotten into off shore companies. You should not get upset at those that could not, because that is all they could afford. I'm sorry that we are not all well vested in all the other things that come our way. But they were here first, and should be respected.
  5. Blah, Blah.....This has been going on for so many years. The question is, did they settle the HCL.? Or come up with a another snag and this is a way to force them into settling it. Himmmmmmm.
  6. Oh, What is the progress. and who are the NEPats?...Just asking
  7. Every time Adam says he will post later, he doesn't.. Why is that, I don't know. Please Adam don't post you will get back later.. the integrity of the site is at risk. Just say I got nothing and I'll get back to you when I do.
  8. Could it be , that they are waiting for our election to be over....himmmmmm
  9. Hi Adam, I Hope your right!....It would be great to say "I told you so" to so many people that had doubted it happening over the years., and years and years. I am in VIP, but I don't have an certificate. Is their something I'm missing.
  10. I only wish it was that much......But that would crush the country...unless they found the next fuel source that is clean of carbon emissions.
  11. Still waiting for the update on Sunday....Himmmm...Must be nothing happening or your Sunday was a little more active than you thought.
  12. The same old thing , every year... Just as we get close, something happens....It is fate in which we can not change...Maybe their are to many good people in this ride that world won't let them thrive...I just don't get it, any other investment would have payed off ten times.. Oh well , I guess you gotta keep your chin up and keep fighting and wear them down.
  13. Gee I hope your right with the things are moving fast.....Of course we have heard this said many, many, many..let me get one more many in, times before through the many years..LOL.
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