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  1. They need to cash-in on that oil before this planet moves on from oil to renewable energy, jmo. RV, get paid Iraq!!!!
  2. I stopped reading your egotistical rambling some time ago because you lack decency (constant belittling name calling), reason ( ability to look at both sides of a coin) and common sense ( America is no longer what it looked like in the 40's and 50's and it's not going back). One hates in others what they truly dislike about themselves, it's a mirror. America, is and always will be, greater than any one person. God is love! Go Rv!!
  3. We create the world around use and through use God, the universe, what ever you want to call it works it's magic. For example, at one time it was extremely difficult to communicate long distances, yet today we communicate va internet because someone felt the need to communicate faster and easier. People did that, not God. You can control what you think and how you act, that's about all you can control and by relinquishing your control you give up your link with "God". Love is stronger than all else, that might be why you are having troubled with it? God is love!!!
  4. Always the other group, always blaming, scapegoating. Gee, it sure would be nice if trump showed us all the evidence wouldn't it? At least show the courts, the courts where it is a crime to lie, that have turned away most all of the cases brought before them. I hear the right scream about "draining the swamp", what ever that means, and then give corporate America an enormous tax break that hurts most everyone else. What is the swamp again, the poor and weak of this country? Your concept of freedom and equity are extremely one sided to me and the manure in which the right turns thei
  5. 2 "Fear Is The Path To The Dark Side. FearLeads To Anger, Anger Leads To Hate, Hate Leads To Suffering." - The Phantom Menace (1999)Jun 2, 2020 Stop the fear!!!! God is Love!!!
  6. It’s beyond me how we can see only what we want to see. Take a risk people, and try to see form a different perspective. The world isn’t against you, you are fighting yourself and pulling the world in with you. Get a grip!!! Life is AMAZING!!! Today and every day your blessed with it. Try this; start looking for the positive, this can radically change your life. LOVE is God!!!
  7. Try this shoe, self fulfilling prophecy! The world is what you make it. It has always been a place of vice and sin, if you look for that. The truth is violence has come down and there is more stability globally, for the human species, than there ever has been. STOP spreading your fear people, it’s all in your head!
  8. Your saying the left did that! Come on man! Think about that logistically? The people trump was talking to in the morning were all antifa, left wing fanaticals? Stop blaming everybody but yourself please! Look in the mirror. Try telling yourself the truth, no matter how painful it might be, and own your manure. That is crazy!!!
  9. Most of the stuff you say you can’t prove, and there is reason for that. This concept about a swamp, you mean what, and you stand for what? Your anger is real, I’m sorry, but you’re feeding your mind lies and only looking at places that validate your lies. You bring shame to yourself when you speak of the American constitution in the manner you speaks, please don’t associate yourself with it. Think about writing a new one or using the confederates constitution. The war that’s raging in your head is best left there, though you and many of your brand seam to insist on sharing your hate and
  10. We’re closer to death than we ever were too, darn it. Just RV for heaven’s sake!!!
  11. No ones watching, now would be as good a time as any!
  12. Okay, not sure what your point is. I take it your an expert at all things? As for police in this country, they have an extremely challenging job. Like all walks of life there are some REALLY good ones out there and there are some corrupted one to be sure. I personally have walked the streets where I was a target of hate, viewed as the oppressor, when I believed in my heart I was doing the right thing. That constant pressure from a community that views you as an enemy can bring out the worst in a person. Police are human and sadly some do probably betray their initial convictions due to t
  13. I haven't seen proof of any fraud, but I only pay attention to CNN, Reuters and Fox news. And don't worry about me, got a grip, I'm not the one about to start a civil war, or want a civil war, and I know my life won't change because of who is in the oval office, but thanks for you passive aggressive gesture.
  14. I’ll let you kill me if you think that will help, won’t get a fight out of me. I bet you call yourself a religious person as well. There may or may not be atheists in foxholes, but I'm certain there are none in the Ku Klux Klan.( George Carlin)
  15. I’m not stirring anything and I’ve served this country in two different combat zones three times, I’m secure in my manhood. So much so I don’t need to resort to calling you names or belittling you. Thank you for your opinion though. When fact are what stir things up ya outta look at your truth. peace ✌️
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