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  1. Is everyone ignoring the fact that Hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with Spoon engines?? And that he ordered 3 T66 turbos with NOS and a Motec System exhaust,,,,
  2. i sent from a different email and it went through....i got a renewal notice on the email i have always used..... i also got an update from you a couple of weeks ago on the same account....thanks
  3. over 5 years of vip membership and the same address has always worked.....4 emails sent last week to
  4. if this thread was forwarded it hasn't been responded to either
  5. nothing in spam either.....the money transfered right away but no response from vip and my status hasn't changed 8 days later
  6. renewed vip over a week ago...have sent several update no response....who else can i contact?
  7. Outstanding post Adam.....not offended at all.
  8. Eagle Eye Once an aviator always an're current on your aeronautical acronyms
  9. You're reporting really good news here lately.....just waiting for one big story yet to come!
  10. GoldieGirl....... reading that you spilled that much wine made me tear up
  11. the man was walking during the daylight hours 14 stairs
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