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  1. I heared that chuck norris is based on MEDIC. everything he does is staged and rehearsed, takes not s**t but gives out plenty, has loads of films but all fiction & claims to be in the forces but would like to think so. I reckon chuck norris is medics brother that was mailmans uncle that had an affair with sunglasses that was a blood brother of enroste. Ali the dealer is Adams dad so all with be RVing soon at a cinema near you. To watch the trailer please go to google & type in. Trailer LOL
  2. Do you reckon he may STEER his way home or will the BRAKES fail on the way. Perhaps they will recall them all for a restart LOL
  3. ambertone

    Tom Cat

    very old been there don it got the t-shirt mate. close the thread no disrespect to you mate
  4. Did you mean I stayed up all night whimpering & the dog hide under the covers listening
  5. Good news, just get worried if they buy tonnes of peanuts as this mite be what we get for the cash in LOL
  6. Thanks for the info but have a few things bugging me if i can ask you or someone to answer them regarding last night
  7. Hi If you lok at the thread i posted days ago with the news you just posted i beleive it is testing. First post was this 2nd post was this but i took screen shots as proof as nobody trusted me at first, screen shots are in my photo profile if you want a peek
  8. My website in the UK All about wine
  9. Please sing along to the una paloma blanca tune Add your own lyrics if you like but plz I am only having a bit of a giggle. If I offend anyone I do apologies Goes like this; When the INTEL shines On the cow shed And we're rollin' in the hay All the cows are out there grazing And the milk is on its way. I am a Dinar investor I dream it all of the day I am a Dinar investor It soothes all medics chat away Oh arr oh arr aay Oh arr oh arr aay. It's so cosy in the kitchen With the smell of sunglasses spew When the breeze blows 'cross the farmyard You can smell the medics cow sh*t too. (Oh, I've never smelt nothing like it in all my life!) When those combine wheels stops turning And a hard day's work is done There's a pub around the corner It's the place we have our fun. (Arr, we'll have some fun 'n' all. I am a Dinar investor I dream it all of the day I am a Dinar investor It soothes all medics chat away Oh arr oh arr aay Oh arr oh arr aay. (Come on, get a couple of rumours down 'ere then!) Now dear old Enroste When he's able We takes a stroll down Dreamers's Lane And we'll sink a pint of Scrumpy Then we'll play old bulls**t game. (Ha ha ha! Oo arr!) But we end up in the duck pond When the forex decides to close With me breeches full of Intel And the chat logs up my noes. I am a Dinar investor I dream it all of the day I am a Dinar investor It soothes all medics chat away Oh arr oh arr aay Oh arr oh arr aay. (Come on everyone, get up RV then! Ha ha!) Oh arr oh arr aay Oh arr oh arr aay. Let dinar be the spice of life!
  10. I bet 29th February when Maliki proposes to Obama then Bush gets wind of this & phones PM Brown for an update on the UN chapter 7. Of that chapter 7 will be lifted only if president G W Bush will cut the red ribbon on RV date without laughing his silly little a*s off. I have Intel that Tiger Woods may tee off the RV but only if he can have an affair with Nelson Mandela`s wife. Just kidding its all PAR for the course being nuts on the DINAR trail
  11. 5 years for me I would be out on licence if a had killed someone in England quicker than this prison sentence LMAO OVER & OVER AGAIN
  12. I reckon we have all been doing the searches for Intel in the wrong way. Try this you will get more info than you can handle. Type in Google search (English) what you want to search regarding the IQD or Iraqi news. Paste the text then translate your English to Arabic, then translate the page back to English, wow there is more info than you can suck in, try it, it may help sort this mess out. Link below for starters
  13. Hi All Firstly many thanks to all that gave me thanks for the post yesterday in relation to: I know some of you were not convinced so again I have used my time to seek further proof to show that the are indeed running live tests for the USD/IQD. I will refer to screen shots but as yet I don
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