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  1. Please tell me how I can change my email/telephone number.
  2. I have been a VIP member from the very beginning, which I paid full price for. And I have seen discounts available for VIP that you have made available since that time. It strikes me that charging $10 to provide a text service is quite inappropriate.
  3. I can't find Adam's chat for 7-14. I even typed Adam's chat into the search menu and it didn't come up. Help!
  4. I can't find Adam's chat for today......where is it? thanks!!
  5. Where is Adam's chat for 5-21? I search for it under the "search" feature and nothing comes up.
  6. Can't find Adam's Chat for today.....where is it?
  7. Ok, it's been closed for 3 days. This is not a regular update of the site. Something else is going on.....wonder what it could be?
  8. no rates are showing on Has the RV happened, or about to happen?????????
  9. I can't find Adam's chat for today anywhere on the site. Help!
  10. I listened to Phoenix for a while up until approximately 1 year ago, and he does have a very insightful broadcast. However, when he started to bring physics and fortune tellers on the program predicting dates/rates, inside information about the dinar, I stopped listening. While listening to him, he seems to believe in a broad spectrum of religous beliefs, not just Christianity. So, perhaps, if he has lost hope, it is because his belief system is not sound. However, he is very much deserving of our prayers and I will include him in mine.
  11. I apologize if I have put this query in the wrong spot. I have questions on what kind of gold/silver to buy for investment purposes. Also, does anyone have a recommendation of what kind of low denomination silver to buy to purchase low cost items like gasolene, food. I do understand that American minted coins would be best. Also silver pre 1964 and gold pre 1933. Thank you so much for your advice! Lana
  12. the next session of Parliament starts Sept. 1st.
  13. Actually, I was looking for a honest answer.
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