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  1. Yeah... Some people used to talk some serious BS... Does anyone actually believe that ATM's would be loaded with currency that is not readily available in the market??? Really???
  2. Who really cares about what a drone aircraft is doing when we know that the satellites in space are able to the same or more things???
  3. Oh great... Another guru, this one named Vic1... Seriously, this bozo is mention APOC, which became BP in the 1950's??? What exactly does that have to do with anything in today's world??? Oh, sorry... Didn't realize at first that this came from an OOM site which is notorious for untrue or outdated information... My bad... For those that believe in anything that comes from the OOM site, my apologies for your lack of understanding of how many times that old boy and his 'admins' have cried wolf... :lol:
  4. Pro-RVers don't typically spend much time in this part of the forum... It is interesting that none of them stepped up to even attempt to debate the redenomination post Phlips made... It is kind of telling isn't it...
  5. Again, not supporting Obama, but those decisions were made by the US Supreme Court decades ago... Like in the 1960's... Why not blame every POTUS since then for not challenging and trying to have the decision changed??? In regards to the Pledge of Allegiance... You do realize that the US Congress is what caused the problem in the first place when they changed it to add the that phrase in the early 1950's, right??? If they hadn't made that change, then every student would most likely be stating the Pledge of Allegiance to this day in every US public school...
  6. Not supporting Obama, but prayer in school was abolished decades before he ever became President... He has made plenty of mistakes during his tenure as President to blame him for without making stuff up that he had absolutely nothing to do with...
  7. JMO, but the only thing I think that he got right during his tenure as President is to acknowledge a person like Pat Summit...
  8. Have you ever studied economics??? It certainly doesn't seem to be so considering your remarks in that post...
  9. He could be right to have done what he did... He could be wrong to have done what he did... Those in Florida and will be part of the jury will make that decision, based on the evidence that is presented to them... As any jury in any jurisdiction would... I am just glad the story has died down some in the media, so that the people that actually have a voice in how the case pans out don't have to listen to the media BS - and they can focus on the two sides of the case that have far more information on the situation than the media would ever release because it might effect their ratings scale.
  10. No love lost for Ennorste??? What could be meant by that, when TWO YEARS ago he stated that ships were piling up offshore waiting to unload their wares because the RV was imminent (they would not unload til the RV was done)??? Surely people don't remember that little tidbit (or any other BS statement he has made) and wonder if Ennorste has ANY clue whatsoever as to what he speaks of... :lol: Enoch8 has made his own fodder in the forums and is a completely different subject to (laugh) talk about... :lol:
  11. In case you haven't realized, Ali has no more of a clue as to when or how the dinar will change it's value... Ali is looking out for Ali... Don't get me wrong, I am not bashing Ali... But Ali is simply looking to profit from others, as most any salesman does... It does not mean that he has more knowledge than you or anyone else does, it just means that he has an agenda (creating a profit for himself)... JMO, but there is nothing wrong with him trying to create a profit for himself... Just read the things he actually says and don't interpret them to mean anything more than they actually do...
  12. From everything I have read, Iraq is considered to be a 'developing country' and not a 'developed country'... Wouldn't trying to make comparisons between 'developed countries' and a 'developing country' be like comparing apples to oranges?
  13. It's still irritating that people like Legolas and others are banished from posting in the rest of the forums... I understand that the mods and Adam have the right to do so, but to constrain people's freedom of speech on a site with the name Vets in it just doesn't seem right for some reason...
  14. One of the most intelligent people to hold office??? Thanks... I REALLY needed a GOOD laugh tonight... That was truly hilarious...
  15. Which year??? :lol: Sorry, but Frank26 and Delta have been pulling the same stuff for the past few years... They still haven't gotten much, if anything, right... :lol:
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