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  1. “The ParliamentaryFinance Committee announced...” ok so the parliamentary committee, which is most likely controlled by the Iranians, have decided to do something with the Iraqi financial system and the money?!
  2. “.....Arabsocieties, particularly the youth group, suffer from, as 30 million Arab citizens are below the poverty line and the unemployment rate in the Arab world. It is 10% versus 5% globally.....”
  3. What’s wrong Mahdi? Can’t help the people and do the right thing? The Iranians going to kill you if you do?..... or is it the Maliki mafia threatening you?.....bunch of inbred corrupt liars.... I hope the protesters start going after all the Iraqi politicians starting with parliament....
  4. Another new year and no change in the IQD value.....very disappointing.
  5. Thanks, Adam....... Another New Year quickly approaching....
  6. Over the years I know we’ve all enjoyed all different kinds of popcorn flavors as we were being entertained by this never ending saga....cheddar, chocolate drizzled, peanut butter drizzled, cinnamon, white cheddar, Parmesan, extra butter, no butter no salt, coconut white chocolate, caramel, jalapeño, ...... right now I think I’ll go back to cheddar for awhile I guess (sigh)
  7. Normally currency is stacked nicely and taken care of. This looks like it was thrown in the corner up against the box and left there on the floor... kinda like worthless trash. ....
  8. Let’s all remember that talk is cheap and it could just be more blah blah blah. This is long overdue though so hope it’s for real this time.
  9. The corruption is so entrenched ..... and the corrupt are fighting change with everything they’ve got....
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