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  1. They have been watching Trump for 8 years almost, ever since he first made a peep about the birth certificate issue. It's all proven too with NSA documents. It's all over infowars. Any wonder why these leftards are having trouble sleeping. There was a FOX segment on Trump induced insomnia. Seems these libtards watching MSNBC and CNN exclusively are having real psychological issues. lol The top video right now on Whatfinger has the segment on what they call Trump induced insomnia taking over snowflakes. These hearings today, what happened last week and the week before that, what happened during the transition period… What all of this is can be explained very simple: Donald Trump and draining the swamp!! The Never Trumpers on both sides of the aisle. Democrats and Republicans. There are conservative Never Trumpers today celebrating over the fact that Comey made it official that there’s an investigation of Trump and colluding with the Russians. These people know that there isn’t any evidence of this, but that doesn’t matter. What everybody in Washington supports is the smearing, the slander, and the libel of Donald Trump. And these hearings today? The FBI director, James Comey, is trying to save the jobs of a lot of people. He’s trying to save the careers of a whole lot of people — his included — in, I think, an inappropriate way. And the Republicans in this committee? Look folks, I’ve been waiting. I’ve been patiently waiting. I’ve been trying to hold it, keep the powder dry. But the Republicans on this committee… I know it’s early, and they’re gonna go on all day. But so far, outside of Trey Gowdy and a question from Peter King and Devin Nunes the chairman, there just hasn’t been much. For example, “Are you still investigating the Clinton Foundation, Director Comey?” “I can’t say.” By the way, Comey said he got special permission to reveal this investigation. Who gave him that special permission? He said he went to the Department of Justice. Who’s over there? Who runs that? That it would be Jeff Sessions....??!!!! Because that’s driving this from the Democrat side that is never going to be reported or commented on, the purpose of this is to further the narrative that Trump is illegitimate, that he should not be president, that his election was the result of tampering by the Russians. So the objective is that Trump either stops this reform business he’s got, stops this drain-the-swamp stuff, and starts letting the Washington Republicans run the town again, or they’re gonna impeach him. That’s the message being sent today: “You either straighten up and fly right or you’re gone.” “We’re coming for you,” is the message of these hearings today. REALLY?? Are you gonna succeed? NO, you will not!!!!!!
  2. President Donald Trump recently laid down accusations that the previous administration wiredtapped his phones in his New York offices not only while he ran for president but also later when he became President-Elect. Democrats have quickly stepped up and lambasted the president while also asking for proof. This is a difficult action to prove depending on how the wiretap took place. Modern wiretapping is different from decades ago as installed cables and wiring is no longer required. Instead, everything can be recorded and captured electronically through the phone service provider itself. If, for whatever reason, a member of the former administration approached another nation in order to listen in on conversations, there would be little to no information or documentation on the request. The thing about all of this is President Trump would not be the first individual who has been wire tapped and listened to. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat, was a member of the House of Representatives for 16 years. During that time he was among the top tier of his party twice running for his party’s nomination for president. The well-respected congressman from Ohio stands by his beliefs, and if that means a shift away from the Democratic Party line so be it. Recently he came forward to point out that he himself had in fact been wire tapped by the Obama Administration. Check out the video to learn more about his chilling accusations.
  3. Trump was not wire tapped but there was/is an investigation of him and his staff that did not include wiretapping. So the FBI was investigating him and his staff since July, when the Obama Administration was in power. And Obama did not order the wiretapping. So...who ordered the investigation without the wiretapping? Was the Flynn transcript the result of the aforementioned investigation that did not include wiretapping? If so, who leaked the results of the investigation, that did not include, wiretaps to the press?
  4. Comey has become a world comic and somebody want to print new version comic cartoon books for sale - get Comey, Obama and Hilary as main characters. But the cartoons should be depicting not only comedy, funny tragicomedy with mass murders also involved with these three to give more sensationalism(though it is very true). When they say Russians hacked elections( it is a utter insult to American people intelligentsia and intelligence that hacking can divert their votes so simply and like brainless baboons), it is true and it should be investigated! Sound funny? It is not so funny as they think! If it is hacking is the main subject, why only Russia and Trump? It is of course, champion of hacking should be investigated very first and Obama the brute is his name. How many leaders of nations, peaceful nations regime change biz did by hacking world over by this champion of hacking? Lest start the story from the beginning and not from the end. Comey the joker or his comics cannot taken serious any more as you cannot fool the people all the time or sometime thinking everybody in this world is an idiot or moron. But they know one thing for sure - that's majority of the people are fools going after medieval middle eastern donkey rode desert nomadic tribal primitive god biz . It is funny, yes of course, one see these people taking a bible with all middle eastern stories and hanging a cross around their necks( Roman method of execution like present day electric chair and nobody is having that around their neck). Hence, it look like all are bloody fools and Obama the brute and Hilary the maniac is going on their biz by hook or crook toppling the people friendly president - Trump.
  5. Thank you divem for both excellent posts. I gave you 2 greens but would be 100 if I can!
  6. liberals - oligofrenias, mentally retarded idiots plenty here.
  7. They and their supporters are not stupid only but oligofrenias, mentally retarded idiots.....
  8. We can not Just "Carry on, Gals!" ( Jaxinjersey 50 min ago) "Run the damn country, focus on the important things" ( Shabibi 3 hrs ago ) when CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asks "what if hypothetically Trump is wipe out ( assassinated ) at the Inauguration......" ???!!!
  9. LEFTIST FREAKS OPENLY CALL For Non-Peaceful Inauguration Actions: “We Are Not In Favor Of A Peaceful Transition Of Power…After The Election, You Saw This Great Spontaneous Upsurge In Spontaneous Anger In The Streets" These radicals are openly calling for non-peaceful actions to be taken on the day of Trump’s inauguration. So why is there a room packed with “media” to discuss their motives and their plans? Why is the “press” so enthusiastic about giving them a voice? If I didn’t know better, I’d think the media was acting as a recruiting tool for these anarchists. But that couldn’t be true…could it? My question: Do you respect us 75 000 000 people voted Trump for our next president same way we respect you voted Barack Obama 8 years ago. What a nation.......?!?!
  10. Obama just expulsed 35 Russian diplomats with their families. They have to leave in 72 hours. Anyone....??...
  11. By Patrick Buchanan Friday, 11 Nov 2016 "In victory, magnanimity!" said Winston Churchill. Donald Trump should be magnanimous and gracious toward those whom he defeated this week; but his first duty is to keep faith with those who put their faith in him. The protests, riots and violence that have attended his triumph in city after city should only serve to steel his resolve. As for promptings that he "reach out" and "reassure" those upset by his victory, and trim or temper his agenda to pacify them, Trump should reject the poisoned chalice. This is the same old con. Trump should take as models the Democrats FDR and LBJ. Franklin Roosevelt, who had savaged Herbert Hoover as a big spender, launched his own New Deal in his first 100 days. History now hails his initiative and resolve. Lyndon Johnson exploited his landslide over Barry Goldwater in 1964 to erect his Great Society in 1965: the Voting Rights Act, Medicare and Medicaid. He compromised on nothing, and got it all. Even those who turned on him for Vietnam still celebrate his domestic achievements. President Nixon's great regret was that he did not bomb Hanoi and mine Haiphong in 1969 — instead of waiting until 1972 — and bring the Vietnam War to an earlier end and with fewer U.S. casualties. Nixon's decision not to inflame the social and political crisis of the 1960s by rolling back the Great Society bought him nothing. He was rewarded with media-backed mass demonstrations in 1969 to break his presidency and bring about an American defeat in Vietnam. "Action this day!" was the scribbled command of Prime Minister Churchill on his notepads in World War II. This should be the motto of the first months of a Trump presidency. For the historic opportunity he and the Republican Party have been given by his stunning and unanticipated victory of Nov. 8 will not last long. His adversaries and enemies in politics and press are only temporarily dazed and reeling. This great opening should be exploited now. Few anticipated Tuesday morning what we would have today: a decapitated Democratic Party, with the Obamas and Clintons gone or going, Joe Biden with them, no national leader rising, and only the power of obstruction, of which the nation has had enough. The GOP, however, on Jan. 20, will control both Houses of Congress and the White House, with the real possibility of remaking the Supreme Court in the image of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan have indicated they are willing to work with President Trump. There is nothing to prevent the new GOP from writing history. In his first months, Trump could put a seal on American politics as indelible as that left by Ronald Reagan. A partial agenda: First, he should ignore any importunings by President Obama to permit passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in a lame-duck session — and let the trade deal sink by year's end. On Jan. 20, he should have vetted and ready to nominate to the high court a brilliant constitutionalist and strict constructionist. He should act to end interference with the Dakota Access pipeline and call on Congress to re-enact legislation, vetoed by Obama, to finish the Keystone XL pipeline. Then he should repeal all Obama regulations that unnecessarily restrict the production of the oil, gas, and clean coal necessary to make America energy independent again. Folks in Pennsylvania, southeast Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia should be shown, by executive action, that Trump is a man of his word. And when the mines open again, he should be there. He should order new actions to seal the Southern border, start the wall and begin visible deportations of felons who are in the country illegally. With a new education secretary, he should announce White House intent to work for repeal of Common Core and announce the introduction of legislation to put federal resources behind the charter schools that have proven to be a godsend to inner-city black children. He should propose an immediate tax cut for U.S. corporations, with $2 to $3 trillion in unrepatriated profits abroad, who will bring the money home and invest it in America, to the benefit of our economy and our Treasury. He should take the president's phone and pen and begin the rewriting or repeal of every Obama executive order that does not comport with the national interest or political philosophy of the GOP. Trump should announce a date soon for repeal and replacement of Obamacare and introduction of his new tax-and-trade legislation to bring back manufacturing and create American jobs. Donald Trump said in his campaign that that this is America's last chance. If we lose this one, he said, we lose the country. The president-elect should ignore his more cautious counselors, and act with the urgency of his declared beliefs. Patrick Buchanan has been an adviser to three presidents, a two-time candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, and the nominee for the Reform Party in 2000.
  12. The 25 things that are truly important about Hillarious instead of this left wing fluff: 1. When did she know her husband was a serial abuser, and does she feel guilty for destroying his accusers? 2. Explain precisely the trades made in the Cattle Futures scandal where $1,000 was turned into $99,000 in a matter of weeks? 3. Why didn't she do anything to protect the Americans in Benghazi? 4. Who is Saul Alinsky and why was he her mentor? 5. When she was working on Watergate, why did her boss Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, call Hillarious a “liar” and “an unethical, dishonest lawyer” and have her fired? 6. What really happened with Travelgate? 7. What really happened with the Rose Law Firm? 8. What really happened with WhiteWater? 9. What gave Hillarious the right to see private FBI files of her political enemies in FileGate? 10. Why won't she turn over her illegal server with state department e-mails to congress? 11. Why does your foundation accept money from avowed terror states? 12. What is her take on the Vince Foster "Suicide"? 13. Why did she think she was entitled to steal the White House furniture when she left? 14. Why do you lie even about things that mean nothing: lying about being under sniper fire in Bosnia, lying about being named after Sir Edmund Hillarious, or lying that your grandparents were immigrants. 15. Should America be concerned that in ChinaGate, the 22 people that were convicted of fraud or for funneling Asian funds into the DNC were associates of Bill Clinton? 16. Did selling stays at the Lincoln Bedroom to political donors make you feel like a wh)o(re? 17. Does Hillarious think Juanita Broadrick lied when she said on national news that Bill Clinton raped her? 18. Is she still okay that Bill goes to pedophile island with Jeff Epstein? 19. Why are there so many murdered and suicided people in the Clinton's immediate circle? 49??? 20. Doesn't the fact that the Clinton Foundation has to amend 5 years of its tax returns for improper reporting imply that you were involved in an illegal RICO enterprise? Totally corrupt like everything she does. 21. Doesn't approving the Russian-owned Uranium One deal as secretary of state--because of illegal contributions to your foundation--in fact make you a traitor to this country? 22. Was it wise to have at least four Clinton Foundation board of directors that have either been convicted or charged of the financial crimes of bribery and fraud? 23. Why, Hillarious, did you pay your female senate staffers 72% of what you paid your male staffers? 24. When you represented an accused pedophile rapist, why did you laugh when you got him off even though you believed him to be guilty? 25. She said she had one e-mail address, it came out that she had two; She said she had one device, it came out that she had four: She said none of her e-mails on her private server was classified, but when the State Dept handed over 3000 e-mails the FBI redacted large sections of one, proving again she was wrong. Thus, Ms. Clinton, are you incompetent or just a congenital liar? Everyone should go on you tube and watch The Clinton Chronicles -- it will amaze you what a couple of psychopaths the Clintons really are!
  13. (1) Eleven years ago, Trump said on a secretly recorded tape that celebrities can do anything — even grab a woman’s p*ssy. Hillarious, born-again Victorian virgin, campaigns with Beyonce, who performs a duet with the words “curvalicious, p*ssy served delicious.” Hillarious is thrilled to have the support of Madonna — who has publicly offered to give blow jobs to anyone who votes for Hillarious. (She’ll even remove her teeth!) Hillarious’s campaign has deployed Miley Cyrus to canvas for her — when Cyrus is not busy inviting men in the audience to reach up and grab her p*ssy. (Here’s a video of delicate flower Miley Cyrus in action.) When Vernon Jordan was asked by CBS’ Mike Wallace what he talked about while golfing with Bill Clinton — aka Hillarious’s husband — he answered: “P*ssy.” Oh, and 11 years before Teddy Kennedy ran for president as the Conscience of the Democratic Party — he killed a girl. After grabbing her p*ssy. (2) Trump’s a sexual predator! Hillarious’s husband is a well-established rapist, groper and pants-dropper. She’s his fixer. Unlike the serial predations of her husband, leveled repeatedly throughout the decades, the timing of these 11th-hour allegations against Trump make them highly suspect. Recall that The New York Times spent months investigating Trump’s treatment of women earlier this year. The Newspaper of Record put its best reporters on the job, interviewed a dozen women, and the paper splashed the story on its front page. But the best the Times could come up with was a story about Trump, as a bachelor, publicly praising a model for looking great in a bikini at his pool party. Then they dated. The horror. Five months later, just days before the election, there doesn’t seem to be a female Democrat who isn’t claiming to have been groped by Trump — and getting loads of fawning publicity. (3) Trump doesn’t give enough to charity. The media only counts “charitable giving” if it can be taken as a tax deduction with the IRS. When Trump spent time and money saving a Georgia family farm from foreclosure in the 1980s, for example, he didn’t get any tax write-off. Hillarious, by contrast, was a big philanthropist because, at about the same time, she was taking a deduction for donations of Bill’s used underwear — the modern equivalent of smallpox-laden blankets. Today, the munificent Clinton Foundation spends less than 10 percent of its revenues on actual charity, using about 90 percent for salaries, offices and travel. (4) Several of Trump’s businesses went bankrupt. Trump has created or helped create hundreds of businesses. Fewer than 10 went bankrupt. Hillarious had one business, Whitewater Development Corp., and it went bankrupt — after ripping off scores of ordinary Americans. Also, a dozen prominent Arkansans went to prison in connection with sleazy financial transactions involving Whitewater. (5) Trump University was a scam! Approximately 10,000 graduates of Trump University were thrilled with the program and said so in writing. But a law firm that paid Hillarious and Bill Clinton $675,000 for three speeches managed to find a handful of disgruntled students to be the named plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against it. Trump University was a minuscule portion of Trump’s portfolio. Whitewater was a huge part of Bill and Hillarious’s get-rich-quick schemes, scamming the elderly, retirees and working-class Americans for the money-hungry Clintons. As described by The Washington Post, people who bought property from the Whitewater Development Corp. were required to submit a down payment, followed by monthly payments, until the entire purchase price of the property was paid off. But if buyers missed a single payment for any reason, the entire transaction would be deemed null and void, and the property, as well as all prior payments, would be forfeited to the Whitewater corporation. No foreclosure proceeding, no court hearing, no due process. More than half of Whitewater’s customers lost their entire investment. (See “Whitewater Repossessions; Sales Practice Benefited Clintons, Partners,” The Washington Post, April 21, 1994.) Though Hillarious had long claimed to have nothing to do with the operation of the business, when the books were finally opened, it turned out that the monthly checks were mailed to the Whitewater Development Corp. — “care of Hillarious Rodham Clinton.” (See “Records Show Wider Role for Hillarious Clinton; Whitewater Papers Detail Involvement,” The Washington Post, April 21, 1994.) (6) We can’t allow Trump access to nuclear codes! Hillarious is the one who is champing at the bit to go to war with Russia, which, I am reliably informed, is a nuclear power. At least Hillarious’s adept at dealing with sensitive digital information. Huma! Quick! Are the nuclear launch codes on my Blackberry, my desktop thingy or my Facebook page? Compared to Hillarious, we’d be safer if the nuclear codes were held by Miley Cyrus (unless she kept them in her p*ssy). (7) Trump’s temperament will get us into World War III. Hillarious’s temperament drove her to push for intervention in the Libyan civil war against Moammar Gadhafi for the sole purpose of giving her a foreign policy success that could be all her own. Obama was skeptical. Libya was Hillarious’s baby. (Sidney Blumenthal’s email to Hillarious: “First, brava! This is a historic moment and you will be credited for realizing it.”) After Gadhafi was killed, Hillarious’s temperament led her to go on TV and laughingly say, “We came. We saw. He died.” Unfortunately, Hillarious hadn’t given the slightest thought to what would come next. What came next was: the Muslim Brotherhood, the murder of Americans in Benghazi and millions of refugees pouring into Western Europe. (8) Trump failed to denounce David Duke with the ferocity deemed sufficient by our media. No one even knows if Duke actually exists or is just a phantom produced by the media every four years to smear Republicans. I know that no one has ever been incited to commit murder after listening to a David Duke speech. Lots of people have been murdered by someone who’d just heard an Al Sharpton speech: seven at Freddy’s Fashion Mart in Harlem, and one Orthodox Jew, plus one Italian mistaken for a Jew, in Crown Heights. Hillarious has not disavowed Sharpton — nor would our media be so rude as to ask. The mother of Ferguson thug Mike Brown, Lesley McSpadden, campaigns with Hillarious — she even took the stage at the Democratic National Convention. The father of Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter, appeared on stage behind Hillarious at a rally. If the media won’t ask her to “disavow” the relatives of criminals and terrorists featured at her events, could they at least ask her if she approves of their parenting techniques? (9) Trump is a “racist” because of his plan to remove Muslim jihadists, Mexican drug dealers and rapists from our country. Apart from the fact that “drug dealer,” “rapist” and “jihadist” are not races, we didn’t do anything to Muslims or Mexicans, except send them billions of dollars in foreign aid. The only “racism” Americans care about is that toward black Americans. We did something to them. Hillarious asks blacks to vote for her, then vows to bring in millions of Muslims and Mexicans to take their jobs — the ones that “Americans just won’t do.” That’s racism. (10) Trump “fat-shamed” Miss Universe! No, he didn’t — he saved her crown and she was grateful. It’s on tape. But more importantly, the Miss Universe in question is Alicia Machado, well-known in Venezuela as a publicity-seeking clown. Machado is credibly accused of: driving the getaway car in an attempted murder; threatening to kill a federal judge; and being the baby mama to drug cartel kingpin Gerardo Alvarez-Vazquez, who was on the State Department’s “Most Wanted” list under — let’s see, checking my notes — Hillarious Clinton. Until 1975, everyone would have realized that it’s stupid to bring in single mothers with no marketable job skills, to add to the dependent class. If we did bring them in, politicians wouldn’t proudly introduce them at rallies. But Machado is Hillarious’s model immigrant. Her only job skill is voting. Upside: Hillarious gets another vote. Downside: You’ll be supporting Machado and her anchor baby for the rest of their lives, America. (11) Trump is challenging the very foundation of our democracy by saying elections are rigged! They are rigged — ask former Sen. Norm Coleman of Minnesota, whose 2008 election was provably stolen from him when more than a thousand ineligible felons voted for Al Franken in a race Coleman lost by 312 votes. (At least it wasn’t an important election: Franken provided the 60th, and deciding, vote to pass Obamacare.) In any event, Hillarious says the election is rigged, too — by the Russkies! The Democrats and the media have gone full John Birch Society on us. There’s a fifth column in America — and their leader is Donald Trump!!! This is a marked departure from their previous cosmopolitan sangfroid about communism. We could have really used this fighting spirit during the Cold War. Instead, we got Jimmy Carter warning Americans about their “inordinate fear of communism.” Today, bad-ass, eye-rolling journalists are somberly announcing: “I have in my hand a list — a list of Donald Trump supporters, who are a conscious, articulate instrument of the Russian conspiracy …” (12) Trump is shallow, has a microscopic attention span and has not studied political issues deeply. On the other hand, he has a good heart, good judgment and wants the right outcome for America: limits on immigration, fair trade deals, the elimination of Wall Street tax breaks and no more pointless Middle East wars. Hillarious doesn’t want any of these things. She is good at memorizing all her little facts, but is deeply evil. She wakes up early in the morning to make sure she does the wrong thing for America. (13) Trump has personal baggage. This election is not about Trump. It’s never been about Trump. Anyone running on his platform of putting Americans first would be torn to shreds. There are probably lots of bad things Trump’s done in his personal life in the past. The ruling class wants Hillarious to do bad things to our country in the future.
  14. ladyGrace'sDaddy with all respect to you I wold like to share with you: The world now is not the same like it was 30 years ago, the world now is burning due precisely to the ambitions and agenda of Obama, Hillarious, Bill Clinton, Soros and their globalists handlers. Therefore if Hillarious is voted as a next President she will be the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT and the LAST PRESIDENT of the USA....after the nuclear APOCALYPSES! I'm in this Iraqi Dinar Investment from the beginning of 2005 and honestly very tired like everybody here: RV today, RV tomorrow, next month, years.. and I think with elected PRESIDENT - BUSINESSMAN who is outsider and also not perfect but also invested in ID millions of dollars our mission will be completed or somebody likes "foruming" here until the next century forgetting about our huge personal financial problems... Maybe I'm wrong but as for the first remote possibility I'm not! Love, Peace and Wisdom!
  15. What you gonna call your Clinton You support.......??!!
  16. Last day to turn in 50 dinar notes, now what with our 50 notes..? Anyone there? Didn't follow long time.
  17. ufathomably Unfathomably = 1. impossible to measure: too deep to be measured unfathomable ocean depths 2. impossible to understand: impossible to understand because of being very mysterious or complicated
  18. MarkZ, If it was RI, is it to be released to US only.. In other countries..?
  19. World Financial Officials Hold Emergency Call to Discuss U.S. Credit Downgrade Published August 07, 2011 | Early Sunday morning, markets in the Middle East tumbled at the start of their first day of business since the downgrade, even as some experts said that the rating change may not be as bad as originally thought. "Investors have voted and are saying the U.S. is going to pay them." Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody's Analytics said. "U.S. Treasuries are still the gold standard." Zandi noted that neither his parent organization, Moody's, nor Fitch, the other of the three major rating agencies, had downgraded U.S. debt. "Anytime there's a problem anywhere on the planet, investors come to the safety of the U.S., and they don't go anywhere else," Zandi said. Many economists see the world's big central banks as the last line of defense at this moment in the crisis, after policymakers in Europe and the U.S. have failed to agree on the kind of shock-and-awe moves that many investors demand. Many investors have also been calling on the U.S. Federal Reserve to start pumping money into the American economy again to help underpin the slowing economic recovery Read more:
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