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  1. The Texas suit, later joined by other states, against Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia, was a nice try, but it was always a long shot. Of course SCOTUS would be reluctant to grab so much power by ordering state legislatures to seat the right electors. Why? Because the power is already in the hands of the legislatures to do this. Though we are non-lawyers, let's read these laws together, interpreting them minimally and plainly (something lawyers seem incapable of doing). The first federal law for our purposes, titled "Determination of controversy as to appointment of elec
  2. Thank you and God Bless you Mr. President Donald J. Trump! Now you can Declare Martial Law For Voter Fraud. It's your duty and our duty of 100 Mil supporters to demand it.
  3. evidence?, "we're in a situation where we have put together I think, the most EXTENSIVE and INCLUSIVE VOTER FRAUD ORGANIZATION in the history of American politics". Braggart Joe Biden, telling the World, Oct 2020. What evidence? MILITARY TRIBUNAL FOR ALL INVOLVED! - TRUMP EO 13848/ 09/12/2018
  4. Thursday, November 19, 2020 by: Mike Adams In another fascinating chapter that’s now emerging in all this, former military insider and present-day analyst Jeffrey Prather ( has released what we consider to be a bombshell video where he sums up the real war taking place behind the scenes: “The Great Reset vs. the Great Awakening.” As he explains it, the CIA, FBI and DOJ are all treasonous swamp creatures who are dedicated to bringing down America, stealing the election, and imprisoning all the real patriots such as Gen. Flynn (and Ro
  5. Great! Thank you Pitcher! In addition: Another tool to help the Trump legal team track down illegal ballots Hopefully somebody is paying attention to this!
  6. IT IS NOT OVER YET LITTLE AOC B-CH! It is ongoing election fraud (special operation 'corona virus' vote by mail), dirty massive coup d'état since January 20, 2016. More than 20 ml ballots (votes for our president Trump) have never been counted or been destroyed or dumped all over the country not only in those 7 battleground states. So the real popular votes for Trump are 95 ml.. I have never understood why our Military is willing to die on foreign soil fighting against the communists regimes but ignored the COMMUNIST IN OUR COUNTRY...and didn't do what General Augu
  7. I fill so sorry about this kid.. been involved by the communists criminals in their dirty political agenda....
  8. Just one out of thousand comments....... catgirldreamer II Amsterdam Expat • 16 hours ago Shows just how far the Democrat Marxists are going to go, determined at any and all costs, to win the election: mass-fraud, activist courts, suppression of votes, and insurgency. Joe Biden may actually have done one good event in his life -- showing to all the massive evil and treason of the left.
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