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  1. Texstrorm,  my extension to your posts telling the truth :


    Chelsea Clinton tweeted an article penned by someone who spent a year in former Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County “tent jail” Saturday but made it seem like she spent time there herself. ......


    Chelsea spent a year in Sheriff Joe's jail, Hillarious dodged sniper fire and Bill did not have sexual relations with that woman.


    Even though obama is a kenyan born muslim homosexual and is married to a guy named mike...and even though he tried to desroy America every way he could...and he is a liar in his own right...we have to give the top award for lies to bill and Hillarious fact i believe if a person is a demarat they have to 1. hate America and 2. be proficient in the lying i know the RINOs are trying to keep up but the klinton crime family is a hard act to follow...they are truly well rounded liars as well as sexual deviants ..murderers.. and they surround themselves with an assortment of tax cheats.. frauds and satanists...the perfect demarat family..


    Clinton/barack regimes were the worst in American history. I believe that the attacks on PRESIDENT TRUMP are so extreme because the election of Hildebeast was supposed to provide cover for all the illegal activity from barack`s 8 damaging years. That includes the illegal surveillance, the seditious Iran Deal, the Uranium One quid pro quo, the Benghazi cover up, Fast & Furious, the major errors in foreign policies, and the obstruction of justice by Comey and Lynch. Those are just starters.

    The Clinton gang, comey, lynch, dws, holder, susie rice, barack, and many others from his regime belong IN PRISON !

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