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  1. If Covid-19 did anything that was life changing was to expose the Left as the undeniable control freaks they have always been. How many people know the slave owners in the South were Democrats? The largest slave owner in North Carolina was black. Where did the slaves come from? The black slaves were sold by black tribes that had conquered them in Africa. Joe Biden’s mentor was the Senator from West Virginia who was a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, Biden has bragged his home state, Delaware, was a slave state. The only difference between Black Lives Matter and the Ku Klux Klan is the color of their skin.

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  2. 17 hours ago, Shabibilicious said:


    So you honestly don't believe Donald's mouth and tweets could possibly motivate 80 million to vote for the opposition?   


    GO RV, then BV

    The Real Election Results From the Server in Frankfurt am Main - Germany (MI)


    Total Votes 156,034,353
    Total Illegal votes 19,365,123
    Legal votes 136,669,230
    72.222...% pro-Trump
    27.777...% pro-Biden.
    So the final correct numbers are:  Trump's got 98,705,251 votes; to Biden's 37,962,612 votes


    Trump's got 410 Electoral Votes, Biden - 128 votes.


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  3. IT'S TERRIBLE!!!!!!


    “Wat staat er op het spel?! De beste update in 50 min”.
    Jan 15

    NOTE: De uitzending is binnen 15 minuten na upload verwijderd van Youtube omdat het de WHO Guidelines zou schenden. De video duurt 50 minuten en dus is de kwestie opmerkelijk te noemen. Je **** de bijzondere uitzending daarom nu via Rumble bekijken.
    “Wat staat er op het spel?! De beste update in 50 min”.
    Het is 15 januari 2021 en Minister President Mark Rutte heeft het ontslag van het kabinet aangeboden. Zo’n 10 maanden geleden introduceerde Mark Rutte het NIEUWE NORMAAL. Een term die inmiddels is ingeburgerd, maar een ontmenselijking in gang heeft gezet die zijn weerga niet kent. Zouden wij een jaar geleden hebben kunnen geloven dat de huidige realiteit de onze is? 
    Stapje voor stapje zijn we terecht gekomen in deze lockdown die binnenkort ongetwijfeld ook een avondklok krijgt, een fenomeen waarvoor we terug moeten naar de tweede wereldoorlog en die staat voor "groot gevaar".

    En omdat het allemaal zo snel gaat en we soms het overzicht kwijt dreigen te raken is het goed om weer eens alles op een rij te zetten en dat doen we met de Britse documentaire THE NEW NORMAL, oftewel het Nieuwe Normaal. 

    The New Normal is een feitelijke documentaire van 50 minuten, die werkt als een geheugen opfrisser maar ook de 4de industriële revolutie – het geesteskind van Klaus Schwab, de frontman van het WEF nauw onderzoekt. 

    De film laat haarfijn zien wat de 1% - de elite - te winnen heeft en wat de rest van ons dreigt te verliezen oftewel, “Wat staat er op het spel?! De beste update in 50 min”.

    Jij kan helpen met een donatie maar ook door deze video te delen op social media en/of via whatt's app, telegram, signal, messenger, what ever...als de video maar zoveel mogelijk mensen bereikt. 

    Doneren kan via 




    “What's at stake ?! The best update in 50 minutes ”.
    Jan 15
    NOTE: The broadcast was removed from YouTube within 15 minutes of upload because it would violate WHO Guidelines. The video lasts 50 minutes, so the issue is remarkable. You can therefore now watch the special broadcast via Rumble.
    “What's at stake ?! The best update in 50 minutes ”.
    It is January 15, 2021 and Prime Minister Mark Rutte has offered the resignation of the cabinet. About 10 months ago, Mark Rutte introduced the NEW NORMAL. A term that has since become established, but has set in motion a dehumanization that is unparalleled. Could we have believed a year ago that the current reality is ours?
    Step by step we ended up in this lockdown that will undoubtedly soon also be given a curfew, a phenomenon for which we have to go back to the second world war and which represents "great danger".

    And because it all goes so fast and we sometimes risk losing the overview, it is good to put everything together again and we do that with the British documentary THE NEW NORMAL, or the New Normal.

    The New Normal is a 50-minute factual documentary that works as a memory refresher but also closely examines the 4th industrial revolution - the brainchild of Klaus Schwab, the WEF frontman.

    The film shows in detail what the 1% - the elite - has to gain and what the rest of us are in danger of losing, ie, “What is at stake ?! The best update in 50 minutes ”.

    You can help with a donation, but also by sharing this video on social media and / or via whatt's app, telegram, signal, messenger, what ever ... as long as the video reaches as many people as possible.




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    Best I can tell... They Lost and this is the END!!! Jack Dorsey Net worth US$13 billion (January 2021) As of November 2020, Zuckerberg's net worth is $101.2 billion, making him the 4th-richest person in the world. $101.2 Billion - Zuckerberg + $13.O Billion - Dorsey $114.2 Billion total divided by 2 = $57.1 - $51.0 Billion loss = $63.2 Billion Couldn't have happened to more deserving couple of Guy's? Perhaps I should have put Yahweh first in this monetary plague. To all the good folks in our nation take comfortable heed of what a man like Trump faced when he was pinned between the enemy & the sea... And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will show to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever. ~Exodus 14:13


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  5. 3 hours ago, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

    Just because some YAHOO say's that doesn't make it true. 

    80 million Trump supporters aren't just going to shut up and go away. 

    But you might see a lot of internet business burning down to the ground. 

    LGD you're wrong again....

    Total Votes 156,034,353
    Total Illegal votes 19,365,123
    Legal votes 136,669,230
    72.222...% pro-Trump
    27.777...% pro-Biden.
    So the final correct numbers are:  Trump's got 98,705,251 mil votes; to Biden's 37,962,612 mil votes

    Just guess who's got 19,365,123 votes....


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  6. December 29, 2020 by IWB

    By Chris Black


    Yesterday, a woman who claims is the WHO (Bill Gates’ office) chief scientist said that there is no evidence that the covid-19 vaccine prevents viral transmission. These people are pretty stupid, or they are just reading scripts written by an 8-year old.
    No vaccine prevents viral transmission, that’s not why you take a vaccine. The purpose of vaccination is supposedly to make you resistant to the disease, as in you don’t die or develop harsh symptoms.


    If you’re not following the logic, ask yourself, what does infection mean? According to WHO, if you test positive for covid-19 via PCR testing it means you’re infected, right? Even if you don’t have symptoms, aka you’re asymptomatic. So, you can be positive for covid-19, and be contagious, that’s why they keep people who tested positive in quarantine for 14 days, even if you don’t have symptoms.

    Meaning, if you’re healthy (as in you don’t have any symptom), you can still spread covid-19, as per WHO dogma.
    And the same logic applies to any virus, or at least it should in an Aristotelian universe. Yet, nothing makes sense in clown world.
    Getting back to business, here’s a headline from Reuters: Despite hi-tech advances, many Europeans wary of taking COVID shot and that includes more than half of hospital staff. I would suggest you to read the article, even if I don’t trust Reuters to tell me what time is it.


    Now, take a load of this: earlier this month, Japan released covid-19 deaths data as per 2020. Are you ready to learn the figure?
    It’s 2487 people in a country of 126 million, or 18 deaths per million. All of them were over 65 years old.
    Moreover, Japan never imposed lockdowns, not even obligatory face masks, all businesses remained opened since the beginning, life went on as usual, the economy is doing great and so on and so forth.


    How is that possible? It’s simple: Japan is 99% Japanese, as in they don’t benefit from diversity, they are not ruled by a transnational cabal, and their medics and politicians work for the Japanese people, i.e.  they are not on Soros/Bill Gates/WEF/WHO/China/AIPAC’s payroll.

    Getting back to the greatest country in the world,  AP is reporting, and all news outlets have started spewing it, that 2020 was the deadliest year ever in the USA with 3.2 million deaths.

    It doesn’t matter that the CDC reported just over 2.6 million deaths earlier this month. It also doesn’t matter that the researchers at Johns Hopkins found that the (TV) Virus had no effect on overall deaths. That is being scrubbed and the new narrative is 3.2 million dead (better than 6 million I guess).

    Supposedly 300,000 people have now died of covid-10 in the US. In 2019 a total of 2.9 million people has died. The claim is that 2.9 million people died again in 2020, plus the 300k excessive deaths from covid-19.
    This doesn’t make any sense, because deaths from other causes like heart attacks, cancer, and others have dropped massively. Also flu deaths are nonexistent. If covid increased deaths by 300k, then deaths from all other causes must match 2019 numbers. If they are lower, where did the deaths come from?


    When the numbers don’t add up, change the narrative. We are being played. Every day is a new lie.
    Just like Biden votes, deaths are just showing up in the middle of the night by the hundreds of thousands.
    Moreover, the University of Florida finds asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic spread is basically impossible. Will the truth be told? Of course, this study will be disappeared.


    In Ireland, the national health system was forced to admit that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has never been isolated. Just like in Canada. Will this news get out?
    Did you know that we don’t have flu because of wearing masks, hand washing, and distancing? Despite numerous studies that proved that none of that works for stopping flu.


    The measures for stopping Covid don’t work because people aren’t obeying them. But the flu has been eradicated because of the measures for stopping Covid.
    The logic fails of 2020 are incredible.


    Here’s the thing about a PCR test. Anything with DNA can show a positive result if the sample is put through enough cycles. PCR is not a detection method for infection. They used 37 sequences and placed them in a computer along with models of other coronavirus. The computer AI then created a sequence of a virus that would match a supposed new and novel version.
    ACGT that is all that is read. It has been confirmed that most of the PCR tests that are showing positive cases of SARS-CoV-2 are simply looking for a primer sequence, rather than any part of a real genome. If that primer sequence is found, the result is positive. The problem is the primer is found thousands of times in various genetic sequences that have nothing to do with SARS-CoV-2.


    If for example AAAGTCTGAC is found in a sample, and that is the primer that supposedly links to SARS-CoV-2, the test is positive.

    Humans and earthworms share some genetic sequences. If I run a PCR test for a tiny sample of earthworm DNA, and a sample from me finds it matches, DOES THAT MAKE ME AN EARTHWORM???
    That is why the PCR test is useless as a diagnostic tool. Anyone claiming the PCR test is indicative of an infection is a fraud and should have their credentials revoked.


    The study looking into the transmission of “The (TV) Virus”, found that transmission to other family members with symptomatic cases only happened 16% of the time. It also required multiple points of contact over two minutes within a few feet in a short time period. Asymptomatic spread was zero.
    So “the most infectious pathogen ever”, that requires forced closures, masks, distancing, and cancelling everything, only has a 16% chance of infecting you if you are hovering over someone in your own family with active symptoms.


    The question is how people are actually getting infected outside the home, if you can barely get infected in one.
    Our entire understanding of how and why people get sick is most likely wrong. Perhaps it isn’t based on external conditions, but internal. Essentially, healthy people don’t get sick.


    People I have known for years are now so hopelessly devoted to the Covidian Cult, that they will never go back to normal.
    Cultists never see how insane their behavior is, since they don’t look from the outside. While massive orgies and dressing in orange all day long would have seemed crazy before they joined, now it is just a way of life.
    The Mask of the Covidian is the same thing. Not wearing a mask everywhere you go will seem abnormal.


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  7. 26 minutes ago, coorslite21 said:

    Yesterday Congress received the 5500 page bill for budget, stimulus....etc


    They were expected to vote on it approximately 3 hours passed....


    Now we can find out what's in it.......Stupidity!


    coorslite go to my post Mark Levin 12/22/2020 | The Mark Levin Show December 22, 2020 | Mark Levin Audio Rewind

    at 58:00 for some info

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  8. Total Votes 156,034,353

    Total Illegal votes 19,365,123 

    Legal votes 136,669,230

    72.222...% pro-Trump

    27.777...% pro-Biden.

    The final correct numbers are:  Trump's got 98,705,251 votes; to Biden's 37,962,612  votes
    Guess who's got 19,365.123 votes...



    Trump's got 410 electoral votes & Biden's got 128 electoral votes.



    I've been asked for the link. Very, very soon you'll know it...


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