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    OK guys, listen to this. I am NOT a guru, I am NOT a pumper. I have NEVER posted any info, intel, or rumors here, so please hear me out. I have been in this for years now, and all the buzz has stirred things up for sure. So, I asked my dad if he would call John, a friend of ours who is directly connected with Forex and the IMF. He is a currency securities advisor. So, then I said let's not make this a "my dad's friends buddy blah,blah,blah. So, I called him myself, and talked to him directly. I take full responsibility for this, this is the coversation straight from his mouth to my ear! John-"Well hello young man, How's the game? Clint-"Hey John! It's getting there, knocking the winter rust off. I'll be brief, I just want your insight on the dinar RV. Any ideas of rates or dates?" John-(laughing) "Well buddy, that is a bigger question than you are probably aware of, anyway, I have been exposed to substantial info that I wish I could pass on, unfortunately I can not. I am bound by many entities, rules, and codes of conduct. For anyone in my position, or similar, to pass on info, or even educated scenarios based on privileged information could have severe consequences. Your dad, hell your whole family is just like my family, and if I could help buddy, I would, it is just not something I can do, I am sorry" Clint-"I understand, I would never want to put you in a bad situation, I just was trying to get something halfway reliable. The rumors of RV, scam, new currency,LOP, I never even know if this is gonna happen, I am getting scammed, or what!" John- (laughing) "Let me tell you a few things I can tell you. Currency, trading, unrecognized currency, politics,CBI, U.S., RV, all this s*it gets really complicated buddy, and not many people understand who plays what role. So many people get a fraction of fact, and make an equation of s*it. I am not sure if you know what the LOP refers to, but that is not even realistic at this point. I could sit here for hours just explaining to you the factors, players, chain of events, and all that s*it, and even then not sure it would make much sense to you. Let me tell you this. IQD speculation in 2004-2006 was a very very unrealistic shot in the dark. But it was NEVER a scam. The scam was the dealers, and the guys passing off the bulls*hit dinars. As time has elapsed, the speculation has become much more possible. Now we have seen a chain of events that the IQD becoming of value is certain. How about this, you just hold your dinar, don't worry about losing money, don't worry about a scam, don't worry about things like LOP, and just relax. Have the piece of mind you made a good investment at a good time, and you wont have to wait til 2012. How's that little buddy?" Clint-"Good enough, at least it's something solid, and makes me feel a little better. Thanks J-Bird! See ya at the Traveler's!" John-"Good talking with ya buddy, maybe next time we talk, you'll be cashing in(laughing) Gotta run buddy, Bicycle!" All I got, but it's from me to you, it's real, FROM ME, not several other connections. The IS REAL, RELIABLE, and LEGIT. I hope this gives us a little piece of mind. Not as juicy as the other "intel", but het it made me feel better, and I wanted to share it with you guys! Have a fantastic day! I wish I had more!
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    The RV is not dependent on Arbil, HCL, or Chap is what the professionals had to say at The World Bank - 'Launch of the Republic of Iraq Financial Sector Review'. These are people who are directly involved with Iraqs banking reform, not media outlets, not bloggers, not people in the GOI that think they know what they are talking about, not GURUs, not ME......ONLY PEOPLE THAT COUNT IN THIS MATTER!!! see below and see referenced attachment for proof that i just didn't make this up: "We need the adoption of the permanent securities law to permit the public relations and securities markets. " (attachment Page 32 Line 2) -Ms. Inger Petersen, Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa Region "Adoption of the permanent securities law, it's not really so much a technical problem than a matter of a decision at the highest level and political will. So we hopein this scope of recommendation that some decision really be taken now and decision taken relatively fast." (attachment Page 53 Line 8) -Mr. Loic Chiquier, Finance and Private Sector Development Director The RV(reform) has already happened, it just isn't live because Iraq has to pass the above said law!!!! see quote below: "For example, you see the payment system is one of the good, main outcomes of the reforms that took place which has been supported by U.S. Treasury and it's there operating, all banks are connected." (attachment Page 44 Line 8) -Mr. Sahar Nasr, Iraq Banking System reform Task Team Leader MRA 1901 Iraq Banking System.doc +1 if you like REAL posts with solid proof like this, +1 if you think we have RV'd(the cake is done) just waiting for the icing to be finished(securities law), +1 if you like the direct reference to the attachment i posted which are the minutes of the 'Launch of the Republic of Iraq Financial Sector Review' -1 if you are a basher, Lopster, or 'guru' planning on using my research as your intel and making it seem like you did all the work
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    With all the news coming out of Iraq about the REAL POSSIBILTY THE GOI will be formed in the next few days is GOOD NEWS FOR ALL OF US. We have all been on this up and down ride for awhile now and somewhat mentally worn out. There have been good times and bad times but we STUCK IT OUT TOGETHER. We supported each other and became friends and FAMILY. This blessing that brought us together even though we dont really know each other has given us friends we would never have had. What I;m getting at is it seems that there are some arguments developing about who was right, who was wrong, he said, she said. All that does not matter. Don't lose sight of the fact this is hopefully coming down to what we have ALL prayed for and WE got through it TOGETHER. So it does not matter who was right or wrong, what does matter is WE GOT THROUGH THIS TOGETHER. There have been alot of people obtaining and passing on information . I can't speak for others but I do it because I care about you the people I have met here on DV. So this thing may becoming to an end, even so DO NOT LET ANYTHING change what we here at DV are <FAMILY>. WE started this with HONOR and DIGNITY TOGETHER so if it is to end lets end it with HONOR and DIGNITY and most of all LETS REMAIN FAMILY. Stand Strong and God Bless all of you
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    Hey everyone! Spoiler alert: Long post full of jumbled thoughts ahead. This should be a rough draft, but deadline is past so I'm submitting it and completely prepared for the backlash. I've been working on this for a bit.. actually, I've been working on it and thinking about it for a bit more than a bit. The truth is, I've been kicking this one around for a while now, and it's time to just let it fly. There's a few things that are nagging at me constantly these days. Things I just need to say. And the more I think about them, the more I try to get it perfectly written, the longer I put it off... well, it's just not getting easier, so please allow me to apologize in advance for this poorly written, mangled and jumbled hodgepodge that I'm going to call an "update". I'll just be blunt right now... I'm going to alienate a few of you. Heck, maybe I'll alienate MOST of you. I guess we'll see... the truth is, I'm ok with that (sorry not sorry). I've never pretended to be the person that minces words or paints pretty pictures when the situation is gloom, but the fact of the matter is this - I've got some things I need to get off my chest, and not all of you are going to like it. I'll explain. Most of you know that there are a few dinar sites on the web that incorporate religion. There are some that are politically slanted. There are some that you might need to don a tinfoil hat before entering... ... and then there's a couple which require a super secret password before entering, because once you enter you will be guaranteed a $4.29:1 exchange rate no later than LAST WEEK! *sigh* My friends... THIS forum ( was built on a foundation of open communication, respect, and a common interest in the Iraqi Dinar. My role here is a complex one, and that's mostly my fault. I say it's "mostly my fault" because for years I have chosen to keep my personal views out of my analysis and commentary. My weekly updates would probably be a lot simpler if I had chosen to simply let loose with my personal opinions, BUT... I've chosen to take a non-partisan role, staying as neutral as possible in all topics. Quite frankly, I think that's served the community well. I think I've done a good job of educating people, and I really feel like I stuck to the rules I laid out for myself so many years ago. I smile when I think about that silly phrase, because as time goes on I realize more and more that I don't want to be "non" anything (be it political, religion, race, ice cream flavor, or ANYTHING ELSE). And then the smile on my face goes away, for the same reason it got there in the first place... because I "stuck to the rules". I stuck to the rules?! What the @#$$$$$$$%X$@??!!?!?!! I don't like rules, and at this moment in time I am acutely aware of WHY I don't like rules... RULES go against my natural instincts. I don't think I was meant to be a conformist, I've always had a problem with authority, I doubt that will ever change. I don't trust banks, government, or cops. I make sure I have a backup plan, I work hard because I don't count on handouts, and if I ever get in a tough spot... I am up for the challenge. Those are some of the reasons why I've taken steps to protect my wealth and assets using the strategies outlined in the VIP section. (YES, everything you see in the VIP section is there because I have tested tried and now TRUST that it is the absolute BEST way to do things. The strategies aren't just recommended, they are HIGHLY recommended.) From now on, I'm not holding back. I'm going to inject my personal views into my posts, I'm going to just let things fly and the dust will settle where the dust settles. "It is what it is". Now, let's get on with the alienation. I don't trust ANY government, I oppose "the system" on almost any day, and that's just the start. I strongly believe that every person is responsible for their own destiny, which is why I normally vote conservative over liberal. I believe that guns do not kill people... PEOPLE kill people, and violence will happen regardless of law, so it is important to arm yourself in some fashion if you don't wish to be the easiest victim. I am not a fan of *** marriage, but I believe that battle was lost a long time ago and Republicans/Conservatives are wasting valuable resources when they continue to engage in that battle... it's lost. Let it go, and focus on more important things. Iraq... this is a big one, and right at the heart of this site. Obama screwed up BIG when he made the decision to pull all of our troops out. YES, it was his call. I don't think America should be the "world police", but let's be realistic. Iraq could have used our help for a little longer, but all Obama cares (cared) about is appearance(s)... he doesn't give a flying hoot about our country. (Did I make you mad yet? If not, I'll try harder next week!) These are only SOME of the reasons why I've taken action on becoming a citizen of another country (in addition to being a proud Cheesehead). And thanks to all of that... I'm happy to say that I'm very comfortable with my current situation, very confident that my future is secure. I encourage all of you to do the same. You don't have to follow my plan, but you should definitely have A plan. If you're unsure how to get started, there are a couple thousand VIP members that will give my plan(s) a 5STAR rating... Feel free to join us in VIP ====> <===== Now let's talk about some of the recent headlines concerning Iraq. "ISIS 1 mile from Baghdad"... this was reported a week ago. (Baghdad is still secure) "ISIS occupying 1/3 of Iraq"... reported repeatedly throughout the last month and more. "Iraq Government failing miserably, the US wasted gazillions for no reason thanks to (Bush/Obama/name-your-poision)"... ... This is what we hear from the media, but let's not buy into the bull that they are spewing to sell ad spots. Sure, ISIS is a big deal (IT IS!). But I'm hearing that the major battles are now in Syria, not in Iraq... so what about that noise last week that "ISIS is right outside Baghdad!" - Did Baghdad fall? Nope... but the media sure did make some money! And YES, the GOI could be moving at a faster pace. (So could many other countries with less potential!) But just because you see something on the news or the world wide web does NOT mean it is scripture. In fact, it's often true that the opposite is true. Let me give you another set of headlines... unfortunately, they aren't going to be as dramatic or sensational, and this kind of headline isn't going to sell as many newspapers or keep people glued to the tube during the next commercial... but these headlines are probably a lot more realistic than the junk we see on the major outlets. 1. 3 ISIS militants found near Baghdad. No real threat to the city at this time. 2. ISIS cells located in 1/3 of major Iraqi cities. No reason to panic, but please consider pest control before they expand. 3. Iraq government from 2003 to now - major improvements! *shaking my head AGAIN/STILL* I'm shaking my head because so few people see the reality... that the first set of headlines (the ones we see every day) are so dramatic and shocking, but the 2nd set of headlines are more realistic. That's not to say that we should drop our guard... in fact, that's the opposite of how I feel. To be completely blunt with you all, in my opinion, this country NEEDS the media to blow the ISIS issue completely out of proportion in order to wake the public up to the fact that our country, "led" by Obama and the Obama administration, has done a HORRIBLE job of protecting our country - and I mean both here AND abroad. The media MUST - if for NO OTHER REASON than to make up for their complete FAILURE to report what's really been happening throughout Obama's entire tenure - they MUST influence the public to support any action against ISIS. ... That's all I'm going to address for now... I have a ton more that I want to say, and I'll be doing that in the coming days and weeks. I know a lot of you pop in here every week to read my analysis on the Dinar... my apologies for straying so far from the normal path this week without any warning. I guess you could call this your official "warning" for future weekly updates! I don't have any reason to toe any lines or stay inside any boundaries, and I have recently reached a point in my life where I need to just let it all out. And with that said, I can NOW let out a big sigh of relief.... I'll do the Q&A ASAP. Sorry for the delay but thanks for understaning!) ( *WHEW!* I feel much better now. ) ===== UPDATE October 9 - adding the Q&A ================ *Admin edit: When I originally posted this, the Q&A was not included. in the last 18 hours, this post received 5 pages of responses and the post itself received over 50 positive rep clicks... I'm not going to beat around the bush, I am ASTOUNDED at the positive feedback given here. Thank you all for being part of this community, thank you all for your support, and you can look forward to more of these candid type posts in the future. Nope. The PM has influence, but the only entity that can adjust the exchange rate is the CBI. With the new PM (Abadi) in place, there's some pretty serious speculation that things are finally going to get moving in the right direction. The entire country is a little distracted with the recent power shift and of course ISIS to a small extent, but things are moving in the right direction and at a good pace (FINALLY). Maliki is a distraction, and if he was hit by a bus tomorrow I wouldn't shed a tear... but NO, he doesn't need to be completely out before the exchange rate is changed. Yes. Good question, but a little complex. ISIS definitely needs to be controlled... actually, in my opinion, they should simply be exterminated. Anyone associating with them should get immediate life in prison if not the death penalty. But in the world we live in, the sissyface pandering schmucks that you see flapping their lips on TV will never have the "intestinal fortitude" to take a stance that aggressive, so we will continue to see weakness from most fronts on the ISIS issue. Regardless of that pathetic truth, we are fortunate that ISIS is a weak organization, and the limp measures being taken against them at this time might actually be sufficient to contain them. Unfortunately, we've not seen the "last" of ISIS by any means... but I am pretty sure that the current actions will be enough to give Iraq room to breathe and shift their attention back to HCL and a shift in the exchange rate. That's a fair question Brinx65! You asked for odds - 1000:1 or better that they absolutely definitely 100% increase the value once that "RV Green Light" is lit. When these things happen, the rate WILL go up, and I'm personally willing to stake any amount of $$$$$$ on it. (I already have! But you probably knew that!) You are very astute to understand that. Yes, if we see new denominations before a change in the rate, then we're looking at a different game. I anticipate a lot of news about new denoms immediately before the CBI changes the value, but until I actually SEE the denoms with my own eyes - no panic here. The opposite, in fact - the more propaganda they push out, the closer we likely are. YES, and in fact I have contacts that have told me that is already the case. About Rodgers... he told everyone to calm down already. Everything's gonna be fine! I saw the rumors, but nothing is confirmed. They will need the lower notes for a higher exchange ratio, so... we will see. Thanks again everyone for the feedback, I'm humbled and inspired and you all have my utmost gratitude for being such an amazing community.
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    Here's a really good analysis that I also think is hopeful for the revalue happening at the beginning of next week: Sent: Monday, January 03, 2011 11:05 PM Subject: Andrew's Update on Iraq I wanted to send out an update on what is going on with Iraq and why we haven't had an RV yet. Let me first say, the RV is a for-real deal -- all of these delays we have seen are explanatory and backed by media research; they are not made up excuses to why time frames come and go. We are not making excuses for an RV not occurring during a specific time frame, but considering the magnitude of such an event, it is in everyone's best interest (ours and Iraq's) that everything runs smoothly. Keep in mind, many of these investors have been waiting SEVEN YEARS for this time period. I myself have waited two years, and I can tell you, NOW is the time to get excited. We are approaching the end. Shabibi (the CBI director, the man in charge of the RV) has stated in more than 70 articles since last February that it is his intent to remove the 3 0's currency from circulation "directly" upon the formation of the government. The reason why the government must be in place is one, for security after an RV; two, to authorize the release of the smaller denominations after an RV; and third, to be able to pass any necessary legislature that arises from an RV (amended budget laws, the cancellation of government subsidies for food, the release of finances for private sector development after Iraq transfers to a market economy, i.e., 'free trade of the dinar'). The UN has removed ALL SANCTIONS pertaining to the dinar. The IMF has DEMANDED that Iraq switch from a contractionary monetary policy to an expansionary monetary policy for development of the private sector (an expansionary monetary policy is also called a market economy, allowing free trade of international goods and services, requiring an internationally recognized LOCAL currency -- not the USD, but the IQD -- this is in Article VIII of the IMF's statutes). In order to remove the three zero bills, there MUST be a declared international value to the dinar (for us, that is an RV -- who knows what that declared value will be, but it will definitely be higher than 1170:$1; I personally feel it will be between $2-$2.50, from my own research, but of course, it could be as low as 1:1). On December 21, 2010, after nine months of stalemate, Iraq's parliament was finally able to approve Maliki as the Prime Minister and accept 28 out of 42 of his cabinet members. The other 14 were assigned by proxy to be filled in as worthwhile candidates were put forth. Technically, Iraq constitutionally can allow this; however, their constitution states that a government is only formed when "parliament ratifies the prime minister and his cabinet." This is why the RV has not occurred yet, because the cabinet is not officially formed. Now, since Dec. 21, Iraq has moved with lightning speed and has confirmed all but 3 cabinet members. So Maliki has 39 out of 42 finalized. The remaining three are Security, Interior and Energy -- three biggies. Keep in mind, Iraq must have security in place in order to RV; the Interior is huge because it deals with the land of Iraq and the development of it; and of course, Energy is important because a large portion of the finances will go to updating Iraq's TERRIBLE energy constraints (currently most Iraqi's only have electricity 5 hours per day). The reason why these three are so difficult to post is that there are very few qualified Iraqi's to fill these positions. The ones that have been nominated so far were found to be fraudulent (they paid for their degrees and didn't attend college). Further, the new Minister of Finance, upon looking at the budget and conferring with the Kurds, realized the budget had serious issues in it that have been overlooked in the past, so he asked for an additional week to fix these problems before presenting the budget to be passed by parliament. Lastly, Allawi's new Security Council has had to be ratified by parliament as well (this is the new check/balance equation that was placed on Maliki as a condition of his retaining the prime minister office.) According to the constitution, Iraq's last parliamentary session was required to close down for the end of the year -- it's funny because they were only is session 10 days (December 21-31) since they wasted NINE MONTHS in declaring Maliki's PM status. They were going to take a two week break, but the President of Parliament (is it Talabani, or the other guy -- I get the two confused) said no way, we're going to continue working in "closed parliament" sessions and declare the new year's opening session to begin January 9, 2011. They did this so that Maliki, Allawi, the Minister of Finance and parliament could continue working on the above three issues, so that when they meet in "open session" they can get this stuff done ASAP. Since the New Year, we have seen several articles: one stating that it appears Allawi is ready to have his council ratified by parliament on January 9; two, that at least two of the three missing cabinets members have been nominated and go to vote on January 9 (the newest article says they may have found all three, but we're not 100% sure); third, that the budget is ready to go to parliament on January 10 for its first of three readings. So, God willing, the 9th and 10th should be very busy days for all of us. If Allawi's council is set, if the three ministers are approved, if the budget goes to parliament, we could potentially see an immediate RV between the 10th and the 17th. Most likely, according to the history of when Iraq RV'd in the past, they mainly did it on Sundays and Mondays. Occasionally they did it on Thursday and Tuesday, NEVER on a Friday or Wednesday. So we favor each Sunday and Monday as the most probable time to see an RV. Can monkey wrenches be thrown in this? Absolutely. They might not approve all three ministers. Allawi's council may hit snags. Technically, the budget must be read by parliament three times (January 10, 11, 12) before being voted on and becoming law. They are not required by law to read it three days in a row, so it could be dragged out. But the point is, FINALLY, Iraq IS working on this, they are getting this done and moving much faster than we've seen in five years. An article was released today saying that everyday they postpone the budget, they run the risk of upsetting the foreign investors (that's you and I!) Well, no duh! Iraq is aware of the RV and they are working towards its completion. They know we are waiting for it just as they are. I have never been MORE CONVINCED that this RV is going to occur and occur in the immediate future -- NOT months away; weeks -- even days away, provided these three steps are solidified in an announced government. Yes, Shabibi said he intended to RV before year's end. Except he has no more control over political junk than you or me. He, too, must wait for his country to get their government set and operational, fully, before releasing an RV of this magnitude. He has reiterated time and again, "directly following" the formation of the government will see the process of the RV begin. So, do I know this is going to happen? Yes. I have studied this for two years now -- an RV will occur in Iraq. What's the rate? Who knows, and at this point, who cares? When will it happen? I believe very soon, as soon as within the next 7-14 days, provided Iraq finally solidifies a government that has been in limbo since Christmas 2009. Hang in there -- they are working, they will do this, and it's quite possibly a lot sooner than you and I think.
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    I've never ever reported or posted a rumor before on DV. And if you look at my profile...I have a positive rep here. I work in a school district in Cincinnati and live in Butler representative in the House is John Boehner. My father in law has drank from deeply from the Okie Koolaide and I take the date and rate stuff with a mega grain of salt. I follow Scooter and Breitling for the most part. rate...but my father in law called Boehner's office and asked about the RV. An aide there said they are very aware of it, it is part of the debt ceiling negotiations, and it will occur "soon". Boehner's chief of staff then called my father in law back (they are friends as their son's went to school together and know each other very well) and stated that they are trying to keep money away from rampant Democrat spending...but did not comment on anything to do with Iraq or the RV. I'm not attention starved and not a pumper. This is just what I heard and my father in law is a trustworthy guy...then I see the following doozie on another site's father-in law stated that this was not his.... (Dinar Recaps received the following email from someone we know, but DO NOT know who wrote the the piece itself or if it is true.) I contacted Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and Senators, Sessions, Shelby and Congressman Brooks this morning. I also called their offices. Senator Sessions Aide Xxxx-told me she is aware of the Iraqi dinar revalue as is Senator Sessions. He has not issued an official statement yet however. Senator Shelbys aide Yyyy, Said that they are getting many calls about this issue and it important to Senator Shelby. when he issues an official statement-I would be informed. Congressman Brooks voicemail was full and I could not get through. Speaker of the House John Boehners (202-225-XXXX) Aide Zzz told me he is getting many calls about this issue and he and the Speaker are well aware that the US TREASURY IS HOLDING TRILLIONS OF DINAR , and that it should be More then enough TO PAY OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT. (I can’t beleive he admitted that to me. I was floored!!) HE ADMITTED THAT OUR TREASURY IS HOLDING TRILLIONS IN DINAR!!!!!! I said we are concerned that when the RV happens that the current administration is Washington NOT be allowed to spend it on “pet projects” and that it is only spent to pay off our deficit and to pay for the Iraqi war. Zzz said to me That the speaker will do his best to make sure these funds are spent for what they are allocated for. I wasn't there for these I cannot be 100% sure they occurred...but I'm going to believe it because I trust the source. Do with it what you will...
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    THIS IS ALL IMMHEO (In My Most Honest Educated Opinion) I have found a like that shows the Bank of Baghdad will RESUME trading tomorrow Sept 21, 2011 " Bank of Baghdad (BBOB) will resume trading on September 21, 2011. Bank of Baghdad (BBOB) will resume trading on September 21, 2011. The Bank increased its capital from ID100bn to ID112.9 bn through bonus issue. The opening price will be ID3.530 per share with +/- 50% limit for the first session. " Notice the labeling they give to the Dinar... "ID" not IQD like we now know it as I know that when other countries RV'd or changed out currencies, they received a new Label, hopefully this isn't part of a sneaky LOP, I STILL BELIEVE THERE WILL BE NO LOP if you look at the charts you will notice that BOB stopped trading trading the same day the DFI funds were released, WOW also look at the profile page, the Dinar is noted as IQD, not ID like the first link i posted, something is up! Second piece of evidence....the BOB website is down for some numbers to change aye??? hmmmmm......+1 if this makes your mind boggle
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    OK....this is from an article I found back in Febuary about the whole deleting the zeros process and about it starting at the end of the year......the reason Im making this post is because of the current happenings over in Iraq that have gone down in the past couple of weeks.....I REALLY believe we are at the end of this ride and this article confirms to me that we are about to see it start to happen in front of our eyes.....took me a minute to put two and two together because I was thinking about the TV shows that have been blacked out to everyone outside the country.....we all have been wondering that if this was just a board discussion about the benefits and how things COULD happen then why in the world would they black it out to anyone watching from outside Iraq.....well then after going back and reading this article (notice the part that I enlarged about them saying a "media event" would happen before they start the process to inform the public) a light bulb went off in my head!!! No wonder they hid it from everyone......its not a panel discussion.....I believe its a whole lot more then that and thats why they blacked it out!!! This article to me confirms our thoughts and theories about the whole cover up.....seems to me they are about to start this RV anyday now.......anyone else agree after reading this???? Of course I could be wrong...... Buuuuutttttt this article being written 8 months or so earlier is pretty damn convincing of whats about to come...........LETS GETR DONE!!!! February 10, 2010 Two currencies coexist together and gradual replacement Central Bank (time): Delete the zeros start end of the year BAGHDAD - Ahmed Saleh Khyoun CBI begins the end of the year and gradually replace the currency now in circulation a new currency which zeroes deleted within the strategy to reform the monetary system started in 2005. Bank consultant and announced the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told (time) on that (the bank has completed 50 percent of a strategy switch in and out, delete the zeros of the nominal value of the new currency while retaining the cash value and purchasing power), said that (the replacement process will be gradually and spontaneously high and without fanfare, as will be There are two currencies to trade at the same time go hand in hand), but (that the purchasing power of the new currency will remain fixed). Saleh said (there are multiple advantages of this strategy, including ease of trading between the citizens and facilitate the work of banks, counting, sorting, and stand on the counterfeit currency and to facilitate transactions of the citizens with the banks on the deposits and withdrawals in addition to facilitating the process of monetary reform after hitting a currency issued in circulation now 25 trillion dinars, while in 1990 was about 25 billion dinars and this in itself calls for the deletion of zeros). In the answer to a question by (time) whether the Central Bank has set a deadline for the replacement of the currency said (we did not define this ceiling until now that the matter is still under study and the reality of work at that time will decide how long the replacement process). Responding to another question about the Iraqi currency held abroad and how to replace it "(The right of a citizen is to remove the $ 200 thousand dinars and he could replace it like any ordinary citizen here in Iraq, either from abroad, the banks in the States would be responsible to us of the assets of our currency, too), He pointed out that (a media campaign will precede and guide the process in order to raise public awareness of the importance of this and that our banks and our will all be ready to provide all facilities to the citizens and emphasize once again that the process does not affect absolute quiet in the market also ... (note that many countries replaced their currency and benefit from their experiences in this area, including Turkey, Russia, Brazil and others). Note ~ NOT A LOP ~ The following statements mentioned in the following articles are indirectly saying that all Iraqi Dinars with 3 0's will be Removed from Circulation. That would mean that the 25,000, 10,000, 5,000 and 1,000 dinar notes will, over time (gradually), be taken out of circulation. This is Not a lop. Time will be given to trade in the higher notes for smaller notes and eventually the higher notes will no longer be used and will be Phased out Completly. Also Iraq is in its own category apart from Turkey, Russia, Brazil and others that actually lopped.
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    Would you like an instant text message or phone call when the RV is announced? We have expanded our capabilities and I am now able to offer this to ALL members, not just VIPs! There is a one time fee of $9.95 for the service, with nothing more to pay EVER. Just enter your phone number, make the payment, and then wait for the message. Order here: P.S. If you think this is a good idea, please give me a + rating. If you think everything should be given to you for free, please give me a - rating. Let's see which way this forum leans... freeloaders or not.
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    Without a doubt the past week or so has brought about the greatest frenzy the Dinar has ever seen. Rumors and more rumors abounding each and every day. Something is about to happen!! You can feel it in the air, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation. Too much smoke around here for there not to be a fire burning somewhere! Today is October 25, 2010 almost every rumor and tidbit I have found pounts to this wrapping up between now and November 3, 2010, ten days from now! The strongest rumors are that with the seating of the Government in Iraq the RV will immediately be released. I like Sonny1's latest post of GOI seated and RV within 4 days of the completion! Many rumors that it will coincide with our own midterm elections. Almost all the information out there is that in the next 10 days we will either have the RV or it will begin. With that thought in mind, could this possibly be the last ten day's of our live's as we now know them? Could this be the last ten days that you put in five dollars of gas instead of filling up? Could this be the last ten days that you bring lunch to work instead of eating out? Could this be the last ten days you actually have to go to work? Could this be the last ten days you have to clip coupons to buy groceries? Could this be the last ten days you have to drive a car you are ashamed of? Could this be the last ten days you dont answer the phone because it may be a bill collector? Could this be the last ten days you sneak your own snacks into the movie theatre? Could this be the last ten days you eat ground beef instead of steak? Could this be the last ten days you window shop and go home empty handed? Could this be the last ten days you want to help someone but can't? Could this be the last ten days you are in debt? Could this be the last ten days you see a commercial or read an article about a vacation destination and wish you could go? Could this be the last ten days your kids need a new pair of shoes? Could this be the last ten days you have to take crap from an inlaw about your financial status? Could this be the last ten days you feel the need to check this web site every hour on the hour? Could this be the last ten days you have to wait to go to the doctor or dentist because you can't afford it? Could this be the last ten days you worry about forclosure or bankruptcy? Could this be the last ten days you have parents that cannot make it on their social security alone? COULD THIS BE THE LAST TEN DAYS OF OUR LIVES AS WE HAVE KNOWN THEM?? Not certain about you but I am beginning to allow myself to get just a wee bit excited!!!! Ten days and we may never be the same again. When it happens let us never forget where we have come from to arrive at our destiny!!
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    I am not sure if this should be placed in the rumor section or not, I have some articles to back it up but better safe than sorry. I don't want to get everybody worked up for nothing, but this upcoming Summit "may" hold more than some folks give it credit for. First off, I already posted an article earlier describing how Iraq is shutting things down for the Summit... here is the link to that article if you didn't catch it.... I just listened to Phoenix and he elaborated on this article... so I want to expound on it a bit. Here are some of the key points the Phoenix brings out about the Summit... (Phoenix Link: http://www.blogtalkr...ix-rising-radio (listen around 48 to 54 minutes into program) *They are closing off the border and border traffic *They are closing off the airport travel for 3 days at the Baghdad airport. *Most business will be closed, including govt. and schools. *Media blackout for this event. ( Link: http://ar.radionawa....31329&LinkID=63 ) *Shabbibi has previously called for tight security in order to RV... "this event will have the greatest level of security that Iraq has ever had" according to Phoenix (listen to above blog talk radio minutes 48 to 54). Again with another article I posted previously concerning Economic Growth (link: ). Here is the line I want to focus on... "that the Iraqi economy will see significant growth and significant development after the Arab summit, the fact that there are economic interests large will be activated between Iraq and the Arab countries on all sides". Got that? "All sides"... including economic as well... couldn't that be eluding to their currency as well? Thanks for letting this optimistic fella ramble on ... I am no guru... but I am trying to piece together what I can from what I hear. This Summit imo is very significant, and may hold what we have been looking for... time will tell.
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    I was at work this morning when a client told me he was leaving for Iraq on Friday. He brought it up, I asked, I wonder how the dinar is doing? He said do you have some and I said yes, he said that his company just got the contract for a electronics deal they have been working on and it was based on a revalued currency and he will be there for three weeks. I said really! He said yes and that I should hear something within a week, I said that I hoped it was 1 to 1 with the dollar, he said I think you will see closer to 3. This actually happened today, I am always skeptical but he was very informed of what his company is doing. I hope this is true, he did say before the end of the month I should know!
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    Me and another member here (easyrider) get online and play COD all the time now and we have met some other dinar investors along the way....well one chick that we play with happens to work at a BOA in one of the major cities in CA.......She doesnt have much of a clue about ANY foreign currency (she was asked) so we pretty much didnt take it any further in asking her if she knew about the dinar....would be basically we never really brought it up around her again....well the other day she is online and she starts talking about her day at work and goes on to mention something about them getting a big currency machine....bigger then what would normally be used for counting USD.....she was saying they just got one in but she couldnt remember how to pronounce the name of you all know the first thing that came to mind.......DE LA RUE!!!! After screaming that out she of course confirmed that was the name of the machine......BUT she did say that she has not been told what they are going to be used for and they have NOT started any kind of training yet for the employees....simply that one has arrived at her branch......of course we will be pressing her and already told her if she hears anything else about them or starts training on them to let me or easyrider know.....either one of us will try and keep you updated if we hear anything further....this was just a really random occurance but it DEF got my attention and a small glimmer of hope broke out from behind the clouds the meantime I am talking to a close friend of mine back home who is in good with the corporate office headquarters of BOA to see if this is new, if any other branches are recieving them, and what exactly they could be getting them for.........could this all be a coincidence??? MAYBE.......but given the timing of it, I would have to say right now it COULD go a bit beyond just being a simple coincidence......I guess we will have to wait and see what the next few days bring us and what exactly I hear back from my friend......just thought I would share this with everyone, especially since alot of you constantly tell me Im just a negative nancy for keeping a level head and trying to stay realistic about everything....and tell me that I never have anything positive to say.....which is false as well.....there just hasent been much to talk about or get excited about since most of CH7 was released and Maliki was finally given permission to form the govt.....we are in waiting mode right now....thats why even the gurus are reaching hard right now just to spin something into meaning the RV is next week....bad enough to that they are taking simple typos and turning them into hardcore "intel" And Im not just going to sit here and type up nonsense for you to read everyday just so you have something to do......I think you all get enough of that from TK, Okie, and PD.........can anyone else confirm a similar occurance anywhere else across the country with BOA??? STAY THIRSTY!!!!
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    "Open market operations" are monetary policy tools that affect directly the monetary base; the monetary base can be expanded or contracted using an expansionary policy or a contractionary policy, but not without risk. The monetary base is typically controlled by the institution in a country that controls monetary policy. This is usually either the finance ministry or the central bank. These institutions print currency and release it into the economy, or withdraw it from the economy, through open market transactions (i.e., the buying and selling of government bonds). These institutions also typically have the ability to influence banking activities by manipulating interest rates and changing bank reserve requirements (how much money banks must keep on hand instead of loaning out to borrowers). The monetary base is called high-powered because an increase in the monetary base (M0) can result in a much larger increase in the supply of bank money, an effect often referred to as the money multiplier. An increase of 1 billion currency units in the monetary base will allow (and often be correlated to) an increase of several billion units of "bank money". This is often discussed in conjunction with fractional-reserve banking banking systems. So now we know there are monetary tools that affect directly the monetary base. Monetary Base are the notes & coins that are in circulation. The monetary base can be expanded or contracted using two different methods. First Method: "Expansionary Policy" (Expanding / Printing More Money) http://en.wikipedia....monetary_policy "In economics, expansionary policies are fiscal policies, like higher spending and tax cuts, that encourage economic growth.[1] In turn, an expansionary monetary policy is monetary policy that seeks to increase the size of the money supply. In most nations, monetary policy is controlled by either a central bank or a finance ministry." We already know how a country can "expand" their monetary base / currency in circulation. They print more money. This is exactly what Iraq has done ever since 2003 when they released the new IQD's and put them into circulation. I believe they started with about 6 trillion Dinars back in 2003 but for arguments sake we will stick with the facts. In 2004 IndexMundi states that they had 10,244,220,000,000.00 Iraqi Dinars in circulation. That is a little over 10 trillion dinars. http://www.indexmund...acts/iraq/money Now we know that the CBI has the ability to "expand" and has in fact "expanded" their monetary base from 10 trillion Dinars to 30 trillion Dinars in a matter of 4 years! That is a lot of printing... Second Method: "Contractionary Policy" (Contracting / Decreasing Money in Circulation) http://en.wikipedia....monetary_policy Monetary base Contractionary policy can be implemented by reducing the size of the monetary base. This directly reduces the total amount of money circulating in the economy. A central bank can use open market operations to reduce the monetary base. The central bank would typically sell bonds in exchange for hard currency. When the central bank collects this hard currency payment, it removes that amount of currency from the economy, thus contracting the monetary base. Iraq's Currency Auctions They sell U.S. dollars to the banks and receive Iraqi Dinars. This happens ALL THE TIME. When the central bank collects this hard currency payment, it removes that amount of currency from the economy, thus contracting the monetary base. This is our key to a significant RV, PERIOD! Effectively DESTROY BASE MONEY: Process Since most money is now in the form of electronic records rather than cash, open market operations are conducted simply by electronically increasing or decreasing ('crediting' or 'debiting') the amount of base money that the bank has in its reserve account at the central bank. Thus, the process does not literally require new currency. (However, this will increase the central bank's requirement to print currency when the member bank demands banknotes, in exchange for a decrease in its electronic balance.) When there is an increased demand for base money, action is taken in order to maintain the short term interest rate (that is, to increase the supply of base money). The central bank goes to the open market to buy a financial asset such as government bonds, foreign currency or gold. To pay for this, bank reserves in the form of new base money (for example newly printed cash) is transferred to the sellers bank, and the sellers account is credited. Thus, the total amount of base money in the economy has increased. Conversely, if the central bank sells these assets in the open market, the amount of base money that the buyer's bank holds decreases, effectively destroying base money. Folks, I have created 3 threads this morning and all of them I personally feel are VERY IMPORTANT. First Thread Titled: "Iraqi Bank Reserve Requirements" particular thread has debunked the false rumors floating around accusing Iraq of following the Islamic Banking Law, which they do not. This means that they do not follow 100% Full Reserve Banking. Second Thread Titled: Smart Cards / E-Payment Will Decrease Currency in Circulation" I explained how moving to E-Payment such as the Smart Card can and will significantly decrease the amount of currency in circulation over time. This method will depend on consistent power through the country in order for the banks and ATM's to work....they obviously need electricity (thanks Dalite for the reminder) The Iraqi citizens will also need to build faith and trust with the different banks in order for this to work. Educational Campaigns could do this for them in a matter of weeks or maybe months. Lastly, Thread Titled: "Open Market Operations aka "Currency Auctions" This PROVES that the currency auctions can (if not already) bring in tons and tons of Iraqi Dinars which will then be destroyed. This effectively destroys a country's Money Base aka Currency in Circulation. I have provided tons of links and facts for the naysayers or for those who base their decisions off of logic and reasoning. I'm not sure if this is possible but I think a MOD should "Pin" this thread because it proves that a significant RV is possible. It proves all of the "naysayers / LOPsters" wrong. The biggest argument (which is valid and played a huge role in all of this) is the amount of currency in circulation. Well this thread proves that by using Contractionary Policy the CBI can decrease the Money Base (currency in circulation) through Open Market Operations which also can be referred to as Currency Auctions. Thank you for taking the time to read through this.
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    Central Bank reveals details of the Iraq Currency Palm - the central bank of Iraq, that Iraq's new currency will increase by three zeros, indicating that he had conducted an extensive study concluded that the lifting of the zeroes will strengthen the value of the Iraqi currency. The deputy governor of Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh during a media statement: The Central Bank is determined to raise the three zeros from the currency of the new Iraqi and presented its project to the government and the House of Representatives and is awaiting the government's decision and the Council of Representatives. Economists and shows that the process of removing three zeros from the Iraqi currency will lead to increased value, and to increase the purchasing power of citizens, noting to the need to pursue policies to persuade the citizens quiet and get a feel for a period not exceeding two years. And the benefit that the draft lifting the three zeroes from the currency made by the government five years ago to the Central Bank, and has undergone throughout this period to an extensive study over the need to raise zeros to strengthen the value of the Iraqi currency, adding that the deletion of zeros enhance the value of the Iraqi currency and reduce the cost of handling cash, and currency its current estimated size of today Petrlionat dinars, which makes the process of dealing with the monetary cost is high. The Central Bank of Iraq began to discuss amending the categories of the dinar last year and is still a large part of the payments being in cash due to the evolution of the banking system, noting that the President of the Securities Commission of Iraq has said, earlier, that the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency will not affect the circulation of the Iraqi Stock Exchange and shares. I understand this fully, bashers, and it does not say remove three zeros from the paper currency, it says from the Iraqi Currency, meaning as a whole, meaning exchange can't turn 25k dinar bill into 25 dinar bill and " will lead to increased value[/b], and to increase the purchasing power of citizens" Case closed! ...and no this is not an old article!!!! don't go there! +1 if you agree and love PROOF like this that STOMPS out bashers and "realistic"als.
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    Hey guys, My little deenar group here in GA has an accountant that's been in this investment for years on the direction of one of his financial buddies in FL. Well...this guy is doing the taxes for someone who has been working as a security contractor of some sorts in Iraq. He finally gets in touch with him today after attempts failed all week. After finishing their business, our buddy asks this guy what is going on over there. He said that the streets are flush with USD, Euro, etc., and pretty much everything but the deenar. Well, this guy says that they are there to help keep things stable when the USD, etc., is removed from the streets BY Feb 1st. Now, one of the WTO requirements is for a country to utilize it's own currency (hello, new, internationally recognized LDs!!!) and not someone else's (goodbye, USD!!!). And finally, isn't this kind of what Bravo eluded to when he said that two of his contractor buddies were rushed back unexpectedly for something big?? No BS, so neg or plus me...I honestly don't care. SSI
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    [iM Viper] Is this real…… Live call with Tony on PTR says IMF will pull the trigger and he is now saying that the RATE IS CONFIRMED THAT IT IS HERE IN THE USA – its any time now… They are seeing the rate at $5.25…. Tony is live right now on PTR stating that there is no reason for this to not show now…There is nothing left to do – IMF is upset and saying this can’t be held as a pawn anymore regarding the deficit – its going to happen anytime now….so get ready…..way before the August 2nd deadline… Now, I expect a whole bunch of "atta' boy's", "can only hope", "Go Rv" and plus 1's for posting this pant load.....I need to get my ratings up.
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    Since the central bank announced a plan to the deletion of three zeros from the Iraqi currency minting a coin to the banknotes currently in circulation. واستعرض البنك المركزي في حينه المصاعب التي تسببها العملة العراقية بفئاتها الحالية التي تتصدرها حفنة اصفار في التعاملات التجارية. He reviewed the Central Bank at the time, the difficulties caused by the current Iraqi currency Pfiadtha led by a handful of zeros in the trade. ولفت الى المضايقات التي تسببها هذه العملات للمواطن الذي يتعين عليه ان يستخدم اكياسا معبأة برزم من الدنانير لشراء سلع بسيطة. He pointed to the harassment caused by the currency of the citizen who should be used as bags packed stacks of dinars to purchase goods is simple. كما ان التعامل بأكوام من الدنانير في الحياة اليومية بهذه الطريقة يحول دون استخدام مكائن الصرف الآلي التي اصبحت شائعة في البلدان الأخرى لكنها ما زالت غير عملية في العراق. Also, dealing with piles of dinars in daily life in this way preclude the use of automated teller machines, which have become common in other countries but still is a process in Iraq. ويعود تطفل الاصفار على الدينار العراقي الى ايام التضخم الجامح الذي أتى على قيمة العملة الوطنية نتيجة الحروب السابقة وما تلاها من عقوبات دولية دمرت الاقتصاد العراقي واحالت عملة العراق الى ورق كانت مطابع النظام السابق تصدره بكميات ضخمة دون غطاء. Due to the intrusion of zeros the Iraqi dinar to the days of hyperinflation that brought the value of national currency as a result of previous wars and the subsequent UN sanctions destroyed Iraq's economy and sent the currency of Iraq to the paper was printing the former regime, issued in large quantities without the lid. ولكن الاستقرار النسبي للعملة الوطنية وعودة ارتباط العراق بالاقتصاد العالمي وتوفر احتياط من القطع الأجنبي بفضل صادرات النفط ، كلها شجعت البنك المركزي على التفكير في حذف الاصفار. But the relative stability of the national currency and the return link Iraq to the global economy and the availability of foreign exchange reserves, thanks to oil exports, the central bank are all encouraged to think in the deletion of zeros. ولكن القناعة التي ابداها مسؤولون في البنك بهذا الاجراء لاقت تحفظات من مسؤولين في الحكومة وضعوا علامة استفهام على جدوى مثل هذه الخطوة وتوقيتها. But the conviction displayed by officials in the bank this measure met with reservations from officials in the government and put a question mark on the feasibility of such a move and its timing. وفي هذا الاطار لاحظ مستشار رئيس الوزراء للشؤون الاقتصادية عبد الحسين العنبكي في حديث خاص لاذاعة العراق الحر ان الفساد المستشري في مؤسسات الدولة وهبوط مستوى كفاءتها والوضع الاقتصادي عموما في هذا الوقت ليس لصالح رفع الاصفار ، بحسب رأيه. In this context, he noted adviser to Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Abdullah Hussein Al-Anbuge in a special interview for Radio Free Iraq that the rampant corruption in state institutions and the low level of efficiency and economic situation in general at this time not in favor of lifting of the zeroes, according to his opinion. ولكن مستشار محافظ البنك المركزي مظهر محمد صالح وصف نظام المدفوعات النقدية الحالي بالنظام البائس حيث اكبر فئات العملة فيه لا تزيد قيمتها على عشرين دولارا لافتا الى ان هذا الحكم على تركيب العملة العراقية اصدره البنك المركزي بعد دراسة استمرت خمس سنوات. However, Advisor to the Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh described the system of cash payments current system, where the miserable largest denomination in which not more than twenty dollars worth pointing out that this provision is the installation of the Iraqi currency issued by the Central Bank continued to study after five years. مستشار رئيس الوزراء للشؤون الاقتصادية عبد الحسين العنبكي نبه من جهته الى المطبات التي ستواجه تغيير العملة وحذف الاصفار بما في ذلك مخاطر التزوير وزيادة الطلب على السلع لأسباب وهمية ناجمة عن دفع دينار بدلا من الف دينار كما الآن. Adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Abdullah Hussein Al-Anbuge warned his part to the bumps that will change the currency, and the deletion of zeros, including the risk of fraud and increasing the demand for goods and for reasons arising from the payment of fake dinars instead of the thousand dinars, as now. ولكن مستشار محافظ البنك المركزي مظهر محمد صالح اعتبر ان الخوف من عصابات التزوير ينم عن نظرة سوداوية مذكِّرا بأن دولا أخرى أقدمت على تبديل عملتها وأسقطت منها اصفارا مثل تركيا ورومانيا والبرازيل دون ان يتعرض اقتصادها الى هزات وبالتالي فان العراق لا يخوض مياهاً مجهولة أو يسير في طريق لم يطرقه احد من قبل. But the adviser to the Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh considered that the fear of fraud rings reflects the look bleak reminder that other countries in deciding to switch its currency and dropped them zeros, such as Turkey, Romania and Brazil, without being of its economy to shocks and therefore, Iraq is not engaged in water unknown or walking in the way of did not knock him one before. مستشار رئيس الوزراء للشؤون الاقتصادية اشار الى التكاليف الباهظة لاعادة طبع عملة جديدة مؤكدا ان محاولات ستُبذل لاقناع البنك المركزي بالتريث في خططه بهذا الشأن. Adviser to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs pointed out the high costs of re-printing of new currency, stressing that attempts will be made to persuade the central bank plans to slow down in this regard. ولكن مستشار محافظ البنك المركزي اوضح ان تبديل العملة وحذف الاصفار قرار تتخذه السلطة التنفيذية وتقره السلطة التشريعية وانه مشروع لن يُنفذ بعجالة بل ستؤخذ جملة عوامل في الاعتبار قبل البدء بتنفيذه بما في ذلك موعد السنة المالية وقوة الاقتصاد الوطني من بين مؤشرات أخرى. But the adviser to the Governor of the Central Bank explained that the currency exchange and deletion of zeros decision taken by the executive branch and approved by the legislature and that the project will not be implemented hastily, but will be taken among other factors to consider before you start to implement it, including the date of the financial year and the strength of the national economy, among other indicators. واعرب مظهر محمد صالح عن تفاؤله بآفاق تطور الاقتصاد العراقي مشددا على ان اصلاح نظام العملة يرتبط بقوة الاقتصاد وان الهدف من مثل هذه الخطوة هو اعادة الدينار العراقي الى قوته السابقة. And the appearance of Mohammed Saleh expressed optimism about the prospects for the development of the Iraqi economy, stressing that the currency reform is strongly linked to the economy and that the goal of such a move is to restore the Iraqi dinar to the previous strength. المحلل الاقتصادي باسم جميل انطوان رأى ان تبديل العملة العراقية اجراء لا بد منه داعيا الى استيفاء الشروط اللازمة لتنفيذ العملية وفي مقدمتها الاستقرار الأمني والسياسي. Economic analyst Bassem Jamil Antoine believed that the switch to hold the Iraqi currency is not inevitable and called for meeting the conditions necessary for the implementation process, particularly the security and political stability. مر وقت حتى منتصف الثمانينات كان الدينار العراقي يعادل أكثر من ثلاثة دولارات اميركية. Over time until the mid-eighties the Iraqi dinar was equivalent to more than three U.S. dollars. ويُقدر ان رفع الاصفار الثلاثة سيؤدي الى سعر صرف قدره دولار واحد للدينار الواحد. It is estimated that raising the three zeros will lead to the exchange rate of one dollar per dinar. ساهم في الملف مراسل اذاعة العراق الحر في بغداد خالد وليد Contributed to the file via Radio Free Iraq in Baghdad, Khalid Waleed +1 if you like REAL PROOF FROM REAL IRAQI NEWS HUBS
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    Ok we all know that the 2011 BUDGET has been pushed to the TOP OF THE IRAQI TO DO LIST. There are meetings still going on daily with no SOLID info on whats happening with any RV. However Arinai banks at the Rasheed Bank in Western Baghdad which is a Gov owned bank. He spoke to a person he knows there who flat told him if THE DINAR IS TO BE REVALUED IT WILL BE THE BASE OF FIGURES FOR THE 2011 BUDGET. So even though this is just information I'm beginning to think the RV may be released with the 2011 budget which is a priority of the GOI right now. This happening this way is a big possibility IMO. I will pass on any further info I get. Hang it there
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    when i finally got to sign on today and read 7 pages of what seemed to start at great and positive news that i tried to present to all, and "keep" kinda turned it from positve articles to just one, blowing off all the many many other positive articles, reducing it to a topic of a few level headed folks and supporters into a smart alec lopster thread, thus throwing out any of the good news because of one article was all that could be seen by "keep" makeing my post not any thing like it was intended to be or any thing i wanted to show , i dont believe in a lop, ill never believe in a lop, and the currency we hold as investors will not be the same conclusion as for what iraqis hold, this is about them an there currency its about takein the 000 notes out of iraq, this isnt about what we hold, they have to remove the 000 from iraq, this is the only way they can bring down the supply in circulation, otherwise iraq wont stop useing usd they will continue unless iraq will at least match the usd rate, iraqis will not stop, theve lost faith in the dinar, they know what the usd will buy, they do not like carrying around suitcases full to buy a coke, they like usein usd because they can buy 20.00 worth for 20.00 of product, where as buying 20.00 worth of product useing dinar they have to carry around a huge amount so they dont wanna use dinar, so how will a lop help iraq? how will international companys take iraq serious with oiut at least a 1 to 1 rate with the usd, how can the iraqi stock exchange be any thing other than just a penny stock @ 1170? how will they be able to produce the biggest budget in arabic history for 2012 at 1170? how could the currency support that budget and all the contracts? how according to them by removing the 000 could it possibly give the people greater purchasing power how will a lop do that for them? how will it make there life better? how would a lop make them stop useing usd? how could they even think about going international an be a huge part of the forexes at a lop? how or why would the rest of the world take the 3rds richest country in the world serious with a lop? how could any countrys central banks reserves want to include the iqd at a lop as part of there reserves as iraq wants them to do do they have miles an miles of space to put a bunch of lopped currency into it to store it? how would lopping the iqd make the iqd the strongest currency in the middle east? ask yourself all of these questions "keep" and then while your at it try to smother this thread with a bunch of crap and make it all about you and your kind of compliments which arent really now are they and bash others who try to show u reality, in fact while your at it try to destroy this article too.............................Dinar is equal to the dollar! Palm - Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh: that the bill included proposals for a new currency and the groups that carried and details of technical and economic. Saleh pointed out during the permit media to switch the currency and the deletion of zeros decision taken by the executive branch and approved by the legislature, and that the project will not be implemented hastily, but will be taken among other factors to consider before you start to implement it, including the date of the financial year and the strength of the national economy, among other indicators in the favor of the view that This law, if approved, will have a positive impact on the Iraqi currency in several aspects of the need during the next phase, which will strengthen the value of the Iraqi currency. He described the favor of a system of cash payments of the current Iraqi regime miserable, noting that the largest denomination in which value does not exceed twenty dollars, stressing that the deletion of zeros will enhance the value of the Iraqi currency, and reduces the cost of handling cash, currency should its current estimated size of today Petrlionat dinars, making the process of dealing monetary cost is high. And the concerns of rigging the new currency in the event made or it will affect negatively on the economic situation, responded in favor of: that it reflects the look bleak, do not forget that there are other countries in deciding to switch its currency and dropped them zeros, such as Turkey, Romania and Brazil, without being of its economy to shocks and thus Iraq is not engaged in unknown waters or walking on the road did not knock him one before is likely to include the new currency for the population of the coin by the paper. The increased zeroes on the Iraqi dinar to the days of inflation, which came on the value of the Iraqi currency as a result of previous wars and the subsequent economic blockade was over, the currency of Iraq to the paper was printing the former regime, issued in large quantities without the cover, while the Iraqi dinar until the mid-eighties equivalent of more than three U.S. dollars. But the adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Abdullah Hussein Al-Anbuge said in a press statement: that corruption is rampant in state institutions and the low level of efficiency and economic situation in general at this time not in favor of lifting of the zeroes. He pointed to what he said that he was pitfalls will change the currency, and the deletion of zeros, including the risk of fraud and increasing the demand for goods for reasons of fake due to payment of dinars instead of a thousand dinars, as now, explaining that the re-printing of new currency will have the costs of expensive, stressing that attempts will be made to convince the bank Central plans to slow down in this regard. Previously, the President of the Iraqi Securities Commission confirmed that, earlier, that the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency will not affect trading in the Iraqi Stock Exchange and its shares The director of a money transfer companies externally Sami Rashid: I think that lifting the zeros from the currency will increase confidence in the currency, and will lead to increased purchasing power of citizens, and the phenomenon of trading blocs will drop large cash used by Iraqis since the nineties. He believed economic analyst Talal Jassim said the switch of the Iraqi currency a necessary but pointed to the need to provide the conditions necessary for its implementation, particularly the security and political stability, adding that the relative stability of the Iraqi currency after the issuance of currency recently, and the result of the return link Iraq to the global economy and the availability of reserves of foreign currency due to oil exports , encouraged the Central Bank to consider the deletion of zeros. Jassim added that the lifting of the zeroes of the three will lead to an exchange rate of one dollar per dinar to Jasim, who called to the need to follow the policies of peaceful citizens and to persuade them to get used for a period not exceeding two years. *********************** now u just have the best day and ill try to find time later to come back and speak to u, but i wont be taking kindly to u as u put it "questioning me" if u want to be kind and conciderate of others feelings fine i just might give u the time of day, but if u wanna act like the jerk u was actin like last night u can forget ever recieveing another response from me, any one can be a judo keyboard blackbelt its what u do in person that will make or break u and bein a smart as* with me wouldnt go over well face to face, ........... bell i appreciate ya gal, known u a long time, im glad u get it some dont some did...........and the rest who saw progress and positivity in all my articles ty so much i commend u,.................its a shame that all those great articles got mixed in with all the lopster tails an shrimp tails that were thrown out in the trash the night before, because if youd (keep) have read all the 1000's of other articles i presented maybe u might have found something to be positive about too. .......thank you all for allowing me to vent, ill keep on doin what i do, and im sorry if ive offended any one thats not what im about, i try to be as real as possible...............BondLady
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    10:30 PM Baghdad the Iraqi News Agency released that Thursday 11-11-10 at 3:00 PM SHARP (Baghdad Time) There will be Announcements of GREAT NEWS FROM PARLIMENT to end of burden for Iraq and its People. I hope this means what I HOPE IT MEANS. MAN ALL POSTs FOR REPORTING THURSDAY. I want to hear GOOD NEWS from all PORTS> I will continue to pass on what ever I get. Are we excited yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    3-10-13 SWFloridaGuy: Greetings Dinar Vets. I've decided to change my focus from solely doing my own research and decided to branch out to utilize what the professionals far more educated in the areas than myself. For 3 years I've studied large currency appreciations, macroeconomics, economic policy and the risk associated with it. As hard as I apply myself, I'm not to proud to admit I'm out of my league. So, I've enlisted the help of some professional global investment authorities and research groups. Doug Casey Research , Herg, UC San Diego, CESifo and an old acquaintance from Syracuse to name a few. These interviews will be recorded and the questions will be submitted to them to give them time to prepare and avoid feeling ambushed. I will broadcast them upon completion. I am only looking for honest opinions (positive or negative) and will not censor them broadening the spectrum for multiple points of view. Addressing another topic: I empathize with the frustrations of our fellow brothers and sisters, many who I've come to call friends. I grow weary of those I consider perfidious, clearly motivated by an ulterior agenda. We're under enough stress and Im not her to cause strife (character defect I am working on) which accomplishes nothing other than to promote discourse among an already very distressed group (myself included). I do believe this is a great opportunity and I'm in it for the long haul but I have learned it's more enjoyable when it's not all-consuming where other areas of my life are neglected (never was a big fan of roller coasters). I've tried to expose the Reno scams & date/rate hype but have come to the realization that, true or false, people prefer to have hope and, after all, they could be right and I could be wrong so who am I to judge. However, there is a select group promoting cults who employ a potent mixture of influence techniques and deception to attain psychological control over members who are only doing everything to provide for their families during these difficult financial times. Unfortunately with every genuine investment opportunity there are also an abundance of anonymous imposters willing to tell you exactly what you want to hear, for a fee of course. Then there are certain forums where adults are treated equally, each opinion condidered, valued and given the proper respect they deserve. No moderated chats, no typing in all caps, no banning for exposing untruths and most importantly they focus on the real positive aspects of this investment, of which there are many. This will always be highly speculative, which is precisely why authoritativeness and condescension has no place here. It's possible to be skeptical while also having an optimistic outlook toward this investment and life in general. I do appreciate the social aspect and friends I've made along the way but have also come to the realization that there are many naive people out there who are willing to believe anything once they get that gold fever (which is understandable to a point). It's been a quite a journey (both financially and emotionally) but I believe 100% that in time we will prosper. Those who have been involved for years have already seen an appreciation which we believe will continue sanguinely by comparison considering how far Iraq has come, despite several setbacks along the way. In the meantime we should try coexist peacefully, ignoring pumpers thereby limiting their audience and making a concerted effort to review each others research in a respectful manner and offer our own perspective; whether that be in the affirmative or showcasing an alternative theory. This isn't a competition. I can't recall Doug Casey (Casey Research) crying me first, me first, I said it first. Typing in all caps, or holding moderated chats. Banning members for exposing untruths does nothing to further our cause. I'm sorry if this is off topic tonight but I've grown weary of the disrespect lies and cult-like, blind following the blind that I've witnessed over the past few years. Like all families we often bicker, which is understandable, with so much on the line. I'm guilty of much of this myself but have had the pleasure of speaking with those far more educated and professional than myself and am doing my best to emulate them because I need a lot of help from many of the experienced, knowledgeable members this community has to offer. Synergism is the key and if utilized, we may be able come to a better understanding and limit our frustrations. We could probably start by elminating these phrases I saw on S.N.L. 1. The rate is live on Forex. 2. Bank Screens are going wild (red, amber, blue, blinking) 3. UST is in lockdown. 4. Cheney just bought more IQD/Pacemaker. 5. Vegas is now accepting money orders. 6. Prosperity packages are prospering (off us). 7. The 747 made it's final made it's voyage to the Bermuda Triangle (unfortunately the manna was among the lost cargo). 8. Don't go to the CBI website, you'll crash the server and stop our blessing. I would also like to genuinely thank all the economists/tireless researchers and the thousands of dedicated chat room members/newshounds/friends who continue to devote their time to sharing their honest opinions, void of vague, misleading analogies that help us all come to further our own understanding and research when it comes to such a highly speculative topic. I'm sorry if this came off a tad acrimonious. My inability to suppress my frustrations sometimes overshadows my gratitude for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I have no doubt this is the opportunity of the century. I've recently changed my focus from solely studying articles, macroeconomics, geo-politics, UN/WTO regulations and procedural steps because after much research I've come to realize I will never fully grasp how this will influence a country as corrupt as Iraq and the global financial system in General, which we hope will somehow filter down to benefit us in the near future. The G-7 developed economies realize that you can't simply print money into existence and fight deflation while stimulating growth. As we all know by now these currency wars have gone global. The leaders of the world are facing a major problem. They can no longer print fiat currency when they have no real value. A change is coming and 3rd world countries with no debt and a monumental amount of natural resources will help to revitalize the global economy investment/aid/contracts/corporations and arms deals will pour in. This will not happen over night but it will happen. There is no other alternative. Now to talk about the positive: Let's examine some applicable information that also happens to be very encouraging regarding Iraq's natural wealth and financial/political outlook: They have already mined thousands of tons of gold, which was set aside for the purification and extraction process. This discovery, among others, could turn Iraq into a producer of gold more than oil. It has also will increase the prices of real estate due to the influx of gold job seekers. Iraq currently has $60 billion in foreign currency reserves. In the 70s, when their former currency boasted a much larger value, Iraq's foreign reserves were only 35 billion. As CBI reserves grow, so does their credibility. They passed their largest budget in history and are making Chapter VII removal, WTO accession, appeasing the Kuwait, receiving support from the United Nations/negotiating with the Kurds and HOPEFULLY resolving the elusive HCL/140 in a way that satisfies all parties involved. I'm not here to attempt to convince you that overnight Iraq will RV . On the contrary, after studying large currency appreciations and the repercussions that would have not only short term but long term (although anything is possible), I now take a more balanced approach that a large currency appreciation shock is on the horizon for the IQD but tend to believe this will be a more gradual process and only after certain changes have taken place that will ensure long term stability (economic not political). We are currently witnessing these changes and I postulate that before the elections this postulate will proliferate barring any unforseen political instabiltiy. When you ignore the daily hype and follow the verifiable progress Iraq is making you can't help but be encouraged and it makes this journey far more tolerable (even exciting). To name a few: · Economic sanctions being lifted · Plans to alleviate debt have been instituted · Iraq is the fastest growing economy in the world · Funds being unfrozen · Iraq is emerging as an economic leader not only in MENA but globally · The IEA recently reported that Iraq will lead OPEC oil production growth over the next two decades · Private sector has made huge contributions toward economic recovery · Oil companies are driving growth and boosting infrastructure development · Budget passed - general progress that will lead to further implementation of necessary projects . Central banks formulate the timing of the implementation phase of a nation’s policy agenda . Confidence that the economy is strong and faith that strength will continue, historically proven element that all former revaluations share . The GOI/CBI's credibility is paramount, international pressure forcing the CBI to revalue will not maintain that growth . The CBI could move forward as they see fit but we see the GOI/CBI receiving international pressure demanding political/economic ameliorate . Iraq plans for economic integration . They are the premier emerging market, not only in the Middle East but the world . Iraq has positioned itself to make a significant impact on the oil and energy industry . The global economy is suffering and is once again forced to turn to the world's central banks for salvage . Iraq alone does not have the power to revive global economic growth but they present a unique opportunity that could possibly coadjutant in the recovery process. I'd like to add just one more thing. The scammers promising you high rates with PP/Vegas (whatever) deplorable liars. When the IQD goes live (international) the IMF will send a 'go live' signal to the Central Banks (upon approval of BIS board), then it will hit the master board at their main corporate offices and proceed to the banking system (country to country) depending on the IMF release terms. There will BE ONLY ONE RATE, NO TIERS!!!!!!!; at which point, depending upon regulations, each bank will institute the buy/sell spreads. Avoid Vegas scammers AKA Beverly Skinner Group, Hammerman and BH Group (Cell Block 6 bunkin w/Bubba). We have plenty to be grateful for, despite the countless setback we've endured. But even the most skeptical can see that Iraq's come along way and the posibilities are endless. Observe from a distance, help out for the newbies and stay positive (remind me of that from time to time) my fellow Dinarians, whom I am very grateful to have met and learned so much from. We will prosper from this, keep the faith. ** Sorry this post was so long. My iPhone died and Game of Thrones doesn't start till the end of the month.**
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    To my DinarVet Family, I hope you are all well and thank you all for your comments and support over the past several years! Effective immediately, I will be disconnecting to the Dinar world and focusing my energies in other areas of life that need attention. I have sacrificed a great deal over the last two years to this project and have enjoyed the ride, but the time has come for the ride to be over. With that said, I am eternally grateful for your consideration and kind comments in the past. I've been honored to provide data and work with everyone in the community. My hope is that it has helped you in some form or another. Also, I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation to Adam and his Moderators for allowing me to post my information and granting me time to discuss certain topics in chat. DinarVET's offers a tremendous venue for communicating this type of information and I am eternally grateful to them all. With that said, there's two statements for everyone to understand: WHY I BEGAN THIS VENTURE: When I first entered this research binge my goal has always been to HELP THE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THIS INVESTMENT WITH FACTUAL INFORMATION. I wanted to provide information in a graphical format that was easy to understand, concise, and memorable for the general masses. There were innocent people being hurt badly by completely inaccurate information, solely for the purpose of inducing the purchase of more product. For the longest period, I didn't say anything in public while I watched these ORGANIZATIONS pull their stunts day in and day out with bogus statements. It didn't matter that they were fraudulently spewing information that was fabricated from thin air, but the people believed them and continued to over leverage themselves and purchase more product. Witnessing the damage done, I was compelled to get engaged and tried to provide basic data , timelines, critical benchmarks, and general information. NO MONETARY BENEFIT: I have NEVER received any monetary benefit for any of my work and I make it abundantly clear to all organizations up front that I will NEVER receive funds. Let me repeat, I have done this work voluntarily and I have never requested or received one penny!!! Part of the goal was to provide "CREDIBLE" information, not biased information driven by fiduciary commitments. I knew full well that credibility was the key and I made a commitment that I would never receive any benefit. Please don't misunderstand, I don't claim to know everything nor will I ever in the future, but I did have the capacity to engage in the debate. Knowing this, there's two primary reasons for making this move. One, I have dedicated hours upon hours on this project and I have simply neglected my duties as a father and husband. It will be very difficult not to become magnetized to the chat room and say hello, but it is necessary. Secondly, over the last two weeks there have been false accusations of wrongdoing made against me in manners that breached an ethical boundary for which I cannot ignore. My work is voluntary and a line was breached where it simply makes no sense to continue. I'm a big boy, and I can take a punch, but when ethical boundaries are broken, I'm a man that takes immediate action. In this case, it's pretty simple, I disconnect immediately and cease any and all work moving forward. I apologize if this causes any inconvenience but the vitriolic pattern of these attacks and almost STALKING like manner are simply not worth my time. Again, I wish all of you the best of luck in the future and I sincerely thank you for this experience!!! Best regards, Scooter
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    Today i put up a post and from having a NEUTRAL reputation i went to my profile and i have a POOR -19 reputation,cause of thats post that everybody got to rate as you all can see im not here to put up post for the hell of it or to be a pumper of rumorS todays again as you all can see i have been verified wich it means I DO OWN DINARS and IM A V.I.P. MEMEBER im not just a chump member thats here to play around im a real investor just like the rest of you that own dinars,THAT post was just an OPINION i was not pumping a rumor or giving anybody a lie about my friends KNOWS a friend and told me or i know sombody that knows somebody kind of thing about a date or a rate so i would ''APPRECIATE ALOT'' IF YOU ALL GIVE ME A POSITIVE RATE ON THIS POST SO THAT I DONT HAVE TO HAVE A POOR-19 BECAUSE THAT WAS NOT THE PURPOSE OF THE POST I PUT UP EARLIER IT WAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY TO BE ABLE TO COMMENT ON. IT WAS NOT TO MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A CHUMP I HOPE YOU CAN UNDERSTAND WHERE IM COMING FROM. THANK VERY MUCH....... GO RV !!GO RV!! GO RV!! AND THE COUNT DOWN COUNTINUES 6 MORE DAYS TILL THE AND OF THE MONTH AND THEN RAMADA....
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    I will never understand how anyone can imply that if I take a $1000 that turns into a million dollars and then end up with $500,000 ... because the govt took half of it ... that somehow that is still awesome! It is robbery, plain and simple! The govt did not earn the investment dollars in the first place. In fact they collected taxes on that too. They did not take the risk to invest the dollars. They simply stand there with their hands out. It is thievery, and it should be called what it is! Now give me negatives if you want, I could care less!
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    Hello again fellow dinarians...I wanted to post an update on the info received from my friend at the bank. But first, I cannot beleive how many people have been on this thread! For those of you that left well wishes for my grandpa and the situation there...My sincere Thanks! The bank involved here has began, and actually has been for about 6 weeks, putting together an "organized plan" as far as the dinar is concerned. To the public, their position has not changed...and will not until the revaluation is made public (basically goes international) as far as trading is concerned. They WILL be involved n the currency exchange, and are dealing with some new stipulations that may go into effect...and I truly hope they dont! One of these possible "rules" is a limit on the amount an individual will be able to exchange during a certain period of time. So, if they do indeed place that stipulation on the exchange, those who hold several million coulld be forced to wait a period before they are able to exchange all that they hold. He said that it was not made clear if this was a bank policy, or something that our wonderful government has came up with...but at this is not in force. The million dollar question....When? They stated that Feb would see the begining of an influx of people exchanging dinar. No date was given, but due to some of the changes that the bank is to implement on Feb 1, He believes early in the month. There will not be any big signs out front of the banks saying "COME IN AND EXCHANGE YOUR IRAQI DINAR HERE", all transactions will be handled just as any other foreign currency transaction would. During their meeting, exchange rate questions were addressed. The woman giving the information would only speak to the fact that it would change on an hourly basis, and any transactions would be exchanged at that current rate which would be decided by Iraqs Central Bank.Tis man has been in banking for 24 years! His statement to me about this situation was when it comes to money...everyone is out for number one! This situation is something like he has ever seen, and he told me...something is up. For the past several years the bank had a firm stance that the dinar was not going to be a part of the banks services! And now....they are changing everything to the exact opposite! He told me that only certain levels of bankers are privy to certain info, and even though this woman who was there speaking at this Saturday morning meeting is a regional director...she is in the dark about all of the details. She was simply passing on information to the branch level because someone higher up deemed it was neccesary to do so. He believes that certain people at the branch level will get more info in the coming days. Through this whole conversation we had, one thing that was never mentioned was...are they going to? It was as if there is absolutley no question what so ever that this revaluation will happen! When I asked..what if they dont, he smiled and said thats not the question....the question is the when and how much!! Anyway, that is the info and the sum of our conversation this morning. By the way...this bank is a Major US/International bank. Take the info for what its about to pop waiting for the next few days to come around..and just maybe get another email from him. Since he specializes in the area of wealth managment, I would think he is a good source. He has never given me a reason not to trust him, and knowing him the way i do...and just listening to the way he was talking about it, and acting.....He was not blowing smoke!!! He is onto something Fantastic!! Thats all for now..thanks to those who were paitent while waiting on me to get back. I may pass on any further info I get from will depend on what happens over the next several days. statement that was made that I omited...when speaking about the possible exchange rate, he was assured that in no way, shape, or form would it come out any lower than the US dollar. He related the rate to be inline with other countries that were simular to Iraq as far as their resources. Also, De La Rue machines are going to be few and far between in reguards to this bank. There will not be one in any branch within 100 miles from no new big shiny machines! Which means I have to travel...not letting anything leave my hands. God Bless! Im ready!
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    Member of the Finance Committee: The Central Bank has promised to reduce the value of the dinar against the dollar in the coming days RV History of edits :: 1331530813 • 12 times readable A member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Faleh applicable, the registered companies in the Iraqi market for securities is the reason Riisa the high value of the U.S. dollar against the Iraqi dinar, indicating that the central bank has promised to reduce its value in the next few days. He said in effect, in a press statement on Monday that "the central bank is responsible for fiscal policy and therefore obligated to take measures and controls to preserve the value of Iraqi dinar," adding that "measures the bank last did not work in raising the value of Iraqi dinar and to inquire about this thing called the Governor of the Bank Central and told me that the measures developed but not implemented by 100% and the promise of its application in the coming days which will then significantly decreased the value of U.S. dollar against the Iraqi dinar. " He continued in force, that "the companies registered with the Iraqi market for securities is the main reason for this and that because it trades in its share of the dollar that you receive from the bank by selling instead of buying them as currency for goods and goods". He ruled out a member of the Finance Committee to decrease the value of the U.S. dollar significantly or return as it was. And the decline of the Iraqi currency exchange rate in a banner during the past few days against foreign currencies, particularly the U.S. dollar, raising fears among the citizens of the continuing decline. And Some attribute this decline to an asylum Central Bank of Iraq to implement more stringent measures in the recent past regarding its sales of hard currency, especially the dollar, which has led to a lack of circulation of U.S. currency in the markets and increase demand and thereby increase its value against the dinar, but others believe that currency's decline is due mainly to the withdrawal of America and the growing divide between politicians, threatening the stability of the country. ended 2. Updating: 03/12/2012 9:41
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    [adam montana] ok, here's what I'm hearing [adam montana] and keep in mind this is completely "word of mouth" [adam montana] albeit from an Iraqi who works in a political role in Iraq [adam montana] there is a LOT of rumor going around that they PASSED the budget [adam montana] what I'm told is that's not entirely true [adam montana] but the attitude is AMAZINGLY positive [adam montana] they got more accomplished than almost any other time in recent history [adam montana] something like 90% of everything was agreed on, and another 5% was "rubberstamped" [adam montana] and the intent [adam montana] from what I'm told [adam montana] is to keep working on this and get the budget done. (Not 100% done, because that won't happen... but "done" enough to make some advances in the RV) [adam montana] those are almost exact words: "Done enough to make progress with the RV" [adam montana] normally they would wait till next week to keep going on it, but I believe they will keep working and hopefully do something us adults like to call "COMPROMISE" for the good of all of Iraq [adam montana] I truly think this could happen, with all the current progress [adam montana] ok so now for the bad news... HCL is not done, neither is Chapter 7. [adam montana] I'm not worried about it. The progress made so far is mind blowing and in this situation.... UNPRECEDENTED. I'm keeping my eye on the news and talking to everyone I know over there to get any new news. I'll be keeping you and all the DV'ers updated [adam montana] that's it... wish I had an actual "RV" announcement, but this is still pretty amazing.
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    I Just recieved this from a fellow investor and wanted to share with everyone. If you are invested in the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) then you are a Currency Speculator. What is a Currency Speculator? A currency Speculator is one who is gambling on a rate of a certain currency. Nearly all global currency values rise and lower in a continual ebb and flow dictated by the global economy. Generally speaking the values only rise and lower in the single digit percentages unless in rear cases a catastrophic event occurs such as war. A currency speculator looks at different economies and gambles on potential outcome that will cause an upward trend in a given currency. Once they make their decision based on their studies, they simple exchange their currency for the currency they are speculating, then watch the global foreign currency exchange market (like Forex) to know when to sell. This practice is very much the same as trading stocks and does carry risks. As with stock, one can minimize their rise by simple doing their homework. For instance, there are some currencies that are against the law to speculate, if you are not aware of this and exchange into that currency, you will not be able to get rid of that currency. There are also counterfeiters in all currencies and if you do not know what to look for in a given currency, you may be buying fancy colored paper instead of an actual currency with a value. Another key point that you may or may not be aware of is that some currencies have national or international restrictions placed on them, not allowing the currency to be speculated. However a key point I want to make here about our investment. When the PLAN was being formed back in 2003 or before, the IQD was singled out and given a special consideration. A mandate was granted from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the US to allow the IQD to be speculated, thus giving us in the know an opportunity of a life time. The PLAN we speak about was developed many years ago based on the world economy. You see, one would have to do a lot of studding of the global history to see but there is and has been pattern and a need to make global economic adjustments every decade or so based on where the economy is at a given time. When these occur, most of the global population is unaware of the adjustments and if you were paying attention, all you would notice is your governments local economy seems to start doing better. The last time this occurred was after Kuwait was liberated. There was a much smaller window but the fact remains that there were folks the speculated the Kuwait dinar and made millions. In this instance, the need for the global financial adjustment was slight. As you know by listening and reading in the news, this financial crisis is wide spread and touches every world economy in a major way. The architects of the plan realized the depth and breadth of this serious economic crisis. So the design in this case is huge because it has to be, to jump start economies around the globe. Iraq became the natural target for the needed economic adjustment for many reasons. First and foremost was to oust Saddaam and try him for crimes agent Humanity. The second was when he took control of Iraq; he pulled all of Iraq’s currency and printed his own currency with his face on all of the notes. At this time the standard IQD was pulled off the international market and shelved. The IMF gave it a program rate of 1180 IQD to $1.00 USD (even as far back as this was, the insanely low rate could have been part of the PLAN). This was a major decline in the value which was $3.22 IQD to $1.00 USD. What took place from that period until now, is as they say, the rest is history. So now we are at the present and there is a ton of people invested in the IQD (actually less than 8% of the total global population) wanting to know when and if Iraq is going to RI/RV their currency. History and why we know Iraq will RI/RV? First I want to point out the statement RI/RV. RI represents a Reinstatement of the IQD, which means Iraq would reinstate the Dinar back to per-Saddam value of $3.22 IQD to $1.00 USD. An RV represents a Revalue of the Dinar meaning that they will give their currency a higher value than it once had before the IMF gave them a program rate in the beginning of the Saddaam take over. There are as many opinions on the topic of RI or RV as there are forums. Along with that only 8% of the global population is invested in IQD. By design, the entire global population cannot know about this and take part because Iraq could not cover that many people being involved. Nor do they have enough IQD for everyone to own some. Just as any country, Iraq knows exactly how much currency they have printed. So to curve speculators Iraq and other governments around the globe have put out false information and propaganda to steer the attention away from what is happening. However, for this to work for the global economy, Iraq and the IMF needed a certain amount of speculators, you and me to accomplish two things. First Iraq needed us to hold the rate of the IQD stable once they got rid of the Saddaam currency and put their original IQD back out there. We made it stable buy purchasing it through currency exchanges. The daily auction Iraq has been having is to establish a rate and then show the IMF they can hold it stable. The IMF needs a certain amount of speculators; you and me, to boost the economies around the globe, by spending our new found wealth once all is done and Iraq adjust their currency. Just image the impact it is going to have on the us economy when over 1million new millionaires start spending their new found wealth on housing, cars, and goods. That is not to mention the relief the US government will realize from the estimated 7 trillion IQD they hold in the US Foreign Currency Reserves, as well as all of the taxes they will be collection from you and me and this is going to happen in every country on the globe. You start to understand the magnitude and the full breath of the PLAN… Okay, what is in it for Iraq: Well first and foremost, we removed a dictator that ran the country without regard to humanity amongst the Iraqi people. He kept them in poverty while he ran one of the most corrupt regimes on the planet. Murder, corruption, fear, and hunger were a way of life for many years. Lead by the US, the UN and many counters from around the globe liberated Iraq from this dictator and brought him to Iraqi justice, you know the rest. The collaboration of forces set the stage for Iraq to become the great nation it once was. IT is Iraq’s desire and continual effort to become an upstanding member of the International community once again. They have made great strides as they have worked to get rid of the many atrocities and problems the former regime left in its’ wake. Iraq has worked methodically to eliminate the many road blocks that stand between them and regaining their once proud heritage as a member of the International community and in good standing. 1. There were many resolutions that needed attention 2. There were and still are some sanctions placed on them 3. They were in Chapter 7 protection 4. They had to rework their Constitution 5. There was considerable debt owed to the world governments 6. They had to grasp a full understanding of their financial books, after many years of corrupt book-keeping and the loss of billions of IQD. The Culmination There were agreements made with Iraq and the world, namely the UN and the IMF. The UN and IMF explained to the Iraqi leaders of the plan and their role. Iraq says how can w do this, we have nothing but the oil we have in the ground and no other commodity to allow us sell and get funds to rebuild our land to a point where we can start to produce oil to pay back all of the debt the previous regime has left us with. The UN forces back by the US troops said we have a plan and here it is… 1. See there is a thing called the Paris Club, which is a group of 19 major governments from around the globe. All of which you, Iraq, owe a great deal of money too. In the billions in fact. Well we have put together an agreement that says we, the 19 world economies will forgive your debit as long as you allow each of us to hold your IQD in our Currency Reserves and allow us to eventually return the IQD we are holding for a revalued dinar rate. Furthermore we will not release our entire dinar holdings on you all at once. It will be a controlled return over a period of 24 month. (For this piece, which Iraqi agreed to, they have to RI/RV by Dec. 31st 2010 or the forgiven Debt will be due at once). 2. The IMF will grant you short term loans so you have funds to work with. 3. We will lift Chapter 7 only after you accomplish several things a. Get your government seated and working b. 2011 Budget worked out so we see you have included the RI/RV c. Border disputes with Kuwait d. Show that you have made great strides in getting the HCL completed. 4. Iraq if you do all of these things, we the UN/IMF will allow you to, at a minimum reinstate you currency at the $3.22 rate it once was at prior to the former regime destroying its value in the international market. We will also allow you to add 20% for cost of living increases that have taken place over the years that your IQD has been out of circulation. 5. As an added incentive, based on the quality and quantity of crude you have in the ground, we will allow you to revalue you currency instead of reinstating it to a value within reason. We are allowing this because based on our investigation of your oil fields… You Iraq will be one of the richest if not the richest countries on the globe. It is your choice as to where you want to revalue your IQD but our projections estimate you could withstand a rate as high as $16.00 IQD to as low as $1.00 USD. We would highly recommend to you that a rate that high will cause many problems and have inherent risk. With all of the news and knowledge regarding your economic potential it would be way to risky to come out with a rate lower then you previous value for $3.22 IQD to $1.00 USD because anyone with enough backing could come in and buy up all of your currency, there by controlling Iraq. It is our opinion that the rate needs to be such to curve further speculation but also be something manageable in the short and long term. 6. We feel a managed float over at least a 24 month period of time, with a controllable rate for now will accomplish what is in the best interest of all. It will allow sustained growth for the Iraqi economy, it will allow Iraq to become a member of the international community once again, and it will allow the IMF to boost the world economy. Also, it will keep someone from coming in and buying up your country… Summarization: Iraq has been given a choice, 1. The IMF is saying to Iraq, we are granting you the ability to reinstate your currency at the pre-Saddaam rate of $3.22 with a 20% increase for cost adjustment for the years it was out of circulation. Or because of the potential we see with your economy, we will also allow you to revalue your currency to a rate within reason. If you do this by December 31st 2010, we will agree to allow the Paris Club to forgive your debt and we will lift you from Chapter 7 sanctions. Thus allowing you to rejoin the international community with your currency and trade. Sanctions that will be lifted: a. Allows you to have an international recognized currency i. Which allows you to trade on the Forex ii. Allows Iraqi stock to be traded on the international market iii. Allows all of the signed contracts for the oil fields, utilities reconstruction, road construction, building construction to begin b. Allows you to receive global shipments from all of the ships that have been sitting in your ports. c. Allows you to finally pay your government employees d. Allow you to load the smart cards that will pay the Iraqi citizens living expenses for the short term, also pay the retired citizens. All of which have not been reviving anything for some time. At this point, Iraq has agreed to everything and we are now in the last phases of this plan. We are waiting for Iraq to finally pull the trigger and release the RI/RV between now and Dec. 31st. I believe the World community and the UN/IMF are not really leaving Iraq a choice and they are tired of Iraq dragging their feet... But, if for some reason they don’t pull the trigger by Dec. 31st, this coming Friday... According to the PLAN this was to happen in 2009... Not sure of all that would come down on them but it certainly would be the end of the current GOI… The latest Intel we have received is that the message that came out yesterday that the GOI will be breaking for two weeks starting tomorrow is false. PD claims that they have proof that the GOI is meeting right now and will be all this week. They are still expecting the RV to happen before Friday and the very bottom rate, the lowest it could be is $3.22. SO we wait and watch…
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    9:48 AM [Adam Montana] sorry mods, I didn't give you a heads up on this one. 9:48 AM [Adam Montana] Just a quick update, although it's probably more relevant to our VIP and OSI members than anyone else. 9:49 AM [Adam Montana] With the current state of things, it's starting to look like the stars are lining up in our favor 9:49 AM [Adam Montana] I'm not going to do another full on analysis at this time, check my last chat for that 9:50 AM [Adam Montana] but with the current state of things, I have been doing some confirming with our VIP banks both foreign and domestic 9:50 AM [Adam Montana] in fact I'm just leaving Belize, where I've spent a few days meeting with both our VIP cash-in banks and also our OSI partner banks 9:51 AM [Adam Montana] we are 100% ready to go with every outlet that I've made arrangements with... 9:51 AM [Adam Montana] and that applies to everyone, not just VIP members 9:51 AM [Adam Montana] I have 100% confirmation from several major banks that they DO have plans to move from "no dinar" to "bring it on!" 9:52 AM [Adam Montana] on a note that is strictly relevant to our offshore investor group - I've opened a few new doors and I'll be sharing that with you later this week 9:52 AM [Adam Montana] so... until that RV is announced, we still wait.
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    It is time for this site and all others who have any interest in the investors themselves, not the money that can be made from them by the consant pumping, to ban all of the very well known rumor mongers, who at best are totally and completely outright liars whether for fun or profit. Behind every rumor should be a small amount of truth. Anything else is an outright lie and there have been and are way too many lies on this and other sites. It is time for the good hard working honest investors to say stop the bs. So I put it to you, the hard working cash strapped, need to win a prize once in my life people invested in the dinar, do you want to stop the known liars? would you like to see them banned permenently from posting their bs to serious honest people. If so, give this post a plus green, if not, a minus red. Thank You
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    Hello Everyone, I have really missed reading DV for the last two weeks as I was in the Middle-East. Something strange is going on and I don't think Maliki or Shabibi is behind it. While I was there, I spoke with many, many Iraqi's about every topic including the Dinar. I watched countless of news reports from hundreds of Middle-Eastern channels that I didn't even know existed. Everything I heard and watched were quite different than what is being reported here in the States. There is something more to the Dinar not RVing and I wish I could put my finger on it. I remember several months ago economist were predicting oil to reach $120.00 a barrel and we are almost there. Hmmm! The Revolution in the Middle-East is being fueled by outside influences, not just in country. What I did observe is that the demonstrations in Iraq still had a civilized tone to them and were unlike Libya or Egypt, in spite of their horrible living conditions. Water from the sewers were up to the middle of their legs, streets were polluted with trash and the kids were playing in this mess. It was awful to say the very least. Borders from Iraq were being heavily monitored and they were not letting anyone come in or out unless you had legitimate clearance to do so. I even had to have my Iris scanned! Alot of things that I have read from these sites are just not the true picture in the M.E. For example, in Jordan, there were only approximately 25 people protesting after praying in the Mosque, yet when I watched CNN, it appeared to be thousands! Syria has been totally calm and could care less, going about life as usual. We will see if that changes. The Syrians are very happy with life there. Egypt has become a disaster. There are thousands and thousands of hard core prisoners that are roaming the streets and crime is on the rise. Trash and the stench will knock you off of your feet. I have never seen such unsanitary conditions as in Egypt. Streets have miles and miles of garbage piled up everywhere. There is no security and no real Government enforcing anything currently. Libya is a whole different story. In my opinion, this is where most of the U.S. and the West will be focusing on for the time being and I know the oil is playing a huge role in all of this. So, as far as the Dinar and Iraq, all I can say is I hope and pray something happens soon, because things just aren't adding up. Iraq is in a mess and there is absolutely no reason why this should not have RV'd by now. If Shabibi was the one in full control, I believe he would have done it by now. This is not just my opinion, but it is everyone's opinion that is an Iraqi. We all think that the Iraqi Government are just puppets for now. Shabibi could have finished this off a long time ago, so the real question is who and what is stopping him and why?
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    Hi Folks, I hope all is well!!! After the last two weeks of riding this tumultuous "Roller Coaster" and internally questioning the validity of this investment , I decided to shift back to the basics and began reviewing the "concrete" information I had accumulated from the beginning. I am so glad I did this because my confidence has never been stronger!!!! THIS THING IS FOLLOWING THE PLAN AND IS ONLY TWO MONTHS OFF THE SCHEDULE -- I KNOW, I KNOW, THAT CAN'T POSSIBLY BE -- BUT IT IS!!!!. The IMF and World Bank accounted for a six month window after the election to form the government, mainly because it took them 6 months to form it after the last election. In addition, through the use of "UNDERPINNING", the IMF was able to continue forward with the plan even though there wasn't a Parliament or Prime Minister seated. As a result, the plan is only two months off, which isn't bad considering this plan began in 2002. Nevertheless, I put this post together around the concept of "It's Only a Matter of Time" --- please review at your earliest and I will follow up with another post shortly. Instructions are below for this "multi-tiered" tool --- just remember there's LINKS everywhere. Oh yea, it is impossible to read everything in one sitting so take your time and enjoy it! SCOOTER LIBRARY AND TOOLS - 10-24-2010 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS
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    'Twas the night before revaluation, when all through the house Not a guru was stirring, nor moving their mouse; The bloggers were tired and some didn't care, If Oakie and Frank had something to share; The Veterans were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of retirement danced in their heads; And mama in her kitchen and I on my lap, checked out forex anduttered, “damn frickin' crap, When out on in cyberspace there arose such a clatter, Suddenly RV was the chorus of chatter... Away to Yahoo finance I flew like a flash, opened the page hoping it wouldn't crash. One IQD equals how many dollars I wanted to know when it calculated my question the screen started to glow, When, what to my wondering eyes should appear, But a number so grand I started to cheer, With a little old driver, my computer lively and quick, I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick. More rapid than eagles dollar signs came and came, And I whistled, and shouted, and called them by name; "Now, Dasher! now,Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! on Cupid! on,Donder and Blitzen! To the top of the porch! to the top of thewall! I screamed at my financial worries, dash away all!" Dinar like dry leaves before the wild hurricane fly, Best damn investment had just shot through the sky, My wife heard my screams the kids jumped from bed I grabbed my heart nope I wasn't dead It's happened it's happened I pointed to the screen My wife's jaw dropped open and her eyes turned to green The kids started ordering up every item ever dreamed and I called my boss and gave him a ream I heard it was happening but my sources have been wrong before also...but...what the heck.... T'was worth writing one way or the other....
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    What I am about to say may make a few people mad. It's not intended to start an argument. Please keep this thread as civil as possible - or I will request it to be closed. We're all adults here, and we should act like it when we post in threads. Okay so... I'm gong to be "That guy".. Over the last few days tempers have been high. People have been pumping the RV/Dinar, and some have been knocking it down. When the RV does not happen everyone gets mad. Extremely mad. Not at the situation, but the fact a "Guru" said we would RV on Day "X" at "X"o-clock. We get pissed that they lied and or were just plain wrong. First off, you need to sit back and think about why you're pissed.Then you need to sit back and think about how you should be pissed at yourself for listening to the opinion of someone you have never met before. Losing sleep over it, and practically having a heart attack waiting for their prediction to come true. Not a single person on this site can say when the RV will happen - nor can they tell you the rate. Some people say the RV will happen today. Some say tomorrow. When that does not happen, someone will say Thursday. That wont happen, someone will say Friday. It's a vicious circle that won't end until Iraq decides to get off their butts and RV. If you take anything written in the Rumors section (Key word... Rumor) with anything more than a grain of salt. Don't get pissed at who made the prediction. Get pissed you listened to a rumor. There is a reason your parents raised you to not start rumors and gossip. It's because 99.8% of the time - the rumor is just that... a rumor. If you are going to listen to the rumors - do yourself a favor. Check it out for yourself. If someone says "Today Maliki said we will RV at $20.71" do some research. The internet is a wonderful place if you didn't know. One person will not hear that info before the news stations in Iraq here it. So here are a few links to some news sources you can check up with: "But Tony...some of those sites are in Arabic... I can't read it" Well if you didn't know, there is a thing called a "Translator". It's a great invention used to translate pages or text from one language to another. To those of you who are constantly knocking down the Dinar, or posting that it won't RV...comon'. Do you really not have anything better to do than troll the site? If you didn't know...the Dinar has actually risen on the Forex Market in the last few days. Slowly of course...but it is rising. Many of you bash Jim Crammer or CNBC in general for doing a report on the Dinar. Obviously CNBC must be doing something right in order for them to stay on air as long as they have. If you can do so much better, by all means...submit your resume to CNBC and watch what happens. If CNBC does the Iraqi Dinar story under false pretense and it turns out to be a scam, they would be in a lot of hot water. Do you really think they want to risk it? So you say the media and government have not announced the Iraqi Dinar investment, so it must be fake...right? .....Wrong. Look at it this way, if the US Government announced the great Iraqi Dinar investment right now, there would be millions of US citizens buying the dinar. Once the RV happens the US would be so over inundated with the money being exchanged it would cause chaos. You get mugged now for having $100 in your wallet. What happens when you are carrying a stack of Dinar worth $100,000? There would be crime like no tomorrow. So instead, the decide to keep it under wraps, and for the people who do know about it - they let it be. "But Tony...the Iraqi Government will just re-dominate their money and we'll lose our dinar!" False. If/When a RD occurs, our Dinar will still be good. Once an RD happens, there will be a set amount of time to exchange your old Dinar in for a new Dinar. Once that period of time is up, then the old Dinar becomes obsolete. They already RD'd the old Sadam Dinar. Do you really think they told the people of Iraq "Sorry, your money is worthless...suck it up..ok?" That wouldn't fly. The people would riot. They let them exchange the old Dinar in for new Dinar. So if you are going to start trolling... remember the facts first. "Hi...I'm a toll.. LOP LOP LOP LOP LOL LOP" When the 0's are removed from the Dinar it will be the same as when the US Dollar had a LOP. Remember the $1000 bills? How about the $5000 bills? Yeah... they removed the zeros. But if you still hold a $1000 bill or $500 bill, it is still worth the written amount today. It's just probably one of the last bills around. So yeah, from now on, just chill if an RV date is set and relax. Don't lose sleep. Don't freak. If an RV happens it happens. Losing sleep won't make the RV happen any faster. Look at it this way... Bob says we will RV tomorrow at 5AM EST. So you stay up all night after getting home from work. Wait till 5. It just so happens to RV at 5... but you still can't cash in until 9 when the banks open. All that time you stayed up you could have been sleeping and just found out about the RV when you woke up for work the next day. Just sayin.... So yeah, please don't flame me for this post. I just feel this site is ran by mature adults, and they allow us to be on the site. We should all show the site respect by acting like adults. So remember, do research and don't get pissed at a rumor. Sorry to take up so much of your time... haha. I just had to get it off my chest. Tony
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    Hi Everyone, First a little info about myself. I have been watching (lurking lol) on DV since last October when I bought my first Dinar. I watch all the posts from Bond Lady, Adam, Scooter, Joe P, Easy and yes I like Frank and a few others. I personally do not know anyone in Iraq but a close friend , who was introduced into the dinar through her friend does. Now her friend was given a package of some dinar as a gift from another friend and her husband. The husband has been in the US military in iraq as a soldier for 6 years. He has never called home before with any information on the dinar until just recently. He gets briefed everyday from his commander. His commander is reading off the information of the day and says that the iraqi dinar will go up in value to $1..27 soon. Sorry no date, just said soon. The soldier called his wife and said the commander just said it so matter of factly too. Sorry I know most of you will say its a friend of a friend once again and yep its a newbie. I think some of us newbies only finally register when we have something worth while to ad. If you must bash its ok too. Happy to finally have something interesting to ad and to actually be a part of DV.
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    I just read about BLs apparent departure from this site. I am sure I am not the only one that is pi$$ed that some of the bashers have run her off. You bashers just lurk arround looking for someone to run off. Rarely if at all do you bring anything to the table. It seems you only want to bash people who bring relevant info to our site. If I could physically do it I would grap your whining little a$$e$ and rip you to pieces. This lady is kind enough to read articles that make no sense to most of us and help us understand our position in this investment. All you pi$$ants who bash BL can stand up and kiss my fat dego a$$. Sorry Adam if this offends anyone, but I am friggin tire of people running off good intel people while $hitheads like #$%^&*()_(*&^%$ continue to post bs. Please BL for those of us who appreciate you, please continue to post. Too pi$$ed to do anything else.
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    {Disclaimer} First I want to say there are no guarantees. I want to try to tie together all the research I have been doing for the last few months. I want to explain why I believe Iraq’s currency will revalue, and what is really at stake here. The more I dug the more I found. I used Google Bing and yahoo search engines. I also used Google and Bing translators. Anyone can find out what I discovered. I am no guru. I don’t know what the rate will be. I don’t know when this will happen (although I believe it will be soon) I don’t have any people on the inside, or boots on the ground. I don’t sell dinar or represent those who do. All I believe is this. The dinar will gain great value and we will all make money on this. Links will be provided. Please take the time to click on the links. They will blow your mind!!! Now I will present my case. The first thing we need to know about the revalue is simple. We need an understanding of how a central bank works. What is a central bank? The US had 3 central banks. Each central bank was privately owned and operated. Each one had the power to print the government’s money, and charge the government interest for using that money. Link 1 Our current central bank is the Federal Reserve. It has the power to create money, adjust interest rates, and it has the power to control a lot of the American economy. Yet the Federal Reserve is not part of the Federal Government, and it is an independently owned and operated. It is a private organization. Part 1 Part 2 We also need to understand that the Iraqi central bank is also a privately owned bank. It operates and works the same way the Federal Reserve operates and works. It was the Rothschilds that owned and operated the first two central banks of the United States. They also own the Central Bank of Iraq. (CBI) They played a major role and even have part ownership in the Federal Reserve. A man by the name of Paul Wolfowitz who for a time served as head of the World Bank, (2 years) was also involved in the planning of the Iraqi invasion. He has ties with the Rothschilds. Link 4 Now let’s go back to The American Revolution. At this time there was a currency circulating called a Continental. (Colonial Script) The Rothschilds were openly condemning this currency and calling it worthless. At the same time they did this they were buying all the Continentals they could find. A man named Alexander Levine came to America. He was a Rothschild agent. He changed his name to Alexander Hamilton. He served under George Washington. He became his personal secretary. When Washington became president he made Hamilton the US Secretary of Treasury. Hamilton was able to revalue all the Continentals the Rothschilds owned. He was also successful in getting the first US Central Bank on a temporary basis. It had a 20 year charter and Washington signed it into law. link 5 Link 6 In recent years The US stock market has gone through some major adjustments. J.P. Morgan bought Bear Stearns and Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch. Both these companies had a major supply of Iraqi dinar and Iraqi bonds. Both J.P. Morgan and Bank of America already had a significant amount of Iraqi dinars and bonds before the purchase of these companies were made. Now they have greatly increased the supply of these assets. Companies like Lehman Brothers were allowed to go bankrupt because they had few if any Iraqi assets in their portfolio. It was J.P. Morgan himself that also assisted in the effort to establish the Federal Reserve. Goldman Sachs is another Rothschild/US company. It is flush with Iraqi bonds, and it is in the process of becoming a bank. This bank supposedly has 1.1 trillion in assets. The Oil Connection It has been stated in many threads over the forums that Iraq would not simply give it’s oil reserves away for a revalued currency. I have added to the confusion by stating that The Iraqi dinar is backed by oil. This was really a poor choice of words on my part. The Iraqi dinar is not a coupon that countries will use to get their oil. What I am trying to imply is this. The value of Iraq’s resources such as oil, Natural Gas, sulfur crops ect, will play a role in the value of the Iraqi dinar itself. The dinar itself is not backed by oil the same way the USD was once backed by gold. However oil will play a role in the revalue of Iraq’s currency. When you appraise the value of a home you don’t only look at the square footage alone to figure out the value. You take everything into account. Is their any finished carpentry work? Does it have a sprinkler system? Does it have Granit counter tops or Formica? How big is the garage? Is it one car, two cars, or three cars? How many finishing details does it have? Is the house in good shape or does it need repairs? That is kind of like the same role the resources play on the value of the dinar. This is because these resources will contribute to Iraq’s GDP. This is why oil will always play a part in the value of Iraq’s currency and their economy. link 7 Baghdad (newsletter).Central appearance for confirmed mscharalbnk that economic growth will improve the Iraqi dinar, that prices will double the total output of Iraq. He said in a telephone (for news agency of news)–all indications are that there are optimistically that Iraqi economy powerful shift will move over the next two years in General and will improve Iraqi dinar particularly noting that such a shift will develop oil and up productivity to (4) million barrels of oil. Predicted for oil market prices remain high between 80 to 85 dollars a barrel as this will double the total output of Iraq with 100 percent of what will have on government revenues and income of the ECB. And between valid: that which helps Iraqi Ttoiraldinar versus aldolarho economic growth rates while the value of income and greater currency, adding: when national income value improves the Iraqi dinar and the level of income, wages and per capita gross domestic product is improving. And he said that the Central Bank’s monetary policy is now stable and stability affects three elements highlighted by rate level of stability during recent years, and even stable Central Bank reserves in the limits between 43 to 45 billion dollars a barrel./ Link 8 The economist said Ghazi Kanani that the reason for the stability of the dollar over the past five years due to the monetary policy the right of the Central Bank, expected to see the Iraqi dinar rise against the dollar next year. He said yesterday: Since 2004, the U.S. dollar Astaqrarolm effect the exchange rate, as this stability in the interest of consumers and traders, explained that the citizens and merchants were suffering greatly from volatility in the exchange rate, which was reflected in the prices of goods and services. He noted that the constant change at the exchange rate prior to 2004, the latest upheaval in the (economic and commercial) in the country, as well as central bank reserves , and that exchange rate stability They gave impetus to the Iraqi dinar. predicted Kanani said that improving the Iraqi dinar price during the coming year due to increased financial reserves, especially after Iraq signed the Convention on the (oil licensing round) that is, they Sneks revenues, with the budget of the oil. Kanani said his emphasis on the stability that this will affect the Iraqi Central Bank reserves and thus leads from the high value of the Iraqi dinar and stability. Link 9 Now hopefully everyone can see the roll oil and other resources will play and how it will cause the Iraqi dinar to gain value! Making the numbers fit People here have been struggling with large numbers and many are trying to come to any logical conclusion as to how this currency will gain value. It seems all the zeros don’t add up. Don’t worry congress gets just as confused when it sees lots of zeros too. It just boggles the mind. It has been said through numerous articles that Iraq has 25 trillion dinar in circulation. Some say even 27 trillion. This number is then compared to the world GDP and to the US money supply. It has been said that the US money supply is only 1.7 trillion some say 8.5 trillion. So it would be impossible to revalue a currency when that much dinar is in circulation. I would agree with this assumption if those numbers were correct. But these numbers are not correct. As we will see Just because Iraq has introduced 25 to 27 trillion dinars into circulation does not mean that all that money stayed in circulation. Iraq has pulled money out of circulation. Here is an article that surfaced in the spring of 2010. Link 10 Iraq : Iraq announces withdrawal of 70 percent of the excess liquidity Stressed the continuing support of residential, industrial and service Baghdad, Taha Hussein Iraq could pull a high proportion of excess liquidity for local market needs as well as continuing to support projects of industrial, service and housing. Director General of BADEA Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri at a news conference attended by “morning” that the bank has achieved an important work focuses on two aspects, namely the withdrawal of excess liquidity from circulation and put it into the market again as it allows taking 24 trillion and 800 billion dinars, representing 70 percent of the liquidity, adding to The second aspect of the directions of the Bank is to support a draft comprehensive banking and industrial sectors, service and construction projects, construction and allocation of part of loans to farmers and the financing of housing projects, especially that the country needs to build more than three million housing units, noting that the bank was allocated 6 trillion dinars for the purposes of housing, commerce and industry to by granting loans to the public sector such as the Ministry of Electricity, which granted a loan for the development of electricity and the purchase of bonds and remittances in the form of two waves exceeded Akiemha four trillion and 800 billion dinars, as well as giving companies and the Ministry of Industry more than a trillion and 115 billion dinars, a contribution to the implementation of rehabilitation projects and the development of these companies , in addition to the different loans granted by Bank staff and employees in government departments, different. Speaking of housing loans granted by Iraq for the citizens and that the bank used Balakari as his experience in granting housing loans to citizens Vakarz final amount exceeded 300 billion dinars, in addition to the prepared study in how to grant housing loans by him directly, because the bank wanted to avoid the mistakes that many international banks through the equation between the deposits and the type and between loans and advances, indicating the presence of short-term deposits and long-term and there are loans and lines of short, medium and long-term bank, which has the right vision for the future must be prepared to lend this budget and on this basis, as he put it. Director-General warned that the bank is still going to give the citizens of housing loans of $ 30 million, indicating that the bank is required possession of the citizen who wants to get this loan for a piece of land as fit for building residential unit more than others, as well as its continuation in the granting of commercial loans and industrial. Said that Iraq had set a ceiling for advances not to exceed one trillion dinars and is currently studying the possibility of developing a new roof or the lifting of the ceiling reached by the bank in the previous round. Here we see Iraq withdrawing money, but at the same time it is stressing that it will still have enough money to support projects for industrial, service, and housing. So what is excess liquidity? Link 11 Becker provides a precise definition of “excess liquidity”, which is simply that if money supply expands faster than nominal gross domestic product (GDP), excess liquidity will be created. In other words, excess liquidity is the percentage year-on-year (y-o-y) money supply growth minus the percentage y-o-y growth in nominal GDP. It is evident that the Central bank of Iraq has been pulling money from the supply look at the CBI Link 12 The coins are already pulled from the money supply. Link 13 “The notes were similar in design to notes issued by the Central Bank of Iraq in the 1970s and 1980s. A 500 dinars note was issued a year later, in October 2004. In the Kurdish regions of Iraq, the 50 dinar note is not in circulation. In 2004, new 25, 50, and 100 dinars coins were introduced. However, these coins proved to be unpopular & were withdrawn from circulation.” I don’t know exactly how much Iraqi dinar is in circulation and how much has been pulled at this point. I am still trying to determine this, but what about the US money supply? The US has 1.7 trillion dollars in printed currency this is called the M1 money supply. The US also has digital currency. The digital currency and the physical currency added together is called the M2 money supply. The M2 money supply is 8.5 trillion. The money supply is greatly expanded by the use of something called Fractional Reserve Banking. This is outlined in a book produced by the Federal Reserve called Modern Money Mechanics. This short video will explain how it works. Link 14 Link 15 Now you know exactly how the money supply is expanded through the fractional reserve banking system. So take the base money supply and times it by 10 (the reserve limit) now you have 85 trillion as an expansion possibility. However the reserve requirement has been removed. Link 16 So ask yourself, If the federal reserve and the bankers can expand the money supply this much, How come the reserve requirements were removed? The money supply has been expanded even further through Quantitative Easing 1 and 2. The total US money supply is M3. Good luck finding an accurate number. So money = debt and debt = money. Every dollar in circulation represents someone else in debt. Now check out the US debt Clock Link 17 Maybe we can kind of guess what the real M3 money supply is from calculating all this debt. Iraq is a world currency. It is spread throughout the world. So to determine if there is enough currency to revalue you need to look at the global picture, not just the United States currency. Keep in mind that there are about 150 central banks and don’t forget to take into account Fractional Reserve Banking for each bank! What about Redenomination? In the last redenomination article I read two things stood out. First the new government would need to approve the dinar. Second they will conduct a study to see if this is a good option. So if this is correct no decision has been made at this point. They would also need to determine the cost and build it into the budget. There has been an on again off again approach when discussing this topic. There are many articles that say they will not redenominate. I am going to quote from the Wikipedia link provided earlier. “According to a Reuters report on 11 Feb 2010, Iraq expects to redenominate its dinar currency by knocking three zeros off the nominal value of bank notes to facilitate currency transactions.” The Rothschild family owns Reuters. This is the same Rothschild family that owns the CBI. History is about to repeat itself once again. Remember earlier that the Rothschild’s ancestors purchased all the colonial currency they could find and at the same time they had their network of people declaring how worthless the currency was. Soon afterwards Alexander Hamilton restored value to the Colonial currency. The same thing is happening today. The Rothschilds are setting up their network of agents and friends with as much Iraqi dinar and bonds as possible via the stock market and acquisitions, and at the same time they say the currency will redenominate and is worthless through their media complex. Places like Reuters and AP provide the Rothschilds with their own personal forums. Then when the time is right Shabibi will revalue the dinar. Link 18 Link 19 Link 20 Link 21 Link 22 So if you clicked on the links and watched the video in the last link above you know that the Rothschilds also own the oil company Royal Dutch Shell. Look at the oil contracts in Iraq that have been given to shell. Look at the 17 billion gas contract signed by shell. In Conclusion When we consider an Iraqi dinar RV we need to look at the really big picture. There is more at stake here than a war-torn country that suffered under a brutal dictatorship and is merely trying to emerge from economic ruin. We are dealing with global interests that want to establish a foothold in this region. The global elite wants to dominate this region and establish their control over it’s recourses. The dinar is a tool to do just that. Mods please move this post if it is in the wrong place Thanks
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    I know, I know, I have been wrong before, but I just got a phone call from someone in the middle east that told me that the goi will be formed by nov 8th, they feel the decision has been made and the support has been granted. If this happens as i feel it will, that means that our timeline for a rv should be with-in 4 days of this event. That would put us around the 12th of this month for a potential rv, if what I am being told comes true......... The winner will be maliki, and talibani will remain pres.
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    I debated long and hard about posting this and when I finally decided to, I was so frazzled that it was hard for me to figure out how to do it since I am fairly new to this website. My sister went to the foreign currency exchange in Toronto a couple of hours ago to buy some more IQD. They told her that they received a call from Iraq today and are no longer permitted to sell the IQD anymore as "some business is being conducted in Iraq today". We are in shock here as we NEVER hear anything up here in Canada regarding the IQD!!!!
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    This will probably be my last post so I might as well go out in flames!! Let me start by saying this is not about DinarVets or Adam, both of whom I am greatly appreciative. I believe DinarVets is the absolute best site for following anything Dinar on the web, and Adam is a man with character and integrity. I believe those with true insider information have received intel to the absolute rate, and a quasi secure date, for the RV of the Iraqi Dinar. I believe we are within a target range of end of the Muslim and Iraqi holiday on the 21st of this month, or a maximum of 90 days from today. For months I have been a proponent of a rate of .86, at a minimum, and 1.50 at a maximum. this has been based upon my personal research and quantification of all possible scenarios from a fiscal standpoint. I have reason to believe it may possibly come in lower than this at around the regional Mideastern level of surrounding nations at .27. My reasoning behind this is as follows: 1. One of the popular sites, which I will not name, has added a text service at $9.95 per month to be alerted when the RV occurs. If this site owner who has claimed to have many connections thought the actual RV was at the rate claimed by close friends and associates there would be no actual reason to charge for this service. You do realize that there is a "split" of the commission to the service and the client? Why the need to make more money if you know you are going to be realizing a huge windfall in the near future? 2. The recent absence of those that are usually reliable sources for Dinar information. No slam on any individual, but it has been like a funeral home in all of the chats and posts for the last several days. I know without a doubt that anyone who has true intel will know several days, if not weeks, before the RV will actually occur. People talk and that is a fact of life. I think we are closer than we know and those who have supported large RV totals are keeping their head down. Now, anyone should be practically orgasmic for a RV of .27, considering your initial investment on 1 million Dinar will see a quarter of million dollar return, but this is not your regular 401K, insurance investment or once in a lifetime stock market tip. This is a once in a millenium, real life, war torn country miracle in the making. 3. Everything that we know needed to happen is occuring as you read this: A. Government is formed. It has been for several day's and we are receiving information as much as 72-96 hours behind. do you really think President Obama just called Maliki today to congradulate him on his reelection?Tthe actual reports lead us to understand this call was several day's ago. The conversation about lifting chapter 7 is not today's news it is already happening, why else was Shabibi in New York over the weekend while we were biting our nails about the seating of the government? B. There are too many people in the IMF, UN, US GOV, Iraqi GOI, Treasury Dept and the banking industry who would have to be alerted of a RV for it to not be talked about on some level. The word is out! It has already been decided and is just playing itself out. Rumors abound as word leaks out. Granted we do not have all the truth but we have enough to know that it is on the way! C. Adam, whom I respect and hold in high esteem, would not have put his books on a 80% discount unless he knew the timeframe to make a increased profit was not drawing to a close. I would have done the same thing if I had a chance. Let's be honest and understand that this is like someone being drafted into the NFL, I have the opportunity to be close to over a dozen former and current NFL players, they know the average career is 3.5 years and you need to make as much as you can to sustain you and your family for several decades. This is what I see happening at most, if not all the sites that promote Dinar, Adam is not included as he is wise enough to be working on post RV opportunities! Kudos to you Mr. Montana as you are again steps ahead of the competition and I will be following you with many other loyal compatriots. D. President Obama is now on record as congratulating Maliki as the PM, absolutely no way this would happen if it were not already official, so we know the GOI is set.. Obama is also now on record discussing the release of Chapter 7 for Iraq. E. The request by Iraq for a continued 12 month period under the IMF gives Iraq enough time to recover the multiple billion's of dollars of money, investments, gold and items of intrinsic value that will add to their nations wealth. F. The delayed payments of Government workers is a key element. If they were not assured they would be compensated properly there would be rioting instead of celebrating in the streets of Iraq. G. The installment of ATM's across Iraq would and could not be possible unless there were a lowering of denominations and an increase of value. Remember ATM;s can only hold a limited amount of currency and would be cost negative if the Dinar retaind it's current value. I could continue for a fortnight with reasons why the RV is done and we have just not been alerted yet. Forex will not show a change until all of the pieces are lined up. when it does I am now claiming and declaring a new valuation: THE IRAQI DINAR WILL REVALUE AT .27 WITHIN THE IMMEDIATE TIMEFRAME OR NO LONGER THAN THE NEXT 90 DAYS. My reasoning behind this is that Iraq will claim they have several trillion dollars of Dinar that they are exposed to at this time. The IMF, UN and others will agree. Iraq will re-purchase the outstanding Dinar from foreign investors like ourselves who will gladly rid ourselves of the agony we have been through for the last several years and rejoice in our new found blessing. Weeks later Iraq will announce it has it's currency under control with a limited float of around 25 billion Dinar and the price will increase to that equal to either the Euro or the USD. Argue with my thesis if you will. I pray I am wrong. I however see the handwriting on the wall. People talk, word is out, it is all coming down the pike. Many of us will settle for much less than we deserve. We will get our RV and it will be a blessing although not nearly as much as it could have been if world leaders and politicians had not had their hand in the till. Count it all joy and thank God for our blessing. Once again I would like to thank Adam Montana and the entire DinarVets community for their dilligence, honesty and dedication to this investment we have chosen to be a part of. May God be with us all as the future unfolds. RichNick123
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    If you can take a listen to this before you read, or comment on this post,...... "Here comes the SUN!" Good morning! Great day here in Northern Cal. Folks I'm not here JUST to be positive, as sometimes we have to be realistic, however I believe the facts are all positive. (Now thats a FACT I'm going to focus on everyday, how about you?) Most of the rumors are not positive, the miss-information we are seeing in the media is for a reason, they want everyone confused, HHHMMM, is it working? To put it simple they want you to give up your dreams, give up your DINAR, they do not like the fact so many commoners bought into this landslide investment. There also a bit upset as they know it's all their fault for taking so long to make a decision on "WHO" will lead them out of this mess and take the all credit! (as this will go down in their HISTORY BOOKS for all t read) So this is about greed, honor, and prestige! The other reason is the evidence to so overwhelming right now that this is about to rise (the SUN=RV) it is hard to sit still for many of us. Many of you are not sleeping because of the excitement, well I'm here to tell you, it is going to RISE very soon. A great optimist once said, "It is alway darkest just before the dawn" (just before the Sun rises) Ok, let me back up for a moment, I need to spit something out as I have been chewing on this since yesterday when one on the members here posted something. His post started like this; "Sorry to post such bad news but I feel this post will sum up the possibility of NO RV in 2010. Go about your daily business, forget the rumours they will only break your heart. What a load of @$%&*! I am sorry I have to post such a reply to Zantac's mess here, but he leaves me with little choice. FYI,...From this point on I will always refer to him as "HeartBurn" as he no longer should be refereed to as Zantac IMO. If you HeartBurn had not started this post with such a lie I would at this time try and way my words with a little more salt, but you sir have caused many folks (not me) to have a sleepless night. Not only that, how many "happy people" saw this post yesterday and had there day change? How many spouses, how many children paid for your irresponsible post? I'm not talking about abuse, (Altho that can happen) I'm speaking of the mind set of the day. It hurts everyone if your depressed!! Everyone in the house pays if mama is unhappy! LOL but its true, you feel me right? In the above post you stated and I quote "Sorry to post such bad news" the true is you were looking for some negativity and you were so please when you found a way to twist this news release to fit your sick desire of spoiling the hope of so many. I do not wish to linger on how you would derive joy from this pain you maybe have caused others as I simply do not understand your motives unless it is just for the attention. (this is for all please think about it before you post it as FACT, because this is what you did HeartBurn. Speaking of attention; the first post "I" saw of yours was earlier this month when you claimed to have direct contact as well as a relationship with the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq himself, Dr. Sinan Mohammed Rida Al-Shabib. You also said in this post “I am not looking for my 15 min. of fame here but,..........then you went on to tell us nothing but self promotion, no news, no insight, just dribble about your all important contact. (as Dr. Al-Shabib would be the contact of all contacts,...he makes the SUN RISE!) I did not challenge you on this out of respect for your Father you spoke of, you lost him a few years back, my condollences as I to lost my father 10 years ago as well, it was, and is very painful. HB (HeartBurn) then your next post later that day did however expose the lack of understanding you have about what is truly going on here, but again I held my tongue as I felt my time would be better spent on positive endeavors. Now friend, you leave me with yet another choice to make, let you rant about this non-sense un-challenged,..or do my best to disspell this CRAP for the sake of those that are not privy to all that I know. I wish I could spend more time on this but I do have a busy schedule today so in short with as few words as possible as my Granddaughter is pulling at me, reminding me of our date at the park. (I will return in a while) As I said I am very happily busy today I had a hard time seeing how you saw yesterdays news negative, quoting from your news article; Mr. Ibraihi was in Istanbul to reassure the more than 20 international oil and gas companies who “WON” these “MEGA” projects that they can deal with local banks to help them implement their projects in Iraq. Mr. Ibraihi said, "I will tell them in my presentation that they shouldn't worry. They should open accounts and letters of credit in these banks," "If they cannot afford to raise their capitals to the level we want them to, they can merge together and make few successful and potential banks," he added. "This is a very important piece here,.." Capital could come from regional banks, in particular from Gulf States, as well as from some international banks. Why would other GULF STATES or GOVERNMENTS SUPLY THEM WITH THE FUNDS? Because the evidence is, overwhelming the streangth of this investment is POWERFULL! It is a must! Did not our Government just give our tax dollars to the tune of 800 BILLION to the banks here? Dude, are we reading the same articul here, they are prepairing for a wealth explotion that has been put into place by the “BIG BOYS” IMF, UN, WTO, USA, CHINA, just to name a few. This is without a doubt the largest wealth swing in the history of currency It must come soon or it will be for nothing, do you even get that part? The for nothing part, Counties have for given Billions upon Billions of dollars, years of planing as this will turn the "WORLD economy" and without the RV of some 18 currencies (Starting with Iraq) the monetary system will fall. Not just the USA, not enough time to explain much more I will be back soon. Hope this makes sense, HeartBurn not trying to single just you out here, this is for all of us to remember, please, if your going to write an opinion make it sound like your opinion as your post may effect many lives, some very innocent lives. You HeartBurn made it sound like FACT, and it is very backwards crap at best, you know it and so do I. I feel your post of yesterday has as many holes as your contact claim weeks ago being Dr. Sinan Mohammed Rida Al-Shabib. PS: sorry I do not have time to spell and grammar check this so do your best. I was typing as fast as I could. My Granddaughter is still standing here, so I got to run for now. zzzzzzzzz,...
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    I have respect for the creator of this website, but i beg to differ The authors of the plan have already stated that: "it is essential to re-establish the base purchasing and foreign exchange value of the NID(New Iraqi Dinar) as it was in the 1970's" (see link PAGE 14 Paragraph 3) earlier in the document they said" "It was beyond the imagination of the Iraqi's that the foreign exchange value of the Iraqi Dinar(OLD Iraqi Dinar) in the Late seventies was 1 ID to $3.3 USD..." (see link PAGE 14 Paragraph 1) in closing of the thought they said: "This means that 1 NID = 6000 ID = $1 USD." (see link PAGE 14 Paragraph 3) LINK: It states right there in the PLAN that the value will be at least 1 to 1 for all that know how "THEY" work, they must tell us what they are doing BEFORE they do it, and this document was released A LOOOOONG time ago, letting us know what thet are going to do BEFORE they do it....this is how THEY always literature....if you're keen enough, you will have FREE(d) YOUR MIND +1 if you can read the provided link and believe the plan over any article, any rumor, any guru, any mod, and/or anyone +1 if you like evidence that i always show with back up links as proof +1 if you believed the 1 to 1 as the most viable option +1 if you aren't looking at ways to discredit me by attacking me personally and calling me confused or un-intelligent in any form or fashion like some keeps like to do. -1 if you're brain dead Bumpers
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    Wow....didn't realize it was a contest. That comment speaks volumes as to your perspective on things. My guess is your parents pressured you into becoming quite the over achiever. I'm sorry for your pain. As far as your friends blog. His opinion is taken with as much a grain of salt as keeps, yours, mine and every other soul involved in this craziness. My point is simply that the more one claims to know, the less they probably do know. No one has all the facts and figures. Every piece of "intel" is purely guesstimates and personal opinion. Nothing more. As such, I prefer to see the positive side of things. I like to see the glass half full. I like to think that a RV of 1.00 or more is a possibility and I take offense to people who for some reason feel the need to belittle those of us who do focus on the positive. Keep and others come from a very negative perspective. They use words like "realistic" and "logical" however his numbers and hypothesis are neither realistic nor logical. They are simply his opinion because NO ONE has the accurate numbers. No one knows what the authors of the plan have done in the last few years , month or weeks. When I first read his post, I sent a copy of it to a person I will not name. He is an investor in dinar and is the person who got me involved. I very much value his opinion because he is well read and educated in this investment and has many sources who keep him up to date in what is happening regarding Iraq. This was his response.... 1- he reports 27T in circulation. Shabibi is on record as saying he has successfully pulled in about 85% of the notes with 3 zero's. This was back in May of 2010 i believe. So, they have pulled in more. The bulk of the currency is sitting in major countries vaults (I.E. US, Britain, France, etc) and they have agreements to NOT cash in right away and also to use those notes to back up and reinforce their own currencies as well as use them for oil purchases. So, Iraq will not need to have dollars to equal the cash in for $27T dinar. That is a fallacy. 2- this is clearly his opinion. These are NOT facts. He is emotional and assertive and is calling people names but this is his opinon. 3- How does he negate the IRAQ MOF paper that shows in 2009 they can handle $1.13? 4- How does he negate the UN/ IMF paper from 2003 that shows parts of the plan including RI'ing it back to $3.22. That the Iraqi people saw a drop in currency value by 600,000%. Why wouldnt there be a plan to equally restore it? 5- He is acting and speaking like he has all the facts. No one: Frank, Doc, Steve, etc etc etc have all the facts. This spider web is too far reaching. He is speaking out of fear. He has been taught through life that if it is too good to be true then it is. Well guess what- the too good to be true stuff never happens to him. Because he makes choices that are ante it. 6- If he is this passionate about it why is he wasting his time writing a book to try to negate it and others excitement? Why not just take his couple of hundred thousand dinar and stick it in a shoebox and move on with life. He can get an email from the exchange change announcement from someone Im sure. He doesnt need to waste his time on these sites. No, he is just arguing and trying to persuade folks to his way s of thinking. problem is he is limited. He doesnt have all the facts. Why should I even listen to him??!! 7- He is discounting the very notion that there was a plan put in place from the beginning. Why would we bring in General Hugh Taft or whatever his name is to handle the currency development & changeover in 2003? Why would we pay for the new currency? Why would we make the currency impossible to counterfeit. Why would we devalue it so so so so low? Why would we have a presidential order allowing (begging) our citizens to purchase the currency? Why? Why? Why? I can keep going but my point is there was and is a plan. This wasnt some fly by night operation where all of a sudden the strongest and most powerful nation the earth has ever seen woke up one day and said ...crap, we need to fight this Saddam guy...and then just rush into it. No, they have resources at their disposal. They used those rersources. They made a plan. They asked all the questions and thought of all the possibilities. America and those that own her debt (The Fed reserve) are not stupid nor short sided. There is an agenda at work...always. There is a plan in play...always. 8- He calls hiself negative in the last paragraph. Its how he sees the world. i agree with him- he is negative and it has stained his own reality. Now, it is possible that the RV rate can be low- say 1 penny or 10 cents or 30 cents. Very possible. But, Shabibi himself said that the value of the dinar needs to be more than the dollar and euro so the people will use it and drop the USD from being used. The USD is still the primary currency being used. They are Iraqi's with their own currency! We dont use the indian rupee or another currency. We use the USD here. They want the same thing there. in order to get the population to use it it needs to have some kind of value. This is why my personal belief is they will rv it higher than the dollar. 9- He is not taking into account the ability for modern day economists and finance people to have finacial instruments at their disposal that didnt exist. today they can monetize the oil in the ground before it is is accessed and sold. That is a value barometer. They currently have over 250 billion barrels at their disposal times $100 barrel well you get the picture. Add to it the other metals, mercury, agriculture, gold, sulpher, natural gas, tourism and a capitalist society and you can see they can be something special. 10- Japan was a fascist nation (closed society) who was decimated by nuclear war. They rose within a generation to be the 2nd largest economy on EARTH via a democratic and capitalist society. Their currency was changed. Iraq will follow a similar path- the difference is Japan had no resources in comparison to iraq. I can keep going. Bottom line to me is he is shortsided, negative, and emotional. He acts like HE has all the facts and no one else does. Bottom line is that is ignorant. Shabibi and the folks who made this plan, etc are the ones with the facts and variables at his disposal. These people are some of the smartest in the world at what they do- finance, economies, etc. The authors of the plan are smart. This guy has an opinion and he is entitled to it. but to me its shortsided. Anyone who comes off like they know it all and have all the facts and all the variables covered and are just adament in this is what it is and will be....well, they are ignorant and not worthy of listening to and quite frankly a response. Come to think of it, not sure why you would even waste your time.So, bottom line, we'll know what's gonna happen when it happens and not a second before. To all those who want to see the potential positive side to this investment, I applaud you. Life is for dreaming so lets dream big. For those of you who are trapped in a world of negative karma, I wish the best in life because I know it can not be easy. Peace to you all!
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    Let me apologize for being a bit late. Lets get to the facts first, speculation afterwords. YES an announcement was made declaring Iraq a sovereign nation. NO they are not. This comments have been made several times in the past and they are not any more valid than in the past. NO there has not been an in country RV. NO street venders are not cashing people in. Sorry just facts, not trying to bring folks down, but I am sure that is what people want to know most. Iraq is making great strides in the last week, and parliment is working to get things ironed out. I Believe (know) that the HCL agreement is completed, just not finalized. This has been a big step to get the Kurds back into the game. Hopefully they will play nice with the rest of Iraq now. As I stated some friends got called back from vaca early. I was hoping this was do to a RV. Well not exactly. They were given new security assignments. The direct assignments I can not discus, but think of any big National changes. Security needs usually increase just prior to any big changes, and just after them. Just as there are people that want the RV in Iraq, believe it or not there are some groups that do not want this to happen. Dont tip your head like a confused dog. Destitute people are easier to control and manipulate. These people are creating as much havic as they can. Post event if RV I am sure you can see the need for hightened security. Now for a my beliefs. I am hearing, and now believe, that we are very close. YA I SAID IT. I will never give a date or rate, but I do like the sound of buying the whole family new cars by Valentimes day. Hopefully sooner. I am stilll hearing 1-1 open to clear as many people as possible. I do not feel it will open at 1 dollar, but would love it. The 3, 5, 7 guys are splap nutz IMHO, then again saying 1-1 is hard for me, just what I am hearing. Sorry I could not tell you this is done, but it is not. I can tell you things are starting to look alot better. Heads up, Watch for China to take a more active roll to get this done. I would like to give some more specific info, but should not. Not a tease, just cant, it would not matter much anyway. I have just got home from work, and only got about 30 min sleep last night so I am pretty tired. I will try to stay around for a couple hours to answer any direct questions that I can. I will also address a couple comments from past couple post. ovarB11
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    Well we are finally on or way to a new GOI. They CAN NOT turn back now. All that are sworn in are BOUND to the new GOI by law under the Iraqi Constitution. I will now concentrate totally on the RV INFO. Watch for any meeting with Iraq and the WTO. That would be a indicator to a possible coming RV. There is nothing on RV yet but I have already told Arinai to get on it. Any info will be passed on Immediately. Great job today family. The best coverage I"VE EVER SEEN. Stay positive and never say never!
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    May be banned after this one, but feel the need to say it anyhow. With all due respect Adam, when the bashing on Scooter started, I thought for sure you would jump on it and quash it. Instead, you stated that he needed to denounce certain a certain person(s), and that he was naive for being associated with them. I actually had to read it twice, because I couldn't believe you would say that to Scooter. To some extent it fueled the fire, and FOR SURE was very disrespectful to Scooter. Scooter has provided countless hours and given so much to this site and others for no compensation. To be quite honest, I used to be VIP, and then I stopped my subcription b/c I was learning more from Scooter for no cost than anyone else. Scooter obviously didn't deserve how he was treated by the original posters, and IMHO, certainly didn't need advice from you on who he should and should not associate with, or how he was being naive.

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