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    The first Kurdish announcement in support of the vote on the Allawi government: We will not object to the independents and we have a single demand Politics 02/20/2020 22:53 1971 Editor: gf Baghdad today - Sulaymaniyah Aram Jabari, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, saw Thursday (February 20, 2020) that the issue of the participation of Kurdish parties in the parliament session called by the Prime Minister-designate is still early and that there will be no objection to nominating independent ministers. Jabbari said in an interview with (Baghdad Today) that "until now we have not seen the names and positions assigned to the Kurds in the new cabinet, so it is too early to talk about the participation of the Kurds in the parliament session." He added: "So far, discussions are continuing, to reach solutions regarding the Kurds' share in the government," noting that "there are several ways to reach an understanding formula with the prime minister-designate, and we have no problem with independent ministers, but more importantly, they should be consulting us." On Wednesday (19 February 2020), Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi called on the House of Representatives to hold an extraordinary session next Monday, in order to vote on giving confidence to his next transitional government. Allawi said in a speech to him: "I call the esteemed House of Representatives and members to hold an extraordinary session in order to vote on granting confidence to the government next Monday, February 24th." Subsequently, Walid al-Sahlani, a member of the Al-Fateh Alliance, saw, on Wednesday (February 19, 2020), that the parliament’s response to the call of Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, regarding his meeting next Monday, to pass the cabinet, is subject to the consensus of the political blocs. Then the head of the Bayraq al-Khair Parliamentary Bloc, Muhammad al-Khalidi, who is described as close to the Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, revealed on Thursday (February 20, 2020) the date for announcing the names of the ministers in the upcoming new government. Al-Khalidi said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), that "the announcement of the names of the ministers in the upcoming new government will take place one day before the voting session on the ministerial cabinet, so that the Iraqi people and political forces can see it." link
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    Moving forward to an open market economy with a stronger currency Go RV
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    “It is noteworthy that, today, 53 representatives signed a request for an extraordinary session next Monday to vote on granting the government of Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi confidence.” I’m part of the request for an extraordinary session next Monday. Go fully seated GOI Go Stability Go RV
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    2-21-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 ...IMO the Iraqi dinar is going to be paired with the American dollar. But here's a caveat. I believe it's only at the onset. I believe it's only at the beginning...because that's the way Donald Trump wants it...(I can accept the opinion that the IQD would be paired to the dollar at the onset, then go to a basket of currencies; but just how do you come to that conclusion, that Donald Trump wants it that way...Frank26..?) RON 2-21-2020 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article: "The central bank organizes a lecture in Mosul on financial inclusion" ...the above Mosul training was done days ago...imo... They speak of training at a very high level of internationalism. The CBI Statistics website has the stats on many things that facilitate money movement globally. They have the training parameters in place and or done by now through the managerial levels... Next step is the tellers.. Most likely that is or will be down to the last few hours and or last minutes... imo.
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    Documents .. 53 deputies sign an extraordinary session next Monday to vote on the government Policy , 02/20/2020 19:24 Baghdad - Iraq today: On Thursday, a group of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives submitted a request to hold an extraordinary parliamentary session. According to documents received by "Iraq Today", a copy of it, today, (20 February 2020), 53 parliamentarians submitted a request to hold an extraordinary session next Monday, with the aim of voting to pass the next government of Muhammad Allawi, according to Article (58) first of the Iraqi constitution. LINK
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    I knew it would be just a matter of time before one of you had to post this. Let’s see, Steele dossier says President Trump colluded with Russia on election, when we know it was Hillarious and obummer the whole time colluding with Russia, along with Biden in Ukraine. It has all been connected. Mueller investigation launched and they find no evidence of collusion. Now this comes up again? Give me a freakin break. Russia collusion 2.0 is all pure BS! Think about it. President Trump has actually been harder on them than the last administration and it would benefit the Russians to having a demonrat in office. Remember when obummer said, ‘tell Vladimir that I will be able to do more after the election’ or something to that effect. So why wouldn’t they come out and say that now, hoping it would cause President Trump rift in his re-election run. I see this as nothing more than Russian/demonrat propaganda at its finest.
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    Same Brennan that lied under oath that he did not know about the Steel Dosier 4 months before. He was the one that went to Harry Reid about it in August of 16, Reid then wrote a letter to the FBI about it. They then started the investigation. They should all be in jail for lying under oath.
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    2-19-2020 Intel Guru Delta Article: "Rafidain Bank announces the opening of documentary credits to ministries, traders and private sector companies" VERY HUGE ARTICLE...THEY ARE READY TO DO BUSINESS NOW... 2-20-2020 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan From Guru Frank26: "Regular meetings now between CBI Board, IMF, AMF and UST." For them to be having meetings with those four should assure us that this is coming together so very well and orchestrated to be in synchronization with the new PM and his fresh independent cabinet even with the ISX to down to bank tellers. The four Global Enities would be the ones to give the guidance to the CBs, Private Banks and then down to the bank managers, as they will need to know what to teach the tellers. They'll need to know what to tell the citizens about the value and the longevity of the coexistence of the varied currencies they will hold for what ever period of time they decide. That is effectively end game for us when that happens. imo. 2-20-2020 Intel Guru Footforward [What are your thoughts...on what will happen next after he [Allawi] seats his Cabinet and it gets approved...] They will immediately get to work on the budget. This isn't holding up the RV. But it certainly doesn't hurt things one bit.
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    LINK Allawi agreed with the top Kurdish leaders on an order they agreed to "reluctantly" 21st February, 2020 A Kurdish lawmaker who attended the Kurdish negotiations with Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi said that the latter agreed with the Kurdish leaders on an order that they agreed to "reluctantly." The MP, who declined to be named, told an Arab newspaper, "Allawi proposed two tracks during several meetings. The first is to move into an independent government that is far from the parties and includes the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites, especially since that government is not permanent, but rather is temporary, came to specific tasks, which is to control security Restoring the state’s prestige, and holding early elections, so there is no justification for the involvement of these blocs and the anger of the street. He added that "the second track of Allawi, and this was agreed upon with the top Kurdish leaders, and not negotiators, is to delay their quotas from the ministries when the formation of the government is presented to Parliament for a vote, which allows to reduce pressure, and to negotiate with the Kurds later on their ministries, which was agreed upon by most political forces. The Kurdish reluctantly, because of Allawi's insistence on the nature of his government.
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    Well I sure as hell do not think Putin is running things here in this country and only a real moron would think that. In the last 10 years, look at who has benefited the most from Russia and it former territories. How about Hillarious and the uranium one scandal, the Biden scandal just to name two. We dig deeper and I am sure we will find more. What party aligns itself closely to their ideology? Lets look again, who is leading the demonrat field now? The one that spent his honeymoon at the kremlin and is a proclaimed “socialist”, ie communist. I am sure the Russians would love to work with Bernie if he were elected. It is time you wake up! I have never trusted the USSR or the new “Russia” when the USSR broke up. To me, they are still the same and I sure as hell do not believe President Trump is Putin’s puppet as you seem to suggest. I would fire some of the intel people too. In fact, if I had anyone in my agencies that were an obummer hold over, I would fire them right NOW! Every single one of them. Like I said earlier, this is nothing more than demonrat propaganda.
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    So I came upon the below video about Kim Clement and QAnon and I was looking for thread to attach it to and found this one. I didn't see this thread when it was originally posted 2 monthss ago so I read it just now. The reply titled KIM CLEMENT ADMITS HE IS A FALSE PROPHET really caught my eye. So I clicked on the link (did anyone else bother to do that?!). Turns out, KIM CLEMENT DID NOT "ADMIT HE IS A FALSE PROPHET"!! What the article said was, and I am copying and pasting the relevant part in its entirety, “Kim, are you ever wrong?” Yes I am. From that, the author concluded Kim admitted to being a false prophet. That's totally not righ!! Kim merely said hew was wrong sometimesand that's not the same as admitting he's a "false prophet"!!! This reminds of how the MSM twists and misquotes things about Trump. They take something and then twist it into meaning something else. I'll point out that the purpose of prophesy is to warn people about what is coming so that they can prepare for it, and in many cases avoid it. Often the prophesy is about something bad that will happen, but when advance warning is given, it allows people the chance to change their behavior and avert it. Think of people who get a premonition that they will die in a plane crash so can't bring themself to get on a scheduled flight. The airplane crashes, but the person heeded the warning of that premonition and didn't die. Is it fair to say that person's premonition is false because that person didn't die? Of course not!! When you think about it, the best prophesies end up not coming true becaue the prophesy did exactly what it was intended to do: forewarn people that the path they are on will lead to a bad outcome so they can make different choices and not continue down that path. The author of that article who tried to claim Kim admits he's a false prophet was wrong to to say because a person's prophesy does not happen, it means the person is a "false prophet". And shame on him for for using the term "false prophet" because that is such an emotionally charged term for Christians - it implies he's in league with the devil. Now, back to Kim and QAnon. So because of what I just said, I don't give a lot of creedence to prophecies. And frankly, Kim's flamboyance puts me off. But I know a lot of people here are fans of him and I know they are much more well versed with him than I am, so I respect their opinions and cut Kim some slack. Today I watched this video and it does seem like Kim might have been talking about QAnon. Plus, he mentions some other things, like highly embarrasing moments for many politicians, and the upcoming elections (then the 2016 elections) that will shake the Democrats and unsettle the Republicans. That happened; the Democrates went crazy and factured into far left socialists and moderate liberals, and many Republicans hated Trump until the just last year or so. For anyone who's willing to dismiss the unfair claim that Kim admitted he's a "false prophet", it's a good listen.
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    Please....., Do you two live together.... more Swamp sewer.....
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    Yes, there is most definitely cause for alarm about coronavirus. We don't know yet how deadly it really is, but for sure it is spreading around the world. Even if you are lucky enough to not get sick from it, we will all be seriously affected as supplies for most things start to dry up. This is because China is such a big source of so many things that we use all the time. Even if China doesn't make the end product, they often manufacture necessary parts of that product. This will affect many things - the most serious of which is medicines. They also are a source of plastics, auto parts, electronics, and so much more. Unless you are Amish, you will likely find your life greatly disrupted. The price of facemasks has alread increased 1,000%... Last month a box of 100 3M, n95 masks was like $20, now they're we'll over $200 and continuing to go up since supplies are dwindling. Most masks are made in China and China has pretty much ground to a halt. Plus, who wants a person infected with coronavirus making/shipping the masks you want to protect themself from it? It is also possible that basic services may be affected in a few months if people have to be quarantined in their homes in the U.S. (and other countires), like they are now doing in China. Who would pick up the trash? Will electricity, water and gas still continue at least? We don't know how bad it may get, but I think everyone should consider making at least some preparations now while they still can. I started a thread here about a really good source of coronavirus informatioin. Clif High is well known for health, science and even cryptos. He is following it closely and even has contacts in China so is able to get info that others cannot. He's a good man (despite his quirks) whom I trust and highly recommend for info on Coronavirus.
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    LINK Registration Now Open for IBBC Spring Conference 19th February, 2020 Tenth Iraq Day at The Mansion House IBBC Spring Conference 2020 ‘Iraq – Open for Business’ 30 March, The Mansion House, London This could be the year Iraq gets serious about reform and investment. For too long, Iraqi Governments have tinkered with reform, but with the protests, a growing population and a new government forming, there is a head of steam demanding change and jobs for young people. At this time in response, The IBBC Spring Conference, at the Mansion house, is convening the heavyweight players and institutions of Finance, Energy and Governance to articulate what is required for change. All the more important as a high turnout of Iraqi Minsters and Deputies, and UK officials and politicians are expected to attend and contribute to the debate throughout the morning sessions. During the afternoon, an interactive series of roundtables addressing University, Tech in Iraq, Women’s Group and a special Kurdistan Investment Forum are convening ahead of a reception at Eversheds Sutherland headquarters. For Iraqi businesses an additional day of hosting by the DIT, BEIS and British Chambers of commerce to engage and showcase British services and products for export. For companies operating in Iraq or considering the opportunities it offers, then this conference is bringing together many of the key decision makers and drivers of finance and the opportunity to talk directly with the key players including: BP, Shell, World Bank, Kurdistan Investment Authority, Arab bankers association, Ambassador of Iraq, UK Ambassador, Chevron, JP Morgan, National Bank of Iraq, PwC, Jordan Bank, EY, GSMA, and more confirming soon.
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    This is getting bad, I heard the Mayo Clinic has declared this a Pandemic as of today, 2-20-20! Have a plan and a plan to act! JMHO ! 🤠
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    TRUMP TENT CITY: American Patriots Started Lining Up for Las Vegas Rally before Colorado Trump Rally Was Over (Video)
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    Thanks for all your great posts . ATM's dispensing cash= rv . It's curious that the Minister of Defense has to sign off on this . Does Iraq even have a Minister of Defense ? Iraq does not have a complete cabinet as yet .and they must have a complete cabinet to be a sovereign nation .
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    No we are not getting the truth about this! This is serious! Everyone needs to pay very close attention to this! JMHO! Praying that we as a country can come up with a vaccine for this terrible virus! JMHO 🤠
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    I didn’t watch the entire debate but more than half. It’s tough to watch. Socialism. Wow. Really 🙀
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    Truly missed you my friend. Glad to see you dropping in to say hi.
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    Restructuring the banking system, getting the human resource ready for international business.! Go CBI Go Banking system Go open market economy Go dinar real value
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    2-21-2020 Intel Guru RayRen98 A MEMBER DID REPORT TO ME THAT THEIR BANK CONTACT, WHO HAD BEEN QUIET FOR A LONG WHILE, CALLED THEM INQUIRING ABOUT AN INTEREST TO EXCHANGE... POSSIBLY THIS WEEKEND. THEY WILL KEEP ME UPDATED ON THEIR ACTIVITY. This is a nonsense post....everyone involved with the IQD has an "intense" interest to exchange. Of course, he's referring the the "special groups". 2-21-2020 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article: "Disclosure...enhances the value of financial institutions locally and internationally" ...They are seriously speaking of value. Well if they are going to get linked with the International Community and even with the NASAQ, the values of these companies will need to be transparent and have real value... The NASDAQ has rules and they need to be followed, just as there are rules for Market Makers and the pricing of the shares. Same would hold true with the Forex, I suspect too. This is a very good sign..
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    TRADE BANK OF IRAQ CONTINUES STRONG GROWTH AND POSTS NET PROFIT OF USD 556 MILLION FOR 2019 Baghdad, Iraq, 17 February 2020: Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI), established in 2003, achieved a robust growth in revenues and in key financial areas during 2019, for another consecutive year with its consistent performance, preliminary report released by the bank for the financial year during 31/12/2019. The bank posted a net profit of USD 556 million in 2019, an increase of 68% from 2018, on revenues of USD 673 million, which grew by 12% over the previous year. Financial unaudited statements for the year ending 31st December 2019 reveal enhanced financial strength of TBI as a consequence of incessant improvements throughout the year in key sectors, including gross revenue and total assets. The total assets of TBI grew to USD 29 billion in 2019 thereby recording an increase of 27% As a preliminary comparison to 2018. Primary results the resilient earnings and improved asset base have earned TBI multiple awards at the recently held The Banker Awards 2019 in London. The bank granted loans during 2019 to the tune of USD 434 million, the 2019 bank’s efforts made to lift the Iraqi economy and social development during the year through loans aggregating USD 1.9 billion for various Iraqi governmental and public sector projects in energy, industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors, assisting them in achieving further growth of the Iraqi economy TBI is currently working on expanding its network domestically & Internationally to diversify the sources of revenue from retail banking in Iraq to international operations in order to achieve a 30% compounded annual growth rate envisaged in the bank’s business plan for 2020-23. The bank opened its first branch outside Iraq last year in Riyadh, KSA and plans to upgrade its representative office in Abu Dhabi Global Market to enable it to conduct investment management and advisory activities. Faisal Al Haimus, Chairman & President of Trade Bank of Iraq, said: “last year has been a good period for TBI and we have continued to support businesses and financial institutions to facilitate growth and expansion across many sectors. We have achieved this success through prudent risk management and our aggressive technology-supported expansion strategy. We will continue to thrust our technology-driven customer service initiatives in order to ensure more efficient and diverse services to our customers, reduce costs, and improve productivity. “As part of our strategic plan, we are aiming for bigger retail and international business to achieve a growth rate of 30% of our total revenues, year on year basis, in the next three years through new technology-driven, need-based product offerings and international expansion. As TBI moves forward with its 2020-23 strategic plan that will take the bank higher, it will continue to play a pivotal and influential role in Iraq’s ongoing recovery.” -END-
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    MASSIVE Numbers Of Democrats Are Quitting The Democratic Party, Trump Now Polling Highest EVER MASSIVE Numbers Of Democrats Are Quitting The Democratic Party, Trump Now Polling Highest EVER. A new poll from Gallup has Trump at +1 approval and Emerson has him at +4 giving him the highest aggregate polling numbers of his presidency. One of the reasons for the massive jump in approval is that Democrats are no longer identifying as Democrats and many are quitting the party.
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    More Insanian rockets fired from Yemen. Wuz up with the Saudis buying AND using Israeli defense systems???!!! EFFECTIVELY!!! YYYEEEAAAHHH BBBAAABBBYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saudi Arabia AND Israel are likie buds forever now???!!! Saudi Air Defense System Stops an Array of Rockets from Houthis in Yemen Houthis in Yemen fired several rockets into Saudi Arabia throughout the night; Saudi Arabia’s air defense system (Israeli-designed) intercepted the rockets as they were heading towards civilian areas. After Midnight on Friday, Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen fired several missiles into Saudi Arabia, all of which were intercepted by the Saudi air defense system – the Israeli Patriot Missile System. The ballistic missiles were heading in the direction of civilian territories prior to being intercepted. In a statement from Saudi Coalition spokesman Col. Turki Al-Malki via the Saudi Press agency, he stated, “The missiles were launched in a systematic, deliberate manner to target cities and civilians, which is a flagrant defiance of the International Humanitarian Law.” He would additionally state that “The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition has exercised extreme prudence and self-restraint in dealing with the violations of the Houthi militia through launching ballistic missiles, UAVs and remote-controlled exploding boats. The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition will continue to apply and implement all decisive and rigorous measures, in accordance with the International Humanitarian Law, to protect Coalition States’ nationals and expatriates from such barbaric attacks.” Both Saudi Arabia and the United States believe Iran is the catalyst for the recent Houthi attacks on the Kingdom. February 21st, 2020|News Go Moola Nova!
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    LINK Iranian health talks about a frightening spread of Corona across the country 21st February, 2020 The Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency on Friday quoted a Health Ministry official as saying that the Corona virus has spread to many Iranian cities Iran has confirmed 13 new cases of the virus, of which two have died "Based on the current reports, the Coruna virus has started to spread in Qom, and with the movement of people, it has reached several cities in the country, including Tehran, Babil, Arak, Rasht, etc., and it is likely that it is present in all cities of Iran," said the official, Meno Mahrez
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    Prophecies can come from good and evil sources. We must ask for and should have the power of discernment to tell where it comes from.
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    Great information Laid Back ... thank you brother..! Ron
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    I would also add if someone gives you a prophetic word, which doesn't come to pass, it may mean the person to whom the word is given is not walking the path the Lord has set out for them. So naturally if you aren't walking and listening to God, it won't come to pass.
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    I do have a plan need you sure stock up steaks bread shrimp wine beer enough for 6 months my plan is I am moving in need Xbox also
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    In Iran ... even oranges are bought with credit cards - 4 Hours Ago After hours of moving from one square to another, one region and another to monitor the opinions and options of the Iranian people in the parliamentary elections, we stopped to drink juice at an orange stand in the street and paid with a credit card, in an unfamiliar scene. The matter does not stop at a street or vegetable shop, as street vendors provide "subway" stations with card payment through machines that have become one of their main business tools. This is unprecedented in the rest of the countries, but if we know that more than 90% of the financial transactions between citizens are carried out with credit cards for local banks away from the internationally famous American and European companies, the matter becomes justified. If you are visiting Iran for the first time, be surprised that there is an integrated banking and financial system that serves tens of millions of Iranians, and the most important thing is that it is completely separate from the global system because of the sanctions that started to descend on the Islamic Republic for many years. Most people do not carry cash, especially after its price rise against the dollar, in addition to the facilities provided by the government in using credit cards and directing the citizen to depend entirely on it and give up the paper currency completely. people's opinion? Muhammad - who works in the field of trade and spices - says that he pays the card to the taxi driver, he does not mention the last time I carry a large amount of cash. Someone asks me to pay cash for any service he provides me or a commodity that I buy, so I do not need a paper currency. ” He also says, "It is clear that our banking system is good and the government has made a great effort to establish such services in light of the stifling financial and economic blockade of the country that deprives us of many external transactions." "I was studying at the university in one of the Arab countries, and I went to the bank to ask for a credit card, but I was rejected only because I am Iranian, and this means that foreign countries besiege the Iranian and pursue him in the most basic of his rights." He concluded, "I was hoping to use my credit card outside my country to buy the goods I needed, but what the government is doing in this field will have a positive impact on the citizen." Mir Hussain (a hotel worker) says that despite carrying paper money, he does not use it, and it is preferable to rely on credit cards "because they are easier and faster." He continued that his father and every person who receives aid from the government must have a bank account and a credit card to pay through it or withdraw the money. "Our banking system is independent and developed," he added. There is an additional advantage to this banking and financial system that it works "within the national internet and has no connection whatsoever with the World Wide Web," according to Dr. Saeed Leylaz, professor of economics at the "Shahid Beheshti University" in Tehran, in reference to the percentage of security and safety that this system has. However, Laylaz revealed something unknown to many is that "some ATMs were installed and started working before the revolution in 1979, and the relationship of the Iranian banking system with the SWIFT system and the global banking system has not yet been severed, that is, the sanctions have nothing to do with the establishment of the current banking system." He continued, "This banking system began about twenty years ago and expanded with the coming of President Hassan Rouhani to power seven years ago. This system had many benefits, most notably: Reducing the volume of trading in banknotes, and this is important because using them leads to high inflation rates in the country." . The use of credit cards - according to Laylaz - contributed to the government's attempts to contain inflation and reduce the number of customer visits to bank branches, which closed hundreds of them during the current year, after the services became available electronically. He explained that it is not possible to manage the country's economy without this electronic banking system "In Iran there are more than forty million smart phones, so credit cards and ATMs have become an integral part of the citizen's diary." Source: Al-Jazeera LINK
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    Thanks Thugs, I hope the people are pleased. They are speaking louder now than past years. This something that we have never seen in this investment. Let's go oh whoops not the rumor thread lol
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    LINK Deputy: Al-Halbousi is obliged to hold parliament session Monday, and Allawi will present his cabinet 72 hours ago 19:43 - 02/20/2020 Member of Parliament Nada Shaker affirmed on Thursday that Parliament Speaker Mohamed Al-Halbousi is obliged by law to hold the parliament’s session next Monday after collecting 53 parliamentary signatures to hold it, while she indicated that Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi informed the political blocs that he would announce his cabinet 72 hours ago . Shaker said in a statement to the "information", that "Al-Halbousi has become obliged to hold the parliament session next Monday to give the Allawi government confidence after collecting the signatures of 53 deputies." She added that "Allawi told the political blocs that his ministerial daughter will be announced 72 hours before the parliament session," stating that "Allawi may announce his booth on the evening of next Saturday." And indicated that "the House of Representatives will not hold its meeting as Allawi did not reveal his cabinet after 72 hours to know the CVs of the new ministers," explaining that "Allawi does not have any reasons to support the announcement of his cabinet in front of the people and parliament." It is noteworthy that, today, 53 representatives signed a request for an extraordinary session next Monday to vote on granting the government of Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi confidence.
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    Wow this get's scarier by the minute and I bet we are not hearing the whole truth. Thank you Mr.Thugs and Artitech.
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    LINK Iraq prevents entry of Iranian travelers for three days from all its outlets 02/20/2020 23:08:53 Iraq decided to prevent the entry of Iranian travelers from entering the country from all its border crossings as a precautionary measure against the fatal Corona virus that entered Iran and caused deaths and injuries to a number of people. A statement of the Ports Authority, which the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of, stated that “Omar Al-Waeli, President of the Border Ports Authority, participated in the special meeting of the Diwaniyah Command Committee (55) for the year 2020, on the measures taken to combat the spread of Coronavirus.” The meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Minister of Health and Environment Jaafar Sadiq Allawi and representatives of ministries and government institutions (Directorate of Civil Status and Passports, Ministry of Defense / Directorate of Military Medical Matters, Department of Relations / Intelligence Service, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Relations and Information / Ministry of Interior, Adviser to the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Transport , Civil Aviation Authority, Iraqi Airways, Iraqiya News Channel Relations, Public Health Department / Ministry of Health). The meeting discussed, according to the statement, "the measures taken by ministries and government institutions and the coordination of joint efforts to take measures to address this disease." The meeting concluded with a set of decisions, including "Preventing the entry of Iranian travelers for a period of three days from all border crossings, and excluding entry to Iraqi travelers until the latest developments, as well as ensuring the continuity of entry of goods from all border outlets, and ensuring that Iraqis returning from Iran are subject to the procedures of the Iraqi Ministry of Health" according to For the statement. It is worth mentioning that the board of border crossing points and under the guidance directly from the President of the Authority Omar Waeli has taken a series of directives and their application on the ground of the formation of a room and emergency operations and commitment to the ministries concerned to allocate the decisions of medical teams and mobilize efforts to address this.
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    2-20-2020 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Article: "Newspaper: Allawi chose 3 characters for each ministry and placed the ball in the parliament stadium" Quote: "Allawi chose 57 characters, 3 persons for each ministry, which means that he put the ball in the parliament’s court by not requiring one person for each ministry because if he rejects it, this may affect the entire government formation." The only concerns I had with Allawi have been covered - I felt like if he was going to be ousted or “convinced” to resign, it was going to happen quickly. Like, “within the first week” quickly. We are well beyond that, and the “backups for the backups” says they are getting things donnnneee! “You don’t like that choice? FINE, here’s another one. And another! This was taken from another site that follows Adam's Opinions and posts snippets from them. You can see Adam's full Chat on our DV Chat Logs Forum as: Adam Montana Weekly 19 Feb 2020 2-20-2020 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: "DEPUTY: 90% OF THE CURRENT REPRESENTATIVES WILL NOT RETURN TO THEIR SEATS IN THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS" Quote: "DURING ITS SESSION, ON DECEMBER 24, 2019, THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES VOTED ON THE ELECTION LAW LEGISLATION" So here it is in black and white. The Iraqi election law was already voted on and passed in parliament. ...So why is the news media telling us they still need to do this? This again is a FAKE spin on the news. They want to confuse and stall everything indefinitely. The real reason why they can’t yet implement it is they need candidates for the early elections and also they will need a way to prosecute the corrupt that will be taken out of the government. Already Iraq has hired consultants to come into Iraq to help clarify the procedure to run this new type of “open” election process. They are working out the details and will be successful. 2-20-2020 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article: "Deputy: Karbala’s 2020 budget is devoid of new project" [How can there be an RI when there is such a large deficit and no new projects?] I think they are about to change things, as this suggests they have the 2019 budget which, imo would reflect the FML amendment that will facilitate the new rate we expect to precede the 2020... Thus, they seem to know already that there is a big change coming...imo ! This is a good one!! ~ imo. (Reposted)
  38. 4 points Iraq suspends flights to and from Iran over coronavirus Iraqi medical staff check passengers' temperature upon their arrival at Najaf airport February 20, 2020.REUTERS/ALAA AL-MARJANI Iraq, which has reported no cases of coronavirus, took measures to contain it by suspending visas on arrival for Iranian passport holders and direct flights between the two countries. The move comes as Iran said that three more people have been infected with the virus. Iraq's Transport Ministry said in a statement that flights by national carrier Iraqi Airways to Iran were suspended. The decision, the statement said, was based on a Health Ministry recommendation to take the necessary measures to prevent the virus from reaching Iraq. Iraq's Interior Ministry reversed a decision to allow Iranian nationals to obtain visas on arrival in Iraq, according to a statement. Omar al-Waeli, head of Iraq's Border Ports Authority, said medical personnel had been dispatched to conduct checks on Iraqi nationals returning from Iran.
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    The Iraqi Ministry of Interior suspends its decision to exempt the Iranians from entry permits by EditorIraq News 48 Minutes ago The Ministry of Interior decided to suspend its previous decision regarding entering the Iranians into the country without the need for an entry visa. A document issued by the ministry, copies of which were sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Intelligence Service, and the Directorate of Civil Status, Passports and Residence, indicated that work was suspended by granting the tourist entry visa, directly by the border outlets, to Iranian passport holders. The ministry’s decision came after a number of official and popular bodies asked to prevent entry of Iranian travelers into the country, against the backdrop of registering a number of cases of deaths and deaths of Iranian citizens infected with the Corona virus. LINK
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  41. 4 points
    Iran is a cancer that should be eradicated, not dialogue with - 4 Hours Ago What is required from Iran from the Arabs? Accept it as it is. This means that they accept their policy of interfering in their internal affairs. This is an equation that a living country cannot be part of. Iran, which does not act with the Arabs as a country that respects the rules of work in international law, will not be able to reach a language of dialogue with them. Iran wants dialogue, but from one side. This is a farce that confirms that those who rule Iran are talking about peace and their minds of war. They see relations between states as a battlefield, so they look at the other in terms of their ability to respond and lengthen the military in war. This corrupted their political minds, and they considered war the first solution to their problems. The Iranians only think of war. A quick look at their followers in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen makes us sure that Iran is providing nothing but as it mobilizes society with explosives. Its followers from the youth of these countries have turned into mines. And if they occupy high positions in a country, which is what is actually taking place in Iraq, then that country will be at risk of explosion. Sectarian washing has caused some Arabs to convert to Iranians more than Khamenei, so that the criminal Qassem Soleimani overlooks Lebanon with his statue, to confirm that his project to kill Arabs is still standing. And if Hassan Nasrallah had publicly narrated his dream that relates to Suleimani, then he knows that someone is listening to him about ignorance, stupidity and sectarian obsession. That is exactly what Iran wants for us. Therefore, any dialogue with her will be fruitless and futile. This is a country that has long had to withdraw from the United Nations General Assembly, because it does not believe in its charter calling for peace. It is a country whose policy is based on war. And if some of its deceptive politicians propose a dialogue with the Arabs, then they forget that their country has not presented, in forty years, a goodwill gesture. Rather, everything I did was just the opposite. What happened to Iraq under Iranian hegemony was the worst in history. Iran's followers have spread and printed corruption in society, so that all manifestations of corruption are pointing to them without being held accountable because of Iranian protection. The ideological state protects the corrupt. This is what Iran sees as appropriate for societies that wish to destroy it. Neither in the present nor in the future, normal relations can be established between the Arab world and Iran as long as its regime is determined to continue its shabby, vulgar policies that are contrary to international law. As I see it, Europe is tired of its political hypocrisy. The Iranian regime is not reliable. She will always have to face her relationship with him as a disgrace in terms of human concepts, values and principles. It is a system that does not believe in a person, his rights, or the international law that guarantees those rights. It will be the right of the Arab countries that Iran asks of the dialogue to apologize for the absence of common factors. You cannot negotiate with a predator on terms of a normal life. Iran under the regime of the mullahs is that animal. If it was up to Iran, Dubai would turn into a kind of southern suburb of Beirut. If it were for Iran, the worshipers in Jeddah would offer their prayers in tattered places. If the matter was for Iran, the Mohammed V Mosque in Rabat would be converted to Husayn for slapping, crying and crying. Iran is a cancer that should be eradicated, not dialogue with The Arabs LINK
  42. 4 points
    LINK Ministry of Health: We have not called for the closure of border crossings with Iran 20th February, 2020 Today, Thursday, the Ministry of Health denied its demand to close border crossings with Iran, after the news was circulated through a number of media outlets. The media office in the ministry said, "Talking about the ministry's demand to close the border with Iran for fear of spreading the Corona virus is unfounded." The Border Ports Authority confirmed today, Thursday, the strengthening of its border measures with Iran in anticipation of the spread of Corona's disease. And called on the medical authorities in Basra to close the ports with Iran in anticipation of the flow of Corona virus.
  43. 3 points
  44. 3 points
    Exposing someone's doings is not the same as that person admitting to their doings. No where in the article does Kim Clement, in his own words, admit to being a false prophet. On the contrary their is a lot of quotes that explain to the reader how to discover a self-acclaimed prophet is a false one. The headline is misleading to say the least and no proof that Clements is a false prophet or has admitted to being a false prophet. Other than the usual tripe At one time even most of the followes of Jesus claimed he was a false Messiah. And that was for good reason as there were a spat of false prophets at the time of Jesus. All were shown to be false through their actions and deeds, including the one who used Khadija's nakedness to prove he was a messenger and prophet from the words of the Angel of Light, aka Shaitan. Notice here I do not claim he is or is not a prophet but merely this story's headline is misleading as what is claimed by the headline is false.
  45. 3 points
    Schifty Eye Schiff is telling Trump to NOT do something. Why because Schifty Eye Schiff has his wide psycho eyes on him? Nah Trump may implement all powers afforded him as President and nothing Schiff can do about it, except maybe try to bring another falsetto of a claim of something that he made up for his new screenplay. Even Hollywood doesn't like the mentally ill bugged eye Schiester. I hope Trump pardons Stone, Page and others involved with this fiasco they called the Meuller investigation. It's okay though the bugged eye Schiester only has until January before he loses his post as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee. Which is an Oxymoron because the bugged eye moron displayed little if any intelligence the entire time he has been in office.
  46. 3 points
    Deputy: Muhammad Allawi wants the participation of Sunni and Kurdish political forces to support his government 21-02-2020 02:01 PM Baghdad - news Today, Friday, the representative of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Muhammad al-Baldawi, affirmed the desire of Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi for the participation of Sunni and Kurdish political forces to support his transitional government. Al-Baldawi told Al-Ikhbaria: “The current opinion lies in the importance of passing the new government in a consensual manner, despite its ability to obtain an absolute parliamentary majority, but the government wants the Sunni and Kurdish political forces to support it.” The MP added: "The insistence of some political forces to block the passage of the new government will force other political forces to pass the government by a majority."
  47. 3 points
    LINK Planning announces the launch of the five-year plan 2020-2024 to support the implementation of the population census in Iraq 17:17 - 02/20/2020 Minister of Planning Nuri Sabah Al-Dulaimi announced Thursday the launch of the five-year plan 2020-2024 to support the implementation of the census in Iraq. Al-Dulaimi said, in a statement received / information /, that "the five-year plan (country program) 2020-2024 of the United Nations Population Fund was launched," indicating "its importance in promoting population action in accordance with the priorities developed with all partners in the public and private sectors and programs of nations United and the international community.” He emphasized that “the new country program is in line with the national priorities in the National Development Plan 2018-2022, sectoral strategies and Iraq’s vision. of the sustainable development goals 2030 and the UNFPA strategy 2018-2021." He pointed out, "All partners cooperated with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to achieve the outputs of the country program 2020-2024 in providing accurate statistical data and supporting the implementation of the 2020 census in all its stages, supporting reproductive and sexual health programs and family planning, and contributing to the development of the public health system, Supporting the achievement of the goals of national strategies, providing statistical data on youth, promoting gender equality and empowering women, supporting statistical surveys in the areas of health and social, updating the national document on population policies, and providing and improving statistical data in line with achieving Scorer 2030. Sustainable Development."
  48. 3 points
    Beyond all the descriptors is the basis for the descriptors. I am a The United States Of America Citizen and I have NO problem bearing the descriptor of being a The United States Of America Citizen. I am a male and I have NO problem bearing the descriptor of being a male. I work AND have NO problem bearing the descriptor of being a worker. I am a Conservative AND have NO problem bearing the descriptor of being a Conservative. The United States Of America Citizen, male, worker, AND/OR Conservator being an ACTUAL descriptor IS NOT NAME CALLING. Further........................................................................ For example. IF I lie, then I am a liar. For illustration, I may take issue being noted as a liar whereas I am still a liar because I lied and would rightly have the descriptor as a liar. NO lying, denying, deflecting, AND/OR blaming on others detracts from the fact I have the descriptor as a liar IF indeed I did lie even though, for illustration purposes ONLY, I would term liar as being name calling and NOT the ACTUAL descriptor. What is unspeakably disgusting and inappropriate is Dr. Spock has done a HUMONGOUS diabolical disservice to humanity by classifying ACTUAL descriptors entirely forbidden to protect the perpetrator's chosen position and perspective to avoid personal acknowledgement, personal responsibility, AND personal ownership as a consequence of the ACTUAL descriptor choosing to note the ACTUAL descriptor as name calling. Once the Dr. Spock poster child has chosen an ACTUAL descriptor as name calling, Dr. Spock notes the Dr. Spock poster child as having the final say in whether an ACTUAL descriptor IS name calling AND Dr. Spock FORBIDS ANY NAME CALLING BASED ON ACTUAL DESCRIPTORS BECAUSE THE Dr. Spock poster child IS OFFENDED. AND so societal fabric rots along with the Founding Principles of THIS Great Nation UNLESS True The United States Of America Patriots CALL A SPADE A SPADE AND ACT ACCORDINGLY. What is unfortunate is the basis for various descriptors is without foundation and is ill advised. For relevant and to the point example, Rule Of Law Based On The Constitution Of The United States Of America Constitution TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights is cherished and defended by EVERY True The United States Of America Patriot in whatever venue the True The United States Of America Patriot finds contest of Rule Of Law Based On The Constitution Of The United States Of America Constitution TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights. So, as an ACTUAL The United States Of America Citizen, to strip ANY individual of OR protect ANY individual FROM Rule Of Law Based On The Constitution Of The United States Of America Constitution TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights is rightly described and termed as criminal and subject to the penalties of Rule Of Law Based On The Constitution Of The United States Of America Constitution TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights without regard to ANY individual stripped OR protected from the benefits or consequences respectively thereof. If the least among us falls doing what is right with their six unguarded, then, at some point, even the greatest among us will no longer be able to stand since their six is unguarded and there is no one left to stand with and nothing left to stand for. - Synopsis So, it is NOT about ANY individual WHATSOEVER BUT ABOUT THE APPROPRIATE APPLICATION OF AND THE REMEDIES PROVIDED THEREWITH BY Rule Of Law Based On The Constitution Of The United States Of America Constitution TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights. THEREFORE, to apply a FALSE descriptor of a True The United States Of America Patriot UPHOLDING Rule Of Law Based On The Constitution Of The United States Of America Constitution TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights IS ACTUAL NAME CALLING DUE TO HAVING A FALSE BASIS. So, WHAT, pray tell, HAS The True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump ACTUALLY DONE WRONG???!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AS President Of The United States Of America AND CAMPAIGNING FOR BECOMING President Of The United States Of America. A person CAN NOT BE SUBJECT TO NAME CALLING BY BEING NAME CALLED A Trumpkin since The True The United States Of America Patriot UPHOLDS Rule Of Law Based On The Constitution Of The United States Of America Constitution TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights without regard to the person being stripped of OR protected from The Constitution Of The United States Of America Constitution TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights. The ACTUAL criminals, as described above, MUST BE SUBJECT TO THE CONSEQUENCES OF ABRIDGING Rule Of Law Based On The Constitution Of The United States Of America Constitution TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights FOR social and profitable peace FOR We The People BEING The United States Of America Citizens. THEREFOR, ALL criminals bringing false accusations against The True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump MUST BEAR THE CONSEQUENCES FOR ABRIDGING Rule Of Law Based On The Constitution Of The United States Of America Constitution TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights AND ALL WRONGS COMMITTED AGAINST OTHERS. So, the LIARS AND CRIMINALS are ACTUALLY LIARS AND CRIMINALS WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE OFFENDED FOR BEING CALLED A LIAR AND/OR CRIMINAL. Pleading INNOCENT DOES NOT OVERRIDE A COURT OF LAW RULING DESCRIPTOR OF ACTUAL GUILT BASED ON ACTUAL FACT IN RELATION TO Rule Of Law Based On The Constitution Of The United States Of America Constitution TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights.
  49. 3 points
    No mention in the Puffington post about the female foreman who was an anti-trump activist that tainted the jury pool thus the judge delayed the implementation of the sentence until the judge ruled on that. Stone will more than likely get a new trial in which the state will very likely not pursue.

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