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    Good morning all, and Happy Wednesday! I'm a bit slammed with non-dinar related work, so just a short update today. I do have more, but it should hold till the weekend. DJIA is solid over 29,000. BTC is on a strong hold over $10,000. A sincereto everyone for the awesome work in this thread: If you had any questions about the current progress of Allawi, just check the last page or two on that thread! (Currently page 5 and 6, it might be well past that by the time you see this!) You may have noticed a lack of chatter about "protesters" over the last week or two... that's just one of the topics that has quietly just left the news. Of course we don't see anyone making a big deal out of positive news, because that's not the kind of stuff that sells newspapers. But it IS the kind of thing we want to see, because it's what is going to lead us to a higher value on the Dinar. Allawi is building a foundation, the pieces are falling into place, and I have nothing negative to report. I am very interested in seeing a continuation of this one: I think that all makes for a pretty fantastic Wednesday update, even if it is short! I've got some work to get done, y'all be good, happy, and keep up the good work... Gooooo RRRVVVV!!!!! - Adam
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    2-18-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 ...they have failed twice IMO to bring forward the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar. 2-18-2020 Intel Guru Delta ...the Central Bank of Iraq posted the updates on their spreadsheets and financial status...46 million dollars just for the month of December worth of lower denominations and that was the equivalent of about 825 billion dinar far right now they've printed 180 million worth of currencies. And we all know this isn't just the paper notes that this also includes coins. For them to do that gives you an indication that they're moving forward there's no doubt about that... 2-18-2020 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat First, I want to clarify what we might hear in the news and how they represent it. When they say “Allawi’s new government” what do they mean? ...They mean the new cabinet selection for the ministries not parliament. Parliament is not being replaced at this time. To replace parliament, they must hold national elections...When they do conduct these elections, this will NOT include selecting yet another prime minister and his cabinet, as many might think. Allawi will stay the full term up to 2022 (2018-2022) ... WE have also confirmed this with the legal in Iraq... 2-18-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 prime minister = reinstatement IMO. A new prime minister means in my opinion the reinstatement will be fast. Fast! Not like the things we've been dealing with in the past years. I believe the cabinet formation is already there. I believe the Prime Minister is already there. I believe the Kurds are excited about doing business with Iraq and the HCL is already there. I believe article 140 is ready. I believe they are 1 to 1 electronically behind closed door because they do everything internationally...I believe things are happening at a very very volatile pace...MTA [Allawi] wants an overwhelming majority vote so there's no questions asked. So there's no problem whatsoever. 2-18-2020 Newshound Guru Jeff's very quiet in Iraq right now. The only things they've been talking about since the beginning of January was obviously finish forming the government and implementing the demonstrators demands...the demonstrators demands those are post rate change. Those come after the rate change. The actual roadmap that I've laid out...since last year is unfolding right before your eyes. It's exactly how I laid it out. It's been very quiet. Iraq is not talking about a lot of new things. Iraq is boxed in a corner they can't implement the demonstrators demands or reforms...we are looking amazing... 2-18-2020 Newshound Guru Vital Brad ...Prime Minister Allawi has been busting his butt the last couple of weeks to form his cabinet. Honestly it seems a little to me like Groundhog's Day seems like we're always waiting on the prime minister to form his government...but Allawi is making a lot of progress. Allawi is really moving things forward...Today Monday he needed to submit the names for his cabinet. So he submitted 19 names and he mentioned three of the cabinet positions he doesn't have names for yet...this is because of some Kurdistan objection...but they are saying that the different blocks are agreeing on his picks...IMO if Allawi does it in his first go...I still have the opinion that a good time frame for this revaluation to happen is right around the second quarter. So April...if they bust their butt like Allawi is I could see things happening... 2-18-2020 Intel Guru Delta ...In my personal opinion only - February is looking very very solid and I think we are going to move very very fast. As soon as they pass the government or around the same timing we should IMO see the Central Bank of Iraq change the rate. They are way behind schedule. They are overdue with all of that. The CBI I don't know if they can wait that much longer. So I'm giving the end of this month. Two weeks the CBI should show us a rate. 2-18-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 This Allawi guy. This prime minister IMO is learning about the currency reform because he is attending the CBI meetings I suggest are happening. I believe the speed of what they are learning is accelerated at a very fast pace and the reason why is because Donald Trump is asking for this...I believe there has been a date that has been given by what I call the Fab 4 to the CBI and I believe in my strong opinion that the CBI has committed to said date. If there is a date that means there is a target that means we are not guessing anymore are we...To me, IMO, this is nonnegotiable. It is a set date...the prime minister of Iraq IMO has the authority to sit his cabinet and to work with the United Nations and to work with NATO for only one reason - the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar because that's what's going to give you the economic reforms... That's All Folks...! - RON
  3. 13 points 18-02-2020 10:02 AM Iranian official: The electricity agreement with Iraq is currently suspended Baghdad / news The head of the Iranian Electricity Industry Union, Payam Bagheri, announced today, Tuesday, that the agreement signed with Iraq in the field of electricity is currently suspended due to economic and political changes in Iraq. Bagheri said in an interview with the Iranian "Mehr" news agency: "Part of the Iranian-Iraqi electricity agreement has been implemented, and the other parts have been suspended due to economic and political changes in Iraq." Bagheri pointed to the latest developments in the electricity agreement between Iran and Iraq, noting that "the changes in the Iraqi cabinet can affect this agreement, and we are waiting for the Iraqis to take action." "We are waiting for the political situation in Iraq to stabilize, and we will follow our positions, but only one part of the agreement was to synchronize the electricity networks in the two countries by the end of 2019," he added. According to the Iranian official, Iranian and Iraqi officials met last November, but the next part of the agreement between the two countries deals with limiting the losses of the Iraqi electricity network, which is scheduled to be completed in 2020, and despite its preparations and plans to implement it by Iran, it has been suspended Currently due to Iraqi conditions. Bagheri said that Iran is following a memorandum of understanding with Syria similar to the one concluded with Iraq, which recently sent a committee of experts from the Ministry of Energy to look into the Syrian electricity industry, noting that "when the delegation returns, senior Iranian government officials will go to Syria to sign a protocol Similar to the protocol on Iraq. " And the United States decided, last week, to extend Iraq’s exemption from sanctions related to importing gas and electricity from Iran for 45 days, on which it depends to secure about a third of its electricity needs. Washington imposed strict sanctions on the Iranian energy sector in the year 2018, and threatened to punish countries dealing with Tehran in this field, but it granted Iraq a series of consecutive temporary exemptions, which started with 45 days, then expanded to 90 days, and 120 days.
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    From Yesterday ... Representatives are requesting 72 hours to study them .. Allawi intends to send the names of ministers to the Presidency and the blocs tomorrow Policy , 02/18/2020 21:03 Baghdad - Iraq today: The deputy revealed about the State of Law coalition, Alia Nassif, on Tuesday, the intention of Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi to send official books to the political forces and the Presidency of the Republic, including the names of the candidates ministers tomorrow, Wednesday, indicating that deputies asked for 72 hours to study them. Nassif said, "The Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi will send official books to the Presidency of the Republic and political forces that include the names of the candidates for the ministries next Wednesday," noting that "Allawi has a number of alternative names in the event that any candidate's name is rejected for a specific ministry." Nassif added, "The political forces will play their role once the government has received the names of its members from the parliament to study them," noting that "the members of the House of Representatives asked to give them a period of 72 hours to search and verify the names, which means that the voting session will be held early next week at the very least." The deputy of the Sadqoun bloc, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, said in a statement to "Information", today, Tuesday, that Allawi will observe the distribution of his ministerial formation on the basis of components and not on the basis of electoral merit, indicating that there are attempts by influential parties in Parliament to disrupt the voting session. LINK (From Today Below) Allawi Has Put Together A List With 3 Candidates For Each Of The Cabinet Positions ! In Other Words - Even His Backup Candidate Has A Backup Candidate In Order To Help Compress The Timeline ! LINK Newspaper: Allawi chose 3 characters for each ministry and placed the ball in the parliament stadium 19th February, 2020 An Arab newspaper confirmed, according to informed sources, that the Prime Minister-designate chose 3 personalities for each ministry, placing the ball in the parliament stadium. The sources stated to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, "Allawi chose 57 characters, 3 persons for each ministry, which means that he put the ball in the parliament’s court by not requiring one person for each ministry because if he rejects it, this may affect the entire government formation."
  5. 10 points PM Next Monday .. Muhammad Allawi calls the parliament to hold an extraordinary session to vote on the government
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    LINK Al-Araji calls on Allawi and the Kurdish delegation to form a government that can overcome the crisis 18th February, 2020 Former Deputy Prime Minister, Bahaa al-Araji, called on Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi and the older Kurdish delegation to Baghdad to form a government that can overcome the crisis. Al-Araji said in a tweet on "Twitter", "Today, the Kurdish delegation arrives in Baghdad to negotiate with the designated Prime Minister to determine their participation in the next government." "We call on both parties to look at the public interest in order to form a government that can bypass the crisis," he added. ####### LINK A Kurdish delegation arrives in Baghdad on an urgent visit to negotiate with Allawi on the new government 18th February, 2020 Former Deputy Prime Minister, Bahaa Al-Araji, called on Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi and the older Kurdish delegation to Baghdad to form a government that can bypass the crisis. Al-Araji said in a tweet on Twitter, "Today, the Kurdish delegation arrives in Baghdad to negotiate with the designated Prime Minister to determine their participation in the next government." He added, "We call on both parties to look at the public interest in order to form a government that can overcome the crisis."
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    Video can be accessed through the link below. Democrats worried about Trump's growing strength Senate Democrats are privately acknowledging that President Trump will be very tough to beat in November if the economy stays strong and he draws on the substantial advantages of running as an incumbent. Publicly, Democratic lawmakers are putting on a brave face, but behind closed doors anxiety is mounting over the unraveling of former Vice President Joe Biden’s White House bid and the failure of impeachment to put a dent in Trump’s approval ratings. One of the chief concerns is that Trump, who has a virtually uncontested path to the Republican nomination, will have a big head start to prepare for the general election. His reelection campaign is already spending heavily to reach out to voters on Facebook, and the Republican Party is solidly unified behind him. Meanwhile, Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) victory in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary has made clear to some Senate Democrats that the party’s primary is likely to drag on for months. In particular, they worry the party will remain divided until the summer convention and fear a reprise of 2016, when lingering resentment among Sanders’s supporters over the Democratic National Committee’s favoritism toward eventual nominee Hillarious Clinton dampened voter turnout in the fall. “I hear comments all the time that after what’s happened in the first two primaries we only have a 50-50 chance. It’s not looking good,” said a Democratic senator who requested anonymity to talk about the private concerns of colleagues. One of the biggest surprises to lawmakers is the poor performance of Biden, who has performed well against Trump in hypothetical match-ups. Though Biden led his Democratic rivals in national polls over the past several months, he finished in fourth place in the Iowa caucuses, with 15 percent of the vote, and dropped to fifth place in the New Hampshire primary, with a paltry 8 percent. Other red flags are Trump’s resilient approval rating, despite months of an impeachment inquiry followed by a weeks-long trial, and the amount of money his campaign is raising and spending. The Democratic senator said mounting anxieties are “reflective of not just the candidacies but of how Trump is raising all this money and how he’s really focused.” “They’re targeting their people, they’re going to get their people out,” the lawmaker added. An analysis by The Guardian newspaper found that Trump spent nearly $20 million on 218,000 Facebook ads in 2019, far surpassing the leading Democratic candidates. That dynamic has only begun to shift recently as former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has spent more than Trump on Facebook and Instagram ads since Jan. 1. But Bloomberg, a billionaire who is self-financing his campaign, didn’t compete in Iowa and New Hampshire, and it remains to be seen if the onetime Republican can energize Democratic voters. Bloomberg has only recently emerged as a viable candidate, and some Democratic senators wonder how well a businessman who amassed tens of billions of dollars through a publishing company catering to Wall Street clients will play with the base. Trump has also reported impressive fundraising numbers. The Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign said they raised $60.6 million in January and $525 million since January of last year. The Democratic presidential field and the Democratic National Committee raised a combined $580 million in 2019, but much of what the candidates have raised has been quickly spent in the battle for the nomination. Democratic candidates have also had to weather attacks from each other. Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) are absorbing blows for their support of “Medicare for All,” while former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg has been knocked for his lack of experience. Biden, meanwhile, has been forced to defend controversial votes he cast during a long Senate career. Several Democratic candidates, including Biden, Sanders, Warren and Buttigieg, are beating Trump head to head in recent national polls, but the president had a small lead over every potential rival except Biden in Wisconsin, a key battleground state, according to a Marquette poll in December. The chief worry among congressional Democrats is that if the party doesn’t settle on a nominee until the convention in mid-July, Trump will have a substantial organizing advantage. “You hear everybody talk, ‘If we take all that time, how are they going to be able to get organized to combat what [the president] is doing?’” the senator said. A second Democratic senator confirmed there is broad concern among colleagues over what they see as a difficult path to beating Trump and stressed that is why it will be extremely important for everyone to embrace the eventual nominee, even if that candidate is viewed by some as too liberal or too moderate. “It is a concern because we had such a bitter divide four years ago,” the senator said, referring to the misgivings Sanders supporters had over Clinton winning the nomination. The lawmaker noted that the public has gotten used to what Democrats — and many Republicans — see as Trump’s outrageous behavior while the president has racked up a string of recent accomplishments, such as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, a truce in the trade war with China and strong employment numbers. “It’s given him a lot to talk about, and people have kind of become used to his misbehavior,” the second senator said. “I think everyone’s very nervous right now, and that nervousness is contributing to this sense of, whoever wins [the nomination], we’ve got to be there together.” Publicly, some Democratic lawmakers insist they’re feeling optimistic after Iowa and New Hampshire, where Sanders, a candidate many of them view as less electable than Biden, tied for first and won outright, respectively. “I love the fact that we had the highest voter turnout, I think, above 2008. That’s very exciting,” Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) said of the New Hampshire primary, where nearly 300,000 people cast ballots. “We’re just beginning the primary process, but I think this is very positive.” Turnout in Iowa, however, was below 2008 levels. Stabenow acknowledged the picture is muddled heading into Super Tuesday on March 3. Asked to name the front-runner at this point, she responded, “I don’t think there is one.” But she argued that fellow Democrats need to calm down. “As usual, we as Democrats are always panicked. And it’s too early to panic,” she said. Democratic lawmakers, however, were dismayed by signs that Trump’s approval ratings got stronger over the course of the impeachment process, which fired up the GOP base and failed to register as a priority among independents and swing voters — even though a large majority of them agreed with Democrats that new witnesses and subpoenas should have been considered at Trump’s trial. The president’s approval rating has been trending up since the end of October, when Democrats had the most political momentum behind their impeachment inquiry after two associates of Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani were arrested at Dulles International Airport and former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified before the House. The president’s approval rating dipped to 41.6 percent on Oct. 26 but has since climbed to 45.3 percent, according to an average of polls compiled by RealClearPolitics. Trump registered a 49 percent job approval rating in a Gallup tracking poll in early February, the highest mark since he took office. Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) said he’s surprised that Trump’s conduct, which GOP senators such as Sen. Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) have called “inappropriate” and “shameful,” hasn’t had more of an effect on public opinion. “I think it’s not that things aren’t going well for Democrats, I don’t think that’s the case. I think things are going better for Donald Trump than expected. I would have thought the people of this country would not want someone who lies as president, would not want somebody who demeans others,” Cardin said. “All these things are just against our values,” he added. “I thought that in time would erode a significant amount of support, and although it has eroded some of his support [it’s] much less than I thought.”
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    yyyyyyep!!!! The only concerns I had with Allawi have been covered - I felt like if he was going to be ousted or “convinced” to resign, it was going to happen quickly. Like, “within the first week” quickly. We are well beyond that, and the “backups for the backups” says they are getting things donnnneee! “You don’t like that choice? FINE, here’s another one. And another!”
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    @ametad YES😄 and while they're in the swing of things, they can have extraordinary sessions for the HCL and RI their IQD...... Yeahhhhh babyyyyy!!!!! Right @Synopsis???🙂👍
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    Quick action Tuesday, February 18, 2020 Hussein Thugb Successful economic experiences that left a mark on the global level, and were able to achieve sustainable development according to the paths that they adopted to reach the goal they seek, and led to changing the reality of the economy to a new stage better than it was, and many experiences in different continents of the world can not be hidden from everybody. And when searching for the merits of this matter, we found that the quick procedure that is adopted in the masses of the developed economy is the secret of success, as there is a great integration between the public and private sectors, and both of them perform their responsibilities in a completely and quickly without any complication, as the public sector works to organize the tracks of performance And in a manner that meets the aspirations of the authority that manages the economy, which defines the "private sector" implementing all the Economic plans . Successful global experiences are mentioned here and there continuously, and the call from economists and specialists about it rises to benefit from successful regional and international experiences, especially since Iraq has better ingredients than others, and it is almost unique to it from other countries of the globe, and here we must have a serious and national stand You go towards real work to translate the annual, five-year and ten-year development plans into Earth reality. This inevitably needs to improve the mechanisms for improving performance and avoiding all the complexity mechanisms that accompany the completion of business, and for the real and specific private sector to have an active role in the sustainable development process that it Iraq seeks. Today we urgently need to start a new stage that works to adopt the term "quick action", and thus a trend that needs to reform the work system in the public and private sectors, as the public sector is intended to perform faster in the process of doing business without any complication and in a way that supports development, On the other hand, there is a specific private sector that understands the size of the tasks entrusted to it, and is able to manage the helm of the Iraqi economy that is being monitored by the major international companies waiting to have the opportunity to be an active participant in the process of economic advancement and in a manner that benefits all the parties. Reaching our development goals is not difficult, but we need serious directions that support investments and investors and attract them with their advanced technology and capital to be employed in serving the economy of the country and the world, and here our slogan must be "the Rapid procedure. " LINK
  11. 7 points 19-02-2020 05:22 PM Ghaleb Al-Shabandar: The accumulated, torn Iraq needs steps and "Muhammad Allawi" deserves an opportunity to work Baghdad - news Iraqi politician, Ghaleb Al-Shabandar, confirmed today, Wednesday, that the accumulated torn Iraq needs steps, while noting that the assigned Prime Minister deserves an opportunity to work. "Whoever realizes the scale of the disaster knows well that Muhammad Allawi is the best that this authority will produce, and if most of them agree or will reluctantly agree," Shabandar said in a tweet on his personal Twitter profile, followed by "Al-Akhbariya". He added, "I know him honest and deserves an opportunity to work, to prove what he promised and implement it (practical) steps under the supervision of the street and the opinion of the Iraqi street," noting that "the accumulations of torn Iraq need many great steps."
  12. 7 points 19-02-2020 07:06 PM Allawi pledges to expose the aggressors against the demonstrators and the security forces, and to pursue them and bring them to justice
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    Kurdistan Delegation to Meet with Iraq’s PM-Designate Today Basnews English 19/02/2020 - 13:18 Published in Kurdistan ERBIL — A delegation from Kurdistan Region is in Baghdad where it is expected to meet with Prime Minister-designate Mohammed Allawi. Mohammed Ilkhani, a member of the Kurdish negotiating team, told BasNews they will put forward Kurdistan’s vision for the new cabinet which the PM-designate is about to form. Among other demands, the Kurdish delegation are asking for the right to designate their representatives for the next government of Iraq. Kurdistan’s budget, oil, disputed areas, and Peshmerga salaries are also to be discussed with Allawi, Ilkhani said. According to the information obtained by BasNews, the delegation includes all major factions of Kurdistan Region: Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Change Movement (Gorran), Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG), Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), as well as representatives for Turkmens and Christians.
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    All Thug Groupie’s Get Ur Choice Of An Animal Balloon ! Right Now I’m Trying To Make A Water Balloon Into A Camel For Humpday - But It Just Keeps Spitting At Me !
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  17. 6 points Politician Allawi calls the parliament to hold a session next Monday to give confidence to the new government 19:02 - 19/02/2020 0
  18. 6 points Politician He called for supporting Allawi .. Abdul-Mahdi informs Parliament that he will not continue with his responsibilities after March 2 12:59 - 02/19/2020 0 Information / Baghdad .. The head of the caretaker government, Adel Abdul-Mahdi , told Wednesday that he will not continue in his responsibilities after the date of the second of next March, and while he called for the Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi to form his government, he warned that the political forces did not reach a decisive solution It would expose the country to a dangerous crisis. Abdul-Mahdi said in a message he sent to the House of Representatives and looked at it (the information), “I submitted my resignation on 11/29/2019 and it was accepted by the distinguished parliament, and we are in mid-February 2020, that is, two and a half months later, and no new government has been formed. It was constitutionally supposed to assign a new candidate within 15 days from the date of resignation, stating that “we were too late for the appointment and was only commissioned in the beginning of February when Professor Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi was assigned, which shows the crisis of the political process, but rather the crisis of constitutional powers and institutions entrusted to this.” The matter. ” He added: “We are optimistic about the mandate and do our best to support it and support it to succeed in its endeavors, including this open letter and its implications that we have communicated to the political leaders. We know the many difficulties that everyone faces. The constitutional deadline of 30 days to grant the confidence of the House of Representatives to members of the new government and its ministerial platform expires on March 2, 2020. Therefore, I send this message before the constitutional deadline expires to my brothers and sisters from the people's representatives to warn of the danger of entering a new vacuum because of the procrastination of forming the new government, rather than speeding up By forming it so that it can carry out its tasks assigned to it, including holding early elections as soon as possible. Abdul-Mahdi called on the political blocs, the parliament, public opinion and those who influence decision-making in our country to "move forward in facilitating the mission of Brother Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi to form his government and overcome serious and artificial obstacles in front of him." Because the lack of success in achieving this and the failure of the political forces to reach a decisive solution in this file after almost 3 months of the government's resignation may expose the country to a more serious crisis, ”indicating that“ it will be incorrect and inappropriate to continue bearing responsibilities after the date of 2 March 2020, and I will not find before me Other than resorting to the solutions stipulated in the constitution or the internal system of the Council of Ministers. My aim in all of this is to help the success of the next government and stop the constitutional violations that work against the interest of the country and its constitutional democratic system. ” Ended / 25
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    Glad to be of Service wildeman..! Hope is the Anchor for our souls ( Heb 6:19)....Hope (Elpis in greek) is the Eager Expectation of what will come to pass because the One Who promised is Faithful to bring it to fruition.
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    Man the Chinese are all over the place, I just saw Tucker Carlson on Fox News talk about how China is trying to get ahead of America. Yeah right my President isn't gonna let that happen.
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    LINK Legal: Allawi can dissolve Parliament if he agrees with the President of the Republic in accordance with the constitution 18th February, 2020 Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi revealed, on Tuesday, the possibility of the next prime minister, Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, to dissolve the House of Representatives in the event of an agreement with the President of the Republic. Al-Tamimi said in a statement to "Al-Akhbaria" that "there is nothing in the constitution called early elections, but general elections that are in one case stipulated by Article 64 of the Constitution, which authorized the dissolution of Parliament and the holding of early elections within two months of the date of the solution." He added, "The next Prime Minister, Muhammad Allawi, cannot dissolve Parliament alone, except with the approval of the President of the Republic, which is any Allawi. If he mentioned this in his ministerial program, Parliament needs to vote for him by accepting the Ministerial Program by an absolute majority, which seems difficult, so can the blocs agree to dissolve Parliament?" In the future." He continued, "What is raised about the possibility of determining the age of the next government is unconstitutional because Allawi and his cabinet, if Parliament voted for him, will complete the remainder of the four-year term to succeed Abdul Mahdi," noting that "Allawi needs to vote for him by an absolute majority on the ministerial platform and ministers According to Article 76, paragraphs first, second, third, fourth and fifth.
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    Is America withdrawing from Iraq? - 21 Hours Ago Regardless of whether or not the government of Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi passes a parliament in Iraq, regardless of the nature of this government, and the conflicts in which you will find itself stuck in it since its first day; there is another conflict going on behind the scenes at times, and at other times in front of it, boils down to an urgent Iranian desire In a complete American withdrawal from Iraq, this conflict, which some political blocs set as a condition for Allawi to pass his government in Parliament. Even before the United States assassinated the commander of the Iranian Quds Force, General Qassem Soleimani, near Baghdad Airport early last month (January of last year), Iran was expressly announcing that it was with the American withdrawal from Iraq, this desire that was often known as Iraqi political blocs close to Iran announces it from time to time, until the assassination of Soleimani came, to constitute a greater leverage for such a claim, which Iran did not find better than this incident as an opportunity to use it to press for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq. Against the background of the scene, these ruling political forces and those controlling the Iraqi scene today would not have had an impact or impact had it not been for the American occupation of Iraq in 2003 and its overthrow of its regime. Likewise, Iran would not have had any authority in Iraq, or its choices, had it not been for this abhorrent occupation, “ISIS provided an opportunity for the United States to return to Iraq after 2014 ″ and had it not been for the stupid American withdrawal implemented by the former President, Barack Obama, to fulfill his electoral promises. This withdrawal, which took place at the beginning of 2011, gave Iran the golden opportunity to fill the great void left by these withdrawing forces, and the Iranian semi-absolute domination that followed over the political and sovereign decision of Iraq, as well as its control over the economic and commercial joints of Iraq, in addition to the political. The Islamic State (ISIS) provided an opportunity for the United States to return to Iraq after 2014; an opportunity that did not seem to be complete and exemplary, as Iran had penetrated and penetrated in a way that nobody can share in its major share of the Iraqi cake, and after the end of ISIS on Earth, the talk of the American forces in Iraq has returned. Today, Baghdad, with its various spectrums and political parties, is experiencing a conflict between those who are under Iranian pressure to accelerate the withdrawal and those who fall under various fears returning to it the bar of Iranian power, through its various militias on all joints of daily life in Iraq, and sees the survival of these forces as a necessity for Iraq and its stability, and even In it, "the revolution may not constitute a pressure factor on the various parties that want to leave the American forces and the other that they want to keep," Iranian unilateralism. This conflict comes at a time when Baghdad and other southern cities live a massive popular youth revolution that has completed four months without stopping, despite all the methods of repression practiced and exercised against it by the authority and its parties, which means that this revolution may constitute a pressure factor on the various parties that You want to leave the US forces and the ones you want to stay. The United States does not seem to want, this time, to leave Iraq, for although it fears that these forces are armed operations carried out by militias linked to Iran, it is well aware that Iraq is going through a transitional stage in which many details may change at all levels, due to the youth revolution, A change may affect the overall area map. Thus, you do not want a breakout escape now. On the other hand, Iranian dignity will continue to suffer a deep wound, if it fails to remove the American forces from Iraq, after the sudden and massive assassination of its most prominent leader, Qassem Soleimani. The competition will not be easy, and it may be prolonged, and many political and economic papers may be used, and even military, if necessary, as long as Iraq, with its new government and current parliament, does not “Trump announced times that he does not want to withdraw from Iraq, but it is also true that he passes With an electoral year that might compel him to make tough decisions "who has his own decisions and choices, things will remain subject to further escalation and surprises. It is true that the American President, Donald Trump, has declared times that he does not want to withdraw from Iraq, but it is also true that he is going through an election year that might compel him to make tough decisions, and it is true that Iran has more playing cards in Iraq than America, but it is also true that it suffers from Harsh US economic sanctions. And between the suffering of Tehran and Washington and their options, the suffering of Baghdad remains the most painful and harsh, as it can only be a playground for both, and therefore the new Allawi’s government will be around the corner from the fall, even before it begins to do the big intersections between the various political forces, as well as International intersections on several files. The fear is all the fear that the political struggle over the presence of the American forces and their withdrawal from Iraq will turn into a rough conflict, especially since each side of the game has its armed tools, then Iraq can slip beyond the war, and we may reach what everyone fears, partition. Iyad Al-Dulaimi New Arab LINK
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    Thanks Synopsis, I feel if Iran falls the ME will be much better off. If DJT can keep the pressure on and not be undermined by the Dems there may actually be peace in the ME.
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    It's only about 5:30 pm in my neck of the woods but I'm turning in now so I can be at the bank tomorrow morning as soon as it opens up. Nite everybody. You too John Boy...
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    Tonight's the night...that's wut she said 😁 just had to go there...anyway, one day, some day, someone will call it right,...HOPE! Go RV
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    The designate president calls on parliament to give confidence to his government Wednesday 19 February 2020 Baghdad / Al-Sabah / Muhannad Abdul-Wahab The Prime Minister-designate, Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, called yesterday, Wednesday, the House of Representatives to hold an extraordinary session to vote on granting confidence to his government, next Monday, February 24, noting that the ministerial formation was chosen because of the competence and qualifications of its owners in addition to their Programs are applicable to cross the country to safety, and while he warned that "if the pace of the demonstrations recedes, it will return at any time stronger than what we have witnessed," the head of the caretaker government, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, told parliament that he will not continue in his responsibilities after the date of the second of next March. Addressing the Iraqis, Allawi said, in a statement to his media office received by Al-Sabah: “Your historic battle for the country for which you have borne heavy burdens and massive sacrifices has changed political rules and resulted in an independent government formation for the first time in decades without the participation of candidates of political parties.” Calling The House of Representatives presidency and members to «hold an extraordinary session in order to vote on granting confidence to the government next Monday, February 24», and wished “honorable representatives to prove to all Iraqis their desire for reform and to bear the national responsibility incumbent on them and to think about the present and future of Iraq Not to prevent them from special interests to take the right decision above all, Iraq Interests ». The Prime Minister-designate said: “Let me remind you that we cannot evade genuine reform. After these protests are not the same as before, and if the demonstrations recede, they will return at any time stronger and broader than what we have witnessed. The precious blood that was spilled will not go in vain no matter what The price and this issue in particular would have been a priority for my government. Once it was given confidence, it would begin investigating everything that happened in the demonstration squares. ” LINK
  29. 5 points
    Much Appreciated Adam, and thanks Thugs for the Highlighted information.
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    LINK Other: The Allawi government is obligated not to exceed the period of one year and end with early elections 19th February, 2020 Jawad al-Moussawi, MP from the Alliance Movement, announced today, Wednesday, that the government of Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Allawi will be governed by conditions that do not exceed it for a year and end with early elections. Al-Mousawi said to Al-Akhbaria: Allawi is governed by several conditions, including that the government does not exceed Sunnis and is obliged to hold early elections at the end of them. Commenting on the circulation of the term formation of the emergency government, the deputy explained: “The emergency government is in violation of the constitution that governs us, and this constitution is not stalled to proceed towards a government in this way.” He pointed out that “there are violations of the constitution, but it is not logical to form a government that is completely in violation of the constitution like the emergency government That is being raised." He added: "The fears of the constitution being suspended relate to that it leads to problems in the administration of the state and the return of the dictatorship," explaining that "the most important question is whether the person in charge of the emergency government will satisfy everyone?" He also expressed his belief that "the emergency government may lead to conflicts and war." Eligibility for a fugitive weapon outside the country."
  31. 5 points
    LINK Deputy: Allawi completed the files of 19 ministers, with the exception of 3 Kurdish share ministers 19th February, 2020 Member of the House of Representatives of the Irada Hussein Arab movement confirmed that Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi completed the files of 19 ministers ready to vote, with the exception of 3 Kurdish share ministers. He said in a statement to an Arab newspaper that was followed by "Al-Akhbaria", that "Allawi has completed the files of 19 ministers ready to vote, with the exception of 3 ministries that are still vacant, which is the share of the Kurds who should be nominated by independent ministers." On whether the ministry is expected to be passed or not, Arabs affirmed that "all indications are that the cab will go inside Parliament because there is no strong opposition to it that could impede the vote on it."
  32. 5 points
    LINK Parliamentary Legal: The 2020 Budget will see fierce battles between blocs, bargains and extortion 18:28 - 18/02/2020 The Parliamentary Legal Committee confirmed, on Tuesday, that the 2020 budget law will witness fierce battles in Parliament, bargains, concessions and passage of disputed laws within the budget deal. A member of the legal committee, Hussein Al-Oqabi, told / "Information" that "the draft 2020 budget law will be delayed until the end of next April in the event that the political blocs are able to resolve the vote on the government of Muhammad Allawi this month." He added that "there are major differences on the draft budget law 2020 between political blocs", noting that "the budget law will witness fierce battles in the parliament and be subject to bargaining and blackmail by some political blocs." He pointed out that “there are political blocs that have political stances and others that have decisions that they want to pass, which will depend on the draft budget to pass in exchange for voting on the draft budget for 2020.”
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    Your welcome thanks for what your doing still boom
  34. 5 pointsسیاسة/مصادر-علاوي-طلب-باجتماع-الكتل-دعما-غير-مشروط-وحذرهم-من-فشل-النظام/....... Arabic Sources SourDces: Allawi requested the meeting of the blocks, unconditional support, and waDrned them of system failur : Allawi requested the meeting of the blocks, unconditional support, and warned themosystem failure PolicyAllawi 'spolitical blocssupport the government 02/22/2020 22:36:01 A- A A + Shafak News / Informed sources disclosed that Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi has completed his cabinet and government reforms program pending the holding of the extraordinary parliament session, and that he insists on choosing his cabinet ministers himself. According to the semi-official newspaper, "Al-Sabah", which quoted sources in its Wednesday edition, saying that Allawi "requested, during his meeting with the political blocs, unconditional support, and warned that" the failure of the government means the failure of the Iraqi political system after 2003 in full. " The sources revealed that "Allawi is waiting for setting a date for a parliamentary session to give confidence to the formation of the ministers of the transitional government." Which he chooses for the ministries, in addition to the next government program . " The sources pointed out that "the Presidency of the House of Representatives informed Allawi that the session will be held as soon as possible, and that it is consulting with the heads of the parliamentary blocs and members to ensure the passage of the vote of confidence", indicating that "an official statement will be issued to call for an emergency session that the parliament is a constitutional legislative holiday."
  35. 5 points 19-02-2020 07:01 PM Next Monday .. Muhammad Allawi calls the parliament to hold an extraordinary session to vote on the government Baghdad - news Prime Minister-designate Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi called today, Wednesday, the House of Representatives to hold an extraordinary emergency session next Monday, to vote on the cabinet. Allawi said in a televised speech followed by "Al-Akhbariya" that "your historic battle for the homeland for which you have borne heavy burdens and massive sacrifices has changed political rules and resulted in an independent government formation for the first time in decades without the participation of candidates of political parties." He added, "This squad was chosen because of the competence and qualifications of its owners in addition to what they have of programs that are applicable to cross the country to safety and serve citizens of all their affiliations," stressing that "this squad will be for all Iraqis and will gain their trust through what it will accomplish And after parliament gives her confidence. " Allawi called on the House of Representatives to "hold an extraordinary session in order to vote on giving confidence to the government next Monday, February 24th." The Prime Minister-designate expressed his "wish that our representatives of all Iraqis prove their desire for reform and that they bear the national responsibility that is incumbent on them and that they think about the present and future of Iraq, and that private interests do not prevent them from taking the right decision. Iraq is above all interests, and we cannot evade real reform." He pointed out that "after these protests not as before, and if the pace of the demonstrations recedes, it will return at any time in a stronger and broader manner than what we have witnessed. The precious blood that was spilled will not go in vain whatever the price, and this particular issue will be one of the priorities of my government," noting that "once Giving her confidence will begin an investigation into all that took place in the demonstration grounds. " He stressed that "his government will work to uncover the elements that attacked the demonstrators and the security forces, pursue them, and bring them to justice no matter their location, and to release the peaceful demonstrators," noting that we will not allow the unjust arrest of Iraqis or simply the expression of their opinion. He continued, "His government will work to restore the prestige of the state and to take the necessary measures to conduct early free and fair elections away from the effects of money, weapons, and external interference."
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    ”Parliamentary economy reveals a 40% decrease in import operations” Great news.!!! Developing Private sector, industrial sector and agricultural sector are key for economic growth.! Go iraq Go development Go growth
  37. 5 points Homepage Politician Politician Parliamentary wave to "accountability" of the Minister of Finance for "wrongdoing and wrongdoing" 12:35 - 02/19/2020 0 Information / Baghdad .. Representative of the Parliamentary Current Movement, Jassem Al-Bakhati, on Wednesday waved "accountability" of Finance Minister Fouad Hussein during the upcoming legislative term because of his committing "violations and errors" during his tenure. Al-Bukhati said in a statement to "Information", that "there are mismanagement and financial irregularities committed by some ministers in the resigned government of Adel Abdul Mahdi, including the Ministry of Finance," noting that "the Minister of Finance committed errors regarding the exchange of funds and administrative violations that can be held accountable during the next legislative term." He added, "There are administrative and financial violations related to some of the ministers of the resigned government, especially the Minister of Oil and Finance," noting that "the previous period witnessed the sale of oil to more than a quarter of a million barrels by the region and it was not clear where the oil attacks go." Al-Bukhati, a member of the Parliamentary Services Committee, noted that “the Ministry of Finance did not disclose these funds, as well as the existence of administrative and financial violations.” Ended / 25h l Previous news
  38. 5 points Politician Maliki denies providing financial support to Assad during his government 12:19 - 02/19/2020 0 Information / Baghdad .. Former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki denied, on Wednesday, support for the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during his government, stressing that what was talked about on this is far from reality. Maliki said in a televised interview, followed by / information /, that "what was talked about (regarding providing financial support to Assad) is far from reality and is not true." Al-Maliki added, "Large money transfers cannot be achieved in the presence of supervision and the central bank." On the other hand, Al-Maliki stressed that " Iraq seeks to achieve common positions with everyone," stressing that "the calm between America and Iran must be from both sides." Ended / 25
  39. 5 points Politician Al-Fateh: Completion of the Al-Fao port is one of our most important conditions for supporting Allawi's government 14:50 - 02/19/2020 0 Information / private ... The Al-Fateh Alliance confirmed, on Wednesday, that the completion of the construction of the Grand Faw port was the most important condition for us to support the government of Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi. "The Al-Fateh coalition has set a number of conditions for Allawi to support his government and give up the electoral entitlement," said MP Mohammed Karim in a statement to "The Information." He added that "the Al-Fateh coalition has completely abandoned its electoral entitlement to Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi in exchange for completing service projects," noting that "Allawi pledged to achieve all conditions and will implement them for the success of his government." The Minister of Planning, Nuri Sabah Al-Dulaimi, stressed, earlier, the provision of all necessary conditions for the completion of the Grand Faw port project, noting that the project will be completed within three years. T 25 is over
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    ( IQD Rates - Updated: Wednesday - 2/19/2020 ) Official Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) Dinar Rate: 1190 IQD to 1 USD Dinar Market Rate: (CBI last reported 2-18-2020) 1194.066 IQD to 1 USD - Rates Are Within IMF 2% Rule: YES - Are Rates IMF 2% Rule Compliant for 90 Days: YES (maintained since ~Mar. 15, 2018 & Iraq Market since ~Nov. 14, 2018) (NOTE: rates were out of compliance for 3 days starting 11-5-2019 & 2 days starting 1-7-2020 Good Morning Dinar Vets...!
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    Disclosure ... enhances the value of financial institutions locally and internationally Tuesday, February 18, 2020 Baghdad / Al-Sabah The Executive Director of the Iraq Stock Exchange, Taha Ahmed Abdel Salam, stressed the need to disclose in the financial institutions, for his role in enhancing its value locally and internationally, and its capabilities and performance improvement and reach its service or restrictive goals that are in all circumstances to serve the national economy. Abdel Salam said: "Disclosure in economic institutions takes many forms and its follow-up is among the duties of the regulatory institution and society alike." The real value Abdul-Salam added, "We have previously demonstrated the need to pay attention to the market value of shares and compare them with the real value and the equivalent calculated in accordance with the disclosure criteria, and more importantly, interest in disseminating and clarifying these values in the performance contexts of the joint stock company, which has become known internationally and Arably to investor information or investor relations IR." In the context of his responsibility and interest in the banking performance of Iraqi banks and their relationship with shareholders and investors, the Central Bank requested the registered Iraqi banks, whose shares are traded in the Iraq Stock Exchange, to pay attention to the bank's website through allocating an electronic window for investor relations (IR) on the bank’s website through which the publication Annual and quarterly reports, as well as publishing financial data analysis and comparisons with previous periods, as well as significant and influential contributions, and publishing analysis of performance and activity indicators and decisions of public body meetings And the number of shares traded and their market value. Disclosure mechanisms And that "this procedure is considered an evolution in the Disclosure Mechanism," as most banks implement the above paragraphs and publish them in their annual report, which appears shortly before the meeting - and it is almost a historical financial report - at a time when the importance of disclosing the above paragraphs appears within a system. An electronic window in the bank is a guide to transparency and interest in the bank’s shareholders to inform them of performance indicators, especially when combined with trading indicators in the stock market and a catalyst to attract investors. Publish the data Abdel Salam stressed that "the purpose of publishing the above data and information is a start to the financial and informational disclosure required by the participating banking companies, especially when demanding the publication of an analysis of the relationship and impact of financial variables among them and the relationship of the stock return and the earnings per share with the market value. Which gives a true picture of the value of the stock in light of Financial indicators". Stop trading Abd al-Salam continued, "It remains to determine that violating this mechanism should not lead to stopping trading in the company's shares or imposing fines on the company itself, but rather resorting to more effective means of holding accountable the negligent," explaining, "the importance of this mechanism extends in disclosing the way to sites that It promotes unlicensed investment and is not based on legal approvals by the sectoral authority or by the Capital Market Authority in Iraq, by deluding society with unrealistic investment opportunities in global stock exchanges that adopt dealing without the lowest disclosure criteria. LINK
  42. 5 points
    LINK The central bank determines the percentage of fees charged to banks 18th February, 2020 The Central Bank of Iraq, on Tuesday, directed banks and financial institutions to commit to meeting the commissions prescribed by its transactions The bank said in a statement received by "Eye of Iraq News", that "all banks and financial institutions have an obligation to fulfill the commissions previously determined by their transactions, which are as follows 1- Purchase commission through points of sale: free of charge 2- Cash withdrawal commission through points of sale (0.006 of the amount) a minimum (2,000 Iraqi dinars), or 6,000 dinars per 1 million Iraqi dinars, and if the amount of 333,000 dinars is withdrawn or less, then the lowest commission applies and amounts to (2,000 Iraqi dinars) 3- Cash withdrawal commission through the ATM: (0.004 of the withdrawn amount) The lowest commission (1,000 Iraqi dinars), i.e. 4,000 Iraqi dinars per 1 million dinars, and in the event of withdrawing an amount of 250,000 Iraqi dinars or less applied The lowest commission is (1,000 Iraqi dinars) ########## LINK The central directs banks and institutions to commit to collecting the prescribed commission 18th February, 2020
  43. 5 points The central bank organizes a lecture in Mosul on financial inclusion 18th February, 2020 The Central Bank of Iraq / the Mosul branch organized a meeting with government and private banks in Nineveh Governorate and the Association of Private Banks as well as electronic payment companies on February 10, 2020. The meeting included a lecture to promote the concept of financial inclusion, ATM and POS deployment mechanisms , updates to localization statistical indicators, RTGS and ACH system stats. The Central Bank of Iraq information Office 2/18/2020
  44. 5 points
    LINK Parliamentary Finance: The next chapter will witness the arrival of the Chinese agreement 10:59 - 02/18/2020 Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, on Tuesday, that the next legislative term will witness the arrival of the Iraqi-Chinese agreement to the House of Representatives, stressing that Parliament had previously asked the government to send a copy of the agreement. Member of the Committee, Siham Al-Aqili, said in a statement to "Information", that "the House of Representatives asked the government to send a copy of the Chinese agreement in order to present it to the relevant parliamentary committees," noting that "all agreements with any country must be enacted by law by the legislative authority." Al-Aqili added, “Such agreements must be regulated by a law issued by the legislature to monitor the implementation of the agreement,” stressing that “the upcoming legislative term will see the arrival of a copy of the agreement signed between Iraq and China to the House of Representatives.”
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    Ya never know though, that's why were here. As frustrating as this get's gotta throw in a little levity...and yeah a little Rod. Now back to my Crown Royal..extra rare 🤙
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    After leaking it .. close to Allawi reveals the truth about the names of his cabinet Policy , 02/18/2020 17:44 Baghdad - Iraq today: A source close to the Prime Minister-designate, Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, confirmed on Tuesday that the latter did not inform anyone of the names of his ministers in the new government booth, indicating that he had contacted 22 candidates for the ministries, including two defense and interior ministers. The source said in a statement to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that "the names that were leaked and which were said to be part of the government formation are never correct," noting that "Allawi did not share the names of the closest people to him with the names of those he chose as ministers, and their number is among 22 ministers among the dozens of names who Either he had interviews with them or contacts, especially for those outside Iraq who were content to send their CVs to him. " He added that "the cabinet has been completed and there is no truth to what is rumored in some media outlets that it consists of 16 ministers until now, or that it has not yet been decided by the security ministries, which are the defense and the interior." On the specific time for the parliament session to gain confidence, the source said, "This matter depends on mechanisms related to the parliament and its working contexts, as it has completed the booth and will address accountability and justice regarding the candidates pending the holding of the parliamentary session, either this weekend or next week," expecting "to vote on the government By a comfortable majority, despite the presence of protests from some political forces, not against the government or the person charged with forming it, but rather related to the nomination and selection mechanism. LINK
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    Al-Hashemi: They've Teamed Him Up With President Davis And They're Now Known As 'Cheech And Thong' !
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    Sources for {Al-Sabah}: The designated president has completed his ministry and government program Tuesday, February 18, 2020 Baghdad / Al-Sabah Designated Prime Minister Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, who has confirmed private sources to {Al-Sabah} that he has completed his cabinet and government reforms program while awaiting the extraordinary parliament session, insists on choosing his cabinet ministers himself, and during his meeting with the political blocs, he requested unconditional support, and warned that "The failure of the government means the failure of the Iraqi political system after 2003 in full," while the Alliance called on the Prime Minister-designate to not respond to the pressures imposed on him to name ministers from political parties and blocs. And private sources revealed to "Al-Sabah" that "Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi is waiting for setting a date for a parliamentary session to give confidence to the formation of the ministers of the transitional government," explaining that "the ministerial formation and the government reforms program are complete, and that Allawi has informed the Presidency of the House of Representatives accordingly. LINK
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    The NDP is guided by four main pillars, which are present throughout its chapters and which represent the main concerns in overcoming the current development challenges, namely: • Laying the foundations for good governance and associated pillars and components • Developing the private sector as a vital anchor for progress and development; • Post-crisis reconstruction and development of affected provinces; and • Reducing multidimensional poverty in the provinces. II. Economic challenges 1. Poor investment climate. The investment climate continues to deteriorate ,influenced by a combination of political, economic, institutional, legislative, legal and regulatory factors which in turn affect the level of and ability to attract foreign investment. This is evidenced in international indicators: e.g. in 2016, Iraq ranked 165th from 190 countries on the Ease of Doing Business Index and it scored only 27.3 of 100 on the Investment Attraction Index. 2. Disrupted production structure. Between 2010 and 2015, the oil sector remained the main contributor to GDP(actually, it increased from 51.26% to 55.1%), due to the lack of an economic diversification policy .The GDP contribution of both agriculture and manufacturing dropped – respectively from 4.17% and 2.1% in 2010 to 2.02% and 0.84% in 2015. 3. Trade imbalance. The lack of a trade policy that considers the economic conditions required to maintain international competitiveness, the growing imbalance in the GDP structure, and the low exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar have led to (1) a clear trade imbalance ,evidenced in the increase in the oil export to 99% of total Iraqi exports and the high diversification of import structure, and (2) significant economic openness, with the ratio of foreign trade to GDP reaching 50.25% in 2015. 4. Imbalanced budget structure. Oil revenues continue to be the top contributor to public budget revenues – comprising 85.9% of the estimated total income for 2017 (IQD 79.011 trillion). This renders the budget susceptible to external shocks from fluctuating oil prices, internal imbalances of non-oil revenue diversification, and high estimated operational expenditure (IQD 75.217 trillion, or 74.7% of the total estimated budget). In result, the planned deficit of the 2017 Budget amounted to IQD 21.6 trillion. 5. High public debt. The huge reliance on public debt (internal and external) to cover the budget deficit is a constraint on development rather than an alternative to financing the budget from non-oil sources. Additionally, in the absence of coherent and harmonised macroeconomic policies to manage debt efficiently, this debt is a burden for present and future generations. The planned deficit constitutes 21.6% of the estimated budget and it will be financed through internal and external loans. Thus, as of 13/12/2017, the public debt has reached IQD 135851 billion. 6. Underdeveloped banking system. Due to obsolete technologies in use, outdated management methods, redundant administrative staff who fail to keep up with modern technologies, the absence of an enabling environment to deal with customers, and a weak marketing of non-traditional banking products, banks have been unable to keep abreast of modern banking and management systems. This is evidenced in e.g. the high value of doubtful debts (IQD 3079.7 billion in 2015), which has placed a burden on financial stability, with the ratio of credit failures of government banks reaching 67.1%. 7. Large informal sector. Poor private investment resulting from a worsening investment climate has expanded small-scale economic activities that are not controlled by the government and operate outside the public tax and insurance framework. They are not included in GDP calculations and operate at the expense of the activities of the formal economy. Outputs, practices and dealings in the informal sector are uncontrolled at the economic and societal levels. 8. Limited role of the private sector. The deteriorated working and investment environment, slow adoption of (i.e. disregard for) the commodity dumping policy, and lack of participation in the design and implementation of economic policy goals have perpetuated the limited role of the private sector in the development process. In 2015, the private sector contributed barely 44.6% of GDP (at current prices) and 35% of fixed capital formation (at constant prices).
  50. 4 pointsمدرعة-أميركية-تصطدم-روسيا-تحرش-احتكاك-مدرعة-روسية-القامشلي-سوريا/534630.html....... Video .. US armored vehicle responding to the "molestation" of a Russian vehicle in Syria February 19, 2020 A Russian armored vehicle molested an American in the city of Qamishli, Syria Send via media Twitterers shared a video showing friction between two American and Russian armored vehicles in the city of Qashmili in northeastern Syria. A Syrian tweet posted the video, commenting on it, "An American vehicle pushes a vehicle of the Russian police off the road today (Wednesday) in the city of Qamishli in eastern Syria." 481 people are talking about this The video showed a Russian vehicle overtaking another American across the roadside, and when she was trying to overtake another American vehicle, the latter responded by pushing her out of the road by hitting her right side. It is noteworthy that hundreds of American soldiers are stationed in northeastern Syria, and cooperating with their local partners, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, in fighting ISIS. American forces are patrolling the area. The Russian forces are present in the area at the sites controlled by the Syrian regime forces.....

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