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    Happy Wednesday, DinarVets! Here we are, the week before Thanksgiving. To me, "Thanksgiving" is more than just the day in late November when we all gather around with our families and eat turkey and candied yams and green bean casserole and all kinds of other delicious foods... the word "thanksgiving" itself is actually first defined as "the expression of gratitude, especially to God." Personally, I don't care what God you love, or if you don't even subscribe to a religion. I have my own beliefs, and they match some of yours. They don't match others... but we should all agree that it is good to "give thanks", to be appreciative for the blessings that we have, and to find reasons to be happy with life. I'm thankful for this community, the many friendships that have been made here, and I'm thankful for hope. Turkey and pie are just bonuses. (Dark meat for me, please! And keep the celery out of the stuffing, you monster! ) Iraq is in a fantastic spot right now. YES, they have had a rough 6 weeks or so. The people have been demanding change, and it looks like they are getting it. The GOI is making real changes to their government structure, Parliament is discussing some necessary actions to reduce corruption, restructure their systems, and make a final push towards recapturing their glory days. I'm sure a lot of people have given up on Iraq recently. Quite honestly - this is good for those of us that have chosen to hang in there. We can draw a very significant parallel between bitcoin and the Iraqi dinar here - it is estimated that 4-5 million bitcoins have been lost forever. I know I personally lost quite a few on an old hard drive, and others have lost even more. I had some on exchanges that went under, and some I just lost the key to. No matter what happened to them, they are gone forever, which raises the value of those remaining to be traded. The same goes for Iraqi dinar - with every "loss" of outside investors, Iraq's obligation to the world decreases, and makes it easier for them to come out with a higher value. The saying goes, "it's always darkest before the dawn". Iraq has seen some dark times. But dawn IS coming... I'm hanging in there, and I'm thankful that you are as well. Talk soon! And be on the lookout for some Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials around here... they may be coming at a really good time for you. - Adam
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    Iraq needs serious reform, not another ill-fated revolution 09-11-2019 | 695 Views 3 Comments Link: Since early October, Baghdad and parts of southern Iraq have been racked by the most significant protests of the post-Saddam era. A generation of young Iraqis who grew up after Saddam’s regime appears to have lost patience with a corrupt status quo. Lack of jobs, lack of basic services, lack of adequate living conditions, and lack of future prospects give them little to lose. A heavy handed response against the protestors that has killed nearly 300 over the past few weeks seems to only enrage them more. Their basic demands differ only a little from those of Arab Spring protests of a few years ago. Although Iraqis live under a real electoral democratic system, unlike Egyptians or Tunisians in the time of the Ben Ali regime, their elected officials appear incapable of delivering anything more than corruption and state paralysis. For similar reasons and under a similar system, protestors in nearby Lebanon express a similar end of patience for such a status quo. The protestors in Iraq appear overwhelmingly to be poor Shiites. They blame Iran and its heavy hand in Iraq for much of their problems, despite their shared Shiite identity. The protestors regularly attack buildings and facilities owned by Iran and its Iraqi Shiite militia proxies. They call for an end to sectarianism in Iraq, which many believe serves as a cover for corrupt sectarian leaders to win elections and then divide the country’s wealth between them. Exhausted from the war against ISIS and still under heavy suspicion by the government, Sunni Arabs in places like Mosul and Anbar have, in contrast, not taken to the streets. Few doubt their sympathy towards the Baghdadi and southern protestors’ rhetoric and demands, however. The very emergence of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq stemmed in large part from the same kind of grievances. In Kurdistan, the “other Iraq” remains quiet. With better infrastructure, an electricity grid that works, more jobs and relatively much improved services, the autonomous Regional Government bought itself more breathing room than authorities in Baghdad. Although Kurdistan’s people also complain of corruption, insufficient public services and what amounts to Iraqi Kurdistan’s own version of sectarian divisions (between the KDP and PUK), these problems remain much less serious than in the rest of Iraq. If the protestors in the rest of Iraq retain a good idea of what they want – jobs, infrastructure, services, and clean government – how to get it seems much less clear. Calls for the resignation of Prime Minister Abdul-Mahdi, new elections, a new constitution and a change of the current political system to turn it into a presidential one have been made. Unfortunately, none of these demands seem likely to improve things. In many cases, they will likely make the situation worse. In office for little more than a year, Abdul-Mahdi is hardly responsible for Iraq’s current problems. Compared to Iraq’s previous prime ministers, he actually seems more sincere in his desire to fix the country’s ills and reconcile Iraq’s various sectarian communities. Kurdish leaders in Erbil regularly praise the new prime minister’s willingness to work with them to address Iraq’s long-standing problems and build new, durable solutions. He has also offered the protestors tangible things to help, including a basic income supplement, more jobs, cuts to salaries of high-ranking government officials, and reshuffling of his cabinet. A different prime minister will likely prove worse rather than better. If efforts to change the overall political system lead to a new constitution and the election of a president instead of a prime minister, problems will only worsen further. A new constitution and a presidential system will undoubtedly centralize power, and most Middle Eastern countries – particularly Iraq – have played this record too many times before. Protestors decrying corruption must remain careful not to trade democratic rights for an equally corrupt centralized authoritarianism. Although such nuances may escape many of the angry young people on the streets, demanding that elected officials actually respect and observe the current constitution would go a lot further towards fixing Iraq’s problems. The current law of the land provides for things like independent courts, a bicameral legislature, independent auditing commissions and similar mechanisms to reign in government malfeasance. Most of these were eviscerated under the long running mismanagement of ex-prime minister Nouri al-Maliki. While calling for an end to Iranian domination of Iraq stands out as a reasonable and necessary demand of the protestors, Iraqis need to effect such a change in the next election by voting for parties and leaders who do not serve Iran’s interests over that of Iraqis. In the meantime, protestors might consider accepting Abdul-Mahdi’s offers and giving him a chance to enact them. Iraq needs serious reform rather than another ill-fated revolution.
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    Thanks Adam and Staff. I am in for the long haul. To you and everyone here, have a safe and blessed holiday.
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    What Do U Get When U Divide The Circumference Of A Pumpkin By It’s Diameter ? 🎃
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    I’m praying for a tremendous Thanksgiving, for all of us! Happy Thanksgiving to all DV ers and their families! May the Good Lord Jesus continue to bless us in the coming year! I hope everyone and their families have a very Merry Christmas season! A very big thanks to Adam and his staff here! Hopefully 2020 1st quarter we will finally get off this crazy ride! Again Happy Thanksgiving 🦃
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    It would be nice if this was the end of the Auctions as the Iraqi people have been calling for, and we need to see before they can increase the value of the IQD and begin to float their currency. Blessings everyone .... Ron
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    [ ISL&M wrote: Very curious if this has at all changed your opinion of him. Thanks..! ] Hi ISL&M, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "if this has changed my opinion about President Trump". He's an imperfect man like each one of us, but I personally believe that God appointed him for a time such as this - to change things in the USA, and the world, and to undermine the shadow cabal (the Illuminati) that has been manipulating mankind and governments. He's accomplished so much for our nation and our citizens, in spite of the resistance in the government & outside. The evil one has used ungodly people to undermine Almighty God's plan for humanity, and He gave mankind free will to choose to follow His righteous decrees and live a Godly life and be blessed, or follow the way of the deceiver and the flesh. He's given us His Word to guide us, but unfortunately mankind as a whole has followed the way of the world, the flesh, & the devil. There are many things the President does or says that I think are inappropriate, but each one of us has to give an account to God for what we do, or say. Many persons used by God in the Scriptures has had failings - Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah,etc - yet they accomplished His purposes in their generation. President Trump is such a one - He is accomplishing God's purposes in Our Generation. I can think of any other man who could withstand the barrage of attacks that he has, and let it wash off his back. I also reflect on all the prophetic words spoken about Trump starting in 2007 through today. He is God's man, appointed for this hour..! You might want to read Johnathan Cahn's book, "The Paradigm" - it shows the parallel between ancient Israel and today. I won't say any more than that, so as not to malign anyone. It's an excellent prophetic picture of what God is doing in our time through this man, TRUMP...! Blessings, RON
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    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Abbadi, you were so big an bad when you were PM you actually allowed Iran to move into Iraq an set up camp under the pretense of helping oust ISIS. Your no better than the rest. I'm also hoping the protesters don't fall for this 45 day stall these corrupt idiots are proposing. Parliament is taking a few days off because there's no real urgency for them to pass anything. If these brave protestors will keep the pressure up on blocking these roads to the oil fields to where it starts to cut into these corrupt politicians pocket book you will see them working 7 days a week...
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    Hind sight tells me that the dinar would not rv until the people revolted .
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    Iraqi President in Erbil to talk Iraq constitution edits, protests with Kurdistan Region leaders Link: Note: I meant to post this earlier, sorry it's late! Still relevant. President of Iraq Barham Salih greets Kurdish party leaders upon landing at Erbil International Airport on November 4, 2019, alongside President of the Kurdistan Region Nechirvan Barzani (right ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi President Barham Salih landed in Erbil on Tuesday, to meet the President of the Kurdistan Region and Kurdish party leaders and discuss prospective amendments to Iraq’s constitution amid ongoing demonstrations across many of the country’s central and southern cities. "We will discuss efforts aimed at the amendment of the Iraqi constitution so we can have a unanimous voice as the Kurdistan Region," Mustafa Saed Qadir, vice president of the Kurdistan Region, told Rudaw English on Monday. "Unanimity at this stage among Kurdistani political parties is important." "Whenever a new development emerges, Kurdistani parties have in the past met. It is a normal thing to do now, to study the possibilities Iraq now faces,” Qadir added. “What matters is that the Kurdish parties will have to have a common stance." President Salih, a Kurd, will take part in the meeting, senior media officer of the president Hana Qasim confirmed to Rudaw. A wave of unrest broke over southern Iraq at the start of October as Iraqis took to the streets to demand government reforms tackling high unemployment, poor provision of services, and rampant corruption. Under mounting pressure, Iraqi parliament took drastic steps on October 28 to try to abate anti-government protests, voting to dissolve provincial and local councils, cut privileges of top government officials, and form a committee tasked with amending the constitution within four months. Viyan Sabri, a Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) member of the Iraqi Parliament told Rudaw that the constitution amendment committee will convene later this week, but it remains unclear what articles will be put forth in the meeting for amendment. "There are a lot of talks of changing the system from parliamentary to presidential, or the reduction of the number of MPs by increasing the number of voters they represent from 100,000 to 250,000 voters," she added. Kurdistan Region president Nechirvan Barzani commented on the amendment of the Iraqi constitution while attending the sixth congress of the Kurdistan Bar Association on October 31. "The [2005] constitution designed for the new Iraq has been branded as advanced compared to the constitution of the majority of the countries in the region. However, not implementing its articles has created an atmosphere that means they are now talking about amending it. The main problem is not the constitution, but... that this constitution has been ignored." "It must be clear to all that any amendments being made must reflect the reality of the differences and the uniqueness of the country's components and that the rights of all sides must be stipulated in it," Barzani went on to say. "We will not impede any amendment aimed at improving the life and management of Iraq, but any amendment which will create inequality or harm democracy and federalism [will be impeded]," he warned. Parliament’s move to open up the constitution to amendments has worried Kurdish parties. "There are threats on Kirkuk and Kurdistan and the main threat will be the denial of Kurdistani identity of disputed areas," Najmalid Karim, former Kirkuk governor said. Musana Amin, another Kurdish MP in Baghdad, believes Kurds must do their best to "oppose the amendments" as opening up this subject will "contribute to growing instability and further complicate existing issues that cannot easily be tackled." "The rights of Kurds and the Kurdistan Region – guaranteed and specified in the constitution – are all under threat, as per these people's desire,” Hoshyar Zebari, a politburo member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) told Rudaw’s Hiwa Jamal last week. Kurds were influential in writing Iraq’s post-Saddam Hussein constitution and secured significant rights in that document. Therefore "the constitution cannot be amended without the consent of Kurds, and the Iraqi parties very well understand that," Shakhawan Abdulla, a former Kurdish MP in the Iraqi Parliament said. "Our only guarantee in the democratic, federal Iraq is this constitution. If we open this we will harm ourselves,” said Hoshyar Zebari, a member of the KDP leadership and Iraq's former foreign and finance minister.
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    Thank you for your post Adam. I’m grateful to you and your staff for this website and all you do to make it a good one. “I ain’t no Quitter”
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    Happy Thanksgiving All !!! Let’s be great full.
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    Thanks Adam. This is encouraging, the people are fed up. I hope this movement continues to grow and grow stronger to where real change can be made in the corrupt government. Maybe this is what we've be waiting for. At any rate (rate haha) I'm in it for the long haul and I haven't given up on Iraq.
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    US Navy carrier transits Strait of Hormuz after deployment In this Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019, photo made available by US Navy, a helicopter lifts off of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln as it transits the Strait of Hormuz. (AP) Updated 11 sec ago AP November 20, 201906:39 848 DUBAI: A US aircraft carrier ordered by the White House to rapidly deploy to the Mideast over a perceived threat from Iran has transited the Strait of Hormuz for the first time since its deployment. The US Navy says the USS Abraham Lincoln transited the strait on Tuesday, making its way to the Arabian Gulf. The carrier left Norfolk, VA, in April and was diverted to the Middle East in May, but it had remained in the Arabian Sea, avoiding passage through the strait that borders Iran. American aircraft carriers have for decades sailed through the international oil shipping route in what the US describes as “defensive” operations aimed at keeping the strait open. The Trump administration deployed the Lincoln to the Arabian Gulf amid a spike in tensions with Iran.
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    11-19-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru RVAlready I hope GOI gets the budget done ASAP. I do not think CBI is the holdup. 11-19-2019 Intel Guru Walkingstick (via Frank26) …it matters not that all the banks in Iraq [Do not] have the smaller notes yet. What matters is that the process has started and IMO close to finishing. Then I would ask the question, how long should these small notes stay in the vaults of the Iraqi banks? IMO, not too long. Short term. 11-19-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat ...there will be no RV or reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar unless they can somehow get the Iranian influence out of the government politics, clean up the corruption. So why all the hype and panic now about these demonstrations? The sky is not falling in on Iraq. What we are witnessing is exactly what needs to take place. The pressure for the demonstrators is causing all these fixes to happen at warp speed. This is all so good for us and our investment. It is happening and we all should be glad and jumping for joy this is now being addressed. 11-19-2019 Intel Guru Frank26 …you know Maliki? His palatial palace they burned it down to the ground. These sweet innocent beautiful Iraqi citizens don’t want to hurt anybody. They don’t want to kill anybody. And they’re not. They just want revenge. And that which was their’s was taken away from them then I think they have the right to destroy what was not given to them. They burnt down Maliki’s house. They brought marshmallows and graham crackers and chocolate and made smores. 11-19-2019 Intel Guru Delta …now is the best time for them to basically pull the trigger IMO because remember this is what the demonstrators want…and we all know the government is working on the budget and they have in mind to send that budget before the end of the month. If that is the case we should see the rates before that because as they’ve told us this budget is going to be different and it should have the rates in it. This is definitely very interesting and I’m waiting to see the next 24 hours of what’s going to happen and what the Central Bank’s next move is going to be and that’s going to give us a window of what’s going on there… 11-19-2019 Intel Guru Frank26 …The banks are wound up so tight just one breath from the CBI is going to set off giving the citizens IMO the smaller notes because there has been a change to the American dollar in the auctions. If that is true then that means an exchange rate has occurred…It is the only way we could have done that is if they made a change to the exchange rate of their currency. And I believe they are about to make an announcement but first we’ve got to get the pictures and we’ve got to get the descriptions… Posted after Midnight: 11-20-2019 Intel Guru Frank26 ….the removal of the 3 zero notes is a first step then the replacement of equal value of these 3 zero notes is occurring IMO right now with a swap of 3 zero notes with new small category notes [with the CBI and banks not citizens yet]. All of this should have been competed by now. The protesting delayed it a little bit…it is still ongoing…these 3 zero notes IMO are being collected and replaced with the same equal value of these small category notes…almost done all across Iraq.
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    LINK Israel bombs dozens of locations inside Syria 2019/11/20 8:22 The Israeli army said it had bombed dozens of targets "belonging to the Syrian government and Iran" inside Syrian territory, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, in response to the firing of rockets from the occupied Golan Heights towards Israel on Tuesday. "Warplanes raided just a few dozen military targets belonging to the Iranian Quds Force and the Syrian army inside Syrian territory, including surface-to-air missiles, headquarters, weapons depots and military bases, in response to yesterday's rocket fire from Syria,"Avichai Adrai, an Israeli army spokesman, said on Twitter. Israel". The official Syrian News Agency (SANA) confirmed the Israeli attacks, which were carried out by warplanes targeting the capital Damascus and its suburbs from inside Israeli territory, specifically from the occupied Golan side, and from Marj Ayoun in Lebanon. One rocket hit and destroyed a house, wounding a family of four, it said. "The Syrian air defense systems responded to the attack and dropped a number of Israeli missiles over the capital Damascus," SANA said. Local reports said a powerful explosion was heard in the city. Photos on social media also showed a number of fires at sites in the Syrian capital. The Israeli spokesman justified the raids as a response to Iranian attacks from Syria. "The Iranian attack on Israeli territory on Tuesday by launching intercepted missiles is clear evidence of the real reason for Iran's presence in Syria," he said. "The situation of Iran poses a threat to Israel's security, stability in the region and the Syrian regime," he said. In his series of tweets, Adrai blamed the "Syrian regime" for any attacks against Israel from its territory, stressing that the Israeli army "is ready for all scenarios."
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    Tens Of Millions From Ukraine Paid To Kerry and Hunter Biden 11,592 views•Nov 18, 2019
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    No Auction was held today - Wednesday, 20 November 2019 However: ( IQD Rates - Updated: Wednesday - 1/20/2019 ) Official Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) Dinar Rate: 1190 IQD to 1 USD Dinar Market Rate: (CBI last reported 11-19-2019) 1199.406 IQD to 1 USD - Rates Are Within IMF 2% Rule: YES - Are Rates IMF 2% Rule Compliant for 90 Days: YES (maintained since ~Mar. 15, 2018 & Iraq Market since ~Nov. 14, 2018) (NOTE: rates were out of compliance for 3 days starting 11-5-2019
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    Thanks Adam. Giving Thanks to all and the blessings we receive.
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    Thank You for the upbeat post, Adam, AND ALL The Very Best!!! Go Moola Nova! P.S. I am REALLY excited about how many "intellectually" "envious" Red Ruby Citations I will be HONORED WITH for THIS post of gratitude AND well wishes to You, Adam!!!
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    Sorry lost your address please send again enjoy my friends be blessed and thanks for this site
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    Thx AM!! Happy Thanksgiving DV!! 👍🇺🇸
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    Let's see, lying to Congress. If he doesn't know who the whistle blower is then how can he expose him? Claims he never used the word Demand with respect to his report to POTUS yet he did use demand in his opening statement. Breaking His chain of command. Using the excuse that his immediate supervisor was busy. I don't know how you flyboys do it but in the Hard Core Marine Corps that alone will land you in a court martial. In his testimony he claimed that he warned the Newly Elected president of the Ukraine to look out for Russia and " AVOID GETTING INTO AMERICAN POLITICS" . Referring to Giuliani working outside the State department for POTUS. Essentially his problem with Trump (as well as the rest of the state department foreign affairs) is that Trump doesn't trust those scumbags and choose to do foreign policy on his own. Something the Constitution grants the POTUS.
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    I read a story once about a man who was going to die. His Angel came to him and told him because he was very wealthy and kind to the poor that he could bring one thing with him to Heaven. So after he died at the Pearly Gates St. Peter saw that he was struggling with a suitcase. St. Peter asked the man what was in the bag, the man relayed to St. Peter what the Angel told him and said I brought a bag full of GOLD. St. Peter looked at the man in a most confusing manner and asked, Of all the things you could have brought why did you bring paving material? Just a thought
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    Thanks for the reminder that there are a lot of blessings to be thankful for, not that I would forget but to bring them again to the surface. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!
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    Thanks Adam, for the update. Have a blessed Thankgiving MY friend, and all members at DINAR VET.
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    I've been on this ride a Long, Long time. Still wishing & hoping. Happy Thanksgiving to All.
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    Thanks to Adam and others who make this Site an informative resource!! Let us all be thankful for the blessings we enjoy each day!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all A Merry Christmas you to adam😄
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    Sorry Shabbs but you know full well the UCMJ and that not everyone wearing the uniform is honorable. His testimony alone shows him to be in multiple UCMJ violations.
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    LINK Bloomberg: The Iranian protests are an opportunity for America to support the people against the regime 19th November, 2019 The United States should take advantage of the current protests in Iran by lifting a ban on Iranian travel and medicine imports that will improve its image and strengthen the protesters' position, Bloomberg news agency reported on Tuesday. She added that such steps, which she described as "small" will refute the claims of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and other symbols of the regime that the enemies of Iran are driving the protests as they did in previous demonstrations. The agency said in a report that the regime's disconnection of the Internet in most areas of Iran suggests that it is "more threatened" by these protests than previous demonstrations. The report pointed out that Khamenei is very angry that he “suffered two bad weeks” as a result of the burning of his images in the protests of Iraq, Lebanon and finally in Iran, which led him to blame the “thieves and foreign powers” and give orders to beat the demonstrators. The report pointed out that the administration of US President Donald Trump can now see that the protests are evidence that sanctions are beginning to affect Iran, noting that the statements of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in which he expressed Washington's solidarity with the demonstrators, will not affect much on the pretext that The Iranians received nothing from Trump when he pledged strong support for the Iranian people during the protests early last year. "In any case, the Iranians do not now need to believe Pompeo or not," he said. "What the US administration should do now is quickly and quickly to show real support for the Iranians and reinforce the frustration of Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani." The report said that the first step by Washington is to lift the ban on Iranian travel to the United States, and the second is to ease the ban on exports of medical supplies to Iran. He explained that lifting the travel ban would lead to the brain drain, while strengthening the moral image of the United States, which the Iranian regime portrays as the enemy. “Doing these two steps while the protests are raging will make it difficult for Iran's leaders to divert attention from popular anger against them by blaming the evil (America) as usual… True, they are small initiatives, but working to keep the Iranians focused on the real source of their suffering,” he concluded. Good thing.”
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    LINK Send 3000 US troops to Saudi Arabia 19th November, 2019 US President Donald Trump has told Congress that additional US troops will be deployed in Saudi Arabia in the coming weeks to defend against Iran, and about 3,000 military personnel will remain in the kingdom as long as required, according to a letter released by the White House on Tuesday. "The additional forces I have ordered to deploy in Saudi Arabia include radar and missile systems to improve defenses against air and missile threats in the region, and the air campaign wing to support the operation of US fighter aircraft from Saudi Arabia," the letter said. "Two combat squadrons," Trump said in the letter to congressional leaders. "The first of these additional troops has arrived in Saudi Arabia, and the remaining troops will arrive in the coming weeks." "With the new deployment, the total number of US troops in Saudi Arabia will be around 3,000," Trump said. "These individuals will remain deployed as long as their presence is required to fulfill the above tasks."
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    Pompeo: We will soon impose sanctions on corrupt figures who steal the wealth of Iraqis by vBulletin® by Ali EjamIraq News12 Hours ago Washington - Agencies WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday his administration would not stop idling at the corruption that brings suffering to Iraqis. "We will not stand idly by as we see corrupt officials making the Iraqi people suffer," Pompeo told a news conference. The foreign minister added that the protests in Iraq do not distinguish between communities and ethnic groups, but wants to get rid of Iranian interference. Pompeo said the United States remained the largest donor of humanitarian aid in Iraq. Pompeo announced US sanctions would soon be imposed on corrupt figures who steal Iraqi wealth. He said his country would impose sanctions on corrupt figures and individuals who steal Iraqi wealth. On the current popular movement in Iran, Pompeo said the Iranian people will have a better future when the government respects human rights. Pompeo called on the Iranian government to immediately reverse its ban on Internet services, which have been cut since dawn on Friday, in conjunction with demonstrations across Iran to protest against the government's rise in gasoline prices. The Secretary of State pointed to Iran's retreat from its commitment to the terms of the nuclear agreement, saying that "there is nuclear blackmail" from Tehran, and that "this will deepen Iranian isolation." link
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    Video: Economists call for activating banking supervision to reduce currency smuggling Special Sumerian 2019-11-19 | 06:55خاص-السومرية/325412/بالفيديو-خبراء-اقتصاديون-يدعون-لتفعيل-الرقابة-المص Expected calm, and huge funds paid by some private banks to influential parties, in order to dismiss files relating to the corruption of those banks, and the resulting smuggling, laundering and bleaching of funds. The absence of banking supervision poses a real threat to national economic security and poses a threat to the national process. This is a result of the continued depletion of Iraq's money in the auction of selling the loophole currency from which billions of dollars are leaked. According to the reports of the committees concerned or disclosed by politicians, the sales of the currency auction amounted from two thousand and three to two and sixteen, more than four hundred and ten billion dollars ,. About 40 private banks participate in the sale window, 80 percent of which contribute to the smuggling of funds abroad. The figures released by former Finance Committee Chairman Ahmad Chalabi reveal that the US currency sales to private banks amounted to about three hundred and twelve billion dollars. While the money smuggled through the gate of private banks since the two thousand four and up to two thousand and thirteen valued at one hundred and thirty billion dollars. Perhaps the most controversial deals, is the collusion of a private bank with another government smuggling about two billion dollars out of Iraq. A file has caused controversy in government circles, which is pushing for a campaign organized by the Anti-Corruption Council to eradicate the risk of currency smuggling and fill the gap of these banks. You can view the full report in the video attached above.
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    Tq for all your hardwork my friend @6ly410
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    Video: Private banks participating in the auction of the sale of currency 2019-11-19 | 09:34 1,704 viewsبالفيديو-مصارف-أهلية-تشارك-في-مزاد-بيع-العملة From 2003 to 2016, currency auction sales totaled more than $ 410 billion. There are 40 private banks participating in the currency auction. Bank sales of currency reached $ 350 billion in 12 years. Private banks have smuggled sales out of the country. How much total Iraqi money smuggled? What about the central bank and private banks? For more information and details, see the figures, attached video.
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    Can’t be but impressed that in the middle of this Epic Show they can still steal $$$$, let the country burn, gun down civilians, drag their feet 🦶 getting stuff done, offer up a plethora of excuses, all this and much more without so much as skipping a sand bagging beat.
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    Awesome Adam!! Thanks for the continued optimism! All of us have many things to be thankful for, one is that we woke up today! We have the joy of life!! Thanksgiving, not only at this time of year but every day of the year, is an important key!

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