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    For years every New Year brought with it new predictions of an impending RV that was always supported by the so called news of the day in Iraq and surrounding areas. Likewise for yrs with every so called rare celestial event, solar/lunar ellipse or the like, we got a plethora of fantastic predictions of how this is a sign from the Almighty that we're about to be !RICH! And while this yrs news articles leave much to be desired when it comes to making fantastic predictions, they are not without their constructs for imagination. Then I found something that simply begged to be constructed into an unimaginable and ultra fantastical Prophetic Rumor of all time. This is a combination of political events in Iraq, Iran, Syria and the United States. With as many other countries you may want to place into this story at your pleasure. It is a tale of great subterfuge and public manipulation mixed with the Divine signature of the Almighty in the sky. It is a story that in the end will not be a blessing to all, but to all it will be an exciting journey. Come along with me folks WE'RE ABOUT TO ENTER THE TWILIGHT ZONE There are highly educated people here that look at the world through the eyes of statehood. When they consider the likely chance for an RV, They see a path that must to some degree be followed. As is the way with the normal affairs of State. They offer room for abnormalities but that is greatly curtailed because in there eyes not following the norms of how things are done can only mean that the situation will become unstable and completely unsustainable. I see one major problem with this type of analysis when attempting to ascertain the current situation in the Middle East And especially with respect to Iraq. President Donald J. Trump This is a man that has repeatedly shown the world, and us, that he doesn't play by the norms. In fact the biggest issue that everyone has with Trump is that few, if any, can figure out what rules he's playing by at all. Yet in the face of monolithic opposition Trump has manage to get more done than most would dream of. Thus the hypothesis of this prediction is founded in my belief that President Trump is something of a mastermind genius that is skillfully and secretively moving chess pieces on the board of life. This line of thought began the day that I read how that America had for the first time in history become the number one oil producing nation on earth. This is something that only a sitting President could be responsible for and thus Donald Trump had done this for a reason. Believing that Trump owns millions of dollars in dinar, I have always looked at his Presidency as related to an RV. And knowing that Iraq was the one of the first things Trump set his sites on, only solidified my theory. Thus America becoming the number one oil producing nation on earth has to serve a purpose. That purpose soon became easy to see as it forced the price of oil to record lows not seen in years. This has put a great strain on the Iraqi government as nearly all of it's revenues are derived from the sale of oil. Then seemingly out of nowhere Trump says America is pulling out of Syria. This is something of a major blow to Iraq as the Iraqi government is sure to remember that ISIS originated from Syria. And the results of ISIS on Iraq were devastating to say the least. Not to mention that Trump pulling out of Syria had to bring back bad memories of Obama pulling out of Iraq. Make no mistake about this, Iraqi Parliamentarians may talk a good game of hating America but most of them know full well that without our influence in the region Iraq would quickly revert back to the days of Saddam, or worse. The next issue that caught my eye was Trumps SUDDEN and surprise visit to Iraq. Or at least that is the story line we were told. In truth a major visit of this kind is something that would have had to of been planned months in advance. The logistics of simply protecting the most powerful man on earth in a hostel environment alone would be staggering. Later we learn that Trump secretly met with the New PM and was reportedly given a "list" from members of Parliament. What was on that list? Possibly names of Iranian puppets in Iraq? That's not too difficult to speculate as shortly after Trumps visit, Iran immediately claimed to pull it's military advisers in Iraq back to Iran. And called home their Ambassador. At this point I'm beginning to feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck. The whole thing reeks of some kind of plan. Still I wasn't comfortable posting anything that even resembled a prediction. Been there done that. Continuing on, In our own government we've witnessed the slowly escalating hysteria of the Democratic Party for over two years. I bring this up to say that we've grown somewhat immune to the continual outburst, however annoying they might be. But in Iraq we've not seen such hysteria for sometime. Until after Trump visited. Almost in unison the Iranian puppets began to cry out for the removal of American troops from Iraq. What this clearly shows is that Iran most certainly doesn't agree with whatever is going on. And it is my supposition that when people show this kind of opposition to something it is mostly out of fear. So what is it that could cause Iran to have such FEAR? Only the knowledge of imminent destruction brought on by the most powerful military force on the earth. A force that has recently received more than $1.5 Trillion dollars to strengthen it's fighting abilities. Meanwhile," back at the Ranch sitten on the front porch with Blanch", America is in the midst of an historical battle of it's own. The Border Wall. Something about the timing of this intrigues me. For over three years Donald Trump has been pushing for the Wall. And now at the same time with all of this goings on in Iraq, Iran and Syria the border wall has become a NATIONAL EMERGENCY? Is that because Iran is so furious with Trump for whatever deal he has made with Iraq that they will stop at nothing to attack us? And seeing how that our boarder with Mexico is the easiest way for a terrorist to enter America, the risk today are far greater than before? All these things had me in great personal speculation as to what was happening, and though I've hinted to them a little in some post, I've not felt the need to compile these thoughts UNTIL NOW. Enter the Celestial aspect that simply begs for my hypothesis to be constructed. January 20: A ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ Will Cross Over America On The 2nd Anniversary Of Donald Trump’s Inauguration January 7, 2019 Michael Snyder On the evening of the 20th of January, a very strange phenomenon will happen. A total lunar eclipse that has been dubbed a “super blood wolf moon” will appear in the sky above America. The entire eclipse from beginning to end will be visible from every single location in the continental United States, but much of the rest of the world will miss out on this experience completely. For example, the eclipse will not be visible at all anywhere in China. Some would argue that it is just a coincidence, but it is almost as if somebody arranged the timing of this “super blood wolf moon” so that it would be seen specifically by people living in the United States. And it just so happens that this “super blood wolf moon” will occur precisely on the second anniversary of the inauguration of Donald Trump. Of course some of you may have never even heard of a “super blood wolf moon”. Basically, what that term means is that a “super moon”, a “blood moon” and a “wolf moon” will all be happening simultaneously. A “blood moon” happens during a lunar eclipse when some of the sun’s light is still able to reach the moon. The following comes from USA Today… A “super moon” happens when a full moon coincides with the moon’s orbit being within 90 percent of its closest approach to Earth, and that can make the moon look much bigger and brighter than normal… Lastly, a “wolf moon” is simply “the year’s first full moon” So is it significant that all three of these things are happening at the exact same time on the second anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration? Well, Pastor Mark Biltz sure seems to think so… In ancient times, a “blood moon” was considered to be a sign of impending doom, and some Christian leaders are pointing out that the Bible says that the moon will be an important “sign” during the times that the Bible refers to as “the last days”. For example, the following is what Luke 21:25-28 says in the Modern English Version… And this is what Joel 2:31 says in the Modern English Version… Last but certainly not least, this is what Revelation 6:12 says in the Modern English Version… Ultimately there will be a lot of debate about what this “super blood wolf moon” could possibly mean, but at this point nobody really knows. But it does seem very odd that it is happening exactly on the second anniversary of the inauguration of Donald Trump. Whether you love him or you hate him, in America today it seems like the entire world revolves around Trump. The mainstream media has been fixated on him since the moment he first announced that he was running for president, his decisions are deeply affecting the lives of every man, woman and child in the whole country, and everybody in the entire nation simply can’t stop talking about him. Even when I write articles that have nothing to do with Trump at all, most of the comments that my readers post are still about Trump. Many believe that the fate of the United States appears to be inseparably linked with Donald Trump, and I am sure that my readers will feverishly debate whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. But without a doubt, 2019 is shaping up to be a very challenging year, and later this month a very strange omen will appear directly in the sky over America on the second anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. Tu B’Shevat Talmud The rabbis of the Talmud ruled in favor of Hillel on this issue. Thus the 15th of Shevat became the date for calculating the beginning of the agricultural cycle for the purpose of biblical tithes. Biblical tithes Neta Reva'i refers to the biblical commandment (Leviticus 19:24) to bring fourth-year fruit crops to Jerusalem as a tithe So we see that this triple value lunar eclipse which occurs exactly two years after President Trumps inauguration, falls on the exact same Jewish Holy Day as last year, When the lunar Eclipse happened only in the Middle East. A Jewish Holy Day known for, among other things, tithing. Tithing is when you give to God the first fruits of your increase, in this case the fruit of a tree. Tithing can also be considered something you pay to the Lord for his benevolence in protecting you and bringing you the blessings you now have. Are you beginning to see something here? And when you consider the specifics with respect to the dates in Trumps birth, One can only speculate with AWE. Remember I started saying that this would not be a blessing to all. These Blood moons have historically been identified as an ominous sign of impending war. But wars cost money and so few today have the resources to get into a major conflict. Unless, We now think we know why Iran is so upset. So where's my prediction? I was born on Jan. 23 And I've always thought, as many here have, how cool it would be to have an RV on my birthday. Who knows? But hey it's fun to speculate.
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    Pelosi and Schumer look like that famous painting from Kansas. All they need is a pitchfork.
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    I feel your pain, it took me 3 and 1/2 hours to write it
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    The speech was not to publically announce a national emergency, but... to justify that announcement when he must make it. It was not a nothing burger. That was a political argument and justification of things to come. It was a warm up to the American people so that when such an executive order of a clear and present danger is issued, it will not have so much shock effect. Then the conspiracy theorist in me says the above...
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    I listened and Trump made a lot of sense and came across for the American People. The follow up in short was Americans Suck, We want to cover up for Illegals, Americans Suck. Illegals didn't do it and Americans Suck..... I wonder how a Case Acton Law Suit against all supports of Illegal Imagination would fly.....From here on any Family Harmed by any and all Illegals can file a Class Action Suit against the DNC and the Members of said Party. Now that would chance a few peoples mind when it hit their pocket book. I think I will run with Davis for President Karsten
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    That would not have been possible , no I started on this when I got home last night. Though I have thought about it for many, many days now.
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    If only more people were mature and respectful like this these days. Back in the day, people showed more respect and humbleness and that goes a LONG way for the heart, soul, mind. Let's agree to be more like this and bring back respect.
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    Floridian ,I am truely sorry my snarkiness . A cluster of life altering furcks has hit me lately , but this gives me no excuse to be rude to you . I've always been curious about what happened to all that gold . There are photographs of US soldiers sitting on huge stacks of gold .,alledgedly 5 tons ,18-24 carat . I would presume that clearing out all the gold reserves in Iraq would have been top priority when Saddam's statue toppled . It would have be insanity for the US to just leave it there . As far as Trump being trustee for all us ctizens ,he was sworn on a bible to do this .
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    $3.65 here my friend. Thanks for all you do. All the best for 2019. just my opinion Low oil prices will put pressure on Iraq to give more value to their currency Low oil prices will affect the budget negatively Low oil prices will eat CBI foreign currency reserves Low oil prices will put pressure on the GOI to ask for more loans Low oil prices are good for our pockets Go RV Go asap
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    I was born January 24 haha.. to funny
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    Thank you for the apology, Dinarham. No worries. Don’t give it another thought. I hope things get better for you soon.
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    LGD, we have the same bday...that would be cool to rv on our bday
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    I have watched the Q youtube sometimes...but this is the first time I EVER heard them talk about the RV. They are giving a date before the economic forum in Jan.
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    Oh man, that’s it!!!! I just knew President Trump was going to tells us he pushed the RV button before he started his speech!!!!
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    You are absolutely right. And the left has shown once again they have none. ( If you had said that I would not have responded and given a +. ) Not that you are looking for one. Pelosi, Shummer, Clintons and Obama have all said we need a border wall. When Trump wants it, it all of a sudden becomes a line in the sand they won't cross. As said in other post we know Trump is not perfect. If Trump folds to the Dems on the wall I and others will most likely not vote for him again.
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    Awesome post LGD! Thanks for all the cool research.
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    Laid Back, Happy New year out to you brother. I agree with your analysis, but, have to say that we have been down this path is the past. I think what Iraq needs is a strong government that is willing to take the bull by the horns, eliminate as much as possible their corrupt ways, and really WANT to make a difference for its people, rather then keeping them below the poverty line and suppressed by the sorrows of war. Really, I thought that Abadi was going to be the one that was going to make a difference, and he did, up to a point, as Iraq has come a long way, and I have to acknowledge that, Rome wasn't built in a day. Its these bureaucrats that can't seem to put one foot in front of the other, and, collectively move things as they should. I am in this investment till the end, no matter what comes of it. Iraq has such riches its mind boggling, and, until these government officials begin to do their job, first by showing up to work, perhaps then we will begin to see a change in the rate of the IQD. Until corruption is dealt with, we will continue to see this back and forth bickering that goes on in their government. I wish, first and foremost that the Iraqis have a life, something they can wake up to everyday and enjoy, live in peace, jobs, a economy that functions etc... Once their infrastructure is working, and, the world has confidence that they can do business there, perhaps we will see movement in the value of their currency. Anyhow, these are just my personal thoughts, and, perhaps their reality is way more complicated then my simple mind. Lets see what happens, Im here, and sure do appreciate you and all the DV members who contribute to this amazing community.
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    From the very "tippy topps"
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    Detecting the numbers of Iraqis applying for immigration to the United States Immigration to America Photo: from the archive 4 hours ago A report by the US Consular Affairs Office said Tuesday that the number of Arabs applying for immigration to the United States, known as the "Lutheri" for immigration to the United States in 2018, reached about 4 million applicants, including more than 145,000 Iraqis. According to the report published on the US State Department's Office of Consular Affairs (January 8, 2018), "the total number of applicants around the world reached about 23 million people from around the world, an increase of 4 million compared to 2017. " "The state of Ghana had the lion's share of applicants at 2,227,000 people, while Christmas Island, a small non-autonomous region in Australia, had the lowest number of applicants by 15. " For the first time, an Arab country surpasses the one million barrier ahead of the Lutheran program. Some 1 million and 274,000 Egyptians have migrated to the United States, compared with 914,000 in 2017 , while Iraq came in seventh place with 145,710 people To emigrate to America. It is worth mentioning that the Diversity or Lutter Visa Visa Program is an annual draw for the US Permanent Residence Card, known as the Green Card . This is a list of the number of applicants for the Diversity Migration Visa or Lutri visa program from Arab countries, Turkey and Iran in 2018 ... 1. Egypt: 1.274.751 2- Libya: 686.869 3. Sudan: 504.312 4. Algeria: 342,857 5. Morocco: 293.708 6- Yemen: 264.519 7. Iraq: 145.710 8. Jordan: 95.068 9- Saudi Arabia: 93.060 10- Syria: 80.166 11. Somalia: 60,579 12. Lebanon: 41.002 13. Kuwait: 29.954 14. United Arab Emirates: 28.231 15. Tunisia: 25,587 16. Qatar: 8.728 17. Mauritania: 7.264 18. Djibouti: 4.798 19. Bahrain: 3.012 20. Oman: 2.149 21. Comoros: 668 The numbers of applicants from Middle Eastern countries were as follows : 1. Iran: 1.624.204 2. Turkey: 406.929 3. Israel: 37.143 H
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    1966, Napoleon XIV, haha. Ya, I remember it well.
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    Great and enjoyable read ... Thank you
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    Because Trump isn't part of the establishment, neither the right or left care for him....he represents disruption to their status quo...CL
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