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    For years every New Year brought with it new predictions of an impending RV that was always supported by the so called news of the day in Iraq and surrounding areas. Likewise for yrs with every so called rare celestial event, solar/lunar ellipse or the like, we got a plethora of fantastic predictions of how this is a sign from the Almighty that we're about to be !RICH! And while this yrs news articles leave much to be desired when it comes to making fantastic predictions, they are not without their constructs for imagination. Then I found something that simply begged to be constructed into an unimaginable and ultra fantastical Prophetic Rumor of all time. This is a combination of political events in Iraq, Iran, Syria and the United States. With as many other countries you may want to place into this story at your pleasure. It is a tale of great subterfuge and public manipulation mixed with the Divine signature of the Almighty in the sky. It is a story that in the end will not be a blessing to all, but to all it will be an exciting journey. Come along with me folks WE'RE ABOUT TO ENTER THE TWILIGHT ZONE There are highly educated people here that look at the world through the eyes of statehood. When they consider the likely chance for an RV, They see a path that must to some degree be followed. As is the way with the normal affairs of State. They offer room for abnormalities but that is greatly curtailed because in there eyes not following the norms of how things are done can only mean that the situation will become unstable and completely unsustainable. I see one major problem with this type of analysis when attempting to ascertain the current situation in the Middle East And especially with respect to Iraq. President Donald J. Trump This is a man that has repeatedly shown the world, and us, that he doesn't play by the norms. In fact the biggest issue that everyone has with Trump is that few, if any, can figure out what rules he's playing by at all. Yet in the face of monolithic opposition Trump has manage to get more done than most would dream of. Thus the hypothesis of this prediction is founded in my belief that President Trump is something of a mastermind genius that is skillfully and secretively moving chess pieces on the board of life. This line of thought began the day that I read how that America had for the first time in history become the number one oil producing nation on earth. This is something that only a sitting President could be responsible for and thus Donald Trump had done this for a reason. Believing that Trump owns millions of dollars in dinar, I have always looked at his Presidency as related to an RV. And knowing that Iraq was the one of the first things Trump set his sites on, only solidified my theory. Thus America becoming the number one oil producing nation on earth has to serve a purpose. That purpose soon became easy to see as it forced the price of oil to record lows not seen in years. This has put a great strain on the Iraqi government as nearly all of it's revenues are derived from the sale of oil. Then seemingly out of nowhere Trump says America is pulling out of Syria. This is something of a major blow to Iraq as the Iraqi government is sure to remember that ISIS originated from Syria. And the results of ISIS on Iraq were devastating to say the least. Not to mention that Trump pulling out of Syria had to bring back bad memories of Obama pulling out of Iraq. Make no mistake about this, Iraqi Parliamentarians may talk a good game of hating America but most of them know full well that without our influence in the region Iraq would quickly revert back to the days of Saddam, or worse. The next issue that caught my eye was Trumps SUDDEN and surprise visit to Iraq. Or at least that is the story line we were told. In truth a major visit of this kind is something that would have had to of been planned months in advance. The logistics of simply protecting the most powerful man on earth in a hostel environment alone would be staggering. Later we learn that Trump secretly met with the New PM and was reportedly given a "list" from members of Parliament. What was on that list? Possibly names of Iranian puppets in Iraq? That's not too difficult to speculate as shortly after Trumps visit, Iran immediately claimed to pull it's military advisers in Iraq back to Iran. And called home their Ambassador. At this point I'm beginning to feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck. The whole thing reeks of some kind of plan. Still I wasn't comfortable posting anything that even resembled a prediction. Been there done that. Continuing on, In our own government we've witnessed the slowly escalating hysteria of the Democratic Party for over two years. I bring this up to say that we've grown somewhat immune to the continual outburst, however annoying they might be. But in Iraq we've not seen such hysteria for sometime. Until after Trump visited. Almost in unison the Iranian puppets began to cry out for the removal of American troops from Iraq. What this clearly shows is that Iran most certainly doesn't agree with whatever is going on. And it is my supposition that when people show this kind of opposition to something it is mostly out of fear. So what is it that could cause Iran to have such FEAR? Only the knowledge of imminent destruction brought on by the most powerful military force on the earth. A force that has recently received more than $1.5 Trillion dollars to strengthen it's fighting abilities. Meanwhile," back at the Ranch sitten on the front porch with Blanch", America is in the midst of an historical battle of it's own. The Border Wall. Something about the timing of this intrigues me. For over three years Donald Trump has been pushing for the Wall. And now at the same time with all of this goings on in Iraq, Iran and Syria the border wall has become a NATIONAL EMERGENCY? Is that because Iran is so furious with Trump for whatever deal he has made with Iraq that they will stop at nothing to attack us? And seeing how that our boarder with Mexico is the easiest way for a terrorist to enter America, the risk today are far greater than before? All these things had me in great personal speculation as to what was happening, and though I've hinted to them a little in some post, I've not felt the need to compile these thoughts UNTIL NOW. Enter the Celestial aspect that simply begs for my hypothesis to be constructed. January 20: A ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ Will Cross Over America On The 2nd Anniversary Of Donald Trump’s Inauguration January 7, 2019 Michael Snyder On the evening of the 20th of January, a very strange phenomenon will happen. A total lunar eclipse that has been dubbed a “super blood wolf moon” will appear in the sky above America. The entire eclipse from beginning to end will be visible from every single location in the continental United States, but much of the rest of the world will miss out on this experience completely. For example, the eclipse will not be visible at all anywhere in China. Some would argue that it is just a coincidence, but it is almost as if somebody arranged the timing of this “super blood wolf moon” so that it would be seen specifically by people living in the United States. And it just so happens that this “super blood wolf moon” will occur precisely on the second anniversary of the inauguration of Donald Trump. Of course some of you may have never even heard of a “super blood wolf moon”. Basically, what that term means is that a “super moon”, a “blood moon” and a “wolf moon” will all be happening simultaneously. A “blood moon” happens during a lunar eclipse when some of the sun’s light is still able to reach the moon. The following comes from USA Today… A “super moon” happens when a full moon coincides with the moon’s orbit being within 90 percent of its closest approach to Earth, and that can make the moon look much bigger and brighter than normal… Lastly, a “wolf moon” is simply “the year’s first full moon” So is it significant that all three of these things are happening at the exact same time on the second anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration? Well, Pastor Mark Biltz sure seems to think so… In ancient times, a “blood moon” was considered to be a sign of impending doom, and some Christian leaders are pointing out that the Bible says that the moon will be an important “sign” during the times that the Bible refers to as “the last days”. For example, the following is what Luke 21:25-28 says in the Modern English Version… And this is what Joel 2:31 says in the Modern English Version… Last but certainly not least, this is what Revelation 6:12 says in the Modern English Version… Ultimately there will be a lot of debate about what this “super blood wolf moon” could possibly mean, but at this point nobody really knows. But it does seem very odd that it is happening exactly on the second anniversary of the inauguration of Donald Trump. Whether you love him or you hate him, in America today it seems like the entire world revolves around Trump. The mainstream media has been fixated on him since the moment he first announced that he was running for president, his decisions are deeply affecting the lives of every man, woman and child in the whole country, and everybody in the entire nation simply can’t stop talking about him. Even when I write articles that have nothing to do with Trump at all, most of the comments that my readers post are still about Trump. Many believe that the fate of the United States appears to be inseparably linked with Donald Trump, and I am sure that my readers will feverishly debate whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. But without a doubt, 2019 is shaping up to be a very challenging year, and later this month a very strange omen will appear directly in the sky over America on the second anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. Tu B’Shevat Talmud The rabbis of the Talmud ruled in favor of Hillel on this issue. Thus the 15th of Shevat became the date for calculating the beginning of the agricultural cycle for the purpose of biblical tithes. Biblical tithes Neta Reva'i refers to the biblical commandment (Leviticus 19:24) to bring fourth-year fruit crops to Jerusalem as a tithe So we see that this triple value lunar eclipse which occurs exactly two years after President Trumps inauguration, falls on the exact same Jewish Holy Day as last year, When the lunar Eclipse happened only in the Middle East. A Jewish Holy Day known for, among other things, tithing. Tithing is when you give to God the first fruits of your increase, in this case the fruit of a tree. Tithing can also be considered something you pay to the Lord for his benevolence in protecting you and bringing you the blessings you now have. Are you beginning to see something here? And when you consider the specifics with respect to the dates in Trumps birth, One can only speculate with AWE. Remember I started saying that this would not be a blessing to all. These Blood moons have historically been identified as an ominous sign of impending war. But wars cost money and so few today have the resources to get into a major conflict. Unless, We now think we know why Iran is so upset. So where's my prediction? I was born on Jan. 23 And I've always thought, as many here have, how cool it would be to have an RV on my birthday. Who knows? But hey it's fun to speculate.
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    Good afternoon everyone! We’re off and running into the new year, and I’ll repeat a bit of what I said last week… I’m still pretty solid about 2019. In fact, I like it a lot. Not this week in particular, but in general - I think we've got a solid chance to see some 💥💥 this year! Read on... I've been keeping an eye on the situation for a few months now, waiting to see the trend I'm seeing right now. Waiting for all the pieces to come together. And I finally feel like it's time to voice the following thoughts. This morning I stopped for fuel and my total bill, with a big bottle of Fiji water and a loaf of bread, was a whopping $50. I actually asked the clerk to double check my pump number... FIFTY dollars? I know my Fiji water didn't go down in price, and I didn't stop the pump early! The lady laughed and informed me the price per gallon is currently around $2, which is ten cents higher than it was last week. We may all enjoy a lower pump price, but I guarantee you the Middle East and all our Texas oil boys don't necessarily like them! That's exactly why OPEC entered into a production limit agreement in the not-so-distant past... because supply and demand drives price. Oil is on sale right now, due to a very high supply, and I don't think we'll see an RV while the sale is on. It's simply not in the CBI's best interest to do so. The good and bad news is this - there are actions being taken to get the price of oil back up. Check out this page: Now, think about this little tidbit... you may have noticed at the very top of that page that Iraq has "confirmed their commitment to participating" in the oil productions cuts. But, as a savvy reader who remembers the details, you also know that Iraq was not specifically included in the original OPEC agreement. Iraq is essentially standing on the sidelines, voicing support, encouraging the action... but reserving the right to step back from it and swoop in on some profits once they are there again, while everyone else frantically tries to organize a vote to release themselves from their self-imposed restrictions. At that point in time, Iraq will have all the time they need to successfully execute a couple days or even weeks of trading, exchanging currency with higher values and reaping profits on said exchanges, and everyone wins. Yes, EVERYONE wins. Even the OPEC members that may have seemingly "lost" some revenue with their limited production agreement. The truth of that matter is that none of them are in the dark about the potential for Iraq to revalue. They all sit there, innocently and conveniently silent about Iraq's exclusion from the agreement. Coincidence? I think not. In fact, this is the KEY. It's staring the world in the face, and only a small group of us are even paying attention. I'm ok with that. HCL is still a pivotal issue, but there's no point in finalizing the HCL until oil prices go back up. More good news - Iraq is in a very good position to implement HCL, so once we see this graph going up again... game on! While we wait, be sure to get in the Weekly Powerball Pool! Cheers everyone. - Adam **** Follow up on a post from last week: If $60 is considered "Red Zone", I'd call that the 20 yard line. $70+ is the 5 yard line. If you're picking up what I'm putting down here, both of those are one play away from a touchdown.
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    Pelosi and Schumer look like that famous painting from Kansas. All they need is a pitchfork.
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    I feel your pain, it took me 3 and 1/2 hours to write it
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    Let's see. 3 Ministers to vote on. 1/3 rd of the HCL left to pass. And raise the value of the Dinar to 3 dollars. I like it. All 3's. Now I will give you 3 words. "Git 'er DONE!!!!"
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    The speech was not to publically announce a national emergency, but... to justify that announcement when he must make it. It was not a nothing burger. That was a political argument and justification of things to come. It was a warm up to the American people so that when such an executive order of a clear and present danger is issued, it will not have so much shock effect. Then the conspiracy theorist in me says the above...
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    My friend @ladyGrace'sDaddy Thanks for your analysis on the current situation in the Middle East. I believe you’re onto something. The next war in the Middle East; its parties, its alliances and the role of the states. The Iranian-American relationship is witnessing great strife in the midst of a war of words that is feared to turn into a real war. Experts believe that the Arab region will have dire consequences in the event of any war between Tehran and Washington. The verbal threats on Twitter between US President Trump and the Iranian government have put Arab environment in a state of anticipation and caution, especially after the Iranian response that if the battle was taken place it would be the “mother of battles” and warns Washington from “playing with fire.” Experts in international relations believe that the scenario of the war is certain that there are factors that may play in favor of the outbreak. Including the announcement of Trump the withdrawal of US forces from north-east Syria and the severe internal pressure on him, as well as successive investigations concerning the corruption of the Israeli Prime Minister, which ended in early Israeli elections in April. War may be a factor to vent from these pressures, experts say. But they add that all parties do not want a full-scale war because everyone understands the cost of it pointing out that the United States may turn a blind eye to a limited war; for example, Israel would destroy Iranian or pro-Iranian forces in Syria or Lebanon. They assert that Iran will be cautious in its actions at first, and that it will not use its threats to close the Strait of Hormuz – as a first step at least – unless it is attacked, because it knows that such action will be used as a card to escalate against it. They believe that any possible war between Iran and the United States would have serious consequences for the Arab world. Stressing that if this war took place, a big rift would emerge within the Arab countries, so that there would be three different political camps. The first camp, according to experts, includes the Gulf States, most notably Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which will be in the American ditch, and will inevitably; stand by the United States in the war. Even if Israel participated, that would not change its position. Israeli planes will fly through Arab airspace, including Jordan, to bomb Iran, experts said. They believe that for Qatar, despite the wide divergence of political position between it and Saudi Arabia as well as the UAE, it has no other option, especially that it embraces a major US base in the Arab region. Jordan may also be a special participant under strong US and Gulf pressure. The second camp will include countries that reject this war against Iran and refuse to stand by Israel. The most prominent of these are Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. For Palestine, this may be particularly understandable under Israeli intervention, but other countries will witness pro-Iranian military moves, particularly in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. The third camp: It will be composed of several countries that will try to distance themselves from this problem, so that they will avoid making any statements and will not adopt any positions and the most prominent of these countries are Morocco and Tunisia. * International political analysis of the next war They see that the mutual verbal escalation between Washington and Tehran reflects very worrying trends in US policy towards Iran, where the idea of regime change has been established in Washington. They see that this policy may drag the war to the region in the end. Such a war would be a humanitarian and political disaster of global dimensions. In this context, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger expressed his opinion on regional and international developments by saying: “The Third World War is on the door and Iran will be the start of that war.” Kissinger added that “The drums of war are already ringing in the Middle East, and only the deaf are those who do not hear them.” The American politician and researcher Richard Haas stopped in front of the scene of the Middle East region during the New Year, in an interview with an American channel, saying that “it is the basic laws in the Middle East to get things worse before it gets worse.” Haas said also in an interview with MSNBC Channel “”I think we’ll see that .I bet that if a serious war breaks out in 2019, it will not be with South Korea or even the South China Sea. We can not predict what Mr. Putin will do in Ukraine, but I bet on Iran, whether it comes after a confrontation with Israel, or something Saudi Arabia does, aimed at diverting attention as a killer for the Journalist and its emergence as a necessary partner against Iran or may be it comes from Iran itself because of the pressure it feels because of the sanctions. Haas, director of the Council on Foreign Relations and former Director of Policy Planning at the State Department said “In my view, there will be a war, even if I am wrong and nothing happens, I think that over the next two years, we have to imagine the return of terrorism. Syria will never return to where it was . We see increased fighting there. Sooner or later, the possibility of other countries resorting to nuclear weapons such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey , not to be ruled out . “The current Middle East scene is seen by Haas as follows:” All directions are in a bad situation right now, we are looking at a world where borders do not mean anything . There are no serious negotiations , countries start to collapse from inside. “He said at the end of his speech that” what happens there (in the Middle East) will not remain there, it is not Las Vegas. The problems in the Middle East have the potential to spread to all parts of the world. ” From the point of view of experts of international relations, the potential war will be devastating. The goal is not a ground invasion of Iran. It will change the status quo and, in their view, the United States will bet that destruction will bring about a change in the existing regime. “Washington has sent several verbal messages that the American move will be bigger than some would imagine. Which shows the magnitude of the expected destruction, especially given the size of the bombs used by the US government in Afghanistan, which amounted to several tons of a single bomb. They believe that Iran will spare no effort to use all its weapons, which it has said more than once. “Iran is aware that this battle will be the last of the battles in the region and will try to strike with all its efforts. The fields will be open to Iranian missiles, such as American bases, Arab capitals as well as Israel.” “Iran will try to move its arms in the Arab region to attack its opponents, especially in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, and it is not ruled out absolutely that Hezbollah and the Syrian government will be active in activating the southern front of Israel.” The question that arises in this context, which preoccupied the centers of thought and international research, will the US withdrawal from Syria be followed by the withdrawal from Iraq? *Iraq After the visit of US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania to the US military base west of Anbar province in Iraq on December 26, 2018, there were reports talking about the number of US bases in the world, including Iraq. A report of one of the famous American sites Saturday 29 December revealed , the presence of more than 10 US military bases of many tasks in Iraq, which vary among the 800 bases around the world controlled by America on world affairs and with regard to Iraq, the bases were distributed in the north and west and central Iraq. The report mentions an agreement between the Kurds and the United States in 2014, establishing the last 5 bases in northern Iraq under the full control of the Americans which are distributed as follows: two bases in the city of Halabja, Sulaimaniya province near the border with Iran, a base in the areas of Atrush and Harir , Sinjar base , AltunKupri base that belongs to Kirkuk province disputed with Baghdad as well as that the base of Kirkuk “Range” is a model camp for military rehabilitation and training in addition that the United States has also established a large base for its forces at the Qayara military airport south of Mosul. As for the center of Iraq, the United States took from the air base of Balad in the province of Salah al-Din as HQ for it , for the F-16, as well as another base in Camp of Taji north of Baghdad to train Iraqi forces . Even in the capital Baghdad, there is a US base within the borders of the international airport which is called Victory Base (al-Naser base ), used for intelligence, investigations, control and command. Finally, western Iraq, where the United States has taken two major military bases in Anbar province, the first was visited by Trump “Ain al-Assad” and the second is “Habbaniyah” in the district of al-Baghdadi, they are important bases to secure Israel being on the borders of Jordan and Syria, it is remarkable that among all these American bases deployed in the world, Trump has not visited other western Iraq, as if giving a clear message that this base is a starting point and preparations for operations in the near future as well as these bases are more likely to be increased which denies any intention to withdraw from Iraq. Despite the multiple US military bases in Iraq, the Trump administration will not maintain a large military force in Iraq, but will retain a few but strong, quality and active in Iraq. Trump announced his intention to withdraw his forces from Syria and his sudden and secret visit to his base in Ain al-Asad, west of Ramadi, and his assertion that this base may be used in any attacks against the organization of the Islamic State , ISIS , all reflect the features of the US plan in the new year and its stations Washington is not willing to fight ISIS in Syria or Iraq, but rather to prepare for any possible confrontation with Iran at the incitement of Israel and wants to prepare its bases whether in Iraq or in the Gulf region, especially in Qatar (Al-Aydid), Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait . Kurdistan Region of Iraq In addition to the military bases in Iraq, there is the camp “Hariri” and “Batas” which is under the control of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the party is now in an enviable situation under the pressure of the US and Iran, if the party bow to Iranian pressure, thus losing US support and the support of Israel and the West, and if the party stood with Washington, Tehran will support the Kurdish forces opposed to it to weaken him, in this context , Rawabet Center for Research and Strategic Studies has obtained the information which is very important that there is a request to Massoud Barzani that this camp poses a major threat to the Kurdistan region and a solution should be found . Is Tehran succeeding in closing this camp, or is Washington succeeding in maintaining it ? The importance of this camp to the American side and the Iranian fears of it, that it includes special forces, aircraft and an airport, the closest American camp west of the Iranian border. Therefore, this camp is so much concerned about Tehran, so it is possible to be used to wage war against it , this camp is under the command of Washington. The question arises in this context: Is the region really going to war? * Iran The calm in Yemen and the withdrawal from Syria and soon from Afghanistan, is the process of concentrating efforts towards one destination … Prepare to ignite fire in a wider area because it is an American-Israeli necessity, related to the American insider and a long-term strategy to weaken the Russian presence in the Middle East by striking its ally Iran “axis of evil.” Some see that the withdrawals of US forces from Iran’s neighbors are a sign of weakness and decline, while at Feryl Center , they see a recalculation and an indication of the new plan. The United States is moving its troops away from open fields , easy-to-catch , which do not have a full air cover, and small groups can hunt down US soldiers with medium weapons. They also close down small military bases that are not fully equipped, and join them to large bases with full protection. There is no doubt that the war in Syria caused the decline of US control over the Middle East with the entry of the main Russian player, and the Iranian infiltration which reached Bab al-Mandeb … This is something that hardliners of Washington and the Tel Aviv rulers can not accept it and keep silent about, so we do not see that the superpower surrendered, but moved to a new stage of gradual escalation by all means. To encircle Iran from the four sides The news from the eastern neighbor of Iran is not good . The Taliban movement met with the Kabul government and met US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad under the auspices of a “Gulf.” The talk focused on the exit of US troops from Afghanistan. What is happening is the gathering of thousands of fighters from the movement near the Iranian border and the establishment of camps in Helmand and Farah. It is enough to know that the Afghan government controls only 55% of the land at the end of 2018, compared to 73% in 2015! The rest of the territory is controlled by al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and ISIS . The danger is not only from the Taliban, which the center of Feryl which estimated the number of its fighters with 75 thousand ….. The coming danger is from ISIS also ! Many wonder where are tens of thousands of terrorists who fought with ISIS in Syria and Iraq? Are they “evaporated”? The Férill Center estimates that between 7 and 10,000 of them have spread in eastern and western Afghanistan. It is not a word of the moment. The speech was made by the spokesman of the organization of ISIS Abu Muhammad al-Adanani on January 26, 2015, when he called the “Islamic Caliphate State” in that region the name of “Khorasan” and includes Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran and announced their loyalty to “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “…. ISIS. is a strongly existed in the province of Nangarhar in eastern Afghanistan and is growing rapidly with joining of terrorists from various countries, including neighboring Pakistan. The “popular” movement and demonstrations in Iran must be expanded to coincide with armed movements from within and outside Iran, where the organizations we have identified will choose the areas with the weakest security coverage, particularly in the northeast. In northwestern Iran, military action is taking place among the Kurds , while the popular movement will be supported by the Gulf states in Ahwaz and others. It is recognized that Hezbollah is among the group of targets, the Israeli threats and the escalation of southern Lebanon between the responses, but Israel’s calculations are limited to reaching the goal and it is aimed at the escalation of the media only, because it is incapable of defeating Hezbollah alone. The withdrawal of the US military from Syria and its abandonment of the “younger” client “Qasad ” , in favor of the big client in Ankara, is a clear movement, with the aim of keeping away from the Russians and using Turkish influence in the countries of northern Iran and southern Russia, the Caspian states. The survival of Mohammed bin Salman will not be free, and therefore he has to support the Arab NATO against Iran, and move militarily and set fire to it. Economic sanctions, withdrawal from the nuclear agreement, internal unrest and armed movement, besieging Iran from all sides, waiting for the right opportunity to attack. This is the title of the next stage and what we see from our reading of the events … Does Iran have a counter plan? Certainly. Can it protect itself ? Yes . Let us watch and see what 2019 will give us On the other hand, Iran empowered and authorized the Palestinian Islamic Jihad delegation visiting Tehran to engage the Iraqi Shiite militias, under al-Quds command and Hezbollah , to the joint terrorist operations command in the Gaza Strip, according to reports from intelligence and military sources reported by the Israeli intelligence site (Debka Files) and it was decided to move forward to activate the expanded operations room only in the event of a large-scale Palestinian-Israeli war on the Gaza Strip that it serves as a supportive second front. The Palestinian Jihad delegation, who is running talks with senior Iranian officials, including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini , is headed by General Commander Ziad Rashid Nakhalah and director of the Gaza Strip, Mohammed al-Hindi. Their decisions prompted Israeli Military Intelligence chief (AMAN) , Major General Tamir Hayman, to warn on Monday, December 31, that Iran had acquired the capacity to launch attacks on Israel from inside Iraqi territory. Nakhala referred to the Iran backed terrorist movement’s expanded capacity in an interview with the Iranian state TV. He said : Iran and Hezbullah are no longer bound by red lines. “There are no longer any red lines between Iran and Hezbollah,” Henceforth, there are no limits to the scope and depth of cooperation between Islamic Jihad, Iran and Hezbollah. The Palestinian Jihad leader went on to boast of the improved precision of the groups ‘s new rockets , 5030 of which were fired against Israel, during a massive barrage of Jihad and Hamas fired from the Gaza Strip on November 12 and 13, referring to the “Ashkelon” rockets , capable of carrying warheads of an estimated between (200-500) kg, and with a range of up to 10 kilometers. The Israeli military sources (DEBAKA files) identified this weapon as an “improved Grad fitted with a target –marking system. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told his Palestinian visitors that the two-day barrage of fire last November and subsequent clashes had proved that the IDF was no longer able to withstand the blows of the Palestinian resistance, adding that during the past two wars, The Zionist regime called for a truce after 22 days of confrontation, on one occasion, and after another eight days, but in the recent confrontations, Israel demanded a cease-fire after only 48 hours. The Palestinian delegation also met with National Security Adviser Ali Shamkhani and held secret conferences with senior commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The US administration is currently concerned about the rapid development of Iran’s ballistic missile program and Iran’s announcement of its intention to launch a range of these missiles into space carrying spy satellites, prompting Pompeo to issue a strong warning to the Iranian leadership to back down from the move on which he said that it violates the decisions of the Security Council. Iran, having succeeded in developing the ballistic missile industry of different dimensions and sizes, and effectively canceled the effect of American and Israeli air superiority , Iran has moved to develop its maritime military industries, from submarine manufacturing to the construction of highly efficient naval destroyers, which has enabled it to destabilize the dominance of US aircraft carriers in the Gulf, the Indian Ocean and Bab al-Mandab in one form or another. The Iranian maritime challenge comes by Admiral Turj Hosny, assistant commander of the Iranian Navy when he announced his country’s intention, and according to instructions from the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, to send destroyer, “Sahand” helicopter carrier in addition of other destroyers to the west of Atlantic in response to the US sending an aircraft carrier to the Gulf . The destroyer ,Sahand , is a local industry that it is difficult to be detected by radars, equipped with surface-to-air missiles, and other anti-aircraft, equipped to fight any potential electronic war , and thus Iran became the fourth navy force made the move after the Soviet Union, China, and the Russian Federation (sent bombers carrying nuclear bombs to Venezuela a month ago). US military command takes threats of Iran seriously noting when the Iranian Supreme Leader, General Qassem Soleimani, threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz if a total US embargo was imposed on its oil exports, President Trump’s administration declined from these threats under the pretext of ” To give eight countries exemptions, and allow them to continue to import Iranian oil, ironically that the rate of oil exports to India, China, Turkey and Europe are still as they were and not affected. We do not know the details of the task to be borne by Pompio to the Gulf and the Arab states (Egypt and Jordan), what roles will be distributed to these eight countries, and whether the visit of his colleague John Bolton, national security adviser to Tel Aviv, which began today, is a complement for this tour, and reflect the exchange of roles between them, noting the inclusion of Israel to the Pompeo’s tour may be embarrassing for the eight Arab countries that will include it, and Israel will appear as a member of the developed Arab NATO, especially since Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi revealed in his controversial interview with the : US CBS “Israeli aircrafts cooperate with its Egyptian counterparts and bombed the positions of” ISIS “in Sinai. The question arises in this context : what are the roles to be played by the countries of the region in case of war? *Turkey It will not be a party “in it, it will have limited role during the battles to address the missiles that may pass through the airspace … The evidence of the Patriot systems that were delivered hastily to Turkey … And the approval of America on the Russian S-400 missiles to Turkey, Turkey will act as it acted with the US invasion of Iraq in March In 2003, it will announce that it will not provide any logistical assistance to America, knowing that “America will not need, as did not need during the invasion of Iraq, the presence of Turkey in the east of the Euphrates, will be to gather forces of ISIS and the opening of safe corridors to go to Iran and Afghanistan, to complete the last page of Project of creative chaos, and start a project of the division of the region, Iraq will be immune from operations of ISIS. US forces will be in direct confrontation with the Iraqi militias, which will be divided between the factions in Iraq, and factions in Syria, if Russia allowed , and factions in Iran, if necessary. Israel It will take the task of neutralizing Hezbollah in Lebanon with a preemptive strike. If it develops, and the balance in favor of Israe then Hezbollah will be eradicated or the matter will be only to keep Hezbullah in its bases and prevent it from providing any support to Iran or disturbing the assault forces that will carry out its missions in Iran on Land , Sea “or” air “. “This war is perceived by an Israeli general as a potential threat from Iraq as Iranian influence grows. Iran could use its growing influence in Iraq and turn it into a springboard and base for an attack against Israel,” Israel’s military intelligence chief said on Monday. Israel sees the spread of Tehran’s influence in the region which poses a growing threat and has carried out scores of air strikes in civil war –torn Syria against suspected military deployments and arms deliveries by Iranian forces supporting Damascus . Iraq Iraq, which does not share borders with Israel, is technically its enemy but was last an open threat in the 1991 Gulf War. Since the US-led invasion in 2003, in which Saddam Hussein president , a Sunni Muslim , was overthrown, Israel has been concerned about Shiite majority in Iraq, who tend toward Iran. Iraq is now under the growing influence of the Qods Force (covert Iranian foreign operations unit), the head of Israeli intelligence, Major General Tamir Hayman, told a conference in Tel Aviv. Hayman said that the Iranians may see in Iraq with the decision of US President Donad Trump to withdraw his forces from the region, a suitable arena for entrenchment and fortification, as they did in Syria, and use it – Iraq – as a platform to build up the force that could also threaten the State of Israel. Prime Minister of Iraq on Sunday said , that security officials from Baghdad have met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, and hinted at the role of a greater Iraqi in the fight against the militias of the organization ISIS , while the withdrawal of US troops. Citing Iranian, Iraqi and Western sources ,, reported by Reuters in August, that Iran Has moved short-range ballistic missiles to its Shiite allies in Iraq, and Baghdad has denied the findings. The following week , Israel has indicated that it may attack such sites in Iraq, asserting that its current focus is on Syria as part of a large-scale and effective campaign. Hayman predicted that the year of 2019 would bring “a significant change” in Syria, where Assad would have managed to defeat the rebels “We are closely watching this growing Iranian presence as stability returns to Syria under the Russian umbrella. Israel has also been monitoring Iranian behavior since the withdrawal of the Trump from the nuclear agreement with Iran, which was concluded In May 2015, and then re-imposed US sanctions, that the deal placed restrictions on bomb-making projects, although Iran denied the existence of such designs, and both Trump and Israel see these restrictions are insufficient . Hayman added : “We assess that Iran will strive to stay within the deal and will do everything in order to find ways of circumventing the American sanctions” . It may be helped by the growing role of the Popular crowd in Iraq and its power largely demonstrated by its control over state institutions to become an economic, political and military power capable of producing weapons. In the event of a war between the United States of America , its allies, and Iran and its allies in the geography stretching from Afghanistan to North Africa, the Rawabet Center for Research and Strategic Studies see that this war will drag Iraq into its quagmire. Iraq is , as it is known, under Iranian influence, and with this influence Iraq will turn into an Iranian missile base against targets of the United States and its allies, and this matter ,if it is happened , the area, Iraq and the region would be in the face of disaster. Therefore, it must be avoided by all possible means to prevent its occurrence. Therefore, it requires the Iraqi leadership to deal with the state of conflict between Washington and Tehran wisely, and strongly also to avoid this disastrous scene. Because if the war between Washington and Tehran takes place, Iraq will be its theater.
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    I listened and Trump made a lot of sense and came across for the American People. The follow up in short was Americans Suck, We want to cover up for Illegals, Americans Suck. Illegals didn't do it and Americans Suck..... I wonder how a Case Acton Law Suit against all supports of Illegal Imagination would fly.....From here on any Family Harmed by any and all Illegals can file a Class Action Suit against the DNC and the Members of said Party. Now that would chance a few peoples mind when it hit their pocket book. I think I will run with Davis for President Karsten
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    Come on Mahdi make a phone call to your Iranian masters an get 3 more names to vote on, it appears this list is going nowhere. I need to unload this bunch of Dinars so I can forget the word Iraq an all their corruption....
  11. 7 points
    That would not have been possible , no I started on this when I got home last night. Though I have thought about it for many, many days now.
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    If only more people were mature and respectful like this these days. Back in the day, people showed more respect and humbleness and that goes a LONG way for the heart, soul, mind. Let's agree to be more like this and bring back respect.
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    Floridian ,I am truely sorry my snarkiness . A cluster of life altering furcks has hit me lately , but this gives me no excuse to be rude to you . I've always been curious about what happened to all that gold . There are photographs of US soldiers sitting on huge stacks of gold .,alledgedly 5 tons ,18-24 carat . I would presume that clearing out all the gold reserves in Iraq would have been top priority when Saddam's statue toppled . It would have be insanity for the US to just leave it there . As far as Trump being trustee for all us ctizens ,he was sworn on a bible to do this .
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    $3.65 here my friend. Thanks for all you do. All the best for 2019. just my opinion Low oil prices will put pressure on Iraq to give more value to their currency Low oil prices will affect the budget negatively Low oil prices will eat CBI foreign currency reserves Low oil prices will put pressure on the GOI to ask for more loans Low oil prices are good for our pockets Go RV Go asap
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    I was born January 24 haha.. to funny
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    The premise that President Trump is manufacturing a crisis is wrong. He campaigned on this matter after many who supported him let him know of the murders, drug and human smuggling over our border, and witnessing the growing threat of terrorists and gangs harming US citizens. The Dems are extremely wrong on the issue of border security. Why have so many of them flipped their views on this matter and are now demanding open borders. The Dems showed us another prime example of how tone deaf they are on border security and how they will do and say anything to aggravate, embarrass, and resist anything Trump wants, even if it hurts US citizens. In my opinion they should all be charged with treason for not upholding our laws and protecting our borders, their duty they swore to uphold.
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    US policy reveals a research file meeting Pompeo - Saleh for Kirkuk did not mention the presidential statement Twilight News one hour ago The US State Department revealed that its Minister Mike Pompeo, who is visiting Iraq suddenly, discussed with the Iraqi president the issue of Kirkuk oil. According to the State Department, "Minister Michael Pompeo met today with Iraqi President Barham Salih and discussed the support of the United States in helping to meet the political, economic and security challenges in Iraq." According to the statement, Pompio praised the recent diplomatic efforts by President Saleh. He also affirmed the United States commitment to the sovereignty and independence of Iraq and the importance of Iraq as a strategic partner in the region. The US minister highlighted the resumption of oil exports through the Kirkuk oil pipeline and the importance of continued steps towards Iraq's independence in the energy field. They also discussed the recent regional defeat of Da'ash and US support for Iraqi security forces to ensure a permanent defeat. According to the statement issued by the Iraqi presidency, President Barham Saleh, at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, on Wednesday with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo the latest developments in the political and security situation in the country and the region. He stressed the need for a constructive dialogue among all parties to achieve security and peace, ease tension and instability in the Arab and regional arenas and promote international and regional cooperation to end extremism and defeat terrorism once and for all. According to a presidential statement, President Saleh stressed that Iraq is keen to build balanced relations with all friendly and allied countries based on respect for sovereignty and constancy and the independence of its national decision. The President of the Republic to the depth of the relationship between the two countries and develop them to achieve the common interests of the two friendly peoples, and the importance of the American contribution to the reconstruction of Iraq and the advancement of its economy and the upgrading of all sectors. He praised the United States' support for Iraq politically and security, especially in its war against terrorism and the achievement of the great victory over gangs. For his part, the US Secretary of State renewed his government's keenness to establish special relations with Iraq at various levels, stressing his country's continued commitment to fight the da'wah and terrorism. Pompeo said that the United States considers Iraq an important and strategic partner in the political, economic and security fields, expressing his country's readiness to invest and contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq, especially its liberated cities. Keywords:
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    Thank you for the apology, Dinarham. No worries. Don’t give it another thought. I hope things get better for you soon.
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    LGD, we have the same bday...that would be cool to rv on our bday
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    I have watched the Q youtube sometimes...but this is the first time I EVER heard them talk about the RV. They are giving a date before the economic forum in Jan.
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    Oh man, that’s it!!!! I just knew President Trump was going to tells us he pushed the RV button before he started his speech!!!!
  22. 5 pointsرفع-الحواجز-الكونكريتية-من-أمام-البنك/........ Lifting the concrete barriers in front of the Central Bank January 9, 2019 8:58 PM Number of views: 46Author: alzawraapaper BAGHDAD / Baghdad: Baghdad Operations Command announced on Wednesday the lifting of concrete barriers in front of the central bank in the center of the capital and the lifting of the control of the entrance to Al-Saadoun Street. The Chief of Staff of the General Staff, Major General Hamid Jarallah, said in a press statement that the leadership "lifted the concrete barriers from the bank The center, "he added." As the control of the entrance of Saadoun was lifted in the center of the capital. "It is noteworthy that Baghdad is witnessing from time to time the reopening of many closed streets for years for security reasons and the lifting of concrete barriers, which is reflected positively on traffic.
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    Republicans never had the 60 votes necessary to carry out anything. Too many RINOS in both the House and the Senate. You either didn't know that or don't want to admit that.
  24. 5 points
    Nope, you’re 100% wrong as are all your Dem buddies. Keep it up and you will have 6 more years of this President.
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    You Know, LadyGrace’sDaddy, I REALLY appreciate Your contributions here and elsewhere!!! I REALLY enjoyed the ENTIRE read realizing it all had relevant substance and tied together quite well! Thank You, LadyGrace’sDaddy, AND The Very Best Of Your Week AND Up Coming Weekend!!! Go Moola Nova (for LGD’s AND Others’ Up Coming Birthdays)!!!
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    Alright..... who walked off with the 1000th Bar Of Gold ????? 999 Bars Of Gold eh......unlikely 😄
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    Economy Wednesday, January 9, 2019 02:16 PM | Number of readings: 17 The Central Bank announces the sale of Islamic certificates of deposit of 38 billion dinars BAGHDAD / The central bank announced on Wednesday the sale of Islamic certificates of deposit of 38 billion dinars, noting that two banks won the draft. The bank said in a statement that it had approved an auction for the sale of Islamic depository certificates amounting to 50 billion dinars, noting that "certificates worth 38 billion of these were sold for the auction and the highest price of competitive auctions." The statement added that "the number of participants who participated in the auction included two banks, won the draft." Finished
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    Hello my friend! I made a similar prediction just 10 hours ago. We shall see
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    You are absolutely right. And the left has shown once again they have none. ( If you had said that I would not have responded and given a +. ) Not that you are looking for one. Pelosi, Shummer, Clintons and Obama have all said we need a border wall. When Trump wants it, it all of a sudden becomes a line in the sand they won't cross. As said in other post we know Trump is not perfect. If Trump folds to the Dems on the wall I and others will most likely not vote for him again.
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    Awesome post LGD! Thanks for all the cool research.
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    Laid Back, Happy New year out to you brother. I agree with your analysis, but, have to say that we have been down this path is the past. I think what Iraq needs is a strong government that is willing to take the bull by the horns, eliminate as much as possible their corrupt ways, and really WANT to make a difference for its people, rather then keeping them below the poverty line and suppressed by the sorrows of war. Really, I thought that Abadi was going to be the one that was going to make a difference, and he did, up to a point, as Iraq has come a long way, and I have to acknowledge that, Rome wasn't built in a day. Its these bureaucrats that can't seem to put one foot in front of the other, and, collectively move things as they should. I am in this investment till the end, no matter what comes of it. Iraq has such riches its mind boggling, and, until these government officials begin to do their job, first by showing up to work, perhaps then we will begin to see a change in the rate of the IQD. Until corruption is dealt with, we will continue to see this back and forth bickering that goes on in their government. I wish, first and foremost that the Iraqis have a life, something they can wake up to everyday and enjoy, live in peace, jobs, a economy that functions etc... Once their infrastructure is working, and, the world has confidence that they can do business there, perhaps we will see movement in the value of their currency. Anyhow, these are just my personal thoughts, and, perhaps their reality is way more complicated then my simple mind. Lets see what happens, Im here, and sure do appreciate you and all the DV members who contribute to this amazing community.
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    From the very "tippy topps"
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    Detecting the numbers of Iraqis applying for immigration to the United States Immigration to America Photo: from the archive 4 hours ago A report by the US Consular Affairs Office said Tuesday that the number of Arabs applying for immigration to the United States, known as the "Lutheri" for immigration to the United States in 2018, reached about 4 million applicants, including more than 145,000 Iraqis. According to the report published on the US State Department's Office of Consular Affairs (January 8, 2018), "the total number of applicants around the world reached about 23 million people from around the world, an increase of 4 million compared to 2017. " "The state of Ghana had the lion's share of applicants at 2,227,000 people, while Christmas Island, a small non-autonomous region in Australia, had the lowest number of applicants by 15. " For the first time, an Arab country surpasses the one million barrier ahead of the Lutheran program. Some 1 million and 274,000 Egyptians have migrated to the United States, compared with 914,000 in 2017 , while Iraq came in seventh place with 145,710 people To emigrate to America. It is worth mentioning that the Diversity or Lutter Visa Visa Program is an annual draw for the US Permanent Residence Card, known as the Green Card . This is a list of the number of applicants for the Diversity Migration Visa or Lutri visa program from Arab countries, Turkey and Iran in 2018 ... 1. Egypt: 1.274.751 2- Libya: 686.869 3. Sudan: 504.312 4. Algeria: 342,857 5. Morocco: 293.708 6- Yemen: 264.519 7. Iraq: 145.710 8. Jordan: 95.068 9- Saudi Arabia: 93.060 10- Syria: 80.166 11. Somalia: 60,579 12. Lebanon: 41.002 13. Kuwait: 29.954 14. United Arab Emirates: 28.231 15. Tunisia: 25,587 16. Qatar: 8.728 17. Mauritania: 7.264 18. Djibouti: 4.798 19. Bahrain: 3.012 20. Oman: 2.149 21. Comoros: 668 The numbers of applicants from Middle Eastern countries were as follows : 1. Iran: 1.624.204 2. Turkey: 406.929 3. Israel: 37.143 H
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    1966, Napoleon XIV, haha. Ya, I remember it well.
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    Great and enjoyable read ... Thank you
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    Thank you Adam!!!!!! I went long some of my favorite oil stocks 2 days ago.
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    Number of sick kids soars at border; tuberculosis, flu, infections land migrants in hospitals - Washington Times Border authorities are referring 50 people a day for urgent medical care, including tuberculosis, flu and even pregnant women about to give birth, a top official said Monday, saying it’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. Most of those in need of care are children, and a staggering 28 percent are under age 5, having been dragged along for the trip by parents who in many cases are hoping to use the children as a shield against speedy deportation from the U.S. The numbers were released after a full review was done of all children in the custody of Customs and Border Protection in the wake of two illegal-immigrant children who died in U.S. hospitals in December. CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said most of those needing help were ill when they arrived at the border, and some appear to have made the initial decision to leave even while ailing. “Many were ill before they departed their homes,” the commissioner said. “We’re talking about cases of pneumonia, tuberculosis, parasites. These are not things that developed urgently in a matter of days.” Agents have spotted a new trend in the traffic from Central America to the U.S., with smuggling organizations using commercial buses to get people through the journey in less than a week. That’s far faster than the 25 to 30 days it takes most migrants who walk or take a mixture of transportation to get from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras through Mexico and to the border. ‌ Mr. McAleenan said the commercial buses are also delivering migrants to parts of the border such as western Texas and New Mexico that have traditionally been less afflicted by the flow of immigrants crossing into the U.S. illegally. The faster trip also makes it easier for sick people to come, and provides “confidence for parents to bring younger children” along as well, he said. As of Monday, 17 of the people referred for medical care were still hospitalized, Mr. McAleenan said. The deaths of a 7-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy in CBP custody in December have drawn fierce criticism, with some Democrats and a number of immigrant-rights groups saying the agency has blood on its hands. The girl arrived with her father as part of a group of more than 160 people at a remote part of the border in New Mexico, hours from the nearest Border Patrol station. Her father at first told agents she was healthy, but later alerted them when she began to vomit and then lose consciousness. Agents revived her twice and she was flown by air ambulance to a hospital where she later died after suffering major organ failure. The boy died Christmas Eve after six days in CBP custody, having been transferred to multiple facilities because of overcrowding due to the new surge of people. His initial illness was diagnosed at a hospital as a common cold, then he was deemed to have a fever. He was treated and released, but hours later, back at a border holding facility, he vomited. His father declined medical attention, but an agent during a later welfare check said the boy looked ill and had him taken back to the hospital, where he died. The boy’s mother, back in Guatemala, told Reuters news agency they had been told by neighbors that if he brought the child, the father would get more lenient treatment by U.S. authorities and would be quickly released into the U.S. where he could disappear into the shadows, live in the U.S. illegally and find work. She was referring to a 2015 court ruling in the Flores case, which saw an Obama-appointed judge issue a decision that forces the government either to separate children from their parents — a practice that was tried earlier this year, to much criticism — or to release both parents and children within about 20 days. That ruling was appealed by the Obama administration, but was mostly upheld by an appeals court. Homeland Security officials say families released rarely show up for deportations. About one-third of them cut off ankle bracelets almost immediately after they’re released, authorities say. “It’s no secret that we are seeing an increase of family units and unaccompanied aliens minors as a direct result of the Ninth Circuit’s Flores Settlement Agreement and the 2008 [Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act] — these are clear gaps in U.S. law that smugglers and traffickers are taking advantage of,” said Katie Waldman, a Homeland Security spokeswoman. Investigations into both December deaths are ongoing and final medical evaluations have not been publicly detailed. But border illnesses are nothing new. During the 2014 surge of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) authorities reported massive chickenpox and other communicable disease outbreaks. The numbers of children crossing now exceed that previous surge, with 22,000 children nabbed at the border in December, out of about 60,000 total immigrants who were either caught sneaking in, or were encountered at border crossings. Since Dec. 22 there have been 450 medical cases that needed treatment, including flu, parasites, blood infections, abscesses, tuberculosis and pneumonia, Mr. McAleenan said. Part of the surge could be that the government is looking more closely at those in its custody. Where before agents deferred to parents on whether their children needed care, the two recent deaths suggest parents can’t be trusted to know dangers or admit to them. Every child in CBP custody was given a new medical check last week, including taking vital signs. Medical pros from the Coast Guard and the Public Health Service are going to be on site moving forward, the government says. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also been roped into duty to look at the infectious diseases, with U.S. officials saying they think the shelters where migrants stage in Mexico before crossing the border could be an incubator.
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    .... and ironically, the Custom Agents name would be M(ae) West.
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    While I agree that drugs will just keep coming, along with illegal immigrants, sex trafficking and other issues, even when/ if the wall is built it doesn"t mean you stop trying. By any means necessary you should always try to make it harder for the bad things to get in while making it easier for you to keep them out. Kind of like cockroaches, ants and other bugs in your home. They always get in but we still call the exterminator. JMO
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    OMG! Now you're just talking semantics, President Trump has repeatedly said whatever you wish to call it, a fence, a barrier, a concrete wall, or a steel wall. It all comes down to one thing, complete border security.
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    WOW, try and watch that while driving down the road.
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    Sorry folks but I'm not forcing anyone to read my post.
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    Abdul Mahdi: We have the initiative to maintain security and our intelligence effort is ongoing Tuesday 08 January 2019 49 Baghdad / Al-Sabah Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said that the work of our intelligence agencies on the most, and that the government has the initiative to maintain security in the country, expressing his hope to transfer the file of security in some provinces from the Ministry of Defense to the Ministry of Interior, and on the completion of the government's lineup Abdul Mahdi explained that the lists were sent to candidates For the remaining three ministries to the political blocs to obtain their approval before sending them to parliament, and decided the Council of Ministers in its meeting chaired by Abdul Mahdi on Tuesday, give priority to orphans in providing opportunities the work. This comes as the House of Representatives decided to postpone its meeting to Thursday on the lack of quorum on Tuesday, amid the weights that the vote is "secret" to the candidates of the remaining three ministries «Interior, Defense, Justice» one basket. Abdul Mahdi said in a speech during the weekly conference: «We sent a list of the names of the remaining candidates to obtain the approval of the political blocs before going to the House of Representatives to vote on it, and try to resolve this file in the next few days». In the security aspect, Abdul-Mahdi stressed that "the security situation is good and stable, and we are constantly following it in all regions, the full initiative in our hands, the intelligence work is strong and security is being strengthened day by day." "We hope to transfer the security file from the Ministry of Defense to the Ministry of the Interior in some provinces." The Council of Ministers held its regular session on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, and the Council decided to give priority to orphans in providing employment opportunities. The Council also decided to restructure public companies owned by the state, as well as the continuation of Cabinet Decision No. 23 of 2018 until further notice, Customs duties on goods and goods imported in the name of the ministries and the Secretariat of Baghdad And municipalities. To that, the House of Representatives announced the postponement of its session, which was scheduled on Tuesday to Thursday, and the decision to postpone because of the lack of quorum for the meeting. Parliamentarians suggested that the vote on the candidates of the remaining three ministries «Interior, Defense, Justice» one basket, and while they indicated that the vote will be confidential after the agreement on the names of candidates, confirmed the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's adherence to the Ministry of Justice as an electoral benefit. MP Emmanuel Khoshaba said in an interview with Al-Sabah that he hoped to vote on the candidates of the three remaining ministries from the cabinet formation in the next Thursday or next week so that the prime minister can start his program and the parliament to start his legislative work, especially that he has many laws that he intends to legislate and the first General Budget for. For his part, MP Khaled al-Geshmi told Al-Sabah that there was a problem in the voting for the candidate of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Shaima Al-Hayali after 50 deputies objected to not obtaining the required majority, while the MP from the mass of will, Hussein Arab, pointed out that the vote on the names of candidates The Ministries of Defense and Interior will be in secret after the agreement on the names of the candidates. On a related level, blocks in the Alliance of Reform and Reconstruction nominated a new name for the post of Ministry of Defense, and the heads of six parliamentary blocs affiliated with the coalition to support the nomination of (Muhannad Hussam al-Din al-Bayati) to take over the defense portfolio. In the context, confirmed the Rapporteur of the Parliament Khadija Ali, in a press statement, that «the political blocs submitted more than 10 candidates for the post of Minister of Defense, despite the submission of a set of names earlier», indicating that «the blocks and despite the submission of candidates, but did not agree among themselves On the submission of one of the candidates nominated to the Prime Minister for submission to the parliament for the purpose of voting ».
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    Wednesday January 092 019 14:04 URGENT US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets US forces and Iraqi officials US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets US and Iraqi officials during his visit to Iraq.
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    Because Trump isn't part of the establishment, neither the right or left care for him....he represents disruption to their status quo...CL
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