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    G'nite SkeetDog - And Sweet Dreams About Running To The Bank !
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    Here's Mr Unlikely's Original Post In The First Paragraph Highlighted - Followed By A Graph And 3 Additional Paragraph's ! 8 | Currency and Price Stability The government’s monetary policy since 2003 has focused on maintaining price stability and exchange rate predictability. The inflation has remained in the low since 2010. According to the CBI, the inflation rate is 1.4% (2015 estimates), while the World Bank estimates 2015 at -1.2%, and the country’s international reserve volume also has decreased due to the sharp decline in oil prices. The independence of the CBI suffered a setback in January 2011 when former Prime Minister al-Maliki won a court ruling that placed independent institutions, including the CBI, under the control of the cabinet. In January 2012, the CBI raised the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar to $1.19, causing a huge crisis that led the Supreme Judicial Council to issue an arrest warrant for CBI governor Sinan al-Shabibi in October 2012 on charges of corruption. Al-Shabibi received a seven-year prison sentence in absentia 2014, shortly before being acquitted of all charges. The difference between the official and parallel exchange increased from three percent in 2015 to nine percent in May 2016. The CBI introduced a number of policies to keep inflation low. The dinar remained widely stable and was worth $1.71 in early 2017. Anti-inflation / forex policy 7 The reduction of Iraq’s debt to a sustainable level, along with debt relief negotiations, has been a CBI priority since 2003. This led to an 80% reduction of the Paris Club debt (approximately $800 million annually), while negotiations with non-Paris Club creditors are still ongoing. In an attempt to ease the financial burden on Iraq, members of the Paris Club agreed to postpone debt from Iraq until the end of 2019. Iraq’s external debt was reduced to $58.13 billion at the end of 2014. Meanwhile, Iraqi’s public debt continues to increase, reaching 61.4% of GDP in 2015, leaving total reserves of $50,990.8 million (World Bank 2016 data). The proximate causes of Iraq’s current economic problem are a rise in military expenses in order to fight IS and recapture territories under its control ($13.1 billion in 2015; total government expenditures reached 22.4% of GDP in the same year), and a sharp decline in world oil prices. However, its roots lie in longer-term financial mismanagement. On 7 December 2016, Iraq’s parliament approved the 2017 budget, which predicts a deficit of $19 billion, after a revision of the expected oil price from $56/barrel to $42/barrel, with an expenditure of 100.7 trillion dinars, about 6% lower than the 2016 projected spending. The government intends to finance its budgetary deficit through treasury bills, government bonds, austerity measures, loans from local banks and the IMF. Macrostability 6 The link to the report is as follows :
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    Here is also a very interesting article which shows just some of the money that Iraq has frozen abroad. $ 100 billion in the ownership of Iraq Date: June 3, 2016 BAGHDAD - Iraq has the name of his government 's $ 100 billion reserved in the bank jp morgan chase the American. An expert on the economy Abdel Azim al-Khafaji said in a newly's "NEN Iraq," said Iraqi 'frozen' money in global banks is very large and we have to invest in a variety of investment projects, whether inside the country or outside it, as projects of housing, industry or services, by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank in order to diversify the country's fiscal revenue. Wondering about where is the role of the Iraqi judiciary in such a rights for the benefit of the homeland anticipated by his words that the ruling political blocs are looking for "Komhn" against the claim secured these rights and the return of Iraq's wealth scattered among thieves Mmthennen theft. Khafaji and called for the need of the Iraqi funds in the global investment banking investment projects serve the country. It should be noted that this reserved money in most global banks belonging to the former regime officials or other Iraqi figures were freezing their assets deposited in these banks as a result of things lawsuit filed against them. These funds are deposits , fixed or variable in that international banks are granted a specific financial interest by those banks, making their value increases annually. Referred to Iraq can not be withdrawn under the heading of being the sixth note that the material pertaining to Iraq in the sixth item 33-38 of the UN Charter, Iraq is no longer a threat to international peace and security, according to an earlier statement by a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Nora Albjara. He adds al - Khafaji , a word that is difficult to access to those accounts in the absence of the Iraqi national will to eliminate the formation of a follow - up committees in cooperation with the international courts to search for Iraq 's money scattered under the names of people or the Iraqi government spokesman from here as possible re - examine government sales. Iraqi crude oil since the nationalization of oil in 1972 until the fall of the regime in 2003 , indicating that the process is difficult , but it is impossible to availability of the national will note that there is a partisan decision taken at the time of Saddam Hussein 's regime to deduct 10% of the total oil exports in favor of the Baath party (this information defined by the national leadership members of the ruling party at that time) , stressing all the money in the banks and global banks and the names leadership of the Baath Party , believing that much of the money in the banks and the banks Jordan asking that the loans are considered debt first class binding Iraq to pay banks have jurisdiction which requires Iraq to pay of its assets in the banks it has already made an appeal to the Iraqi judiciary and civil society organizations. Address to the loans raised by the suspicion of corruption formation of judicial committees to prosecute corruption so a diaper on public money. Stressing that in the event to prove the money is the money of the Iraqi government can be withdrawn and act according to what the government considers him to invest in or support of the general budget.
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    Laid Back Om sai Ram The Dinar Is So Massively Undervalued That Hammock Boy Can Prove It In His Sleep ! Go Hammock Boy ! Go All Nite Siesta Fiestas ! Tonight Hammock Boy’s Gonna Party Like He’s Been Sleeping Since 1999 !
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    DAMN,,,thats about the way i sleep....LMAO
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    Oh here's another good one to ponder on, especially when they talk about chunky money! BANKS Expert: The volume of funds frozen in Iraq 70 trillion dinars April 22, 2014 Younis Mohammed A financial expert confirms the existence of about 70 trillion Iraqi dinars as frozen funds in banks and official and civil institutions that the government can invest in development projects. In an interview with Radio Free Iraq, the expert says the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, who served as deputy to the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq in the past that 30 trillion dinars of those funds exist government banks have accumulated from the surpluses of previous years as a result of non - implementation of government institutions full investment plans, as well as 40 trillion dinars In the form of deposits with governmental and non-governmental organizations. However, a member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri, for his part, shows that the funds of budget surpluses are not considered frozen, but are revolving funds in favor of the government, excluding that the funds of budget surpluses have an impact on the Iraqi economy in terms of increasing the rate of inflation, Pumped into the domestic market. The economic expert Majid al-Suri said that the government resorted to the use of surplus funds of previous budgets outside the budget framework as a result of the absence of the final accounts of the general budgets that the government must submit at the end of each year, pointing out that a large proportion of that money was disbursed to state employees. Only a small part of it has been recovered as a result of the economic problems plaguing Iraq, which are resolved according to decisions that he described as "improvised". The Union of Arab private banks warned earlier in the repercussions of the continued non-utilization of surplus budget funds on the Iraqi economy, calling on the Iraqi government to invest this money in solving several economic problems, perhaps the most prominent housing crisis.
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    I just wrote what an member said. Don´t believe me. I am a schlub. Consider that it came from Luigi or something. I was just posting what I read on the group.
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    GREAT GOD ALMIGHTY - these people would try the patience of Jesus himself.
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    Clown, you got that right amigo nice to see you, hope you're doing well? Go clown Go laugh Go $1:1+
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    Guys I never said that Tlar said these words today. I am in a few email groups.
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    Oil and natural gas in the Iraqi economy Tuesday 19 June 2018 Ibrahim Al-Mahjoub We discussed in the first part about the number of universities and institutes, which will be attached to the schedules of their preparation and preparation of their annual outputs. The projects that these competencies and human resources can manage in the correct scientific way .. Here we talk about natural resources in Iraq, mainly oil and natural gas, then sulfur, phosphates and raw materials that enter many other industries such as iron, steel, cement, medicines, sugar, textiles, ceramics, building materials and bricks. Iraq will have the largest oil reserves in the world after Saudi Arabia, and Iraq's oil reserves account for about 10.7 percent of the world's total reserves. According to data from the Iraqi Oil Ministry, the country has about 530 oil fields, The data confirms the drilling of about 115 oil fields, estimated reserves of about 311 billion barrels, Iraq also contains 415 unexplored fields, whose reserves exceed 215 billion barrels. This figure may have escalated significantly after the discovery of the Najma field south of Mosul. A reserve discovery in Majnoon fields east of Basra. We will mention the areas of concentration of the most important oil fields, Northern Rumaila Field: The ninth largest oil field in the world, containing 663 productive wells, Majnoon oil field: Located in the eastern province of Basra produces 100 thousand barrels, Omar River Field: Located in the province of Basra, West Qurna field: one of the largest oil fields in Iraq, contains an inventory of at least 24 billion barrels, and produces 300 thousand barrels per day. Zubayr Field: Located in Al-Zubayr in the province of Basra produces 220 thousand barrels per day Kirkuk field: The fifth largest field in the world in terms of capacity, located in the city of Kirkuk, contains more than 330 productive wells, Field of East Baghdad: The production of twenty thousand barrels per day, and estimated total production of 120 thousand barrels per day. Star field: Located in the province of Nineveh, south of Mosul and the rate of production to more than 100 thousand barrels per day Gharraf Field: Located in the district of Rifai, currently producing more than 100 thousand barrels per day through 18 oil wells. Iraq's production today is estimated at more than four million barrels a day, and this figure will accept an increase to 10 million barrels per day once the security and political situation in Iraq stabilizes. As for natural gas associated with oil According to the US Energy Report, Iraq is ranked tenth in the world in terms of proven reserves of associated natural gas and gas, and 70% of it is located in the province of Basra in southern Iraq. Iraqi gas quantities are estimated at 112 trillion cubic feet, 2/3 of which are available with oil reserves in Kirkuk and the south of Ben Omar field, Madjoun, and Salaya in Nasiriyah, Rumaila, West Qurna and Zubayr, while 20% of gas reserves are located in areas where there are no fields Which is concentrated in the north, Bjambur, Chamchamal, Bay Hassan, Ajeel, Baba Karkar, Qasim Omar, Mansuriya and Akkas in Anbar. The presence of such reserves of gas is considered to be the second most important carbohydrate resource after the oil in the country, where Iraq can directly produce for domestic consumption first, and to export second through the Northwest ports where Turkey to join the Nabucco line through the Iran-Europe gas pipeline. The Arab gas project, which will transport gas from the Akas fields in Anbar province via Syria to the Turkish border and then to Europe, was intended, but these projects are now halted due to the current situation and instability. The sisterly State of Qatar is one of the first countries to increase its income The Iraqi economy is capable of growing rapidly if the infrastructure and sound intentions are available to exploit these natural resources in a sound scientific manner and with the hands and talents of Iraq exclusively and transfer the funds of these wealth after exporting to the balance to support the other national industry in all fields mentioned previously according to the new economic map that will make Iraq In the field of major industrialized countries. This wealth is a blessing from the grace of God to this people, who did not benefit from them correctly, like the neighboring countries, especially the brothers in the Gulf States who were able to build their countries and the reconstruction and the services of their people. Political stability in Iraq, especially the region in general, is very closely related to the advancement of economic reality. And that the human resources in Iraq will have the greatest asset in the investment of these natural resources correctly. And that such wealth has a huge return as it is part of the industrial uses in energy projects, especially in the generation of electricity, which is the main nerve of all industries and small and large enterprises. link
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    Is This Ur Group With Tlar-vy Wallbanger Who Got Banned From Here And Who Kaperoni Said Downs A Fifth Of Bourbon Every Night ? Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That !
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    And G'nite President Davis - Who Dreams Of Becoming A Rock Star !
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    Carrello, nice to see you.! Money Supply and Gold Many analysts claim that the changes in the money supply drive the price of gold. It is believed that more money relative to a fixed supply of the yellow metal leads to a higher gold price and vice-versa. The standard explanation goes as follows: since inflation is caused by an increase in the money supply, and since gold is a hedge against inflation, money supply growth positively affects the price of gold. However, in reality, the relationship between money supply and gold is not so simple. Gold may serve as a monetary pumping hedge only when there is a relatively high and accelerating pace of money supply growth, flowing into consumer goods rather than asset markets . My friend CF, hope you had a good Father's Day? Yesterday the waves were perfect for Longboard, I had a 3 hours surf session.... The best Father's Day present.... Go $1:1+
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    Kaperoni (Who’s Been Banned Twice From DV - The 2nd Time Under The Phony Name Of Katie45) Threw Tlar Under The Bus Here On DV Using His Alias ‘Katie45’ - Right After He Had Just Banned Tlar From His Own Site !
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    This looks pretty legit. The source definitely checks out, a well-respected and established German media and social cause company with a ton of "source" back-up. Interest officially piqued... My question...why would this be released now? It seems so random, and the dinar part of the report cut-and-dried. No way BTI didn't know this would be found by dinar speculators. Their influence world-wide is huge, although not in the US. If the info is true, then couldn't the CBI artificially revalue the currency randomly to manipulate the market without the masses knowing about it (the 2017 "revalue")? As a trader of options I'm fully aware that in that market (options) the volatility is overstated. Not manipulated...overstated. It's math. But the stock market is manipulated sometimes. It's coldly efficient...Bots can't run it...but speculators...big ones...CAN manipulate it to their liking. Makes one wonder...
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    a private email group I am with said this today... Between now and July 1st. This thing is ready to explode.
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    I don’t trust winker’s either 😘
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    Thank you for this article Butifldrm!!
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    Appears we need a recalculation by Laidback!

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