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    For those of you that noticed the duplicate posts and now do not see them.......I eliminated the duplicates.
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    Hi Adam, I just this minute tried to sign up (again) for the 5 month vip membership. I'm still Receiving this Same Error Notice: Fatal error: Cannot make static method IPS\nexus\Customer\_CreditCard::create() non static in class IPS\nexus\Gateway\AuthorizeNet\_CreditCard in/home/dinarvet/public_html/forums/applications/nexus/sources/Gateway/AuthorizeNet/CreditCard.php on line 26 Any suggestions as to what I can Do Now? Also want to thankyou for the update on everything else!
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    i love postal ladies keeps u on your toes guys, sleep one eye open, and how did u know i am a drunk dver you gals are smart where the hell is my nickel ninety five i am starving here hahahhaha davis just found a beer

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