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    Yes I did read it....and in my haste I Read FORMER prime minister Maliki....... and yes I believe that Maliki is just looking for a safe haven
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    Well, these folks in Iraq have let this charade go on waaaaayyy tooooo long. Maliki has got to GO before Iraq does anything international with their currency.
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    Currency Auctions Announcement No. (3112) The opening offers the sale and purchase of foreign currency in the window of the Central Bank of Iraq on Monday, 11/1/2016 and the results were as follows: DETAILS -------------------&----------------- NOTES Number of banks 27 Number of remittance companies 20 Auction price selling dinar / US$ 1182 Auction price buying dinar / US$ ----- Amount sold at auction price (US$) 167,786,023 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) ----- Total offers for buying (US$) 167,786,023 Total offers for selling (US$) ----- Additionally: 1. Quantity sold to banks from the date of 01.04.2016 until 1.11.2016 (953,008,167) dollars. 2. Quantity sold to banks from the date of 01.04.2015 until 1.11.2015 (917,487,000) dollars. 3. Note that: * Sarabie amounts transferred to accounts in banks abroad (1187) dinars per dollar * Cash sales price (1190) dollars Danarlkl) dollars.
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    Experts suggest: the distribution of half salaries in dollars while reducing the rate of the dinar 01/11/2016 BAGHDAD / JD / .. proposed number of experts and specialists in the financial and economic affairs, up dollar exchange rate against the dinar to 200 000 dinars for $ 100, and the resort of the government to half the distribution of salaries of state employees in the currency of the dollar to absorb potential financial crisis in the country. He said the financial expert on behalf of Hadi al-Tamimi, there are several proposals the government can take in order to get out of the potential financial crisis as a result of the continuing decline in oil prices, including the issuance of bonds to the public and to activate the productive sectors and support the private sector as well as a review of the price of the dollar against the dinar. He said al-Tamimi told / JD / that since sales of Iraqi crude oil in the currency of the dollar means that the country's revenues in the currency of the dollar could increase its exchange rate against the dinar as a measure of my time to absorb the impending financial crisis, because there is a possible crisis in the event of low oil prices continued to below $ 30 because of adoption of Iraq almost entirely on oil revenues. He noted that in the event of determining the dollar exchange rate to 200 000 dinars, compared to $ 100 would provide significant cash liquidity of the country, but this procedure can be temporarily any in the crisis period and after the improvement of the financial situation could reduce the dollar exchange rate against the dinar. He called financial expert to invest part of the monetary reserves at the Central Bank in generating investment projects earnings to be another source of revenue for the state. For its part, announced the economic and investment commission for parliamentary submit a proposal to the government to distribute 50% of the salaries of state employees in the currency against the dollar increased the dollar exchange rate against the dinar. Said committee member Rep. Najiba Najib told / JD /: The Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment submitted a proposal to the government to cope with potential financial crisis, indicating that the proposal contains half the salaries of state employees distributed in the currency of the dollar with the increase in value of the dollar against the dinar to absorb the financial crisis. She noted that the government will meet the Central Bank and the relevant parliamentary committees to agree on this proposal and its application. The Finance Committee has confirmed the presence of a project to reconsider the dinar exchange rate against the dollar with the government and central bank. He said the Commission's decision Haji Ahmed Rashid told / JD /: there is a legitimate taught by the Central Bank and the Council of Ministers, and the Finance Committee, to reconsider the dollar's exchange rate against the dinar. He added that it is still a project under study and no decision, where they are studying Is Iraq could reconsider in the exchange rate, and whether it is in the Government's interest or detrimental to the citizen ?, noting that a review of the exchange rate would be the government's interest but hurt the citizens, as this will increase the exchange rate to runaway inflation, and an increase in commodity prices, stressing the need to take it into consideration and study of all aspects of the project, before making any decision. Iraq is facing a financial crisis due to the sharp decline of oil, in terms of financial budget for this year with a total expenditure of more than 105 trillion deficit accounted for 22.8%.
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    Association of Banks focus on the rehabilitation of human resources 1/12/2016 0:00 BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb said Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq said in an interview for »Sabah«: that the Association has developed a plan represents a road map for its work throughout the whole year painted courses of action intended to develop and outlets funding and mechanisms of monitoring and evaluation on a regular basis and joints to see the direction of the line chart of the Association's work in order to reach set targets. and included the annual plan prepared by the Association of attention and clear detailed training of human resources working in banks and prepared to rise to the level of advanced international banking products that is working Association to embrace the next stage. He added that the plan of action and distributed activities required of Association the months a year there to be ready optimally to achieve the objectives of the plan aimed at the development of the banking sector, both public and private, pointing out that Iraq is in dire need of sophisticated banking services commensurate with the size of the Iraqi economy, which is the kiss of most of the specialized international companies that realize that the job in Iraq, large and attracts efforts Huge requirements provide banking services to sophisticated. Resource Management Tariq pointed out that training programs include courses inside Iraq and another for the preparation of trainers out of Iraq in cooperation with banks, regional and international, pointing out that the training programs focused on several topics in the forefront of human resource management and documentary credits and management of branches as well as anti-money laundering and the financing of small and medium enterprises, as the program included a curriculum for training in financial analysis. Reviewing and evaluating He noted that the plan included the organization of workshops in collaboration with other institutions focusing on the legal status of the banking sector and the review and evaluation of the financing of small and medium enterprises in March and September next Monthly project, He pointed out that the organization of the Conference for Information Technology and banking systems will be in April next year, as well as to prepare for the organization of the annual conference of the Association through October next month. spirit of competition and continued Tariq said that the Association proceeded to create a spirit of competition between workers in the banking sector where they will choose the ideal employee for each bank in the first half of this year, also organizes a meeting in the same period Atdarc the latest developments in the banking sector, as well as communication with the Industrial Bank for Documentary Credits for the loan (5) trillion dinars. Socd that the Association intends to issue quarterly reports show the reality of the work of private banks and this is a catalyst between banks to compete in the development of services provided by the field, indicating that the coming months will see the opening of the relevant affairs in the banking library providing books and information involved in this vital sector to be appointed to the researchers in the Banking Studies and various financial.
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    There is a bill to audit the fed reserve about to work it's way through the Senate. True to form, it is scheduled to be "amended" and watered down so as to be rendered useless. Campaign for Liberty is sponsoring a "Melt The Lines" phone blitz. Here's a couple links to find your senators and their numbers Senate House Melt the Lines site Email, fax, or burn up the voice mail. Let them know your are watching!
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    Legal and parliamentary directed the Interior Ministry to pass .., oil and gas 1/12/2016 0:00 BAGHDAD Shaima Rashid expressed Security Committee and Parliamentary Defense, its intention to approve the Interior Ministry Act during the next legislative term, stressing that the law to withdraw from the ministry to add paragraphs suit the current phase, as shown committee of parliamentary power, oil and gas law, the most prominent laws that the Commission intends to approval, at a time when the House resumes the second legislative term sessions, on Tuesday of next week, corresponding to January 19. A member of the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary, MP Majid Ghraoui: that the government has withdrawn many of the laws of the House of Representatives for re-formulated, and that the parliament pending These laws, noting that his committee demanded to expedite the sending and the Ministry of Interior Act. He Gharrawi, in an interview for «morning» that «the Ministry of Interior Act read the first reading presented for debate in the parliament, before being checked out by the Ministry of Interior since more than four months» pointing out that the process of withdrawal of the law by the ministry, is aimed at «Add some amendments in accordance with the security situation, as well as to reconsider many of the joints of this law,» indicating that «the most prominent will be considered in the law is a process links between departments in the Ministry» He added MP, to reconsider this law demonstrates the ministry's keenness on the formulation of a strong law that guarantees its work effectively, especially in relation to the fight against organized crime in the whole of Iraq. He Gharrawi, that the Ministry of Interior, as a result of their response and concern the security file and governmental reforms, select a number of laws in order to work on the wording commensurate with the status quo , as well as the financial situation in which the impact of the adoption of some of the law-making process. In turn, MP from the Commission on oil and energy, Mazen Mezni, that the oil and gas law of the most prominent laws that his committee intends to approval during the next legislative term. He said Mezni «morning»: The «Oil and Gas Law of the most important laws that the Commission will seek to put in the new legislative term, especially as the political blocs cooperative and that many of the political parties that she met the Commission during multiple periods aspiring passage of this law». and see a member of the parliamentary committee, that «the law contains a lot of items that are able to solve the problems with the province »adding that« there is in force a law to protect Iraq's oil wealth is important and necessary, »indicating that the law is still with the government because it contains a lot of shenanigans. and between Mezni that the Commission requested more than once from the government to speed up the sending law oil and gas, calling on the Commission to be more compatible in order to pass. For his part, said the parliament decision, Imad John, that the preliminary agenda the next legislative term sessions «will not be important or sensitive» adding that the table defines the day before or two days before session. He said John »Sabah» that the Presidency of the Council are decide the agenda and what ready-made threads that can Drjha, as well as topics emergency special such as situations and security issues of concern to the displaced and the status quo »indicating that the liberalization areas by the security forces will be touched him during the first The new legislative term sessions, as well as a statement to greet the Iraqi army, he said, adding there may be a request from some lawmakers on the process of the Turkish intervention and the inclusion of a statement about the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.
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    A certain man's boss drove a luxury car everyday and it was this young man's duty to greet him and to open gates for him. As he also worked as a watchman in his villa, his wealthy boss never responded back to his greetings with even as much as a grunt to acknowledge it. One day his boss saw him opening a garbage bag left outside the villa by the garbage can in search of left over food. The very next day he saw a brown paper bag by the gate, but this bag was clean and the food inside was covered well. It was fresh and tasteful like someone had just brought it there for him. He wasn't concerned where it came from, he just took the bag and was happy. Everyday he found a paper bag filled with delightful food and some fresh vegetables to carry home. This became a daily routine to find the bag there full of food to share with his wife and kids and it made them so happy. His kids didn't have much but they learned to do with what they had and was grateful. He always wondered who put it there everyday but never questioned the thoughts of kindness of someone. One day there was sadness in his villa and was told that his boss had died. There were to many guests coming to the villa and the bag of food did not appear. He thought that maybe one of the guest might have took it, but it was missing the 2nd day, the 3rd and 4th days also. It went on for several weeks and it became hard to feed his family again especially since they had gotten used to good and tasty food. So he decided to ask the bosses wife for a raise in his salary or else he would have to find another job. She didn't want to loose this trust worthy man that she had grown to fill comfortable around. She ask him why he never complained that the salary her husband paid him wasn't enough. He finally decided to tell her the story of the bag of food each day and how it filled in for the short amount of money feeding his family. So she wanted to know when this bag of food stopped appearing. He told her the same day that her husband had died. He told her he never imagined it being his boss that left the bag there. It never occurred to him that a wealthy man that never said a word of acknowledgement would be so kind to give me a bag of food. She started to cry in front of him and he said, "why are you crying mam". His boss told his wife that he had been giving away bags of food to seven people and she had found six of them but had no idea who the seventh was. She had been searching everyday since his death and today the seventh was found. She hugged him and said she would carry on what her husband had been doing. From that day on her son would bring a extra bag of groceries and delivery them to my house, and just like his dad when he thanked him he never offered an acknowledgement of any kind. One day he hollowed in a loud voice just to see if something was wrong with his hearing and he replied back, do not be offended if I don't hear you, my dad and I both had hearing problems. This is a good example of how one's mind can offer many excuses inside of us for when something is not how we think its supposed to be. Jumping to conclusions or judging others is something we shouldn't do and it takes self awareness and practice to keep from doing this to another person without finding the true story behind it. Many worries and misery is caused by how we handled a situation beforehand. Be careful, assuming can be dreadful and finding the truth may take a little more effort but less misery to live with.
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    The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl IV, in 1970 (1969 season played in 1/70) when I was 6 years old. That year my dad and his buddies had season tickets and us kids were members of the Huddle Club. The Club was started by Lamar Hunt to mold children into lifelong Chiefs fans and it certainly worked on me. We had stickers, pictures, t-shirt, autograph book, and even better $1 GA tickets. One of the endzones was just for kids Huddle Club seating (imagine that in this day and age!!!) and we went to every game that year. I remember being so excited thinking I would get to go to the Super Bowl. Turned out that my dad and his buddies got tickets that year ($12 each), but none for us kids. I remember being disappointed when my dad told me the Super Bowl trip to New Orleans was just for adults and that I would get my chance to go when I was older. That was 46 years ago and I have reminded my dad every year that I am still waiting on my chance. Who knows, perhaps this is the year my dad was finally right. GO CHIEFS!
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    Yota Thanks. It looks like the President of Parliament have told leaders of the parliamentary blocs to show up on 16 Jan to discuss important laws, etc. Let's hope the consensus will be to read, vote on all important laws mainly "HCL". Keeping the faith!! GO RV!!
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    love it. I stayed true, until they abandoned us. New Orleans really messed them up. They are our nemesis up here, which makes that little nagging seed of guilt get pounded when the Hawks win. lol Do you remember that hail Mary to the end zone against New England, Ram's were in Angeles Stadium for home game, 1985, time runs out when the pass was in the air, we had it, but the Patriots actually wanted, and took it away. I drove home to HB from the game in numb shock. Dang rams, they self-destructed...again. I think it was the blue/gold switch, just wasn't right..
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    LOL Hubby is a Charger fan..........(I think thats worse than a Bear fan)
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    Ahhh... Forgive me for doubting you and thank you for the new perspective, Kev! I think you're onto something here... For the last 7 years, Oblahblah has been repeatedly molested and savagely corn-holed by facts that contradict his deeply flawed ideology. His only hope to ease the intellectual discomfort is to have a tax-payer funded abortlobotomy at once and retire to a secluded island safe space (I hear Guantanamo will soon be vacant). Plenty of room for his interloper comrades, Hollywood know-nothings and media sycophants! They can all sing Kumbaya as they drool onto their hospital gowns (open in the back of course)... rejecting reality and questioning nothing until the glaciers melt, submersing the island... or the Thorazine runs out.
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    Official: the liberation of all hostages Mall jewel and killed the attackers Monday 11-01-2016 | 7:18:51 Security man Araca- EM Twilight News / security official said Iraqi forces freed all the hostages in the new Mall jewel of Baghdad and killed all the attackers. The spokesman said Interior Ministry spokesman Saad Maan told him that "security forces are currently in control of the situation at the site of the attack." No one has claimed responsibility for the incident.
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    Its a good reminder for all of God's children
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    Im feeling lucky,,davis411 Here is our numbers, 11, 31, 32, 34, 43 pb 10 17, 19, 28, 56, 68 pb 15
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    lol yota is posting pics again!!!!!! (I have to go and look for some
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    Hello Caz ! Yep the Caribbean for me !
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    Amid criticism parliamentary .. Reconciliation Commission} {presidential begin its work 1/12/2016 0:00 Baghdad, Omar Abdel Latif at a time when the Commission on "national reconciliation" initiated the problem by the three presidencies (the Republic, Minister, Parliament) work to submit a working paper containing its program for the next phase, suggested the committee "accountability" in Parliament, he was "Presidential Commission" to the problems and impediments to future as a result of not having its members "appointed" any impact at the grass-roots. impediments and problems of the Chairman of the "accountability, justice and reconciliation" in the House of Representatives, Hisham al-Suhail, said in a statement the "morning" that "there is a problem in this committee - is meant here the PEC reconciliation - It lies in the choice of some of its members who do not have any impact within the community, which would hamper the entire work. " The MP pointed Suhail, that the parliamentary committee of supporters of the work of the Commission "presidential reconciliation", but he also said: "But he lacked the names of new characters could help in its mission arduous. "He also pointed out that" the new which will come by the Committee mentioned, is raising the issue of reconciliation again, "he said." There is ground ready for it, especially after the occupation of gangs (Daash) terrorist to some areas, which led to unite the community and sectarian rejection ."interest in the draft reconciliation and called for al-Suhail, like other deputies to the interest in the draft reconciliation to address the problems that are expected to arise after the liberation of areas of influence" Aldoaash "local and disciples, and to end national differences among the inhabitants of those areas of the Arabs and the Kurds and other people of other nationalities." as well as the load temptations that can arise between the tribes affected by the crimes (Daash) and those that embraced the gangs of satisfaction during the heat on the country last summer, as well as reprisals that can occur between people of the same region, "al-Suhail adds. Reconciliation means sacrifices in the same context Mark House of Representatives member from the "Civil Alliance" Mithal, the political will in the concept of national reconciliation is exceeded social crises, stressing that "the issue - is intended here reconciliation - is not a political as much as it bounces at the local and tribal community." said Alaoluse, "morning": hanging on this subject: "We must recognize that the word reconciliation mean sacrifices against the rights, it can not be us now that we call the victim to be a victim again," pointing out, "I think the community is capable of this, provided that the Aydha rights." He added: "When we talk about sacrifice the rights shall be can the government and the law turned a blind eye to some of the crimes .. but can not be overlooked atrocities that took place against the Yazidis or a crime (Spyker), "noting that" reconciliation subject needs to be promoted in thinking and perception in to pick up social things. "integrated project to Therefore, it was revealed a member of the reconciliation committee "presidential" and its representative in the House of Representatives Jaber Al Jabri, for the three presidencies agreed through periodic meetings on the formation of a higher committee for "national reconciliation" and choose their representatives from independents who have good relations with everyone.He said al-Jabri told the " morning "yesterday:" The purpose of it, is to start the implementation of an integrated project of community reconciliation inside and outside Iraq, and set time limits for the implementation of the recommendations that will reach her ​​committee formed during the next phase. "Committee members mentioned, recently met with President of the Republic Fuad Masum, who successfully expressed the hope The Commission in its mission and to encourage them and provide all the support that Breaking the difficulties in front of her, urging them to move on everyone and make what they can of efforts and attempts at serious can serve this project and consequently pour their results in the interest should Iraq and its people. In his talk, Jabri acknowledged "a lot of challenges before the committee (presidential) highlighted the security challenge of the war on terrorism at this time, the economic crisis plaguing the country as a result of lower oil prices globally. "No reconciliation with Baathists, former MP, he stressed that his committee" will benefit from the logistics capabilities and databases, programs and projects that have been implemented in a timely manner by a committee of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of reconciliation being Her long experience in this field, as well as to benefit from the expertise of some civil society organizations that have worked on such a formerly projects. "He also noted that the three presidencies will work in harmony high for the success of the work of his committee, For example, the House of Representatives will work on legislation laws can serve its work, while the Council of Ministers will work on the implementation of laws and decisions to facilitate it, either issuing ceremony to implement authentication on a specific resolution on national reconciliation, it would be the task of the Presidency of the Republic, indicating the existence of a proposal to name a representative of the Supreme Judicial Council in Alganh.ochtm al-Suhail, he was quoted as saying by emphasizing that "no reconciliation with those hands are stained with the blood of Iraqis, in addition to the exclusion of (the Baathists) of this project," explaining that the agreement had to provide consolidated paper for the three presidencies and will be the work program after approval.
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    Why did the New Zealand Ambassador meet Maliki within his so called capacity ?
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    Bolani confirms the importance of the Republic Presidency infallible authentication on the investment law Monday January 11 2016 16:13 Alsumaria News / Baghdad The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, Monday, to pay attention to large investment projects, while the Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Jawad al-Bolani stressed the importance of ratification of the Presidency of the Republic Investment Law. And the president's office said in a statement seen by Alsumaria News, "The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, received, today, head of the economic and investment commission in the House of Representatives Jawad al-Bolani, and a number of members of the Committee." The infallible, according to the statement, "the importance of the development of national investment agencies, whether at the center or in the provinces, and that these bodies be departments with expertise and skills," stressing "the importance of attention to large investment projects." For his part, al-Bolani stressed "the importance of the presidency authentication on investment because of its Code of importance in the development of the state look towards investing in the private sector and the introduction of foreign expertise, and providing support to the international effort to help Iraq economic development of his career." He pointed out, "Iraq's intention to provide the invitations to investors to attend the Second International to invest in country's Congress to be held next February, especially after the age of Iraq's new investment law," noting that "this law meets the requirements of investors through the open broad prospects in the aspects of finance, ownership, rights, and the protection and promotion investors to come to the country. " The House of Representatives voted on Tuesday (27 October 2015), the second amendment to the draft law to the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006.
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    Infallible emphasizes the development of national investment agencies 1/12/2016 0:00 BAGHDAD - Al-Sabah stressed the President Fuad Masum, the importance of the development of national investment agencies, whether at the center or in the provinces, and to be these bodies departments with expertise and skills, and came in a press statement issued by his press office said Masum said during a meeting with Chairman of the Committee of Economy and parliamentary investment Jawad al attention on the need to invest in industry, agriculture, tourism and housing sectors, and reflected positively on the daily life of citizens, as well as the advancement of the national economy by finding substitutes for oil imports, and an end to dependence on a rentier economy once and for all. Infallible stressed the importance of attention to large investment projects, particularly in the manufacturing, agriculture and energy sectors including renewable energy, pointing to the need to unify the movement of investment in community projects such as building schools, universities, hospitals, civil and make it conform to international standards. For his part, al-Bolani stressed the importance of the presidency authentication on Investment Law because of its importance in the development of look at the state towards investment in the private sector and the introduction of foreign expertise and providing support to the international effort to assist Iraq's development of his career, economic, referring to Iraq's intention to provide the invitations to investors to attend the Second International investment in the country, to be held next February conference, especially after the age of Iraq's new investment law, which meets the requirements of investors through the open broad prospects in the aspects of finance and ownership and rights and the protection of investors and encourage them to come to the country.
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    Don't forget, that scumbag controls some of the news media yet.
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    I afraid we're being lied to every step of the way by Iraqi or someone. Why is Maliki still in the picture under ANY capacity? It's very unnerving to see his ugly mug being displayed as often as it is!
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    Once whatever happens,.............happens there will be plenty of time for gloating by either side. Me personally..........i'll be gone. Hey Tex!
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    So sad! A man way ahead of his time. He will be missed but his music will play on ....RIP David Bowie.
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    Thanks Umbert. Indeed it is sad to know these things. We have the very same quality politicians here in the US that would sell their own mother if it meant they would advance their careers. We also have a very gullible public that still thinks either party offers any solutions to our issues. How can any of them offer solutions when they are part of the problem? Time for people to stop supporting it, and start looking to themselves for solutions. Things likely will have to get much worse before a majority admits to this though. Imagine a world without politics...good start to something of value for a change where people no longer can hide behind their label and just maybe we could actually have honest dialogue without the baggage. I don't see this ever happening anywhere without a complete loss of confidence in what is presently being offered. The control and the deception is so ingrained, too many of us still think it is legitimate. How truly sad...and it gets repeated every 4 years with the same results here. Hope you are doing well Umbert
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    What killed me was SB XIV when, after leading the Steelers 3/4s with Ferragamo at the wheel, Bradshaw finished them off with a stinking 73 yard pass... I still don't think I've fully recovered
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    Oh wow, surprised to had seen this! The challenge I still foresee is those companies and individuals who would try to open shop in Iran or try to exchange from here in the US would get hit by some hefty fine or major compliance bill..... Well, you never know - let's see how this will play out.
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    Ha ha haaa... A man with hope in his heart is more dangerous than a man with a gun. 'GO BOLTS' is what you'd expect to hear from the screws and nuts aisle at ACE Hardware... just doesn't have any spark to it.
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    Infallible: it is necessary attention to large investment projectsEconomy and Tenders Since 01/11/2016 16:58 pm (Baghdad time) BAGHDAD - scales News The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, Monday, to pay attention to large investment projects. The president's office said in a statement received / scales News /, a copy of which, "The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, received, today, head of the economic and investment commission in the House of Representatives Jawad al-Bolani, and a number of members of the Committee." The infallible, according to the statement, "the importance of the development of national investment agencies, whether at the center or in the provinces, and that these bodies be departments with expertise and skills," stressing "the importance of attention to large investment projects." For his part, al-Bolani stressed "the importance of the presidency authentication on investment because of its Code of importance in the development of the state look towards investing in the private sector and the introduction of foreign expertise, and providing support to the international effort to help Iraq economic development of his career." He pointed out, "Iraq's intention to provide the invitations to investors to attend the Second International to invest in country's Congress to be held next February, especially after the age of Iraq's new investment law," noting that "this law meets the requirements of investors through the open broad prospects in the aspects of finance, ownership, rights, and the protection and promotion investors to come to the country, ".anthy 29/9 P
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    Saturday Almqubl..ajtmaa extended to the leaders of parliamentary blocs with al-Jubouri Political Since 01/11/2016 14:47 pm (Baghdad time) Baghdad scales News A source in parliament, on Monday, the parliament speaker Salim al-held a lengthy meeting with the leaders of parliamentary blocs on 16/1 to discuss the work of the Council and axes Alatuaq on important laws. The source told / scales News /, that "al-Jubouri said the political leaders of the Celts told to come to the House of Representatives on 16/1 to hold an expanded meeting on the renewal of the work of Parliament and axes consensus on legislation important laws and broken" .anthy 29 / d 24/18 p
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    We are not the people of "We The People" until we make the conscious decision that we are. Individual freedom must be won by every generation. This truth has been all but forgotten. It is no longer taught in schools, unknown to parents it is information never relayed to their children. The "government" has given you privileges, what they give, they can also take away. In convincing you they have this power, they have only taken yours. From wikipedia; In political philosophy, the phrase consent of the governed refers to the idea that a government's legitimacy and moral right to use state power is only justified and legal when consented to by the people or society over which that political power is exercised. America is not just an "idea". Just one of many "potential" doctrines to be used as a minor "reference" by academics when deciding the fate of humans. IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America "When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation." Education is the key that will unlock your individual power. There are chapters in every state. This only addresses the question of action. There are a multitude of other options to become involved. You must first unravel the deceptions that have usurped truth, and understand the reality of America's founding. That will be topic for other posts. The time is now, we are fighting for our country, we are millions strong and growing, human by human. We welcome all Patriots, every American that is willing to make a stand against tyranny and oppression. It is time to remove the "establishment" politicians who serve themselves and in so doing are destroying our future.
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    Too bad traitor ! In this house (in the middle of Raider territory) we are die hard, unapologetic Rams fans: "Once a Rams fan - always a Rams fan!" Did you not take the blood oath? If you didn't, you were never really a Rams fan, just an observer. BUT, if you had taken the blood oath you would remember the Latin chant; 'EST ENIM CALIX SANGUINIS IN' as you supped from the Edward Thorp Memorial Trophy. Or, as we say in the hood, "BLOOD IN - BLOOD OUT". It's probably best that you were never, really an official Rams fan... the Republic needs your talents.
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    US barrels toward lifting Iran sanctions By Julian Hattem - 01/09/16 03:52 PM EST The United States is steaming ahead with implementation of the nuclear deal with Iran, and appears ready to lift sanctions as soon as this month. The final step in the years-long process could be just “days away,” according to Secretary of State John Kerry. ADVERTISEMENT“I think it could come, without being specific, sooner rather than later,” he told reporters at the State Department this week.The quick pace of implementation comes despite harsh opposition from Capitol Hill, where critics have accused the administration of emboldening Iran by refusing to get tough in the face of aggressiveness from Tehran. The administration has failed to adequately punish Iran for a pair of ballistic missile tests, lawmakers say, setting a potentially dangerous precedent. Iran has also recently sent ships within 1,500 yards of a U.S. aircraft carrier traveling through international waters, and failed to protect Saudi Arabian diplomatic buildings from ransacking protesters outraged over the execution of a prominent Shiite cleric. According to reports, the White House has backed away from an initial plan to levy new sanctions in retaliation for the missile tests, which are considered to be likely violations of United Nations sanctions. “There was an intention — Congress had been notified or the indication was that this action was going to be taken,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-Calif.) said this week. “And then the decision was made, after pushback from Iran, not to go forward.” Next week, the House will vote to tie the administration’s hands, preventing it from lifting sanctions on Iranian banks unless the U.S. can certify that those banks are not involved in financing terrorism or ballistic missiles. “The question here is one of pushback, given the violation of the U.N. sanctions,” Royce said, during a markup of the bill on Thursday. The legislation appears dead on arrival should it reach the White House, however, which has strongly opposed efforts to dismantle or hollow out the nuclear pact. Congressional Democrats — even those who oppose the deal — have also refused to support the legislation. “This measure really has no chance of becoming law,” the top Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), said during the markup this week. Engel is an opponent of the Iran deal, which he has said will only empower the rogue nation. “Congress had an opportunity to vote on the deal and we lost,” he added. “I’m afraid we’re following the same path that we’re following with the Affordable Healthcare Act. Congress has spoken and it’s done.” In addition to the legislation hitting the House floor next week, lawmakers are also eyeing other steps to punish Iran, in a sign that the pressure on the White House isn’t letting up any time soon. A bipartisan group of lawmakers unveiled legislation this week to force the administration’s hand by calling for “expedited” sanctions in the face of Iran’s support of terrorism or use of ballistic missiles. The nuclear pact places limits on Iran’s ability to build a nuclear weapon in exchange for the lifting of sanctions on its oil and financial sector, which will send billions of dollars to Tehran. Before sanctions can be lifted against Iran, international inspectors need to certify that Iran has dismantled thousands of centrifuges, reduced its stockpile of uranium and taken other steps to cut off access to a nuclear bomb. Kerry said on Thursday that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had told him Iran is trying to finalize its obligations “as rapidly as possible.” Kerry added, “We are currently engaged ourselves in making certain that we’re prepared to move on that day.” The administration has insisted that the ballistic missile tests, continued imprisonment of Americans and aggressive posturing are outside the scope of the deal. The pact is meant solely to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, supporters say — nothing more. But officials seem especially eager to implement the deal, which is a pillar of Obama’s legacy, and may be willing to let Iran's other behavior slide for now. “The administration is obviously very nervous if implementation day doesn’t come quickly something will happen that will cause the deal to collapse or unravel,” said Gary Samore, an academic at Harvard University and former arms control advisor at the White House. Once the deal goes into effect, Samore predicted, the White House will likely carry through with the punitive measures that it has pulled back in order to see the deal implemented. “The administration will want to show that the nuclear deal won’t provide protection for Iran’s actions for non-nuclear activities,” he said. The Obama administration has insisted that the nuclear accord allows for nations around the globe to beef up sanctions related to Iran’s missile programs, human rights abuses and support of terrorist groups such as Hezbollah. But Iran has pushed back, claiming that new sanctions would violate the nuclear deal and give it cause for an about-face. Late in December, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani ordered his government to speed up the ballistic missile program, in response to the threat of new sanctions. “We have never negotiated regarding our defense capabilities including our missile program & will not accept any restrictions in this regard,” Rouhani said on Twitter at the time. “If US continues its illegitimate interference w/ Iran’s right to defend itself a new program will be devised to enhance missile capabilities.” Iran has also raised concern about new legislation narrowing a program allowing people from 38 countries to enter the U.S. without a visa. New restrictions would bar people who travel to Iran from participating in that program, which Iran has warned would undermine the terms of the nuclear deal. The Obama administration has tried to reassure Iran, potentially through the use of a special waiver in the law. Yet to critics of the administration, that sounds like further appeasement. Kerry “was trying to get around the law with a business exception,” House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) said on Friday. “That is clearly not the intent of the bill.” EU: Iran Sanctions Could Be Lifted 'Soon' January 11, 2016 11:51 AM The European Union’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said on Monday that sanctions on Iran could be lifted “soon.” A multilateral agreement reached in July requires Tehran to complete multiple steps regarding its nuclear program before several international sanctions are removed. There is no fixed date for the milestone. The deal intended to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons. It allows the country to use certain nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes, however. At a news conference in Prague, Mogherini told reporters the so-called “Implementation Day” could come “rather soon.” Secretary of State John Kerry, who participated in weeks of talks with counterparts from Iran, China, and Europe, to reach the deal in Vienna, last week said implementation could be just “days away,” if “all goes well.”
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    I negged you for this commie drivel! It all evens out though because I plused you on yer Bowie thread! Stick with music.
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    Interviews and reports Monday 11 January 2016 | 18:12 | Number of Views: 411 Experts in the economy: the most prominent of these solutions to tackle the financial crisis in Iraq BAGHDAD / .. put the economic crisis faced by the Iraqi economy in the last third of the year 2015, the government in front of a sliding may result in an end to the collision with more than 4 million employees and retirees, particularly with regard to reduction of salaries under the name of "new peace" or any another name and campaign Limbering government and the abolition of many of the positions of sovereign and management proxy. . In conjunction with the wave of popular anger of government performance, and demonstrations, and moving water reforms by reference in Najaf, last Friday, and claim to be reforms, "real", came Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari's remarks, which are denied by the post, not the government's ability to continue to push forward employees' salaries during the next April, as a prick in extra feet Iraqi employee. First oppositions and set off on a decision by the reduction of university professors, and who have expressed their categorical rejection to reduce the portion of their salary through large demonstrations, denounced the government to go towards reducing the monthly dues. "Compensate for the lack of liquidity" process at a certain point and did not stop until it became the modern citizen, the first occupant, to take his share in the mode of expression cynicism once, and in a way ironic again, while others came as proposals, most notably a proposal "to grant parliament leave for an entire year without salary "for a few expenses. Amid the presence of the fingers point towards the fact that the austerity measures announced by the government work out, may be "conditions" of the International Monetary Fund to lend to Iraq, nodded activists and economists specialists, they took the economic crisis seriously, by the possible reduction of the crisis and bridging the gap deficit in the 2016 budget year, which exceeded the 24 trillion dinars. And he predicted the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi's government to take "measures" and described "a failure", to meet the fiscal deficit, the government, represented by the orientation towards reducing the rate of the dinar or mortgage oil. She said Tamimi's "Eye Iraq News", that "the government is expected to tend to reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar or mortgage Iraqi oil for decades to come," asserting that "these two options Sadharan the Iraqi economy and the citizen significantly." But the trend is expected for the Government of the Central Bank found lookout, where the latter stressed that "the bank's board is the only body authorized according to the law determining the dinar exchange rate." And is reducing the value of the dinar against the dollar, and a pledge of oil, economists expressed fears of government directed towards another proposal represents a reduction of pensions, and Parliament voted to approve the material contained in the budget of 2016 pertaining to the deduction of 3% of the employees and pensioners, and provides this article on the distribution of this deduction of 60% of the popular crowd and 40% of the relief to the displaced, another paragraph added to the budget. Economic spokesman Antoine said for "Eye Iraq News", that "the government and the judge of Representatives decision to deduct part of the retirees and employees' salaries would have a negative economic returns and it will help increase the Iraqi market contraction," explaining that "Iraq is going through an economic crisis and a clear and thus Fastqtaa salaries though by relatively few, it will greatly affect the majority of Iraqi citizens who depend on salaries. " When he proposed obtaining the debt of mobile phone companies and others as well as the application of the customs tariff would have saved the government large sums of money to be bigger than achieve deduct salaries to clog the fiscal deficit ", especially since the value of the indebtedness of the mobile phone companies have reached more than $ 400 million. In addition to the above solutions, the Iraqi government stressed the need to go to the Iraqi industries and the development of the industrial and agricultural sector to ease the pressure on oil, which some dropped to the difficulty of the advancement of the domestic industry, which took decline gradually after 2003, until it became the "Made in Iraq" a number of anecdotes until the tomato paste tray. The proposed other solution has walked away Iraqi map, down to the Arab and European countries, representing the levy Iraqi funds contraband, and foreign affairs, in addition to the cancellation of Mentvih economic agreements necessary, including the Baghdad agreement-Oman, and the judge to sell a barrel of oil at less than rolling the market price at $ 20, which will provide 200 thousand dollars a day for the Iraqi treasury, as opposed to "good neighbor" principle taken by Oman, and even Baghdad, for the continuation of the Convention concluded between the two parties. "Forced savings" from the staff proposal also emerged within the possible suggestions, as well as "granting leave without pay", the last of which was represented by "giving Parliament an open leave without pay" to reduce costs, and benefit from the allocation of parliamentarians and the presidency of the House of Representatives in more directions necessary and reduce the number of protections, and reducing the number of members of the provincial councils in half, and the most unusual proposal may represent the distribution of salaries every 45 days, instead of the 30 followed. In addition to the solutions to the many proposals submitted to the cabinet table, the last insists rely on external borrowing, excluding financial and the metal of the accounts of the Central Bank reserves, to confront the crisis, which now haunts the employee and the ruling alike, and highly influenced by degrees, because of saving it all of them. " black day "as described by the popular proverb. Hussein Al-Attiyah
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    There is one thing for certain I'm still here until the RV !
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    That is Awesome Heavy!!!
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    Did you read the article? Maliki is pretending to be vice pres still and met with the New Zealand Ambassador to Iraq, James Monroe. For his part, Ambassador James Monroe said his country "is looking to establish better relations with Iraq and invest them in the interests of the two friendly peoples," Read more: Im sure maliki was like just make the checks out to me ill make sure the money gets put to good use fighting terrorism.

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