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    Prime minister announces date for the vote on the 2015 budget 20-12-2014 11:30 AM Deputy Prime Minister Bahaa al-Araji, said on Saturday that the Cabinet will hold a special meeting next Monday to discuss the financial budget, and it will be voted on Monday or Tuesday. They said in a press statement that 'the Council of Ministers will be held, on Monday, a special meeting to discuss the financial budget ', explaining that' if agreed upon would be passed to vote and vote for them and if they are not agreed upon will vote for in the next day, a Tuesday. " He said al-Araji told Alsumaria News that 'there is nothing to hinder the vote except for some technical matters' , pointing out that it 'will be present in the House of Representatives at the end of the year'. He was a member of the parliamentary finance committee Sirhan Ahmed confirmed, in (16 December 2014), that the general budget for the year 2015 Act will reach the House of Representatives later this month, while pointing out that it was agreement to reduce budget expenditures to reduce the deficit ratio. The head of the parliament Saleem al-Jubouri confirmed on Monday (15 December 2014), prepared the House of Representatives to convene an extraordinary session in the event of the arrival of the budget to him, pointing out that the government faces challenges in this context.
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    As much as I thrive to advance my life as a successful investor, the only thing that really matters in life is family! I have much respect for all here because I feel most of us have our families in mind with any risk taken to advance quality of life. I pray for all your families happiness and wellbeing! We are all blessed to even be able to have the opportunity to speculate and possibly advance the lives of our dependants to have a better life. Merry Christmas to all and God bless you all!
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    Well Stealth, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I do respect it, but an idiot I am not and name calling is really not necessary. I hope you and your loved ones have a MERRY Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year
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    We may be in the same position as last year...... But..... Iraq has moved in leaps and bounds, were almost there (I know weve been almost there for the past few years but this time is different) Hold out a little hope. On another note what is the point in wasting our time and energy calling out people we already know are liars, my time is precious I don't like wasting it on trivial matters.
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    OK so Tuesday is the new deadine..... note to self, "Be sure to wear my best suit all day Tuesday in the event of a RV, you want to look respectable when standing in front of a disreputable banker" end note. Go RV !
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    The Robertsons are awesome people
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    I agree with you Deborah. As much as people make fun of him, he's a good guy. I have always liked TLar . I think he means well. His downfall is predicting when and how much. He makes some very interesting points. But as we all know......Iraq is on Iraq time. So we have no choice but to wait and see. I just hope he's right and I'm open and hopeful to the possibilities .
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    I second the motion!! Like you hat...Deborah!
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    Aaahhhh...the beauty of blocking loudmouthed jerks.
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    Imo he's pretty smart as a newshound. Hopefully he'll stay clear of the prediction business.
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    I hope Al Hodges is right. As a lawyer he is sticking his neck way out on this one. I have a ticket to ride in many of the potential arena's, so if he is telling the truth.... Could be a good new year. The best things in life RV. yak
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    I've noticed an increase in the amount of profanity you are using. You need to eliminate that from your posts. -
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    Merry Christmas everyone and hope you enjoy
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    Each week you wrestle with the words the writer uses to inform you about what has taken place during the preceding 7days. So, as we are reaching a climax of the decade or so that the RV/GCR has been in train, we are including here the words of a lawyer who has battled for some 10 years and won. 12-19-14 Al Hodges: Most of the high-level and medium-level people, both in and out of government, have either been “wood-shedded” (the instruction that is given to a witness in order to make him/her respond in one party's favour) and/or arrested, and now face disgrace, loss of financial advantage, loss of position-of-power, loss of official office, and near-term prosecution. In my opinion, having participated in many of the events as they occurred, we are finally at the point of conclusion. While it is very difficult to accept the inordinate amount of time this has taken, I can tell you that the acts involved were categorically required to accomplish the end goals. As a result of now having a fuller understanding of both the end goals, and the progress to date, I will once again stick my neck out to advise you all that your journey is essentially over. My professional opinion is based not only on what I am told each day by those at the top of the New Powers That Be, but more importantly on the status of the imminent Global Currency Reset. Its status is important because it cannot become a public fait accompli without the US Treasury becoming a hard-metal asset-backed issuer of US currency – the very definition of ER. (Economic Recovery – possibly, not sure) Accordingly, when you publicly see the Global Currency Reset you will know that we have an asset-backed currency, and you will know that we have received ER. Every indication from every credible source is that the Reset will become public today, tomorrow, the next day, or certainly by January 1, 2015; most probably before Christmas. I do not and cannot guarantee this of course; but it does represent my professional opinion based on all available information. I can assure you that the impact of what you are so soon to experience will mightily shatter any doubt, disbelief, bitter humour, or unhappy memories that this journey may have encouraged and supported.As I have said in the past, “you will be paid a great deal more than any have the right to expect [based on the amount of your investment]. Al Hodges - Pasadena Attorney Al Hodges was hired by shareholders of CMKX Diamonds to represent them in what has been said to be “the largest fraud case in world history.” So he is well connected.
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    Cool video from across the pond!! My only concern is how many times did they just charge me for the same case of condoms!!! J/K Merry Christmas Gang!!
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    Yeah, Tlar is a good newshound...0 for 2 in the prediction category as of late.
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    Must be true....I didn't see any special three letter sources, so I gotta believe he knows exactly what is going down!! Go RV or RI Soon!!!
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    All right, I am just NOT understanding this deluge of hopium. MAYBE, I'm missing something - or is everybody else just ignoring this HUGE, HUGE obstacle sitting there on their nose: If Iraq is just "days away" from the RV, and an RV would allow them to use currently useless currency to buy craploads of foreign products and increase their worldly wealth...... WHY WOULD THEY NEED A LOAN FOR A MEASLY $5 BILLION FROM THE WORLD BANK, AND WHY WOULD THEY NEED TO PUT OFF PAYING KUWAIT A MEASLY $5 BILLION FOR TWO YEARS? sorry for the caps, but i haven't seen anyone answering this, let alone asking the question. Seriously - think about it. If their currency is going to increase to even a DIME, they could not POSSIBLY have a need for this ten billion. They could pay off Kuwait in a heartbeat. Heck, they could pay them in current dinar with a note on the box that said "do not open until January 1st (or even March 1st)". They alone should be able to weather this oil change crisis better than anyone with an RV. Anyone else thinking this?
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    This is amazing. I pray this little dream comes true. Thanks to all the news posters. You have truly been a blessing to many. Thank you.
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    I get such a kick out of some of the liberals that scream Christmas isn't a religious holiday (even though it is specifically a celebration of the birth of Christ, whether you like it or not) or Easter (celebration of Christ rising from the dead) I for one could give a rat's rear if the dates are exact or not, it's irrelevant! We are celebrating what we believe. It doesn't make a difference if Jesus wanted his birthday celebrated or ever told us to celebrate it on Christmas in the Bible, what matters, and the only thing that matters is, those of us who believe in him and follow his ways, come together with friends and family to celebrate the fact that we believe in him, and we believe this day (whether exact or not) was the day of his birth and are giving thanks, praise, and remembrance on this HOLY day, not to mention the good deeds, giving, and caring for others that goes on during this time period in his honor, so why is this such a bad thing for all the haters out there? Why is this such a threat? You have the crowd that wants to call it Happy Holiday or Spring Festival, blah, blah, blah, all complete BS!!! If you don't believe and celebrate them for what they are supposed to be, then go back to work on those days. No holiday pay, no days off work, and no whining! Can't have it both ways, sorry. If our government wants to take GOD out of our lives, they can all get their @$$es back to work during these holidays! Jesus is the reason for the season! Merry Christmas Gang!!!


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