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    I am X military and I have seen a lot of things go on by many Presidents and Congressman over the decades that it makes me sick to see how they have taken the American people and our beloved country down a road of arrogance and stupidity. Washington has no Common sense left in them. Our branches of govt has been invaded by people bent on destroying anything good that America's stands for. Agency's of our govt has strongarmed, bullied its way into every country trying to exert a power play with influence until there is no peace. This beautiful land we call America was once respected for being a helper and defender and now we are disrespected and hated in every corner of the earth and for what, what did it gain. The Federal govt started taking power away from states years ago by forced tactics and now turned to gaining power over individual citizens who have no idea what is happening.....The common phrase I hear a lot is, "OH, it been going on for years and I can't do nothing about it". Our country was set up to run almost flawless by the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. It was supposed to drive the daily workings of the US govt in a peaceful, respectful, dignified way. Everything was spelled out in plain and simple English. It is sad to say that men and women being elected to serve in Congress today has no clue to what the Constitution says. Our president says it's outdated and doesn't apply anymore. Well how you like our country now, is it pleasing to you, can you go where you want without fear of being killed, Do you trust your govt to make the right decisions for all concerned. Do you respect your leaders, better yet do they respect you. Can you say the world stills look up to America as a trusted and honored friend. I can't, I have lost faith in people running this country to do right. It is all our faults for letting this political crap trash our way of thinking all these years. Republican, Democrat, Right wing, Left wing, Conservative, Liberal, Radical. Well what happened to plain old working together for the common cause. What happened to the people holding govt accountable for their actions as justified in the Constitution. It makes me sick to see congressman go before the camera's and act like they are going to get to the bottom of some scandal or some law broken and bring justice, it is just a ploy to help the people feel better. They won't bring one of their friends down for wrongdoing because all of their hands are dirty in different ways.....Guess what people, the blame for all this mess lies with us, yes we the people, because we have been asleep at the wheel waiting for someone else to correct it and now the car is about to go over the cliff. We have nobody to blame but ourselves. Grip, complain, fuss if it makes you feel better then put it aside and let them continue that has been the trend so far. If the masses of people don't decide to stand together this country is doomed and along with it your lives as it once was.....Hardship and trouble is coming. Sometimes the older people have a way of using wisdom to see what's ahead.
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    This disgusts me. I hope they all get jail time for misleading people and spreading lies about legitimate businesses like Wells Fargo.
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    QICard News Rafidain Bank announces VISA and to pay salaries to civil pension for the month of August 2013, you can pick-up from now 04/08/2013 Ki Card outlets and all branches of banks … With greetings Ki Card and the Rafidain Bank. To connect to the “Key Card” via the free service numbers: Asia Cell 202/200 other networks This link below is for the "Official" QI Card Site, I am guessing the info I posted above is from someone who has an account and logged in. If you go to the "Official" Site you will see the latest News Scrolling, some interesting stuff, now as rumor had it before.... the cards would be a huge part of the RV, lets wait and see.... Who knows at this point... I know one thing as every day passes it brings us one day closer to the RV DropItLikeItsHot GO RV
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    Distractions, Distractions, Distractions. Watch my right hand so I can screw you with the left. This man is purely a divider rather than a uniter.
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    Anyone who signs up for one of these so called "groups" should have there head examined. yeah im going to give my name email zip code etc etc to some "group" who i know nothing about. If this was legit wouldnt this be from a wells Fargo server? (jusy saying) also what makes me scratch my head is the fact that this generals group, and the other group, are doing all this out of the "goodness of there hearts" with all the back and forth BS ive seen and the emails and the confusion etc...seems like an aweful lot of work for no compensation...just saying MAN O MAN, IT HASNT EVEN RV'D OR FLOATED UP YET AND THE WOLVES ARE CIRCLING me, ill stick to my own method just go into a foriegn currency bank and do the exchange....ALONE!!!
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    I blame Obama How has Obama let this happen what a joke this man is making
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    Wow! It can't be the poor policies of this administration. Or maybe they killed Osama Bi Laden illegally. Without a fair trial. Or maybe because Obama lied when he went around on his apology tour. No wait it is George Bush's fault.
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    I am in the National Guard, full time with 24 years of service, 1st when I joined I took an oath to protect and defend the constitution and people of this country, not protect big business and people in charge, if it's an unlawful order, we dont have to follow it. 2nd, The National Guard which is roughly half of the armed forces, fall under state control, not the president, both times I deployed to Iraq my orders stated the secretary of defense with APPROVAL of the governor of the state of Arkansas orders you to title 10 active duty. I highly doubt most Governors would try to put the Guard against the local people, because they are the local people. not to mention this would kill any chance for reelection they might have. could it be National Guard and local militias against active duty or UN Soldiers? either way you play it out it ends VERY badly. I think the change over to what the Gov wants will be done slowly one piece at a time, so the sheep dont notice if we dont get some new patriotic blood in certain offices. in short, I dont think any real Soldier will be blind enough to take up arms against his countrymen, they will need to bring in the UN to do it. or should I say TRY it.
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    This is my opinion, first Christianity is not a religion, it is a faith based belief in Jesus Christ. Religions have thrown more caused more brutal wars in the history of this world than any more form of battle. Each side believing that God will see them through and they will fight until the end if necessary. Now I have seen many posts on here that borderline opinions of misunderstandings and with each new batch of new people those misunderstandings keep growing. Non believers have a right and a choice to not believe in God or Jesus or Christianity therefore it seems as the world pushes on each day, people are changing their attitudes toward one another is changing. Why is it that a person who is a Christian can live beside someone who is a non believer in peace but a non believer wants to wants to stomp all over one who goes to church, one who is there to help when needed, one who loves and shares the goodness of God to one who wants to hear it but stops if they don't. Why is it that a non believer which is basically an Atheist by title can't live and let live. Take a look at Santanio Texas, the whole city council down there is trying to make it where a person that is faith based can't work for the city govt or anything to do with contraction with the city. Now really is this right. Isn't this forcefully overstepping your boundaries a bit. Satan the father of all lies is pushing this world to condemn as many as he can before time draws to a close and it is doing just that. Man is quickly hastening his eternal destiny by his actions. Is it getting to the point where a non Christian and a Christian can't live side by side without being condemned, looks like it. These are the end times my friend, and I might add I am not worried because I know whom I have believed will take care of my destiny. Narrow is the way to heaven and broad is the gate that leads to destruction and many will go there in. It is a person's own decisions that will decide his eternal fate. Maybe you don't like being preached to, it burns your mind because deep down inside you know there is something not right. Maybe you like your choices and feel comfortable with them for now anyway, but one day that right is going to be taken away from you and all of us.....ALL of us is going to stand before Jesus and give an account of our lives. Maybe you didn't know that, or maybe you didn't know that four mouths will be sealed shut, no excuses will be offered by us. He will be the one that will thunder his voice at you and decide where you are going to spend your eternity. A lot of people believe that there is no life after death here....but you are sadly mistaken, that's where the sweet life begins at least for the ones who is going to heaven. Really is whish all who reads this would take a second to think about this and ask God if all is well with him. Your eternal happiness will depend on it. I know I have offended some on here by these words, but I say this take it up with God because I am doing what he wants me to do.
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    Yes I heard this nudge group. I also think that the closing of our embassies in those areas are all for show to show this president will do anything to save the live of Americans, when he did nothing to save the lives at Bengazi.
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    I strongly suggest we not stand with a Democrat or a Republican. I used to be a Republican; only to wake up from the dream of lies and realize I was a Constitutional Libertarian. The Republicans have also lost their morals and ways. kid4dinar, do research on progressives, and you will see they are in both parties and are in complete control. I strongly suggest reading the books "Animal Farm" and "1984" both by George Orwell. Clearly you are still asleep and haven't figured out that your living in a military police state. There is only one political party in Washington DC now, not two. I can prove that by their actions; not their words. The Republican Party openly say they oppose the Democratic agenda, and the Democrats openly oppose the Republican agenda; yet the Republicans had control of the White House and both houses of Congress from 2000 to 2006, they never undid thru law any Democratic law that was passed when the Democrats were in control that the Republicans were opposed too. Likewise, the Democrats had control of the White House and both house of Congress from 2008 to 2010, they did they never undid thru law anything the Republicans did either. All spending, per the Constitution is to start in the House of Rep; so the party in control only needs to DE-fund spending for laws they oppose. Talks cheap, considering how you and I and everyone else are being lied to by Washington DC. Stop listening to the lip service talk and start watching the actions of those in Washington. The Democrats are acting like Communists and the Republicans are acting like Socialists / Fascists. Look at the NSA, the IRS, etc., etc., etc. and etc. Americans are so dumbed down, that they no longer care about their civil liberties and their Constitutional rights that are gone or being taken away. We have been told that our constitutional and civil liberties need to be sacrificed for our safety and security; and so welcome to the police state. Don't believe me, then go watch an episode of Andy Griffith and remember the way our police used to be, and then look out a window at the police today flying drones and driving cars that look like they are ready for combat. So who is and where is this enemy of the government; of the police and military? Go read the words of Patrick Henry and his "Give Me Liberty" speech, and you will figure out who this enemy is. It is you and me and everyone else. What is really sad, is that most people (including some in the police and military) have no clue what is happening. It's just business as usually for most. In regards to your post, Al-Qaeda rebels groups are fighting Bashar Al-Assad in Syria; and our CIA and military connections (I will leave it at that) are arming these Al-Qaeda rebel groups. In other words, we are arming Al-Qaeda in Syria. Does everyone know that on Memorial Day, John McCain took a trip to Turkey and snuck over the border to meet with these rebels? No, they don't because the main stream media, including Fox News, didn't cover that story. I wonder why and yet I know why? John McCain declared himself to be one with the rebels in their fight against Assad. So, we are closing our embassies because of an Al-Qaeda threat? We arm Al-Qaeda in Syria and we close our embassies elsewhere because they are threatening an attack on us? There is clearly something wrong with this picture, and yet this is the story. We are in way over our heads and our Federal Government is in full violation of the document that gives the federal government its authority; our Federal Constitution. I believe and know for a fact that we better stop standing with the "R"epublicans or Democrats, start standing with and acting like "r"epublicans (believers in the true Constitutional Republic our forefathers created for us), stop playing party politics, and use the methods prescribed in the Constitution to get us all back on the road to a Constitutional Republic (which includes enacting Article 5 of the Constitution immediately). A starting point would be to vote every politician out of Congress who has been in Washington for more than two terms. kid4dinar, I agree America is being destroyed, and I respectfully disagree that only Democrats are doing it. Both parties, full of evil progressives, are destroying the USA.
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    Uh....that is not what she said. They tell the government what they should be doing and should think about the future. Doesn't mean they take their advice.
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    Wait a second here...just FYI want you all to know that "pressTV.IR" IS an Iranian tv/news station and gives its own slant on the news, so what we read from them may or may not be true....just like USA news
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    very true heavyduty,very much true...wait they will be the one crying the loudest when it all comes crashing.. listen it was all design to have your mind else where while they get there agenda accomplish. they come with a idea about the stadiums put them up and professional teams let the mens have teams football and others to cheer for just that alone keep you so wind up all you suppose to worried about is your team and players thats all much matters..great plan and it works facebook so many millions stay all day playing games and building farms lol it was created to occupy your time..imagine if all those millions use the time to investigate what in the world is really going on.smh part of their plans is tablets and cell phones all to keep you occupy and texts not to mention go digital so they can broadcast what they want you to see and hear. remeber the media is your eyes and your thoughts so just as they show you will be thinking good plan and it works.not to mention broadcast sound waves through the digital system and the free digital boxes they give away make it look like they are doing you some good lol.but its for their benefits.
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    Beginning to think that the U.S. is Babylon these days.
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    The CBI Law, Secton 7 Article 36 - Redemption of curency -
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    Sand the Kurds have held many meetings this past week with Kurdish tribes from all different nations within the Middle East. Now, This article may be very enlighting as to the primary reason for these meetings. WE are seeing US Embassy's closing, we see Barzani going to Teheran, WE see the Kurds amassing troups to protect all kurdish nations. Now if anyone in the Middle East is apprised of the situation in the ME, it's Barzani, due to his close ties with the United States. I watch the Kurds every move. They have been very quiet since Maliki and Barzani met. I took it as the deal was done between the two, but of course Maliki has again stalled. Remember when Barzani said this was your last chance? I took it as Kurdistan would pull out completely from the Nation of Iraq, but now the meaning of your last chance may have changed. This is totally JMO! I am a true patriot of our constitution. I am not a proponent of war, unless we the people of the United States are TRULY under attack. I know I will get bashed FOR saying this, but have either Iran or Syria ever attacked the United States? What's so perplexing to me is that Assad, (and I have first hand knowledge of this) was not a Tyrant nor an evil ruler, he's nothing compared to Maliki. He allowed Christians , Muslims to live peacefully. He was not an enemy of Israel. So why is Israel bombing Syria? Why is the US paying al-queda to fight Assad? It's so disapointing to me to see our world in such a state! But it is what it is! and I say Thank you God for the Dinar
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    haha i dunno keep by looking at your pic looks like you are all to familiar with it.
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    I don't think it is so much a better rate , but a better spread. The RV rate would be what ever it is, but circumstances may allow for a smaller spread, which in effect in a round about way is a better rate. Clear as mud ? pp
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    Luigi.....did you think about what your stating before posting it? Dont you think its pretty far fetched that there is no currency on the streets??
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    Shouldnt tell anyone you have dinar and especailly dont give them your e-mail address, stupid is as stupid does.
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    Wow this is a threat. You should be banned from this site. It is because of people like you addresses are not kept on here.
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    I'm hoping and praying we will have our chance to exact real revenge one day! The sad part is our government is our biggest enemy.
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    Dwitte Well said. But maybe a stupid moron? Very intelligent comment. As for Jaygo comment. I'm sure I could tell you where you could go. Yes sxsess Over and over right after They show the World Trade Towers fall. Over and over. I will never forget.
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    Yes! America's best defense against a tyrannical government is simply dont allow yourself to be "nudged" period. We know their plan, so stay calm and unaffected by all of their bullcrap. We will take the proper action when it comes time to vote and we will vote the bunch of crooks out. Maybe enough Americans are waking up to the impostors we have in Washington by now and when the time comes we will be victorious.
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    The need to achieve a balance in the money supply through the withdrawal of the Iraqi dinar Economic Researcher calls for the need to achieve a balance in the money supply through the withdrawal of the Iraqi dinar 08/03/2013 12:00 AM Accurate diagnosis of the weaknesses in the Iraqi economy Baghdad – Hussein ثغب, the Tamimi said economic researcher Edeid Xiaa Awad importance of maintaining the balance of the money supply in circulation through the withdrawal of the Iraqi dinar in excess of the needs of the local market and exchange rate stability. He pointed to the need to Toviralsjulh cash foreign currency necessary for traders and businessmen to cover the needs of the Iraqi market of imported goods and services at a time when the country suffers a shortage of production due to the decline of the productive sectors, مشخصا and accurately weaknesses in the movement of the national economy. said in an interview for the (morning) The Central Bank of Iraq represents a rib of the system of economic solution to the value of the Iraqi dinar, not the solution as a whole, especially that he was who stands only in the economic arena has made ​​achievements cash under a duty cash, including the quest to reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar is the U.S. domestic market ( 1700 JD / $) to (1210 dinars / $), through his followers open market operations in the sale of foreign currency and pumped through the daily auction to meet the requirements imports Iraq and the needs of the Iraqi market, a utility cash only effective instrument of monetary policy. value of the currency and the he does not can study the stability of the value of the currency in isolation from the facts of economic reality and its components essential, and that the most important merits it is based on four pillars basic It is like building a box that is based on the four columns or pillars lever that must be integrated and harmony among them as a package in the movement of their growth and development to contribute those policies in the pace of consistency in the lift and raise the value of the currency (purchasing power)., and pointed out that any imbalance in that leads to an imbalance in the balance of the value of the currency and purchasing power, these columns are monetary policies, financial and development policy, in addition to the political skills of any political and social stability and security and administrative capacity in the management of the country and hiring policies, material wealth and human resources. economic plan and said if we say that the reality of the Iraqi economy is an economy yield unilateral depends on its core resources on oil export revenues, and that there is an imbalance structurally prevail all sectors, there is no economic plan and clear comprised under wings of those policies and work to achieve their goals and ambitions, as there is a reality vague about the future of this economy, no one knows where we are going in قطارنا economic, as well as a weakness in the coordination and harmonization between those policies up often to the extent of variation and the intersection in orientations and that all of them go off متباعد different from the other. development policy and demanded Awad creating a plan or policy development in the true sense aims to develop a comprehensive economic, Valqtaat economic productivity Home (industry, agriculture) in full retreat and does not constitute only a portion (2 percent) of the gross domestic product (GDP), with the deterioration of service facilities essential for the life of the citizen (electricity, drinking water, sewage, municipal services and the environment) corresponding financial resources super budgets annually with large numbers exceeded the total aggregate limit of 500 billion dollars during the period (2003 – 2012) and the percentage of more than (70 percent) of which is dedicated to the budgets of operational and that more than half of investment budgets returned from the provinces to the Finance Ministry for the poor implementation of projects assigned to them, while the Iraqi citizen will not touch any positive improvement on the ground. weak sectors of production and pointed out that the fiscal policy is the other in another valley, it also seems to operate according to economic theory notion that the increase in consumer spending, the government leads to increased demand for goods and services produced locally, and thus the prosperity of the productive sectors of local, pointing out that this trend theory may apply to the economies of countries that have reached advanced appointed and has rules productivity actors and pattern economically and clearly defined, which does not apply to turn on the case of Iraq in the current situation Excellence already weak sectors of production and the deterioration of its infrastructure and that Iraq has become an open market fences and open fully on the outside to import all its needs from the machinery and heavy equipment through to fruits and vegetables. list of imports and concluded his speech by saying that the list of imports expanding and goes annually, according to the expansion and development of the needs and requirements of Iraqi society, In 2004 the volume of imports Iraq (8) billion dollars to rise in 2007 to 24 billion dollars, and then to jump those imports in 2011 to approximately (48 billion).
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    ***/// Like we said, hobummer doesn't want ANYTHING as inane as murdered Patriots to put a damper on his birthday party at the beach..... Heaven forbid he'd have to leave jay-z behind to tend to mooch-elle whilst he returned to the oval office to answer a phone.
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    I can figure out how to cash-in my own self : if and when the RV hits --there will be thousands of cash-in stories on the net
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    ***// hobummer has instituted a program wherein he recruited evil folks from liberal bastions across the country to become what are called "NUDGERS". This 'think-tank' is devising more and more ways to control the general population through various kinds of manipulation. Referred to as his "Nudge Gangs", he is putting quite a bit of stock in these "geniuses" being able to gain swifter control of the masses in order to "move forward" more quickly with implementation of the mission he was PUT IN PLACE to accomplish. Apparently we're not 'dumbing down' fast enough for their liking, and are digging in and resisting as Patriots are known to do.
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    You are a *****. Like we feel bad that Bin Laden didn't get a trial - Name calling, Really. *****?
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    Yes I can agree with the Libertarians very true stuff. Yet I don't think they can compete with the establishment we see in Washington, therefore when the Libertarian can stand strong I then will stand with them. Ultimately I will stand against the liberals.
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    My friend got the same email and forwarded on to me. Sick SOB's (not my friend-the people blasting this crap to desperate folks). She is in dire straights and is considering using her last bit of funds to travel to one of those locations mentioned. I cautioned my dear friend about the foolishness of such a trip. The same thing happened with the "Reno Connection". Another person I know wasted time, effort and dinars to go there and NEVER saw a return. Beware! Scammers abound! Use your God-given common-sense. Dunno, just saying.....Peace
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    Bandit, Don't know what your talking about when you say taking orders from other people. The White house is in charge....That's who I blame. Bush would have never did a exit like Obama did. We needed a slower pull out.
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    "Al Qaeda is on the run and Osoma bin Laden is dead" Remember the democrats all saying this lie? Well it's Americans are on the run and Obama is a wuss. This is not what Americans do. Americans stands and fights. I hope the less informed Americans will now see what Obama has done to Al Qaeda. Emboldened them. Wake up people Stand with the Republicans help them to Unite and stand against the Liberalism that is destroying America.
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    Fail no way we are American! The government might fail but we will never! Stay thirsty my friends!
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    so nice to see such pleasant optimism....
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    put it this way to whom i communicate with and no its not any gurus but bankers i will say this, the group rate is very real. Also i wont go into detail but banks can and will give u a higher rate if and only if its to get your business. Its ALL a money game my friend and yes i have spoken with bankers that have confirmed this to me. The banks want your business and money they scratch your back you scratch theirs. Also their is a thing called platform trading kinda like trading futures on a certain currency that can potentially make millions or even billions this is how the banks operate. Their are many things the general public is just NOT privy to and they like to keep it that way. You also have to understand the banks run this world so they virtually can do what they please. Cyprus was a prime example. Also if you are looking to get a higher rate their are contracts and certain things you must obide by under the banks terms. Is it worth it? i just dont know but we soon shall see.
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    Iran always state that the enriched uranium they are trying to produce in those centrifuges is for health care purposes. A nuclear bomb may be a stretch for them now - a dirty bomb is easy and fast to make.
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    They won't ask for it back. Just making hay over something for nothing. Usually cantor some tend to find on the internet. Will the cowboys win the Super Bowl?

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