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    My friend just received a text from one of his customers. it was actually yesterday. It read the dinar is going to revalue within a week. The guy is from Europe, and now lives in the US. He has family and friend throughout Europe. Many arab ties. That's it. No sugar coating. Its friday! I hope you enjoy your weekend!
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    I've been wanting to make this post for some time, but knew how brutal some of you can be in this section!! I let you know what I've been hearing over the years about the dinar from people who are living in the area and have connections to the financial aspects in ME. First, I am not a guru, nor am I pretending to be one. I am no financial expert, other then I am good at losing money! Just wanted to give you some info from those I talk with. I invested over 3 years ago. As some of you know, I am a doc working in Thailand. Back then, I worked at a pretty famous resort that caters to a lot of wealthy folks. during my time there I got to meet those who "might be in the know" or, at least, shed some hope on this investment. Back then, it was "hahahahha! the dinar? My friends are wallpapering a room with it..." or "The dinar? which one? No, dont know anything about it. I heard its completely worthless.." Needless to say, I wasnt too hopeful (and yet, I still bought more! Like I said, I am very good at losing money!). recently, however, the reactions to my inquiry has been, "Oh, it MIGHT change.." or "yes, I bought some myself.." My patients are those who are high-up bankers, ministers, advisors to the various royal families in the area and even member of the royal family themselves (a couple of princes, etc). so, the point of my post is this: seems the climate is changing. Seems that SOMETHING is in the air for change. not saying an RV, but their attitude has changed from the conversations I have had with these folks years ago (Yes, I ask ALL my ME patients about the dinar. Hey, I aint proud!). If I hear something firsthand, you can bet I will let all you fine folks know. In fact, I will email a banker in saudi today to see if there is anything worth reporting. I hope this gives a few folks a little hope that something MIGHT happen. dunno, just saying...Cheers
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    The problem isn't what people say and think this board and all over America. The problem is in the Washington! Contention is constant with Obama with his fundamental transformation BS. It's up to them to start a war. No one wants to fight here in our country but when you have a tyrannical, corrupt government such as this that is constantly taking liberties and bypassing the constitution, there is going to be trouble. That is not un-American my friend that is patriotic!!
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    Also, do you not find it fairly pompous to presume that unless someone lives life like you do, thinks like you do and acts like you do that they obviously have to have a miserable life..... Are you so arrogant as to believe that you've figured out the only way???? That's what drives me nuts about the modern liberal.... You all think you know the best way for the rest of us to live our lives and then you try to legislate those ideas.... Look at Bloomberg as a prime example..... You know what a conservative wants??? To be left alone to make his/her way in life with little to no government infringement... If I fail, I don't want you to bail me out of my poor choices. I will learn from my mistakes, strap on my boots, tighten my belt and try again!!!! What does a liberal want.... To dictate how I live, what I eat, where I shat, where and how I work and so on and so on...... Just leave me the heck alone!!!! Follow the constitution, after all that's the foundation of it any way.....FREEDOM!!!! Freedom to do as I see fit for me and my family!
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    Keep voting for liberal democrats and there won't be a country, just a banana republic. I am not republican I am a tea party patriot. Yes and I do hate your president.
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    11 YR OLD SHOOTS ILLEGALS thanks FOX NEWS for reporting it. BUTTE , MONTANA Shotgun preteen vs. Illegal alien Home Invaders...Two illegal aliens, Ralphel Resindez, 23, and Enrico Garza, 26, probably believed they would easily overpower home-alone 11-year-old Patricia Harrington after her father had left their two-story home. It seems the two crooks never learned two things: they were in Montana an...d Patricia had been a clay-shooting champion since she was nine.Patricia was in her upstairs room when the two men broke through the front door of the house. She quickly ran to her father's room and grabbed his 12-gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun. Resindez was the first to get up to the second floor only to be the first to catch a near point blank blast of buckshot from the 11-year-old's knee-crouch aim. He suffered fatal wounds to his abdomen and genitals.When Garza ran to the foot of the stairs, he took a blast to the left shoulder and staggered out into the ...street where he bled to death before medical help could arrive. It was found out later that Resindez was armed with a stolen 45-caliber handgun he took from another home invasion robbery. That victim, 50-year-old David 0'Burien, was not so lucky. He died from stab wounds to the chest.Ever wonder why good stuff never makes NBC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, or ABC news........? An 11 year old girl, properly trained, defended her home, and herself......against two murderous, illegal immigrants.......and she wins. She is still alive. Now THAT is Gun Control!Thought for the day.... Calling an illegal alien an 'undocumented immigrant' is like calling a drug dealer an 'unlicensed pharmacist.'I like this kind of e-mail! American citizens defending themselves and their homes. BEING A TRUE AMERICAN, I THINK YOU'LL PASS THIS ON!
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    [quite name=C.H.' date='15 February 2013 - 11:54 AM' timestamp='1360950897' post='1113485] Yea alrighty then, poor intel. Im defiantly not here to please YOU. oh by the way, I added to your negative collection.
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    are you for real? can you really be that naive? or you are one of those blind faith obama lovers? do you think he is the messiah too?
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    you will be better off if you build a dog house in the back yard of the white house and chain yourself up to it .. you seem to like that type of lifestyle . restrained and tossed a bone once in awhile is your stlye .. your ways will all be erased when obama is out of office .. its just a matter of time . maybe you can get a place in the democrats concentration camps .."welefare compounds".. you know where they put you after they break you financially .. and educate your children through unions and propaganda . .. just go apply youll fit right in
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    obama and the usual democrats have always created an unfriendly business enviroment in our country ,, their regulations are destroying our economy .. .. he just plain and simple doesnt belong in that position .. hes not qualified and the way it looks hes not interested in learning . he just keeps pushing forward with dumb ideas it didnt start with him .. he didnt educate himself .. 35 years ago when someone needed money they could just go paint a bar ,, or roof a house .. just do odd jobs .. but regulations prohibit this now .. the free enterprise system we enjoyed in the united states has become controlled enterprise .. insurance regulations are killing america .. whats his solution .. mandatory health care to business people . that alone will stop all growth in our economy .. theres 25 million permanently laid off workers .. he cannot fix that he doesnt know how now we got 4 more years of him .. the poor will suffer the most .. the democrats are like a chained up dog .. happy as long as ya give them food ... they dont mind the chains .. its totally un american
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    BondLadys Valentines Day Chat 2/14/2013 Today at 2:14 pm HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE.... [bondLady] good morning i'd like to show you all a very important article 320 billion Iraqi Dinars allocated for Article 140 320 billion Iraqi Dinars are to be allocated for the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution in 2013, while the head of the Article 140 committee has claimed the sum will decrease the issues of the indemnification. Muhsin Sadun, head of the Article 140 committee told Kirkuk Now “320 billion ID is being allocated for the implementation of Article 140 after they have demanded the sum.” “The allocation of the sum will decrease the issues of the indemnification of the individuals included in Article 140,” Sadun added. He further stated that they have also demanded that offices for Article 140 be opened in the cities of Kurdistan so that those Kurdish individuals that were harmed during the reign of the Baath regime can be indemnified. [bondLady] see we've been right all along article 140 was going to cost them a lot of money to move people and pay them restitution and we see what they did, allocated it to the budget and constitution these are exciting times [PastorDoug] did they get the budget passed? [bondLady] not yet doug but imo soon [PastorDoug] ty Hadi al-Yasiri: broken laws will be approved after the completion of the vote on the federal budget Ali Abdullah - 02/14/2013 - 10:11 AM MP / National Alliance / Hadi grace Yasiri, that the laws broken will be approved after the completion of the vote on the federal budget for the current year. Yasiri said in a press statement: The parliamentary committees dedicated to agree on a budget and voted upon in Parliament. added: After completion of the budget there is a package of important laws Off offensive mission of the political blocs for approval and interest to the government and the citizen. said the National Alliance MP to: that political differences were reflected negatively on the work of the House of Representatives, which led to the suspension of laws within the parliament. was MP / Popular Council Chaldean Syriac Assyrian / Luis Carlo, linking passing laws broken resolving political differences, noting that there were signs to end the crisis, saying: The resolution of laws broken depends on resolving political differences so when there will be convergence and mutual trust to resolve problems will pass important laws, especially the amnesty law, oil and gas and the Federal Court. http://www.burathane...cle_184410.html [bondLady] these are the things that are being worked out so the hcl can be passed too, the basket of laws will all flow out together or one right after another [tlm724] let me say this, i would rather see the budget delayed and have them do these things now [bondLady] yes, even though they didn't pass the budget like normal on dec 31, 2012 and put it in the gazette,this way even though it seems longer is really shorter than before ] i'll explain, before they would rush through the budget starting in october and gazette it by the last day of december and then go on vacation and within 3 days of it being in the gazette they would file for amendments and drag it out for months [bondLady] this time its reversed. when they do finish it this time and gazette it then it shouldn't have to be amended as their working through all those things now, hcl should be right behind that 140...hcl...infrastructure law, tarriffs, amnesty law, federal law its all about to come about ...just hang in there internationally traded and recognized currency and international banking, WTO everything right at our door set to come about [bondLady] are you all ready for some more good news you all saw the art 140 article right [tlm724] we embraced that one [Mikey] yes'm [bondLady] bring it in please timmy this is going to go with it [tlm724] 320 billion Iraqi Dinars allocated for Article 140 320 billion Iraqi Dinars are to be allocated for the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution in 2013, while the head of the Article 140 committee has claimed the sum will decrease the issues of the indemnification. Muhsin Sadun, head of the Article 140 committee told Kirkuk Now “320 billion ID is being allocated for the implementation of Article 140 after they have demanded the sum.” “The allocation of the sum will decrease the issues of the indemnification of the individuals included in Article 140,” Sadun added. He further stated that they have also demanded that offices for Article 140 be opened in the cities of Kurdistan so that those Kurdish individuals that were harmed during the reign of the Baath regime can be indemnified. [bondLady] ok see that they allocated all that money for them right but they didn't say when it was going to start which is important too it said after the budget [bondLady] Article 140 compensation starts next week Kirkuk City...Photo Kirkuk Now The Head of the Kirkuk branch of the Article 140 Implementation Committee says the compensation cheques will be distributed next week. Kakarash Sidiq said, “The compensation cheques were to be distributed when the budget was approved, but due to some problems it was postponed until next week.” Until now, 28 groups of families have been given compensation with the returnees receiving 10 million Iraqi dinars and to those who leave 20 million ids. Compensation is a phase of the Article 140 implementation of the Iraqi constitution, specialized to the disputed areas which include Kirkuk, Mosul, Diyala, and Salahadin. [bondLady] starts next week pretty much letting us know budget will also go then too [R&R] BL you know next week starts on Sunday....three days away [bondLady] sunday has always been there monday [tlm724] will be distributed next week. *hallelujah* [bondLady] i posted a CBI article also it says in it, they do auctions everyday but friday Economist: the imposition of fines on offending banks will limit money laundering Date: 02/14/2013 13:13:23 Thursday Baghdad (news) .. Said economic analyst Abdul Sattar al-Hashemi, that central bank's decision to impose fines on banks that violate the Community Legal regarding the sale and purchase of foreign currency and converted to the outside limit of the money laundering operations. Hashemi said (of the Agency news): Some local banks are deliberately not to apply laws and banking systems work What led recently to the emergence of cases of money laundering in the operations of foreign exchange for money. and pointed out: central bank's decision to impose fines on banks that violate laws regarding the sale and purchase of foreign currency and converted to the outside will prevent the occurrence of money laundering or the like in the country. was the Iraqi Central Bank may face a financial penalty for United Bank for Investment for not retaining documents that disclose the nature of the activities practiced by the customers who provide funding requests amounts via central bank auction. central bank held daily sessions of currency auction except on Fridays and public holidays, and involved a group of Iraqi banks, within which the sale and purchase of foreign currency, and the central bank process currency converter sold abroad, for some companies and citizens for a commission certain. and the CBI group of specialized committees to combating money laundering, money, crime and financing of terrorism, and the anti-money laundering 2004 Iraqi situation due process of regulatory institutions, especially banking. http://www.ikhnews.c...n=view&id=74697 [bondLady] so they do work 6 days a week unless holidays, legal ones which we already knew they had said saturday auctions [bondLady] but its like a matter of fact now they needed to make it more like international banking hours and days, good stuff [bondLady] it just goes to show everyone...we've stayed our course we got off that rumor roller coaster ride, and stuck with what we know and can see for ourselves and we've been right about everything , its the truth [bondLady] the ones who follow us daily know what i've said to look for and the way things would play out and they are doing just that and its awesome to see comfirmations of the things we talked about like the basket of laws i said would have to happen to support the budget and to be able to do the budget, hcl and article 140 [DogzNova] i'm suprised they are going to do article 140 and HCL at this low rate [bondLady] infrastructure law which we haven't heard a thing on lately which leads me to believe they have agreed per it but they want amnesty law as a barter for it and their about to get that so i feel infrastructure law is right there with that too [DogzNova] but won't you be surprised of both are put into place with this low rate [bondLady] yes it can't last too much longer if not before and the mandate expires also and they do have bills to pay as well [bondLady] 3 years ago we talked about artice 140 when they said they just did not have the money to pay for it they didn't have enough money in circulation to cover it and i said then they would need to change the rate and then they would [bondLady] but it makes sense to do it with a new rate but we don't know what they are going to do also this money wouldn't be in paper either it would be cards [bondLady] and doing the hcl and article 140 this brings in big time investors and if indeed the infrastructure law is about to go also that brings the world in to rebuild iraq and allows things to be done over time through credit and they need that, this will trigger the whole world into coming in to invest in Iraq hcl is the party and the articles i posted 2 days ago says the hcl is ready for its first reading Attorney Shara reveals tireless quest to develop oil and gas law on the agenda of the parliament after the ratification of the general budget Ali Salman - 02.12.2013 - 10:21 AM Revealed to the Commission on oil and energy in the House of Representatives that he hoped to be read oil and gas law first reading after the completion of the approval of the general budget. Said committee member bloc MP Furat al-Shara citizen in a press statement today, said that "there is a diligent pursuit by the Commission on oil and energy to be the parliamentary oil and gas law on the agenda of the House of Representatives after the completion of the approval of the general budget. Adding that he hoped that the law is read first reading in parliament after the ratification of the general budget of the country and which will hopefully be completed during the current week. Shara added: that the law of oil and gas will contribute to ending the conflicts and crises that erupt from time to time between the Kurdistan region and the federal government. Stressing the need that there is coordination between the Federal Ministry of Oil and the Kurdistan region with respect to the export of oil. He Shara for outrage of the statements made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in which he said that it is the right of the Kurdistan Regional Government export oil, saying: that the Iraqi people and the Iraqi state sent messages good to all countries of the world, especially the countries of the region and the neighborhood. Adding, that he was better for those countries to respond to those letters at least equally if not respond with the best of them. http://www.burathane...cle_184231.html [RickeyT] BondLady do you think that they will distribute prior to a re-evaluation? [bondLady] i don't do dates and rates rickey sorry i don't know, no one does [RickeyT] BondLady I am sorry, did not mean to ask that, just trying to put some sense to it.... [bondLady] plenty of sense to be made of it its all right before us thank you all
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    You want this to be about Obama but is not the government has been nibbling at taking our rights and freedoms for awhile now. It is Washington DC that is the problem not We The People It is Washington DC who Refuses to Govern by the Constitution and the bill of rights It is Washington DC who absolutely refuses to here the will of the people and instead sell us out to the Lobbyist. It is We the People who have the law, the Constitution and the bill of rights on our side not Washington DC. We no longer have the right to free speech,We no longer have the right to unreasonable search and seizure through ( NDAA ) We no longer have the right to a trial by a jury of our peers ( NDAA ) We no longer have the right to privacy They monitor all emails and phone calls We are forced to pay taxes which there is no law and if you refuse you are illegally thrown in prison. We are now forced to buy a product that is so expensive that most of cannot afford so they passed a law that says we have to even though most Americans were against it. We are a Nation that was born One Nation Under God and now our Government wants to eliminate God from our National code. We are supposed to be a Nation of Laws but for some reason they only enforce the law against the citizens of this country. Our Government exempts themselves the laws the force us to live under. Not only do they allow people from other country's to come over our borders illegally. They take money that our legal hard working citizens worked for and set the illegals up in a new life while our citizens have to do without. Everything our founders tried to prevent with the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights is happening Because our Government sees the Constitution and the bill of rights as an obstruction to their agenda of one world Government. they are in the process of giving America To the UN. Now they are trying to take our only defense from Government take over by taking the right to bear arms.You call these small faults. Every one of these small faults you wrote about are true and are due to the Governments willingness to break down the fabric of this country. Voting and using your voice is no longer an effective tool they have proven they no longer listen You are wrong the backbone of this Country is not the working people The back bone of this country is the men and women who have and will stand up and fight for the laws, liberty's and the Constitution of the United States of America . The Government have crossed the line not We The People They must go back to governing by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and a Government by the people and for the people This war is being forced upon the American people by a Government who believes they are above the law and the Constitution does not pertain to them I served too it does not show you are more patriotic then those that didn't after all Benedict Arnold served also. If you are looking so hard for a hypocritical racist maybe you need to look in the mirror No Surrender No Retreat and No Compromise
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    Im a vet too didnt serve 20 years. obama and his subversives will never disarm me and I can safely say 95% of all Texans. The US government does not give me any rights. My rights are give to me and everyone else by the Good Lord Jesus. When obama decides he is going to infringe on my God given rights. This little big eared muslim got problems. Texans were stupid enough to give our guns and horses up once. I can tell you one thing it wont happen again. Myself I would rather be an alive criminal than a dead law abiding citizen. Im hoping we all can get through the next 4 years of obama, with a peaceful and United States of America, that can be repaired from the damage this subversive has caused. He needs to be impeached, hopefully charges can be brought on him this year. Im praying to the Good Lord Jesus that charges are brought on this man. Just remember 50% of the people did not vote for him and detest him. I cant stand to hear the liar talk or even see his and his aunt Ester looking old lady's picture. JMHO!
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    Thanks for your honesty... yes you stepped on out there but what the heck. At least you hoped to bring a little hope to some out here in dinarland and there's nothing wrong with that. You did qualify your statement too by mentioning that you're not a guru, just someone with some kind of connection. I crossed paths with someone who claimed to have info on the dinar earlier this summer. They said they had close to 100 million dinar from when they were in Iraq and that the money was worthless. They mentioned wall papering a room in their home. I told them to throw some of that worthless wall paper my way and then it wasn't so worthless, they didn't want to throw any of it my way. I mentioned to this person that I had to question their statement about it being worthless but not being willing to throw the worthless paper my way, they chuckled and said that they were going to hang on to it just in case something happened. I asked why did they spend the money to purchase that amount, (100 million) if they thought it was so worthless and the response was that it wasn't paid for, that the dinar they had was thrown their way at no cost to them. Hmmm.... I didn't question them anymore on it, just thought to myself that I may not want to know what they had shared. I personally believe we will prosper from our investment. I had an amount that I was hoping to get and I was blessed, I've had 2/3 of what I have given to me by family and friends. They told me that God laid it on their hearts to bless me with some and low and behold, I'm at the amount I had prayed about. People question some when they mention God is in this investment, my response is how can he not be. I believed God for a certain amount and that's what I have, plus I've given almost as much as I have to others when God laid it on my heart to give some to folks. But thanks for sharing, sorry about running rabbits, I have a tendency to do that at times. God bless, willy1der/pappy
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    Another smee2 tale ... Now, this is not a joke. I found it funny, but it is not a circulating joke. It is, I am sorry, a long read, and if you don't care for my previous long reads, you can skip this now. Just trying to give fair warning. This didn't come from a friend, forwarded by one of their friends, in fact, I know for sure it has never been on the internet in any way before, because it happened to me ... smee2 ... yeah, THAT me ... So, here goes ... a Valentines Day Snippet Years ago, one of the current, flash-in-the-pan best known authors in Europe and North America was Xaviera Hollander. In case you don't recognize the name, she is "The Happy Hooker" ... the name of her book. I think she was arrested in the US and had to leave the country when she was let go and that is how she ended up living in Canada. We Canadians are forgiving, non-combative, and take in all sorts of people and this was a time when we had just gone through taking in a lot of "draft dodgers" I think they were called, who did not have the ease of conscience to be part of the Viet Nam war. Xaviera sort of snuck in there when we were not looking. Her book was held up, literally, in a session of parliament, and even given out to members of our parliament by a politician who was supporting her move to Canada, on a permanent basis. He was a Torontonian when he was not in Ottawa (the seat of our federal government) and we handled his home and office phone lines. That may be how she came to us, a referral from him. So, she was living in Toronto, as was I at that time. That time, ah ... that time. It was the early seventies (about 1973 or 4 as I recall) and the time span in which I met and fell for my now departed husband, Neil. (It is somewhat important to the gist of this story that you understand not only the what, but the WHEN. Also it was a time before the recognition of AIDs and the almost manditory use of condoms ) Anyway ... on with the snippet ... I was living the life ... in Toronto, a big city, and me a country girl, Toronto being somewhere I never thought to be ... But there I was. Working a job and a half to support my own little business that I had started up the second week of living there. I was, if nothing else, fairly ambitious. One of my part time jobs, the one where I met Neil by the way, who was a client I talked to every weekend evening for a few hours when he just called in to put in a request for a wake-up in the morning. You remember those times? We didn't all have telephones that went directly to voice mail, but had "answering services" ... places where your phone line was diverted so that a switchboard operator could take your calls when you were out and you would call when you got in to pick up the messages? Very popular with doctors who needed appointments taken or lunch time relief for their staff, and with people who just needed the service. For those of you who don't remember answering services ... I really feel sad for you. Anyway, I operated cord boards ... yup, like Lilly Tomlin in her "This is the phone company, we don't have to care:" comedy skit that helped to make her famous. You don't remember that either? Google her and you might find some of her stuff on YouTube. I hope it is somewhere, preserved for those who didn't get the joy and laughter of seeing it when it was happening. Geez ... I knew I was long winded sometimes, but this is getting ridiculous. Working evenings, weekends, and being on call for times when someone couldn't come in for their shift, I had to know a lot about all the boards in our establishment. The company I worked for had five or six offices in Toronto. I worked at them all, and knew most of the lines and customers associated with them without even looking. (Average in each office 500 to 700 lines) I was very good at some things and that was one of them. On our downtown office we had Ian Tyson, of Ian and Sylvia fame ... really? Google and maybe YouTube ... you get the idea. In that office we also had the home line for the mayor or Toronto, and some of the other locally and provincially well known and "famous" people who used our company for their answering service. We had one office where the operator, that would be me sometimes, dispatched tow trucks after office hours as well as taking phone lines and putting out pager signals ... pager signals? ... I am definitely getting too old if you don't remember those ... or maybe you are just too young! I know, I know ... but maybe Google ... you get it. It was on the most recent office opened that we had the home phone line for the agent (or promoter of some kind?) for Anne Murray ... singer ... television, radio, hootenanny stuff (hootenanny? Google), sort of the beginning of soft country ... Canadian, first hit "Snowbird", first woman, as well as first Canadian, to win the Album of the Year at the Country Music Association Awards, 1984, for "A Little Good News" ... and before long in her career, and for many years, a Las Vegas, mega hotel/casino (super star, sort of the Ceine Dionne of the day} showroom entertainer. Anyway, we would chat with her when she was in between shows, or after the shows were over, late at night, when she was in Vegas. She knew that if she called her agent and he wasn't home, she would end up talking to one of the switchboard answering service girls. Often she called after a show, to wind down, knowing she would get one of us,and just needing someone to chat with. One year we all got signed Christmas Cards from her. Sidetracked? Me? No, never ... hahaha At one of the offices, as I started out to say, we had the line for Xaviera Hollander (pronounced Zaviera) on our boards. And this is where the Valentine part comes in. I get there ... it sometimes takes a while, but I do usually get there. There were a lot of calls the evening before, and the day of, Valentines Day, for Xaviera ... a hot chick in anyone's book and she had made a lot of friends in Toronto. One of them was a fellow she had been ... dating ... another old fashioned term which may or may not be something you can Google ... anyway, she had been dating a gentleman who also had his phone lines on our boards. So, on Valentine's Eve, Xaviera, who had been out that evening with this gentleman, called his home when she got home brfore he got back to his home,and we got his line because he had not gone straight home but out for a drink, he said. She called to leave him a Happy Valentine's Day message. Being European and not speaking English as a first language, she surely did not realize what she had said when she said " Take a message and say this ... "Happy VD" ... which she meant to convey the message, Happy Valentine's Day. We all knew better, but we were trained to take a message as it was given, word for word if the caller wanted it that way. And since we were dealing with both ends of the conversation, her line and his, we made sure it was taken as given.( Xaviera Hollander was a world renowned prostitute and madam, with "houses of ill repute" in most European countries. Her book "The Happy Hooker", was scooped up like candy by women who wanted tips on how to "entertain" a man, and by men who wanted to hear the juiciest of her adventures.) The evening passes, as does the night, and voila, we are at Valentine's Day ... and of course everyone wants to have that evening off to go out with their husbands or boyfriends (boyfriend, archaic term ... Google it) ... Well the message, taken as given, sat in his message box all day and the gentleman did not pick it up until early evening. So it was me, smee2 me, who had taken the message to begin with, who had to give it him when he called. So I read it out saying, "Miss Hollander left a message, saying, "Happy VD" ". There was this audible intake of breath, a pregnant pause if ever I heard one, and then he exhaled an explosion as if he had been holding his breath ... "What did she say, exactly?" I explained to him that when we are given something to say in the caller's own words, we write it down, and relay it just that way. She said "Happy VD". He hung up the phone without even saying Thank You as he usually did, being a very polite gentleman. Immediately Xaviera's line rings. She is taking a bubble bath, we don't know if she is alone but she had alerted us she was going to be in the bath of bubbles and we should take her messages until she called back. It was the gentleman calling of course. I had just been speaking to him, and he may have thought the voice was familiar, because he questioned who he was speaking to, very confused ... for more reasons than one I suspect. He wanted to know where she was, what she was doing, with whom, when would she be back, could he reach her before that? We could not give out any of that information and I asked him if he wished to leave a message. His message ... "What!" He called back several times while she was in the "bath of bubbles" and kept leaving messages like "What did you mean?" Where the h@ll are you?" "Why are you not calling me back?" "What did you mean by your message?" "Call me ASAP" {ASAP, another pre-cel , pre-PC, and pre-text era term) She got the messages, all of them, when she was out of the bath, and ready to take messages. As I gave them to her she kept asking what did he say exactly, and why would he say that, and he sounds upset ... no kidding. He was upset. And to him, fit was or a very obvious reason. (Now don't try to tell me you are so young you don't remember the term VD !) She left him a message ... "It does not sound like you are having a Happy VD at all. When will you be here? I am almost ready for our date to go to the club." When he finally got the message she left, he was, it seemed, well on his way to a next day, liquor induced hangover. Now, we operated on the old fashioned cord board ... and although it was possible, it was against all company rules, to cross the cords and let one party speak with another if they are both on the same service. The back and forth messages started getting very heated so I offered to "hook them up" literally. It is rude, bad manners, sometimes funny, and most likely illegal, to listen in on these conversations except to just touch the contact to see if the line is still open, meaning the conversation is not finished. But I was, at that time, rude, unmannerly, uncaring of the legality, and looking for a chuckle. After all, I was the one working Valentine's. So, yes, I admit it ... I listened in. He was angry and hollering. She was confused and questioning. They were both trying to get information from the other and neither one of them was taking the time to find out what was at the base of this conflict. I took my life, well maybe just my job, in my hands and broke into the conversation, with "Excuse me. Excuse me!" Well, they stopped talking and shouting over each other, and surprised, listened to me. I explained my position and that I had been privy to both sides of this "conversation" that wasn't really a conversation at that point. And I solved the misunderstanding, and put their relationship back on track, with each of them apologizing to the other, and both of them forgetting all about me. And what makes this funny, at least to me? I had to explain to the wealthiest, best known, published, hot point of very strong opinions, and undeniably the most famous prostitute of the time, that in English, VD means venereal disease. And the memory of that, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes me chuckle every Valentine's Day. To answer a question that some of you will be asking ... NO ... since breaking my back I DON'T have anything better that I CAN do with my time. But I do enjoy story telling.
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    Yea alrighty then, poor attitude! How about this one then, you will see the RV on Sunday 2-17-13
  17. 5 points
    The Standby Arrangement Expires The End Of Next Week On February 23rd And Won't Be Extended ! Just Sayin' !
  18. 5 points
    Just an observation from what i have noticed over the years....... Anything negative is taken as a lie and not true or "misdirection"....... Anything positive is taken as absolute fact and imminent...... Go figure......
  19. 4 points
    No that would be way to logical, and confrontational for the poor nutty professors, they wouldn't want any facts getting in the way of reprogramming our youth to be socialists. I agree with you though, the more opinions and facts the merrier. This however not how the educational system works now days.
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    Just like a liberal jackal... always yelling because they don't have enough sense to think and speak rationally. Sheesh! Stupidity gone to seed. I'm praying for crop failure.
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    Rv next week good this is great! I'm going to give my boss a 1 week notice again. He said if I do it again he was going to fire me. This is got to be the real deal or I'm gonna be on obama 99 week program. It cant be to bad I get a free phone, gas, rent, insurance, and food. On second thought who needs an RV, when I got obama!!! I wasnt thinking right I should have voted for him. well i will in 2016! :wacko:
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    Hey thanks for the optimistic start of the weekend!!! I enjoy the uplifting rumors, especially on Friday, which is typically the don't get anything done in Iraq day! Although, as much as they do the rest of the week, you might think almost everyday, is a religious holiday there! Anyway, thank you for the post, and let's hope this is the one! Go RV or RI !!!
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    Surgery went great, about 90 minutes for an open reduction with a plate & 12 screws. I wasn't able to have the popliteal block because I was having nerve pain in my foot... Hence I'm in major pain right now. I'll be in a splint for 2 weeks, return to change the bandages & check my progress then a hard cast for 6 weeks. Thanks so much for your positive thoughts & prayers, I know they gave me great comfort. KK MADD for Heather
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    Bottom Line, Money, Greed, and abuse of power to gain control is breaking down the United States which starts at the top. When elected leaders of a nation no longer practice good ethical values with integrity but continue to govern in the best interest of lobbyist's who are supplying money for their own agenda's the system begins to break down and eventually will fail. These elected officials no longer lead by example rather they are leading by influence.
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    ***///***///***/// How did two such ignorant people get into the educational system to begin with? Retaliating and using their grudge by perpetrating hate upon CHILDREN...? A new low.
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    I'm no psychologist, but I have noticed that quite a few posts have taken a turn toward the UGLY. What's up with that? If you truly believe that there is a profound difference between parties, you have been living in a cave. Lately, I have noticed more and more "hate" towards others on this site. As if calling someone a name or labeling them will change the course of events. Hey, venting is one thing, but blantly calling discrediting someone for having an opposite view point is CHILDISH. What's next, "I know you are, but what am I?" BS?!? So you dont like Obummer or whomever the PTB annointed to office. You voted for the other gal/guy. You just want to be "left alone". Good! I want the same for my family and life. However, NEITHER party will leave us alone. Neither party offers a solution to the problems that beset the country. Why? because they are PART of the problem. As I have stated in earlier posts, this is the PLAN. Follow me? It is the plan to have the commoners (mundanes, as Lew Rockwell likes to call us) fight amongs ourselves. It is the PLAN to dumb-down the popuation into thinking there is a difference between a kick to the nuts or a punch to the groin. Dunno, I think both hurt equally. Having differences in opinions is GREAT. Having to start calling people names/labels is, in debate forum, called "losing the argument". I enjoy reading all the different stuff I see in here. Helps make my day at work go by with a little more interest and, hopefully, seeing different view point being offered. BUT, this crap about all those "stinkin liberals, commies or right-wing nazis" is nothing but a label. Is this what you teach your children? "Hey, if that dude doesnt agree with you, then call him a name! that'll show em! Getting the last word in always wins an agrument..." It is similar to talking louder if someone doesnt understand what you are saying to begin with. Yeah, yell what you are saying, that'll make it clearer! Good god almight. So, you might take offense to what I just wrote. Sorry. But all those "negative vibes, Morerity" (Kelly's Heroes-love that movie) doesnt help your discussion. OK, I am done VENTING. Again, I meant no offense to anyone here in DV. Dunno, just saying.... trying to stay Peaceful
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    Hope you are healing good...prayers and blessings your way!...cheers got steel staples in my neck, wire mesh in my belly, two titanium hips, a titanium plate in right foot and I just got through jogging and walking for quite awhile..lift weights, play basketball, golf etc....doctors had told me 4 years ago 12-20% permanent disability due to having both legs broke and crushed below the knees...they were wrong!!! ( 69 years young), I share this with you in the hope that you realize you can do more than you know if you let it heal and keep a positive mental attitude...blessings
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    thaiexpat...thx for old proverb says all good things come to those who wait....if they do we better get behind a big, big rock when the good things head this way cause as long as we have waited it will be an avalanche ....cheers
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    LOL, keep wishing folks they will never prove this fake birth certificate jazz. Supreme court is going to say it is a tax and done.
  31. 4 points
    Thanks all for the replies. I guess I will just have to open up a little bit. It's great to see Possum back, it's been awhile...
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    Parents Complain About School Ad Excluding Whites From Tutoring Program February 13, 2013 6:18 PM (credit: CBS) AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A school principal said no white children were allowed at an after-school tutoring program, and now some parents call it discrimination. The principal at Mission Viejo Elementary in Aurora sent a letter telling parents the program is only for students of color. Parents CBS4 talked with said they were shocked to see, in this day and age, what they consider to be segregation. “I was infuriated. I didn’t understand why they would include or exclude certain groups,” said parent Nicole Cox, who is white. Cox’s 10-year-old daughter needs tutoring. After receiving the notice, other parents complained to the school’s principal, Andre Pearson. “We have come so far in all of these years to show everybody that everyone is equal, that everyone should be treated equally … this is a form of bullying,” Cox said. Before Cox could complain to the school, Pearson contacted her directly. His voicemail only seemed to reinforce the segregated tutoring idea. “This is Andre Pearson. It’s focused for and designed for children of color, but certainly, if we have space for other kids who have needs, we can definitely meet those needs,” Pearson told Cox in the voicemail.
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    No it is the other so called news sources that choose to hide truth from viewers if it hurts the current administration or the liberal adgenda and we find that offensive. The more you people try to diminish FOX News the more we realize we should actually pay attention to FOX News, the manipulation and distortion you've become accustomed to is foolish at best, at the very least concerning. Stop trying to slander any oposition it is so petty and transparent.
  34. 3 points
    Wouldn't one ban the use of ANY news channel as primary source? I thought the exercise was to do one's own research in discovering the bottom line of the topic at hand.... and I can't see using TV news as an authentic primary source document for such a query.... Course its been awhile since I was in school... so maybe undergrads use TV instead of the library these days Thats not real encouraging....
  35. 3 points
    What does any of this bickering have to do with news about Iraq??? I'm not here to spout my political, or relgious beliefs. I just want to know about Iraq and an RV......... PEACE :)/> :D/> :rolleyes:/> And this is JMO but those blaming everyone else for their problems need to take a good long look in the mirror.... Hope everyone has a pleasant rest of their day.......
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    HMMmmmmm Maybe that 2,000 rounds of ammo that is in the bunker is not enough. The government knows something that us little people are not privvy to! Maybe the planned colapse of the USA is closer than we realize.
  37. 3 points
    Oh and PS, I'm right there with ya on the "leave me alone"! , get out of my house, my yard and my life ......and take your frickin smart meter with ya........I don't know what ya call that person, but I'm hoping enough of us are left to stand together and then have the stones to stand up and say more. I'm done.
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    were going to be fine .. we just got 4 more years of crap ahead of us ... well 3 years 11 months 3 weeks
  39. 3 points
    thug..talking about stoned I was wondering something...the Bible says men that lay together should be stoned...that doesn't really mean gae men should smoke pot...right? cheers Buddy, thx for the welcome home, been a dry spell! they censored my y so I improvised...afterall it's supposed to be politically correct...or maybe not!
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    Hydrant Thank you for the wish... you made our day :)/> I guess you know that "DV Women" are cool :)/> we have class, we have style, we have brooms, we have mops, we can cook, we can whip, so watch out
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    Deal of the century ... Kuwait seizes Iraq Sea Student Catri Friday , February 15, 2013 Unprecedented political Geo Department of UN Security Council Resolution No. 833 issued in 1993, which was not approved by Iraq Bay Khawr Abd Allah into halves half Kuwaiti deep and a half Iraqis shallow, shallow means Fort and citizenship or Kish بالعراقي Since the Iraqi ports located at the end of Khawr Abd Allah channel, the navigation would be impossible if used Alambhrat beach Iraqi With the Kuwait building a port on the Khawr Abd Allah be sea lane has turned actually on the Iraqi side to River With operations Tm required by the port of Mubarak then Maitba operating final port of Iraq has lost Khawr Abd Allah corridor nautical and remained his part Mahadd to Iran from the sea in the Faw area and process are summarized similar to that of the cutting machine which Iraqis Algelaptin call has cut off Iraq from the sea. Mediate my address ‫ countries all countries throughout the history of mankind that either manufactured war or made ​​by sea. ‬ two ministers Iraqis witnessed damage Port Mubarak of Kuwait on Iraq with the Council of Ministers approved the Convention, which recognizes the right of Kuwait built. In lax about the seventh item is not due to bribes Kuwait only but no belief by some that this decision brought him to power indirectly ‬. seventh item means explicit that Iraq is a threatening international peace and security and the right of one or more members in the UN war it is expected that the survival of Iraq under Tailth will scuffs some Iraqi leaders to international courts . Thread door and clarify personal Hard individually here in this site, you type it exclusively and do not know the owner nor is it knows me did not happen that we met or saw each other never this writing, collected file Chapter VII and I delivered in the yard trading media even rose to the height of political dealings and Tlagafh parliament and the government and politicians, three articles reprinted to the forefront the greatest crime in modern times committed against the people kidnapped by ruler and when I got the hype to the United Nations installed bicycle aerobic withdrawn to shadow told me Ouhama that I had a blow-old journalist and rescued millions of people and as expected for me and unexpected for the others occurred rotated shame and flocked officials and parties and personalities from Iraq to Kuwait and sawed reverse ping-pang or the Big Bang to shrink the case and gathering Bmcans Kuwait Finance and cool and freeze insists received in the closet forgetfulness and so on and like every time I found my mouth full of Balhandal and soul soaked sorry and my mind more fervent about the nature of the man who became willing not only to sell his homeland for the money and even killed the prophets asked to do so. Some entrance of Kadima I covered the incident geographic artificial importantly in Iraq when it was disengagement historical between the Tigris and Euphrates and time started to say that students in Iraqi schools receiving big lie of studied geography, which tell them about the confluence of two rivers in the town of Qurna in on the ground ended hugs romantic religious geographical and prison every river Bmgrah This was in the context of coverage projects draining marshes (I was a witness to the crime did not need to see this ... Catri student newspaper Brigade chest spokeswoman Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim) sometimes we pastors see a wolf attacking the herd and snatched sheep, but we have to do not see a thief great يسرقنا with the herd, accidents Large often does not see it remained people for millions of years does not see spherical earth does not know Bdoranha remained human blind came up Copernicus, Galileo and Darwin and Einstein and the great Sir Isaac Newton. thus got to write me cover incident geopolitical carry a lot of bitterness summed without liquidity construction that Iraq lost his research that Iraq has its state freely that Iraq died nautical that Iraq is no longer a country located on the Persian Gulf that Iraq has become classified as a closed that Iraq has moved from the state half diminished to the state imperfect fully that Iraq no longer has to Amnkra nautical and Agherna nautical and Akhlija nautical Nehrua sea Iraqi Ban Khawr Abd Allah made ​​any Bay Abdullah Abdullah River Press story is entertaining What's the story? ordinary reader would not benefit him this story is geared for those who have the power of legislation in Iraq, there is hope that is stopping this national disaster by the legislature. 'm absolutely certain that The deal will pass and that 2013 is the year of the death of Iraq apart. slightly longer Board topic We know that the border between Iraq and Iran painted manner (gait drunk) to remain border problems explosive between the two countries and the border with Jordan painted on the form (grip pistol) to drag Iraq Maamkn for Israel either the southern border of Iraq has drawn on the basis of proximity and distance from the sea function of Kuwait as basically are separating Iraq from the Persian Gulf has kept him Mnkra injured a cold war from 1980 until 1989 and grabbed legally in 1993 the UN resolution No. 833 and then got taken over by Kuwait This year, 2013. at the end of last year and beginning of this year, Iraq signed two agreements two of the most dangerous conventions in its history ancient and modern speak today about one of them and the second we will leave to cover later. Convention serious first signed between Iraq and Kuwait with the title very simplistic and Aaouha Bay importance remember her recipe organization bilateral brotherly and neighborly setting rules for navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah. spirit Convention obliges Iraq to give up being a maritime nation owns a beach on the Persian Gulf. agreement outstretched is limited and admission official Iraqi truly Kuwait in building the port of Mubarak. According to this agreement, the sea Iraqi or Khawr Abd Allah would like Suez Canal ownership Kuwaiti and more like the establishment of the Strait Kamadik Hormuz ownership Kuwaiti too. According to this agreement, the navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah will be under the sovereignty of Kuwait. this agreement is to change the borders of Iraq of international water is with the port of Mubarak change of geography between Iraq and Kuwait in favor of Kuwait and at the expense of soil and water Iraqi through a mechanism construction or right to dispose of sovereignty of the damage deliberate with others. Convention removed from Iraq Bahrah forever. Iraq no longer with this agreement maritime nation. Mubarak Port violates the second paragraph of Article 70 of the Law of the Sea internationalist. agreement did not need to examine the experts in the laws of the sea because continued presence means that Iraq had negotiated waters. negotiate Malaimcn negotiated and agreed bilaterally on the sovereign property of Atksm two and he became number two and if implemented the Convention by Kuwait deleted Iraq Walia of any partnership because the ships entering and leaving to and from the Khor Abdullah will be doomed, however, the first party who holds a door Mandab new. thus became southern Iraq, level with the north in not having landlocked. died Iraq nautical accident geopolitical unfortunate. Is it wise to separate more? like me and some like that told him our son Malva did and Rjoh that comes Fodder did and asked him to come donkey obeyed and when he met the donkey and the manger and feed Rjoh that complements beautiful and eat instead of ass. lost Gulf as we prepare for the organization of the Gulf Cup. I would recommend good Gulf Cup if you received it. I do not know why Ahacr myself in such cases? There is a saying المعيدي spins on Dakh Khalkh Mlhouk political Iraqi Foreign Ministry did not provide since 2003 to 2013, any draft resolution to the UN about removing Iraq from Chapter VII. Iraq Mission to the United Nations did not get that said incision word on this subject and show lakeside stands generally put the issue on the General Assembly of the United Nations. Iraqi representative at the Arab League did not happen that presented a project of the Arab League to move the file Chapter VII across the Arab bloc in the United Nations. Iraqi representative at the Arab League wrote a lengthy article here in the writings of when talking about the conquests of Iraqi diplomatic conference in Latin America. foreign minister declared ten years ago that he won a promise from Russia, Kuwait, France ... (With changing the name of the state all told) to remove Iraq from under Chapter VII and so far did not ask him one why not be translated that promise to draft UN resolution? Kuwait signed with the Arbil three agreements without the knowledge of Baghdad where Kuwait guarantor of the economy Cardsan before international commitments This happened after the Iraqi extracted Kuwait sea.
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    i have always believed.......once we see the hcl and 140.........we will see an rv soon.......aww that dreaded word......soon........but with the news lately.........this thing is moving fast........and if allawi gets the president opening.......Malikis ass is grass..............GO DINAR
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    Hi Easyrider. I'm at work and don't have a lot of time to expound but in a nutshell here are my thoughts. The SBA, in my opinion, is a key IMF gateway of Iraq monetary control. In other words, when Iraq took the money, Iraq had to provide accountability to the IMF of its monetary affairs which also includes its "exchange rate regime" (I might add). (not to head into any conspiratorial view of history but..) The infamous "LOAN" has been the #1 method of controlling any nation. The LOAN makes any law(s) of marginal concern at best to the financier. "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws" - Amscher Rothschild So the IMF (or global financiers) have taken up stakes in Iraq through the mechanism of debt. Will they extend the SBA through Feb 23? I don't think it is really a major issue in and of itself because the debt has already been established and hence a method of monetary control. What that means for a rv is a two fold coin. If Iraq honors the request of its financiers and meet their imposed deadlines, I believe there is money to be made. If Iraq continues its internal squabbles and fail to meet imposed deadlines, the same financiers can lock the country in the dark ages until they are ready to release them. In a nutshell, Iraq has multiple leashes and choke chains around its neck by global financiers the SBA being merely one tool. If Iraq disappoints, she will pay dearly. Sadly it is the way of the global world and anyone who kicks against it pays a heavy price (ie Gaddafi and his new gold dinar). This is all my humble opinion worth a little less than

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