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    Project to Delete the Zeros From the Currency-Based and Will Be Announced Immediately After Approval of the Government Vice Governor of Central Bank Last Updated: 01/03/2012 Description of the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh project to delete the three zeroes from the currency of the country as strategic as it will reduce the mass of cash circulating in the local markets. Saleh said: The central bank exceeded the advanced stages in the preparation of studies and logistical preparations for the mission project to delete the three zeroes from the currency and within a specific timeframe being a reformist project of the Iraqi currency. He added that in the event of obtaining approval by the federal government on the implementation of the project work will be on the tactical level and higher will be the announcement of the implementation and contract with advertising companies and the media to educate citizens on how to use the new currency and to answer all questions raised by him. He said: that the ongoing meetings with the relevant committees in both houses of the Iraqi economy ministers, MPs, and we are now awaiting approval from them to get to the final stages of project implementation. No september!!! NO need for Ministers and we alread know...NO LOP WOOOOOOOT :D
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    You have obviously misjudged me over a comment that did not require you to judge my character. I am open to talks with anyone but not open to you taking the time to lecture me without having a clue on how I help others with or without an RV. The sames goes towards how I intend to invest, that my friend is a well laid out plan... Should I go on to tell you the free time I have dedicated to develop a website and integrate a donations portal to accept donations for abused children for a friend in Texas that I have never even personally met? I am the guy who donates multiple times if even a few dollars at a time at the checkout counter that benefits those with ailments or animals in need. If you were a beggar on the street you too would find I give what I can even when it may be my last few dollars instead of judging them if it will go towards drugs, alcohol or food. I don't know their story and if that's all they have to look forward to because they can't get a break in life then so be it. I have done what others consider "sacrifice" things in life such as money, time, sweat and all else that comes with it. I don't see it as sacrifice because I could leave this earth without warning but know I did what I could to help while I was here. I care for my family and make sure they are taken care of as well as what I can do for those I may have never even met. To me, that is not sacrifice, that is someone looking beyond their own needs. So yes, if I say I want a car that I can enjoy then I very well deserve it.
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    While his wording may have shocked some, I think he's correct. I do not understand how this woman can go out in public and claim that she wants the government to pay for her contraception because it's her "right", and that she has no responsibility for her own, to put it more delicately, "actions". In other words, if she wants to eff like a bunny, it should be on her dime.
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    Looks like the Budget has been completed; now we should see the RV…. …..After numerous sessions, delays, and amendments, the Iraqi Parliament finally voted on the largest ever budget of the country on 23 February 2012. allocated for the Peshmarga Forces,which are part of the Iraqi Defense System by law. ……..nice, this is another one of the Erbil agreements approved in the budget and one of the biggest problems the Kurds had. They said they have had to pay for the Peshmarga Forces themselves. Although notall the demands of the Kurds were considered in the budget, Kurdish representatives are generally satisfied with it….….this is great news, the Kurds have said that if the Erbil issues get taken care of they will help pass the HCL and budget, well we know the budget is passed according to this anyway! HCL is too IMO just not formally announced yet. If the agreed on the budget the Kurds have agreed on the HCL. You know I just figured this out, the beginning of the article seems to be fact and then he goes into this guy/gal Saeed Rasul, a Kurdish MP opinion,see here;…… … However, the Peshmarga budget issue, which was one of the key points of disagreement between Erbil and Baghdad, was kept on hold and is still to be addressed and settled between the central and regional governments at a later stage. This means the same scenario of previous years will repeat itself this year. Although the majority of the demands of the Kurdish members were accepted, some Kurdish MPs still doubt whether all these promises will be implemented or if they will have to fight for them again. "These things are approved, but will they be implemented?" asks Saeed Rasul, aKurdish MP. Sreshmayee is also doubtful about the future and says there should be a law to govern such political agreements. Anyway it’s hard to make everyone happy but it looks like the overall Kurd’s are happy and that is what matters to move forward, IMO….. Kurds are overall satisfied with the outcome Thanks for the article carla!!!!
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    CBI Governor Shabibi ~ Central Bank Act to issue calls for the deletion of zeros from the currency ... Saturday 03/03/2012 Central Bank Act to issue calls for the deletion of zeros from the currency Baghdad, Approved the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi the presence of counterfeit currency in Iraq are being traded at rates limited, calling for the House of Representatives to pass a law to delete the zeros of the Iraqi dinar and replace the currency of more sedate difficult to falsify. Saw the Iraqi provinces several, including Karbala, Najaf, Babil, Wasit, Sulaymaniyah and Baghdad, In recent months, adjust the amounts of counterfeit currency, and detained by local authorities in these provinces specialized gangs forged currency, promotion and fraud on the citizens. The Shabibi during a hearing held by the Parliamentary Finance Committee that during the trading operations at the level of monthly Central Bank of Iraq, appeared between 8 and 16 sheets of a ten thousand Iraqi dinars a fake, and the same class of 25 thousand dinars. For her part, the parliamentary economic committee member Nora Albjara told the newspaper that the life of its Committee heard comments about the Central Bank of counterfeit currency and the suggested solutions, pointing to the adoption of the provision of law to replace the existing currency with a new one after deleting three zeros from them. And accused the regional countries facing economic sanctions, of trying to destabilize the Iraqi economy through the introduction of counterfeit currency and take advantage of collecting the maximum amount of foreign currency, such as the dollar, which began running out of the market. The Central Bank of Iraq made adjustments to their systems to sell the dollar in the official auction, because the traders and the offices of Banking remove large amounts of dollars to Iran and Syria, which applied the right to economic sanctions led to the deterioration of their local currencies worldwide, where he began the CBI claim of private banks documents demonstrate their need for hard currency. The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that counterfeiting is very limited in Iraq, pointing out that the most important obstacles faced by counterfeiters is the type of paper the distinguished used to make the Iraqi dinar, as is the paper handler and resistant to dirt and longer-lived in circulation, in addition to the presence of thread safety and the watermark and security rest of the specifications. Did not rule out the occurrence of forgery, because of technological advances in printing processes, and the availability of printing devices attributes of high-definition at hand in the markets, but stressed that the presence of security features on the currency and the ability of the Iraqi banking system and the people on the discovery of fake very quickly to prevent the widening phenomenon. And a project to replace the currency, after deletion of zeros, Salih stressed that this project is under development and will be issued a new currency the central characteristics than the world's currencies, non-penetrating or counterfeiting. Financial authority and warned Iraqi banking offices and foreign exchange companies from exploiting their works everyday to promote counterfeit currency and money-laundering involvement, senior officials acknowledged their occurrence in Iraq. Meanwhile, a President of the Economic Committee in the province of Karbala, Tariq Kikhany: that the security forces detected in a number of provinces have been active in gangs are forging currency, pointing out that these offices are not subject to scrutiny, because of the number and the dozens of people have opened offices banking, without reference controls in place. She drew the local authorities in the province of Babylon, adjacent to Karbala, they arrested a gang of seven people, specializes in forging foreign currency, while its members are in the process of promoting counterfeit currency, and seized possession of a forged 60 thousand dollars. The director of the beauty of the banking and foreign remittances beauty Ajili that counterfeit currency in the market, domestic and foreign, strange that some traders do not normally easily detectable. The Judicial Council in the last Iraqi census that his 1297 sentence issued during the year against those accused of forgery of the currency.
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    Iraq approves its largest ever budget Saturday Saturday, 03 March 2012, 08:24 GMT Iraq approves its largest ever budget A session of the Iraqi Parliament./PRESS PHOTO The Kurdish Globe Kurds are overall satisfied with the outcome After numerous sessions, delays, and amendments, the Iraqi Parliament finally voted on the largest ever budget of the country on 23 February 2012. Voted for by the majority of votes, the total budget is about 116 trillion Iraqi dinars (approximately $100 billion). Kurdistan Region's share in the budget was set at 12.6 trillion ID, approximately 11.25% of the country's total budget. Calculation of the budget is based on fixing the price of oil at $80 per barrel, and under the assumption that Iraq will export 2.6 million barrels of oil per day. Voting for the budget means allocating 40 trillion ID for sovereign issues, approximately four times the budget allocated to Kurdistan Region. This has hurt the Region's share by reducing it by around 7 trillion ID. According to a political agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, the Region's share in the Iraqi budget should be 17%, (approximately 19.89 trillion ID this year), but calculating this rate after deducting the 40 trillion ID, it is now only 10.7%. Although Iraq's budget has significantly increased this year and bypassed previous years' amounts, Kurdistan Region's budget share has not increased accordingly. Kurdish authorities argue the central government has used the excess budget to increase the sovereign budget, and the remainder of the budget that is used to calculate the Region's share has only gone up slightly. Dr. Ahmed Chawsheen, a Finance Committee Member of Parliament of the Kurdistan Alliance says since 2004, Kurdistan's share in Iraq's budget has been between 10 and 12%. "Most of the issues for which budget is allocated under the sovereign budget could be managed within the budget of the Ministries and other governmental institutions," MP Chawsheen told The Kurdish Globe. He added that during a session of his committee with the federal Minister of Finance, he questioned the Minister about the rationale behind the inclusion of so many projects under the sovereign budget, but with "no concrete answer." The Minister replied that this has been the same way before and "we agreed to do it the way we have always done it." The sovereign budget is divided between the presidential budget (9 trillion ID) and the federal budget (31 trillion ID), out of which 7 trillion is allocated for defense, while nothing has been allocated for the Peshmarga Forces, which are part of the Iraqi Defense System by law. Although not all the demands of the Kurds were considered in the budget, Kurdish representatives are generally satisfied with it. Azad Sreshmayee, a Kurdish MP, says Parliament added nine articles to the law immediately before voting, which he describes as being merely to "persuade different political groups" to vote for the draft. "These articles are not related to the budget law," stated MP Sreshmayee in an interview with The Globe. "This will hurt the objectives of the budget law and would put more load and pressure on the government." He believes Parliament does not have the authority to introduce any articles to the draft, and is only entitled to remove or modify existing articles. But this addition was a political decision. Another criticism Sreshmayee had on the budget was the political accord on which the budget is grounded, which means that it would target political aims rather than service and development aims. One of the nine articles added to the draft was proposed by the Sadr MPs to distribute 25% of the discretionary budget over the country's population, which according to MP Najiba Najib, is merely aimed at serving the popularity of the Sadr to be used for future political purposes. Kurds have succeeded in seizing the authority of the Ministry of Finance to hold the Region's budget in case oil exports are stopped, and now the Iraqi government will monitor the Region's exports directly. They also persuaded Baghdad to pay the fees for the oil companies producing oil in Kurdistan. However, the Peshmarga budget issue, which was one of the key points of disagreement between Erbil and Baghdad, was kept on hold and is still to be addressed and settled between the central and regional governments at a later stage. This means the same scenario of previous years will repeat itself this year. Although the majority of the demands of the Kurdish members were accepted, some Kurdish MPs still doubt whether all these promises will be implemented or if they will have to fight for them again. "These things are approved, but will they be implemented?" asks Saeed Rasul, a Kurdish MP. Sreshmayee is also doubtful about the future and says there should be a law to govern such political agreements. http://www.kurdishgl....9BA8EAD6E494FD
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    CNN. Broadcasting While My Camel Is Getting Towed From A Handicapped Parking Spot In Downtown Baghdad ! Shhhh, Don't Tell Cooked Or He'll Tell A Camel Tow Joke ! 3-2-2012 Guru Med I SEE THEY WANT ASSISTANCE IN PRINTING A CURRENCY THAT IS MUCH BETTER THAN THE ONE NOW OUT...IN ONE OF THE BEST ARTICLES IT CLEARLY STATES THAT THE RATE WILL GO FROM 1170 TO 1, TO 1.17 TO 1. 3-2-2012 Guru Doc Iraq continues to progress toward the end goal. We have seen the budget become a reality. We are seeing in several public statements Kuwait supporting the removal of chapter has been reported Maliki will go to Kuwait to "seal" the deal very shortly...the factions concerning HCl are playing nice again. One news release suggested a vote could come as early as next week. Even the CBI/currency laws are all over the news. Several articles discussed the need for laws to be enacted to re-index the financial systems post currency reform. The article was very clear that Parliament still needed to approve the new currency. all the key issues we believe that need to be addressed for the RV are now highly visible in the public domain. This typically means the under the table deals are on going. Remember Parliament returns to session March 6. Over the next few weeks watch whats being voted on in Parliament. We maintain the RV will not be triggered until these things are voted in place. 3-2-2012 Guru Doc We continue to caution all not to get caught up in the hype of a single event...The simple reason is the RV in not about you or I or a single event. It is about Iraq becoming part of the world community again. We have seen several reports where world leaders have told Iraq the things they need to do to be part of the world community ie release from ch 7, entry into WTO, etc. The good news is Maliki and company appear to finally get it. Just keep in mind this is about Iraq getting its ENTIRE house in order and not a single event. We continue to warn all there will be those that continue to "call" the RV with every single event and its nothing but continued hype as its been in the past. We report, you decide. 3-2-2012 Guru asdf I was hoping today [Thursday] that we could see some changes economically in Iraq...we did not. This is a live & fluid situation... things are progressing, moving along. When will they initiate the new plan of dropping the zeroes & dropping the artificial program rate...we just do not know, hopefully soon. Was the budget implemented today...we don't know... conflicting information everywhere. Things are moving along. 3-1-2012 Guru Breitling Iraqi's are still using dinar, you can't pull all of it off, it would cause harm. They have to maintain some type of liquidity within the country until they pass the law. Shabibi and Saleh keep talking about getting rid of the 3 [0 notes?] notes. The whole process is to raise the value of the currency. In Iraq, it is going to be an even swap, it's going to be $1.17 for the old currency & they will have a certain amount of time to get in the new currency & it's going to be $1.17.
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    thanks for the first post.....not surprising as I ordered a lawn mower today at home depot with my lowes card.....something is about to happen with the dinar.
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    Before everyone gets their "panties in a wad" over this subject, you might want to read the following: The Democratic Attack Machine recently rolled out a supposed 23 year old college student named Sandra Fluke to use as an innocent-looking “victim” who was being denied her “women’s health rights” by a religious university. Georgetown University, to be exact, where she made the choice to attend, even though she admits to researching Georgetown University and their policies about birth control beforehand. Democrats tried to insert this phony plant, (more on that later) by using an ambush tactic of not notifying the Committee Chairman ahead of time, simply because this “Fluke” is neither an expert on women’s health, a religious scholar, and certainly not a constitutional law scholar, which are just some of the related qualifications that would suggest that Fluke would be able to add anything substantial to the committee discussion. No, Sandra Fluke is now proven to be nothing more than a discredited political activist puppet, and just another tool for the desperate Democratic Attack Machine of 2012. It has now come to light that Sandra Fluke is a 30 [not 23] year-old political activist/feminist/typical Democratic Attack Machine disingenuous disgrace. The only thing missing on her just-now-coming-to-light resume’ would be her probable connections to the GLBT political activist front groups. This fake episode of the supposed poor, young college student being abused and denied her “women’s health-care rights” while being paraded before Congress had all the makings of a D.A.M. farce right from the beginning. Fluke’s demanding other’s be forced to pay for her birth control and abortion pills is right out of the Planned Parenthood manual, along with a smattering of the supposed Occupy victim-card players propaganda and filthy common beggar syndrome.. The stench of desperate debt-spending Democrats [soon to be booted out of Congress in this year's elections] during this charade brings back haunting memories of childhood trips to the local dump, where the stench of rotting food and trash left an indelible impression on a child for months to come. Low and behold, Democrats had the reelection campaign cash-begging emails all set to go the minute this farce was ramped up by the media. D.A.M. also used this farce to try to take down the truth-telling Rush Limbaugh by calling for advertisers to boycott his radio show. ( and of course you can donate to the campaign coffers of the desperate Senate Democrats while you are at it, them being such honorable people) Of course the head of D.A.M., Mr. Barack Obama designed this whole charade of mandating religious organizations to pay for contraceptives and abortion pills to distract from the real issues facing Americans today, including the stagnant economy, high unemployment, and $4 dollar-a-gallon gasoline that his policies have crushed the middle class under the weight of. Barack is the most desperate Democrat of all when it comes to the upcoming elections, and this whole charade proves it. Note: Why not just let the Liberals pay for the abortion pills that they also claim are for “health reasons” and are now trying to refer to that rat poison as ”medicine?” How about putting your money where your mouth is Barbara Boxer. Today’s Liberal [fake] Democrats never do that, instead they are constantly devising disingenuous plots to spend other people’s money. *********************************************************************************** Things are not always what they seem to be. Any female can get a prescription for birth control pills and walk in wal-mart and have it filled for $5. I believe CVS is $8 Excuse me, free birth control pills will not reduce abortions - birth control pills are worthless if they are not taken daily and for that, you need to have self discipline. Most of the teenage pregnancies are because they don't take the pills on a daily basis. There is an old saying, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink" Well, you can give birth control pills to everyone on the planet but if they do not take personal responsibility for taking them as prescribed, there is NO protection. This entire issue has been a hoax - the administration is trying to overstep its authority by telling religious funded institutions they must violate the tenets of their religion because the government mandates it. It is also not MY responsibility to pay for free "spirits" sexual activities and forcing the taxpayer to cover the cost is exactly what this mandate does.
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    This has nothing to do with a potential RV. Banks make money through fees. Sounds like a business decision. Don't read into this more than necessary...
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    Hello everyone I know I am still new to the DV family and most of you do not know me yet, but I am please asking for all to pray for my older brother and his wife who are in Indianpolis and were affected by the tornadon we have not heard from them yet and I myself and worried for them and their friends. I am just asking please for you to keep them in your thoughts today please.. Thank you all and god bless Kate
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    I typically don't get involved or quote on the religious posts but frankly, this bothers me. So, let me understand this. Its okay to spend any kind of windfall on the organizations you are pumping, but not support an economy by the purchase of a vehicle? Does not the purchase of a vehicle additionally spread wealth to the seller and his family? Who are you to tell me what or where to spend my money, let alone to use the Lord as a guilt trip for you to decide on God's behalf where I should spend my money and for what causes? And you question whether someone else, who you know nothing about, will be saved? Spare me. You are a hypocritical pumper imo. And yes, I just judged you, but at least I am intellectually honest about it.
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    This is all mine when this happens i believe we are close.
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    DUDE! If the RV is the Holy Grail, you just found the box that it came in! We have been wondering for months what Shabibbi's single-moment trigger was. We don't know what got his finger to the trigger, but now we know what will cause him to pull it. A most excellent find, my friend!
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    Project to delete the zeros from the currency-based and will be announced immediately after approval of the Government Vice Governor of Central Bank Last Updated: 01/03/2012 Description of the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh project to delete the three zeroes from the currency of the country as strategic as it will reduce the mass of cash circulating in the local markets. Saleh said: The central bank exceeded the advanced stages in the preparation of studies and logistical preparations for the mission project to delete the three zeroes from the currency and within a specific timeframe being a reformist project of the Iraqi currency. He added that in the event of obtaining approval by the federal government on the implementation of the project work will be on the tactical level and higher will be the announcement of the implementation and contract with advertising companies and the media to educate citizens on how to use the new currency and to answer all questions raised by him. He said: that the ongoing meetings with the relevant committees in both houses of the Iraqi economy ministers, MPs, and we are now awaiting approval from them to get to the final stages of project implementation.
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    The Organized Destruction Of America Through Political Correctness March 3, 2012 By Tim Powers Leave a Comment inShare Being a man in my mid-forty’s, raised in a pre-political correctness society, I have come to realize what is happening in our country today. We have compromised our principles and our integrity. Every day, it seems, in the midst of all of the political theatrics of the day, someone says something that offends another and before you know it, you may hear the words “I mispoke” or something along those lines. The average person no longer has a voice in society for fear of offending someone else. Case in point, Rick Santorum refers to Barack Obama as a snob for continuously pushing for higher education. Well, if anyone has noticed, where does Barack Obama give the bulk of his speeches? At universities or community collages. Rick Santorum has since apologized for his comment. Why? Mr. Santorum, in my veiw, is entitled to his opinion as is guaranteed by the First Amendment. But, as usual, political correctness ruled the day. Now, jump to the firestorm that Rush Limbaugh is now enduring. Nancy Pelosi marches out a Georgetown student to admit that she has sex so much that she can not afford contraception and therefore the rest of us should pay for it? Rush, in this case is correct. In my upbringing, someone that was that sexually permiscuous was referred to as a (). But after Rush’s comments, the politically correct crowd has called for his ruination. This country, I believe, has come to a point where everything is acceptable, as long as the collective agrees with it. The question that I now have for Americans is this: If our Founding Fathers were politically correct and fell in line with the collective, would there be a United States of America today? I dare say not. We have become a society where everyone gets a participation trophy. The new motto is, it’s not if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. If our founders had adopted that stategy,we would still be under British rule. America is fast becoming a group of spineless cowards with the exception of those that stand strong against political correctness and do not compromise their integrity. One does not have to look far to see the damage that political correctness has done to American society. As near as I can tell, political correctness started it’s accendancy into American politics around the time of the Carter administration. It became much more amplified during the Clinton administration, and it has become totally out of control during the Obama administration. All one has to do is look at the current political arena. When the Democratic party controlled both houses of Congress and the Presidency, there was absolutely no compromise with their Republican colleagues, even when the Democrats violated the US Constitution with the individual mandate set forth in Obamacare. In 2010, America spoke and the Republican party took control of the US House of Representatives. Now that the Democrats can no longer run roughshod over the will of the American people, they are insisting that the Republicans compromise on every issue facing our great nation. It is now a fact that Barack Obama is now basing his entire campaign on what he refers to as a “do nothing Congress”. My fear for America? My fear is that America will become a mamby-pamby society that is dictated to by a few educated elitists at the top and that the freedom and intestinal fortitude that was installed in us by God and our founding fathers will become a thing of the past. We must wake up as individual Americans, realize our inner strengths, and seek the help of other like minded Americans to conquer our weaknesses. We must recognize our rugged individualism but stand together as one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all
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    @HolySpirit: I read your posts and I'm sorry you are discouraged. I am a Pastor, and I must tell you the words you use are not kind. Please, as a brother in Christ, don't publicly single people out as Saved or Unsaved. It does nothing for your testimony, and could hinder the work of others in someone's life. Read Ephesians 4:32 and remember, its just a car. You probably have a car, and i know i certainly do. I like comfort, work hard, and liken nice things, I'm saved. One can indeed enjoy life and still be one of the elect. It is however sinful to be wasteful, and detestible to be hurtful to another. I like your charity choices, but may I suggest you consider first being a light in your community, and second the impact you, yourself, can make by being the miracle rather than funding someone else's attempts. I can recall a young Catholic Priest I had dealings with as a teen. i don't share his faith exactly as he views it, but he reached me by being a friend and allowing me to be anything I wanted to be. He held a youth group for troubled teens and allowed us to do as we desired in the room next to his office. He simply left the door open and told us we could talk if we desired. We wouldn't have showed up if he preached to us, and we didn't do much for God while there, but he gave us the oppertunity and the bennifit of the doubt. years later I came back to his small perish, a scholar and a man. I asked him why he did it, and he spoke very plainly. "I can't make you love God, and i can't make you see what I see. All I can do is leave the door open, and let you be the man you want to be." When we are all wealthy, remember that simple acts bring simple results. Start by loving and being loved in return.
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    ENTITLEMENTS ENTITLEMENTS ENTITLEMENTS.. Feed me, clothe me, pay for my mortgage... Move to china if you want people to tell you how to live.. Effing Loser's..
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    Hey Kate not a problem I'm sure the whole DV family will keep you guys in their prayers. Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. 1Peter 5:7 Please keep us informed
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    Last week, he was Kennedy. Last month, he was Lincoln. Now he's Ghandi. I wonder what he'll be right before elections...the Pope, maybe.
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    The good Doctor can push the button at any minute. As far as anyone knows, there is no law or command from the IMF, UN or Maliki that he waits for. I am quite sure, in his responsible nature, has a trigger or sequence of triggers, that would compel him to rock it out. Any economist worth their salt will tell you that a currency's value is only as stable as the government that backs it. That being said, I believe that at the very least, he wants to see some surrender. By that I mean he wants to witness examples of the political blocs putting the country's best interest ahead of their political agendas, in one way or another. If Maliki were to give up some power and appoint a List candidate to the Security Ministry and/or agree to cede some power to a Supreme Council, that would check the Alliance off of the list. If the Kurds were to surrender oil contract final approvals to Baghdad, check them off. If the List would agree to drop the Hashemi and Mutlaq cases to the Judiciary and replace them, or publicly condemn al Qaeda and break ties with them, done deal. As much as I want this done in the next few days, I think he's holding off and watching. The inflation clock is ticking though, and the Iranian/Syrian draw on the reserves may show an extra bump in the numbers, and I think he's a bit paranoid about things getting out of hand. He can RV without the currency law, that's mainly permission for the new currency and to organize how the RV affects loans and the ISX. Parliament would be forced to pass that upon an RV. Possibly, the longer he waits, the higher the RV. He'd be smart, as Steve says, to RV before the budget is enacted. I think giving up a share of new oil revenues to the people and the armored cars were cases of them know they'd have a surplus this year because of the impending RV, whether it's now or September. My window(s) guess: March 5 through 15th. If not, April 9-16. I'd prefer the National Meeting almost immediately after the Summit, with the HCL done before the Summit. The Budget and Chapter 7, I believe, are already in motion and in the final days. Ran a little long there, sorry....
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    Most people here have a "trigger event" in mind, meaning an issue solved that HAS to get done in order for the RV to happen. The only trigger that counts is Shabibbi's, and he has not only a completely different mindset than you or I (more middle eastern, economic genius thing goin' on...) and actual priorities in order to achieve goals that he is responsible for (we just want to get paid, he's really trying to manage the entire region's economies). Big difference. To think we "know" him, or what he's waiting for is patently absurd. We only have a few pieces of the puzzle, he has them all AND he knows what the puzzle is supposed to look like! Still, it's fun to arrange and rearrange what pieces that we do have, even if their media gives us pieces from an entirely different puzzle. It's what we do to amuse ourselves while we wait. It sometimes seems like when Shabibbi speaks, he's showing us glimpses of the lid to the puzzle box.
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    Very good! We have already read about the List threatening to pull out if the National Meeting is not held before the Arab Summit, and now we have the Kurds on board with it. If they contacted the Sadrists, and Darth Sadr feels like pokin' da bear, they actually might force Maliki into getting this thing off the ground. My guess is that if it is held before the Summit, Maliki feels it would offer an opportunity for his enemies to embarrass him when they act like idiots and intentionally disagree (as usual). I would think that way also. IMO, the National Meeting will cover a lot of topics that we have been waiting for (to show RV progress OR actually trigger an RV), and their best chance of accomplishing those items would happen if the meeting were after the Summit, and the temptation to screw Maliki was not an issue. The budget and Chapter 7 items, I believe, will be in our rear view mirrors by the end of the month, leaving HCL, Article 140, Peshmerga pay, seating of the Ministers and the Supreme Council for the National Meet. The Hashemi and Mutlaq problems may or may not be dealt with by then - in fact, they could conceiveably check any of the issues off of the list at any time, but not all. Again, I presume, that the setting of a date ideally means that the major issues have been settled behind the scenes, reducing any event into a "ceremonial photo-op". This is why Maliki is reluctant to commit to a date, and is hedging behind the security excuse. It's not all worked out yet, but I sense a LOT of pressure though..... So where in this is the RV hiding? The Budget and Chapter 7 are "gimmies" now, so if one of those is the trigger, then it could happen any minute now. If you believe it's the HCL, maybe later in the month. Remeber what I've been saying though: We have been focused on what has to happen BEFORE an RV. They are focused on what happens immediately AFTER the RV. Post RV, the banks and government will be under a lot of pressure to communicate the process, so I believe they need a clear calendar of a week or two in order to RV. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.
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    In light of recent news articles, here is a guide book on the process a country goes through when redenominating their currency. In this case, it was Venezuela's redenomination, they also removed three zeros from their currency. This isn't necesarily about why but how it's accomplished. I'm sure it's been posted before but it's worth reviewing. Sorry, but I don't know how to create your own link, hope this works.
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    "Straight Talkin' Mike" Recaps and Summarizes The Nights News What an incredibly Bold Statement from Shabibi... He is Ready... He came out and point blank said ITS NOT IF I AM GOING TO RV THE CURRENCY... ITS WHEN AND IT IS UP TO ME AND I AM GOING TO BE DOING IT SOON... IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS... WOW!!!! What happened today? Really it didn't happen today... IT HAPPENED 2 DAYS AGO... DR. SHABIBI CAME OUT AND SPOKE TO THE PEOPLE... He wanted to talk about the counterfeit and statements in the media... He wanted to assure the people that the counterfeiting was not as bad as the media is letting on it to be its not severe... please don't worry about it... we have it under control and OH BY THE WAY WE ARE GOING TO BE DELETING THE 3 ZEROES FOR YOU AND WE ARE GOING TO BE DOING THAT SOON... IN A FEW DAYS... this is a quote from Dr Shabibi not from Straight Talkin' Mike... He said don't have any fears... don't worry about it..its not going to hurt the economy... your money is going to be worth more...hang on to it...please do not stop using you dinar... please use your dinar..hang on to it... I plead with you... these people are fools that are telling you all these things out there. Then we talked about the banks wanting to get involved in the investment banking end of the business... they want to be able to participate in all parts of this economy... because it is going to grow and its going to grow very quickly... we've seen the numbers... we've seen what they said, they don't just want to bank... they want to become investment bankers like here in America... We had a law that separated our bank from our investment banks awhile back... we took that law down... some can say all hell broke loose then... and that could have caused all of the problems we have now... I don't know... that is a different conversation for a different day, but I can tell you this they became more profitable when that happened and that's what the banks want to do in Baghdad..they want to be able to be a part of this growing economy that's going to grow very quickly... THEY WOULD NOT WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN THIS IF THE CURRENCY IS GOING TO BE WORTHLESS. Then we talked about an article that there is a bill in front of Parliament and they are afraid just like some of the dinar people are afraid that it is going to hurt the economy... it's not going to help the economy and Saleh came out and said no-no we have this under control... we're not going to hurt the economy... we're not going to affect anyone's net worth... we're not going to take away from anything... we are going to keep the things status quo... and then eventually we will raise the rate after that so don't worry about you walking in taking a 25,000 dinar and walking out with a 25 dinar... that's not the purpose of this... the purpose of this is not to do this... other countries have done this and we know what we are doing... sort of a semi quote unquote is what he said... do not worry go ahead and vote on this... moving forward... they want to conduct a study... Dr. Shab said 3 days earlier we know the study is already done... a lot of what was referred to in that article... Dr. Shabibi had already talked about 3 days later stating HE IS GOING TO DO SOMETHING WITH HIS CURRENCY SOON... WITHIN A FEW DAYS was his quote... the translation was from that paper... whether its translated to be that or whether it is longer than that he certainly is going to do something with his currency soon... soon can be anywhere from 3 days... to 3-4 weeks... don't know, but as we are watching things click off the ticker here they are getting these things done... So the news was absolutely fantastic. Then we read about the electronic payment systems over there and how the banks have all this modern equipment and they want to invest in all this modern equipment... cell phones, electronic payments, credit cards that get people all this stuff... basically it is already there... IT IS READY TO GO..IT HAS BEEN... What they have to do is educate the people... the people are afraid of the banks in what we have seen so far...even some of the articles we didn't read today that maybe you came across out there...the people are afraid of the banks... they are afraid of losing their money..afraid of losing what they put it to them... they don't understand it...they need to be educated on the process of how these things are done... look you can use your cell phone to can use this ATM to get money out to get money out of there... and oh by the way the guys are saying we want to stuff these ATMS with more money because we have to put 25000 notes in there and Shabibi is kind-a laughing saying well I already told you we are going to give you a currency that you can walk around with that's going to be better and then in order to that we have to kind-a increase the value along those lines and then you guys will finally all get it. Moving forward into the Government National Alliance... The National Meeting... 2 articles came out that the agenda is done... are agreeing to move forward... it is my opinion they are waiting to use this a strategy to kind-a pull people together and move forward... maybe they are waiting for some sort of event to happen before they have this that they think is going to happen soon and then they will go ahead and put this out but it looks like they've got the meats and potatoes of the meeting done ready to go ahead and move forward getting this meeting and everything solved... they want to use the constitution... they've got the groundwork... If you ever worked for a large company and did one of these meetings they are doing what they are supposed to be doing... not fun watching... but things are getting done... we are moving out of that realm and moving forward. We talked about everyone agreeing and compromising... we haven't seen that happen for a while but everybody's talking... remember that months ago they were getting yelled at by Hillarious Clinton and the US and everybody else saying get yourself together - move it forward... looks like they took that advice and did that. We read an article about Kuwait... Port of Mubarek... Kuwait likes what they are hearing... Iraq wants to build an Embassy in Kuwait... They want to have relations... I think that Chapter 7 is a mute point at this time... they are doing what they are doing diplomatically to settle this... It is my opinion they will settle this issue very quickly... They will have it done - have it at the UN... it will be released... we will not hear about it..we may see small article saying it is done... and then there will be some sort of announcement from Maliki when he goes over there... a picture ceremony and then maybe they'll come back to the Arab Summit and that will be what they announce there or maybe that will be the kickoff... Look Kuwait is freed us out now you all can deal with us at the Arab Summit... Lots of political choices... the ball is in their court to make this a HUGE event for them for the Arab Summit. Deb & Mike discuss there beliefs on when they believe this can happen. Deb - it is my belief all of these things are done... that's my opinion. We have Shabs coming out with this incredible statement today and all of the other incredible news we discussed. I believe it can happen in a couple of days... not saying it will... but I believe a lot of things have happened behind the scenes and it could happen any time now... Mike - My belief is once they got the budget passed this RV could happen at any point in time from that point forward... My personal belief is I really feel those ministers are important based on what Shabibi said today... I believe Shabibi is under a lot of pressure right now... this counterfeiting stuff can destroy everything that he has done... it can just rip it apart... the 8 years he has put together trying to make sure that his people like their currency in a one fell swoop in a week..people not liking it... I mean I think everyone kind-a wants to tend to look at the end result... What's the date and the rate... as opposed to looking at the journey as we go along... He told us in one article we read the people will go to bed..they will wake up and things will be different... that's what is going to happen... That's how we are going to hear about the RV... We are going to go to bed and we will wake up one morning and it will RV or you will get called in the middle of the night... I look forward to that call... and you are going to know that it has happened and you are going to get up and everybody is going to look at each other and throw your hands up screaming and yelling... and then it is going to hit them... What do I do next? WHAT DO I DO NEXT? ... So yes things are happening based on what Shabibi said... I don't know if it is going to be a couple of days... I don't know that he is going to come out and say it and then do it... We know he is pretty truthful about what he does... He has to have a little bit of Magic behind the Old Wizards Mask... he has a couple of things left that he will do... he'll still do it when he needs to do it on his time and on his terms... basically its there... the pressures are building for him to get this done... but the pressure is also building on the Parliament to get the things they need to get done too... we are certainly combining together. I personally feel that the security minister is really an important part and piece to this whole thing and we may never hear if that gets done... it may be after the fact... it may RV and then after the fact find out the security minister was seated 2 days ago...I just think that is a very important piece to this pie and I don't think we are ever going to know how close they are on that type of stuff..that could be why they are putting off the national meeting...they are kind-a postponing it... postponing it... maybe they want this stuff to be done before that point in time... but we are certainly there at a point in time where things are coming together and these many things have not happened. I guess we need not to concentrate on so much the end of the journey as enjoying the journey as we are in it... Be happy with the info we get... everybody wants to time it because everybody wants to go out and do something special... its going to be terribly hard to time anything... its a fluid situation... this week everything can be good and then something could happen to set it back... internally... externally... because we don't have all the pieces to the pie... we are not privy to all the meetings everybody is sitting in and we don't know what is missing and what's not done... we are guessing at that from what we see. You start to wonder where are the rumors come from... if he came out a couple of days ago and said this and now it is just hitting the papers... and He spoke to the people in Iraq a couple of days ago... kind-a do your backtracking and maybe you can see where they might have got there can kind-a see where they might have jumped the gun... if they just would have waited til he does what he does... But if he spoke to the people in Iraq and he did as we just read... that could have sounded like he was ready to pull the trigger that day...You have to be patient and wait for it to play out...That article came out a few days ago... Think about that in the whole scheme of things. Shocked he came out with his statement and that he could be that blunt... it hit me between the eyes... That's as close I guess that I can get to somebody saying... Take a look at what I am doing... he validates the whole process of what he is doing... He is going to do something with the currency... and Deb says NOT in September guys!!! ... Probably why he looked like he did in his picture... very tired... stressed... under a lot of pressure to get this done...GET R' DONE!<br style="color: rgb(32, 32, 32); font-family: Verdana; font-size: 14px; line-height: 21px; text-align: left; background-color: rgb(238, 240, 233); "> There you have it... The Straight Talk Express from Mike
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    You know what I am thankful for? You are actually not the Holy Spirit.
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    The article says fast is immediately though? because SOON is forever in iraq!
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    Iraq’s Prime Minister Gains More Power After Political Crisis By TIM ARANGO Published: February 27, 2012 Recommend Twitter Linkedin Sign In to E-Mail Print Single Page Reprints BAGHDAD — When Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki rounded up hundreds of former Baathists, accused the vice president of running a hit squad and threatened to use the apparatus of state to target other top Sunni leaders, some rivals and critics said that Mr. Maliki’s authoritarian streak had finally antagonized enough of Iraq’s political class to jeopardize his hold on power. Enlarge This Image Mohammed Ameen/Reuters Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki in Baghdad in January. His political opponents were forced to drop their boycotts. Related Times Topics:Iraq | Nuri Kamal al-Maliki Connect With Us on Twitter Follow @nytimesworld for international breaking news and headlines. Twitter List: Reporters and Editors Instead, Mr. Maliki appears to have emerged from a potentially destabilizing political crisis with even more power over the Iraqi state and more popularity among his Shiite constituents, many people here said. “People trust him more and more after this,” said Rahman Tal Jukon, a retired businessman in Hilla, a town in the Shiite-dominated south where expressions of support for Mr. Maliki, once tepid, are now more common and enthusiastic. “He is a brave man. He has guts.” Mr. Maliki’s political calculus, pushing to the edge of a full-blown crisis, appears to have paid off, though worries remain that Iraq is sliding toward one-man, one-party rule under Mr. Maliki. His rivals among the Sunnis are busy retrenching as their political leadership fractures, causing a pervasive feeling that Sunnis have lost any meaningful stake in Iraqi public life. In a recent report, Ramzy Mardini, an analyst at the Institute for the Study of War, wrote: “It is clear that Maliki has come out as the winner in the political crisis he provoked. He has made it more difficult for his Shia rivals to dissent while simultaneously confining his Sunni opponents in a position suitable for exerting pressure and exploiting divisions within their ranks.” Iraqiya, the largely Sunni bloc of lawmakers that is led by a secular Shiite, Ayad Allawi, was forced to end boycotts of Parliament and the cabinet that were staged to protest Mr. Maliki’s actions, without winning any rewards. Members of the bloc have split, and some ministers refused to participate in the boycott, adding to a sense that Sunni optimism after the 2010 parliamentary elections, when Iraqiya won the most seats, has dissipated completely. Zuhair Araji, a former Iraqiya member who withdrew from the party, called the boycott “unwise” and said the alliance had embarrassed itself. Similar sentiments are heard in the capital’s Sunni neighborhoods. “Iraqiya came back to the Parliament and the government because they failed and they have lost all their popularity in Iraq,” said Aymen Fakhry, who lives in Adhamiya. Obaida al-Jobori, a Sunni and a restaurant owner in the Karada neighborhood of Baghdad, said: “Sunnis made a big mistake when they decided not to participate in the political process with the Shias and Kurds. They proved Sunni leaders are not experienced enough to help their people in the right manner.” Two months ago, just as the last American troops were leaving, Iraq seemed at the edge of the abyss. The American ambassador cut short his vacation to rush back to Baghdad. President Jalal Talabani returned from knee surgery in Germany to mediate the crisis. The vice president and top Sunni politician, Tariq al-Hashimi, left Baghdad, running from an arrest warrant on terrorism charges. A spate of attacks wrought familiar scenes of grief and bloodshed. Politically, analysts worried that the government was close to collapse and that its fracturing would start a new civil war. Mr. Maliki has made some concessions. Local officials say many of the former Baathists who were arrested late last year have been released. And to head off efforts made by Sunni-dominated regions to gain more autonomy, Mr. Maliki has pushed for legal amendments that would give provinces more autonomy on budgets and the right of consent over when national security forces are deployed within their borders. “There was no crisis from the beginning, but problems, you could say,” said Ali al-Allaq, a member of Parliament from Mr. Maliki’s Dawa Party and a close adviser to the prime minister. Mr. Allaq, his head wrapped in a black turban as he glanced at his two iPhones resting on a tabletop, described the problems as those that “any young democracy would have.” The overarching question for Iraq is how long it can continue without genuine reconciliation before the sectarian divide leads the country back to bloodshed.
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    MOJACK is a danger to american women?............... The women have nothing to worry about:lol:
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    Source: Allawi and Maliki's blocs unite for Baghdad local councils' elections 02/03/2012 14:03 BAGHDAD, March 2 (AKnews)- The State of Law Coalition and the Iraqiya List have reached an initial agreement to run for the coming elections of the local councils in Baghdad province under a joint list. An informed politician who wished to remain anonymous said that the proposal was discussed with the Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who leads the SLC, and he voiced his approval. The source said, however, there is a component of the Iraqiya alliance (led by Maliki's elections rival Ayad Allawi) which is against the proposal. He did not name the party. But there are efforts to convince the refusing party. This alliance is so far for elections of local councils of towns, cities, and districts of only Baghdad province. Uniting for the same elections in the other provinces has not been discussed yet. The report comes only four days after PM received a delegation from Renewal List of Iraqiya alliance which is led by Vice President Tareq Hashemi. VP is charged with terrorism. He has denied the charges and fled to Iraqi Kurdistan region. The alleged agreement is made while tensions between the Iraqiya and NA and especially with SLC are still high over the issues of Hashemi and the sacked deputy PM Saleh Mutlag. Mutlag, who is also a leader in Iraqiya alliance, described Maliki as a "destructive dictator" which led to his dismissal. Iraqiya won 2009 public elections with 91 seats. SLC came second with two less seats. The SLC joined the major Shiite parties and formed the largest bloc in the House of Representatives, the National Alliance which in the end reinstated Maliki as PM. There are some ranks in the NA who are beginning to voice their opposition to Maliki. The Shiite radical cleric, Muqtada Sadr whose Sadr Bloc holds 40 seats in the House, also described Maliki as a "dictator." By Abdullah Sabri
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    I think the counterfeiting of the dinar is simply being used by the CBI to encourage the citizens to use the new bills. In this one article there were contradictions. For example it was said the counterfeiting was "limited proportions" and that it was "discovered quickly". But the last paragraph says that the counterfeit currency "cannot be detected easily." Hummm. I don't know about you, but the 25,000 note is a beautiful piece of art, well marked with embedded strips and water marks that can't be seen until you hold the bill up to a light. That is extremely hard to counterfeit! The citizens are resistant to changing and the counterfeiting is being used as a reason to make the exchange. The average Mohammad on the street may find detecting it difficult (though I don't know why) and doesn't want to be defrauded so he will make an exchange to the smaller denominations. Problem solved. Also, along with what is stated in the article and other places, the removing of the 000s is a removal / lifting them from circulation or getting them off the street and not a LOP. Second, the lifting the 000s from the bills is the replacement of larger denominations with the smaller: 10, 25, 50, etc.
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    They have to keep their people safe these days, they probably wont annouce dates, and if they do they will not be accurate. This will prevent bombings and hopefully attempts at destroying progress.
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    Please read this with a clear understanding that I am not bigoted, racist or closed-minded. I became a good friend with an Iraqi ex-pat while working in LA. He gave me some valuable advice in dealing with his fellow Persians, which I found to be amazingly accurate. He saw that I was about to go postal in my dealings with some business related negotiations and shared the following with me: He said that they have core values in their culture that that are diametrically opposed to our western values. Their culture places a high value on "negotiation" and more so on winning at the expense of truth. If one party can win the advantage over his counterpart by twisting, obfuscating and even out right lying, and do so without getting caught, he is regarded as a shrewd negotiator and honored. On the other hand, the loosing party is considered dim-witted and a fool. Even worse, if one is caught lying, they are looked upon as not only dim-witted but society's shame is heaped upon them. One other is saving face. At one point one of the parliamentary blocs "walked out" on the proceedings as they had stated they would, only to walk right back in though a door down the hall. They "kept their word". Not at all unusual, for in their culture, literal and figurative interpretation is completely subjective. We call it sleazy, underhanded, dishonest. They call it normal. But in a twist, in personal relationships they are warm, generous and kind. So with that bit of information in hand, it's not hard to understand why it takes so much darned time to reach any agreement. It sheds light on Maliki's twisting and turning and the infuriating way they legislate. This is just my experience, and I hope that it will shed some light on who is somewhat in control of our investment......
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    <------- Allawi Maliki---------> Now boyz... it's time to get along ya hear!!! <---Yota our mediator! ... ahhh, much better!!! Give me a Y, give me a O, give me a T, give me an A ... whats it spell? YOTA!!! Thanks for all the work you do buddy... we appreciate it! Come On RV Baby!!!
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    Good ole Randall... Why are we idiots when we pay $1200? We know it's too much...we're not stupid. Yes, I know you know EVERYTHING and got yours early for like $450 per mil. Good for you. We're paying a premium in case it RVs high and we we know it comes from a good source. Will $3-400 per mil make a difference at that point? I think not. So why not fall of your arrogant high horse and come sit and party with us peons for awhile, It gets a little old listening to you puff yourself up like a peacock all the time....
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    why does it have to be the good guys that have heart attacks and never the scum in office
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    My brother texted me they are safe and well! Thank you all so much.....
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    the looney left is at it again! They are their own worst enemy and the fools don't even realise it! :lol: :lol:
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  43. 3 points -------- wave 3 .com ------- henryville indiana a close call within 10 miles here the wind is still strong at this time 7.30 colder air moving in getting ready incase power is out again ------- every thing in my area good --------- this storm was a half mile wide took out the high school and a big area of residential --------thank god ------ not as many dead only 5 at this time ------------- most likely a catagory 3 or 4 --------- maryville indiana 30 miles north gone --------------- a moment of thought or prayers ----------- jeepguy reporting god bless all of us
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    I'm sorry. I know it makes folks uncomfortable when people are debating strongly. I really am sorry.
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    Don't let it get to you, it's right there for anyone to see. I have posted the historical chart for you here which undoubtedly supports your claim. You are not crazy, and no one has the right to make you feel like what you bring to the table here is any less important then the next guy, or lady. You are part of our group, and I may not know currency, but I am a expert at charts, graphs, and hard data, especially those that show those little lines go up and down. Carry on my friend, it's all good. It's Friday.
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    Yes..... I can explain want this so bad, you now have entered ......."THE TWILIGHT ZONE"...

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