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    You have obviously misjudged me over a comment that did not require you to judge my character. I am open to talks with anyone but not open to you taking the time to lecture me without having a clue on how I help others with or without an RV. The sames goes towards how I intend to invest, that my friend is a well laid out plan... Should I go on to tell you the free time I have dedicated to develop a website and integrate a donations portal to accept donations for abused children for a friend in Texas that I have never even personally met? I am the guy who donates multiple times if even a few dollars at a time at the checkout counter that benefits those with ailments or animals in need. If you were a beggar on the street you too would find I give what I can even when it may be my last few dollars instead of judging them if it will go towards drugs, alcohol or food. I don't know their story and if that's all they have to look forward to because they can't get a break in life then so be it. I have done what others consider "sacrifice" things in life such as money, time, sweat and all else that comes with it. I don't see it as sacrifice because I could leave this earth without warning but know I did what I could to help while I was here. I care for my family and make sure they are taken care of as well as what I can do for those I may have never even met. To me, that is not sacrifice, that is someone looking beyond their own needs. So yes, if I say I want a car that I can enjoy then I very well deserve it.
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    I typically don't get involved or quote on the religious posts but frankly, this bothers me. So, let me understand this. Its okay to spend any kind of windfall on the organizations you are pumping, but not support an economy by the purchase of a vehicle? Does not the purchase of a vehicle additionally spread wealth to the seller and his family? Who are you to tell me what or where to spend my money, let alone to use the Lord as a guilt trip for you to decide on God's behalf where I should spend my money and for what causes? And you question whether someone else, who you know nothing about, will be saved? Spare me. You are a hypocritical pumper imo. And yes, I just judged you, but at least I am intellectually honest about it.
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    @HolySpirit: I read your posts and I'm sorry you are discouraged. I am a Pastor, and I must tell you the words you use are not kind. Please, as a brother in Christ, don't publicly single people out as Saved or Unsaved. It does nothing for your testimony, and could hinder the work of others in someone's life. Read Ephesians 4:32 and remember, its just a car. You probably have a car, and i know i certainly do. I like comfort, work hard, and liken nice things, I'm saved. One can indeed enjoy life and still be one of the elect. It is however sinful to be wasteful, and detestible to be hurtful to another. I like your charity choices, but may I suggest you consider first being a light in your community, and second the impact you, yourself, can make by being the miracle rather than funding someone else's attempts. I can recall a young Catholic Priest I had dealings with as a teen. i don't share his faith exactly as he views it, but he reached me by being a friend and allowing me to be anything I wanted to be. He held a youth group for troubled teens and allowed us to do as we desired in the room next to his office. He simply left the door open and told us we could talk if we desired. We wouldn't have showed up if he preached to us, and we didn't do much for God while there, but he gave us the oppertunity and the bennifit of the doubt. years later I came back to his small perish, a scholar and a man. I asked him why he did it, and he spoke very plainly. "I can't make you love God, and i can't make you see what I see. All I can do is leave the door open, and let you be the man you want to be." When we are all wealthy, remember that simple acts bring simple results. Start by loving and being loved in return.
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    You know what I am thankful for? You are actually not the Holy Spirit.
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    The article says fast is immediately though? because SOON is forever in iraq!
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    Your convictions are noted even though your previous posts appear judgemental. I noted in a previous post that your handle "Holy Spirit" certainly pushes the limits of blasphemy, or at the very least, respect and then you post "Oh my God", which is in my book is taking the Lords name in vain. We are either leading others to Christ or we are not. I will let the other posters (and the Good Lord himself) grade you in how you are doing so far.
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    My brother texted me they are safe and well! Thank you all so much.....
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    It would be very embarassing to the Iraqis to host the Arab Summit without first finalizing the GOI. They need to show that they have the s*** together before the rest of the Arab World arrives. It's be like inviting all your family and friends to a house-warming party before the house is actually finished. Of course, they are going to have the National Meeting BEFORE the Arab Summit!!! And based on Shabibi's article today, the RV trigger will be pulled immediately after they finalize the GOI at the National Meeting. That means the RV will occur before the Arab Summit, too.
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    Easy, I'll need this to carry my dollars all the way to the Bentley dealer. LOL. All kidding aside, the first check to be cut is to Lord by way of The Wounded Warrior Foundation.
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    This is ridiculous. The basic iraqi doesnt have electricity enough to turn on a light, but these clowns are on friggin twitter. A revolution is on the horizon.
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    Kate, so glad your family is ok and thankyou for letting us know....God is so good, all the time...God bless you...barb
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    Wasn't I the one who was talking about what "in the coming days" meant yesterday... just saying. Great stuff Aqua.
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    Thanks lomeygoat, I thought the De La Rue only authenticate currency, didn't know they printed it also. Good info.
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    Thanks, but as you know, it won't get much attention....This has all the answers...."what about bank accounts?", "what about wages?", what about store prices?", "what about international contracts?" "what about existing indebtedness?" even better "exchanging old notes for new"....blah blah blah. This is for Venezuela but it will be very similar for Iraq. I don't know...maybe there's too many pages...too many words? Go RV!!!!! (wards off negs)
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    For arguments end sake, when the RV is done, how about you back up your speech with some proof that you don't practice religion like a Catholic Priest** or a Borgia Pope. ** (edit: select FEW catholic priests, there are those that should not be bundled in with those wretches.)
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    Absolutely. And what's more those who believe in Jesus Christ should remember what he said, "Judge not that you be judged." My link, Mathew 7: verse 1. So many Christians get that little lesson but far too many seem to pass it by. Yup Perspective you get that car and have them tie a big bow on it, your present to you for all you have accomplished, and gave to family and friends and to people you will never meet. You deserve it. There is nothing selfish about a piece of your dream and making it come true.
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    this is the better of the few clips i have seen so far ,,,, closest too the school and middle area of the center of henry ville----- the place with the wall down ,,two stories,,, this was a pizza place
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    Thanks for the post AquaDude. And many thanks to all of you who are constantly posting articles. I find some articles, but am so slow that they've inevitably already been posted. lol. Also, thanks everyone for your opinions and input. I appreciate being able to read different thoughts and perspectives to assist me in my own analysis. What I have found most encouraging about all the articles and actions since the first of the year is that a possible RV is moving forward, not backward. When? Who knows. If? Who knows. How? Who knows. But at least their are articles and statements being made in the ME media and by Iraqi officials discussing the currency and a possible direction they are going with it. For this, I am grateful also.
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    if i could give you 1000 pluses, i would!!! this is the exact response which was needed for that insidious post previous to yours as replied to above you, my friend, are the type of person i hope to fellowship with in the near future
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    And the answer is: Achmed's Print and Go", at the corner of Baghdad Blvd, and Mohammed Avenue, Baghdad. Also FAX, copy and internet cafe facilities available...
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    When everything you say is getting shut down by links provided by others what is there to research?? Half the things you are saying about fractional banking and Iraq having plenty of reserves is just not correct at all...... And speaking about the reserves, yes Iraq has plenty right now to support the value of the dinar a little over 100% at the 1166 value...... But if your thinking that they have enough right now to make huge jumps in value without reducing the money supply first, then whose numbers exactly are not making sense?
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    Slightly different story , same script...Welcome to the Forum... First time poster.
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    Rush just issued an apology for his remarks. Something you very rarely, if ever, see from the left when they make similar comments. -
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    My bad, as I had assumed that everyone reading my post would be able to acertain that I was merely interpreting the widespread (and inaccurate) $1.17 theory and not pontificating my own rate pronouncent. Hmmm...I guess I won't make that mistake again. Thank you!
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    Thank you and yes for anyone who was affected and their familys I have in my thoughts and prayers today....
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    After several posts..., still no response for our obama supporters. Lost for words my friends or is the subjet too deep for debate with a GOOD response from the left!!
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    Adam does weekly chats on Wednesdays here. Check the "Chat" thread. Here is the last one. Its the best way if you aren't a VIP member to follow his thoughts.
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    Things look great! Today just keeps getting better.... Lets hope this happens soon and we can all go to vegas to celebrate! Go RV!
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    Communist punk foreigner is getting a lot of help from BOTH sides of the isle, ruining this once Great Republic. He's also getting a lot of help from the Corrupt right, trying to cram Romney down our throats. Better hope Ron Paul finds a way or GOD SAVE US!
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    Illegals cant vote, neither can green card holders. Only a citizen can vote. Its true, it is very hard and expensive to do it per the law. It is so much trouble to be a green card holder, (actualy its pink) It takes years and I was married to a US citizen. I have to renew in a couple of years, but I am still thinking about getting my citizenship and not just renewing my green card. I can see why people would come here illigally, its so hard and expensive to do it the proper way, and immigration are very hard to work with.
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    I wasn't referring to 000 removal. I was backing up SSI's statement he made to you-- which, strictly for conversion purposes is correct So 'scuse me. Never said anyone had to listen to me-- besides- they usually don't
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    Iraq has received 400 Chevrolet armoured vehicles in recent days, intended to transport senior foreign officials during the Arab League summit on 29th March in Baghdad, according to AKnews. An MP from the acting Foreign Relations Committee, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the cars were purchased from a budget for the summit allocated two years ago. In return for providing the fleet of cars, Iraq will be exempt from their annual membership payments to the Arab League, and the $50.4m (60 billion Iraqi dinar) budget for armoured vehicles for MPs will be spent on welfare programs such as the food rations or social services. The anonymous MP also mentioned the possibility that after the summit the Iraqi MPs might use the fleet instead of buying new ones. Iraqi MPs have come under fire from citizens and political groups for allocating $50.4m on armoured cars in the $100bn budget passed last week, with many complaining that Iraq’s political elite has lost touch with ordinary citizens who face danger every day. http://www.iraq-busi...or-arab-summit/
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    Like i said no one knows so we should believe you? No one know exactly what they refer to when talking about the 000's.
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    Why do Iraq need help printing a new currency, and from who? There currecy was printed by De La Rue, one of the best and most secure currency printers in the world. The bank notes they print are riddled with security features. So who do they think is going to make a more secure bank note for them?
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    This is important because when the dinar rv's (I think it will any day now), the rv will be short lived. So prosper from it as fast as possible in order to make your lives and the lives of others better. Please make sure to care for those that cannot care for themselves. Unlike the equally luciferian medical system's ethics of "its ok to abort your uwanted children," and even now they even claim is ok to kill your new born baby with down syndrome because it will just be a burden to society. This is wrong... this is not the divine will of of the creator, but the will of Lucifer. You must love those that need love, and care for those that need care. It is your divine duty, and birth right. Yeah thanks for the good words... I don't get as much free time as I once did.
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    Here is a link to It shows a table for conversions..think of it like Excel for MS. USD at top IQD on the side. SSI is correct. currently 0.00086 USD= 1 IQD remove 3 "0" for .86 cents USD to 1 IQD--- if it ever becomes that
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    Shabibi because he is Western Civilization's appointee to the Central Bank of Iraq, he is an agent of the Rothschilds (vatican). Remember guys, this entire Luciferian banking/financial system is a creation of the Vatican that is managed by the Rothschilds. In reality, there is no money... just regressive debt. Even what you consider is money are just FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, a NOTE is a debt instrument. So when you "buy" something at a store and pay "cash," you are merely paying for that merchendise with debt, thus creating more debt. Its a regressive Luciferian system, which is why it is going to implode globally any day now. Not even the Dinar will save this system.
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    Thanks for the post Thug! I hope Breitling is correct at the exchange rate (even if his math is backwards, lol) Deesean - For the record, Breitling has never subscribed to the fantasy rates.
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    I love the car analogy. Wonder what kind of car Shabibi drives
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    As the election draws near, Obama and the Democruds will stop and nothing to win. this whole Fluke debacle is smoke and mirrors for the unexpected backlash from the birth control laws that was jammed down our throats. Obama didn't count on such huge opposition, even that jar head Biden is backtracking and calling it a Satan(Obama) out of office:angry:
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    I can already hear whats coming.... "Iraq and Venezuela are not the same!!" and "Iraq is a completely different scenario!" Good info Bee!! This should be read through by many....will answer a lot of questions more then likely....
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    I'm a bit chonged myself. Great news. At least they're talking about it, and hopefully getting things done behind closed doors. Nice of you to bring those articles to DV. I don't recall seeing any of them, but then again, i'm not a DV spider.

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