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    no restructuring is an R/d and that will be a long process yes. I just read and artcile stating the would have to increase the value then restructure . This is good it actually means they will not R/D right away but actually give it time to collect all the big notes from circulation as well. If they were to R/D right off the bat we would be screwed but this is not the case over the course of 2-3 years, they will add value because if they Dont what will it accomplish and how will they go international for the first time with just an R/D? makes no sense.
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    Loose Lips Sinks Ships This saying from WW2 is just as revalent today as it was then. I have been watching DV every since I found out and invested in IQD. It totally amazes me the people who think that calling banks and goverment offices to try and get information is the thing to do . This morning I read where one poster wanted every one of us to call congress and make this the number one talk of the town. Said there are 30 million people invested . Now I dont know if these are real numbers or not but if they are It will not RV. We need to try and keep the noise level down or we will get torpedoed by our own shot. Predators and stealth win/ All others are victims. GO RV I really need the money that stupid fish keeps watching me I am going to buy a bigger cat.
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    Just once I would like to see one of those screens we are always hearing about. Just once!!
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    Market value and nominal value A3.2 Market valuation is the key principle adopted by international statistical standards (2008 SNA 2.59 and BPM6 8.12) for valuing transactions and positions in debt securities. As described in paragraphs 5.19 and 5.20 of the Handbook, the market value is that at which debt securities are acquiredordisposedof,betweenwilling parties, on the basis of commercial considerations only, excluding commissions, fees and taxes. In determining market values, trading parties also take account of accrued interest. A3.3 Nominal valuation of debt securities reflects the sum of funds originally advanced, plus any subsequent advances, less any repayments, plus any accrued interest.48,49 Nominal value is often mistakenly considered to be the same as face value. The Handbook does not recommend the presentation of debt securities at face value, but rather the use of nominal and, in particular, market value. A3.4 At any specific point in time, the market value of a debt security may deviate from its nominal value due to revaluations arising from market price changes. Movements in market prices arise from general market conditions, such as changes in the market rate of interest;50 specific circumstances, such as changes in the perceived creditworthiness of the issuer; and changes in general market liquidity and in that specific to the debt security. Now frankV are there any other questions Its a common mistake HANDBOOK ON SECURITIES STATISTICS
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    and why is there coke cheeper, sounds like jack & coke time to me
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    they are refering to the restructuring that it will take 2-3 years. Chill.
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    Have to say I agree with Renminbi play, but still taking my Dinar gamble! Really the Dinar is no gamble if I break even with a lop and lose a little on the spread rate it was worth a shot right.
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    Exactly! Still dont see how some dont get it............the CBI is meaning that they will remove the 3zero currency from the circulation NOT off the note..LOL its seriously funny at ths point how you could just hang around no scream no its bad all day makes no sense They continue to talk about how this process will take years and the currencies will the end of the day a dinar is a dinar especially outside of Iraq We are gettin so dang close!!!
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    I was an avid options trader before the GFC. I was in it every day, 24/7. I listen to all, I read it all... I lived it. Before the GFC, I saw signs of this massive fall. Like many ( well, relatively speaking) others. The media did not see it. The "gurus" and experts on tv and in the newspapers ( and I'm talking about the well-known analysts on Bloomberg tv and CNN and what have you) did NOT see this coming. I took all my money out of shares and options and went cash. For two, three weeks. it went on and on, the media were talking as if the sky was the limit and then suddenly BANG!!!! They didn't know what hit them... And when I started buying ( with people like Lance Spicer in Australia and Warren Buffett in the US) the media was yelling doom and gloom. In anything: be a contrarian. If the media say the economy is great, stock up on canned beans! They.Do.Not.Have.A.Clue.
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    The way that guy floated to the top again so fast, I want to be as close to him regarding oil as possible. haha "On a conference call with reporters he refused to discuss how the transformation of his fortunes over the last year contrasted with the ongoing struggle faced by those affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico." This is interesting, but if we want to discuss the ongoing struggle faced by those affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico," perhaps we need to talk to Obama. He is the one who wouldn't allow the governer of Louisiana to build berms, who wouldn't allow ships from other countries with special equipment to come in and help get the oil, and who refused to take action for a sickeningly long time, not until the oil had gone back up the rivers and into much of the natural marshlands and other parts of the natural landscape where the wildlife was endangered beyond possible recovery and ultimately, the land could not be saved. And who, even now, won't give them the help they need to restore the land and provide for their displaced people. Just another gift from the guy who promised us hope and change, alrighty. Read more:
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    So I am sitting here me, myself and I (I do it often), that rumor has it the world is going to end in 2012. The Mayan calendar ends on Dec. 31 2012, that is not far away. Not far at all. It should occur to them an RV of a substantial amount would allow their country and us to have a great time in the meantime. All that wealth spread across the nations.....economies stable, people with food on their tables, no troubles. There would be dancing in the streets, happy, happy people everywhere. The beauty of the RV is they won't have to worry about covering the RV because well everyone will have moved on into the fifth density. There will be no IMF or anybody in suit to answer to. Me agreed, myself said, "Right on!" and I replied, "Why didn't I think of that!" Yup seems like the perfect plan. GO RV and LET'S PARTY LIKE ITS 2012!!!!
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    I just read this in my email......thought about sharing....but here it is.....I read where they talk about not recommending dinar.....but no where did they mention not owning dinar....I truly understand not recommending the IQD to a prospective client that you have fiduciary responsibility to... can you imagine the phone calls when this dosen't RV this week....this year... next year?.....I know ....he talks about a 10 year plan on currency transactions...I just cannot wrap my arms around the intimation that this was a speculative opportunity for the unknowing....Just supposing you left that money in chase....or....BOA.....or any other financial much do you think you would have made....lets see; savings account...average balance 10K monthly interest earned......$ look at this; 10K buys approximately 10,000,000.00 IQD.....Shabs says most valuable currency in the region....lets say he was drunk when he said this and we have a megar RV of.....lets say $.05....earning a tidy sum of $500,000.00...less the 10K initial invested perhaps $500.00 in transactions fees and lets say 50% tax @ $245.000.00....still leaves the possibility of net $244,500.00 off a ten thousand investment. Moreover, lets suppose Keep is correct... and... we're all screwed......worse that could happen, I Break jacapo (sp) said to the Count of Monte Cristo....."How could this be a bad deal" just saying!
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    Clark Howard is no authority on Iraqs govt or Iraqs economics. It is true that all he knows is what he sees on the news. Thats probably why is is a doing a talk show. He can be entertaining in my opinion.
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    There is no way they can tell us they want to RV. They cannot even mention RV, though they talk all around it. Talk of a redenomination will not cause the massive dinar buys and speculation that the little letters RV would lead to.
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    Just what makes you think that the currency experts aren't buying dinar? I would be willing to bet that the majority of them own dinar. Will they ever admit to it? No. If it ends up not making money, then they don't look foolish and save face. If it does make money, they reap the reward and then can admit they bought in or not admit it and no one will be the wiser. Either way, I wouldn't be looking for the experts to be showing their hands at this time.
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    This report, via email, was written by By Sean Hyman, Editor, Currency Cross Trader : I have subscribed to them for many years. They really DO have a great deal of valid 'intell' available. After reading this today, I actually felt GOOD that they are recommending people away from the dinar for a couple of reasons. One being, as has been mentioned here at DV, is that it will keep most people AWAY from the dinar if they had even heard about it OR were considering purchasing it. Two, there is no doubt in my mind that there are a number of them at the Sovereign Investor that WILL take a 'chance' and buy the dinar since the return can be so high. I also believe that most of them are not as educated in the minutia relative to the dinar that has been posted here on DV [and I am not referring to the Rumors section]. All in all, I chuckled to myself and felt GOOD that Hyman had sent the email out!
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    Forex dose not read 1150-1189 for exchange we read .00086 is the peg to the dollar when you see movement in this # its because of the $ moving not the DINAR go back to school .76 1.40 1.60 .000025 That is what is referred to as nominal rate of exchange ................................ Currency speculators do not buy flat currency we buy of the peg or the float #'s all digital get a grip dont blow smoke up these peoples ass ................................................
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    I got the same e-mail. They do not think to high od the dinar. The big guys steer clear of the dinar. Leave buying dinar to speculators who know no better. Well when the dinar revalues and none of their clients make any money, they will all lose customers who realize that these guys have no clue in foreign currency.
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    The only thing I see ur missing is class
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    The answer is....there is NO answer! Well not as of yet anyway. All the Hoop-la and Guru's who say "I know when" aren't any closer than the rest of us. There are a Very few people on here, who you can actually ttrust & believe when they post something. However...even Those folks don't know anymore that you or I do as of right now. The best advice I recieved from my father still rings true..."keep your eye's & ear's open and you Mouth'll learn all you'll need to know that way"!
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    Adam, thanks for the chat. Regarding a law sitting on Obama's desk, it is not possible. Article I, Section 7, of the Constitution states that if he were presented such a Bill by the previous Congress, and he did not veto the Bill, it would already have become a law after 10 days, about which I am sure we would have already heard. This current Congress is not about to pass such a Bill, so I believe we can breath easy on this one.
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    Just for you katshamm: 11:28 AM [Adam Montana] I'm hearing STRONG evidence that 3 things will happen soon: 11:29 AM [Adam Montana] hcl, ch7, and rv 11:29 AM [Adam Montana] one will be announced first 11:29 AM [Adam Montana] likely HCL or CH7 11:29 AM [Adam Montana] then the other two should follow within a week 11:29 AM [Adam Montana] I SINCERELY hope that we see one of those three things THIS WEEK... things are falling in place fast! Seems like good news to me but that's JMO.
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    You answered your own question... it's just a big "maybe" this, "maybe" that. It's all just speculation... be resolute with your decision and give no "absolutes"... and you'll be fine.
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    I have read and reread this chat. It did not say a thing, and for Adam to excuse himself for the restroom seemed extremely tacky. Slam away. Is it in code???? Can someone please tell me why this was a "great chat" and you are thankful???????????? Sorry if I am crossing an Adam line no disrespect intended. This chat had no difference then an okie chat. A bunch of personnal B....s... again someone please tell me what I am missing?
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    Frank Call 8:00pm eastern sharp Delta is on this one...John L. FRANK CALL TONIGHT AT 8 PM EST phone 760-569-7676 access code 156996# or Skype: freeconferencecallhd.7676 (if Skype does not work call # above)
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    Quote Their bank is still seeing the rate in amber at $3.68 and other banker friends across the country are also seeing this rate appear. He explained to me, that once a rate appears on the screen in amber it typically NEVER changes from that rate. End Quote We'll see as usual.... Honestly I won't hold my breath.....
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    The Swiss frac was the last hard currency left until they purposely pegged it to the Euro on Tuesday which immediately devalued it into fiat currency status. It didn't happen by accident Dame. The Swiss frac was a very strong hard currency, until they purposely pegged it to the Euro which immediately devalued it into fiat currency status. It didn't happen by accident Dame.
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    Positives and negatives are for REPUTATION! Not for one's opinion. And you contradict yourself saying,"I give negs b/c I don't want to waste time on a comment". But, AHA! You did in fact leave a comment. So why penalize others for stating their opinion? Because you disagree? That is so, so, so narrow minded. C'mon folks, open your minds. It's a big world that takes all types of people, attitudes, and opinions. You don't have to like or agree with them, but they're not going anywhere. I'm not here to police the forums, but again, the positives and negatives are for reputation, not for stating what one may think will come of our beloved RV.
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    Someone needs to tell that Professor that the voting machines are rigged. Its actually worse than he thinks.
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    I am thankful for the internet and not having to depend on the US news to help in this investment.
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    No doubt man! I love your outlook! Im gona post my conclusion to what is going on and how I feel this all plays out in a bit.......if your around will you check it out and let me know your thoughts? Thanks in advance
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    Could not agree more And those are not the real #'s not even close more like 60k-100k people Theres only a few hundred billion dinars out at this time not trillions that is hog wash................................... There is only 34k members on this site and most of them are also members of the other sites and i added all the sites up and came up with a little over a 100k people not subtracting duplicates
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    Thats where people go wrong, If they dont see it on the NEWS, it must not be happening........PPL, the news breaking these past cpl week's is the best yet, I dont expect CNN/FOX to cover it until the RV!!!!....Im excited yet staying grounded, Its out of our hands, but Im still a beliver! !
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    Sometimes Investing company's don't tell investors where the best "fishing holes" are... just keep leading them along to the decent spots.. but save the best for themselves... at least I have had that experience in the past. Just a thought!
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    i think between this and adams email.............that this great...........i am a firm believer that the RV is the ransom for Chapter 7.......imo we will see rv before they are fully release from chapter 7...........right now we have them by the short is called leverage..........IRAQ you do this and we will do that..........would you trust them to go thru with the plan......if you lost your leverage.............nope not me.......jmo..........GO DINAR
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    Still shows 1170 on my wife's screen @ td bank.
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    v=USnxe7hxP4I. I will direct to you to just one inviolable concept of physics that the 911 commission refused to consider. Free fall can only occur in a perfectly frictionless world, in other words, only when there is zero resistance (not even air) in a falling object's way, only then can its potential energy be completely converted into kinetic energy. Gravity causes objects to fall at a precise, well known quotations. Page 305 of the 9/11 commission tells us the South Tower took 10 seconds to collapse into itself. The towers were 1350 and 1360 feet tall. Here is the free-fall equation to see how long it should take an object to free-fall from the towers' former height. Distance = 1/2 x Gravity x Time(squared) or 2 x Distance = Gravity x Time(squared) Time(squared) = (2 x Distance) / Gravity Time(squared) = 2710 / 32 = 84.7 Time = 9.2 So the building fell almost as if in a vacuum. And what, I ask you - someone of obvious intelligence - of the supposedly-undamaged lower floors getting out of the way of the upper floors so effortlessly, it was as if the upper-floors were faling at the speed of a parachute. This is just one anomaly. Another thing xyzzy, your Government would kill you if it meant a choice between its survival and yours. You will never know the truth of what your government gets up to. Eg. for years the 'conspiracy nuts' were going on about DUMBs (deep underground military bases) while the public, drugged by mass media, sniggered... until it was announced publicly that that was where Bush had been kept safe after the 9/11 attacks.
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    BL thanks for the chat........what do you make of this........appreciate your insight.......GO DINAR US Denies Report on Troop Cut in Iraq ... September 7, 2011 US denies report on troop cut in Iraq Washington - The White House on Tuesday denied a report that the Obama administration has decided to slash the number of US troops in Iraq to 3,000 at the end of the year. Quoting "multiple sources familiar with the inner workings and decisions on US troop movements in Iraq," Fox News reported Tuesday that the number of US troops in Iraq will be reduced to 3,000 at the end of the year, a proposal that has been approved by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Press Secretary Jay Carney responded with a flat "no" when the accuracy of the report was questioned at the White House's daily press briefing. The administration is "in negotiations, consultations with the Iraqi government about what our relationship with Iraq will look like going forward," Carney said. "We want a normal, productive, healthy relationship with Iraq," he said. "If the Iraqi government makes a request of us, we will certainly consider it." More than 40,000 US service members are now stationed in Iraq, and they are to pull out completely by the end of 2011, according to a security agreement signed in 2008 between Baghdad and Washington. http://www.chinadail...nt_13636142.htm Read more: trooper thanks for the post.......appreciate your efforts........frankc according to this article we have 43 bases in who knows........GO DINAR Kurdish leader says Iraq needs US beyond 2011 By REUTERS Published: Sep 6, 2011 21:34 Updated: Sep 7, 2011 00:34 ARBIL, Iraq: Iraq needs a USmilitary presence beyond this year and the withdrawal of American forces will increase the possibility of civil war, the president of Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region said on Tuesday. With less than four months to go before a 2008 security pact between Washington and Baghdad expires, Iraq’s government is having trouble deciding if it wants some US troops to remain beyond a year-end deadline for their withdrawal. Kurdish officials are widely known to want US forces to stay, particularly as a buffer in the oil-rich city of Kirkuk and other disputed territories claimed by both the central government in Baghdad and the Kurdish government in Arbil. But Kurdish president Masoud Barzani’s comments in a speech to Kurdish diplomats in Arbil on Tuesday was one of the most forthright statements on the issue by any Iraqi leader to date. “In our opinion the need for the US forces in Iraq is still on ... the absence of US forces in Iraq means the possibility of civil war will prevail,” Barzani said. More than eight years after the US-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein, the United States still has about 43,000 troops and 43 bases in Iraq. Any decision to extend their presence is risky. Many political groups are hesitant to take a clear position. Anti-US Shiite cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr, a key member of Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki’s coalition government who openly opposes any continued US presence, has threatened to escalate protests and military resistance if American troops stay. Maliki has said Iraq may need only trainers rather than troops, which would allow him to bypass parliament and sign deals between Washington and individual ministries. “A US presence in Iraq, under whatever title, is important for Iraq,” Barzani said. “Iraqi security forces have not reached a level that can provide security inside Iraq. Neither can the Iraqi military forces protect Iraqi borders. “(In) a country that has no qualified military to defend its soil, airspace and shores, its security forces cannot protect its citizens,” he added. US forces officially halted combat operations on Aug. 31, 2010 and took up an advisory role to the Iraqi police and army as they struggle to battle a still lethal Sunni insurgency and Shiite militias that carry out dozens of attacks every month. Some Iraqi politicians and top military officials have said that Iraq’s security forces cannot contain the threats alone. Washington has repeatedly pressed Iraq to decide soon whether it wants any US troops to stay. Barzani criticized Iraqi politicians for what he called a double standard. He said they want US forces to stay but refuse to say so publicly. “All the political parties say one thing when they speak directly. But they say something else before cameras,” he said. they keep saying, they need us thier. I like the last line: they say one thing on camera and do something else Read more:
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    I don't want to be has worn me out too much today for that...But Nominal Value IS the amount printed on the notes...your definition agrees with that
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    very truei know no one really knows, i have everyone i know saying hey its happening tonight and im sure you guys all hear it too but i know better i just know when it happens it happens and what happens is what happens..
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    While it is the exchange rate, it is also the nominal value. Not an opinion but simply the definition of the words. Nominal Value What Does It Mean? What Does Nominal Value Mean? The stated value of an issued security that remains fixed, as opposed to its market value, which fluctuates. Investopedia Says Investopedia explains Nominal Value When referring to fixed-income securities, the nominal value is also the face value. When referring to capital goods, nominal value is also referred to as "book value". Read more:
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    So now you have heard from the RV camp (that's me) and the lopster camp. As I said, others have their own opinion. Now it is time for you to form yours. Good Luck ssmith.
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    People i can tell you what you hear from our government here in the states is NOT what really happens in Iraq when it comes to military personal in the country of Iraq,, I know ,,i was in Iraq for 4 years and getting ready to go back !!!!! Our government will Never tell you anything about our military because of many reasons ,,, BUT they will tell you what YOU want to hear !!!!!! I am sure you all understand what i am saying !!!!!!
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    It seems like everybody knows a bank VP........
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    It is a foreign currency auction. To Iraq the US Dollar would be a foreign currency. They are selling the US Dollar and other foreign currencies to bring the dinar back into the CBI. The CBI has reformed the banks in Iraq and now requires that they have a much higher amount of foreign reserves on hand then they did before. The auctions are done to assist them in trading IQD deposits by Iraqi citizens into foreign reserves. The auctions also assist the CBI in getting the 000 notes off the streets of Iraq. This is the reason that we often see in articles that normal daily purchases using IQD are getting harder to do. That is why the Iraqis are primarily using the US Dollar for purchases. This is also why we see articles saying that raising, lifting, removing, etc the 000 notes will take 2 to 3 years. The process of removing 000 notes is near it's completion. This is a good thing. The sooner they get the 000 notes off the streets and out of the hands of the citizens, the sooner they can revalue the currency. Thanks sportfisher. Hoopdog you have it backwards. It is the other way around. Now you have stated it correctly tyron.
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