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    I wish to impart some wisdom upon any new investors to the Dinar. Please, please don't buy Dinar on reserve or spend more than you're comfortable with losing! Don't take the likes of Oke, TK, etc. as reliable purveyors of intel. They are not! It is simply lies, nonsense, and rumor! Absolutely no body knows when or what will happen. At best, it's an educated guess but not when it comes to these guys. They're outright rumor/lies/pumps. I would go as far to say that Ali of DinarTrade, dont promote other sites, etc. actually employ people, or it could be themselves as alias to promulgate these rumors. You may have noticed that Ali of Dinar Trade increased his buy rate by some $30-50. That is a ploy, plain and simple. To get people to think that it's a supply and demand issue. It is not. Do you actually think if he raises his buy-back amount that people are going to sell back to him? Of course not! It simply tells potential investors this: "Wow, if Ali is upping his buy back rate, there must be really something to this Dinar thing." That's all. This entire investment is beyond all of us! Absolutely no one knows how, when or why. Simply stated. If you hear otherwise, you're being duped. I am extremely confident this RV/RI will happen, but NONE OF US KNOW WHEN OR HOW MUCH. IT CAN LOP! Although I'm hopeful it won't, it ABSOLUTELY CAN! We might make a ton off this investment or we might make a marginal return, NO ONE KNOWS! I just hate to see people live and die by this investment. I am confident we'll see an RB during the first quarter of 2011 but who knows, it's Iraq and they're going to do what's best for them, NOT US! For what it's worth...
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    I feel a bit silly having believed (somewhat) a Monday rumor such as I posted regarding my families friends in Kuwait. I hav not spoken to them regarding thier info or what did or did not happen as planned, as it doesn't really matter. Simple fact is that its' Tuesday and no cash in yet. My appologies to all, and i still hope that we are very close. Have a happy and safe New Year.
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    dano gave me permission to share this experience he had when installing a floor for a customer. [dano2771] I met a lady [dano2771] work for the FDIC [dano2771] says rv this year [dano2771] equal to Kuwait dinar [dano2771] in value [dano2771] it's all I got [dano2771] I was selling her floors [dano2771] thought she was an attorney [dano2771] I was wrong [dano2771] retired FDIC [dano2771] now works as securities for the FDIC [dano2771] when I was closing the deal she Asking very specific questions pertaining to the contract which made me think she was an attorney [dano2771] when I ask her she said now I work for for FDIC [dano2771] I said really let me ask you this what do you know about dinar [dano2771] she was puzzled that I knew about it [dano2771] of course me being me I said doesn't everyone know about it [dano2771] anyway long story short this is a very short ride from here on out [dano2771] she cannot buy nor does she have any dinar [dano2771] she can't legally she cannot own any [dano2771] Period
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    You are bang out of order my friend. Your original post is patronising towards newbie investors. There is enough information out there for people to make their own minds up, and to then post further and say newbies are stupid is just plain rude. You are raising a question and voicing your opinion, but you should not then be insulting to others
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    I wanted to post this December 5th when I wrote it but was advised by a friend not too as it would aggravate too many Dinarians, but I think we have grown together a little and can stand this now. My Dinar experience: Limited Finance Background: Solid People Knowledge: Strong Dinar Vet (DV): Will the Dinar RV? Mr. Date (MD): Yes. (DV): Why? (MD): Big OIL, small economy. (DV): When will it RV? (MD): My educated guess, around January 19. (DV): Why so late? (MD): The players are on the field but the rules of engagement need to be established and understood by all the players i.e. how do we – the big guys (Govt. & Oil Companies) – get our money and how do make sure we get our share of the little guys money as well. Organizations like WARKA etc will be scrutinized and tuned to give the big guys more disclosure so that non Iraq citizens will be transparent to those who want a piece of there money held OS. This means that monetary agreements and open trade laws need to be fine tuned and agreed to. Also this is an extremely complicated international process, the shockwaves of which will be felt all over the world. It’s hard enough to organize a basketball team let alone a world impacting RV; it will take time for the pieces to fall into place. (DV): But the oil companies signed contracts they have to be paid in money that’s worth something. (MD): As with a house an appraisal is done to determine the value, the Dinar is valued at what its worth, basically nothing. It will take the production of oil at close to its full volume for that money to be worth something. Once this is seen though the media the world will agree that the Dinar is a valuable currency because it is securitized by a massive output of oil. The contracts signed will require payment in a promissory nature based upon a Dinar value that does not yet exist. Payments will be realized by Contractors only after the revaluing of the currency is completed. (DV): So they won’t start working till the RV? (MD): No they will work now and get paid later, money is a powerful motivator and Iraq stinks of it, a discussion somewhat like this would of occurred. IRAQ: Our money is worthless. BPSHELL: We know. We don’t like that. IRAQ: We have oil. BPSHELL: We like that IRAQ: Can you help us get our oil flowing? BPSHELL: That takes money. IRAQ: We will pay you when we sell the oil. BPSHELL: We are taking a risk so we want more of the oil money. IRAQ: I guess you have us over a barrel, ha, ha. OK, OK, we give you bigger share of oil money. BPSHELL: We like that. We will start drilling immediately. (DV): Will the RV rate be high? (MD): Yes and No. (DV): What do you mean? (MD): The rate will start low at about $3.50 US and the impatient ones will cash out straight away. (DV): I have 10 million Dinar I will be set for life how is cashing out impatient? (MD): America’s GDP increase is about 150 billion per year for 300 million people and Iraq will soon blow our GDP away with only 32 million people. (DV): How do you figure? (MD): 3 million barrels of oil or more per day. Look at it this way. 3,000,000 x $100 per barrel x 365 days = $109 billion per year. If they raise production to 5 million barrels a day, where they proposing and the cost per barrel go to $250 the revenue received will be about $450 billion per year. With a limited currency stock and massive profits every year there are two ways that I can see they can deal with it. Print more money or raise the value of the Dinar. We could see the value jump to $25-50 US per Dinar in the next few years. Wise man, keep some in reserve. (DV): What if their economy crumbles again? (MD): They have a Democratic Government in place and they have joined the rest of the modern world and besides that, there are too many greedy hands in the pot no bombs will get through anyway. Iraq is a hand’s off country. “Poor Iraq just getting her feet back on the ground, what country would be so heartless as to hurt them now?” Make sense because it means money and the media machine will tote the line. Besides, the higher in value the Dinar rises the quicker they will pay off their debts, debts that are set to a rate of about $3.50 US per Dinar. If the value rises to $10 US per Dinar they will be out of debt twice as quick and so on. (DV): Should I exchange only what Dinar's I need to survive on? (MD): No, take out more than you need and invest in smart stuff especially your own countries people and enterprises. The fight for world freedom will be fought hardest here. (DV): How about investing in foreign currencies? (MD): Yes (DV): Why? (MD): Just my opinion, God is right. There will be one world Government on our watch despite anything we do to counter it. Currencies will reach equilibrium or close to it before something like the “Bancor” is introduced by the IMF to become the new international standard currency held by the World Bank. That is the first currency to definitely jump on because it will appreciate faster than any other currency and all currencies will devalue against it. Countries outside the G20 will have an “opt in” period to buy “Bancor” to replace their currency and if they don’t there currency will be for local use only as it will be worthless for international trade purposes, so what do you think they will do? They will join the World Bank. Currency will then be replaced by plastic and then the mark of trade for those trading goods for their souls. (DV): What does that mean for my OS tax shelter? (MD): Give to God what is God’s and give to Caesar what is Caesars’, someone said that once and I think He was right. If you take a tax shelter make sure you leave more than enough in reserve to pay your tax burden and then some extra in case. “A fool and his money are soon parted”, what about fools with someone else’s money how quickly is that money lost. Unfortunately we suffer from reckless leadership and once the powers that be have blown their stash they will come looking for yours as well, keep it protected and wisely invest it. Be smart and diligent, I would hate to see anyone finish up more poorly out of this venture than when they started. Especially our Veterans who have given so much to make this great land. Even more so, those who laid down there lives so that we can have the opportunity to capitalize on the sacrifice they made with their blood. Don’t forget that when this RV comes down. Personally I will help America and Americans. I am not an American but I am living in the US and I love this country and what it stands for, or in the present, more what it stood for until laziness and big Government put a pillow over our face. God bless you all and God bless America.
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    Part 2 Delta said it came out Dec 13th the CBI said no exchanges for licenses in place and it seems that the exchange places the CVBI is trying to restrict them unless they have enough capital – why suddenly do they need dollars? Cause the know the RV is going to happen… Delta says that last 10 days the GOI I do not care anymore and the GOI did present the plan to revalue the currency…. And I asked to get 3rd 4th opinion which Maliki said we need to revalue the currency – and the ministries some are missing for last few days they are trying to fill those positions outsiders and good background – what DOES concern me is this: I am looking for technically CBI and the IQD on the UNSC out of chpt 7 the dinar should be international but in effect of 1-01-11 – but my contact reminded me that only one thing left is the audit of the CBI – we know that CBI was down 2-3 days but this down time brought nothing new the mother host of CBI is located in Texas and when they came back on line and one side in English and one side in Arabic – the Arabic side is listed where we can’t see but I got on it and checked it and he said he got the Arabic version and details said from Jan 2010 to Dec 26th 2010 they had the breakdown of how many dinars and dollars they sold and since 2003 even – the audit was DONE and they did the count and interest rate set. The CBI gives high interest and guarantees the money deposited. Logic said that by 1-1-2011 has to kick in by Saturday but Iraq said the redenominated buy 2011 and it ends this Thursday – the 31st and now our last window is high tonight Tuesday and Wed – Thurs and CBI has to pull the trigger the IQD is our of Chpt 7 – all the banks are waiting for the new rate – we have tonight, tomorrow and then we have 1-1-2011 and Monday the most and if nothing happens then I know nothing that is whats left – if they want to trade internationally they have to RV-RI NOW…. We have the IMF and the SDR consist of USD, Yen, BP and Eruos – 44% IN 2005 CONSISTS of the SDR and 34% was Euro and 11%b for pound and Yen but staring in 2011 January – the USD is going to be only 41.9% but Euro increases 37.4% why drop $$ and increase the Euro? Its connected as when the IQS goes up its connected to the $$$... the Eruo has problems and the Dollar will increase in value so it decreased the % of the SDR… the CBI has to come out with a new rare – HAS TO Delta said got to GOOGLE google Iraq Dinar and go to Wiki pedia – no rumors no intel and facts are there talking about history why the International baking systems do not exchange the dinar cause of no new rare yet… all are waiting for that rate… They are favoring tonight Darline how can they can’t come up with an SDR for a country unless they possibly do HAVE THE RATE ALREADY and see the USD go down and the EURO goes up ? Delta says right – there is NO DELAY the CBI ready and lower denoms are ready and we are waiting for the official announcement an 2010 ends for Iraq on Thursday and its their end of their word…. We should see the rate on the 30th so Iraq has only 48 hours to do this…. Rumors abut Paris Club are all rumors - Iraq they have to revalue NO MATTER WHAT – Paris club is a done deal on and agreement on the side but the IQD has to be revalued no matter what,,,. The Audit was for bookkeeping so they could GET THIS DONE… The CBI is ready on the 15th Shabibi did sign off on the rate and date an got the green light from Maliki and he asked all the bank recently to show up yoru books for the whole year to do an audit ASAP and the CBI is done with that audit – came in today they are done… the website when It came back up they were already done – breakdown for the whole year and it ended it now by saying its all done.. the program rate and audit was done… Family there is nothing left to do – they have to pull the trigger NOW – and if not after 5 days I will be so surprised as there is nothing else left to do… Frank says if we go into Jan – worst case scenario – Delta states facts only go to GOOGLE and look up the Iraq Dinar Wikipedia - the GOI is telling their people we better listen – Delta states and let’s assume it waits till Jan and the GOI can buy sell and trade but they CAN”T unless we have Dinars revalued no bank will exchange it- none go try it – its not revalued yet – so it will so we can trade. They are all waiting for the rate and based on the facts we have tonight and tomorrow and very high possibility for the CBI to pull the trigger…Delta states why would they wait? The things that are happening that you and I know about says Franks that we can’t talk about we are so happy about it…. Suck it up if it doesn’t happen in next couple of days please hang on,… BUT a miracle is about to happen…
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    Currency Auctions Announcement No. (1804) The latest daily currency auction was held in the Central Bank of Iraq on the 29-DEC-2010. The results were as follows: DetailsNotesNumber of banks17 Auction price selling dinar / US$1170 Auction price buying dinar / US$----- Amount sold at auction price (US$)169,930,000 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$)----- Total offers for buying (US$)169,930,000 Total offers for selling (US$)----- Exchange rates Dollar's exchange rates / in Baghdad markets Spot Oil ~$92.16 off just a touch but actually quite steady at the moment Spot Gold $1407.30 running in a $8 channel since NY open yesterday when it spike up to this level Zeroes ... well, the CBI currency auction has been updated for today but the pdf file still shows Dec 27th as the last update ... so they are trying to keep the cash sales info from us apparently ... but, I'm sure that you will see it in an article form later that the cash auction was 1.88M on decent volume (1.1% compared to pre-zero days of 11%-16%) so we will have to call it a near zero day. Regardless, I'm calling it 55 of zero or near nero days (for the % reasons above ... remember that cumulatively over the last 12 weeks that the sum of the cash auction has NOT amounted to 1 normal day's total) Short and sweet this morning ... Dinar Holder posted a poll ... IMO you might want to go participate so he can get some real numbers ... it should read "Dec 31st or before" but it should be fine. Currently it's a dead heat! Why don't we all go over there and see what the DV crowd really thinks?! Not enough data presently. It's at: K98nights posted a Mohammed Saleh news article ... now you know how I feel about this guy ... believe nothing that he says until you get it from another source. The thing that got my attention was the "trade with Turkey in Euros" ... I know ... just hold that thought until we get some other confirmation (or not ... which is usually the case with Saleh/Salih ... shoot, it could be him on the other side of the article tomorrow). Be sure and thank Woody for the post and bump the "+" ... you do realize that he is the monster "poster" on this site? ... right? It's at: For all of you tracking KWD ... it's currently at $3.5457 And the most important thing that I see. Yesterday, I wrote about DT and the across the board increase and lack of availability. What I failed to note (or notice at the time) was that they also INCREASED the rate that they are willing to pay on a buy-back for uncirculated IQD. GID is at $900 DT is up from $880 (I believe) to $930 This speaks PROBABLY to availability. There was a post that said that they received 28B but no link and I THINK old info/rumor/supposition. I covered what I thought were the possibilities here yesterday ... if you haven't read it ... it is at: Gold spiking above $1412.20 even before I can get this posted! Peace to all Doc31
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    I am perplexed that so many of my friends are against a mosque being built near Ground Zero. I think it should be the goal of every American to be tolerant. The mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance. That is why I also propose that two *** nightclubs be opened next door to the mosque, thereby promoting tolerance within the mosque. We could call the clubs, "The Turban Cowboy" and "You Mecca Me So Hot". Next door should be a butcher shop that specializes in pork and have an open barbeque with spare ribs as its daily special. Across the street, a very daring lingerie store called "Victoria Keeps Nothing Secret" with sexy mannequins in the window modeling the goods. Next door to the lingerie shop, there would be room for an Adult Toy Shop (Koranal Knowledge?), its name in flashing neon lights, and on the other side a liquor store -- maybe call it "Morehammered". If you agree in promoting tolerance and you think this is a good plan, pass it on. Don't you just love creative problem-solvers!?
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    I've been monitoring this whole fiasco since Halloween and I have heard twice a week or more that RV is happening this week, cash in on Monday!! I'm calling BS on any and all "sources" and anyone who claims to have a source. I think it's become obvious to more than just me that anyone who posts a rumor, owns a website, pretends to be a guru is profiting off of the hype and has no "real" intel. By the way, please stop steering us to Dinar dealers to cash in, while implying that they still have some dinars left for sale. This whole thing wreaks of a bad sunday morning info-mercial. If this doesn't go down before the New Year, then every person who has posted any alleged intel is catagorically full of $@!% and has zero cred.
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    Here's hoping it goes off this Thursday but if the RV does not prove to be a reality by the end of the year I will just put it on the back burner and mostly forget about it just leave it as a distant probability. I still think someday it must RV but with all the conflicts the people of the region have had for thousands of years it's kind of hard to think they will come together as one big happy family in a relatively short time to get this done, even if it IS in their favor to do so. I put in the capital I was comfortable with and resolved to wait it out as I didn't (and don't) think this will happen this year. Not basing that statement on any fact or other "intel" just looking at this thing realistically. One thing for sure, when it happens for real we will all know it then and not a minute earlier. Seeing this RV was supposedly going to occur three times now in about as many weeks, I for one am going to just grin and stash the dinar away in the safe and pretty much forget about it if it does not RV before year end. Which is in three days... I sent in my paper work to complete the offshore deal and just wait as an interested investor holding on for the long haul. Gosh it is really weird hearing myself say those words, what with my average trade hold time being about 3 minutes in the russell futures intraday! Well here's to all who have participated on these forums it has been entertaining as well as frustrating. Probably best for all here (who are not speculators to start with) and just ignore any so-called gurus and pumpers totally from here on out. Except for the entertainment value, the frustration experienced as date after date rolls by with no satisfaction is just really a lot to handle for those who had some really unrealistic expectations and misunderstanding about what it means to be a speculator. No guarantees implied or in fact is the rule people! On the other hand, boy would I ever like to eat these words on Thursday after the RV occurs! Guess we will all find out then...
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    Dont beat up on the guy.....He does have a couple of valid points....I know its not what we wanna hear but Im sure he has Dinar just like you and me.......there is no deadline for the RV by 12-31.......period......thats just bad interpretations and spins put on articles to keep everyone will be let down on that one if your hanging on for this so called deadline by end of year......and he does have a point about the foreign investors......yes a higher valued currency will help, but the main issue with them is STABILITY.......stability shown by the govt, by the people, by their economy as a whole.....thats why its still such a HUGE risk for outside investors......with stability everything else will fall into place......I know reality bites but some of us choose to stay grounded and level headed....dont hate on him for that......
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    Message from Phoenix ~ A novel solution to a novel situation ... I would like to explain a couple of things. First the removal of zeros. This is NOT a standard LOP! This is a novel solution to a novel situation. When they say "remove the 3 zeros" They are talking about the removal of the larger denominations the 25,000 the 10,000, the 5,000, the 1,000. Now at the exact same time that they introduce the new currency which is nothing more than the lower denominations that they have had printed for years and in storage they will also revalue the Iraqi Dinar to at or just above the dollar. So I understand why people are having a had time grasping what is about to happen. People are trying to use past economic events in other nations as a guide but the problem is what we are about to see happen is unprecedented and without historical reference. So the doubt and confusion is to be expected. Now the next topic. Iraq the RV and the Dinar Ok I would like to address something that I see brought up all of the time. And that is the question: "How will Iraq cover the exchange? How can they pay for this?" Now what people seem to not understand is that the Iraqi Dinar is the currency of Iraq. The Iraqi Dinar is not a "claim ticket" or "raffle ticket" that will be redeemed for cash. The Iraqi Dinar IS CASH. It is CASH MONEY! The real deal. Just like the Euro...just like the Dollar. So when the revaluation takes place Iraq is not going to turn into a giant currency exchange! Nor would any other nation! People seem to wrongly think that after the RV all of the Iraqi Dinar will be sent back to Iraq and a that Iraqi will be required to exchange their own currency for some other nations currency. That is total BS and not how the world works! The Iraqi Dinar will be it's OWN value! Backed by the wealth of Iraq. Lets say for example that if after the RV you were to walk into an Iraqi bank with 20 million IQD that post RV was worth $20,000,000 USD you will have 2 choices,. 1. Deposit that IQD into an IQD account with strict withdrawl/conversion restrictions. OR 2. Leave the bank and go buy something with your IQD in Iraq. Sure...they may exchange a small amount needed for travel but even that is up to them if they chose to do so. Iraq nor any other nation is not required or expected to exchange their own legal currency for any other currency and that is solely up to their own discretion. Yes Iraq has a lot of currency out side of Iraq....big freaking does every other nation on earth. The United States has over 2/3rd's of all of our currency spread all over the world. Now lets imagine for a moment that for some reason the United States announced that they were going to RV the USD up to say the Euro rate. What do you think would happen? Do you think the US banks would be flooded with USD from all over the world demanding Euros in exchange? What do you think would happen if you were to walk into a US bank with a suit case full of dollars and demanded they exchange it for Euros? First off they would give you the same two options mentioned above. 1. Deposit those dollars into the bank in a USD account again with strict withdrawl/conversion restrictions. OR 2. Leave and go buy something! There is no law or requirement that any nation do currency exchange and for good would destabilize the markets and would drain that nations foreign reserves. So all of the talk of "How will Iraqi pay for this" is based upon the lack of understanding of the basic functions and properties of currency itself. So what backs the IQD? The wealth of Iraq itself plain and simple. So there is nothing "to pay for" the IQD itself is the wealth. Hope that helps. Phoenix
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    Thanks for such a thoughtful and intelligent post. Are you like an economist or maybe a writer..... Your so impressive!
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    People often say "the 3 zeroes" because it is illustrative of how the bigger notes would be redenominated. What is really meant by a LOP though is moving the decimal 3 places to the left. So in theory the values would become: 25000 IDQ becomes 25.000 IQD 10000 IQD becomes 10.000 IQD 5000 IQD becomes 5.000 IQD 1000 IQD becomes 1.000 IQD 500 IQD becomes .500 IQD 250 IQD becomes .250 IQD 100 IQD becomes .100 IQD 50 IQD becomes .050 IQD I don't want a LOP to happen, but that's how it would effect each note.
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    KTFM Conference Call 12-28-10 Part 1 Frank Opens with Personal Business for KTFM Frank Opens Conference Call with a Hymn and Prayer Frank sings: - Real Hope joined Frank in singing Darline - starts with intel she has found out – She states RUMOR to many but she has personally have a business partner who’s our associate ha been in the ME one week ago on the 15th of last month to wrap up a big deal – this AM he got a text saying he will return on Friday and the deal is wrapped up now – that means we are very close and on top of that – the UN Operation Rates show the publishing date of Dec 29th in RED effective date in RED 12-31 / Jan 01 – she thinks we might be awfully close to THAT DOOR - Iraq MOF called for restructuring of debt – 1-3 million will be 5-6 in two weeks if they do NOT restructure- so now there is no country will restructure their debt till Iraq RV’s – so all of this beside the SDR rates are coning out for this next year is what she had to share… Frank says the audit is what is going hand in hand with the SDR – the 23rd to 26th time frame was when we wanted Maliki to establish everything with the GOI he Shabibi could give Maliki the rate… possibly we do not have the GOI yet – I know – they were seated with an interim GOI during those 9 months, they were functioning and working only the top people were fighting for power…. THEY ARE NOT SEATED OFFICIALLY THO and the seated part comes when the official gazette shows this… gazette = public official announcement of to the world and it has not been done yet… the 2011 budget was just being finished up… Joe says : James Mandez is in P R what Ali is to the U.S. – we have a moderator who attended a NFL game in Tampa Florida this past Sunday and he met a man from Iraq at the game – and said they paid an exchange rate of $3.17 on the base for 1 dinar recently. And they were sincere and they having a normal conversation and no one spoke of Dinar’s – and when James said he could get 1170 dinars for $1 they went nuts … Frank says that – pastor in Little Rock Ark – brother got a phone call from a man in Iraq – he goes to the bank every day - Tell at Warker Bank - he used the American dollars to convert to lower denoms and this gentleman said the Teller said we don’t have them but we have rumors that hearing it will be $3.22 to every Dinar we have in our Banks and the worst it can be is $1 to 1 Dinar and the teller said this to him… This pastor said Frank I am not lying and Frank said yes I believe you… January - Shabibi said we are going to intro lower denoms in 2010 and in Feb puts up a big word that said WARNING In RED letters: The CBI will introduce lower denoms in 2010 – then March and April goes by no GOI June July August and somebody changed the warning in and then changed the word WILL redenominated to MAY redenominated in 2010 – why? Cause nobody expected the GOI to horse around this long… Frank still says its T-3 days and counting for Shabibi to do what he said he would do. Around October Shabibi spent the whole month on TV he would raise the value of the currency The year is about to end - 3 days away – the CBI may redenominated in 2010 but I am eager to see if they do NOT do this in the next 3 days, I am eager to see the wording on these counter sites… we do not know the rate…. And the pastors story above – he says again it also said when they change it MAY in 2010, the site it also said it would redenominate the beginning part of January – the pastor got STRICT with frank and said “as sure as I am going to heaven for SURE I saw that.” Ali prices went up – OIL went up all year kissing $90 until we believed the GOI is about to be announced. IS the GOI official yet? NO says Frank IHO. That’s why we have not seen the RI rate. They supposedly will – January 1st seems to be a starting date for a lot of things and we hope it’s time for the rate to be announced. Barb A – asking when will the GOI be official – Frank says when the Gazette announcing it… She studied it til 4am in the morning…. Darline says that at 2:08am that the CBI site took down the Japanese Yen and then at 7:30 they put it back up and took down the British pound… Frank said I called Delta and the team and I follow the CBI at certain times of the day and we saw that there was NO 1170 on there at that time… and we were like wow that’s good and then Frank posted that as the CBI put it back later in the day.. and Delta saw that also and he said to go to the International…. Wait Delta will show you another place where there is NO 1170… There is a man that called and said Frank you know _____ and he is a good friend of mine and he is not aware of my Dinar holdings and just talking he says next week I have to move my gold and the other guy said it’s a lot of GOLD because I feel it’s going to take a dramatic drop and he asks his friend is it because of the SDR and the guy said YES… the baskets there are two of them one has 4 currencies and one has 18 currencies – the 1st basket – Yen, Euro, USD and British pound Sterling 4 major currencies of this planet – the starting point is with these 4 for end point of the other 18 that will follow afterward these 4 will stimulate what happens to the others – how much money we can lend to countries – special monies and nations benefit from lending to other countries – so this man tells my friend he is getting rid of his gold – WHY WOULD HE DO THAT – he has a HUGE amount of GOLD – if gold goes down what goes up? Frank says it’s not that hard to go up…. Frank says BIG John at KTMF will send a massive PM – NOT email a PM to all our members of information when this RV’s. Delta said we are about to see this happen but if it doesn’t happen by a certain date we have nothing else to offer….. Darline = said the Paris Agreement signed 5 years ago and restructuring of Iraq’s debt today the MOF knows if they do not get this done paid off before - the Paris debt will be triple! Darline knows a calculation on how to figure the rate and Frank said that on Wednesday (tomorrow) they would talk about this… If this does not RI until next year- we will change our format at KTFM = Monday we will post – Tuesdays Conf Call, then Wednesday we will do Interviews and Thursdays Darline suggests a prayer meeting… Leaders of other forums – if I go to the new format for the 90% of the people will flood your forums as they are addicted to any intel…so get ready…find a person that can speak Arabic and have them watch the TV there and have them report to you what they are saying on Iraq TV as the GOI owns the TV and they tell the people what they want them to know… Intel is never written in stone… this is just a suggestion Darline says, Frank you know that the GOI IS Seated but not announced yet right? Yes says frank 2 ministers are still needed but Darline asks: we KNOW they are going to announce it and the HCL and 140 is done and they need to RV for their debt… BING BAM BOOM she asks if all 3 at the same time could that happen? Frank says the pressure is equivalent to the bottom of the pacific ocean – pressure is so great it forms diamond and Iraq is about to rise from the ashes and pressure is so great and they will convert their worthless IQD into a diamond – a lot did happen from 23rd to 26th the budget etc. THEY ARE NOT going away for 2 weeks – the WSJ says Iraq wants the US out of Iraq – NO Maliki did not say that – he said at end of 2012 as planned ONLY…. So don’t jump to conclusions… read the fine print… they will attack the HCL as we need that – Raider1 right? Iraq wants to align themselves with the US – Maliki will see the plan through its in his hands – hope Shabibi HAS given his plan and the rate and I feel it’s in my 7-10 days as I see it now its coming together now and the CBI records are clean now family – we said yesterday there was no 1170 and it was put in LATE as it was NOT there at first – and the International exchange rates are NOT showing a rate and Delta has the info regarding this… Darline found an article from the CBI from 12-28-10 and it says This is a letter from CBI of Iraq addressed to all money exchangers institutes …..- ASK Darline to post in room…. She says it sounds like the last debts to be called in to the bank?? SO she re- reads the article and Frank asks Delta to give his opinion etc… Delta is now on call..
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    Flamed for what Revelation... I have a bit of clout here.. I'm VIP and OSI and faithful to this site. I'm not a newbie. I know this RV is coming and is going to change our lives... that is what people want to hear... and that is my belief... I'm not saying anything negative... If somebody was badmouthing me... I would expect people that know me to get my back.. I did what I felt obligated to do... If i deserve to be bashed for that... then let it begin!
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    Blaino Message from Okie: 12/28/10 11pm December 29, 2010 08:40 am 1st, he sends his respects and love to all here 2nd, He asks me to tell you that we are 48 to 60 hours out MAX from now (Call was 9:56PM, today December 28,2010. 3rd Rate will be no lower than $3.22 at a worst case scenario. May be much higher. Don't shoot the messenger.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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    I hope he doesn't mind, but robo5288 stopped into chat this morning and shared this, so I'm pasting it here: 9:27 AM [robo5288] For what it is worth, I have spoken to Dano and another employee who was with Dano that day. We discussed this on the phone. Without a doubt, the information shared is an accurate account of what transpired. Two people told the same story. Dano doesn't make stories up. Gotta run.
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    i call bull**it... what would give the u.s. the right to keep $2.05 out of every $3.60. i'm thinking, not no, but h*ll no.. i admit i have no intel what so ever, but his every day rv prediction is getting mighty old.
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    Well, I know Okie. (LF) He goes back 30 years with my father. He is exactly who he says he is and more... He's a very modest man. But then again, you don't know me nor should I expect you trust me... though i am trustworthy : ) It's easy to point fingers at somebody and say "you're a liar" because their intel was off. And I feel bad for Okie that he's stuck his neck out for all of us to share whatever intel he has. He is just a messenger! Now if Okie decided to disappear... You would all wish he'd come back and at least share whatever intel he had at that time... because although we all want to hear something to give us HOPE... It's any and all intel, even rumors that keep us going! whether true or false or fabricated... we are still progressing closer to the RV... And if the rumors help time fly by then so be it. Okie believes in his sources... His sources are not Shabibi or Maliki... but they are closer than any of us are to whats really going on. I would encourage you all to just listen and take precaution to what is being relayed. Take everything "intel" as a grain of salt... keep about your daily lives and just know that this RV is right around the corner. I just spoke to dinar dealer, Not Ty, Not Ali... a different guy. He is no longer accepting reserve. Think about that. Do you know how much money is in the reserve for these dealers. Why stop reserve now? Maybe because they know the RV is upon us! And they don't want to have to cover! -Mahi Mahi out.
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    I feel your pain Spy, I too got in around Halloween but just started posting. I got in on the advice of a client not a pumper and have been along for the ride. Here's my take - the way I see it I have an investment that is worth slighlty less than I paid for it (fees, etc) but I can still cash in if I need to. I am only playing with butter & egg money so if nothing happens I am OK. However this investment gives me perpetual lottery tickets (with better odds) to dream about on my long work commutes. That is why I follow the site so much, it is the thrill of the possible, and the "what if it does hit big" . This investment for me is driven by desires not needs. I know that sounds lofty and I really could use the money and hope it RV's soon but if somone is in it because they need to be then they are in more trouble than any pumper or Guru can help them with. I too do get disappointed at times and frustrated and even angry, but this is not for those that are not at peace with themselves or their situation . I have tried to learn to laugh at the implausible and dream of the possible. Hope that helps.
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    Here is somethinginteresting to think about guys. Did it ever occure to you as to why the UN suddenly decided to lift most of the sanctions on Iraq especially the economic sanction in the middle of December 2010? Why 15th DEcember 2010 and why not wait until 2011 lift the sanctions or even 2012.........seem like there is a rush for something doesn't it? Why did Obama suddenly extend the tax cut straight after the sanctions on Iraq were lifted? There are just to many things to list here that have suddenly occured or has been made official in December 2010 and most of it has only been in the last two weeks or even less. It could meanthat they plan to have an RV by the end of the year and start of Iraq's economy with a new currency rate in the SDR basket for the year 2011. Don't forget that before the UN lifted the sanctions before the government was formed, so if no RV is occuring by the end of this year why wouldn't the UN wait until next year to lift the sacntions and why is suddenly everything with Iraq falling into place so quickly more so than in the last 7 years? If you think about all this logically then you come to it that there is some thing really big about to explode very soon. I think they are 2011 RV fireworks, don't you? What do you think guys. RV 2010 !!!!!
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    Linda55 suffered a heart attack this morning and is at this time still in the hospital. Her daughter in law came in chat and said she is doing ok. Big Foot came in and told us he had talked to her and things are going pretty well for her. Please leave your message here ... she will love hearing from everyone!!!
  25. 6 points Tuesday, December 28, 2010 DECEMBER 30, 2010 ~ IMF SDR RATE REVISION ~ JANUARY 1, 2011 ~ NEW RATE TAKES EFFECT AND ON JANUARY 10th NEW SDR BASKET INTEREST RATE TAKES EFFECT Bumped ~ snip ~ The first SDR exchange rate using the new basket will be posted on January 3, 2011. and ... The first SDR interest rate based on the new basket will be calculated and announced on January 7, 2011, and will be effective during the week of January 10–14, 2011 <A href=""> Will Iraq make a change before January 1, 2011 or will they wait along with the rest of the world? As Phoenix always says, the situation with Iraq is a novel event ~ Link ~ Message from Phoenix ~ A novel solution to a novel situation ... SDR Basket Rate The amounts of each of the four currencies to be included in the new SDR valuation basket will be calculated on December 30, 2010 in accordance with the new weights, and will go into effect on January 1, 2011. The calculation will be made on the basis of the average exchange rates for these currencies over the three months ending on that date in such a manner as to ensure that the value of the SDR will be the same on December 30, 2010 under both the revised valuation and present valuation baskets. SDR Interest Rate The IMF also reviewed the method for determining the SDR interest rate and decided to continue to set the weekly interest rate on the basis of a weighted average of interest rates on short-term instruments in the markets of the currencies included in the SDR valuation basket. The interest rate on the three-month Treasury bills of the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan, and the three-month Eurepo rate will continue to serve as the representative interest rates for the U.S. dollar, pound sterling, Japanese yen, and euro, respectively. A press release providing the final currency amounts in the new SDR valuation basket to take effect on January 1, 2011 will be issued by the IMF on December 30, 2010. The first SDR exchange rate using the new basket will be posted on January 3, 2011. The first SDR interest rate based on the new basket will be calculated and announced on January 7, 2011, and will be effective during the week of January 10–14, 2011. Further information on the SDR can be found on the IMF's website ( As a service to the users of SDRs, the Fund will project the currency amounts in the revised basket beginning December 8, 2010, and update these projections every week for the remainder of the year and post them on the IMF's website ( As the currency amounts will be based on a three-month average of exchange rates, these projections will tend to iterate toward the final effective amounts, thereby keeping users informed of the likely final currency amounts in the new basket that takes effect on January 1, 2011 Iraq's 2011 Budget Holds the Key ... Still Waiting ... Posted by Kel at 12/28/2010 08:34:00 PM Labels: IMF SDRs
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    Found this on another site. If it is against the rules bumper you know what to do. Note to reader: Black Ink = as written from author Red Ink = points of interest high lighted Blue Ink = My injected thoughts I Just received this from a fellow investor and wanted to share with everyone. TRUST ME ON THIS !!! YOU WILL WANT TO READ THE WHOLE THING, IT SEEMS A LITTLE LIKE OLD NEWS IN THE BEGINNING BUT REALLY GETS GOOD HALF WAY THROUGH AND TO THE END FROM THERE. NO IDEA WHO WROTE IT OR I WOULD LOVE TO GIVE CREDIT FOR IT..BLUE If you are invested in the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) then you are a Currency Speculator. What is a Currency Speculator? A currency Speculator is one who is gambling on a rate of a certain currency. Nearly all global currency values rise and lower in a continual ebb and flow dictated by the global economy. Generally speaking the values only rise and lower in the single digit percentages unless in rear cases a catastrophic event occurs such as war. A currency speculator looks at different economies and gambles on potential outcome that will cause an upward trend in a given currency. Once they make their decision based on their studies, they simple exchange their currency for the currency they are speculating, then watch the global foreign currency exchange market (like Forex) to know when to sell. This practice is very much the same as trading stocks and does carry risks. As with stock, one can minimize their rise by simple doing their homework. For instance, there are some currencies that are against the law to speculate, if you are not aware of this and exchange into that currency, you will not be able to get rid of that currency. There are also counterfeiters in all currencies and if you do not know what to look for in a given currency, you may be buying fancy colored paper instead of an actual currency with a value. Another key point that you may or may not be aware of is that some currencies have national or international restrictions placed on them, not allowing the currency to be speculated. However a key point I want to make here about our investment. When the PLAN was being formed back in 2003 or before, the IQD was singled out and given a special consideration. A mandate was granted from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the US to allow the IQD to be speculated, thus giving us in the know an opportunity of a life time. The PLAN we speak about was developed many years ago based on the world economy. You see, one would have to do a lot of studding of the global history to see but there is and has been pattern and a need to make global economic adjustments every decade or so based on where the economy is at a given time. When these occur, most of the global population is unaware of the adjustments and if you were paying attention, all you would notice is your governments local economy seems to start doing better. The last time this occurred was after Kuwait was liberated. There was a much smaller window but the fact remains that there were folks the speculated the Kuwait dinar and made millions. In this instance, the need for the global financial adjustment was slight. As you know by listening and reading in the news, this financial crisis is wide spread and touches every world economy in a major way. The architects of the plan realized the depth and breadth of this serious economic crisis. So the design in this case is huge because it has to be, to jump start economies around the globe. Iraq became the natural target for the needed economic adjustment for many reasons. First and foremost was to oust Saddaam and try him for crimes agent Humanity. The second was when he took control of Iraq; he pulled all of Iraq’s currency and printed his own currency with his face on all of the notes. At this time the standard IQD was pulled off the international market and shelved. The IMF gave it a program rate of 1180 IQD to $1.00 USD (even as far back as this was, the insanely low rate could have been part of the PLAN). This was a major decline in the value which was $3.22 IQD to $1.00 USD. What took place from that period until now, is as they say, the rest is history. So now we are at the present and there is a ton of people invested in the IQD (actually less than 8% of the total global population) wanting to know when and if Iraq is going to RI/RV their currency. History and why we know Iraq will RI/RV? First I want to point out the statement RI/RV. RI represents a Reinstatement of the IQD, which means Iraq would reinstate the Dinar back to per-Saddam value of $3.22 IQD to $1.00 USD. An RV represents a Revalue of the Dinar meaning that they will give their currency a higher value than it once had before the IMF gave them a program rate in the beginning of the Saddaam take over. There are as many opinions on the topic of RI or RV as there are forums. Along with that only 8% of the global population is invested in IQD. By design, the entire global population cannot know about this and take part because Iraq could not cover that many people being involved. Nor do they have enough IQD for everyone to own some. Just as any country, Iraq knows exactly how much currency they have printed. So to curve speculators Iraq and other governments around the globe have put out false information and propaganda to steer the attention away from what is happening. However, for this to work for the global economy, Iraq and the IMF needed a certain amount of speculators, you and me to accomplish two things. First Iraq needed us to hold the rate of the IQD stable once they got rid of the Saddaam currency and put their original IQD back out there. We made it stable buy purchasing it through currency exchanges. The daily auction Iraq has been having is to establish a rate and then show the IMF they can hold it stable. The IMF needs a certain amount of speculators; you and me, to boost the economies around the globe, by spending our new found wealth once all is done and Iraq adjust their currency. Just image the impact it is going to have on the us economy when over 1million new millionaires start spending their new found wealth on housing, cars, and goods. That is not to mention the relief the US government will realize from the estimated 7 trillion IQD they hold in the US Foreign Currency Reserves, as well as all of the taxes they will be collection from you and me and this is going to happen in every country on the globe. You start to understand the magnitude and the full breath of the PLAN… Okay, what is in it for Iraq: Well first and foremost, we removed a dictator that ran the country without regard to humanity amongst the Iraqi people. He kept them in poverty while he ran one of the most corrupt regimes on the planet. Murder, corruption, fear, and hunger were a way of life for many years. Lead by the US, the UN and many counters from around the globe liberated Iraq from this dictator and brought him to Iraqi justice, you know the rest. The collaboration of forces set the stage for Iraq to become the great nation it once was. IT is Iraq’s desire and continual effort to become an upstanding member of the International community once again. They have made great strides as they have worked to get rid of the many atrocities and problems the former regime left in its’ wake. Iraq has worked methodically to eliminate the many road blocks that stand between them and regaining their once proud heritage as a member of the International community and in good standing. 1. There were many resolutions that needed attention 2. There were and still are some sanctions placed on them 3. They were in Chapter 7 protection 4. They had to rework their Constitution 5. There was considerable debt owed to the world governments 6. They had to grasp a full understanding of their financial books, after many years of corrupt book-keeping and the loss of billions of IQD. The Culmination There were agreements made with Iraq and the world, namely the UN and the IMF. The UN and IMF explained to the Iraqi leaders of the plan and their role. Iraq says how can w do this, we have nothing but the oil we have in the ground and no other commodity to allow us sell and get funds to rebuild our land to a point where we can start to produce oil to pay back all of the debt the previous regime has left us with. The UN forces back by the US troops said we have a plan and here it is… 1. See there is a thing called the Paris Club, which is a group of 19 major governments from around the globe. All of which you, Iraq, owe a great deal of money too. In the billions in fact. Well we have put together an agreement that says we, the 19 world economies will forgive your debit as long as you allow each of us to hold your IQD in our Currency Reserves and allow us to eventually return the IQD we are holding for a revalued dinar rate. Furthermore we will not release our entire dinar holdings on you all at once. It will be a controlled return over a period of 24 month. (For this piece, which Iraqi agreed to, they have to RI/RV by Dec. 31st 2010 or the forgiven Debt will be due at once). 2. The IMF will grant you short term loans so you have funds to work with. 3. We will lift Chapter 7 only after you accomplish several things a. Get your government seated and working b. 2011 Budget worked out so we see you have included the RI/RV c. Border disputes with Kuwait d. Show that you have made great strides in getting the HCL completed. 4. Iraq if you do all of these things, we the UN/IMF will allow you to, at a minimum reinstate you currency at the $3.22 rate it once was at prior to the former regime destroying its value in the international market. We will also allow you to add 20% for cost of living increases that have taken place over the years that your IQD has been out of circulation. 5. As an added incentive, based on the quality and quantity of crude you have in the ground, we will allow you to revalue you currency instead of reinstating it to a value within reason. We are allowing this because based on our investigation of your oil fields… You Iraq will be one of the richest if not the richest countries on the globe. It is your choice as to where you want to revalue your IQD but our projections estimate you could withstand a rate as high as $16.00 IQD to as low as $1.00 USD.(NOT SURE WHERE THEY GOT THOSE PREJECTIONS TO 16 IQD, BUT I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEM !!!) We would highly recommend to you that a rate that high will cause many problems and have inherent risk. With all of the news and knowledge regarding your economic potential it would be way to risky to come out with a rate lower then you previous value for $3.22 IQD to $1.00 USD because anyone with enough backing could come in and buy up all of your currency, there by controlling Iraq. It is our opinion that the rate needs to be such to curve further speculation but also be something manageable in the short and long term. 6. We feel a managed float over at least a 24 month period of time, with a controllable rate for now will accomplish what is in the best interest of all. It will allow sustained growth for the Iraqi economy, it will allow Iraq to become a member of the international community once again, and it will allow the IMF to boost the world economy. Also, it will keep someone from coming in and buying up your country… Summarization: Iraq has been given a choice, 1. The IMF is saying to Iraq, we are granting you the ability to reinstate your currency at the pre-Saddaam rate of $3.22 with a 20% increase for cost adjustment for the years it was out of circulation. Or because of the potential we see with your economy, we will also allow you to revalue your currency to a rate within reason. If you do this by December 31st 2010, we will agree to allow the Paris Club to forgive your debt and we will lift you from Chapter 7 sanctions. Thus allowing you to rejoin the international community with your currency and trade. ( I HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR THE PAST WEEK THAT THE PARIS CLUB WILL PAY A HUGE PART IN ALL THIS, HOPEFUULY SOME OF YOU HAVE BEEN FOLLING SOME OF MY POST AND ARE AWARE OF THIS) Sanctions that will be lifted: a. Allows you to have an international recognized currency i. Which allows you to trade on the Forex ii. Allows Iraqi stock to be traded on the international market iii. Allows all of the signed contracts for the oil fields, utilities reconstruction, road construction, building construction to begin b. Allows you to receive global shipments from all of the ships that have been sitting in your ports. c. Allows you to finally pay your government employees d. Allow you to load the smart cards that will pay the Iraqi citizens living expenses for the short term, also pay the retired citizens. All of which have not been reviving anything for some time. At this point, Iraq has agreed to everything and we are now in the last phases of this plan. We are waiting for Iraq to finally pull the trigger and release the RI/RV between now and Dec. 31st. I believe the World community and the UN/IMF are not really leaving Iraq a choice and they are tired of Iraq dragging their feet... But, if for some reason they don’t pull the trigger by Dec. 31st, this coming Friday... According to the PLAN this was to happen in 2009... ( NO GOI UNTIL NOW IS WHY IT NEVER RV'ed ) Not sure of all that would come down on them but it certainly would be the end of the current GOI… The latest Intel we have received is that the message that came out yesterday that the GOI will be breaking for two weeks starting tomorrow is false. PD claims that they have proof that the GOI is meeting right now and will be all this week. They are still expecting the RV to happen before Friday and the very bottom rate, the lowest it could be is $3.22. SO we wait and watch… THIS WAS EMAILED MAILED TO ME EARLY THIS MORNING FROM A FRIEND. You know other than the 16 IQD thing...most of this entire article is right on spot and makes very good sense. I WANTED TO SHARE AND OPEN THE FLOOR FOR ANY THOUGHTS...SOME GREAT THOUGHTS HERE FOR SURE....ENJOY....Speculation more than rumor I would say....what do you say friends.....BLUE
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    what???? thats 60 seconds of my life ill never get back.
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    This is taken straight from the FDIC's website (underlined parts by me) [source: 72 Fed. Reg. 1377, January 11, 2007] 1As used in this Statement, the term "financial institution" or "institution" refers to national banks in the case of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency; federal and state savings associations and savings and loan holding companies in the case of the Office of Thrift Supervision; state member banks and bank holding companies (other than foreign banking organizations) in the case of the Federal Reserve Board; state nonmember banks in the case of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; and registered broker-dealers and investment advisers in the case of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banks supervised by the Office of the Comptroller, the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation also are considered to be financial institutions for purposes of this Statement. Go back to Text 2In the case of U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banks, these policies, including management, review and approval requirements, should be coordinated with the foreign bank's group-wide policies developed in accordance with the rules of the foreign bank's home country supervisor and should be consistent with the foreign bank's overall corporate and management structure as well as its framework for risk management and internal controls. Go back to Text 3This item is not intended to include traditional, non-binding "comfort" letters or assurances provided to financial institutions in the loan process where, for example, the parent of a loan customer states that the customer states that the customer (i.e., the parent's subsidiary) is an integral and important part of the parent's operations. Go back to Text 4Of course, financial institutions also should ensure that their own accounting for transactions complies with applicable accounting standards, consistently applied. Go back to Text 5The control processes that a financial institution establishes for CSFTs should take account of, and be consistent with, any informational barriers established by the institution to manage potential conflicts of interest, insider trading or other concerns. Go back to Text 6The agencies note that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 requires companies listed on a national securities exchange or inter-dealer quotation system of a national securities association to establish procedures that enable employees to submit concerns regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters on a confidential anonymous basis. See 15 U.S.C. 78j--l(m). Go back to Text Senetors, Hilary or whomever in the Government not directly associated to the establishment of Dinar trade and RV would have nothing leagally binding them to owning Dinar. Someone who IS working on the transaction is. Now it may not be called INSIDER TRADING, but it's the same basic pricipal and still regarded as a felony...
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    I just came across this after doing my DDG.....(daily dinar google)...hope this is not posted somewhere else already here * International Reconstruction Fund Facility for Iraq (IRFFI) and the elusive Dec. 31, 2010 date. December 27th, 2010 01:21 pm · Posted in NEWS New IRFFI projects must start by the end of 2010; project completions and disbursements are to take place no later than December 31, 2013. As of June 30, 2010, 25 IRFFI donors, including the United States, had committed $1.86 billion for Iraq reconstruction. Any funds that are not committed to a specific project by December 31, 2010, will be returned. Why would Iraq want to return any of this money? They wouldn’t. To start a project, one would think that the contractor would want to be paid with RV Dinars and not current Dinars. Thus, RV prior to December 31, 2010 or Iraq may have to pay back over ONE BILLION DOLLARS – and those are U.S. Dollars Go RV
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    Part 3 Darline: The GOI and their trade taxes are be paid and those taxes are to start 1-1-2011 – Delta says this has to happen … Frank asks CBI accepted rate was to be put in on the 29th but accept on the 3rd of January but the moved it from the 3rd to the 1st of January and Darline said Dec 31st / Jan 1st and Delta says that Saturday is no banking system, so technically the 3rd will reopen and they are tired and the indication showed us with this change that the CBI is done when the website went down for a few days and then it came back up it is done… Frank says that they have seen things at a $3+ rate and Delta says plus the 20% increase and it should be revalued – they are rushing to get this done – they are rushing to finish and now they are done and nothing left to do – if nothing happens then we have nothing to share family and the GOI is done and the rumors are all out there and everything if fact now and tonight we have fact – I encourage your foreign currency call now and they will tell you they DO NOT exchange it and they can’t cause they are waiting for the rate like you and me - do you think they are working for other things instead of working for their dinars? Its going to happen folks its our last window now . Frank says if it does not happen I wont give up and I wil find out why but it will be less and less of us And the SDR are positioning themselves and that says a lot… Family the massive PM’s will come to you when Ali calls so you will find out Darline said that the FDIC is going unlimted coverage on non-interest bearing accounts on January 1st till January 2012 – who has money says Frank…. All the congressman wanted it they got it through… Bill and Mandy asks - about currency going in and out Warka said no MasterCards to be issued till January 9th but Frank says we are aware but not paying much attention about this.... Delta says Warka knows when the money is going out now and they stopped Dec 21st from Debit card withdrawals - they want money to stay in there for capital. IF no official money in Iraq why stop this type of transactions? Can there be an RV in country before international RV : not as major as this Frank says a flood of people would go into Iraq and no this concept is not in the plan it would cause a civil war. Delta says that Iraq is open to everyone and if they revalue on Friday we are open and they are not trying to screw up the people... Darline said that in country RVs have to do other work with the IMF that has to be done before it can happen and Iraq has not DONE any of that kind of work... Iraq wants EVERYONE to exchange their Dinars its the most popular in the world right now... Now in 2010 the rate is 1170 and it appreciated and Iraq has unbelievable amounts and Darline says Babylon will rise again... Caller from Area code 209: SeniorTour - Day to day the GOI is in place and nothing happens what is it that the Iraqis do that to declare their RV - Darline and Delta says NOTHING and they may be waiting for January 1st to do this - The audit was done but there is NOTHING DONE - the Paris club has nothing to do with RV but its a done deal now - Iraq currency is controlled by IMF and technically its all done - IMF and US Treasury and World BANK and CBI are all partners and they have to agree and the Paris if it was a problem they would not be out of Chpt 7 - nothing to do with the RI-RV - they are ready to release the rate.... Caller says but the other sites and forums say its a significant issue but Frank states and Delta states it has NOTHING to do with RV - the DFI fund $300 billion dollars and the CBI has access to withdraw as much as they want in next 6 months.... so they could withdraw it now to payoff the 20% of Paris club left - but they do not - now do you realize this? It has nothing to do with the RV - RI - the RV has to happen to give Iraq a new currency and have a trade-able currency for the country. Frank asks Delta to watch the Gazette announcements publically about the GOI - and today there said nothing on the TV but they are working on the ministries working... Delta said when Maliki said he would fix the currency it was enough to the people... who cares about the GOI - remember why did the UNSC release them and now the IMF wants this finished and the SDR is done WCinThai posted: Delta just said something that caught my ear. Install national currency and paying the government workers. That just hit me big! Caller from area code 718: Pete from NYC - Pay debt and eliminate with out a currency? Frank says its gone - because of Bartering - the GOI sitting is what they got out of it.... IMF and WB they are in control of everything and policies and 80% of Parish was eliminated and do what ever it takes to release it....and the IMF were in control of the monitory policy can raise or lift Zeros... that will stabilize the whole nation. Iraq in front of the TV media that the trigger will be pulled - the rate was determined by 85% of IMF members long ago and the debt and oil had to be calculated - released the debts and increase the oil and support international community... and the IMF controls it and the US Treasury and Iraq follows order cause they still do not know it all of what they are to do yet.... Shabibi was hired by the US to work for the CBI and he is the right person for this job... They all are involved as a group - and IMF and World Bank tells Iraq what to do even in other countries... the dinar has the capability to revalue at $10 but its not but it has to be NO less than $2.60 due to calculations... demand and supply and US saying what they will revalue at... Caller says do you think this is the week how confident are you that this will revalue - on a scale of 1-10 and Delta says 11 and Frank says 11..... Delta says it it doesn't revalue I will be baffled as there is NOTHING as to why it won't.... nothing left. Frank asks significant that was told to the people on the TV today? NO they didn't only the last pieces of the GOI and audit of CBI nothing significant - pay attention to the gazette as thats the last thing Frank is looking for... and the budget was read a 3rd time for sure... there was one item that they did nto agree on it and just one part is to be fixed... Delta says tonight and tomorrow night is very high... The budget is 87 trillion dinars and the dollar amount will never change if it comes out at $3.22 the less dinars for the budget but Budget has NOTHING to do with the revalue only to the country only...but again will not effect the RV.... Frank says that over 3700 people came to hear this call tonight and Delta said I am honored - be patient and relax and be happy as you are in this and this one once in a lifetime happening... this will happen - stop complaining and just praise GOD you are in this investment. The world will look at us and say WHO are these people... We were chosen by GOD to get involved in this... do not isolate a time frame in your desperation and beg for more - that's a disease - prayer is your best consult to release your stress... Caller from area code 610: Kevin asks - Toledo office have the option to barter dinar for gold - in the even does Ali have a plan to keep it in storage to make arrangements to have it situated... Frank says yes he has ways to get it to you as most can't only go to CA or Tenn. Caller from area code 248: Jason what site can we go to to see the new rate if this happens tonight or tomorrow? CBI Site says Frank - 2nd best place is KTFM... try the other sites too... Caller from area code 561: Bill from Florida - He is so lucky to get in each week - HA ........HE asks % of SDR and $ % to go down? If it comes in low or high will it effect the currencies it seems to be pointing for gold to go down next week and dollar to go up due to the "baskets" coming out next week...Delta says Euro will have more percentage and it drops in the SDR and only something major can raise the dollar except the RI of the Iraq Dinar... Frank says NO MORE ROCKS are left to be turned over to release the rate - so says Delta and Frank asks the Gazette is where the announcement will be so Delta call me anytime when you first see this published... Delta states that Only the Parliament is going on Vacation = not the CBI or GOI business as usual for them... they should open the 2nd of January Watch the next 48 hours as to what will happen and something definitely has to come to the CBI for sure... KEEP THE FAITH If it doesn't happen -
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    Wants US troops out by end of 2011. Now no dinar is allowed out of Iraq. 2 days left until EOY. I thinks we might be close to an RV
  33. 5 points
    Dreaming is free! But, I'll know it's real when I receive a e-mail, text message from Adam Montana, and I've cleared the Banks and the dollars are in the accounts. It is a fun ride and some of the messages are funny. The best is, "I have a brother, who knows a cousin, who is dating his sister, which had twins, that have a contact in the cellar of the bank that is printing the dinar in the dark, etc... Hey you guys get the drift. Happy New Year folks, may God bless you and your families with love and kindness.
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    I think I will let Ali worry about it, after I cash in..
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    Rv has nothing to do with the GOI. It's upto shabibi to call the rate and then the IMF will approve it or not accept it............The IMF is leaving shabibi no choice than to make the RV happen by the end of this year since there are no economic sanctions on them so their currency has to become tradeable on the market and with the banks. RV 2010 !!!!
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    Really??? And you are an ADVANCED MEMBER....your reply to this "newbies" post is absolutely pomp-a$$, obnoxiously arrogant and down right RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "...I mean in the nicest way possible..." why even include that in your obviously made absolutely NO ATTEMPT what-so-ever to be NICE in any shape form or fashion in your reply AND IF YOU DID make an attempt; you failed miserably!!!!!! Get off your high horse "ADVANCED MEMBER" soap box you freaking JERK - there is no reason or justification for you or ANYONE to treat this person or as you classified him/her "newbie" by replying in the manner in which you did!!! Who appointed you "good effort/due diligence monitor??? I hope your reply in this instance is the direct result of a really bad day or headache or SOMETHING other than the fact that this is simply your nasty little pathetic personality. I am sooo tired of seeing people get slammed on this site for asking a question - yes there is a lot of information on this site - which sometimes makes it a little difficult to find answers to questions that might come up from time to time. I too have had questions from time to time, but I certainly don't ask them on here - it's NOT that I don't make "...good effort..." its BECAUSE of the overwhelming amount of information that is provided for one and secondly - sometimes; even when post are read - some people don't understand what they mean and need a little help - so if you can't or REFUSE to give a direct answer in a respectful manner....why don't you just MOVE ON to another post vs being a complete jacka$$ such as you have done in this instance?????? Absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!!!
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    Being a specialist in one area does not then equate that you are a specialist in other areas. I know someone who is a financial consultant, when I asked him about the Dinar, he simply said I don't have any and I have been told it is a scam. Well a scam it isn't although it is a risk, but then so is crossing the road. Everything in life has some dimension of risk, even the things we take for granted, like: How do you know the car will start, or how do you know the light will go on when you walk into the darkened house. We have done our homework and have come to the conclusion that there will be a RV, just not sure when or how much, which is not a bad risk, with potential huge upside. Want to know what a real scam is, check out Social Security, the greatest Ponzi Scheme ever created. KF.
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    He's hardly an idiot. He's considered an expert on stocks, options, and forex and is the co-founder of the Learning Markets website. I doubt though, that he has researched the documents and the people involved in this to the extent that this community has. This article is old and at the time it was written there was no market for the dinar. In reality there isn't today either, except for the fact that you can sell them back to the dealers or exchange them from banks who handle them. Of course you'll take a hit either way. What we're speculating on is that there will be a market created for the dinar after the RV. The biggest problem with this article is the word "scam". The only way that selling dinar is a scam is if you're selling counterfeit or invalid Saddam dinar. Scams are schemes to take all of your money and give you nothing (or a product worth nothing) in return. The dinar is a valid currency. Yes, there's hype involved in the marketing of dinar, but there's plenty of hype on Wall Street too yet we don't call the stock market a scam, do we? Apart from the word "scam" thought I think this guy raises some valid points. We have to remember that this is a speculative venture and there is risk. The upside potential is great but there is always the possibility that things won't play out like we're hoping.
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    Ok, I'm going to go out on a limb and take a shot at this. Please, I am not a financial guru, just saying what this says to me. 1.) If you follow the link back to the CBI page this is what you will find: Circulated to all the exchange companies in Iraq 2010/12/13 This has nothing to do with us, as US speculators. 2.) addressed to all money exchange institutes, advising them that the period granted to them to increase their capitals is ending on December 31st 2010 This tells me that banks and exchange counters have until 12/31/2010 to take delivery of the amount of IQD they need. ( In country. ) 3.) The remainder of this letter says to me: Whatever agreement other bank and / or exchange counters had with CBI must be honored by 12/31/2010 or they will face legal actions taken against them. In other words if Joes Bank had an agreement to purchase 2b dinar and have not done so, or have received said dinar and not paid in full for them, they have until 12/31/2010 to get it done. I believe the other #'s, letter # 9/2/4873 / rolling number 9/2/1806, are some kind of internal reference numbers. ( Forms / Rules ) Please add, correct and explain as much as you like, this is what I get out of this letter. Wish I could see the previous one they are referring to.
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    I can't find anything that has to do with money policies either. I bought into the Dinar for one reason and one reason only.. I have been buying between 100,000 - 200,000 dinar every month for the past year and a half. And plan to buy more in 2011, 2012...catch my drift here? I am not going crazy. I have been investing in currency for awhile now and know what makes sense and what doesn't make sense. I firmly believe that the Dinar WILL go up in value ( it is too undervalued for a country with that many resources). But, it is not going to make me a multi-millionaire overnight. I just do not see it happening. I see it steadily growing up in value over the next few years. I believe by 2013 it will be at par with the dollar ( possibly past it depending on how fast the dollar devalues). I do not seeing it going from worthless to 4.00 overnight. That would be too much a shock to the market everywhere else. They would go from being one of the poorest currencies to one of the richest overnight... I do not believe it will be like Kuwait per se. It will increase, but not like what people want. Its a long term investment. So is the dong and south korea. I would recommend getting in on them also. Both of them are going to be major players in manufacturing in 10-20 years. You will start seeing "made in korea and made in vietnam stickers alot more in a decade. Obviously the currency will increase in value as well. People are stuck on what happened with Kuwait and just assume it will happen again... Well, I just don't see it. I see it happening, but over time. This is not going to be a get rich quick program.. But then again, this is just my own opinion. I could very easily be wrong.
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    That's incorrect Walking and Talking Funny. The return of "uncommitted loans" has nothing to do with the Paris Club Agreement. What you are referring to is the International Donation Program. See below. When calling out gurus make sure you're speaking correctly. Cause this time...not so correct. Now, regarding proof of the Paris Club Agreement being in default if not RV by 12-31, that's a $64k dollar question. We do know that the first payment expect by Iraq to the Paris Club is scheduled for May/June 2011. I will not state that the PCA must have an RV by 12-31, because proof is impossible to find. That part of your state is Correctamundo and I agree. Just wanted to clear the air on the other half. BTW...pretty dissappointed that you did not defend someone while chatting with Sonny1. Very dissappointing. You were classier than that months ago. Joe P
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    The theory is called fractional banking. I'm not claiming to understand it as its clearly very complicated. In simple terms, as we stand today, if we all were to run to the bank and empty our savings accounts, there isnt enough currency in existance to cover it now. So an RV would be no different, all in electronic credits. Exclude the RV and ask yourself the same question about the physical currency, or lack there of, in the world now.....the banks/gov dont have enough to cover it currently so with fractional banking, you dont need physical currency, its in electronic form. Again, I'm no expert but that is my laymans understanding. If I'm wrong, theres a lot of folks on this forum who are much more informed than me so you will eventually get an answer to your question.
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    Some folks have been monitoring this situation for 7 years.... patiently waiting for a long-term investment to bear fruit. When it comes to currency speculation, questionable "intel" is part of the journey, hence the use of the word "speculation."
  44. 4 points its a short video of what the custodian can do with a snow shovel and sound effects!!
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    NOTICE OF CHANGES IN TEMPORARY FDIC INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR TRANSACTION ACCOUNTS All funds in a “noninterest-bearing transaction account” are insured in full by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation from December 31, 2010,through December 31, 2012. This temporary unlimited coverage is inaddition to, and separate from, the coverage of at least $250,000 availableto depositors under the FDIC’s general deposit insurance rules. The term “noninterest-bearing transaction account” includes a traditionalchecking account or demand deposit account on which the insureddepository institution pays no interest. It does not include other accounts,such as traditional checking or demand deposit accounts that may earninterest, NOW accounts, money-market deposit accounts, and Interest onLawyers Trust Accounts (“IOLTAs”). For more information about temporary FDIC insurance coverage oftransaction accounts, visit the timing is interesting.
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    This guy is wanting newbees to read this but by his member date he's a newbee as well lol!
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    The fact that she can't buy or own dinar is the only this about this post that DOES make sense... If she was in the know/helping to organize this deal, she couldn't own dinar because that would fall under insider trading and is a felony. On the flip side, a woman of her status would ALSO know that divulging this information ALSO falls under the same law... which is why she would never tell her floorer about it... The penalties entailed would be equal and tracking down a female employee in that position who just had some flooring done would be EXTREMLLY easy so this chain of events never happened... I'm not attacking OP, just stating the facts...

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