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    Good morning, and Happy Wednesday! Warning: This Weekly Update is coming in like a lamb and going out like a lion. Before we get into it, I want to thank you all for being the best dang group of people I've ever been associated with. Please know that I never take you for granted, and time after time you impress me with your heart and character - as evidenced time and again, in particular by the incredible outpouring of love, respect, and goodness in last week's update. Cheers to you all, God bless, and thank you. Lots of talk lately about the new PM (KaZAMi-Kablammie-Kademi-KaJustRValready!), exchange rate talk, the US pulling out of Iraqi bases, and of course - "more". There was a time when there wasn't much "more", but lately things are picking up steam - Parliament blazing through tasks, the newly appointed PM seems to almost have entered the scene un-noticed. What I mean by that is the last couple PMs were met with fierce opposition, riots, and outcry. I don't think for a minute that the Iraqi people are done fighting or they have lost their spirit - the fact that Kazammie is still in office, with no reports of (major) riots or protests, is an indicator that he could be "the one". A key part of the "more" is the Iraqi Budget, which is looming on the horizon. The Budget is a big deal, but do NOT expect to see an RV rate in it - in fact, I place very little importance on the Budget numbers. What IS important and relevant is a successful conclusion and announcement of the Budget. That can only happen when the bobbleheads in Parliament actually meet, pull out their pens, and sign the agreement. When that happens, it shows that Iraq is doing something positive, moving forward, and clearing the table for bigger items. The fact that Oil is returning to normal and sustainable price levels... well, that's just gravy. I'm not the only person who looks at that chart and feels hungry! One other component I think we need to keep on the radar is still the HCL. While we are seeing a lot of positive news on many other fronts, the HCL seems... suspiciously quiet. Over the last few weeks, I've been noticing a trend. The news pieces that I am privileged to share and break down for you all have not been the "simple and sometimes boring" topics that have plagued us for months at a time in the recent past. On the contrary, I've been finding that much of the news and the key parts of this complicated web of information are challenging to piece together. It's led to a few "doozies" lately... the recent post on the Iraqi Budget is a good example. That one took a lot of editing and deleting and starting over to break it down into a manageable post that wouldn't make people's eyes glaze over. Based on the responses from the community, I feel it was worth the time. As the year 2020 is progressing, I am seeing more and more information that is stitching together in very complex ways. It makes my "job" a bit harder, but also more satisfying... and it will be even more satisfying when all of these things meet up at the end. The HCL (Hydro Carbon Law) is extremely important. It covers a few things, perhaps most importantly is the money-sharing arrangement that it provides. I may do a longer explanation on this soon, but for this post I'll just state that Oil, the Transportation of Oil, the price of Oil, the intrinsic connection between Oil and Iraq's economy... this is a short list of why the HCL is important. The Middle East as a whole is a major producer of oil. Anything that is produced, and sold, needs to be transported to the consumer. While Iraq only has a small piece of the land that accesses the Gulf of Persia, they do have a sizable and important piece of the land that connects many paths that Oil must cross, and the HCL is vital to forward progress. Hang on to your seat as you read through this next bit: The recent Iran-Turkey pipeline incident, courtesy of the PKK (Kurds), is certainly going to have an affect... particularly since Turkey seems to not want anything to do with fixing it. This incident hurts Iran more than anyone, benefits Iraq, and Turkey comes out better as well - both politically, financially, and in terms of future positioning. That also comes back full circle to the HCL - eliminating Iran from the equation is a benefit to Iraq, and the HCL will be used to ensure that the Kurds get a larger portion of these benefits. Once again, when you look at the big picture it starts to make sense "why" the RV didn't happen yet. The dominoes have been being placed, one at a time, and the HCL just might be the force that starts them moving. I encourage everyone to read the links I posted in the above text. Piece that all together in your head, and get in VIP, because things are about to start happening REALLY FAST. GO HCL. GO RV. Best regards, all! Have a fantastic day and stay safe. - Adam P.S. If you hadn't noticed, I've been linking the relevant articles a lot lately instead of quoting them. This might be a little more work on your part to completely understand my posts, but I've received a lot of positive feedback from members as well. Feel free to chime in and let me know which you prefer! P.P.S. Our Powerball Pool is here. Get in!
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    Good morning good morning! Wednesday, 13th of May - Year of the 'Rona. The year we saw historic losses in the financial markets, the first time OIL ever (ever) hit negative numbers, and the world changed in ways some of us never believed would happen. Everywhere we go now, things are slightly-to-a-lot different. Plexiglass sneeze guards at every store register, shower curtains between tables at restaurants in our future, sporting events without fans, and this is only the start. With unemployment at the worst since the Depression, possibly worse to come, and the government printing money like... well, like they usually do, just a little faster. The truth is that all of the events we are witnessing were bound to happen eventually - the "pandemic" simply expedited some of it. The US debt column has been on a steady incline, and that was not going to reverse. A world where we have a "responsible government" and a "balanced budget" is nothing more than wishful thinking. The good news? It doesn't matter. I mean that. It simply does not matter. We can complain all we want, but since the US Dollar went off the gold standard and became full fiat, we have been playing with pretend money, valued by nothing more than our imaginations. Yes, we can buy actual food with our dollars. We can trade these same dollars for a roof over our head and a vehicle to get us places. If we had looked at our crystal ball last year and invested in Netflix, or shorted travel related stocks, we'd be sitting fairly pretty! The interesting thing about wealth, and power, and luxury and money and toys and tools is that they are never really "lost" - they just get transfered, in a never ending shell game. There will always be winners, and losers, and much of that is decided on where you are when the dice are rolled. Iraq is no different. The currency of Iraq is no different than the currency of any other fiat based country - it's made up, yet the uses are real. And unlike COVID19... we are fully prepared for this one! (At least most of us are prepared - are you?) In the news: Iraqi Prime Minister Kazemi (RV-KAZAMMY!!!!!) is on a roll, moving things forward and acting in every way we want! In years past, not much was accomplished during Ramadan. This year, the Year of the 'Rona and much more - that does not appear to be the case! We are currently in the midst of Ramadan, yet Kazemi seems dead set on seating his cabinet before the end of the holiday. And, it actually looks like it's going to happen. That link was from four days ago, and then yesterday we see PM al-Kazemi reconfirming his commitment to wrapping this portion up in "the next few days". There is more, of course! There always is - I could spend hours tagging and writing and expanding on all of the positive momentum the Iraqi Dinar has right now, and it would just be a start. Fast work by Kazemi is awesome. Iraq having a Prime Minister stay seated and continue to impress us is an outstanding report. This could never have happened overnight, but the way things are going - I dare say "suddenly" is looming closer and closer. Bitcoin is in an interesting spot - the halvening happened, and BTC is currently hovering near $10,000. In my opinion, there is still time to get in while it's still cheap. You CAN buy a fraction of a bitcoin, which means you can put $100 or $1000 into it. Coinbase is an easy option. VIP is still open. You can NOT buy a fraction of a VIP package but at $49 for 3 months, you can get in and be prepared for about 54 pennies a day. It's the smart move, get in now! The Weekly Powerball Pool is here - join us! As always - be safe, be happy, be free, and GOOOO RRRRVVVV!!!!! - Adam
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    Good morning all, and happy THURSDAY! Before I get into the Iraq portion, I want to wish you all a safe and grateful memorial day. This community is filled with many veterans, and I'm thankful to all of you that I can thank here and also those that won't read this message. We are blessed to be here, and we wouldn't be if not for the many who sacrificed for us. We have a bit of a doozie for today - it's really more of a big picture post than a laser focused announcement, but it is important. It's a doozie, not because it's long and detailed... rather, because it's a bit tricky to piece it together in your head - especially if you're new to the topics or haven't read all of the background information. With that in mind, I decided to keep this simple and short. Let's start with a little irony - I was partway through a writeup on the anniversary and re-signing of EO13303, and it seems some of the community here was on the same page: Answer: Yes. As posted on, "Section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)) provides for the automatic termination of a national emergency unless, within 90 days before the anniversary date of its declaration, the President publishes in the Federal Register and transmits to the Congress a notice stating that the emergency is to continue in effect beyond the anniversary date." I think we all expected President Trump to continue in this tradition, but more importantly we should remember why this is in effect. From Wikipedia: "Executive Order 13303 was issued on May 22, 2003 by United States President George W. Bush to protect the Development Fund for Iraq for the rebuilding of Iraq from any legal attachments or liens. Further, it protects Iraqi oil products and interests and ownership by US persons (defined to include US corporations) from attachment as well. Executive Order 13303 also terminates sanctions specified in EO 12722, EO 12724, EO 13290, as it applies to the development fund. In effect, EO 13303 provides an extraordinarily broad legal shield for any and all contractors and mercenaries working in Iraq on behalf of US corporations in any oil related enterprise." Guess what else had a major impact on Iraq and was focused on the DFI (Development Fund for Iraq)? Chapter 7. Chapter 7 was imposed on Iraq and prevented them from acting as a fully sovereign country. It effectively prevented them owning or possessing the means to protect themselves. It was instrumental in tossing Iraq back into the stone ages, like slapping a felony on someone looking for a job at a gun store. Iraq could not have maintained or raised the value of it's currency while under Chapter 7. Iraq is no longer under Chapter 7 restrictions. If you read the recent article explaining the CBI Auctions and the Iraqi Budget, you probably remember seeing the DFI mentioned there as well. Chapter 7. EO 13303. Auctions, Budget... and they all tie into the DFI, the Development Fund for Iraq... suspicious, or obvious? I think it's obvious. I also think that many of us here were well aware that Trump would renew EO 13303, because even though it's been a number of years, we aren't the only ones who know the Iraqi Dinar is going to regain it's value. As for the question "What would happen on it's expiration" - that's a great question, and the answer is equally great - when the order is not renewed, it will be because Iraq has resolved it's issues and EO 13303 is simply no longer an issue. It is not a matter of "if". It is a matter of "when". That's a private matter for you regarding your account - it's best to let my staff help. Rendog, sorry I missed your post there! You are correct, I've addressed it in the past. As a VIP member you have free access to the RV Intel book - grab it here. The shorter answer is they talk about dropping 0's all the time - some of it is misinformation, the rest is just confusing. They can drop the 0's from the exchange rate OR from the currency. One is an increase in value, the other is a lop. Another possibility that can happen simultaneously is an introduction of a new currency, concurrent usage with the currency now in circulation, and a gradual (timed) removal and expiration of the now current currency. None of those situations are bad, but two of the examples are good while the third is neutral. The book RV Intel goes into more depth. ============= There is a lot going on right now - Kazemi-RV-KAZZAMIE continues the surge towards seating the cabinet, and continues to be mysteriously effective in his new role. Eid al-Fitr will be up on May 24, and the few remaining posts are slated for completion shortly. A completely different person by the name of Mustafa al-Kadhimi is also kicking butt at his job... wait, that's the same person. Iran has lost a ton of ground in Iraq, Kazimi-Kazemi-Khadimi has done a lot to prove that he is not another Iranian sock puppet, and on the heels of the renewal of EO13303 there is even more Iranian squashing. All of that, and more, is reason to smile. Enjoy your holiday, friends. Be safe, thank your vets, and GOOOO RRRRVVVV!!!!!! - Adam
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    Printing currency Devalue the dinar No money to pay salaries covid19 Curfew from 5/22 to 5/30 ISX also closed same dates Suddenly RV
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    Happy Wednesday, gang! This week seems to be off to a great start! The COVID ('Rona) scare is on the decline, but now we have Murder Hornets, and... will it ever end?! No. So let's move on, live life, love our families, and be happy. On to the topics! DJIA, S&P, GOLD, pretty much everything is up, including OIL... and that is music to our ears! Over in Iraq, we have a "still waters run deep" situation... do you remember all the ruckus that was in the news during the short durations of the previous Prime Ministers? I'm not hearing the same level of noise right now. Al-Kazemi, the current figurehead for the position, seems to just be on cruise control. He's zooming down the political highway and there doesn't seem to be much getting in his way. Check out this thread for the latest developments: Of course there is talk of disruption, but what's not being publicized is the actual progress - and there is plenty! It gets better: Link:’s-government-20-ministries-will-be-presented-for-voting-in-todays-session-and-the-foreign-and-oil-ministries-will-be-excluded/ It is nice read something like that, but what they are NOT saying is much more important than what they ARE saying. Things are actually really good! In spite of my current optimism, we are at a critical point - things may turn in our favor quickly, and if they are going to turn right now... it is going to happen quickly, probably in the middle of our night, and without warning. They aren't going to give us too much of a head start, so we wait patiently and vigilantly. I'm ready to send emails and text messages! Last week we had a thread in the VIP section for member feedback, and it's given me a bit to work on. I'll be sending out some VIP emails as that progresses. A few more notes before I wrap this up for now: 1. Ever hear of Kim Clement? Check this out! 2. Hi, thanks for being a member here at DinarVets. Be sure to enter the Weekly Powerball Pool! 3. One of the responses in that VIP thread made me think about a tip on using the forums here - the "tags" are pretty handy! For example, you can find a listing of all of my Weekly updates by going into the "Chat Logs" forum and clicking any of the "tags" that say "Adam Montana Weekly". 4. Bitcoin is scheduled for a big event... "the halvening", coming in approximately 8 days. This is historically a big deal: That's it... for now. Be well, stay safe, and GOOO RRRRVVVV!!!! - Adam
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    It's up on both his blogspot website and youtube. It's a long one at 58 minutes, but it's good. He said a lot of the stuff we see in the news is only proposals. Until the idea is taken to Parliament and voted into effect, it means nothing. So that explains why we see so many contraditing articles. And he mentioned the translation problems, which we all struggle with. He emphasized that Iraq is really in trouble which we already knew. Oil prices will remain low (they need $56/barrel and they're $20-30 below that on each barrel and likely will remain that low long term). He spoke specifically about Iraq printing more moeny to pay salaries since they're that broke. That would devalue the dinar even further, but it's at least a way to make payroll. Of course, another way would be the RV!! Also the IMF won't lend Iraq more money because Iraq won't be able to pay them back. So Breitling said, if Iraq doesn't RV, the IMF can come in and make them - so I guess that's hanging over Iraq's head. He said the RV is really only up to the CBI and they could do it overnight, but Parliament can go to the CBI and ask them to do it and then the CBI will decide if they can successfully do it and if so then they'd do it. Anyway, he was optimistic about the RV happening soon, just like most of us here are. Let's hope it's this month, or at least June!
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    Good afternoon and Happy Wednesday! Day 6jillion7bazillion876,9876,350,876 of the 'Rona lockdown. You would think, based on the initial presentation of the pandemic, that 50% of the world would be dead or at least partially zombified by now. We would think that poor countries with little access to health care and large scale poverty would be almost completely devastated by now, due to lack of masks and life saving governor's orders to stay home. Countries like Iraq should certainly be wiped out and pleading for mercy, perhaps unloading oil tankers into parking lots and using the VLCCs for storing dead bodies. And certainly during Ramadan, nothing would be happening that could be counted as progress. Especially with OIL taking the huge hit that it took recently! That is not the case. See, for example, here. And here. And here. And here. And here. And here. And... need I go on? Iraq is not only "fine", they are more than fine! They have weathered a monster hit to the price of oil without lowering their rate. They are surviving an unbelievable shakeup of their government, and tomorrow (Thursday) to May 8 look to be key dates for finalizing some more of that critical work. Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying Coronavirus was a "hoax". On the contrary, it has been devastating for some... and the economic damage may never be fully calculated. But the world did not end. We will move past all of this. And the Iraqi Dinar is still a very real item that holds a massive amount of potential. That's my message for today! I hope you are all well, safe, happy, and as healthy as possible. We have a great thread going right now in the VIP section (here) and one post in particular seemed like it needed to be included in the Weekly Update. If you're in VIP and you didn't comment in that thread, go check it out! Iran is a major factor in the current price of the Iraqi Dinar, I don't think anyone will disagree with that. I'm certain they do have a large amount of Iraqi Dinar, just like many other nations (including the US). And when this is actually "done", it may be that Iran and Iraq are at major odds, even flat out war, as a result of it all when we reach the next stage. The Middle East will always be at war. That's not something that keeps me up at night. To answer your final question - and probably the most important one in the post - I don't believe that Iran's possession of Iraqi Dinar will prevent Iraq from raising the value. It may impact the "how", but not the "if". Fine questions, sir. (As a result of that thread, I also posted a special VIP Q&A thread here. I'll be attending to that one on an ongoing basis for an unknown period of time. Join in!) That's it for this afternoon's Weekly Update!
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    Why Trump is turning base’s over to Iraq? I believe is because Iraq is about to become a sovereign nation. A sovereign nation with an international recognized IQD. Go Iraq Go sovereignty Go RV
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    My two cents America does not need Iraqi oil to run it's economy. They are staying in the ME for their own strategic interests, protecting our friends and allies like Israel and SA and keeping up, the value of the American dollar. The stark basic political and economic reality: The Chinese desperately need ME oil, or they have no economy. It will be America that decides who gets the oil, not the Chinese. America needs to retain global leadership and that means controlling access to oil in Iraq. That means China does not get access to oil if America does not want them to have it. Trump has no intention of letting China run the world. There is a big conference in June regarding the shape of the ME. Trump likes to "shake up the box" and re-arrange all the pieces. That's his style, for solving problems. He is clever and knows that things don't usually change unless there is a crisis, unless there is a set of conditions that get everyone to re-think their basic assumptions. We are in such a global period, due to Covid-19. It brought in plunging oil prices, it has Iran backed into a corner. Rats are dangerous when cornered, but this will be just fine. Lately Iraq has been begging Iran's enemies, like SA, for money. This is because Iran is so weak they cannot lend money to their friend and lackey Iraq. This is all a sign that low oil prices and Trump's policy of hurting the Iranian economy are working brilliantly. This is essential to our victory. Be patient people, the news is all good from our perspective, since the terrible China virus started stalking the world. Desperation and politics makes strange bedfellows. World political alliances are shifting, a new Cold War with China is emerging, everything is changing. We who invested in the Iraqi Dinar are in the strongest position we have ever been, by far. The box is being shaken up, things are changing. Stay strong, America. The world needs you, more than ever! I have my gaps in knowledge about what is going on in the ME, I don't know everything, many here know a lot more than I do, but as a long term watcher of the situation, I am more excited, more happy about how things are going in this investment, the general trend of events, than I have been since I bought my Dinar, over ten years ago. ...Things really are, going our way. The news is great for us, lately. My prediction: This is going to turn out, just fine, for us. Just fine. One caveat to my prediction: If Joe Biden gets in, we're all screwed. Or if Biden is replaced and the Democrats win, all bets are off. The success of this investment depends on Trump being re-elected. Period. If Americans are so foolish as to let the Democrats win, it's likely that America's days as the global super-power will end very, very quickly and America will begin down the road to becoming a province of China, controlled by the Chinese Communist government. My granddad was right. Life really IS, a rodeo...Buckle up cowboys and cowgirls.... Enjoy your great country, take a drive this summer Or if you prefer, head North, visit my back yard. At the bottom of the snow, high up in the mountain on the right, there is a nice Swiss style tea house, where you can hike to, get a bowl of home made soup and a sandwich....
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    Before this latest Iraq War started under George Bush the was Donald Trump, then a citizen, who wrote an op-ed in a New York paper, saying the invasion of Iraq was a mistake that would be very costly. Of course he was right. Citizen Trump also said Iran and Iraq were always balancing each other out in power, that's why a war was a bad idea. He said one of the reasons the invasion of Iraq was dumb was that it would weaken Iraq, which would allow Iran to become dominant in the region. Citizen Trump said that would screw up regional stability. Citizen T said the regional balance of power would be thrown off by a war and that imbalance would have to be great cost to America. In all these things CT was right, was far far far ahead of everyone, in figuring this thing out. Then war happened. Time passed. Then Citizen Trump became President Trump. One of his many tasks was straightening out the foreign policy mess of his predecessors. To that end, President Trump wisely got rid of the foolish nuclear deal that President Obama had signed with Iran. Then President Trump put in sanctions with real teeth, onto Iran. This of course weakened the Iranian currency and the Iranian economy. Iran is getting weaker. That's why there are protests in the streets of Tehran. All this has been designed by President Trump, to re-balance power in the region, as he originally stated in his op-ed, before the war actually started. It's the same with taking out the Iranian General Soleimani, the rat who was orchestrating all the Iranian trouble-making, in Iran....He was removed to weaken Iran. As everyone knows, one of the biggest obstacles to an RV was all the trouble Iran has been causing, in Iraq. So now Iran's currency is being changed? Good. They have become so weak in Iran, their currency has become so worthless that they must do this..... But for President Trump's grand political power re-structuring of the ME to be successful, there is one missing ingredient. Yes, Iran has been severely weakened, but remember, that is only half he equation. (a + b X C -1) = R x 4 The other half the equation, is Iraq. For President Trump's vision of a regional power balance to work, Iraq must be strengthened, so that Iraq is no longer threatened by Iran. Making Iraq strong enough so it can cope with the threat of Iran requires many things. There is a method to this madness there are rulz here. One of the main things it requires is an Iraqi currency that is brought up to it's previous strength. If President Trump's vision for the ME succeeds, those of us who own the currency of Iraq, we stand to make a lot of money. Do you have your stand-by RV party plan? Cheers!'s my party Corona plan:
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    Happy Wednesday everyone! I hate pushing these weekly updates back even an hour longer than necessary, but I'm slammed with obligations today.... which is unfortunate because I have a half written update that I'm enjoying writing! Feel free to take advantage of the "Reply" button below and post any questions you have, and I will continue later tonight or tomorrow morning. GOOOOO RRRRVVVVV!!!!! ======= ***Update: Weekly chat ended up on the second page HERE.
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    There is supposed to be a big conference, on the future of Iraq, in June. The fact that America is pulling out of some bases tells me an agreement has been reached already. An Agreement on what? The thing about these big conferences is all the work is usually done before hand, behind the scenes. Often the actual conference, the signing of things, is just for show. One of the things I wonder about, is the future of the American military presence in Kurdistan. The Kurds are quite unusual, among the Muslim world. Kurds actually LIKE Americans. They would welcome an American base, if they had their way. That's something the late writer Christopher Hitchens used to talk about. Could it be that an American base will be left there? We'll find out. The Kurds would like that outcome, the Iranians would hate that, the Iraqi Shiites would oppose that. Retreating all American forces to Kuwait is another option. It's only a couple of hours drive by tank, to re-invade, if need be. Will Iraq pay for the American bases? Was Trump right? Will a financial deal be worked out, where China gets to help Iraq develop, gets Iraq oil, but the Iraqi Dinar is supported by Chinese money, so Iraq gets rich and America gets to cash in it's Iraqi Dinar at some pay for the war and pay for the bases? That's the deal I would like to see....I'm sure President Trump would like to see, but I have no clue what's going on, behind the scene. We'll see what happens... Go RV Go final agreements Go Prosperity for Iraq My suspicion is, for better or worse, the deal leading to the RV has already happened. That's why we are seeing American military bases being turned over. I could be wrong, it's just my guess... Go Soon
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    Good Evening DV, here are a few more opinions & comments from other members of the Dinar community that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They are simply stating their opinions based on what seems to be happening in Iraq. RON **** Angle1 ambassador in Iraq in the green zone tells us this past week that the lower denoms are in the banks. We've known that. But they said something brand new that we didn't know...they are ready to disperse the lower's what's interesting to me. I don't believe those that were printed in March are inside of the vaults right now. I believe whatever is in the vaults now, per our intel, per our source, is going to be distributed, is going to be released and guess what's going to come up the rear back to the vaults? What they have been printing...what I'm excited about is the only reason they're going to print more because there's about to be a distribution of what you already have...that's what I'm excited about...I wasn't just excited about them printing lower denoms. Heck we've already known that. But why are they printing more? Because there is now need for more...they are pushing this bad boy out in phases!'s right in front of's time for distribution... **** Pimpy ...I'm really really starting to like this Prime Minister al-Kazemi...The more I read about him the more I really like this guy...he is cracking down on corruption over there in is no joke whatsoever. This guy is draining the Iraqi swamp... **** Frank26 & Walkingstick They're getting ready to go international with their currency...!
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    Good Evening DV, here's another opinion & comment from another member of the Dinar community that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. He is simply stating his opinion based on what seems to be happening in Iraq. RON ***** Breitling ...the CBI went to the IMF a long time ago with the parliament and said we want to get the Iraqi dinar to a $1.17... That was the proposal. That's what they wanted and the whole world knows about it. It's out there. The other part of that is the CBI can revalue their currency anytime they want without parliament saying anything...the parliament wants the CBI to add value to the currency - correctly though. They're not begging them to do it, they just want them to do it correctly. The debate is the policy on how to do that...The CBI can add value to the currency any damn time they's starting to narrow down and it's kind of remarkable... Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone ... Be Safe & Be Blessed ... RON
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    Is it me or does it seem like everyone in the ME is becoming more conciliatory the last few weeks. I’m reading a lot of articles that sure seem like something big is lining up. Could it be?? Is it almost time? I don’t know, I’m no Guru. I read a lot though and I have to say what I’m reading is very encouraging.
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    Good Afternoon DV, here's another opinion & comment from another member of the Dinar community that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. He is simply stating his opinion based on what seems to be happening in Iraq. RON *** Jeff ...For the entire month of May there is only one day that qualifies for the rate change to even be able to happen...large rate changes can only occur over a period time when all financial markets are closed around the world...that's why Kuwait did there's on early Sunday morning March 24th of '91...Sunday is Iraq's and Kuwait's first business day of their weeks...Iraq will also have to have an in-country holiday to justify shutting and closing down their in country financial markets such as their ISX and their currency auctions. For the month of May Iraq only has one weekend holiday period. That happens to be Sunday May 24th. If Iraq is going to change the rate in the month of May the only day they could do it on...would be Sunday May 24th...they said they'll have the government done by May 23rd...everything is looking good. Moving in the right direction... The 24th would be nice, but who knows - It's been 17 years and we're dealing with Iraq..!
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    There is a lot of WTF and I believe it is in the translation. Al-Kazemi will go to print a new local currency – To me the new Local Currency would be the small notes as it would serve the local population to do business. Why trade in a 10 dinar internationally. "after the application of this procedure, we expect a decrease in the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar," – Could this be that when translated by a native Iraqi as “we expect the dollar to decrease against the dinar”. How many times have these auto translators screwed translations up? Therefore "this will have a positive impact on activating the industry in Iraq and not resorting to global or regional markets that provide goods to Iraq at low prices because of the high exchange rate The dinar compared to the price of currencies in Turkey, Iran and others. " - We will be on par with our neighbors such as Kuwait.
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    CNN. Broadcasting A Guy With All The Credibility Of Their Currency They Just Devalued ! LINK Rouhani: Trump "made a stupid mistake" 6th May, 2020 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani considered today, Wednesday, that US President Donald Trump made a stupid mistake by withdrawing from the nuclear agreement between Tehran and world powers, calling on Washington to lift the sanctions "Trump made a stupid mistake by withdrawing from the nuclear deal," Rouhani said "If America wants to return to the agreement, it must lift all sanctions against Tehran and compensate it for the resumption of sanctions ... Iran's response will be overwhelming if the arms embargo imposed on it is extended," he added Trump withdrew from the agreement in 2018, citing that it did not include enough to limit Iran's missile program and influence in the Middle East
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    These guys just flew over my house. Makes me feel kinda good about the good ole USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA. BLUE ANGELS!!!!!
  22. 18 points
    Executive order 13303 is about protecting the economic development fund for Iraq, it is about there Oil, If the President does not sign this protection order again, then Iraq's Development fund which is valued at over 1 Billion Dollars back in 2003 can be sued for, or distributed by there corrupt politicians (anyone thinking Iran besides me)??? so Iraq has to get their government seated and get to article-8 compliance and have there currency as a world tradable currency or they will not have anything left after the vultures grab at the Development Fund. It also gave us Deplorables the right to purchase the IQD when the Country of Iraq was closed to the World. If I recall the USA has 4.5 Trillion IQD, this is counting all us Citizens have as well, We will take to our banks those Banks will take it to the regional bank to which will go all the way up to the new United States Treasury {UST} (not the FED), the UST then trades it to Iraq over decades for there Oil at $33 or $36 a barrell, Iraq will burn these notes when they get them making their currency more valuable because there will be less of it (will it be digital by then)? They have to get there heads out of there ummm sand holes. I have been in this for 12 plus years...too long Im ready to go how about you Folks? Badrabbit
  23. 17 points We are ready to settle with Kadhimi’s government: Barzani Kurdistan Kadhimi’s government Barzani KRG Baghdad 2020/05/22 12:57:29 Shafaq News / PM of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Masrour Barzani said on Friday that his government had taken serious steps in discussions with Baghdad to resolve years of outstanding disputes, expressing his government's willingness to resolve it with the new Iraqi government headed by Mustafa Al-Kadhimi. This came in a televised speech on the economic crisis afflicting the region. “Kurdistan Region has taken serious steps in relations with the federal government since the 9th ministerial formation formally assumed its mission in July 2019 (Adel Abdul Mahdi government,” Barzani said. "Our first visits were to Baghdad– in which we expressed our readiness to resolve all disputes based on the constitution and put forward several proposals to end the outstanding issues, especially the oil issue- but unfortunately, the situation in Baghdad aggravated last October and the Iraqi government resigned after pressure of the protests." "Now the new Iraqi government, headed by Mr. Mustafa Al-Kadhmi, has started its duties, we have renewed our readiness to resolve all differences and to guarantee the constitutional rights of Kurdistan Region as a federal entity." “Our latest effort was to send three delegations to Baghdad, and we will continue our talks until reaching a fair and constitutional solution,” Barzani added.
  24. 16 points
    I found it interesting in the Trumpster’s press conference yesterday he mentioned that “the Kurd’s will “get paid” for oil soon”....I about came out my chair.
  25. 16 points
    Thanks jaybake and Fury for your assessment of these guys ..... this is exactly why they are posted here in OPINIONS; because Opinions are like a$$holes - everybody has one...! And that's my opinion...LOL..! Have a great day and weekend...RON
  26. 16 points
    Good Morning DV, here are a few more opinions & comments from other members of the Dinar community that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They are simply stating their opinions based on what seems to be happening in Iraq. RON **** MilitiaMan Article: "The Website Of The Iraq Stock Exchange Has Stopped Working" I would like to mention the timing of the ISX being down since Thursday is very interesting. We know now that the CBIESD site shows the ISX Indice to have been adjusted from Blue to Black ink in respect to the Index value. The value increased by over 1000%. That fact is in stone, imo. ...It wasn’t a glitch! if it was, and they made changes today to other key items, then why not fix an “error" to such an important component of the sites structure in reporting? They would have by now imo fixed any error. (Post 1 of 2) **** MilitiaMan Why is this so interesting for them to be down at this stage? Well the value of the exchange with using the data from the CBI site suggests a very large move is expected to the live ISX actual values for share pricing...They say it is down for technical requirements... Well value adjustments of such large size would warrant technical assistance...There are no coincidences at this stage of the game. REER...(real effective exchange rate)...IS COMING!! Imo Let’s see what the CBI has to say next..!! (Post 2 of 2)
  27. 16 points
    I believe he's referring to Executive order 13303 first initiated by President Bush. This was when the value of the Dinar went to 4000 to one. This ex. Order also allows U.S. citizens to invest in Iraq by purchasing Dinar. The theory is once that Ex. Order Is expired the IQD must go live in international markets and that would trigger an RV.
  28. 15 points
    Holy Cow! I'm afraid to say this, but there are an awful lot of things pointing to RV. Yes, @ladyGrace'sDaddy I do remember President Trump saying if Iraq wanted their bases back they would have to pay for them. Per Google: How many US military bases are in Iraq? Iraq. There are approximately 5,500 U.S. Special Operations Forces in Iraq, spread across 7 different facilities, and another 5 bases in Iraqi Kurdistan, being used as training bases for Iraqi and Kurdish forces as well as launching operations against targets in Syria.
  29. 15 points
    @Karsten I'm not all that smart when it comes to Iraq, but it seems like MAYBE they are finally getting ready to go international. I'm afraid to be too positive about it after all the disappointments. It looks like they are putting a lot of rules in place to make things work within the law. Also, I liked this a lot: 10. Combating the phenomenon of phantom banks, which plays a hidden role in the money laundering process by strictly licensing the opening of banks and banks, and on terms that reflect their seriousness and the legitimacy of their activities, and this includes even regional and international banks to be opened in the country, including regulations and regulations, and revoking the license of any bank that proves to be involved in the crime.
  30. 15 points
    I Drink - Therefore I Am ! Hey - Is That Our Famous Pink Piggy Cisole ?
  31. 15 points
    Good Afternoon DV, here's another opinion & comment from another member of the Dinar community that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. He is simply stating his opinion based on what seems to be happening in Iraq. RON **** Jeff ...I've told you that if Iraq is going to change the rate during the month of May they can only do it over a weekend and/or it has to be an in-country holiday period because Iraq's financial markets have to be closed in country and the world markets have to be minimize market volatility. So we're looking for an in country holiday weekend in Iraq. Article "Iraq imposes full curfew for eight day starting May 22 over Covid-19 Fears". Interesting...they're extending the covid-19 only through a period of 8 days around May 22nd. Guys I'm done talking. I rest my case...they just pulled a magical holiday period out of a rabbit's hat for you guys over the weekend of May 24th going through May 30th... Let's all hope Jeff is right in his assessment ... RON
  32. 15 points
    CNN. Broadcasting An ‘Almost Final Agreement’ - (Insert Joke Here) ... Iraq .. Almost final agreement to pass Al-Kazimi's government today Last update: Monday, 11 Ramadan 1441 AH - 04 May 2020 KSA 07:25 - GMT 04:25 Publication date: Monday 11 Ramadan 1441 AH - 04 May 2020 KSA 05:35 - GMT 02:35 Source: Dubai - Mustafa Al-Kazemi Today, Monday, a session is held to vote for the government of Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi . And sources of the event reported that there is a semi-final agreement to pass his government. At a time when the Sunni and Kurdish blocs, in addition to the Shiite blocs, pledged to attend and vote for the Al-Kazemi government, the State of Law bloc, the National Coalition, and the Sanad bloc announced their non-voting in favor of Al-Kazemi. The event sources also added that the dispute over the Ministries of Interior and Defense had been resolved, as the team would take over Juma obstinacy of the defense portfolio, while the portfolio of the Ministry of Interior would belong to Lieutenant General Othman Al-Ghanmi. The sources also said that Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi directed the Ministry of Transport to provide flights to transport deputies from Basra, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah governorates to the capital, Baghdad, today. It is expected that parliament will vote during its session tomorrow, Tuesday, on Al-Kazemi’s ministerial government, while some sources suggest that the session will be held next Wednesday. Shiite blocs in Iraq It is noteworthy that Al-Kazemi is the third Prime Minister appointed since the resignation of Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, under pressure from the massive protests in December. The other two candidates withdrew on the pretext of political interference. And Al-Kazemi has until May 9th to present his government squad. link
  33. 15 points
    I spoke to my friend tonight and he told me that the list was released publicly of all the members of the New PMs cabinet and on the list are 2 candidates for the position of “Higher education Minister”, evidently this is different that the normal “education minister” position. The “higher education minister“ is over the colleges, etc.. anyway, one of the 2 candidates was his brothers, brother in law.. He said he spoke to him today and congratulated him on his nomination. Hopefully he will be selected.. I will try and get his name tomorrow night from my friend.
  34. 15 points
    There are only 25 members in his coalition.......out of 300+ total......not sure he really has that much influence any longer. It is always annoying to see his name in print! CL
  35. 14 points
    Remember when President Trump said if Iraq wanted our Base's in Iraq they would have to pay for them? So what does this mean? U.S. pulls out of a third base in Iraq Samya Kullab, The Associated Press March 29 U.S. soldiers stand guard during the hand over ceremony of Qayyarah Airfield, Iraqi Security Forces, in the south of Mosul, Iraq early Friday, March 27, 2020. Iraq's military on Thursday said at least two rockets hit inside Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, the seat of Iraq's government and home to the American Embassy, in the first attack following a brief lull in violence from earlier this month. (AP Photo/Ali Abdul Hassan) BAGHDAD (AP) — The U.S.-led coalition in Iraq withdrew Sunday from a military base in the country’s north that nearly launched Washington into an open war with neighboring Iran. The K1 Air Base is the third site coalition forces have left this month, in line with U.S. plans to consolidate its troops in two locations in Iraq. A rocket attack on the base in late December killed one another site and lead to a series of ***-for-tat attacks between the U.S. and Iran-backed Iraqi militia groups. The attacks culminated in the U.S.-directed killing of top Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani and a senior Iraqi militia leader, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. Coalition forces handed over the K1 base in the northern Iraqi province of Kirkuk to Iraq's military, according to a coalition statement. At least $1.1 million of equipment was transferred to the Iraqis as 300 coalition personnel departed. Until last month, there were some 7,500 coalition troops based in Iraq, including 5,000 U.S. forces. Withdrawals are planned “in the coming days” from two bases in western Iraq, said Col. Myles Caggins, a coalition spokesman. He said troops have so far been relocated to other bases in the country and some will head home in the coming weeks, but did not specify how many. He said the two bases are the Nineveh Operations Command in Mosul — Iraq’s second-largest city and which was under the Islamic State group's control from 2014 until 2017 — and the Taqaddum military airport outside the city of Habbaniya, on the Euphrates River. K1 has hosted coalition forces since 2017 to launch operations against IS in nearby mountainous areas. Areas south of Kirkuk, and north of neighboring provinces of Diyala, Salahuddin and Nineveh remain hotbeds of IS activity.
  36. 14 points
  37. 14 points
    Good Evening DV, here are a few more opinions & comments from other members of the Dinar community that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They are simply stating their opinions based on what seems to be happening in Iraq. RON **** Pimpy Article: "Barzani: We have taken serious steps with Baghdad and are ready to settle with the Kazemi government". ...I have a feeling the real hold up on this rate change is what's going on between Kurdistan and Iraq. An agreement has to be reached. That's just my feeling...we should see something flowing from this agreement in June. That's what I'm hoping. We'll see. **** Frank26 ...the CBI's got a lot of little, we call them satellite banks. They're private banks. They're going to be in the United States of America. If you want to go into one of these banks in the United States and take your dinars and exchange, you can. Maybe you just want to leave as dinars in these banks in the United State...they are about to open a piñata of banks and put the CBI banks all around this planet Earth...the key thing is they had to start in the United States of America first. Why? Who do you think is launching all of this? I call him 'daddy'. 'Play fair with our currency. Stop abusing it. Lessen the usage of my dollar', says Trump. 'Raise your own currency value. Back it up yourself. Go through the process of legalities to be able to be international.' **** Breitling ...economies are just not gonna turn on overnight and the next thing you know the demand for energy is going to go up. The energy based on covid -19 is gonna be where it's at for a while. And the policy is going to keep it [oil] at between $26 and $31. It's not going to change for Iraq overnight. They need to add value to their currency. They're stuck and broke. Whether they get into the western markets or not they need to add value to their currency...there's simply no where for them to go... **** Footforward [Q? : ...question about the executive order that Trump extended...what effect does it have on the RV in your opinion] none. It's neutral. If anything it makes things easier for us. **** Pimpy the immortal words of Phil Collins 'I can feel it coming in the air at night, oh Lord '...something is going on it Iraq and I mean there is a lot of shaking and grooving going on over there. A lot of positive energy. A lot of positive vibe. If you're into that kind of thing...there is a lot of fingers pointed to a lot of stuff being settled in May and then things popping off in June. I'm not trying to give nobody no false hope or get you guys high on hopium but there is a lot of vibes pointing towards that month of June...
  38. 14 points
    Thief Member Members Somebody Stop Him - Thief ! Although He Suspiciously Looks More Like CNN With That ‘Chill’ Physique And Those Polka Dot Clown Pants While Rockin’ Those Wicked Sweet Athletic Moves ...
  39. 14 points
    CNN. Broadcasting The Passing Of Kazemi’s Government ! Iraqi lawmakers assert their patriotism and pass the rescue booth Policy , 05/20/2020 3:57 Baghdad - Iraq today: Broad popular circles welcomed the role that the Iraqi representatives played in the historic session in which the vote on Al-Kazimi's national government ended a few moments ago, stressing that this government is a purely Iraqi option; The deputies of the Iraqi people have demonstrated their patriotism and courage in passing the choices that are in line with the people's aspirations, hopes and aspirations. And these circles emphasized in conversations for (Iraq Today) that "passing the government through this unique and unanimous national consensus also revealed the extent of depth and convergence between the deputies of the Iraqi people and the aspirations of the people who waited and endured a lot, and here is the watershed moment has come and the time has come for salvation from the state The patient, indeed, a new Iraq has started from this moment, and the Iraqis have established another national system, on the ruins of a system that the resigned Abdul Mahdi government has prepared for. " Ali Muhammad Hassan said, "The watershed moment today has revealed that another Iraq has begun; and that the response by the Iraqi people's representatives has revealed that they are on the side of the people and responsible for their national decision, and they have succeeded in a critical and pivotal test." He added that "the formation of Al-Kazemi's government now has ended and turned a long page of political and partisan conflicts and a stage that has exhausted the people and destroyed the country's resources." While lawyer Zaid Ali said, "The formation of the government dealt a strong blow to the forces of external interference in the Iraqi file, and ended the control of embassies and foreign figures over the government file. Rather, the government’s passing was a real victory for the Iraqi will, and the stage of harvesting the fruits of the brave popular protest that brought down corruption has now begun. And his thrones. " He added that "the democratic construction in the country has really strengthened now and the era ended in which the ministries were presented in a public bazaar and granted not the basis of independence and efficiency, but on the basis of partisanship, side loyalties and corrupt deals, but this time has ended, so that the time of Iraq has already begun." The citizen Muhammad Ali praised the Shiite blocs that succeeded in encircling their differences and stopping the conspiracies that were hatched for the failure to pass this retaliatory government, stressing that such an option was in response to the aspirations and desire of the Iraqi people and the supreme authority that called for the formation of an Iraqi government that met the aspirations of its uprising people. The great role that Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazimi has played in the past days is praised, and how he managed to stand up to all difficulties and obstacles with a strong spirit and a confident heart, so victory was his ally. Blessing to the Iraqis this democratic and civilized achievement, which was achieved in harsh economic, health, security and political conditions. link
  40. 14 points
  41. 13 points
    KRG DELEGATION TO VISIT BAGHDAD THIS WEEK: KRG OFFICIAL Flags of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region (File) 49 minutes ago SULAIMANI — The General Director of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Foreign Relations Department in Baghdad said on Wednesday (May 27) that a KRG negotiating delegation will soon visit the Iraqi capital for discussions about ongoing disputes over the budget, oil revenues, and other long-standing issues. “Both the [KRG] and [the federal] government have expressed their desire to solve the problems between them,” General Director Bakhtiar Haji told the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s (KDP) official media outlet. Haji is also a member of the negotiating delegation. “Not only will the budget and salaries be discussed, but the total problems between the Region and Baghdad will be discussed as well, in order to solve them and reach an agreement,” he said. Both the federal government and the KRG are facing large budget shortfalls due to the collapse of oil prices in recent months, but a decision by Baghdad to cut off all budget transfers to Erbil in April exacerbated problems in Erbil and forced it to the negation table. Although the two sides met several times before the Eid al-Fitr holiday, they were unable to reach the comprehensive and binding agreement sought by the federal government. However, both Erbil and Baghdad have sent conciliatory signals indicating their willingness to make a deal. “The [federal] government has showed readiness to send the 400 billion Iraq dinars ($335 million) to the Kurdistan Region after Eid,” Haji said, referencing a move by Baghdad to release some funding to Erbil if it agreed to certain parameters for the talks. (NRT Digital Media)
  42. 13 points
    I'm pretty much in agreement with you in this post Rochester and i do find your posts to be well thought out, however, and I'm betting you're not prior service and that's quite alright. " Retreating all American forces to Kuwait is another option." The word "Retreat " is a most distasteful word to an American Fighting Man ( I'm a former Abrams Tank Commander ). I'm not offended by your statement in the least. It's all good here erst assured. Perhaps the phrase " A Strategic Redeployment of all American forces to Kuwait is another option " would be the better choice. I take no offense and none is intended towards you: just helping you to understand our mindset. We would joke about " Advancing to the Rear " but that's the order to Advance & strike at the ENEMY'S Rear . . . Tankers on the Battlefield, there's just no Rear for us to retreat to. . . only - A Strategic Redeployment - at best. It does sound like splitting hairs with phrases, but in our profession there's allot of Dark Humor for everyone. US Tankers ( and all combat troops ) will tell you when they point to or reference the Flag - " These Colors Don't Run " The fight is wherever we find it or ordered where to go. We are constantly on move. We're probably a rather unusual bunch as Tankers go . . . some would call us crazy and there's other even more colorful adjectives for us. All the Best and I for one certainly hope you've " cracked the code " as it were. 16 1/2 years has been a very long wait.
  43. 13 points
    I expected to see articles saying they want to reduce the rate. Now everyone will be turning in their dinar for USD.. Then bam, the opposite will happen!
  44. 13 points
    I hope is because they need security to roll out lower denomination notes. Go RV
  45. 13 points
    Good Afternoon DV, here's a few opinions & comments from other members of the Dinar community that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. He is simply stating his opinion based on what seems to be happening in Iraq. RO **** Mnt Goat ...I am hearing some wonderful news now from parliamentary finance committee almost demanding the project to delete the zeros and the full implementation of Article 8 under the IMF monetary policy for member nations. Again they are questioning what is taking the CBI so long to get this done and they want it now...So here is my new reinstatement window: When we begin to see more and more of the protestor demands being met by the new prime minister Al-Kazemi. Also the CBI will be giving a statement shortly on the update of the project to delete the zeros. I am told by my CBI contact they are about to do this soon. So let’s wait and see what the official CBI statement is. We already know the Finance committee is demanding the completion of the project and the end of the currency auctions. They want is done NOW! **** MilitiaMan Article: "The Central Bank of Iraq signs a banking arrangement document with the World Bank" Quote: "It is noteworthy that this program was developed by the World Bank in 2000, with the aim of building capacities and providing consulting and asset management services. Trillion dollars in sovereign assets." With this agreement will come the secondary markets imo.. Get ready world, IRAQ is about to show her wealth to the world... One that will be noticed be sure!! She'll be adding to that Trillion...To say the least.. imo. **** Pimpy ...we know they need more purchasing power. That's the direction I feel they're going in but we will soon find out. All right you guys don't feel negative....IMO a decrease in a rate is what we want. And what I mean by a decrease - I don't want to see that number [1190 dinar rate] increase... what I mean is I want to see 1190 decease - go down. The lower that goes the closer it gets... That's it for now folks ... hopefully something positive will happen soon. RON
  46. 13 points
    Thank you!! Hopefully I have all the medical issues behind me now and can start living again ❤️❤️
  47. 13 points
    Okay . . . I get-we all get it. They're going to talk every possible angle to death; bury it, dig it up, dust it off and talk it to death all over again. Meanwhile, back in the real world . . . it's still real: avoidance and a stubborn unwillingness to face facts combined with all the sand bagging & stonewalling just exacerbates an already dire straits situation. If they do come through in the end and implement reforms and RI/RV, I suspect 10 seconds before the clock strikes Midnight . . . It's a Miracle It's a Miracle they'll all say. F*^king Tail End Charlies every last one of 'em. KInda feels like 5 minutes to Midnight right now. Guess we'll know soon enough if they're gonna do a header into the abyss OR pull they're heads outta their butts and do what we know they should do. Preparing to Standby
  48. 13 points
    Looks like the CBI and the minister of finance are waiting for the formation of the government to fix the financial situation in the country. Go RV Go asap
  49. 13 points
    The political blocks are under pressure to pass the new PM. If they fail, parliament will be dissolve by president Saleh. Go Al-kazemi Go fully seated GOI Go stability Go RV
  50. 13 points
    I Want To Put My Size 22 FootForward And Tier Them A New Asset-Hole !

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