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    Tariffs on China. Pretty sure Trump said he would. Iran mucking up the world news. Despite the above, OIL (WTI) refuses to go below $60. Uber going public... this should be interesting! Bezos... to the moon! (Pretty sure that's going to be an upgrade from your normal Prime membership.) Bitcoin refused to fall below $5000, in fact it topped $6000, Fidelity steps up again, and the SEC will give a major green light one of these days. All that, and more! Good morning everyone! My apologies for being absent a few days this last week. I had some personal matters to tend to, and they took me away from the updates I wanted to do. Don't think for a minute I wasn't on top of things! I just wasn't able to get my regular posts here done. Ramadan is officially under way, and for once in this wild ride... I'm very pleased to see how things are moving. OF COURSE there are going to be snippets about things being pushed back to outside of Ramadan, but we're not even a week in and we are already seeing a difference. Case in point... start here and read the next few articles. Not only are Parliament meetings continuing as of tomorrow (Saturday), but we're finally talking about OIL! OIL has been missing from the news over the last couple months, and I was expecting it to resurface shortly. It is unusual, but not surprising, to see it popping up now. I say it's not surprising because even though it's Ramadan, the timing is right. This time around, they may just surprise us. More later. - Adam
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    Good Morning DinarVets! It seems we are in an interesting situation right now. I've been watching the news shift directions slightly... not in an opposing way, just a shift. In the past, we've had some key things happen around mid-year. Major items, like Chapter 7, for example. The "shift" in the news that I'm seeing is - and I say this with a little bit of reservation, because I'm not substituting my intuition for an actual crystal ball - it is encouraging, in a way that may be signaling another big announcement in the middle of the year. Are you in VIP yet? Join here. I'm expecting a revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar to be preceded by a bit of silence... and we do have that right now. Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of encouraging articles to read right now, but the subtle shift in tone... It's hard to explain, but take a look at this comment and the posts that follow: Things happen slowly in Iraq. We know this. It was about 3 months ago when I posted that original link, and starting with the comment I just linked to, the discerning person can see how the articles are starting to focus on the higher level agreements. This is the fine tuning, and the polishing. That's what I'm seeing happening right now... and it's all coming full circle, about 3-6 months after the last big round of "regular" news. This just happens to fall in place perfectly, if you ask me. I'm on the fence about Ramadan this year - it might not be as quiet as it has been in the past. I'm hoping to find some more clues, or get some "boots on the ground" feedback over the next couple days. With that in mind, I'll be making another post to further explain my stance. Expect it Friday or Saturday, unless there's an RV announcement before then. Make sure you're in VIP, either way! That's it for this morning - more to come. - Adam
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    More GOOD news. Looks like in the third review of the IMF-SBA, the CBI will be removed from Art 8 restrictions.... meaning an international recognized currency. Go RV sooner than later Go $1:1
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    Good morning good morning good morning! It's another beautiful day full of blessings and love, and also a short update. In the news... not much. It's Ramadan. Oil is still strong above $60. Remember I said months ago that $60 was the target? Target reached, stability is being proven on a daily basis, and that is perfect. Any huge spikes or drops would be bad. OIL is solid right now... even with some tensions in the Middle East. This is exactly what we want. @bostonangler finally gives credit where it's due and recognizes Obama is still hurting the economy. Bitcoin breaks $8000, and the other coins are following. XRP had a nice boost - are you getting all the crypto news you need? We have a section in VIP dedicated to cryptos, and there are profits to be made! (One good trade with a tiny bit invested will more than pay for a Lifetime VIP membership... kind of a no-brainer, isn't it?) Bitcoin, and cryptos in general, are high on my "watch list". The high of over 19k last year was a little premature, and the resulting decline in value was to be expected. The current price of $8000 is very justified, and we may be watching the last time it will ever be this cheap. That's not to say that it won't fluctuate! Of course it will... but my opinion is that it will continue to trend up. I'm HODLing. Before I head off this morning, be sure to enter the Lotto pool! You can't win if you don't play, you know! And on that note, I'm going to go buy my own ticket to enter into the pool, and I'll be sure to tell the cashier to give me the winning numbers. Thank me later. Happy Wednesday everyone! It's definitely Ramadan, but I'm still keeping an eye on things. The current situation is just too close to ignore the possibility that things can happen this year despite the normal holiday lull. GOOO RRRRVVVVV!!!!
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    Ya - They Just Need To Work On Their Timing A Little Bit !
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    Clickbait - a term used to describe a headline or wording that is dramatic in order to get someone to click it. Generally the actual content turns out to be a disappointment. In this case, someone needs to sign up for the site in order to see what the “shocking news” is... there’s a reason I’ve never done that in a decade of being at the forefront of dinar news. When I eventually send the email or text that says “look NOW”, you’ll know it’s the real deal.
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    Bad timing indeed….Well as soon as they finish up...
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    Second review Article IV Consultation. The authorities are appropriately maintaining the peg of the Iraqi dinar to the U.S. dollar, which provides a key anchor to the economy. Implementation of Key Recommendations from Article IV Consultation. Recommendation; Maintain the exchange rate peg and step up the liberalization of foreign exchange market Status; Mostly done. The authorities have removed most liberalization of the foreign exchange market exchange rate restrictions subject to Article VIII, Section 2 (a). Go end of daily auctions Go liberalization of exchange rate restrictions Go RV Go $1:1
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    I would imagine this is due to the heat growing between Iran and the USA and the Threats Iran has been making.....Like closing the Strait of Hormuz, sinking the USS Abraham Lincoln and the list goes on. The Mullah's know all to well that the Americans will caves should Iran get there hands on a bunch of American Hostages like back in the 70's or out Sailors a few years ago.......Oh wait that was carter and more recently the spineless one that sent them all the cash in the middle of the night (might I add he never even ran that past Congress and did they care one little bit). New Sheriff calling the shots today and he still has 19 plus M.O.A.B's at his disposal, Karsten
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    PRESS RELEASE NO. 19/142 IMF Staff Completes 2019 Article IV Mission on Iraq May 6, 2019 End-of-Mission press releases include statements of IMF staff teams that convey preliminary findings after a visit to a country. The views expressed in this statement are those of the IMF staff and do not necessarily represent the views of the IMF’s Executive Board. Based on the preliminary findings of this mission, staff will prepare a report that, subject to management approval, will be presented to the IMF's Executive Board for discussion and decision. Near-term vulnerabilities subsided in 2018, with the budget in surplus and a build-up in central bank reserves. Post-war reconstruction has been limited so far. Fiscal deficits are projected to rise over the medium term, absent policy changes, and it will be hard to sustain capital spending. Growth is likely to slow markedly. Tight control over current spending, particularly wages, and phased measures to boost non-oil revenue would make space for scaling up public investment and building fiscal buffers. An International Monetary Fund (IMF) team led by Gavin Gray visited Amman from April 26 to May 2, to hold discussions with the Iraqi authorities in the context of the 2019 Article IV Consultation. At the end of the visit, Mr. Gray made the following statement: “The end of the war with ISIS and a rebound in oil prices provide an opportunity to rebuild the country and address long-standing socio-economic needs. However, the challenges to achieving these objectives are formidable. The economic recovery has been sluggish, post-war reconstruction is limited, and large current spending increases risk placing the public finances and central bank reserves on an unsustainable path. Moreover, combatting corruption is critical to promote the effectiveness of public institutions and to support private-sector investment and job creation. “Near-term vulnerabilities subsided in 2018, with the budget in surplus and a build-up in central bank reserves. Non-oil growth is expected to increase to 5.4 percent in 2019 on the back of higher investment spending. However, fiscal deficits are projected to rise over the medium term, requiring financing that may crowd out the private sector or erode central bank reserves. In these circumstances, it would be hard to sustain capital spending, and growth would slow markedly. “Policy changes and structural reforms—including to improve governance—are therefore essential to maintain medium-term sustainability and lay the foundations for inclusive growth. “Fiscal policy should aim to scale up public investment gradually while building fiscal buffers. To make space for this, staff recommends budgetary savings of around 9 percent of GDP over the medium term through tight control of current spending, particularly public-sector wages, and phased measures to boost non-oil revenue. Setting ceilings on current expenditure in the 2020 budget onwards would strengthen the fiscal framework’s capacity to support higher capital spending and to adapt to oil price shocks. Key reforms should include: Containing public-sector wages. Spending pressures could be dampened in the short run through compensation measures such as capping allowances, bonuses and other non‑base wage payments, and by not fully replacing retirees. Structural measures will be required over the medium term, based on a functional workforce review as well as deeper civil service reform once new HR management and information systems are in place. Electricity reforms are key to addressing the weak quality of service and reducing the high budgetary costs, due to modest tariff rates, chronic non-payment of electricity bills, poor maintenance and over-reliance on expensive generation sources, coupled with losses throughout the generation, transmission, and distribution process. It would be important to ensure that the poor and most vulnerable are protected throughout this reform. Bolstering public financial management. Enhancing the legal framework and improving commitment and other control systems are key to minimizing misuse of public resources and restoring budgetary discipline. “In the financial sector, a robust plan to restructure the large public banks coupled with enhanced supervision is essential to secure financial stability and will help promote financial development and inclusion. Strengthening anti-money laundering and countering financing terrorism (AML/CFT) controls and oversight will help prevent Iraq’s financial sector from being misused for the laundering of criminal proceeds and terrorist financing. “Addressing governance weaknesses and corruption vulnerabilities is critical to achieving the described policy objectives. As a first step, the authorities need to develop a comprehensive understanding of the corruption risks present in Iraq and then implement policies to tackle these risks in a coherent and coordinated manner. The legislative framework needs to be strengthened to effectively prevent officials from abusing their position or misusing state resources. To this end, laws strengthening the asset declaration regime and criminalizing illicit gains should be rapidly adopted. Furthermore, the independence and integrity of bodies involved in combatting corruption should be ensured and the AML/CFT regime should be mobilized to support anti-corruption efforts. “The team will prepare a report that, subject to management approval, is tentatively scheduled to be considered by the IMF’s Executive Board in July 2019. “The IMF team would like to thank the authorities for the candid and constructive discussions during this visit.”
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    What is the IMF's problem with Iraq? Haidar Mortada Finance International Monetary Fund Iraq First, it is important to know that the problem of the IMF is not with Iraq, but with the policies of state institutions in Iraq, which are considered inefficient in managing the economy of the country, which forced the country to borrow time after time. What is the IMF in Iraq ?! Again, it is important to know that the IMF is not a profitable institution, but an advisory institution that pays contributions to countries to join this global institution, in exchange for these countries to receive advice and financial support in critical times. What do we mean by critical times ?! A third time, when you hear the news of a state resorting to the IMF, it is important to understand implicitly that this country has a bad history of wrong policies and that it has been so heavily entrenched that countries and international banks no longer wish to lend to this country because of its mismanagement of the economy. In the sense that the IMF does not go to the states to advise them whatever their policies are wrong and destructive! It is the countries that go to the International Monetary Fund to ask for its advice and support, when it is about to sink into the quagmire of bankruptcy! Examples of wrong policies include: The CBI's "currency auction" policy is one of the most important files criticized by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which it considers an illogical policy in managing the country's economy. From the point of view of CBI, the fixed exchange rate is a policy to maintain price stability and market support, all in order to help the poor class of the people. This is undoubtedly Sami's goal. From the point of view of IMF experts, the CBI can be linked as a charity to help the poor, then go to the market and spread money to passers-by! The poor will get the money they need, but the money will be shared by the privileged, wealthy and traders in the market. Therefore, the IMF believes that this economic policy and other policies, which are wasting the wealth of Iraq in vain without being reflected on the lives of its citizens .. What is the IMF proposing ?! What the IMF proposes is the same as the logic of reason and the sound economic sense that support must be directed to support the basic needs of the poor and low-income strata. It is unreasonable that all the people, including the affluent, the rich and the wealthy, are supported. This support. For its part, countries are not bound by these mechanisms. They can formulate mechanisms and propose structural reforms, which, if committed to their implementation, will succeed in eliminating the fiscal deficit in their budget, eliminate corruption and pay not only the IMF's receivables but also the entitlements of States and international institutions. * The opinions expressed in this article may not necessarily reflect the opinion of the informational network.
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    RV your F**kng money and everyone future begins!
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    Pass The Ramadan Pills - I Was Gonna Skip Lunch Anyways !
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    Adnan Yousef: Some countries have to fix the exchange rate of their currencies for 10 years Chief Executive Officer of Albaraka Banking Group, Adnan Yousef. "Internet" Economy News Baghdad The Chairman of Albaraka Banking Group, Adnan Yousef, said that the Arab and Islamic markets have changed, and fluctuations in the exchange rates of their currencies scare businessmen. Youssef said in an interview with CNBC Arabiya, "Economic News", that fluctuations in foreign exchange rates in the Arab and Islamic markets " ate the capital of foreign investors." "Some countries have either fixed the exchange rate of their currencies to the foreign investor for 10 years, or stopped imposing the diversion of foreign investments to their local currencies," Youssef said. Views 117 Date Added 09/05/2019
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    Oh Ya - I Think That We’ve Got This Whole Oil Thingy Completely Under Control !
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    WHO, pray tell, REALLY Knows???!!!, Floridian, AND The Very Best Of Your Weekend To You!!! In My Opinion, NoviceInvestor (You Go, Girl, er, Sheila!!!) HAS a Good!!! Response!!! When I ventured into THIS Speculative Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar Investment, I REALLY believed (AND Still DO) the ReInstatement would occur AT A VERY UNLIKELY TIME to prevent wild speculation minimizing OR eliminating the value of the ReInstatement. SO..................... WHO, pray tell, REALLY Knows the DRIVERS AND AGREEMENTS ACTUALLY Facilitaing the PURPOSES of the ReInstatement???!!! WHEN, pray tell, has there EVER been a “fully” “formed” Bicraqi Iraqi GOI???!!! Going back to 2012 OR 2013, WAS there a “fully” “formed” Bicraqi Iraqi GOI when Dr. Shabibi TRIED to ReInstate the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar???!!! So, WHAT, pray tell, is ALL the fuss NOW???!!! A few pesky AND comparatively measly “requirements” compared to the OVER ALL purpose to INCLUDE a Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar ReInstatement???!!! The “transition”, to me, WILL be like “grinding” “some” “gears” RATHER THAN “shifting” ALL “gears” “smoothly”!!! From a Masters Of Business Administration perspective going down the “tree”: Vision Mission Objectives Strategies Tactics SO..................... EVERYTHING NEEDS to SUFFICIENTLY align to work RIGHT. WHAT THAT “is”, WHO, pray tell, REALLY knows???!!! NOBODY HERE ACTUALLY KNOWS!!! THERE ARE VERY Learned AND Astute posters () THAT may be BABY 100% CORRECT AND/OR NOTHING MAY EVER OCCUR!!! The OVER REACHING DRIVERS, in my opinion, ECLIPSE the “tactical” facilitation AND the “tactics” WILL BE “rectified”!!! In MY (NOTE: MY) opinion, WHAT “is” “involved” GOES FAR BEYOND just Iraq AND the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar ReInstatement!!! THAT WAS (AND Still IS) my perspective WHEN I ventured into THIS Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar Speculative Investment!!! Go Moola Nova!
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    Compliance Compliance Report and Compliance Control May 14, 2019 To / Approved Islamic Banks / Shariah Compliance Monitor (Compliance Compliance Report and Compliance Control ) ... Click here to view In line with the role of the Bank in establishing an Islamic banking system that complies with the best international standards (IFSB-17: 2015) and the International Standard (ISO9001: 2015) And the related monitoring of the risks of non-compliance with the regulatory and legal framework, including the provisions of Islamic Shariah law, a report was prepared by the Sharia Compliance Monitor (published through the website of this bank), which takes into account the specificity of Islamic banks and in order to achieve continuous communication between the Sharia Compliance Monitor and the Banking Control Section Islam in this b NK to correct errors after monitoring during the interval between the report and another, and to ensure access to legitimate banking compliance and compliance control to the best practices required. The report will be adopted during the third quarter of this year. The bank was granted 30 days to Islamic banks to comment on this report.
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    I am thinking that as far as Ramadan is concerned, this may be the most epic, powerful and transformative one in recent history. Delivering so many people out of poverty will have huge positive effect upon believers, and potential for a much needed positive spin/news connected to a religion who is not being seen in a very positive light by many (and for very good reason). Things seem to be coming into alignment from many directions. This is looking to be an interesting summer.
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    A bit off topic and the wrong forum but ; Here's my recent B of A story ; After standing in line for about 20 minutes, waiting for a teller, still being about # 12 in line (after 20 minutes). I exited the line, went to the branch manager asking why are there not more tellers available ? She said " there is an ATM machine outside that is available" I replied "I don't trust the ATM machine for multiple deposits" She replied " Well sir I am sorry, perhaps you would like to use our "online" banking service" ? I replied " How do I make multiple deposits online" ? She replied "you will need to call customer service @ 1 800 *** ****". I replied "I would like to close my account" (after 30 + years). She replied " Oh, in that case, I can handle your transaction". She went behind the teller line and promptly returned with a deposit receipt. I then went down the street, to a local regional bank, opened a new account and promptly wire transferred the balance from my B of A account and then closed the B of A account "online" ..... Semper Fi Show me 'da ..........
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    Its so hard to be patient.....Especially for those of us who are near the breaking point financially. The government still has not fully seated their Cabinet. They keep delaying things that need to be done. I think the CBI should just take care of the RV and not wait for the HCL. What say anyone else??? Thanks Adam for all your hard work. I find it difficult to share your optimism at this point.
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    I may be WAY off base on this and PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong, but this could be a good thing, looking at it from a different angle; As I recall and I maybe WAY wrong but Ali Al-Alak was "appointed" Governor of the CBI by Mr. Potato Head Maliki. If true, we all know that ; Mr. Potato Head will do anything for his Insanian brothers to perpetuate their agenda. We also know that the currency auctions conducted by the CBI are a scam to funnel USD to the Insanians. By have his "puppet" at the head of the CBI, Maliki has thus had a license to funnel USD to his desperate Insanian brothers. Recently, as I recall, there was some chatter regarding a new CBI Governor being nominated and hopefully voted on by Parliament. Thus giving the position of Governor of the CBI legitimacy. Moving Al - Alak to the board of the Arab Monetary Fund could make room for this to occur, hopefully putting an end to the CBI auctions, bringing legitimacy to the CBI and then a realistic International exchange rate (RV). Hopefully my memory hasn't failed me on this ................ Semper Fi RV there yet ?
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    Parliamentary move to raise the price of the dinar and maintain the stability of inflation Wednesday 20 March 2019 4368 Baghdad / Omar Abdul Latif The Parliamentary Finance Committee is moving in the current legislative session to develop mechanisms to change the monetary and monetary policies in the country, in coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq, aimed at raising the dinar exchange rate and maintaining the stability of inflation. "The committee will move during the current legislative term towards changing the fiscal and monetary policy in the country in general, Coming ". He added that "the Committee is keen to enact the law of financial administration as it gives a complete road map of the financial policy in the country in terms of management of money and cash in the state," pointing out that "the change will raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies while maintaining the stability of inflation In the country". "The Commission is determined to make these changes during the next phase and not to follow the traditional methods are not appropriate at the moment."
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    To carry a dog named Shark to the beach is a bad idea Today at the bank, an old lady asked me to help check her balance. So I pushed her over. My boss told me to have a good day.. so I went home. Why do blind people hate skydiving? It scares the hell out of their dogs. The other day, my wife asked me to pass her lipstick but I accidentally passed her a glue stick. She still isn't talking to me. I was on a flight the other day when the air hostess came up to me and said, "Excuse me sir, would you like to have dinner?" I said, "What are the options?" She said, "Yes and No." I said to the gym instructor, "Can you teach me to do the splits?" He said, "How flexible are you?" I said, "I can't make Tuesdays." I'm on a wine diet. I've lost three days already. A priest, a minister, and a rabbi want to see who’s best at his job. So they each go into the woods, find a bear, and attempt to convert it. Later they get together. The priest begins: “When I found the bear, I read to him from the Catechism and sprinkled him with holy water. Next week is his First Communion.” “I found a bear by the stream,” says the minister, “and preached God’s holy word. The bear was so mesmerized that he let me baptize him.” They both look down at the rabbi, who is lying on a gurney in a body cast. “Looking back,” he says, “maybe I shouldn’t have started with the circumcision.” A guy spots a sign outside a house that reads “Talking Dog for Sale.” Intrigued, he walks in. “So what have you done with your life?” he asks the dog. “I’ve led a very full life,” says the dog. “I lived in the Alps rescuing avalanche victims. Then I served my country in Iraq. And now I spend my days reading to the residents of a retirement home.” The guy is flabbergasted. He asks the dog’s owner, “Why on earth would you want to get rid of an incredible dog like that?” The owner says, “Because he’s a liar! He never did any of that!” 😊
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    before approving it to Serve The Citizens in general.This is the most important law because it involves finances(by this I mean it includes the rate.). Cheers...bump
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    Artitech, this article combined with several others is telling me your July window an well beyond is closed. If al Sadr does what he says he's gonna do an has the balls to follow through with it, PM Mahdi will be replaced next month. This is probably the worse Parliament I have seen since I've been in this speculation. Added the fact that Iran is running a big part of it is a reason nothing is moving forward. I'm sure a lot of folks didn't like what Laid Back said a few weeks ago about many things needed to be done an a January 2020 time frame was the new window but recent articles an lack of GOI activity supports his theory. Until the auctions stop there is an oil an gas law in place, the corruption is dealt with Iran is put in their place a fully formed government The list could continue but the fact is we could post all these feel good articles all day long an people will clap an cheer an expect the RV tomorrow but in reality there's not a chance of it happening.... Just thinking out loud here but reality does suck sometimes....
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    Information and communication Technology (I.C.T.) has been defined as the usage of computers , digital technology in various fields of production and service.Here in the banking sector it is used in concepts like Internet Banking , Automated Teller Machine (A.T.M) and Debit & Credit card, etc. It is a general term used for utilising of electronic technology for business information processes at all levels. List of some of the processes of banking revolutionised by I.T. and Telecommunication technology are account opening, customer account mandate, and transaction processing and recording. Information and Communication Technology has provided self-service facilities (automated customer service machines) from where prospective customers can complete their account opening documents direct online. It assists customers to validate their account numbers and receive instruction on when and how to receive their chequebooks, credit and debit cards. Go e-banking Go end of administrative and financial corruption Go financial inclusion Go RV Go $1:1
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    The vast majority of dinar holders don’t have any where nearly enough to make them billionaires (assuming it goes 1:1). I don’t think they’d be concerned about people suddenly having a few million $, that kind of money isn’t what it used to be. Just my opinion tho ...
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    While it is tough to get very optimistic given the length of time it has been, nevertheless it is also hard to believe that the value of the dinar will stay as low as it is for much longer. Optimism with caution isn't a bad place to be. And for all who would find an RV a true financial blessing -- GO RV!!
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    The future ... begins now Samir Nusairi Samir Nusairi The future begins with the slogan of a joyous and joyous celebration held in a Ramadan evening organized by the Iraqi Pioneers Organization for the awarding of prizes which were won by nine pilot projects presented by the promising youth from several governorates and the winning projects selected by a jury of experts and experts. These projects were distributed in various fields that dealt with problems Environmental, agricultural, service and technical, including the smart container projects and Akvl Nakhla and my friends and plant tissue culture and electronic capsule and the application of the garage and shops and speed and service 6262 and all these projects are pioneering and innovative projects and provide great services to the community. The most important event in the celebration is the initiative of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Association of Banks to sponsor and support this celebration in line with the achievement of the objective of community initiatives in empowering young people and entrepreneurs and helping them to secure the appropriate business environment to start projects and finance and develop them to contribute to achieving sustainable development. The Governor of the Central Bank, who was present at the celebration, announced that the projects will be supported by special funds from the Tamkeen Fund. The Fund will also contribute to the financing of some pilot projects in order to start and develop. Thus, the Bank of Assyria financed one of the winning projects to encourage and motivate the young volunteers. The energy and creativity and build a new future only sons and national entrepreneurs in it. And work to provide business incubators to support young people and develop their skills and build their capacity to develop their small and medium enterprises and achieve the goal of development and economic. And the most important Malft my view and looked at the celebrants in the celebration are the situations of joy and hope and the future that has now begun. Yes, this national sense of the moment when the youth triumph and achieve the dream that he saw him on the ground. The youth were delighted by the Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Aalak, and his great gift was the adoption by the Central Bank and Tamkeen Fund to announce the readiness for care and continuous support to motivate and empower our youth. The celebration emphasized that such initiatives are national practices to serve the national economy and serve youth to take their leadership positions. . Because Iraq is about to move to a new stage in overcoming the stage of the financial and economic crisis to a new stage of the post-urgent. The lessons learned from the experiences of the peoples and the developed countries politically and economically relying on the Iraqi youth are efficient and ambitious and enlightened in leading the institutions of the national economy and in particular the economic market a new methodology depends on the vitality and determination to overcome the challenges and focus on young people insured by his homeland Iraq beloved Iraqi people and the father in the sound construction of the economy In a new spirit that carries all the aspirations of the youth and provide the best services and products to the public in accordance with a vision of the development of the policies and programs and visions and be the slogan of all Iraqis (the future begins now). Views 53 Date Added 16/05/2019
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    As always Ron, thanks for the work done.... Now wouldn't it be a nice re-election campaign slogan, that during his presidency, more millionaires were created in America than ever in U.S. history. Anyone second that motion?
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    OK, folks, THIS is how I see THIS shaking out. Hey, You may want to move on IF You DO NOT like my shared past perspectives on: Former President Tricky meeting with Mousy Dung IN China in 1972 to "open" "up" China. WHY, pray tell, did WE need AND/OR want to do THAT, pray tell???!!! LIKELY to ReEstablish the HIGHLY LUCRATIVE Old Silk Road benefiting The United States Of America, China, Europe, AND ALL Countries ON AND TIED INTO the Old Silk Road. THIS is a MAJOR reason for ME GETTING INTO THIS Speculative Bicraqi iraqi Dinar Investment WITH Iraq HAVING ENORMOUS NATURAL RESOURCES BEYOND CRUDE OIL, BEING STRATEGICALLY LOCATED, AND HAVING BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE ALREADY IN PLACE. Former President Flimsy Carter (THEE Grand Daddy OF ALL the Globalist ( ) The United States Of America Presidents) ALLOWING AND/OR FACILITATING the Insanians, to INCLUDE the IRGC, to come to power to STOP THE "open" "up" China agreement(s). THEE Opium Wars ARE an ADDITIONAL bane to LEGITIMATE TRADE. SO, the poppy fields AND heroin manufacturing labs IN Afghanistan HAD TO BE DESTROYED OR THAT CORRUPTION WOULD ONCE AGAIN TAKEN OVER TRADE AND RUIN the Old, er, NEW Silk Road via the Belt AND Road Initiative. SO former President G. W. "Poppy" Bush AND former Arizona Senator John McCain HAD TO BE MATERIALLY REMOVED FOR ASSOCIATED CRIMES AMONG OTHER CRIMES. For THIS stage of the Old, er, NEW Silk Road via the Belt AND Road Initiative IMPLEMENTATION, the WHOLE THING NEEDS to be POWERED UP PRINCIPALLY conceptually related to ELI The ICE Man ( ) BUT, like a steam turbine/process compressor, THERE ARE CRITICAL STAGES NEEDED TO ACCELERATE THROUGH TO ACHIEVE DESIRED PERFORMANCE WITHOUT CATASTROPHICALLY FAILING. SO, the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar ReInstatement INTERNATIONALLY OF VALUE IS A NECESSARY PIECE TO FACILITATE ALL THIS. THIS IS ANOTHER COMPELLING REASON I GOT INTO THIS Speculative Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar Investment. WORLD TRADE AND FINANCE MUST BE BALANCED FOR GLOBAL STABILITY. The Trans Pacific Trade Deal WAS A CIRCUMVENTION to the MUCH MORE LUCRATIVE Old, er, NEW Silk Road SO WAS IMMEDIATELY CANCELLED to ALLOW FACILITATION of the Old, er, NEW Silk Road via the Belt AND Road Initiative. THEE 2008/2009 MELT DOWN occurred BECAUSE the Bicraqi Iraqi POWER UP DID NOT OCCUR AND MAJOR "LEGACY" ISSUES HAD NOT BEEN DEALT WITH. SO, BACK to the FUTURE, er, PAST WITH the agreement(s) INKED BY former President Tricky AND Mousy Dung IN 1972. HERE WE ARE with the CURRENT "trade" "deal" BETWEEN The United States Of America AND China. JUST about THEE "trade" "imbalance" WHERE the Chinese ARE PORKING The United States Of America OR A CLEAR AND PRESENT INDICATION OF WHAT HAPPENS WHEN China IS "opened" "up" AND the Old, er, NEW Silk Road IS NOT FUNCTIONING???!!! The United States Of America WAS SUPPOSED TO FACILITATE THE IMPLEMENTATION OF the Old, er, NEW Silk Road LONG AGO (WOULD HAVE AVERTED THE TRADE IMBALANCES WITH CHINA) WHEREAS LEGACY SHENANIGANS HAVE CRIPPLED WORLD TRADE AT THE HANDS of The United States Of America Globalist Presidents AND Associates WITH THEIR DESTRUCTIVE PLANS AND MEANS. Kwinkie Dinkie the Insanians, to INCLUDE the Insanians, ARE HAVING THE SCREWS PUT TO THEM AT THIS STAGE OF THE TRADE NEGOTIATIONS BETWEEN The United States Of America AND China???!!! YEP!!! China SAID, "CLEAN UP YOUR CRAP, LEGACY AND ALL, NOW!!! SO THE OLD, ER, NEW SILK ROAD CAN BE FULLY IMPLEMENTED!!!"!!! We SEE some things, NOW: INTENSE bifurcation (splitting) of ALL Insanian, to INCLUDE Insanian IRGC, influences (financial, economic, social, political, etc.) FROM Iraq SO Iraqi is a Safe, Secure, Stable, AND Sovereign State. A Nuclear Iran WILL Nuke the Old, er, NEW Silk Road LIKE NOTHING ELSE SO IS A CRITICAL ISSUE TO BE DEALT WITH NOW!!! I ALWAYS wondered what issues would be in the news along the way. I anticipated some CRAZY, CRAZY STUFF BUT NOT to THIS LEVEL. I had anticipated the MAJOR things to be "dealt" "with" BEHIND the "scenes". HERE is WHAT (are You SURE You want to know???!!! ) I am LOOKING FOR: "Outcome" FOR former President Flimsy Carter (THEE Grand Daddy OF ALL the Globalist ( ) The United States Of America Presidents) AND, POSSIBLY, "associated" "entities" THAT MAY BE SURPRISING!!! THEE corrupt weekday Bicraqi Iraqi CBI DAILY currency auctions HAVE TO STOP TO STOP THE NOMINAL 20 BILLION USD PER YEAR FUNDING OF Insanian. to INLCUDE the Insanian IRGC, Corruption AND Terrorism IN Iraq AND the Muddle East ESPECIALLY RELATED TO PAY OFFS TO CORRUPT Bicraqi Iraqi GOI TO INCLUDE APPOINTED Officials. EVER wonder WHY, pay tell, NOTHING OF VALUE EVER GETS DONE IN Iraq???!!! THIS IS WHY, prayed AND told, SO MUST BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY IF NOT SOONER!!! The United States Of America Tariffs ON Chinese Imports WILL BE IN FORCE UNTIL THIS CRAP IS CLEANED UP IN THE Muddle East TO HOLD THE Chinese "feet" "to" THEE "fire" TO "ensure" THEIR "compliance" TO THEE 1972 Agreement(s) INKED BY former President Tricky AND Mousy Dung. The United States Of America AND China (with ALL associated Countries) NEED THEE Old, er, NEW Silk Road for a VARIETY OF Similar AND Differing REASONS!!! THEE Insanian Mu lah lahs AND THEE Insanian IRGC WILL BE COMPLETELY AND IRREVOCABLY DISMANTLED AND THEE Iranians WILL GET Iranian GOI AMENABLE TO the Interests Of The Iranian PEOPLE AND USHER IN THE Old, er, NEW Silk Road via the Belt AND Road Initiative!!! After THAT, the Iranians WILL RAPIDLY ascend to INTERNATIONAL Trade Status BY Necessity. DO NOT VENTURE INTO THE Insanian Rial OR Insanian Toman. NO TELLIN' WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH Iran MONETARILY IN THE NEAR TO MID TERM. !!!SURPRISING!!! NEWS !!!BAM!!! !!!SUDDENLY!!! WITH THEE Muddle East Peace Plan TO BE ANNOUNCED AFTER Ramadan NOMINALLY Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - THEE "announcement" COULD BE LATER in June AS PREVIOUSLY NOTED TO BE IN June. I am on the fence regarding "flash" "cash" for the Bicraqi Iraqi for Eid al-Fitr. SEEMS to "make" "sence" er "dollars" BUT WHO, pray tell, KNOWS???!!! THIS "mess" WILL LIKELY be ALL "cleaned" "up" BY THEE END of June. Sure, the INTERNATIONAL ReInstatement of THEE Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar COULD be Later OR Never Occur. I, HOWEVER, SEE SO MUCH PRESSURE ON POWERING UP THE Old, er, NEW Silk Road WHERE THE NEAR TERM Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar ReInstatement is INEVITABLE. CAVEAT EMPTOR, READER - BETTER IGNORE ME HERE!!! EVEN MORE CRAZY, CRAZY THINGS in THEE news. ARE YOU READAE'???!!! ALL In ALL, THIS is heating up to EPIC, er, BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS!!! Now, back to Your regularly scheduled reading. Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    My my my seeing that carrier brings back memories for me. Being a young 17/18 yr old getting told we were heading to the med sea to assist with Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11 was terrifying to me and alot of other young sailors. But once the nerves settled it was game on and we did our duties. Anchors away my boys anchors away!
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    06-05-2019 10:20 AM Darraji: The Central Bank betray Iraq daily through the auction of corrupt currency Baghdad The former MP Rahim Darraji, the current central bank governor Ali al-Alak full responsibility for the effects of the currency auction, pointing out that the central bank has betrayed the country's great daily by continuing corruption of the currency auction. Al-Daraji said in a statement to the "news", that "the current central bank governor on the bear full responsibility for the effects of the currency auction." He added that "the central bank and in cooperation with another government bank involved in corruption issues currency auction, and money laundering operations reached billions of dollars through the auction currency and the public prosecutor to move the judiciary and verify suspicions." "The parties involved in the case are the Integrity Commission, the Public Prosecution, the Customs Authority and the border crossings, and the government has to ask them questions," Darraji said. It is noteworthy that the case of corruption of seven billion dinars, which caused by the relationship and put his name on the currency is still vague in the absence of serious seriousness in the investigation of these two files, as well as the continuing corruption in the currency auction, which was announced by a large number of politicians and observers.
  37. 12 points
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    5-3-2019 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Laundry list of thoughts of mine why we are going to the Bank so very soon, imo! 1) The Parliamentary Finance Committee is moving in the current legislative session to develop mechanisms to change the monetary policies in the country, in coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq, aimed at raising the dinar exchange rate and maintaining the stability of inflation." ~ March 20, 2019.." "the change will raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies while maintaining the stability of inflation In the country"." 2) Mahdi stated that before June he would increase purchase power for the citizens...(post 1 of 3)... 5-3-2019 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan ... 3) An article from the Basra Branch of the CBI, told us that they were to facilitate exchange trade with all groups of currency. The spoke of lower denominations and small category notes, and all groups!! ...IRAQ TRADE BANK to be operational, as the first international bank of Iraq, in Riyad Saudi Arabia come mid May. 4) Alak has been promoted to Vice President of current session and the President of the AMF in the next session to follow. 5) Alak was recently in Erbil at a new Bank with what looks like him giving education on currency that has different coloring, etc. They don't need education on old notes...(post 2 of 3)... 5-3-2019 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan ... 6) IMF at least twice has addressed their exchange rate to be in line with international standards.imo 7) IMF talking about changing the currency auctions or effectively ceasing them as we know them. 8 ) Article from the CBI talking about a unified Arab Currency! 9) ISX to be linking with the Nsadaq. 10) Financial Inclusion was a success to date. Those are a few thoughts that come to mind. Most all the items above have no validity while the IQD is at a program rate. I'll be watching the out come from Mahdi in France. Mahdi and Abadi were involved in the Paris Club. So lets see if Mahdi brings home the kittens.. lol...IMO.! ...(post 3 of 3).
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    Bank of Baghdad: The Central Bank of Iraq has succeeded in strengthening the pillars of monetary stability Bank of Baghdad logo. "Internet" Banks Economy News Baghdad: The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Baghdad, Essam Ismail Sharif, that the Central Bank of Iraq has succeeded in strengthening the pillars of monetary stability in spite of the circumstances experienced by Iraq. "In 2018, the Central Bank of Iraq, through its strategy of managing monetary policy and strengthening the pillars of monetary stability despite the circumstances in which the country was going through, succeeded in overcoming these conditions," Sharif said in his annual report issued by the Bank of Baghdad. While maintaining the exchange rate of the dinar to the dollar within the parallel market prices. " He stressed that "the Central Bank continued to provide short and medium-term credit lines to finance the economic sectors, including small and medium-sized enterprises within the preferential interest rate, and in the liquidity side work to pay part of restricted cash with its branches in Sulaymaniyah and Arbil to Iraqi banks." He continued his leadership role in the development of electronic payment methods and the process of settling salaries in Iraq, and on the technical side issued the Central Bank of Iraq instructions for the application of capital adequacy according to the Basel III standard, which began to be applied experimentally on the data of the third quarter and fourth and will be adopted from the year 2019 ". He pointed out that "the Iraqi economy is expected to achieve growth of 6.5% during the year 2019, in light of improved macroeconomic factors and the deficit of the general budget of the state and the need for the country to reconstruction projects of infrastructure." He pointed out that "the Bank of Baghdad has been able to grow its financial position and size of customer deposits and achieve a part of the qualitative and quantitative achievements at the administrative and regulatory levels and maintain liquidity and improve the quality of assets, which will maintain its position within the Iraqi banking sector," explaining that "the capital adequacy ratio reached 127% Which exceed the indicators of global requirements and the Central Bank of Iraq. He pointed out that "to meet the requirements of customers at the bank has re-completed the spread of its distribution channels and develop, whether opening branches at their new sites and start rehabilitation of the branches of Mosul and Tikrit and Anbar to be within the branches operating in 2019 in addition to the expansion of electronic distribution channels in terms of exchange, A cashier and is planned to reach 62 cashiers. " Views 24 Date Added 29/04/2019
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    It takes a Special kind of Jack Azz to torque the shorts of the IMF. Well done Iraq. The corrupt GOI has done a stellar job. .....perhaps the sign outside the Parliament bldg. should read - “ We Excel to Mediocrity “
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    They aren't the only ones that are tired waiting for them to push that big red button.
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    Good morning DV! The sun is shining most places and it's a great day to be here! No major updates on the dinar, but that's not discouraging in the least. If you check my last couple weekly updates, and then compare to the news posts over the last week, you'll see that we're simply tracking on a positive course. All good stuff, my friends! VIPs, there is a new post up for you in the VIP section: I also sent out an email yesterday to all VIPs. If you're in VIP, and you did not see that email in your inbox, then it went to your spam or promotions or some other email destination... it's up to you to fix that! I can't control your email inbox, and we don't want you to miss important updates, so take a minute to ensure DinarVets emails are landing in your Primary inbox and you'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with that. One last thing - in that VIP post, I mentioned an upcoming OSI post. After sleeping on it last night, I am going to save that post for during Ramadan. That's it from me for today - let's use this thread for Q's from the members for my next update. The current news trend is really positive and I have a suspicion that I'll be doing more than one update next week. GOOOOO RRRRVVVVVV!!!!!
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    VIP email just went out, FYI. Weekly update will be tomorrow.
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    Interesting, I have a question Master Yota, is this news source a reliable source or one with questionable ties to Iran?
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    Looks like clickbait to me.
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    Good news.! Digitization: the conversion of text, pictures, or sound into a digital form that can be processed by a computer. - This will prevent administrative and financial corruption and bureaucracy - efficiency of government procurement systems - significant gains in productivity and competitiveness - increase the efficiency of public finance management In other words, Iraq e-governance project Go Digitization Go success Go RV Go $1:1
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    Ok i can get there in 48 hrs i will be stealth like the darkness at night i will report after I get a bowl of camel balls soup thanks for positive input
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    Sounds like the IMF is tired of waiting for somebody to push the button.
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    Oh man, I just read through the comments here and saw that I left you hanging on that! Sorry about that. I am undecided about Ramadan this year, but IF news is slow, it will give me time to get into an OSI discussion that I've been working on for a bit now. This is something that is happening regardless of how Iraq is progressing over/before/after Ramadan.
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    Investing In Dinar Should Come With A Warning !

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