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    Good morning all! It's currently Wednesday July 10 Thursday July 11, and IF all goes well - I'll get this posted before my day gets out of control! Back in the forefront of ReValuation (RV) news... HCL. We've made it through Ramadan, budgeting, elections, and a whole slew of other issues. All of them, although lengthy at times, have sailed successfully through the turbulent waters and left us with a final component: HCL. Good news for this morning? It's actually on the horizon. It's being talked about, and I'm predicting we'll see more of this very shortly. For example: Adding fuel to the HCL fire: WTI just crossed $60 again, and those of us watching the OIL tickers recently are well aware of how stable OIL is right now. Those of us pairing that information with the current and ongoing situation in Iraq understand how important OIL is to Iraq's ability to RV. And in case anyone needed some reassurance... ... it's going as perfect as we could hope for. There will never be an absolute perfect set of circumstances under which Iraq "can" or "should" or "must" change the value of their currency. I see a fair amount of comments from people stating something like "Oh, Iraq will never RV unless X happens, or until Y is implemented", etc etc... ... that is simply not true. There is NO absolute "must" for Iraq. They can change the rate today. Or yesterday, or tomorrow. They can do it without any further progress, without any permission from anyone or anything, and all the speculation in the world won't give us an exact date or a precise set of circumstances. The situation we find ourselves in today, at this very moment, is "good enough". Personally, I'm on standby for an incredible event. A solid resolution on the oil and gas law (HCL) will mean "no turning back", but just the same - it's not a necessity. Pretty darn exciting, if you ask me. That's it for the Weekly summary - there's a lot going on right now, but I like to keep these Weekly posts "to the point". GOOOOO RRRRVVVVVV!!!! - Adam PS. Side note! I use a LOT of news sources to keep abreast of the latest happenings, not only in Iraq but just "in general". My absolute favorite recently is "The Brew" - click that link to get it yourself. 100% free. This is not a paid post, I'm just sharing because I really enjoy it, and I hope you do too! (Valuable tip of the day from the Brew? Disguise Netflix with this Chrome extension to make your desktop look like you're on a conference call )
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    Good morning all! Today is Wednesday, 3rd of July 2019. The air is crisp... well, not really. Actually it's humid here and the mosquitos are napping for the moment, but it's still a beautiful day! Interesting times right now. GOI members are playing very nicely. Bitcoin saw that pullback I mentioned, and looks to be on the rise again. The G20 didn't produce any immediately exciting news that I've ran across, but it didn't bring us anything bad either. Back in the news, and worth a review, is the current OPEC agreement. This article I posted this morning highlights a very important point I've been harping on for some time, and even extends it - the current OPEC deal. Important notes in that article: Iraq is the 2nd largest oil producer in OPEC. (Does it make sense that it's currency is valued so low?) The production limitation agreement has been extended for 9 months - to boost the price of oil, rather than overproduce and drive the prices down. There is more in there, but let's focus on those for a moment. The amount of time the agreement has been extended isn't as important as the mere fact that it IS extended. Oil is hovering just under that $60 mark, and the stability is a great thing. Stable oil prices = comfortable accountants = solid footing to RV. (Yes, the accountants have a say!) Iraq is noted as the second largest producer... wait, what? We're talking about BLACK GOLD here, one of the most valuable commodities on the planet. And Iraq is #2... yet the currency they use is currently over 1000X weaker than the US dollar. Collectively, OPEC nations have over 80% of the world's known oil reserves... yet Iraq, the 2nd largest producer in that group, has a currency that would require 2000 pieces of it to buy a loaf of bread at your corner store. OPEC as a group agreed to keep oil production low, to stimulate oil prices. The majority of the members placed their name on the list of participants in this endeavor when it was originally voted on. The majority of the members did that... ... Iraq specifically did NOT. I hope you understand how huge this is for Iraq. They are one of the founding members of OPEC. The 2nd largest producer in the group. Iraq is agreeing to support these cuts. But they did not agree to join the group in their cuts. This gives Iraq carte blanche - complete freedom - to increase their production on a moment's notice, revalue their currency, and corner the market while they rake in cash to cover their "expenses". They may be operating on an increased production as we speak, stocking up hidden stores of oil in preparation for a huge push to bring in a massive amount of capital to cover the RV. There is more than one way to skin a cat, as they say, and that's just one aspect. The above is certainly an oversimplification of the big picture, but the fact remains - Iraq is nodding in agreement with the cuts, but they have never committed to it. NOT. ONE. TIME. Have a safe and happy 4th, everyone! If my next post is missing some letters, I'll run a contest to see who can guess which finger I may have lost. GOOOOO RRRVVVVVV!!!! - Adam P.S. As a side note, you might want to consider shorting oil as soon as the RV is announced... I know that's a gamble I'll be considering heavily.
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    ***** edit: Adding a rare discount on VIP and some selected OSI products! Save a cool 20% with code "G20" at this link: You'll get access to all things VIP, including our very active crypto section. Join us! ****** end edit. Happy Hump Day! There is a recurring note present in my updates recently... I'm sure many of you already noticed. The note has to do with the truth that can be found in rumors, even if the rumors themselves are not entirely accurate. I'm going to continue that today, because the rumor section seems exceptionally lively... and some of it holds some very solid truths, even if the rumors themselves have been hyper-inflated like that time your neighbor Bob caught that 28 pound perch. This time of year has historically been big for Iraq. Monumental items like Chapter 7 unfolded in late June, and there's another important event right around the corner: The G20 Summit. Here's a fairly detailed explanation: Excerpt: You probably noticed that Iraq is not on the list. In that case, it might not be immediately obvious why this even matters to us, so I'll explain a small part of it. Even though Iraq isn't technically "present", it's not difficult to understand that anytime oil, money, gold or gifts leave Iraq - they are touched by one or more of those major players listed above. For Iraq to be successful in raising the value of their currency, they need to be able to operate their business, and the G20 Summit will have an effect on how the global money game is played for the next year. Once the Summit has concluded, Iraq may change their tactics slightly, but most importantly they will be free to make a decision and act accordingly. It's a big deal, and it's good. So although I don't expect an RV announcement to be made at the Summit, or directly because of the Summit, I do think it's reasonable to expect some actions after the summit. Before I forget - the DV lottery pool. And if that kind of lottery isn't your thing, maybe bitcoin is... anyone paying attention here? We have a special spot for it in VIP, and we've been pretty hot on BTC for a couple weeks now. Does it surprise anyone that BTC is on a tear right now? It wouldn't, if you had been watching this VIP thread! To sum that up, in case you're not in VIP - BTC (bitcoin) took a scant 16 days to soar from 10k to 20k when it hit it's all time high. As I'm typing this, BTC is over 13k... up over $2000 since yesterday. When it was announced that facebook was officially getting in the game (see my thread started June 19), I personally hailed it as a great thing for crypto in general. I will NOT be surprised to see BTC hit 20k again, and it won't take long. This is not based only on the Facebook announcement, and I won't get into all of the boring details here - we're discussing it in great detail in the VIP section. Did I mention we're talking about this stuff in VIP? (As if you needed another reason to join us there, you know! ) Whether you're in the pool, or happily watching Bitcoin rise, or just hanging out in VIP enjoying the knowledge and sharing the adventure with us, waiting to take advantage of a better cash in rate soon... .... GOOO RRRVVVVV!!!!
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    Happy Saturday all! The week was long, my apologies for getting this up so late... ... fortunately, I do not have to apologize for anything in Iraq. I know most of you don’t read the entirety of all the threads (who has time??), so I’ll bring a couple of important notes here. This one, in particular, spells out EVERYTHING. Iraq needs HCL (oil law) to really kick things into high gear. The oil law is many things, but of extreme importance is it’s scope regarding Kurdish relations with Baghdad inside the country. You don’t have to do more than skim the following to see that this is ALL about that... and pretty much 100% positive. That’s excellent stuff regarding the HCL, so I’ll leave that one for now. I have a question for the members here - I have my own opinion, and I’ll share that in an upcoming update. The “budget” - specifically, this: There are a few “known” budgets. The operating budget that’s currently in place and a supplemental budget scheduled for September. We can argue that there are more than that, but let’s keep it simple. I’ve seen a few comments regarding the possibility, or even impossibility, of a change in the rate without the “next” budget in place. This seems to suggest that people think a budget must be released that accurately accounts for an increased exchange rate. This means Iraq would give the world a large notice that they intend to change the exchange rate before they actually do it... am I reading the comments wrong, or is that really a belief held by some of the members? If it is, I just want to understand your logic. That's enough for now, I’ll follow up on that somewhat loaded question in a couple days. - Adam
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    Here’s A Related Financial And Investment Article From Yesterday ! And Here Are A Couple Of Excerpts ... Iraq is potentially one of the richest countries on earth, and one of the fastest growing important economies in the world. Iraq is the world’s fourth largest oil producer and number two in OPEC. Of these, it’s the only producer with a realistic likelihood of doubling its production over the coming decade.  Untapped Potential In a massive and growing export economy like Iraq’s, we see the currency as a positive for investors. Dollars are pouring in from oil exports, to the tune of over $7b per month right now, and likely to rise over time.
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    Two. Count 'em. TWO A.M. posts in one morning. And the news is all good. Even though I 'may' have a little drinking problem, a clink of the glass to Thug for his brew of choice.
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    Asian countries that devalued their currencies are mostly exporting economies ~ so it is to their benefits and advantages to have a lower/cheaper currencies. Iraq on the other hand, is like other gulf countries, ~ they are importing economies, so it is more beneficial to have a strong 'high' currency to reduce the 'outflow' of their wealth (aka currency). Iraq is one of the richest country in the world and I simply cannot brain how devaluations could benefit them in the open economy. Jmo.
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    Or The Other Day When We Had One Pound A Few Beers While Perched On The Side Of The Boat !
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    So I guess this is where we post our opinion is that our ride is close to being over..... CL
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    Iraq is on a transition from cash society to an electronic society. The national bank of iraq is ready with the latest cash counting machines that work in a precise and effective manner and provides a varied sorting of currencies very quickly, to manage all the chunky cash when the RV hits. just my opinion Go RV Go cash management Go $1:1
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    Deposit of intermediary companies July 04, 2019 To / All Authorized Banks ( Deposit of brokerage companies to enter the window of sale and purchase of foreign currency )
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    Iraqi National Bank opens first place in Iraq to manage cash 17/07/2019 The Iraqi National Bank announced the opening of the first cash management center of its kind in Iraq and located in the branch of the main bank in Baghdad. The bank said in a statement on the occasion of the official opening of the center: "This center provides a unique infrastructure to automate the private logistics operations after counting the money to save time and reduce the risks of financial movements through the adoption of sophisticated counting devices and a mechanism of action to provide a secure environment for financial transactions while ensuring the provision of another The world-class technology adopted in the field of financial services. He added that the center is an incubator for the latest cash counting machines that work in a precise and effective manner and provides a varied sorting of currencies very quickly, with the introduction of a new link technology for banknotes to prevent their damage according to the latest international standards. A specialized team with cash counting to reduce customer waiting time and speed up procedures in a remarkable way The Center also ensures full insurance of all amounts by the major insurance companies in addition to strict compliance with the regulations and policies of the Central Bank of Iraq. The bank's managing director, Ayman Abu Dheim, said: "The bank always strives to be a pioneer in providing the best and latest integrated banking services to our clients from all sectors to meet all their requirements and help them to advance their business. He added: "The launch of this center is the first of its kind in Iraq to ensure our customers services very accurate, fast and safe. The Center provides distinguished customers with a cash monitoring experience through live screens, cash counting operations within the VIP Lounge, in addition to providing for the first time accepting cash withdrawals from large amounts and from any cash category, from Saturday to Thursday, in addition to deposits and withdrawals during working hours From 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with counting and deposit in the accounts directly on the same day if received before 3 pm. The center is characterized by doubling the bank's productivity in cash management by achieving a greater volume of deposits and withdrawals by raising the rate of banknotes that can be received at the bank from 250 thousand coins per day to one million notes a day, four times the Bank's previous absorption. Since the beginning of the operation of the Monetary Department in mid-May, 11 million banknotes have been deposited in the equivalent of 110 billion Iraqi dinars and at the rate of 400 thousand sheets of cash per day and increasing continuously. The National Bank of Iraq was established in 1995 and provides comprehensive banking services to individuals and companies in Iraq. In 2005, Capital Bank of Jordan purchased the majority of the Bank's shares and joined it with Capital Bank Group, through which the Bank provides investment advisory services to companies through Capital Investments, the investment and advisory arm of Capital Bank Group in Jordan and the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). Today, the bank has 11 in Iraq's major cities and will be upgraded to 14 branches by the end of this year.
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    Wtf ? Just Take A Look Around Here ! We’ve Got A Clown, A Truck Driver Dressed Like Santa Clause, A Canadian Running For President, And A Blind Superhero Along With A Couple Of Kool-Aid Free Basing Bro’s ! And Yet U Somehow Think That Ur The Lowest Common Denominator In This Investment ...
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    Link: Oil and gas laws: a crux of Erbil-Baghdad tension By Omar Moradi yesterday at 11:14 Iraqi forces drive past an oil production plant as they head towards the city of Kirkuk on October 16, 2017. Photo: Ahmad al-Rubaye | AFP The lack of oil and gas federal legislation has been the root cause of problems between Erbil and Baghdad since the Iraqi constitution was approved in 2005. Now there is a government in Baghdad that has shown its desire to resolve these problems through dialogue, and the success of the new Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) cabinet depends on whether the oil and gas issue is resolved with Baghdad. According to the constitution, it is the joint responsibility of both the federal and regional government to develop oil and gas resources through a particular oil and gas legislation. But as of yet, no such legislation has been passed, causing disagreements between the two governments. Iraq's parliament unsuccessfully tried to pass a law on oil and gas in 2007. Following that, Kurdish parliament passed its own oil and gas law that same year, allowing the KRG to handle and develop the region’s natural resources. The Kurdistan Region parliament’s oil and gas law gave it complete power over the region’s natural resources, much like an independent and sovereign country. The conditions of the oil market along with the law helped foreign companies invest substantially in the oil and gas sectors in the Kurdistan Region. Investments in Kurdistan Region’s oil and gas sectors reached its peak when oil prices were high pre-2014, surpassing $20 billion. But after oil prices fell in mid-2014, the Kurdistan Region and the rest of the world's oil investors faced a deficit. This shock was especially big in the Kurdistan Region. The federal government in Baghdad cut Kurdistan Region’s share of the federal budget in 2014, after which a big financial crisis rocked the Kurdistan Region. The impact of the crisis is still seen in the Region's economy. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) still owes money it borrowed during this time. The KRG and federal government should resolve oil and budget problems in order for stability and certainty to return to the economy of the Kurdistan Region - otherwise a big opportunity will be missed. The Iraqi constitution can help in this matter. According to Article 112 of the Iraqi constitution, the running of oilfields in Iraq is the responsibility of both federal and regional governments, or the provinces the oil lies in. According to the oil and gas law of the Kurdistan Region, the KRG and its Ministry of Natural Resources are free to sign contracts with foreign companies that serve the interests of the Kurdistan Region. That is why the KRG signed nearly 50 contracts with oil companies after 2007 which are producing substantial amounts of oil and natural gas. The KRG planned to produce a million barrels of oil per day, but couldn’t do so because of the Islamic State (ISIS) onslaught and falling oil prices after 2014. But because of its robust oil and gas legislation, it still has the ability to produce vast quantities of oil and gas in the coming years. The Kurdistan Region’s oil and gas law shouldn’t be abandoned in negotiations between the KRG and federal government on the issue of oil sales and production. The oil and gas law of the Kurdistan Region allows for the setting up of a box for oil revenues. The law also considers the formation of some national companies for the exploration, production, and marketing of oil in the Kurdistan Region. The establishment of these national companies can reinvigorate the oil sector in the Kurdistan Region. With regards to the sale of oil, the Kurdistan Region can give all or some of the oil it produces to the federal government via national companies and ask for its fair share in return. This will not reduce the Kurdistan Region’s control over its oil sector, as the KRG has its own oil and gas law, is running these sectors in its own way, and has established its own mechanism and infrastructure for the last 10 years.
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    Thank You For The Upbeat Yet Grounded "weekly", Adam, AND The Very Best Of The Rest Of The Week To You AND Up Coming Weekend!!! Cap'n Donald mentioned on HIS (The True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump's) birthday ON June 14 IN HIS SPEECH (6:23 to 6:48): "Unrelated but something that is going to have a profound effect on the things that we're talking about and have been talking about over the last 2 1/2 years. It's going to be something really incredible that'll take place over the next two weeks. It'll be a very big announcement. Nobody knows what it is. Its going to be a big surprise but its going to be a very pleasant one." The Muddle East Peace Plan Deal Of The Century Chop Chop Workshop in Bahrain WITHOUT the Palestinians ( The Palestinians NEVER miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity!!!) occurring June 25 - 26 was COMPLETED TODAY!!! Two Weeks FROM Cap'n Donald's birthday on June 14 is June 28 WHEN THE G20 Summit occurring June 27 - 28 WILL BE COMPLETED!!! So............................................................................ YYYEEEAAAHHH BBBAAABBBYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe BABY THIS Friday Evening through Monday July 1 COULD BE PRIMO TIMO for the "big" "announcement". Personally, I think Thursday, July 4th WHEN the fireworks is going off OR just before is a REALLY, REALLY good time for the "big" "announcement"!!! IF the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar ReInstatement OCCURS mid year, I think through Monday, July 8 would be reasonable for !!!SUDDENLY!!!!!! THEE MONUMENTAL task of getting the Bicraqi Iraqi cab'net completed HAS BEEN COMPLETED (imagine the Bicraqi Iraqi doing THAT???!!!) WITH the remaining Sinister, er, Minister Of Education TO BE FILLED. Personally, I think a MUTE point since Abdul al-Mahdi PREVIOUSLY had THIS cab'net position FILLED by Bicraqi Iraqi GOI CONFIRMATION WHEREAS the Sinister, er, Minister Of Education WAS removed OR stepped down OR whatever. ANY Sinister, er, Minister COULD be "replaced" AT ANY "time" so NO "biggie" to me HERE!!! Would help, though, for THIS position to be CONFIRMED by the Bicraqi Iraqi GOI TOMORROW!!! Go MAGA!!! Go True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump!!! Go True The United States Of America Patriots!!! In The Mean Time....................................................................................... The "Standard" "Disclaimer" Applies.......................................................... AND (of course)........................................................................................... Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    Private group shared this today- GOI complete for the first time since saddam. Its done, they have been sworn in, taken the oath. Out of 4 ministries still open being run by proxy, 3 were voted on, approved, sworn in. The 2 BIG ones. Defense and Interior are now filled with a Minister. The only one still open is the minister of education. Major Signal Flag flipping in the wind. End of Month looks better than ever.
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    That was the last fraud in office, Trump stated many times he didn't wanna go to war, even prior to his election. Yesterday video of Trump @ the White House, (words from out his mouth not some yahoo site that you follow) clearly states Trump doesn't want war. More going on behind the scenes then you or I will ever know. IMO this is best scenario...
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    Keep calm and wait till tomorrow for the full IMF SBA report. It will give us a very good idea of how close we are. Go iraq Go Art 8 acceptance Go RV Go $1:1
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    I can attest to this on Facebook here in the north of iraq
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    This is a move in the right direction. Banks mergers seek to improve income from services, but the increase is offset by higher staff costs; return on equity improves because of a decrease in capital. Acquisitions aim to restructure the loan portfolio of the acquired bank; improved lending policies result in higher profits. Three reasons why banks merger - Synergy - Growth - Eliminates competition The Iraqi banking system is getting ready for international banking business. Go CBI Go International Go RV Go $1:1 Go Jan. 2020
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    I listened to the speech, too. Some comments of interest: We are going back to the Moon (YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!) We are going to Mars (YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!) Space Force. YEP!!! I REALLY liked the tribute to the Armed Forces. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!!! I wonder what flag and hymn the Space Force will have???!!! The Battle Hymn Of The Republic WAS artful played and sang: Mine eyes hath seen the glory of the coming of the Lord; He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored; He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword; His truth is marching on. Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! His truth is marching on. I have seen Him in the watch fires of a hundred circling camps They have builded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps; I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps; His day is marching on. I have read a fiery Gospel writ in burnished rows of steel; “As ye deal with My contemners, so with you My grace shall deal”; Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with His heel, Since God is marching on. He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat; He is sifting out the hearts of men before His judgment seat; Oh, be swift, my soul, to answer Him! be jubilant, my feet; Our God is marching on. In the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea, With a glory in His bosom that transfigures you and me: As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free; While God is marching on. He is coming like the glory of the morning on the wave, He is wisdom to the mighty, He is honor to the brave; So the world shall be His footstool, and the soul of wrong His slave, Our God is marching on. Go MAGA!!! Go True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump!!! Go True The United States Of America Patriots!!! Go Moola Nova!
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    GOOD NEWS✅ @mr.unlikelyLaid Back, care to weigh in on this one? Sounds to me like our FDIC. I believe the establishment of the Iraqi deposit guarantee company will play a major role in protecting the banking sector, especially the deposits of the public, individuals and companies, which will enhance confidence in the banking sector inside Iraq and in correspondent banks outside Iraq, which will contribute to attracting more deposits and reuse of credit and investment Serving the Iraqi economy. - Protect deposit of the public individuals and companies - Enhance confidence in the banking sector - Attracts more deposit - Reuse of credit and investment This is a BIG step forward for Iraq and our IQD investment. Go CBI Go new monetary policy Go IDGC Go international Go RV Go $1:1 I see a good window of opportunity for an increase of the dinar exchange rate in the next 6 month.
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    Thanks Adam, I am looking forward to wrapping this up real soon. To all who may read this post, have a safe and happy 4th.
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    Are we there yet?!?!! Good morning all! Lots of hype going on right now. That tends to bring out the best AND the worst in this Dinar adventure, so I want to address it real quick. Here's a simple truth: There is always going to be "hype". That does NOT mean there is no legitimate opportunity here. It's like someone passionately exclaiming, "Usain Bolt (the fastest man in the world) could beat a Corvette in a race!" Is that statement factual? No, it's a bit of an exaggeration. But is Usain Bolt still incredibly fast? YES! And while he's probably not going to outpace a vehicle with a top speed of over 200MPH, that doesn't take away from the fact that he holds an incredible record. The Iraqi Dinar is very similar. We currently have a bit of garbage to sift through as we dig into the "facts". There will always be attention seeking "gurus" making crazy claims about people standing in line to cash in or getting top secret calls from the "Head of International Crystal Ball Readers Association". These delusional characters may even believe the stuff they say, but does that make Usain Bolt any slower? Sure doesn't! And it also doesn't make the opportunity for the Dinar any less, either. If you were around the Dinar world before Chapter 7 was lifted, an event that was arguably one of the most important events related to Iraq in recent history, you'll remember that things got VERY exciting before that happened. It was not a guarantee that Chapter 7 would get lifted... in fact, it was questionable if it would actually happen, and very much a surprise to many. Even without absolute confirmation of this very important event that was about to transpire, and even though many of the news stations and media and all of the people "in the know" didn't give a warning... the dinar world had a "feeling" that something was about to happen. The rumor mills started cranking up, "reports" of people standing in line in Reno and Vegas and other "select" locations were flying around like monkeys at a circus, and the activity on many websites was through the roof. Did we have an RV at that time? Obviously not. And nobody cashed in, not in Reno or anywhere else... at least, not at the $3+ rate. BUT, did something major happen? YES. That's where we seem to be right now. This is the time of year that many major milestones have been reached in Iraq. NOW is the time I'm expecting to see something major... maybe HCL, maybe something else, and very possibly a rate change. The tension is growing, and it shows in many ways... like how your animals know a storm is coming, when the weatherperson said "10% chance of rain", and then the neighbors barn and cows get taken away in a tornado. Fido knew. Did you listen? You might want to get in VIP, now. Join here. Bring on the twisters!
  25. 16 points Maybe SOMETHIN' will !!!SUDDENLY!!! "appear" TODAY!!! SO......................................................................................................... Maybe BABY NOT an indication of the "official" release of the "report": Just NO PUBLISHED information, YET!!! Go Moola Nova!
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    I Like My Cold ‘Brew’ In A Frosted Mug At About 32 And A Half Degrees ! And Not To Get Too Technical But According To The Laws Of Chemistry - By Definition Alcohol Is In Fact A ‘Solution’ !
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    Yes....they are talking about ~ Change the value of the Iraqi currency ... benefits and costs ~ / But as Saleh pointed out ~ Iraq's oil revenues kept improving continuously, ~ resulting in no budget deficit. And the other guy (Dr Mahmood) was talking about Iraq's economy 2019 (expected to improve tremendously due to reconstructions)... Clearly......these are not recipes for devaluations. I think what they are really telling those people who attended the seminar is that ~ there will be changes to their monetary policies and WE can conclude that it wont be a devaluations because devaluations will bring in inflations and put pressure and ignites expectations of more inflations to come.........and this is clearly against the objectives of their new FML ( - maintaining the stability of inflation in the country ) Chilax.......
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    Private group wrote this today--- In no particular order let's look at all the things happening right now Alak is appointed a leadership position in the emerging Arab Monetary Fund ... AMF is a very important, critical piece of the puzzle in the upcoming task to rebuild the Middle East. The price of oil is on the rise and Saudi Arabia has an agreement with a lot of OPEC countries and a lot of countries... most civilized countries... to go ahead and use their reserves... and a long-term plan seems to be in place to get the price of oil up.... we could see $85 a barrel again The governorship of the Central Bank of Iraq is going to be awarded to a harvard-educated heavy hitter big-time capable competent professional ready to rebuild Iraq Christine Lagarde Trump and Ping all meet at the G20 and everybody's happy and smiling constantly smiling can't stop smiling and out of this deal Trump is going to back off the tariffs and he releases Huawei from all of the sanctions that he had just put on them everybody's happy.... no big official China deal wrapped up in a bow.... but that will come later... whatever they did and agreed to... they were all happy... they've all got a deal ... china is going to buy a whole bunch of agricultural products from the US Trump backed off the tariffs and the Huawei sanctions and Christine Lagarde is happy as a clam. If we are going to see a GCR with the IQD in the VND... this is what it probably would look like.... everybody happy and smiling and pain of China dreaming of the Silk Road opening between the Middle East and Asia Christine Lagarde is going to switch out her position at the IMF and become the leader of the European Central Bank. The Iraq Parliament passes the FML yet does not implement it as of yet. SIGNIFICANT. Article after article after article out of the CBI about point-of-sale with the ATMs and all kinds of information about the new ATMs which do not accommodate the old currency... but do accomodate smaller notes. Prime Minister Modi makes a big announcement and there is no fewer than a dozen articles about the Iranian popular front must be disbanded in any of these people that want to remain in the Army have to submit to the regular Iraqi Army and there will be no more militias loyal to Iran... that's done it's over. disband... disarm. Sadr and Sistani working closely with Mahdi..... there's some details here about what sistani and sadr want....somebody can fill that in I'm fuzzy on it right now but I know it's significant and sadr and sistani are happy enough with Mahdi.... and there's a ton of news about all the concrete blocks are gone from the green zone and All Over Baghdad and there's a lot of talk about security and stability.... security and stability And now on the 4th of July the CBI is having some kind of seminar about changing the value of the currency at the Grand library in Baghdad known as the Wisdom Hall. This second half of the accounting year is just starting and a change in value at this point could be made retroactive to July 1st very easily. It sure is a lot of coincidences all stacking up right here at the beginning of the second half of 2019
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    I Bought My First Dinar Last Thursday - Hopefully This Thing Doesn’t Go On Much Longer ...
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    I don’t think the new rate would be indicated In a budget that is a few months or even a few days away from being approved. Once the RI/RV happens, it’s a very simple math formula to amend the existing budget quickly from that day forward or any day forward.. Let’s say you are the minister of education (see what I did there) lol and you are to receive a total of 1 Billion dinars under the existing rate for the year or any day moving forward.. if the new rate becomes roughly 1:1 then you would be due roughly 1 Million new Dinar for the year or any specific day moving forward under the new rate and you would also use the same math to subtract any funds you have already received for the year post rate change and use the old rate against any funds you received for the year prior to the rate change to see how much you have left to receive. Even though it is a simple math formula, this is why Shabibi said it is best to do this at the start of the year or half way through it.. (less confusing) There is far to much of a risk to let more than 300 parliament members know ahead of time that the rate is totally different than to simply amend the rate change to everything economically and financial after the fact (including the national budget).. JMO.
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    Welcome To The Exciting World Of Watching Our Investment ‘Grow’ !
  32. 15 points
    It is time to stop the auctions and give real market value to the dinar. Go Art 8 Go end MCP Go RV Go $1:1
  33. 15 points
    "Massacre" of the dollar in Iraq ... Official movement against fraud at the auction "Central" Baghdad - Ali Husseini, Mohammed Ali 12 July 2019 The file of the "auction of hard currency" in Iraq to the forefront after the comments of deputies in parliament, demanding the Prime Minister and the Supreme Judicial Council and the public prosecution in the country, put an end to the massive corruption carried out through the auction of hard currency organized by the Central Bank of Iraq every day. The bank sells between 140 million and 160 million dollars for public and private companies and banks, as part of a plan adopted since 2004 to control the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar and prevent its collapse in the market. In 2004, during the Coalition Provisional Authority formed by the United States after the US-British occupation of Iraq, the Central Bank of Iraq established the so-called "daily auction of hard currency," in an effort to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar, and sales amounted to more than 200 million dollars Sometimes this amount is usually from Iraqi oil revenues sold. The auction has continued this way since. Iraqi observers and officials estimate the value of the dollar sold in this auction over the past 15 years by more than $ 300 billion, most of which went from Iraq to other countries without benefiting the Iraqi dinar and its value, which is still under the logic of the fifth largest oil producer in the world (1200 dinars per dollar). The Central Bank of Iraq allows only limited companies and banks to enter the auction and buy the dollar. The word "auction" here is not a metaphor for what is happening on a daily basis, as the bank pre-determines its selling price to the dollar by 1180 dinars per dollar for banks and companies to sell at 1200 dinars to the dollar. Finally, the bank specified who is allowed to enter the auction, and the number was reduced to less than 50 banks and financial companies that are licensed by the Central Bank of Iraq and all are private or private. A senior Iraqi official in Baghdad told the "New Arab" that the government is considering the dollar auction, which turned into a black hole to smuggle the dollar out of the country without achieving its goal of strengthening the strength of the dinar. He added that "Iran is the first beneficiary of the dollar auction, followed by Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan The conversion of the dollar is under the cover of the import of materials and goods and the purchase of shares and investments in those countries and some of them transferred through private offices and the Iraqi citizen does not benefit from this massacre. The official stressed that the government is considering several options to strengthen the dinar, such as the deletion of zeros or determine the price globally, as do many countries in the Arabian Gulf. The survival of the dollar inside Iraq is better than removing it, and the continuation of this primitive formula cost the country large losses. He pointed to the existence of a committee of experts studying reasonable options, after confirming documents and documents that Iraqi oil money in hard currency easily flow abroad because of this auction. The Iraqi official revealed that the Integrity Commission is currently investigating the largest case of money laundering in Iraq up to two billion dollars accused of banks and companies, some of them linked to political parties "and we hope that there are other files close to the search and investigation of the Integrity Commission on the same subject, Difficult of Iraq ". Expert on the Iraqi market for securities Ali al-Saadawi explained to the "new Arab", that "stop the auction may not be able to the government now that a large part of the dollar ends in Tehran," saying that committees, experts and financial observers advised the Central Bank to stop the auction, "He said. In contrast, accused the Iraqi parliamentarian Alia Nassif, the Iraqi banks did not call the exploitation of the auction sale of currency in ways that twisted to achieve rich rich at the expense of the Iraqi people, "according to a statement issued on Wednesday She said the statements of former Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that there are six billion dollars disappeared and Turning it into a fictitious account. It is now time for regulators to retrieve stolen people's money and pursue corrupt people. " And called on the Prime Minister to prosecute what she described as "whales of corruption," promising to open the file of the auction of hard currency to the prosecution, "and that it has" all the evidence and information to expose these thieves. " In contrast, a member of the Finance Committee, Majida Tamimi, people said that they belong to Political corruption department in the Central Bank, and vowed to disclose corruption files belonging to government banks soon.
  34. 15 points
    Navira I just want to thank you for all your input on this starting with the original Go Iraq thread. I started reading these threads a couple of weeks ago and I have so enjoyed the hopium! Even if it doesn't happen this weekend, it's most likely going to be pretty soon. And I have thorughly enjoyed the excitement and hope that you have so graciously and diligently given us. I've been in this 8 years and for me, having the exciting times like now when we are deep into hopium, have made the journey much so more fun. So many thanks to you - and everyone else who has been contributing. All the best to all of you and your families and loved ones. Now, come on RV!!!!
  35. 15 points
    Been saying this since 2012. Have been lambasted, harassed and more. Yet the mods are the ones who give me warnings and let these people slide by. I coined the phrase a grain of sand moved, it must mean an RV tomorrow, this year etc. When these people don't like what you have to say, for example, they said the RV would happen this year (2012 through current) and I have stuck to until after 2019. Was told by many I had little info and had no idea what I was talking about. Yet here we are in 2019 and no RV, no Oil and Gas Law. The IMF controls the trigger, don't care what anyone has to say about that. The IMF is the one that will give the approval for Iraq to enter Article 8. Think about that. Think about why I say that. Which governing body controls the Article 8? The IMF. If Iraq crossed all the t's dotted all the i's, implemented Article 140 and passed the Iraqi Oil and Gas Law and had a fully seated government, it would still be the IMF to approve or disapprove Iraq going into Article 8. It is the IMF who will give the CBI the green light to RV. Then and only then will Iraq's CBI to choose a date and pull the trigger. If you disagree, then you don't understand how the Central Banks and the IMF have evolved over the years. Think the Fed Reserve is bad, the IMF is even worse. The most important document until this point will be the release of the report from the committee on the latest SBA. If the IMF didn't need to green light the RV, sure it could be done at any time. Yeah we have all heard no one knows, but the IMF will know before Iraq knows when an RV can happen. Think about something else for a moment, who is behind the program rate changes? Iraq? No. The UN? no. Then who? The IMF in all cases have advised and told Iraq to change the program rate. Iraq could not change the program rate from 1166 to 1188 to 1190 with out approval first. Where did they solicit this approval? Who did they go to? The IMF is controlling the ball here. The IMF will then hand the ball off to the CBI so they can land on a moving deck and RV this currency. And yes with this last election and rereading some documents, I am not sure how close after the SBA is completed they will RV. It could be extended out to 2021 or beyond. Or it could be in 2020. I personally think the Oil and Gas law is an important piece of legislation for the citizens of Iraq but am firmly coming to believe it is not necessary to have an RV. The IMF wants Art. 140 to be implemented but that too, I am coming to believe is also not necessary. Art 140 of the Iraqi Constitution is an internal matter that needs to be worked out between the Kurds and Iraqi's. The goal of IMF would be to see successful implementation of this, but the Kurds were denied a nation state when the ME was divided after WWI during the tenure of the League of Nations. Because their territory, in their eyes, was stolen from them it is a much deeper matter that can not be hashed out in a few years.
  36. 15 points
    Sorry you feel that way...I'm far from a creep by enforcing a rule that states promoting other sites is prohibited. I'm here for DV to be #1 not some other site to bottom feed to draw traffic, to hear a bunch of b/s they been claiming for years. Anyhow you can neg this one as well...Have a Great Day...
  37. 15 points
    Because Everybody Knows That Friday Is Payday !
  38. 15 points
    Thank You For The Upbeat Post, Adam, AND The Very Best Of Your 4th Of July To You!!! I'm NOT sure if You are taking ANY questions but I am curious to know Your thoughts on the Special Purpose Vehicle set up for the Bicraqi Iraqi TO PAY the Insanians IN Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar FOR Insanian imports IN Bicraqi Iraqi Banks to PURCHASE Insanian "humanitarian" imports WITH Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar. I could be wrong but would seem to be putting the Bicraqi Iraqi AND Insanians at a disadvantage economically on an INTERNATIONAL scale IF purchasing Insanian "humanitarian" imports WITH Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar at a "program" "rate" THEN ReInstate the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar INTERNATIONALLY later. Further, I could be wrong here but it just seems like the ReInstatement of the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar INTERNATIONALLY is under HUGE pressure. Supposedly, the LAST concrete barrier is to be removed "ceremonially" at a future undetermined date. I suspect THIS will be a "symbolic" "statement" of Iraq going FROM "war" "time" TO "peace" "time" WITH Safe, Secure, Stable, AND Sovereign Bicraqi Iraqi State Relations INTERNATIONALLY. Go Moola Nova!
  39. 15 points
    Voted in by the same Parliamentarians who changed and voted for the new FML ~ “THE CHANGE WILL RAISE THE EXCHANGE RATE OF THE IRAQI DINAR AGAINST FOREIGN CURRENCIES while maintaining the stability of inflation in the country”
  40. 15 points
    UN Security Council members urge Iraq to implement Article 140 of the permanent constitution 2019/06/29 13:28:10 The members of the UN Security Council on Saturday urged the federal government to apply Article 140 of the permanent Iraqi constitution. "The council supports the international team to investigate the crimes committed by a sympathetic organization in Iraq," members of the council delegation told a news conference in Baghdad today. Members of the UN Security Council voted to support the Security Council to rebuild the areas freed from the grip of the militant group, as evidenced by grants and loans at the Kuwait conference. The members stressed the need to preserve the security and stability of Iraq and to play its role in the region and the world. On Article 140 of the Constitution, members of the delegation said that "this subject was discussed with a number of Iraqi officials, as well as with the United Nations mission in the country." "We support the implementation of the country's permanent constitution, and we encourage adherence to it."
  41. 15 points
    Damn! Reading these post in here shows that no matter what president sits in the office they are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Respond and you're a warmonger killing kids and innocent civilians. Don't respond and you're scared of conflict and all talk and no show. I saw the same comments about Obama with the Syria situation. The truth is, not a one of us knows what is going on and being said behind closed doors. Who knows what the big picture and what's actually happening? Did some dumbaszz in Iran act on their own? Hopefully that's the case. Did we stray into Iran airspace? Possibly. All the information we are being fed is by the media that we know are bias and favor one party or the other. Let us not forget that it is often time exaggerated to increase subscribers and viewer ratings. I hope we are practicing restraint, getting the proper information and getting our ducks in a row in order to the right thing. Whatever that is. If we strike I hope it just and for good cause. If we don't then I hope it was not due to lack of resolve but because the situation/ cause does not justify it.
  42. 15 points
    All I believe is trump is a smart dude and he does things for a reason i believe there is something that made him pull back a deal was made on something
  43. 15 points
    Kurds are investing (their relationship) with Abdul Mahdi, and they send Benharfan to Baghdad to formulate new government decisions in all controversial files Policy , 2019/06/20 23:56 BAGHDAD, Iraq - In a visit is the first after his receipt of the post of President of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, arrived Thursday noon, Nechirvan Barzani to Baghdad, headed a delegation of high Kurdish, to meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. The visit, which may characterize the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil, indicates its beginnings to not change the Kurdish positions towards those outstanding issues, according to sources familiar with the details of the visit, which confirmed that it opened the files of the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil. And immediately after his arrival in Baghdad, Barzani held a meeting with Abdul-Mahdi, according to a government official familiar with, "Nechirvan assured Abdul Mahdi, the support of Erbil to his government," noting that "the parties discussed ways to narrow the area of disagreement between the governments of the Center and the region, and sensitive files that need to agree." The official pointed out that "the most prominent file in the talks is the file of Kirkuk, and the revenues of oil exported by the region," noting that "the Kurds are now proposing a new road map for the status of Kirkuk includes a partnership Peshmerga security file, which Baghdad finds unacceptable with the presence of troops The Iraqi federal, and the blocs and Arab and Turkmen political forces opposed it. " He pointed out that "Barzani assured Abdul Mahdi that the rapprochement between the parties depends on the convergence of those files, and that the Kurds are watching the position of Abdul Mahdi and his decisions on the liquidation of the legacy of previous governments." He pointed out that " Barzani's views, identical to the visions of the leaders of the region in the previous phase, which means the difficulty of resolving the dispute in those files during the coming period. " For his part, said the MP of the construction coalition, Ali al-Ghanmi," Barzani's visit to Baghdad is very important, , The most important of which is oil and the rights of the region and the federal government, which will be at the top of the talks, to arrange the situation between Baghdad and Erbil, so as not to renew the differences and past scenes between the parties. "Al-Ghanami said in a press statement that" the file borders, Organization and discussion to resolve the differences, led by mReceivables region's oil, "he said," will also be discussed wanted by the Iraqi judiciary file, and bypass the public money, which requires a lack of protection required by any integrity. " The parliament of Kurdistan was elected in the middle of this month, Nechirvan Barzani as president of the region, while Baghdad has expressed optimism to resolve the crisis with Erbil. Baghdad wants to draw up a new relationship with the Kurdistan region under the assumption of Nechirvan Barzani, his presidency, trying to "feel the pulse" to know his orientation in this context, especially as he has positions in dialogues and mediations fought for the truce between the parties in previous periods. The most important differences between Baghdad and Erbil are related to the disputed areas between the two sides, the return of the Peshmerga, the handing over of oil revenues, the organization of joint oil fields, Peshmerga salaries and other unresolved files over the previous governments. link
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    Wed, Jul 17, 2019 4:32 pm Randy Koonce To:you Details I am adding a date to archive..Wednesday, July 17, 2019 To All Hopeful Citizens in Dinarland: How are you makin it. I am sending this update to let everyone know there is a very good window that has opened up once again, and will last through the end of the month. As I have mentioned before, many of the things that have happened on our way to the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar has turned this anticipated event into a very big Political Game. I call it “Global Political Football”. And there have been no rules to this long and unending game!!! That being said, there is reason to believe that we are very - VERY - close to the final buzzer now. And, it is a very BIG WINDOW between now (as in ‘right now’ through the end of month. But. Please understand: because it is a political football game, that does not mean that if this window closes at the end of the month without a rate change, we will never see it. It just means that another political fight got in the way. Again. The Countries that have been involved in the ‘time out’ (delay) have now agreed to ‘things’ that our administration wanted before the final release. So, unless someone reneges on one of the issues again, this should be the last time I have to open another window. Again. I want you to know there is nothing left for Iraq to do to prepare for a rate change. They have been ready since December of Last Year. As in 2018. January started the political football game. There were many political players, from our own Government to several others as well. . . .And ALL of them have affected the political environment. Look for the Dinar to come out between $1 -$2. It should go up a little more later on. Please do not get suckered into waiting or watching for any 800 numbers. Do not listen to people talking about ‘tiers’ because there are no tiers. You will not need to go to Reno, or any other special location to exchange. You will be able to exchange at any big bank or financial exchange center that normally deals in foreign currency exchanges. THE RATE IS THE ONLY THING THAT YOU ARE WAITING FOR. I do not follow any ‘Dinar Site’ on the Internet. I am not a member in any of the Dinar Chat Rooms. So please do not ask me about somebody else's post. Because I Do Not have a clue!! But I will say this: If they do not agree with the info I have provided to you, then I would be very suspicious of it. The guys getting the good info should all be saying about the same thing. So compare the information being given for yourself. Continue to Breathe. Remember: This is a POLITICAL football, so it is possible there could always be another unforeseen ‘time out’. It is not that our information was bad; but it might change. Again. DO NOT give your dinar to anyone else to exchange for you. We are really, seriously, truly, honestly, absolutely, positively, probably VERY CLOSE. It has been an honor and a privilege to make this journey with you. (Well, most of you!! ) I, like you, am ready for this game to be over. May God bless you and keep you. The reason for allowing us to be a part of this historical event is His to reveal in each of your lives. Be grateful. RELAX the RV really is coming . . . . Keep Breathing. . . No hyperventilating. . . Do not let your emotions drive you or tear you apart . . . Keep them in check. I will plan a meeting post-RV. Look for an email.
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    Change the value of the Iraqi currency ... benefits and costs 2019-07-04 Change the value of the Iraqi currency ... benefits and costs The importance of the Iraqi currency and its impact on the Iraqi economy in light of the current changes The Department of Economic Studies in Beit al-Hikma held a scientific symposium entitled "Change in the value of the Iraqi currency, benefits and costs" under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Falah Hassan Thoini, / 7/2019 on the seminar hall in Beit al-Hikma. The seminar was attended by Dr. Mazhar Mohammed Saleh, financial adviser to the Prime Minister, as well as Professor Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Dagher, Director of the Department of Financial Operations and Debt Management of the Central Bank of Iraq. The participants discussed the problem of changing the value of the Iraqi currency and the reduction of the Iraqi dinar and its impact on the Iraqi economy, some describe this reduction as support for the global economy and some see the deterioration of the purchasing power of the Iraqi individual. Dr. Mazhar Mohammed Saleh talked about the policy of the Central Bank since its establishment so far in a concise and clear as the goal of the bank is to manage the monetary expectations and how Iraq's oil revenues since 2003 to 2014 is improving continuously so there was no budget deficit. He pointed to the role of Iraq and the agreements signed with the International Monetary Fund and its impact on the Iraqi economy. He concluded by discussing the need for new policies that are consistent with the central bank's policy of reaching solutions. Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Dagher discussed the current exchange rate regime for two years in Iraq and mentioned facts about the Iraqi economy for 2019. The promise of the devaluation of the Iraqi currency affects all the real and monetary balances of the Iraqi economy because one of the reasons for inflation accompanying the reduction ignites expectations and pressures towards the continuation of subsequent reductions decisions. In conclusion, there were comments from the audience and views and proposals on the decision to reduce the Iraqi dinar. The seminar was attended by Dr. Ihsan Al-Amin, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Bayt Al-Hikma and a number of prominent personalities in the banking and financial field and a number of academics. Source
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    Happy and Safe 4th to ALL ! Special Salute to OUR VETERANS and MILITARY. Love You ALL ! And US WOMENS SOCCER. Go Get Em, ladies !!
  47. 14 points
    Thank You Yota . GM and Happy 4th DV's. Extremely Big News . Once a week auction ! They would have to compensate for the lack of additional auctions now ! .......Onward and it would seem not much further '!
  48. 14 points
    TMI Weegie - Nobody Wants To Hear About Ur Release With That Pumper Zap !
  49. 14 points
    Hey bro, dinar investor has been right on the beginning of the year he has been saying that they will vote on the remaining ministers til late of june...he has so far been right. Back in april of this year , he said the dow will reach 27,000 in june...look at the Dow last reached 26759...pretty damn close. Recently he said it will reach 27000 this Friday before the rate change and the complete formation of the govt(the ministry of edu along with 6 of special grades be voted on tomorrow). So I say to cranman, to me he is by far reliable...all of these coincide with Bettyboop predictions of her crystal ball saying the rv to occur July 1st and at over 3 plus....we will just have to see. Dinar investor will give an emergency video prior to the complete formation of govt...he said by faith he knows the time and rate of the rv...I will share them as soon as I get the info...hope n pray he is right...cheers bros n dvers.
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    Num one. Don't need to have info no one else has. My info has been there from the beginning. It has taken 2 years for all the undeniable truth to rise to the level of undeniable truth. The Dems who cannot accept an election results, had piled lies and innuendos on real thick in hopes of changing the results. But the Fly Over American people spoke and peeled away the layers of muck, by following the rule of law, defending against the false evidence the socialists created, and winning the legal battles. The Dems, propaganda machine/former news agencies, Mueller, and blind mice followers simply cannot accept the truth. They cannot accept valid election results, despite raising their hand and claiming they would accept the election results should a Republican win. They also cannot accept the fact that it is now proven there was zero collusion between the Republican Candidate - now POTUS, and the Russians TO FIX A National Election in the Republican candidates favor. All "evidence" that has been revealed regarding collusion with Russian assets to influence an elections result, points to HRC, the DNC, and Upper Echelon at the Obama FBI, CIA, NSI, and Obama WH as using their positions to break election laws and violate election laws and Fed Court procedures. You should open your eyes, engage your brain, and accept the truth cuz it aint no conspiracy theory no more. When afore mentioned Socialist Dems start getting indicted for something other than process crimes, or even for process crimes, would you change your mind then?

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