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Alecia Starr Hamilton Missing... 
TEXSTORM says...

I am crushed and I am feeling things that I never want a parent to feel. My 16 year old Daughter Starr has been missing for more than 3 wks now. We now believe that she has been kidnapped against her will and is unable to contact us. Do to certain circumstances I cannot say anymore in hopes that she may still be alive. Numerous agency's are now involved. All I ask is that anyone that see's her please contact your local police depart.  I want my little girl back home.  Alecia Starr Hamilton, age 16,  5' 4, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Caucasian/ Hispanic mix, 150 lbs, hair color may have been changed to blonde.  Thanks my amigos, Mark S. Hamilton.  Please Help Me .....
Last seen Cypresswood I-45 N Spring Texas 77388
Please Call Police if spotted.

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tex, i am praying right now for Starr and for you and for the family. god i pray starr is well. i pray starr gets  home very soon. i pray starr is in good spirits. i pray texstorm and family stay bonded and strengthened in love. i pray starr that your heart is strengthened in knowing that you are a Spirit and have so much power, im sending you strength and LOVE. I love you Starr. Get home.


strong prayers brother. I love you Starr I hope you feel my love dear sister. praying for your safe return.

Tex Im sending you my love.


p.s. when i was 16 i left my home because my dad pulled the phone out of the wall so i couldn't talk to my boyfriend...I left home and never got a hold of him until 5 months later...i hope this is one of those situations. LOVE LOVE LOVE


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Third time trying. I will go a thousand times till it gets done. I don't care how many times the devil is trying to keep me from posting my pray warrior prayer for the safe return of this child, young woman,  to her family.  It may be because this borrowed Apple laptop keeps on timing out before I am done don't matter ... I will post this prayer when I get home from work. So that all believers young or old, weak or strong, invalid or marathon runners, will know they too can fight the efforts of the devil in this way if only they have asked The Lord Jesus Christ into their heart to be Lord and Savior in and over their lives. 

Gotta be a powerful prayer. Enemy gonna be defeated on this and other things from now on. Until I get home tonight ... Keep on praying for Starr's safe return. Before I go,  the prayer has already been prayed so God is organizing and arranging things in the Heavenly realms as we speak. The the Special Forces of The Lord Jesus Christ have their orders, and wil do what is required to bring Starr home to her family. Devil just don't want believers to know that Gods word is true and we who believe in Him can do what He says we can do against the enemy and all his forces. 

God bless.

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Hello Faithful. Hello devil I am back. Try to stop a child of faith, ain't gonna happen. Like I told your minions, I am the Christian the devil warned you about. I am not perfect, but I am the recipient of God's grace, mercy, and forgiveness. I am sinless according to His ways. When you remind me of my past mistakes I tell you to be quiet in Jesus's name, and you no longer speak. I then remind you that I have been forgiven, my sin and shame has been washed away. I need not fear for me and my house serve the Lord Father God, the creator of everything.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray a hedge of protection around Alecia  Starr Hamilton where ever she is. Holy Spirit go to her now, comfort her,  let her know she will be alright. Place a Legion of Your Heavenly Angels around her where ever she is at. Let her be found Almighty Father. Whatever cloak the devil or his servants have placed over her in the spiritual relm remove it now . Let her be found. Whatever disguises, hair color/style changes were placed on her cause them not to work. Let this child be seen. Yes seen in public. As the Holy Spirit and the Legion of Heavenly Angels remain with her until she is home,  allow your Holy Spirit to stir the spirit of all the faithful around her, next to her, within a 20 mile radius of her, Jesus. Yes I ask that you stir al the spirits of thise who believe in you Jesus, and to the one particular believer of your choice God, allow them to look upon this young woman regardless of any disguise to hair, clothing, or even gender appearances, and know that You are directing this person to Starr. Let them devinely know that this person you bring before them is in trouble no matter what is seen with the eyes. Give this believer discernment that this is the girl that has been missing. Do not allow the believer to talk themselves out of doing what you stir them to do. Let this believer in your Lord Jesus Christ, let them speak what needs to be spoken to Starr via an opportunity you arrange Lord. Give them the words to speak, something to the effect ... Are you in trouble? Do you want me to help you? Lets go over here into this store, you go behind the counter, I will stop anyone from getting to you. I will do this in Jesus's name. Call the police people, this person is the kidnapped girl in the news from Texas. Clothe this believer Father God in the full Armor of God, guide them as they use all the weapons of your design to secure this child till the police come. Yeah, even cause the perpetrators to freeze in their tracks or to otherwise be caught until the Police get there. Let this not be another Elizabeth Smart situation. In Jesus's name I pray.

If there are servants of Satan praying against Starr, cause them to fall upon their own words. Turn their attention away from Starr, and against each other. Confusion and dismay into the camp of the enemy. Cause all their efforts to be of no further effect. A Fight in the heavenly relm is being fought for Starr, and the Lord Jesus Christ has already won. Blind the eyes of the enemy Father God. I speak deafness to those that hold Starr. Remove their remaining senses as well Lord. Let Starr escape the grip that is upon her and find safety and sanctuary. Keep that Legion of Angels about her now and for the rest of her days. Let her know that she will receive healing and have a beautiful life afterwards, and that this is the best way to not just survive such an experience, but that it is the best sort of God approved revenge.

If by chance Starr left on her own accord, bring her home now. For Starr and all these things I pray, in Jesus's name. Amen.

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Texastorm: Is there any update? Any new way you, or God , would like us to pray. I will continue to pray no matter what. Stay strong, stay healthy, eat, and sleep. God Bless you and cover you and Starr both. Amen.

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