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  2. Prof. Haider Wahab Al-Anzi *: Legal Spotlights on the Central Bank's Independence from the Executive Authority - A Comparative Analytical Study 01/19/2020 The issue of the independence of the central bank from the executive authority conflicts in two opposing directions. The first sees that the independence of the central bank is merely a myth, an illusion or an idea that is not applicable for several reasons, foremost of which is that the monetary authority has not yet reached the amount of the independent public authority, just as it is like other public legislative and executive authorities. Judicial and the monetary policy that the central bank is concerned with formulating and implementing is part of the general policy in the state and therefore the central bank must return to the executive and legislative branches and be associated with them and is in the process of drawing monetary policy and implementing it either. I saw that the independence and the necessary condition necessary for the success of the work of the Central Bank and other than that the bank is subject to the domination of the government and this is what causes financial risks standing in the forefront of falling into the inflationary crises. But if independence is necessary, all its elements must be available, namely financial independence, administrative independence and technical independence. If the constitution of the Republic of Iraq in force for the year 2005 stipulated that the central bank is an independent public body that is responsible for questioning it and interrogating its employees, the constitutional treatment of the issue of independence was not a treatment. Integrated, where several deficiencies were marred, and the researcher took the spotlight to highlight the constitutional and legislative deficiencies with proposing the necessary and appropriate solutions to enhance the independence of the central bank from the executive authority in a manner that guarantees the aforementioned bank’s full performance of its tasks. To download the study as a PDF, click on the following link Legal highlights on the independence of the Central Bank from the executive branch (*) Professor of Public Finance and Financial Law, Faculty of Law, Al-Mustansiriya University ARTICLE LINK
  3. Witness .. Faik Sheikh Ali "attacks" Hadi Al-Amri and reveals the mobility of the International Court: its end is near! 2020-01-17 Yassin Iraq: Baghdad attacked Deputy Faik Sheikh Ali, leader of the Al-Fath coalition Hadi al-Amiri, in what he promised that he would soon pursue Al-Amiri internationally in the International Court on charges of "killing Iraqis." Sheikh Ali appeared in a video clip of a meeting on Sky News and followed him "Yass Iraq", as he threatened Al-Amri with "international persecution", surprising at what he called "the aura in which Al-Amiri was placed." Sheikh Ali appeared confident in his speech of reaching the position of prime minister, downplaying the importance of "objecting to the Al-Fatah coalition led by al-Amiri." VIDEO LINK LINK
  4. The Hill determines two factors in the path of the US-Iraqi relationship: the import of gas and electricity from Iran and the lack of commitment by Abdul-Mahdi to neutralize the crowd because he needed his influence 1/19/2020 1:53:56 PM Baghdad / Obelisk: American writer James Dorso points out in an article published by "The Hill" newspaper that two things will affect the US-Iraqi negotiations, namely: the end of the amnesty granted to Iraq to import natural gas and electricity from Iran next month, and the law that subjects the crowd crowd factions Under government supervision, which Abdul Mahdi did not implement because he needed the influence of the factions. American journalist writers fear that the US exit from Iraq makes the latter part of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, warning Baghdad that Beijing "does not tolerate dissident friends." To address this, these writers suggest to the United States that the presence of NATO in Iraq should be increased, because NATO prefers the independence of Iraq and ensuring the defeat of ISIS. There is also an Iraqi wary of Turkish interference The book suggests that the United States may impose sanctions on Baghdad if Iraq buys Russian weapons, such as the S-400 air defense system The writer Dorso says that Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi wants to maintain a site that mediates Iran on the one hand, and the United States on the other And Dorso finds, "Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi wants the presence of American forces in Iraq, because their departure means the departure of investors and the return of ISIS, while Iran, Russia and China will put their money in the country" On January 5, the Shiite blocs supported a decision to cancel the government's request for help from the US-led coalition in Iraq and to remove US forces from the country And if negotiations are held between Iraq and NATO to amend the way foreign forces operate in Iraq, then NATO and the United States must realize that their forces will not be welcomed by Iranian-backed groups, inside Iraq The most important thing, according to Dorso, is that preserving the sovereignty of Iraq is among the goals, and the United States must not ignore Israel's actions in the sky of Iraq. From Lebanon and Syria Source: The Hill LINK
  5. Saleh leaves Baghdad to participate in Davos and Trump's meeting January 20, 2020 Saleh leaves Baghdad to participate in Davos and Trump's meeting Observers: Attending the economic forum bears the country a heavy cost Baghdad - Time The President of the Republic, Barham Saleh, leaves Baghdad today, heading towards the Swiss city of Davos, with the aim of participating in the World Economic Forum in Davos and conducting a special meeting with the American President. The President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, will participate in the forum and will meet the American President as well. A source familiar with (the time) told yesterday that (Saleh will spend four days outside the country to attend the Davos Forum and participate in his work), adding that (the President of the Republic is scheduled for a special meeting and meeting with US President Donald Trump). The Davos World Economic Forum will be launched during the period from 21 to 24 of this month, and its session coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the forum. In the same regard, a statement issued by the Kurdistan Region Presidency announced the participation of the President of the region in the work of the Barzani Forum, with an official invitation to the forum. The statement added that Barzanis meet in the framework of his participation in the forum? With Trump, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, and a number of leaders, ministers and senior officials of states to hold (discussions related to developing the Kurdistan Region’s relations with the international community, Kurdistan’s policies and positions, as well as exchanging views and views on regional and global issues) adding that the President of the region (will deliver a speech in one of Forum sessions, under the headline of the turbulent Middle East, will address the long-term consequences of the ongoing tensions in the Middle East, which have become a major global and regional concern and the strategic impact of the current crisis on peace and stability in the Gulf, Iraq and Syria). Observers expressed surprise at Iraq's participation in the Forum under the current circumstances. They told (Time) yesterday that (attending the World Economic Forum leads to heavy costs for the country because participation in its activities requires paying fees to the organizers), adding that (throwing words at the forum also requires paying additional fees), asking about (the feasibility of Iraq’s participation in Forum work during these circumstances when the country boils over the fire of demonstrations and popular protests). Aside from the heated economic discussions, Davos days witness night parties to the impact of the sounds of music with the participation of the world's rich, sponsored by the major companies that have membership in the forum. According to the official website of the forum, the cost of membership ranges between 60-600 thousand dollars, while the participation fee for non-members amounts to About 28 thousand dollars per person, and the figures who wish to speak at the forum must pay a fee for that. Participants in the forum have membership cards of different colors, based on the color of each of them, allowing the participant to move from one region to another, according to the color of the card he carries. The forum is attended by a number of world leaders, key figures from the United Nations and the European Union and heads of major companies, and the forum attracts about three And this year’s conference is taking place at a time when the prospects for trade and global economic growth, technology companies, the future of pluralism and the geopolitical system, are witnessing increasing challenges. According to the World Economic Forum’s website, this year's conference aims to give a concrete meaning to (capitalism). Stakeholders), assisting governments and international institutions in tracking progress on the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, and facilitating discussions on technology and trade management. LINK
  6. Conflicting Reports Of The Prime Minister Nominating The Interim Government January 20, 2020 This evening, there were conflicting reports about the readiness of the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, to announce the name of the candidate to head the interim government before traveling to participate in the Davos Forum. Sources stated that the parliamentary blocs agreed to name one of the candidates, Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, or Ali Shukri. While other sources added the name of Director of General Intelligence Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the names of the candidates. At a time when it was stated that a private plane transported Muhammad Allawi from Beirut today for the purpose of holding a meeting with the President of the Republic prior to the announcement of his candidacy for the presidency of the government, later news came about Allawi’s apology for assignment due to pressures exerted on him to give pledges to some of the blocs regarding the nomination of names for senior positions, which is What has not been confirmed. Allawi's tweet on this topic was circulated on social media, but its authenticity has not been confirmed, as it did not appear on Allawi's Twitter page. While media sources confirmed that the tweet is fraudulent. On the other hand, the protestors of Tahrir Square announced their refusal to nominate Allawi and Shukri, and to upload their photos on the wall of the Turkish restaurant with a rejected phrase that does not meet the conditions. The same sources indicated that failure to announce the candidate for prime minister until tomorrow means postponing this until next week, after Barham Saleh returns from his trip. LINK
  7. This is the guy we want and the protestors want so hopefully he gets the appointment, thanks LB!
  8. How many Allawi's does it take to get a prime minister in Iraq? Answer... None. To allow an Allawi to allow any Allawi to nominate and allow one Allawi to be prime minister, Iran and Iraq must allow none to be nominated, so none can be turned down by the people, sometimes two, always ending in none. Done.
  9. A committee in the Iraqi parliament examines the obstacles to electronic payment Side of a previous session of the Iraqi Parliament - Archive January 20, 2020 1:50 PM Direct: The Communications and Information Committee of the Iraqi Parliament, in a meeting chaired by Representative Naim Al-Aboudi, discussed developments of electronic payment, its obstacles and the amounts of the aid received without referring to the Bayou metric information. The meeting discussed, according to a statement from the Council, today, Monday, the proposals, solutions and additions by experts and consultants in the Ministry of Communications and the National Retirement Authority. The meeting also discussed ways to start towards the digital economy and information technology to reduce corruption that leads to waste of public money. The government’s reform program, according to the statement, aims to reduce routine and save time, benefiting the citizen and public money. link
  10. Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi (born 1947) is an Iraqi politician who was Minister of Trade and Minister of Defense in the cabinet appointed by the Interim Iraq Governing Council from September 2003 until 2004, and subsequently Minister of Finance in the Iraqi Transitional Government between 2005 and 2006. Allawi was born in 1947 in Baghdad to a family deeply involved in Iraqi politics. Following the 14 July Revolution the family left Iraq due to links with the government under the monarchy.[1] A Shia Muslim, Allawi was part of the Iraqi exile community in London during the rule of Saddam Hussein. He was one of the organizers of 'The Declaration of Iraqi Shia', a statement released in 2002. Before being appointed by the governing council in 2003, Allawi was a professor at Oxford University. Ali is son of Ahmad Chalabi's sister, making him Chalabi's nephew. Having worked as a merchant banker in London, he was elected as a Senior Visiting Fellow at Princeton University for 2008-2009.[2] He earned an S.B. in Civil Engineering from MIT in 1968, and an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1971.[citation needed] By the qualifications looks the guy is well prepared for the job.
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  12. MM 01/21/20 04 07 11 20 52 MB 06 PB 01/22/20 05 08 14 23 53 PB 06
  13. The US just whacked Iran's #2 and they were too chicken to counterpunch. They're our b!tch now.
  14. Unbelievable. I would like to hear anyone from the left defend this idiotic Sanctuary Policy.
  15. This is the scum that Sanctuary Cities provide cover for and its despicable. It’s also AGAINST OUR LAWS!!! Why do we allow this!!
  16. This kind of article makes a guy think of who the USA has representing them At this kind of world meeting. I don't see Elizabeth Warren or sleepy Joe in this role.
  17. Wonder who Iran will send to try to kill this dude, seriously we have never seen how far they would go to keep the government under there control.
  18. That first guy top right first row is from Nigeria. He owes me $15,000,000. He said so in an E-mail. 😄 J/K Hang em all. Not kidding.
  19. Is this what what you Italian's have planned to fix the multitude of issues you face over there?......Good luck! CL
  20. Iraqi Private Banking Association organizes a workshop «The private banking sector in the current circumstance» Date added 20/01/2020 A side of the workshop at the headquarters of the association Economy News _ Baghdad Yesterday, Sunday, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks organized a specialized workshop (the private banking sector in the current circumstance) in which the colleges of administration and economics at the University of Baghdad, Al-Mustansiriya University, the University of Al-Nahrain, the Iraqi University and the Central Technical University were attended by some deans, heads of scientific departments, teaching professors and graduate students Representatives of the Central Bank of Iraq, government and private banks, and the Iraq Stock Exchange attended the workshop The workshop discussed the first two papers entitled (The Private Banking Sector .. Notes and Ideas) presented by Dr. Star Al-Bayati, Professor at Al-Nahrain University, and a paper entitled (Our Banks in the Current Situation and Requirements for the Year 2020) presented by the advisor to the Association of Iraqi Private Banking Samir Al-Nassiri, and the session was chaired by Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani From the Iraqi University The workshop included discussions and proposals to support private banks from the Central Bank and the government, and the workshop reached a number of recommendations that will be submitted to the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance Samir al-Nusiri said in an interview with "Al-Iqtisad News" on the sidelines of the workshop, that one of the most important recommendations reached by the attendees is to activate the decisions of the Council of Ministers and the Committee for Economic Affairs to support private banks that were previously issued and have not yet been implemented, and activate the initiative to finance small and medium projects LINK
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