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  2. I know they will never tell us, but how much of a raise and when is the next phase? I like the way it sounds. I'm guessing a raise of 500 (590 dinar to a dollar) wouldn't be what they want. It would still be a raise though. So many questions and possibilities. Those are good things in my opinion.
  3. I like the sound of that, “financial abundance” .. I’m ready for some abundance
  4. If true that pretty much says it all. We are just waiting. Thank you Master Yota!!
  5. Parliamentary finance talks about the violation of the Kurdistan Convention for the delivery of oil for money from Baghdad By ahad7 View Articles 21/05/2019 03:37 PM | Number of readings: 1 Al-Ahed News - Baghdad A member of the Finance Committee, MP Ahmed al-Saffar, on Tuesday, the non-delivery of oil to the Iraqi oil marketing company in return for receipt of dues for 4 months of the current year 2019. Al-Saffar said in a statement to the "Covenant": "The Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq did not deliver its oil to the oil marketing company (Sumo) in return, the Federal Ministry of Finance handed over dues for 4 months of the current year 2019." He added that "it was agreed to deduct funds received by the Territory for the past four months with the need to deliver oil to Sumo."
  6. URGENT Cabinet sends 100,000 dinars to every family below the poverty line Editorial date:: 2019/5/21 15:47 • 69 times scheduled (Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Council of Ministers allocated a sum of money as "Eid" on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr for each family under the poverty line in Iraq. According to a statement by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it "on the proposal of the Minister of Labor Basem Abdel-Zaman, the Council of Ministers decided to give the Eid 100 thousand dinars per family below the poverty line for beneficiaries of the social protection benefit all."
  7. Council of Ministers Prime Minister: We have developed alternatives to the export of oil Council of Ministers Abdul Mahdi: We will send delegations to Tehran and Washington to end the tension between the parties Council of Ministers Prime Minister: Iraq and Kuwait will discuss ways of calm in the region Council of Ministers Abdul Mahdi: US and Iranian officials have assured us that they do not want to go to war Council of Ministers Abdul Mahdi: There is no Iraqi party wants to push things toward war between Washington and Tehran Council of Ministers Abdul Mahdi: I will visit Kuwait tomorrow to discuss various issues between the two countries
  8. Abdulmahdi: Our responsibilities are to defend Iraq and its people to secure the danger of the Iran-US war Political | 03:38 - 21/05/2019 Abdul Mahdi reveals that Baghdad has high-level contacts to settle the crisis in the region
  9. Abdelmahdi: I will visit Kuwait tomorrow to discuss common issues between the two countries Political | 03:36 - 21/05/2019 Abdelmahdi: I will visit Kuwait tomorrow to discuss common issues between the two countries
  10. Committee on Foreign Relations Parliamentary looking at the file of Iraqi - Kuwaiti relations Tuesday, May 21 Baghdad - conscious The Foreign Relations Committee discussed on Tuesday the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations during the meeting hosted by Undersecretary of the Ministry Nizar Khairallah. "The Foreign Relations Committee, headed by MP Malhan al-Mukotar and in the presence of its members, hosted the former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nizar Khairallah accompanied by a delegation of ministry advisors to discuss the Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations," the statement said. "The purpose of the hosting is to expand the relations between Iraq and Kuwait and to delineate the border between the two countries," the statement quoted Mekoter as saying at the start of the meeting, which was held in the Constitutional Hall of the Council. According to the statement, "Al-Khairallah reviewed the stages of the development of relations between Iraq and Kuwait and the ministry's efforts to settle some important issues in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions following the negotiations between the two countries, especially concerning the water and land borders and compensations and Kuwaiti prisoners and missing persons." Talks with Kuwaiti officials to resolve the important files. " He added that "the meeting discussed the issue of demarcation of the border with the State of Kuwait, including the issue of the port of Faw and the terms of the agreement Khor Abdullah and what reached the meetings of the relevant committees in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the issue of rail links with Kuwait and Iran." The statement added that "the hosting dealt with the issue of important issues of decisions within Chapter VII of the United Nations on Iraq, as well as the issue of Iraqi compensation to the State of Kuwait has been answered extensively by the senior agent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs."
  11. Parliamentary finance requires the financial abundance to approve the supplementary budget 63 views 21/05/2019 Continue The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed the possibility of approving the supplementary budget for the current year in case of financial abundance. "The possibility of approving a supplementary budget for 2019 or not depends on the existence of financial abundance," said member of the committee Abdul Hadi al-Saadawi said in a statement, "Trend Press," on Tuesday, that "if the abundance occurred, House of Representatives for ratification. "
  12. Zarif: We will not negotiate with Trump until he respects the commitments of the nuclear agreement Political | 03:33 - 21/05/2019 Zarif: We will not negotiate with Trump until he respects the commitments of the nuclear agreement
  13. US war with Iran is delayed _NEWS_DATE: 2019/5/21 14:33 ?? AÂ ¢ ?? A ??? ¢ 66 times read [Follow-up] "The consequences of misinterpretation: postponing the US war with Iran," the title of the article "Eurasia Daily," about what is said to be a misinterpretation of intelligence that led to the Gulf region on the brink of all-out war. On May 17, 2019, King Salman called on the Arab leaders of the League of Arab States, the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to hold an emergency summit in Mecca on June 30 to discuss the deterioration of relations with Iran. Iranian officials said on May 15 they were "ready for war." But the next day, the Wall Street Journal assumed that the escalation of tension between the United States and Iran was a "misunderstanding" of intelligence from both sides. The new US intelligence data, according to the newspaper, indicate that Tehran thought the United States was about to attack it and reacted to the imminent danger of placing its allies in the region on high alert, including Hezbollah in Lebanon and many Shiite militias in Iraq and Syria. This made Washington believe that Iran was planning an attack on the Americans and their allies, pushing the White House to send an additional carrier group to the Gulf and partly evacuating its diplomats from Baghdad. Thus, according to the Wall Street Journal, Tehran's actions were defensive in nature, but interpreted in the United States in the wrong way. According to the newspaper, Donald Trump appears to have told his administration, including Defense Minister Patrick Chanahan, that he does not want a military confrontation with Iran. Thus, the military threat against Iran by sending an aircraft carrier appeared to be a step from Trump to raise the stake in the big game similar to the one he did against North Korea in October 2017, sending a group of Ronald Reagan carriers to the coast of that country. However, it is clear from the Saudi leadership that the political and economic pressure on Iran is not diminishing. The United States continues to rally its allies in the region against Iran.
  14. Interesting, I have a question Master Yota, is this news source a reliable source or one with questionable ties to Iran?
  15. Oil agreement to monitor the market until next July Political | 03:22 - 21/05/2019 BAGHDAD - The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and Oil Minister stressed on Tuesday the keenness of producers within the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its allies from outside to achieve the required balance in the world oil markets. The ministry said in a statement received by Mawazine News, a copy of it, that "the Minister of Oil announced after the conclusion of the work of the ministerial committee to monitor the 14 production in Jeddah, he was listening to reports and statements and schedules of technical committees charged with monitoring and analysis of global markets and the circumstances and effects and challenges faced, The commitment of member states to the agreement to reduce production. " "There are many challenges facing the world oil markets, including geopolitics due to the political situation and tensions in the region, as well as the instability of oil production in Venezuela, Libya and Nigeria. There are also technical challenges of growing US oil production, The world's oil consuming countries, because of the surplus supply at the expense of demand, all of which represents confusion and instability of the oil markets. " "The meeting summarized the importance of members commitment to the decision to reduce oil production in order to absorb the surplus oil in world markets, and the task of technical and analytical teams in the Ministerial Committee to monitor the global market until the next ministerial meeting in Vienna in early July, A new agreement aimed at stabilizing global markets and supporting oil prices. "
  16. Iranian official: Trump head crazy and approaching his ships danger to them Editorial date:: 2019/5/21 15:04 • 121 times read (International: Al Furat News) The special assistant to the President of the Iranian Parliament for International Affairs Hussein Amir Abdullahian, that the belief of US President Donald Trump that he can force Tehran to negotiate by force is only illusions. The Iranian official said in an interview with the CNN network on Monday, commenting on a tweet in which Trump said that the war against the United States would be the end of Tehran, said that the US president wants to control the Islamic Republic with threats and threats, but 40 years have passed since the Islamic Revolution In Iran, it has shown that it can not be spoken to in terms of threats. "If he thinks he can outperform Iran and force it to negotiate from an unequal position by sending some aircraft carriers and bombers to the region, he makes a mistake, and when their ships approach us, that is a danger to them," he said. Firmly ". With regard to Trump's invitation to Iranian leaders to contact him, Abdullahi stressed that Trump can not talk about any contacts with Tehran unless he leaves the tone of threat and force and unless he returns to the nuclear agreement, while ensuring that his successor in the White House does not withdraw. "Trump believes that he is directing a weapon to the head of Iran through sanctions and is working to defeat our economy, but all that is happening in his imagination only, now he wants to contact him. The Iranian official pointed to the conflict of opinion within the White House, accusing some officials, primarily National Security Adviser John Bolton, of seeking war, adding that Trump personally pursues an unstable and unbalanced policy, and as a result, "Iran receives conflicting signals, He is the master of the White House. " The comments came against the background of escalating tension in the Middle East between the United States and Iran, where Washington has taken a series of military actions under the pretext of increasing the risk that Tehran or its allied regional factions attack US forces in the region.
  17. / Mawazine News / published the text of the first amendment to the law of the Scientific Council (document) Political | 03:12 - 21/05/2019 Baghdad - Mawazeen News published / Mawazin News /, Tuesday, the text of the proposed law of the first amendment to the law of the Scientific Council No. (22) for the year 2015, which voted by the House of Representatives, during its meeting today, chaired by First Deputy Speaker Hassan al-Kaabi. According to a document published by the Information Department of the House of Representatives, includes the text of the first amendment to the law of the scientific complex No. (22) for the year 2015, and obtained by / Mawazin News /: "Presidency of the Republic on the basis of what was approved by the Council of Representatives and ratified by the President of the Republic, Of Article (61) and Article (3) of Article (73) of the Constitution The following law was issued No. (2019) for the year 2006 Law No. 1 of Law No. (22 ) And replaced by the following: Article (29) The employees of the Academy shall be subject to the provisions of the Civil Service Law No. (24) of 1960 Amended and the State Employees Discipline Law No. (14) for the year 1991. The employees of the Academy shall receive the salaries and allowances of their peers in the universities. Article (2) This law shall be implemented from the date of voting in the House of Representatives. The reasons for the fairness of the staff of the scientific community, similar to their counterparts from the staff of Iraqi universities, being equal rights and duties. " The House of Representatives, on Tuesday evening, its 20th session of the fourth parliamentary session, the first legislative year, the second legislative term, headed by First Deputy Speaker Hassan Kaabi , In the presence of 181 deputies
  18. Al-Kaabi calls on the government to limit the damage of field fires and start compensation Tuesday 21 May Baghdad - conscious The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Hassan Karim al-Kaabi on Tuesday met with Agriculture Minister Saleh al-Hassani to discuss the repercussions of the recent fires that hit the wheat fields in four provinces. "During the meeting, which was attended by members of the Committee on Agriculture, Marshlands, Security and Defense, fire-affected provincial deputies, the head of agricultural engineers, union members and officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, Al-Kaabi demanded that the issue be presented at the regular meeting of the Council of Ministers scheduled for Tuesday. , And start the process of accounting for damages and compensation to be completed investigations and all things within one month, and to identify the parties behind this crime, which targets the security of Iraq and the food security and security and strength of the Iraqi citizen. For his part, said the Minister of Agriculture, "The latest confirmed statistics showed that the area of land affected by the fires amounted to 1185 dunums and distributed between the four provinces of Diyala, Salah al-Din, Mosul and Kirkuk," adding that "the area planted with wheat more than 1,250 million acres, and damage to irrigation equipment and others "He said. He added that "a crisis cell has been formed and the security services have been approached to investigate and coordinate between all parties to limit the damage and prevent the spread of fires and to prosecute the perpetrators." According to the statement, "During the meeting was discussed several axes including demonstrations of owners of solar water pumps, and agricultural lending, and the problem of decline in the number of buffalo animals in Iraq, and the law of the Association of Engineers, and the law of full-time agricultural."
  19. The House of Representatives is moving to approve the law of the return of the retired contracts to the interior and defense Tuesday, May 21st Baghdad - conscious - Hussein Mohammed al-Faihan The House of Representatives is currently moving to pass the law on the return of all the retired contracts to the Ministries of Interior and Defense. MP Hamid al-Moussawi said on Tuesday that "the House of Representatives is currently working on the preparation of a law for the return of all the retired contracts from the Ministries of Interior and Defense to their posts." He added that "a paragraph included in the budget this year provided for the return of the revived contracts of the Ministries of Interior and Defense in 2008 to their jobs," noting that "those who quit their jobs and withdrew in 2014, did not break their contracts arbitrarily but they are leaving jobs and therefore must return By law ". "What is going on now in the House of Representatives is to prepare a law for the return of all the retired contracts for their jobs in the Ministries of Interior and Defense."
  20. Parliamentary culture is considering ways to include the proposed law of the General Union of Electronic Media Tuesday, May 21 Baghdad - conscious The Committee on Culture, Information, Tourism and Antiquities, headed by MP Samia Al-Ghalab, head of the committee and the presence of its members, discussed on Tuesday ways to include the proposal of the General Union of Information Law with the delegation of the General Union of Electronic Media to organize the work of agencies and websites in the country . The Information Service of the House of Representatives said in a statement received by "Al-Ghalab" and during a meeting hosted by the delegation of the Union headed by Saleh Al-Mayahi, confirmed the committee's readiness to adopt the proposed law and to include it on the agenda of the House of Representatives to proceed with its legislation. Media and jumps witnessed by the media in all its forms . " For his part, Vice-Chairman of the Committee Hamdallah Rikabi, according to the statement, "One of the priorities of the work of the Commission to legislate important laws, especially the Electronic Media Law because of its special impact in the field of media because of the trend of the public to focus on modern technology and follow-up through modern electronic applications, Stressing that the law will take the legal process to legislate in the House of Representatives and put the building blocks of the law of electronic media in the country . The delegation expressed its thanks and appreciation to the Committee of Culture, Information, Tourism and Antiquities for the good reception and understanding of the issue of the proposed law and its importance in serving the electronic media in Iraq .
  21. Sadr movement calls for "mass demonstration" Friday History of edits:: 2019/5/21 15:13 • 1 times readable {Baghdad: Al Furat News} called the Sadrist movement, to a demonstration "mass" Friday evening next. "In support of Iraq's security and peace, as well as its distancing from regional and international conflicts, and to spare it the scourge of war in the region, in which Iraq should not be a party, and to push the government, but all in this direction, to preserve the interests of Iraq," said a statement by the central committee overseeing popular protests in Iraq. And its people and its future, at a critical stage, and international conflicts and ambitions threatening the entity of the homeland and its existence, we call on our Iraqi people to embark on a mass peaceful demonstration on Friday, at nine o'clock pm. The statement pointed out that the demonstration will be "all in his province, excluding the province of Najaf."
  22. The stability of the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar Economy | 12:52 - 21/05/2019 BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Foreign currency markets in Baghdad recorded a stable exchange rate Tuesday against the Iraqi dinar. The market price in the Kifah Stock Exchange in Baghdad was 1199.5 dinars per dollar, ie 119 thousand and 950 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars, the same price for the fifth week in a row. The prices of selling and buying dollars in the banking companies, was: the sale price of one dollar 1205 dinars, or 120 thousand and 500 dinars per hundred dollars. The purchase price of the dollar is 1195 dinars, or 119 thousand and 500 dinars per hundred dollars. Currency: Gold, Gold and Oil until the preparation of this news: EUR World Price: 100 Euro = 111.45 GBP World Price: 100 Pounds = 127.16 $ Turkish Lira World Price: $ 100 = 603.05 Turkish Lira Price per ounce of gold worldwide $ 1275.33 Price of Brent crude oil = $ 72.20 Price of a barrel of crude oil = US $ 63.53. End of 29 / s
  23. The Council of Ministers holds its regular session chaired by Abdul Mahdi Tuesday 21 May Baghdad - conscious The Cabinet held on Tuesday its regular session chaired by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.
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