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  2. 4-6-2020 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article quote: "In the context of the corona crisis and its associated cash crisis, a new currency-foreign exchange mechanism or tool should be adopted to support the banking and banking sector, as the central bank of Iraq has stopped selling the dollar in cash to the exchange companies through Banks...and then they make payments according to the customer's desire, either in cash or in the account balances of electronic cards to the public..." This sure looks like the MEETING went well today. They are talking about the NEW CURRENCY! A MECHANISM to support the Banking Sector that will be facilitated by use for electronic cards... Wow, things are moving along now very nicely! imo. 4-6-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 ...IMO the introduction of the new small category notes will be with a fixed rate - regardless if it's pegged to a basket with another currency or regardless if it's pegged to the American dollar...I see 1 to 1 in the country. But then when the dinar is established enough internally and has permeated the banking structure and the markets of the world...then you're going to see confidence being built in the Iraqi dinar...then you're going to see stability for the Iraqi dinar internationally... 4-6-2020 Intel Guru RayRen98 ...News saying after long delay, China is preparing to close the "deal of the century" on oil with Iraq next week. The auctions started back yesterday...after being down since March 17...selling dollars only. News ticker on Iraqi TV broadcasts Al Zarfi saying that his government is ready and will be presented to Parliament within 48 hours. 4-6-2020 Newshound Guru Jeff ...Iraq can produce oil at about $10.70 per barrel. Back in 2016 it only cost Iraq about $11 a barrel to create it...just yesterday [Friday] Brent oil which is what Iraq works on...was already at $34 a barrel..they only need $44 to really fund the country...they only need oil about $45 to $50 a barrel to really fund their costs and obligation to run the country...
  3. How many people clicked on the thread bc they thought Pitcher had some market insight. Lol. Only to see the dog scarfing down Mac and cheese. Hahahaha
  4. This has nothing to do with this thread but it made me laugh. Dude is a cheesehead!! Loves his Mac and Cheese. This one is for you Boss/Adam
  5. BINGO!!! AND Most EXCELLENT Point, Karsten, AND ALL The Very Best!!!
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  7. Would anyone like to applaud the close to 18,000 that have recovered in the US or would you rather dwell on the 1000 so so that died from what ever that was Listed as COVID-19. No one is dying of Strokes these day, no Heart problems, no auto accident.....God Forbid....We haven't had a Mass Shooting since the last time the Liberals needed a Distraction.. Maybe we can all have a discussion about the Clinton's. Clinton-Owned Medical Supply Company Quadruples Price for Ventilators and Masks. So ask yourselves....Why is Pelosi walking around without a mask in a hall way full of reports without Masks inviting people to come visit China Town...... Something bigger is going on and this Covid-19 is the slight of hand....Pay attention to what We Say......Nothing to see over here. So here is what I can't figure out.....Why would POTUS Trump go along with it if this is all a Ruse to take control of ...say the World. Are we being Played by those in Office that have the Power or are They (those in Office) being Play by Potus Trump? I predict this Covid-19 will die off as soon as Pelosi and Schumer figure out this was another bust or they start a full blown Impeachment over "What did he Know and When did He Know It" .....Just I have a problem....When Did They Know it and What Did They know to Sell off Stock well Before it Happened. It you don't think there is something else going on Here that doesn't make you think WTF is Really Going on.......Check into Tickets for the next train going to a FEMA Covid-19 Free Hospital Camp.....Millions did that at Gun Point and it didn't work out so well for them. Just too many questions of Why, or Why Hasn't this happened....Why are some non Essential but Liquor Store Employes are....I haven't checked but are Marijuana Outlets also Essential to the Economy....I can't buy a firearm (like I need another one) or Ammo (like I need any more) (Charlie Wilson's War would pale if a push came to a shove) but you can buy Booze and Grass all the while Convicted Felons are being let out of jail across the country so they don't get Covid-19 while locked up for Rape, Murder and what not. Someone had better start thinking here real soon and questioning what the hell is going on and Demanding Answers before it is to late. Just my opinion and it is what it is. Karsten
  8. LINK Why does China seek to acquire Iraqi oil? 6th April, 2020 The US "Oil Price" website indicates that China is racing against time to complete what has been called a "lifelong oil deal" with Iraq. With the United States preoccupied with fighting Corona, Beijing believes that it is open to it in Iraq, according to the site. On this issue, economist Hammam Al-Shamaa said, "In its relationship with Iraq, China has three aspects, one political aspect, that Iraq is a key to the Middle East, and another economic, considering Iraq is the second oil producer in the "OPEC", and the third technician, since Iraq represents The key to the Silk Road.” Al-Shamaa continued by saying, “China can find an alternative to Iraq that will supply it with oil, but finds the key to it as it aspires to, so it seeks to develop its economic potential. Through Iraq, China reaches promising markets.” Al-Shamaa added, "Iraq will remain for a long time an importer of Chinese goods, unlike some countries that have started relying on themselves, so Iraq is very tempting for Chinese exports."
  9. LINK Iran calls on the United States to lift unilateral sanctions and stresses: We will not ask for help from Washington 6th April, 2020 Spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Abbas Mousavi, made clear, Monday, April 6, 2020, that his country will never ask for help from the United States in fighting the Corona virus, adding that Washington should lift illegal sanctions on the Islamic Republic . And Moussaoui added in a press conference: Iran has never asked and will not ask America to help Tehran in its battle against the outbreak, but America should lift all illegal unilateral sanctions against Iran. He added: The United States is trying to force Tehran to accept negotiations with America In a related context, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called, last March, for joint regional and international measures to confront the spread of the new Corona virus, indicating that no country can face the crisis alone. And the Iranian Presidency website published a message to Rouhani to the leaders of some countries in the world, stating: Facing the spread of the Corona virus requires concerted regional and international joint actions, no country can manage this huge and serious crisis alone. Rouhani added that the US sanctions against Iran and the commitment to them by other countries are not only illegal and contrary to the Security Council resolution, but also immoral and inhuman
  10. LINK Iran holds China responsible for not informing the world of the seriousness of Corona 4/6/2020 10:45:08 Iran has implicitly held China responsible for not informing the world of the seriousness of the Corona virus, accusing it of hiding the true number of its victims, saying that Beijing’s statistics on Corona were a “painful joke” to the world. Iranian Health Ministry spokesman Kianosh Jehanpour described the figures and statistics issued by the Chinese government regarding the corona virus victims as "a painful joke" for the world. In response to a question to the Turkish "Anatolia" agency during a press conference in the capital, Tehran, last night, Jehanpur said that "China has made a painful joke to the world through the numbers and statistics it announced (at the beginning) regarding the deaths and injuries of corona." He pointed out that "the countries where this disease spread, thought that it is lighter than the flu, in view of China's statements, but it is not so." Jehanpur continued: "It cannot be said that the period of this disease is two months." A spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Health considered that "the countries that recorded corona infections two weeks after the discovery of the virus in China reached the point of the scandal, but did not disclose any information," noting that "these countries have turned into crossings of the virus and remained following a policy Confidentiality." The Chinese ambassador to Iran replied to Jehanpur, wrote on his Twitter account, telling him: "The Chinese Ministry of Health has a daily conference and I suggest you read its news carefully to get the results." Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi made the remarks, praising Beijing in a tweet: "The Chinese government and people have been at the forefront of fighting the Corona virus and providing generous assistance to other countries around the world." The accusations made by the Iranian health official to China are consistent with those made by US officials, led by President Donald Trump and his Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo to Beijing about hiding Corona victims and not reporting its seriousness. As of Sunday evening, Corona's deaths in Iran had reached 3 thousand and 603, while the injuries were 58 thousand and 226. In all, the number of Corona sufferers worldwide exceeded one million and 266 thousand, of whom more than 69 thousand died, while more than 261 thousand recovered, according to the site "Worldometer".
  11. Mar 12, 2020 Former Iraqi PM Ayad Allawi: Iran Does Not Want Iraq To Have a Strong Army; The Americans Will Not Leave Iraq; The Int’l Coalition, Not Iran, Defeated ISIS #7884 | 02:32 Source: Asia TV (Iraq) Ayad Allawi, a senior Iraqi political figure who served as Iraq's interim Prime Minister from 2004 to 2005, said in a March 12, 2020 interview on Asia TV (Iraq) that conflict in the region is going to escalate, that Iraq is going to lose as a result, and that the U.S. is going to gain. He also said that Iran has been working to prevent Iraq from becoming powerful and from having a strong army and that people shouldn't listen to Shi'ite groups that say that Iran helped defeat ISIS. He pointed out that almost none of the planes that stopped ISIS had been Islamic or Arab. Ayad Allawi: "I believe that things will escalate, and Iraq will be the greatest loser." Interviewer: "And who stands to gain? And who stands to gain?" Ayad Allawi: "America. Look, America is going to put its missiles in Iraq whether Iraq likes it or not." Interviewer: "By hook or by crook." Ayad Allawi: "Yes. The government invited the coalition..." Interviewer: "It is stubborn – the more it is beaten, the more it increases its influence." Ayad Allawi: "The international coalition says that the Iraqi government invited them. I wasn't the one who invited them..." Interviewer: "Will these strikes hasten the departure of the American and foreign forces from Iraq, or will the opposite take place?" Ayad Allawi: "The opposite will take place. They won't leave. They are going to stay. The American forces will stay." Interviewer: "If the resistance forces say..." Ayad Allawi: "If the Iraqi army was strong and was permitted [to act] without this nonsense..." Interviewer: "Who is it that prevented us from having a strong army?" Ayad Allawi: "Iran." Interviewer: "Iran?" Ayad Allawi: "Yes." Interviewer: "How come?" Ayad Allawi: "It doesn't want Iraq to have a strong army. It hates the Iraqi army. It is vengeful against it. Wasn't it the Iraqi army that broke Iran in the eight-year war?" Interviewer: "So Iran doesn't want Iraq to have a strong army?" Ayad Allawi: "Of course not." Interviewer: "But it supported Iraq in its war against ISIS." Ayad Allawi: "Who did?" Interviewer: "Iran." Ayad Allawi: "Really?" Interviewer: "All the Shi'ite political forces say that Iran gave us unlimited support in the war against ISIS." Ayad Allawi: "With what? Planes?" Interviewer: "With weapons." Ayad Allawi: "Why are we buying this talk? The air force that ISIS was foreign. It was neither Islamic nor Arab – with the exception of Jordan, which was a part of the effort. What [the Shi'ite groups] are saying is not true. Iran does not want Iraq to be strong... I have spoken with militia leaders from the PMU. They told me: 'We are Iraq's ideological army.'" Interviewer: "This is how they described it." Ayad Allawi: "Right." Interviewer: "'Iraq's ideological army.'" Ayad Allawi: "Yes." LINK VIDEO WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES IN LINK
  12. LINK Deputy: The vote on the cabinet next week and the Zarfi government will pass by an overwhelming majority 6th April, 2020 MP Al-Nasr Falah Al-Khafaji, on Monday, suggested that the parliament session will hold a vote on the cabins of Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zorfi and pass it by an overwhelming majority, denying the existence of any agreement on an alternative candidate from the blocs opposing Al-Zorfi. Al-Khafaji said in an interview with Al-Masala, that the mechanisms through which Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zorfi was entrusted are constitutional and legal mechanisms and can only be revoked through constitutional verses, which is setting a date for a session to vote with approval or rejection of the government booth and the government curriculum of the taxpayer. Al-Khafaji added that Al-Zrafi submitted a request to hold a meeting to vote on the ministerial cabinet, which we expect to be next week to complete the preventive measures in light of the exceptional health conditions we are living in today due to the Corona epidemic. Al-Khafaji added that all that is proposed about the agreement of the parties objecting to Al-Zarfi is an alternative candidate for him, are just attempts to pressure and mix the papers and there is no agreement until the moment on any candidate, stressing that the Zarfi government will pass by an overwhelming majority due to the clear desire of most of the representatives to change and bring in a strong and capable government To bring the country to safety in light of the current challenges.
  13. LINK Minister of Health: directive to extend the curfew and to reorganize employee time 6th April, 2020 Health Minister Jaafar Sadiq Allawi revealed, on Monday, a directive to extend the curfew to until the 19th of this month. "He directed that the curfew be extended until the 19th of this month and that the employees' work be reorganized," the official news agency quoted Allawi as saying. It is noteworthy that the crisis cell decided to extend the curfew to April 11, to prevent the outbreak of the new Corona virus.
  14. LINK Deputy: Other candidates will vote to give confidence to the Zarfi government 6th April, 2020 MP Saaroun Parliamentary Bloc, Ali Saadoun Al-Lami, revealed, Monday, April 6, 2020, the position of his coalition regarding the vote on the government of the Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zorfi, in the session of granting confidence. Al-Lami said in an interview with Al-Masala, that the Alliance of Saireon will vote to give confidence to his entire deputies to the prospective government of Al-Zarfi, noting that there is no unilateral opinion regarding the passing of the government in charge of the prime minister. He added, that the Alliance of Saeron believes that it is necessary to choose a person who will perform the functions of the Prime Minister and move with all powers under the current circumstances that Iraq is going through. Al-Lami affirmed that the position of the other pilgrims is fixed and he will vote in full for his deputies to the Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zarfi in the event that the parliament session that will be devoted to passing the Al-Zarfi government is held. Al-Lami pointed out that the criticism of the coalition’s representative, Inaam Al-Khuzai, related to the government program, as a member of the government’s program evaluation committee in the House of Representatives, where she mentioned some of the negative points that were presented in the program.
  15. LINK The Trade Bank of Iraq issues an explanation regarding the work of ATMs 4/6/2020 16:36:23 The Iraqi Trade Bank issued today, Monday, an explanation regarding the work of ATM machines. The bank said in a statement, "All ATMs continue to operate around the clock in Baghdad and the provinces."
  16. My best wishes to you and yours. Not saying there aren't any deaths from this. They are also adding any deaths of other causes into the numbers also. I don't trust any of them.
  17. The Minister of Finance participates in a videoconference to discuss the financial and economic situation Sunday 05, April 2020 21:44 | Economic Baghdad / Nina / Fuad Hussein, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Minister of Finance, participated today, Sunday, in the coordination meeting to provide the required support to the health sector to combat HIV and Corona disease. This meeting was held via closed-circuit television, in which the British and American ambassadors and Hazem Al-Jumaili, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, participated in the televised meeting, the World Bank official for the Middle East and from Amman the representative of the International Monetary Fund and responsible for Iraq. Fouad Hussein highlighted the work of the Ministry of Finance and its efforts in providing financial requirements and urgent needs to support the health sector in Iraq since the beginning of the crisis, as the ministry took the necessary measures to collect money through banks or through collecting donations, whether from some donor countries or through governmental and private banks And the private sector as well. In another axis of the meeting, the general economic and financial situation and the impact of the international crisis on the Iraqi situation and the confusing challenges facing Iraq,whether in terms of fighting the disease or the sharp decline in oil prices, in addition to the political crisis related to the formation of the government were also touched on, as was the relationship with the World Bank And the International Fund. The Deputy Prime Minister stressed the importance of deepening relations with both financial institutions. And discussed how to financial support to Iraq in general and the health sector in particular. As for the issue of external borrowing, the matter requires legal approvals from the executive and legislative authorities, indicating that the ministry is currently preparing a letter to the World Bank to obtain additional financial assistance for the health sector. For his part, the bank and the International Monetary Fund officials affirmed their readiness to respond quickly to provide assistance to the government of Iraq and to restructure some of the specialized programs in the health sector to meet the needs of fighting Corona. Fouad Hussein expressed his thanks to the ambassador of the United States of America for the financial and logistical support that his country provided to the health sector in Iraq and in the field of fighting Corona disease, welcoming any financial support that might be provided by other countries in this context. Hazem Al-Jumaili, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, outlined the steps and measures taken by the Ministry of Health and the competent committee to combat HIV since the beginning of the disease. He mentioned the numbers of the injured and the dead, and the need of the Ministry of Health for health equipment and technical support. He also talked about the future steps that the ministry will take in this regard. / End 8 LINK
  18. A BIT MORE FROM THE TV INTERVIEW ... ECONOMY IS PROMINENT ON HIS MIND ... ############### The most prominent statement of the commissioner in the expanded dialogue Adnan Al-Zarfi: They want me to buy ballistic missiles! 23:28 Sunday 05 April 2020 Baghdad - people On Sunday, Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zorfi affirmed that Iraq needs a strong economy, not militarization, pledging to stop unilateral American operations as well as targeting bases and embassies, indicating that he will conduct surgery to revive the Iraqi economy. Al-Zorfi said during a televised interview on the official channel, which was followed by "NASS" today (5 April 2020), that "parliament members will have an opinion that is consistent with the health, economic and security situation in the country, and from this standpoint they are facing a national issue and they are motivated to address problems and try to cross from The crisis with minimal losses. " He added that "80 deputies signed me during the commissioning, and I did not hear that there were objections," noting "I presented the government curriculum and called for a quick session of parliament to vote on the government booth to begin with real remedies for the problems that the Iraqi people suffer from, including the health and economic crisis." Al-Zrafi revealed that "starting a big campaign to obtain international support for Iraq to confront Corona with personal contacts", pointing out that "Iraq begins with a new phase and all countries that want a real partnership should start with the economic file." Al-Zorfi stressed that "Iraq does not need militarization or aggravation, but rather He needs an economy, and this is what I spoke to with the ambassadors of the permanent members. ” Al-Zorfi pointed out that "there are many institutions that must be curtailed because they are unproductive, I have complete schedules of foreign loans and I have spoken with the ambassadors separately," explaining that "there is a hidden will distributed in all ministries that nothing is built in Iraq." He continued, "I spoke with the ambassadors individually about the strategic projects of their countries in Iraq and touched the seriousness of starting work," vowing to remove any local official who stands in the face of development projects from his position. And he added, "Through my parliamentary work, I know that there are many major projects that are being obstructed. In my last meeting with foreign ambassadors, I reviewed, for example, with the French ambassador, the Baghdad metro file, and informed me about the obstacles to its achievement. This is, for example, some of the obstacles deliberate, and the other by bureaucracy. And, I say to the corrupt and the obstructed, you must stay away from us, we will complete these obstructive projects. ” Regarding the expenditures, the taxpayer said that “some companies of the Ministry of Industry and Trade are not productive to the point that they spend more electricity than they produce twice,” vowing to subject them to “surgeries that will be beneficial.” And Al-Zrafi said, “We do not have any accumulated cash stock, if we are not daring to reduce unnecessary spending and work to balance the economy, which will solve the disaster.” He expressed his surprise by saying, “We laugh at people .. 90,000 people were employed in the Ministry of Electricity, with chaos and without consulting a ministry Planning, and nobody knows what these ninety thousand do, and in this year alone, operating expenses increased by 8.5 trillion dinars. ” The taxpayer said, “The Ministry of Electricity, for example, invokes that it is unproductive because it does not want to collect from the poor, and this is inaccurate, because it is possible according to two plans not to collect from the poor segments, according to the ration card, as well as excluding retirees from collection, but in return to collect electricity bills. From "commercial, industrial, governmental and agricultural establishments". "As for the housing units, I think we should divide the housing units into several segments, and poorer and retired groups are excluded from collection." He warned, "There will come a day when we cannot buy even a pill of Brasetol in light of the chaotic operating expenses. We will take reform measures before we reach this disaster." Regarding the threats made by factions against his candidacy for the position, Al-Zorfi said, “I respect everyone’s point of view, but this country is managed by the Iraqi nation, with all its components, and I don’t hold a contract towards any political party, and even those who launch the threats, I say to them,‘ God forgive you. ” They may be wrong or delusional, I personally do not want to go to clashes, my plan is to go mainly towards the economy, this is what we have to focus on, starting from the economy will make us united, because everyone agrees that the economy is the basis, but if we start from politics or Security, we will remain in the circle of differences. " "There are those who tell me that we have to buy ballistic missiles, but I think these are superstitious trends. I do not know what to do with strategic weapons. We do not need more weapons or more fighting. What we need is at least 10 years of economic prosperity, and in order to This, we must start the mission with bold and swift measures on the one hand, and change the mentality and trends on the other hand, our goal should not be to create more hotbeds of conflict or turn Iraq into one of the hotspots. He added, "The relationship with competing, competing or warring countries is not an issue in which Iraq is unique. I talk about us about the issue of the conflict between the United States and Iran. The two countries are clearly present in the markets of the United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, the Turkish Republic, and many other countries that have attracted the investments of these two." The two countries, and what we want to do here in Iraq, is to invite these two countries to invest inside Iraq, investment is what brings attendance to countries inside Iraq, and at the same time, investment is what guarantees sustainable security and stability for the country, and not the accumulation of more weapons and missiles .. ” . "The issue is not a dilemma in the end, and I spoke personally to the American ambassador and asked him to schedule the departure of his country's forces from Iraq, and he promised me that half of the combat forces will leave the country by the end of this year, then schedule the exit of the rest of the forces. The Americans are our allies and contributed to defeat ISIS with the coalition." The international, and we do not deny this beautiful, and Iraq is a country that preserves the beautiful, but the scheduling of the exit of the forces is important to us, but as for the relationship with Iran, he did not inform me that there is any position towards me from Tehran, and personally I do not carry any hostility against Iran, but on the contrary Where the Republic helped us during the war against ISIS, and we do not forget these things Whoa, we want everyone to bring his money and start investing inside Iraq, and we do not want to take too long to restore regional and international conflicts. LINK
  19. LINK Finance Minister: Closed meeting to fund Iraq in the face of Corona 04/6/2020 11:17:30 Finance Minister Fuad Hussein participated in a closed meeting aimed at financing Iraq in the face of the Corona pandemic. Hussein said in a tweet on his Twitter account: "I participated in a meeting via closed-circuit television, to discuss the economic and financial situation and the implications of falling oil prices on the Iraqi economy and study some proposals to overcome the crisis." Hussein added: "We also discussed the meeting in which the ambassadors of the United States and Britain and the representative of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fundparticipated in addition to the Undersecretary of the Minister of Health, the Corona pandemic crisis and the steps taken to support the health sector in Iraq to contain this dangerous epidemic."
  20. LINK Al-Zorfi: My mission is to hold early elections, and I have asked the American ambassador to schedule the withdrawal of their forces 4/5/2020 2020 23:58:11 The Prime Minister in charge of Adnan Al-Zorfi revealed his next plan in the event that it was passed under the parliament dome, indicating that one of his priorities was to hold early elections. Al-Zorfi said in a televised interview, that "I was assigned with parliamentary confidence and a number of political forces and dozens of representatives were present in the mandate and called for a quick session of the House of Representatives to vote on the government and the presidency of the House of Representatives will determine a session soon," revealing many contacts with some countries to obtain International support." Al-Zorfi added that "financial resources scattered in the departments’ accounts can be used and some financial resources are neglected and there are redundant funds and some non-productive institutions, we will limit their role," noting that "Iraq is in the phase of starting a new phase and we do not need to militarize and worsen the security situation in the region." He pointed out that "Iraq will not accept any new challenge imposed on it, and partnerships with countries will be through the gates of the economy." He pointed out that "the problems facing the Baghdad metro project are innumerable and the Babylon sewage project from the British contract has been suspended for 4 years, and the Ministry of Industry has become more like social welfare and unproductive", noting that "the oil revenues belong to the people." He explained that "the 14-year-old Ministry of Electricity invokes its tax with levies, and the poor and retired people should be exempted from levying electricity and should be in the commercial and government sectors."And that "internal and external debts should be paid in the coming period, the operational dues approach to 5 trillion dinars per month, and the recent appointments of the Ministry of Electricity without financial and planning approval and the Ministry of Transport are not profitable according to factual data." He stressed that "public companies have to partner with the private sector and investors, and we need a real reconsideration of all economic policies and investment in transport lines, allowing us to own marine tankers after a few years." Al-Zorfi continued: "I have no political contract towards others, we are looking for social benefit, not problems, we do not take unnecessary positions, we are looking for general agreement and starting from politics and security that does not solve problems, and with real goals the community will defend itself." Regarding the Iraqi street, Al-Zorfi saw that the authority "lost the street, and there is no social sympathy for the authority. I opposed the government with its actions against the demonstrators, and I have no tents and support the real demands of the demonstrators," stressing, "I protected the demonstrators by understanding with the security forces, especially in Najaf." He indicated that "the security services are the mainstay of the state, and it is not acceptable to clash with it, and we do not accept destabilizing the security, nor do we take any step that causes the system to fail." Al-Zorfi added: "I participated in all previous elections and have alliances with political forces. There were no recorded attacks on party headquarters and officials when I was a governor of Najaf." Al-Zorfi pledged, "There will be no security breaches when my government obtains the confidence of Parliament," stressing that "the international coalition helped Iraq in the war against ISIS," revealing its demand for "the American ambassador to schedule the withdrawal of US forces." He stressed: "We do not need the presence of foreign armies and our forces are able to protect the country and we want to reverse American activity from military to economic and no benefit in the current stage of the presence of foreign armies." Concerning his relationship with Iran, Al-Zorfi affirmed: "I have no hostility with Iran and there is no Iranian veto," noting that "Iran helped Iraq militarily and economically." Regarding his nomination between Al-Zrafi: "I am the candidate of Iraqi parliamentarians, not from Iranian or foreign parties, and Iran is a neighbor and friend. We do not forget who helped us, and there is no benefit from Iraq resorting to strategic armament." He added: "My attitudes are with the economy, and we welcome all those who want to contribute. It is not acceptable for any party that tries to create problems and wars in Iraq and must work to attract domestic and foreign capital." He added: "We will keep Iraq away from the specter of war and attacks," noting that "the names of the government formation will be presented 48 hours before the session, and I did not cross anyone and talked to everyone." And that "the demand of the demonstrators was to hold early elections, and my mission is to hold free and fair elections and restore the prestige of the state and early elections, the most important points of the government curriculum." He stressed that "there is a general system and there is no public weapon on the street except the state weapon and some gangs kidnap and carry out assassinations."
  21. LINK The stream of wisdom expresses its position on the vote to give confidence to the Zarfi government 16:12 - 04/05/2020 On Sunday, MP Hassan al-Hikma expressed support for his current position in voting on Prime Minister-designate Adnan al-Zarfi, reiterating that the selection mechanism was incorrect. He said to support the "information" that "the stream of wisdom sees in the step of the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, the assignment of Adnan al-Zarfi a clear transgression of the Shiite majority," noting that "the current is not opposed to the person of Zarfi, but the mechanism that he brought is incorrect." He added, "The representatives of wisdom will attend the session of granting confidence, provided that the Shiite political parties agree on one candidate and by national consensus, then we will participate in voting and agreeing to a nominated nomination that all Shiite political parties agree upon." Earlier today, Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zarfi asked the House of Representatives to set a date for an extraordinary session to vote on the government curriculum and the cabinet.
  22. LINK Al-Fayez: The Sunnis and the Kurds will not object to any candidate who enjoys a Shiite majority 22:43 - 04/05/2020 On Monday, Deputy Member of Parliament Amer Al-Fayez said that the Sunni and Kurdish blocs will not object to any candidate who has a Shiite majority, pointing out that the Shiite fear of assigning Zarafi due to the uniqueness of the President of the Republic in his decision to assign him. Al-Fayez said in a televised statement to his follower, "Al-Maalouma", that "Mustafa Al-Kazimi was agreed upon at a meeting this afternoon, where Shiite leaders presented Al-Kazemi's name to Mr. Al-Sadr to discuss his assignment." He added that "the Sunnis and the Kurds will not object to any candidate who has a Shiite majority," noting that "the objection to Zarfi stems from the wrong commissioning mechanism." He explained that "the Shiite fear of assigning Zarfi due to the uniqueness of the President of the Republic with his decision to assign him," noting that "the Shiites were divided in two and a half, and the Zarfi person refused and a half rejected the mechanism of his assignment."
  23. LINK State of law ends the controversy regarding al-Maliki's refusal to nominate Al-Kazemi 4/6/2020 15:13:20 Hisham al-Rikabi, director of the press office of the head of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, denied a statement attributed to an official source in the coalition. Al-Rikabi said in a tweet on his Twitter account: "Some social media platforms circulated a statement issued by an official source in the State of Law coalition." He added: "We confirm that the published statement does not represent the position of the official coalition and it seems that some party is trying to mix papers and mislead the public opinion. Therefore, what has been published has no validity and does not represent the position of the coalition of state law." The news, which al-Rikabi denied, included Maliki’s refusal to agree to the Shi’ite blocs’ agreement to nominate Mustafa al-Kazimi as prime minister as a substitute for Adnan al-Zarfi.
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