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  2. The Inuit elders of the Arctic frontier had warned NASA

    This ridiculous gobbledygook tripe you believe, but what God had to say about the shape of His Earth you call me crazy for preaching. There's a freight train coming your way sure enough, it's called the, "Lightning Express". But by the time you realize that I, and God's word were right, it'll be too late.
  3. His first Interview to negotiate would be with Mattis, second meeting pp
  4. you should happy because only 2% really care about this currency

  6. even i have mention about twitter .. i never look at the twitter .. i trust news in here
  7. ya know that . but bush more pro than trump . o yeah maybe isis leader can negotiate with trump about business
  8. i guess better give to charity than pay for tax. i will reduce that
  9. All sounds GREAT...... But.... I can't buy it all just yet.... all going on a "Twitter post" Stay grounded....
  10. Quote me? Heck I'd be happy if someone would just read my post
  11. Um, nor ? Donald Trump is president, not bush.... lol pp
  12. So Nor, was that an accurate translation for Abadi's Twitter account? "Oil for all Iraqis, Land for all Iraqis, and Wealth for all Iraqis" Also, did he say anything else?
  13. Today
  14. who is leader isis ? please bring this guy to bush
  15. i have keypad in arabic just translated . Im learning arabic
  16. i think we should wait till next week everything clean up . And abadi give a speech like a king . oil , land and wealth for all iraqi at large screen . And abadi announce will start project delete 3 zero and currency will float .Give notice to exhange the large notes . 1-9hb october are our lucky days. . i pray this will be truth
  17. You speak Arabic ? Where do you originate from ? pp
  18. basically news about iraq very important to investor to invest in iraq . iraqi user and everyone in the world . And twitter very friendly than other sosial network . just type short word and everyone can know .
  19. Something just occurred to me. How many Iraqis use Twitter? Is it common over there, like it is here? I'm wondering if Abadi's tweet about oil, land, and wealth for Iraqis was meant for Iraqis or for everyone else in the world to know?
  20. Dr. Haider Abadi arrives in Makhmour to supervise and learn about the mobilization of forces and plans to clean up the areas of East Tigris and west of Kirkuk and Hawija.
  21. Yesterday
  22. what do you means ? Oil for iraqi , land for iraqi and weatlh for iraqi . im sure dance with happy song
  23. Dang. Italy works for me. Love Europe, skied Italy and it was excellent.
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