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  2. Good one Muleslayer! @Umber, I don't believe it. Pretty hard to imagine how this could be possible. Indy
  3. Possible WTO Meeting Friday

    Nice Thug, now we wait for a decision.
  4. 2nd Amendment Humor Thread

    Along with Shabs umbert and B/A!
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  6. Silly Smiles

  7. Silly Smiles

  8. Thanks for your input yota, I bet we will see at least one (delete 3 zeros article) before the end of the year. Go RV Go &1:1
  9. CNN. Broadcasting While Flushing The Remnants Of Obama’s Failed Policy ! US newspaper: McGork "remnants" of Obama's failed policy in Iraq, and responsible for the events of Kirkuk 17-11-2017 03:04 PM The Euphrates - BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A US newspaper in the US-led coalition against Briton McGregor claimed responsibility for an attack on Iraqi territory by Iraqi forces and US-backed grass-roots militia on October 16, describing him as an architect of the US-led political defeat of Iran in Iraq. According to a report in the Washington Times, the representative of US President in the International Coalition, Brett McGurk, is responsible for the events that took place in Kirkuk last month. Iraqi forces and the Popular Army militia launched an attack on Kirkuk and Kurdish areas outside the Kurdistan Regional Administration or the so-called "disputed" between Erbil and Baghdad last month, and international reports recorded widespread violations against civilians committed by the armed crowd in those areas of killing, looting, looting and burning of property and forced displacement . According to the analyst Rachel Avraham in his published 'The Washington Times', that Brett McGurk' continues to implement the policies of Obama failed in Iraq. The newspaper said the US silence about the Iranian attack on Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region was caused by Brett McGurk. The paper, close to the Republican Party, that McGork of the 'remnants' of the administration of former President Barack Obama, stressing the need to remove him from office. The newspaper said that President Trump claims that his presidency is better than the period of his predecessor Obama, but omits that the continuation of the likes of McGork is the continuation of Obama's failed policy in Iraq, President Trump has not yet realized that the time of one Iraq has gone. "The forced maintenance of Iraq's unity generates Iranian control over Iraq and the situation in general," she said. Pointing out that 'McGurk and his ilk in the US State Department are trying to keep Abadi as prime minister in the coming Iraqi elections at any price, so they use the paper of unity of Iraq to strengthen the influence of Abadi and maintain his office.'Pointing out that the Israeli ambassador in America, the role of Gold stressed that the Kurds allies of the West so it is time to exclude the likes of McGork because the Kurds will not be able to counter Iranian influence without US support. McGregor has been criticized in recent times by members of Congress, especially for his positions on Kurdish issues, where he promotes the unity of Iraq at the expense of the Kurds, considering him from the remnants of the Obama administration and obstructing the policies of President Trump's administration towards Iran. link
  10. CNN. Broadcasting Jubouri’s Speech Here In The USA - He Begins Speaking Just After The 6 Min Mark Via A Simultaneous Interpreter ! Iraq After ISIS: Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri on His Country’s Future United States Institute of Peace Published on Nov 16, 2017 As Iraq nears a military defeat of ISIS, Iraqis and their leaders are debating how best to sustain the security gains, prevent any extremist revival, and stabilize the country. They must shape a post-ISIS Iraq as the country finds itself amid increased regional tensions between the Gulf Arab States and Iran. A key voice in this debate—and an important Iraqi interlocutor with U.S. policymakers—is Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri, since 2014 the elected speaker of parliament. He will speak at USIP amid his meetings with House Speaker Paul Ryan and other U.S. officials.
  11. I gave you a greeny because of the one word you used in that statement.
  12. D. V. lottery 11/17 & 11/18

    From, Mega Millions numbers drawn for 11/17/17 are: 03 26 55 58 70 MB 15 megaplier 4X. Congratulations to Melaustin58 with a megaball match! Sorry, I saw no other winning combinations here tonight. Good Luck on tomorrow's Powerball drawing!
  13. Man Shabs...someone keeps giving you Red Rubies...gave you an Emerald to even you out. Indy
  14. Possible WTO Meeting Friday

    It’s Done - ‘Nuff Said ! The Honorable Jeff Sessions Presiding ... CNN. Broadcasting From Geneva While The Acession Session Is Now In Session ! The National Committee for the Accession of Iraq to the WTO holds consultative meetings in Geneva on accession The Ministry of Commerce announced that the delegation of the National Committee on the accession of Iraq to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Geneva for a series of consultative meetings with specialists in this area. This was confirmed by Director General of Foreign Relations Department Adel Khudair Abbas, head of the delegation and vice chairman of the National Committee on Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization WTO on behalf of the Minister of Commerce Dr. Salman Al-Jumaili, adding that the delegation included the directors of the years of customs and standardization and quality control, the central bank adviser, WTO . Adding that the delegation held a series of meetings with the specialists of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) to confirm Iraq's desire to complete the files of accession to the WTO and be part of the international economic system. He pointed out that the efforts of the government to join the Republic of Iraq to the World Trade Organization continue and lead the efforts of the National Committee (the national team) to join the organization, which is headed by the Minister of Trade and includes in its membership several representatives of the ministries concerned and learn from the history of the World Trade Organization and the experiences of countries that joined That the process of negotiation to join this international organization may extend for several years, as well as the stage following the acquisition of membership may pose several important issues and the effects and challenges of serious and require attention and knowledge and skill in dealing with them and predicting the occurrence of Aldo Its negotiating team and its Legal Obligations specific comprehensive and detailed reforms required in the institutions and practices and economic policies required by Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization have profound economic implications. Iraq has been accepted as an observer member of the organization in 2004 and the membership of the full number of legal and legislative procedures and change other laws in line with the laws of the international organization of the 160 countries and there are 21 member States observer. LINK
  15. This sounds promising 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks yota!!
  16. D. V. lottery 11/17 & 11/18

    Mega Millions (11/17) 27 37 42 64 68 MB 25 Powerball (11/18) 08 31 48 50 52 PB 25
  17. D. V. lottery 11/17 & 11/18

    MEGA Millions 11/17 06 12 24 29 57 MB 14
  18. Same to you nannab , a super weekend out to you
  19. How can you not love this statement....
  20. D. V. lottery 11/17 & 11/18

    DV, Good luck to us...Keeping the faith!! 11-17 9-25-32-42-53 MB 14 11-18 7-19-31-43-49 PB 11
  21. I have been slumming.

    It is amazing to see the number of followers this guy has. He has called it several times in the past and the drones there keep licking his boot straps. Especially that gal Gia. You could crap in her hat and she would say thank you, it fits so much better now. What a sheep!
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